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The New Okegon STATl3i4W6aJem, : OnzoritThiirsdayt Morning, August Z0t 1923
" Society Editor
Telephone All
Departments 583
t 5
Delightful Affair
i McNary Home
SENATOR and Mrs. Charles L.
MeNary will be at borne tkh
afternoon and evening from
T three to nine-thirty o'clock to
. welcome ; men and women from
ajl parts of the , Willamette val-ley-
who are planning to attend
the garden party to be siren at
.the charm lag country- home, of
Senator 'and Mrs. Charles I. Me.
Nary for the benefit of the Fine
Art building at the Unirerstty of
' Oregon. '
o'A namber tf prominent Salem
'society women from the commit
tee' In 'charge of the attalr which
' will be one of the most delightful
Salem residents have had privi
lege of attending. Mrs.. Curtis B.
Cress has been la charge of the
elaborate arrangements for the
jforden tea. She has been assisted
by Mrs. Chester M. Cox, Mrs.
DaVld W. Eyre. Mrs. Ralph Glover,
Mrs. H. H. Olinger. Mrs. William
Bell. Mrs. Gas Htxson, Mrs. Har
ry Hawkins and Mrs. Clifford
t Those who have been asked to
arealde at the tea tables are Mrs
Isaae Lee Patterson, wife of the.
rowernor of Oreron: Mrs. B. l
SteeTes. Mrs. Oscar Hayter of
nUu: Mrs. J. F. Landers of
Monmouth: Mrs. W. J. Kerr, Cor-
"Pallia: Mrs. Clarence W. Keene
Silterton: and Mrs. George T.
Gerliscer. Portland.
Prominent women from Port-
- land and all Talley towns are In
cluded In the patroness list.
,r Dances riven 1y pupils of Mrs.
Ralph R. White and mnsical nam.
bers siren by Miss Nancy Thielsen,
danrhter of Mr. and Mrs. Fred
erick D. Thielsen, are Included in
the nrocram. -
p One of the many Interesting
features will be the readings gir
en by Fakl, a particularly gifted
Indian clalrroyanL.
'-'Those who hare not had "oppor
tunity to purchase tickets, which
are very moderately priced, may
do so at the gardens' entrance.
Mrs. Louis E. Bean
Hostess at Luncheon
;Mrs. Louis E. Bean entertained
Tttesday afternoon in her home at
the Royal Court with an attrac
tive luncheon complimenting her
mother. Mrs. Margaret Bean on
the occasion of her birthday anni
Covers were placed for the honor-guest.
Mrs. Margaret Bean. Mrs.
' John II. Albert. Mrs. Isaac Lee
Patterson, Mrs. C. P. Bishop. Mrs.
.Alice H. Dodd, Mrs. John H. Scott.
Mrs. Seymour Jones. Mrs. Harry
Keener of Independence and the
hostess, Mrs. Louis Bean.
Lovely French bouquets -were
arranged about the dining room
1ttid on the dining table.
Mrs. Helen, Evans .
Entertains Club
7 The Bethel Dorcas club was en
tertained one afternoon recently
at the home of Mrs. Helen Evans
with Mrs. Samuel Darr and Mrs.
A:L. Schubultz aa assistant hos
tesses. .Eighteen members were pres
ent for the afternoon. Special
tnests Included Mrs. A. T. Sykes
of i Seattle. Washington; Mrs. H.
G'-King of Salem and Mrs. Earl
; Plans were discussed for the fall
meetings of the etub which will
meet September, 20 at the home
of Mrs. Charles Arthur Johnson.
Guests For Month
At Roberts Home
14 Mrs. John Crandall Watson
Beverley Roberts) and-her tafant
son-will remain with Mrs. Wat
sotts parents. Br. and Mrs. John
Roberts until the first of Octo
ber when they will return to their
home In Portland.
Mr. and Mrs. Watson hare
named their small son. born Aug
ust 17, at the Salem General hos
pital, for bis maternal grandfather
. Jehu Jay Roberts.
