The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, September 21, 1928, Page 16, Image 16

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SalrirnV Oregon, Fay Scp W21 8l
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Energency Hospitals Estab-
. lished; Tents and Blan-;
kets.GiYen Out
Giant Tree Uprooted In Potto Rico Storm
BAN JUAN. Sept. 20.(AP)
- Relief for hurricane-stricken Porto
Rico was In swing last night. The
army was distributing tents and
- blankets for emergency hospitals
and shelter of the weak. The Red
Cross had shot out food supplies
In all directions. The San r Juan
Clamber of Commerce had moved
tv check profiteering and to extend
ertdit. -
Funds of 160.000 adrancod by
- tnki to the relief committee
iMaded by Justice Del Toro were
placed today In the hands of agen
cies for distribution in every island
city and town. The San Juan re
lief fund is nearlng the $10,000
Col. George Helms, commanding
the 5th U. S. infantry, was direc
ting distribution of army equip
ment while his soldiers were aid
lmx the Hod Cross In moving sup
pose which arrived on a transport
The Chamber of Commerce
threatened to cut off both credit
- and merchandise to check whole
sale and retail provision prices
frem further increasing. The or
ganization pledged its members
leaient credit and delay on collec
tions where needed. It appointed a
eemmittee to report on comprehen
sive plans for reconstruction and
rehabilitation. Aside from local
needs the chamber took the posl
ttast that as a $100,000.00 annual
customer of continental United
States, Porto Rico must keep open
fer business.
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uu inn h L ri
nun ninin nrinr
Kllll lilt II- I. II lh
North Second street. Other re
Mira to streets and to sidewalks
were authorized and property own
ers will be sent notices to nx.siae
walks that have been broken by
tree roots. .Tho .'recorder , was, re
quested to draw a 'warrant for
$409 in favor of the treasurer or
fhe library, board.
tAnimiiin Ominril C i n rl f
IIVVUhUi'i vsvrwi ivti i i w
Re'guiatibn too' Stringent
for Small City
WOODBURN, Ore.i Sept. 10.
(Special) Protest was entered
byMrs. Bruce Beeman at the city
council meeting here Tuesday
night, because the carpenters ceil'
ing her business building naa been
stopped on the ground of violat
'ng a certain ordinance. The coun
cil withdrew its objections and
stated that the ordinance which
had been copied from the Minne
apolis charter would be amended
to apply to the smaller city of
Wood bum. '
The city attorney was instruc
ted to draw a contract between
the city and Rlgdon Bros., for
travel for the improvement of
That Olympia, Waahl, is sure to
grow now that it has obtained . a
the best established stores in that
With Mr. Miller was his Drain
er, George Miller, also an officer
in the company. They consulted
with Brown Shmon, local manager,
while to the cur." ' The local store
la now. ' ' being . considerably : Im
proved by the ; addition of a
maraaee along both the' Liberty
and Court street fronts.
Electric Rates
Are Ordered Cut v
By Commission
Reduction of commercial and
urban lighting rates in the terri-
;tory served by the Calif jrnla Ore-
port at which -ocean-going vessels jgon Power company la Oregon
can dock and deposit their goods, jas ordered by the public service
is the opinion of Fred O. Miller. Kdm,miM,,on' Thursday. The, re-
vice president and general man
ager of Miller's, who was in Salem
on business yesterday.
"We can purchase goods in
Japan and ship them direct to our
new store in Olympia," said Mr.
Miller In commenting on the de
velopment in the capital city of
Washington. The Miller organ
ductien In the residence lighting
rate is from 15 cents to eight
cents per kilowatt , hour, or a re
duction of 20 per cent. The com
mercial lighting rate is reduced
from 12 cents per kilowatt hour
to eight cents per kilowatt hour,
or a reduction of 12 per cent. '
Citiro affected by the order in
clude Medford. Grants Pass.
izatlon recently purchased one of Jacksonville. Go'ld Hill, Rogue
The force of the. Porto Rico hurricane is shown in this exclusive picture of m giant tree which
was uprooted near San Juaa.
WOODBURN, Ore., Sept. 20.
Special) Officers of the Worn
sir's Federation and those of the
member societies of the Meth
odist church were placed in of
fice at the annual installation ser
vices held Tuesday at the home of
Iffrs. A. E. Austin. Plans were dis
cussed for the annual dinner and
baaaar to be held shortly before
Christmas. Mrs. B. F. Hall was
appointed chairman of the ba
aaar. Mrs. Laura Austin gave an in
teresting talk on India, and ans
wered questions that the members
asked concerning that country.
Other numbers on the program
were; vocal solo. Mrs. Edith
Love; piano solo. Miss Wllma Mor
rfamn; recitation. Miss Arlent
The following officers were in
stalled: Women's Federation: president
Mrs. A. E. Austin; secretary, Mrs
Pauline Blaine; treasurer. Mrs
Nettie Simmons.
Foreign j missionary society
president Mrs. Etta Hall; firs
vice president Mrs. Eva Coleman
soeond vice-president, Mrs. Laurs
Rice; recording secretary, Mrs. Id?
Rrennan; corresponding secretary
Ifrs. Anna Withers, treasurer, Mrs
LooJse Huguenn.
Home Missionary society; prec
Meat, Mrs. Lottie Livesay; vice
president, Mrs. Laura Rice; sec
rotary, Mrs: Etta Hall; treasurer
Mrs. Nettie Simmons.