Miss Lucile Beason
' Leaving For Home
After spending six weeks in Sa
lem: aa the house guest of Prof es
: sot and Mrs. Ernest C. Richards.
Miss Lucille Beason is leaving to-
day for her home4n Council Bluffs
Iowa. Miss Beason accompanied
tbe Richards on a recent trip to
. southern California.
Rachel Ellen De Yo
-To Be Married Today
A number of Salem people are
, planning to motor to Portland
this afternoon to attend the wed
ding of Miss Rachel Ellen De To
and Francis John Medler which
will take place at the Woodlawn
Methodist church.
Spending - Vacation
At Brekenbush
t Mrs. C. J. Ramsdeft and her son
Robert Ramsden, with Mrs. Addle
Curtiss and Miss Evelyn Kertson.
are ' spending their vacation at
. Breltenbush Springs.
- Miss Kertson and Mr. Ramsden
returned to Salem Saturday while
Mrs. Ramsden and Mrs. Curtiss
- are remaining at the springs for
another week. --
, -
Return From Visit
At Yachats Beach
r . : -- - -- w ,, s
- V- 4 ,, - ' " . .J-' - .
Mr and Mrs. George Tncker and
their -two children. Audrey and
Clifford, have returned to their
home in Salem after spending the
month of August at Yachats. -
;. v e - e ,-e ...
Miss RutrTHewitt
Visiting in Salem
fciss Ruth Hewitt of Portland
is the guest of Miss Louise Nunn
ar several days. ' . ,
-P - - y : - V- ;
Benefit Garden party for
Fine arts building. U. of O.
Senator and Mrs. Charles L.
McNary country home, north
of Salem on River road. 3-9-
SO o'clock. 9
Chemeketa Chapter. D. A.
R. First fall meeting. Auditor-
turn, public library. 2:30
o'clock. '
Englewood Community club.
Mrs. H. P.Grant, 1120 N. 18th
street hostess. .2:30 o'clock.
Ever Ready Birthday club.
ArUl-v n 1 a Hits' Mn Atarr
Nvhart SCO Rwtri mtret
Tnwiltt ' .
Chadwicknehapter. O: E. 8.
First fall meeting. Masonic
temple. 2: 50 o'clock.
Beta Chi Group
Guests At
A group of members of the Beta
f CM sorority of Willamette
a-' - delightful luncheon In the
Green Gate room of the Spa.
Covers were placed at the at-eractirely-apBolnted
lancheon ta
ble, for Miss Florence Young. Miss
Loretta Fisher. Miss Mildred Puffh
Miss Florence Power. Miss Helen
Aschlimaa Miss Louise Nnnn.
Miss Ruth Hewitt of Portland.
Mrs. Wallace Griffith. Miss Mar.
jorie Chrlstenson. and Miss Rose
Mrs. F. S. Anunsen
Honored on Birthday
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph H. Klets-
ing entertained Tuesday evening
in their home on North Summer
street complimenting Mrs. F. S.
Anunsen on the occasion of her
hirthdav anniversarr.
The evening was spent playing
rook. A two-course supper was
served by the hostess.
In the group were Mr. and Mrs.
F. S. Anunsen. Mr. and Mrs. W.
H. Hertzog, Mr. and Mrs. Marion
Currey and Mr. and Mrs. Ralph
H. Kletzing.
William Browns To
Return From Beach
Mr. and Mrs. William Brown
will return this week after spend
ing the greater part of the sum
mer In their home at Seal Rocks.
Mr. E. W. Hazard
Returns From Trio
Mr. E. W. Hazard and his
daughter, Miss Edith Hazard re
turned home Tuesday afternoon
after an enjoyable three week's
motor trip to Yellowstone and
Crater Lake National Parks.
Mr. and Mrs. Orr
Leaving For Astoria
l, in i -II i'ii
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Orr will
leave today for Astoria where
they will spend the wee it -end in
attendance at the state Elks' con
Guests For Week :
At Miles' Home - '
Professor and Mrs. Robert H.
Damn of Corral lis are house guests
of Mrs. Dana's parents. Mr. and
Mrs. B. C. Miles this week.
Famous New York Night Club Hostess Actually En
joys Legal Proceedings Even When
Directed Against Her
HEN Texas Guinan. famous
night club hostess, made a
Roman holiday of her ap
pearance in court, it only testified
all over again that one man's meat
is another man's poison. GotagJ
to court is meat ana arms: 10
Texas. It is page one news, sne
thinks up a wnoie new noooan;
of wise cracks. She selects her
wardrobe and jewels as carefully
as tor a first night appearance.
She takes her press agent alonx so
that he'll be-sure to hand out to
the press her wise-cracks at the
lodes nd the majesty or tne taw,
When Sam Brown of Main
street had to appear in pouce
court the other morning becanse
he parked too long in front of the
drugstore, his wife took to her
bed and vowed she'd never live
Aomn the dlssrace. There are
still parts of America wZre an
aonearance In court is not boast
ed of. But just try getting
"Tex" Guinan of the pearl ropes
to believe that!
Al. Family Maa!
Governor Al Smith's record as a
husband and a father is said to
be the bait for the feminine vote,
according to Mrs. Franklin ' D.
Roosevelt, chairman of the wom
en s advisory committee- tor me
democratic national. campaign.
The country's womanhood will
be reminded . that the governor
never lets any business interfere
with his dally call toJ'Katie," his
wife, wherever he may be; that
the gubernatorial . mansion - is llt-
tered with pictures of Al affec
tionately inscribed to "my beloved
helpmate, and there are grists
of photographs of Smith, the fath.
er, playing with his little grand
children, hogging ; his daughters,
Nor Is this bunk.. Smith's most
ardent enemies have never been
able to find any flaw in him as a
home , man. His devotion to ' his
home and . wife and children is
utterly accepted as tact. One won
ders, however If this fact will
mean as much to.the woman voter
of today as to the one of yester
day. Women still like good tam-1
liy men, or course. - But .since fa
After, the Brawl
- r:
MAdgk) Miller carried tato cowrt
at Los Amtetea n twrnrtaged ere
which she charged Tom Mix, film
ceOT-peusefaer Inflicted a the wted
p of aa eariy mormiaa; battle
with her hnstead. Will Morraasy,
staee wis-cracker.. The. afonisi
seya fOed a charge of battery
agalnwt Mix and were themselves
charged with drnnkedaeas. the
wife belBjr acqniUed and the hus-
hasKl XbwBd cnilty.
Poetry Society Has
Annual Picnic
ISS Renska Swart and Miss
Grace Gillam motored - to
nines' Soda Springs near
Forest Grove - Sunday to attend
the annual picnic of the North,
west Poetry Society. Members of
the society and their friends were
the guests of Dr. and Mrs. Charles
E. Hines.
After the picnic dinner, the
group gathered around a large
bonfire and the afternoon was
spent reading poems and prose.
Professor Pratt of Portland, pres
ident of the society, gave a brief
outline of the plans the society
has made for the year. Mrs.
Charles Hiaes gave an interesting!
report of her work with the film I
travelogues which tell a scenic
story of Oregon to poetical accom
paniment. Mrs. Hines' first films
of Oregon scenery were noted so
widely that Washington and Cal
ifornia asked her to portray the
scenery of their states In poetry,
color and picture. Several of her
pictures have been shown at Port
land theatres.
Henry T. Dunns To
Return to St. Louis
Mr. and Mrs. Henry T. Dunn
and their small daughter, Hen-
ryetta who have been visiting Mrs.
Dunn's parents, former Senator
and Mrs. Robert N. Stanfield in
Portland, a part of the summer
plan to leave Sunday for their
home in St. Louis. Missouri. They
have been extensively entertained
while guesta in Oregon.