Piliered Checks
OflHighway Body
Cashed In Bend
Five of six checks stolen from
the offices of the state highway
commission here last week were
.eturned to a Salem bank Thurs
day from Bend where they were
cashed by merchants of the latter
city. I
The! name of Roy Klein, state
highway engineer, was forced to
the checks as. were the indorse
ments; of the payees. The checks
aggregated approximately $00.
It was said Uhat the six checks
were taken from a pile of more
than 1100 checks which were
awaiting the signature of the
state highway engineer before be
ing distributed among the em
ployes of the department.
Payment of the checks was
stopped by the highway depart
ment officials with the result that
the merchants who cashed them
are the lasers.
Htohwsy department officials
said fhe checks were stolen last
Thursday noon, while employes of
the office were at lunch. The of
ficers were notified of the rob.
bery. Two men eeen loitering in
the statehouse corridor shortly be
fore the robbery was discovered
were suspected by the police.
List of Deceased .
Campers Posted
A list of 13 names, under the
simple heading of "Our Camper
Dead" has been posted near the
entrance rate of the state fair
grounds. The . names represent
those members of the State Fair
Campers association who have
died during the past jear. The.
list includes Mrs. George Hoeye,
Oregon City, who missed only one
fair during its entire history. Oth
er names on the list are L. K.
Cogswell, marshal of the campers
association, Melissa Springer,
Thomas L. Van Orsdal, George
Sloan, A. L. Beckman, Smith Ste
vens, J. k L. : Porter, Mary Mason,
Jesse Looney Steiwer and E. V.
Bermick. All were Oregon pioneers.
JEFFERSON, Ore., Sept. 20.
(Spl.) R. C. Thomas finished
picking his crop of prunes on
Tuesday. The prunes were of
good size and were also sweet, but
on account of the cold rains last
spring there were not many cn
the trees.
Miss Verna McKee spent the
week-end with her uncle and aunt,
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Longcar, in
Tom Hampton, the mail carrier,
has been seriously ill at his home
for several days.
Mr. and Mrs. J. R. McKee at
tended a theatre in Albany Tues
day night.
C. L. Slinker will sell all his
stock and machinery . at public
auction Friday. ; Mr. Slinker Jias
leased the Klampe farm 'for the
past two years.
1 -
mil MSnwoIljr?
Coming to
la Interna Medicine for the
past, fifteen years '
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improvements, GREATEST guarantees and LOWEST
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when you buy a new tire; It's mileage that counts when
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Money than ANYONE ANYWHERE ever offered.
Win be at
. .Tuesday, Oct. 2
Office Hoars: 10 a-m. to 4 pun.
lea Charge for Consultation
Pr. MellrathJa Is s regular grad
msto in medldno and swrgery and
is Bceased by the state of Oregon.
, n does not operate lor chronic
appeotUcitls, gall stones,' ulcers of
chv tonsils or adenoids.
B0x3 M O. a Clincher, Tire
and Tnbe Combination ....
9x4.40 Tire and Tnbe
, 20x4.40 . .
' 0x4.75
31x525 O ply
- ' o Interchangeable
He has to his credit wonderful
reonlta in diseases of the stomach,
Bser. bowels, blood, skin.
basTf kidney: bladder, bed wet
tkr. ralarrh. weak tnncs.
' Bsattirm. sciatica leg ulcers and rec
tal ailments.
Below are the names of a few
of has bust satisfied: patients in
who have been treated for
or the other of the above
eansest -
John Olson, AsorU.
Joe Sheoship. Gibbon.
Sirs. Walter Scott, Scotts Mills.
lbs. John Van Beveren. Baker.
D. I. Wagenblast, Portland.
Ifrs. B. E. Walters, Idanpia.
Mrs. Jennie Woolory,' Salm.
Riverside Truck and Bus Tires
" Extra Heavy Service
30x5 $22.75 ,32x6, 8-pfy S35.70
33x5 : 24.50 32x6, 10-piy 39.75
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1 2 1 L 1 1 !!!!!! '!!!!! 10.45 Jg It.
4 piy!!!".!!!."!.!! 1125 K I St If
ply 12.75 - w IQr
11.75 Iftr ,
1 .
above date, that eon
this trip will be free
ouneni U different
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by their hnsbaads. -
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Brace and six blU $LOi
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Montgomery ?5rd -& Go.;
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tral Point. Klamath Falls.. Mer
rill. Malln. Bonanxa. .Chllonaln.
Kort Klamath, Keno, Rosebnrr.
Creekr Riddle.-Satherno, Canybn-
rille, Winchestsr.. and wiiour.
Suicides While Y
; Officers-Wait
- rTTT.mrn r.Inr.-Cal.r Sett."-20.
( AP J .While two ; police 1 of f i
ere waited In the ihrinf; Toom of
her apaKment r to 'arres her - on
rorgery cnarges. &aicr .
sarii Kt todav -went into the
kitchen and fired a bullet into her
mple. She, was aeaa wnen me
TfTicrs rushed Into the room, a
Jew seconds later.
MiM.Rherhardt was accused of
forging; the name of John F. Imei,
Culver City attorney to a. check
tor $15 in connection with ai real
estate deal. sne naa pruu
several times to make the check
xood, officers said, pleadln that
it t tSAAv Miminr from a
property settlement which bad
eea delayed. -
ml 24
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