Mrs. Dunn was the guest of her
uncle and aunt. Dr. and Mrs. Wil
liam H. Lytle in Salem, for a fort
night this summer.
their owa world is not the home
so exclusively as It once was, it is
very likely that they will demand
moch more of a candidate than
this mere fact.
I Papa Mecartney of Chicago took
his wife, three children, a nurse
maid, and. eight suitcases and
hampers of pasteurised specially
prepared iced milk for children
and such things down to a train
bound for the seacoast. Papa Me
cartney kissed them ' all around
and went back to the office.
It was when he reached into bis
pocket for a cigaret that he found
the keys to th eeight suitcases and
hampers of specially prepared
milk for children and such things.
The train had gone. And Junior,
aged 1. must have his bottle with
in an hour. Nothing to do but
charter a plane, chase the train,
overtake it, hand over the keys,
kiss the family goodbye again, and
return to the office. Which papa
did. It cost him $130.
Clover Harvest
Engages Farmer
At North Howell
2 J. (Special.) Farmers in this
section have been busy for sev
eral days with the clover hulling,
.Clover Is bringing a good price
and the yield is good.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Dickson of
ParkersvUle called on Mrs. Sylvia
Bsngnman one evening last week.
Hop picking has , started in'
some yards, and others will start
soon. . -.
. Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Waltman
were Sunday visitors at the C. E.
Mcllwains. -
t Philip Baltimore of. Salemlwas
in this section Sunday, ii t, I
! The Morgan and Brown fami
lies will hold their annual reunion
Labor day, Monday. September S,
at the state fairgrounds.
Mrs. Fletcher hss been quite in
for several weeks but is now lm-
proving slowly.
The family have
new car,
Open House-Held
At Portland
Home -
,. . . were uava me uaimuiown
people in attendance at the open
nonse from two .to five o'clock
yesterday afternoon, at the White
Shield home in Portland.
Interesting talks were .given in
the afternoon by Ensign. Elise H.
Allemann, . superintendent of the
Home, as well as other officials
of the institution. - ... -
Brigadier-general Sophia Harris
of . San Francisco wms a -distinguished
guest at the 'reception.
Brigadier Harris was the first of
ficer in charge of the White Shield
Home.. before promotion to charge
of work among, women for the
Salvation Army in the eleven west
ern states. - -r
Colonel and Mrs. A. E. Craw
ford of San Francisco, In charge
of field work of the Salvation
Army for Ahe eleven western
states arrived in Portland Mon
day. Mrs. Crawford is a song lead
er and gave two numbers on the
reception program yesterday.
Mr. and Mrs. Kay
Motor to Astoria
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Kay are
leaving today for -Astoria where
they will remain for the week-end.
Mr. Kay will be in attendance at
the state convention of Elks.
Englewood Club to
Meet at Grant Home
Mrs. H. P. Grant will entertain
members of the Englewood Com
munity club Friday afternoon at
two-thirty o'clock, in her home at
1120 North ISth street.
Motor to Neskowin
For Several Days
Mr. and Mrs. D. B. Jarman and
Mr. and Mrs. Bayard Flndley are
spending several days at Nesko
Johnstons Return
From Beach Resorts
Mr. .and Mrs. W. B. Johnston
and Mrs. W. B. Ragsdale of Moro,
Oregon have returned from a
week's vacation at Rockaway, Can
non Beach and Seaside.
Hal D. Pattons at
Newport For . Month
Mr. and Mrs. Hal D. Patton and
their two daughters, Marie and
Jeanne, are spending, the month at
Newport and Agate Beach.
Chadwick Chapter
Will Meet Tuesday
The first fall meeting of Chad
wick chapter. Order of the Eastern
Star will be held Tuesday after
noon, September 4, at the Mason
ic temple.
Miss Margaret Cosper has gone
to Portland where she will remain
with friends for several weeks.
By Talcing Lydia E. Pink
ham's Vegetable Compound
Manchester, So. Dakota "I was
In a terribly weak and run-down con
dition when
friend told me
about Lydia S.
PinknamY Vege
table Com poind.
I began taking it
and after a saors
time I felt better.
We art a family
of five and iire
on a ,360-acre
farm, so I have
quite good' deal
to do both in
doors and out. At first I was unable
to do anything and had. to have a
tirl, but after taking the Vegetable
Compound I -finally gained my
strength back and also gamed eonsid
erable in weight." Mas. Otto J.
Garza, R. T. D. 1, Box 20, Manches
ter. So, Dakota.
Tour Mirror Tells the Truth
rpHE beauty of a perfect
; X marcel is reflected, not
alone by your mirror, but in
the admiring; eyes you meet'
at every turn of your head.
You win know the joy of a
flawless, ' faultless - wave
when you come to us for a
marceL Phone 187 for an
appointment today.
if It-... 1
:i M ifcBie-Tfineafteirs
Robert Zleglerpromlnent Dutch
pianist and protege of Queen Wil
li etmlna of Holland will appear
Sunday at the Elslnore . theatre in
Fanchon and - Marco's 'Banjoys
idea, ' 5r- ' ' :;
During the past few years he
has been invited, to play before
nearly all of the principal royal
families of "Europe. Fanchon. ft
Marco's "Ban joys"! Idea besides
Introducing Robert Zlegler to the
Elslnore brings Eddie Peabody and
his Pals. in a peppy, stage revue,
Others appearing in the show are
Jlmmie Mai sell. The Electric duo
and Walter Bradbury.
A bright and cheery program
of Association vaudeville comes to
the Elslnore theatre Saturday.
The Manila four, natives of the
Philippines, combine their ability
and versatility In an orchestral
presentation that would prove an
outstanding feature on any pro
gram, Chester "Rube" Nelson Is one
of the vaudeville's most familiar
characters. His impersonation of
a bucolic character is delightful.
Gertrude M. Parish, the Rube's
charming partner, is sometimes
known as the California songbird.
Roy Dove is an unusual type of
juggler. Warner and Cole In "Fol
low Me," feature stepping and
etrutting of an original style.
King of Banjo
- 4
-A if
... J
Star in Fanchon-Marco Idea
'Banjo Joys' coming to the Elsl
nore Sunday.
Attention. Elks!
Special S. P. Train to Astoria
Saturday, September 1st
Roundtrip Fare 4.90
Train Leaves Salem 6 a. m.
Return leaves Astoria 1A.M. Sunday
Most have 100 Reservations to Secure this
Can the Club, Phone 17, if you are going
Note change in time of train made to secure
reduced fare
y Oregon - history '
1 66lFDfl C
I ; New! Thrilling! Dramatic!
I Based on Authentic Dates" and Data of
I Oregon's Eariy Days
I A Picture the Whole Family Should See jg
fife o AT110SPHEIUC rV :
jj Ml STAGS jp
-: - X rfc . ...,. - ... ; I
Fabrics Favored
By Women As
Fall Comes
rlAT fabrics are coming Into
their own this fall is pre
aictea oy sime. Heien voiks.
eminent fashionist.
"Symphony, in the past few
years, has been a word much ban-
died about in describing an espe
cially harmonious dress ensem
ble." she said.
"But to the majority of .women
the fabric utilised In composing
the costume has-been a mere ob-
llgato to the effect considered as
a whole.
"This season, however, mater.
ials of design interest have leaped
boldly into the solo positloas,
Fabric has suddenly become the
thing. Of late, the frequency
with which one has encountered
arresting design especially upon
diaphanous materials, has charm
ed as into the recognition that
important art motifs and marvels
of modulated color are acknow
ledged by the style-wise as the
essence of chic.
"And, almost overwhelmingly.
design and color carry on for fall
and winter. . Whether of velvet.
crepe satin, the transparencies or
the irresistibly appealing new
metal cloths, the smart woolens.
or latest velveteens. Fans ana
New York acclaim the steadily
rising vogue of printed or woven
fabric design."
Ever Ready Club to
Have Picnic Meeting
Ever Ready Birthday club mem
bers will meet Friday, August 31.
1st the home of Mrs. Mary Ney-
ll AJ.A 1 . 1 L A M
all-day meeting. A covered-dish
luncheon will be served at'12:00
Laughlin Going
East to Session
Same Laughlin. member of the
state industrial accident commis
sion, will leare here today for
Patterson. N. J., where he will
attend the national convention of
industrial accident commissioners.
Mr. Laughlin will spend a few
days In Chicago and other eastern
cities. Virtually every state in the
union will be represented at the
convention, Mr. Laughlin said.
"The City Gone Wild"
Red-Haired Beauty From Missouri "Shows 'Em"
In Hollywood But Has Long Battle
Before Arriving
HOLLYWOOD, Calif.. Aug. 29.
A year ago she was Just on the
threshold of success; today she is
a motion picture star. '
Tec this red-headed girl from
Missouri has not risen to cinema
fame overnight. She has worked
hard for her present place on the
movie ladder, has faced a lot of
disappoiatmenta and often has
known what It was to be hungry.
About three years ago Marjorie
Beebe landed in Hollywood. She
had been a magician's assistant on
the stage and didn't like it so de
cided to take a fling at the movies.
A flock of casting directors seem
ed to hare different ideas how
ever. As a movie type. MarJorie
didn't seem to meet their expec
tations. Consequently there was
no work. A girl from any other
state would have quit. But Mar
Jorie was determined to show
them that she could be a movie
"1 got my first Job at P. B. O .."
says me accress. " I guess the cast
mg Oirector got tired of tellinr
me that Ihere wasn't any work so
On the Stage
A Domestic
' 1 1
Powerful t DPfCi
Penetrating (CvtCl
Jtj IVoman's
.y S,d of
V The red-haired ItM girl as a woman
M the underworld lire the life of the'
underworld Che underworld of fear,
of fight, of thrill and of sacrifice, Clara
Bow's first dramatic starring picture.
Only 2 Days More
to secure your home furnishings at a real reduction in
cost. Come in before it is too late, there are still manj
attractive bargains.
Five Piece Breakfast Set, drop leaf Windsor style table
with Walnut veneer panels and floral decoration, and
four chairs to match, dJl Tr
Now $41.1 5
-Serving Table to Match $19.75
Five Piece Breakfast Set in Solid Oat in the Driftwood
gray finish with blue stripe edge, table has two extra
leaves and chairs have blue leather O JO 7
seats iI
Serving Table to Match $12.73
Five Piece Breakfast Set in solid Maple with early
American Maple finish. Table has two drop leaves
and four chairs to match are nicely tM7 7C
turned, now "- $ m 3
, Look for the Yellow Tags-
340 Court jSL
one day Job. That
me so nappy tnat I kept
for , another three
months. Then I landed at the
Universal studio. I stayed there
for nine months, doing bits and a
small, part. .
"A little more than a year ago
I got a Job in a Fox picture and 1
nave oeen on me fox lot ev
sinceand even have a contract
"During the first six or eight
months she spent on the Fox Int.
Marjorie had to be content with
playing ingenue and straight
roles. Nobody could see ber as
anything else until one day J. G.
Blystone gave her a slightly hu
morous role in one of Madge Bel
lamy's films. She was so good in
that, that Fox officials decided
to give her a contract and use her
entirely as a comedienne.
That was when the red-headed
girl from Missouri started to
show them. She made four pic
tures in quick succession and ev
ery one was a success. Marjorie
h.rt fmmrf her nlr at laat ha
I was a comedienne and a good one.
Comedy in
he gave me a