The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, August 16, 1928, Page 6, Image 6

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    The Sew Obegon Statesman, Salem, Oresmt Thursday , Affust 16. 1928
Plans Made To Work Out
. Difficulties Of Airplane
" Transportation
.(A?)- Plans for coordinated
scientific researcu 10 oe earneu
'? on- by experts of government
artuiiii the . armv. nary. and
commercial radio and telephone
companies to Increase safety of
Variation by working out the prob
V lesos of air navigation, were laid
committee annotated vy the na
tlonal advispry' " committee
' The committee the first major
bodr of the advisorv committee
' to be named since the world war.
AtAA ltAii It wnvlr tnwurH
.: aerial cquiuiubkihiuii, )ivuua
instruments and toward the little
known - subject of . aviation me
teorology. Prertousry the advis-
ory committee has confined its
study to air dynamics, power
plans, and aircraft material.
; Chairmen of three snb-conimit-
- I - . T W 0
tees were aauicu oj lji. wuepu o.
Ames of Baltimore, head of the
comiuiiiee. ur. j. v.. wuu4n;ci
- of New York, former naval officer
and a reoresentative of the Amer
lean . Telephone and Telegraph
- company, wui airect me wor 01
airplane radio and telephone com
'munlcatlon which win investigate
' methods of silencing of motors
.and improvement of the reception
'.and sending of aerial radio appar-
. atus, especially for use in fog and
' adverse flying condition weather.
' - ! Dr. i. J. Brisjcs of the bureau
. of - Standards, Washington, , wil.
bead , the, sub-committee oni prob
: leroo of . Instruments and will be
. assisted by : Colonel Charles A.
Lindbergh. Improvements in alt
v imeters,-techometcrs and inven
tions of other devices tp red are
danger in flying will be studied
by the group. Professor Charles j
F. Marvin of the United States
Weather Bureau of Washington,
was appointed chairman of the
sub-committee in meteorologies
problem, which will inquire into
- memoas or iiyers comoaiiug 10;
"black ray" light in the daytime
10 pierce me log, logemer wim
the development of other lights to
penetrate this menace to flying.
, 1 1 .
PORTLAND, Ore.. Aug. IS.
(API Testifying before the In
terstate Commerce commission's
bearing on the petition of the pub
lic service commission of Oregon
for an .order directing an Oregon
rarrtTto build a railroad nrotui
cental. Oregon from Crane to
Crescent Lake, W. II. Gore, bank -
- -i .
the opinion that minerals. would
furnwh a great part of tbe poten
tial tonnage for a new road, lie
Mid there were more than 2,000.
000 -tons of copper ore out in the
tii... tirf Hi.iri.i oinn. i nm
pie ting his remarks today, Mr
trH-iv Mr
Gore declared: "Unless the Inter
state Commerce commission or
the Almighty comes to our relief
we have almost reached the limit
t our development."
Sate Senator George Dunn.
president of the' Ashland chamber
of commerce, presented facts and
figures relating to potential and
pi ecent; tonnage produced in the
Ashland district, mentioning particularly-
lumber,, mining and
agricultural products, and .lithia
water. .
C. T. Baker, secretary of the
Med ford chamber of commerce,
said at today's session that "one
of itbe . greatest handicaps facing
, tbe fruit grower of the Rogue Riv
er valley Is that of transportation,
the l.ehgth -of haul-necessary to
reach eastern markets, and tbe
time -'necessary in transportation.
, J. R, Harvey, secretary of tbe
Grants Pass chamber of commerce,
exhibited a map sbpwing the vari
ious mines and estimated mineral
-deposits of Josephine, Jackson and
Douglas counties in .Oregon, and
) Del Norte, county , in northern
California. . . .
; QiiihabyFolk
i JlV In St. Johns
LAKE LABISH, Aug. 15. (Spe
cial) Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Ander
son of Quinaby store spent Sun
day In Portland and were dinner
guests of Mr. and Mrs. Harold
Berber of St. Johns. Mrs. Serber
Inex Anderson ) ' Is switch-board
operator for the Howard-automo
bile company of Portland. Mr. and
Mrs Serber will live in St. Johns.
-.Walter Anderson, well know
Quinaby man, Is wireless operator
on a ship plying between Portland
and Manila, P. L
; Five car; loads of Brooks people
passed through here Monday en
route to Netarts for a 10-day out
ing. Among the families represent-
ed were those of A! Woods, George
Campbell; : Ralph .Sturgis. George
Ramp and Walter Fuller. -' -.
Tiny Investment
Growing Rapidly
ST. LOUIS. Aug. 15. fAP)A
$21,000 investment by E. D.
Franx, St, Lonis grocer, who died
In 189 1, In Burroughs Adding; Ma
chine company - stock : has multi
plied until his estate is now worth
approximately V $8,000,000 ; and
soon will b eworth $1000,000.
v This was disclosed-. today la a
trustee's report filed - in federal
eourt,in he suit of his son E.-W.
Franx of Baxter Springs, .Kansas,
tpr an accounting. rr
hie m
Big Oil Merger
Rumors Talked
As Visits Made
LONDON. Aug. , 15. AP)
With three of the chief figures In
the Petroleum industry sojourn
ing at Achnacarry .Castle.. - In-
Terneshire. reports of an Impend
ing consolidation hare become car
rent, and oil shares are, the pres
ent ."bright spot on tne Lionaon
stock exchange. .'"' -
The Dally Express says that
Walter C. Teagle. bead of the new
corporation formed to develop oil
fields In the- near east; arrived at
the castle a few -days . ago to
"shoot, fish and forget about oil'
He was joined by Sir Henri W. De
fending, director-general of the
Royal Dutch Petroleum, company.
.The" third arrival was Sir' John
Cad man. chairman of the 'Anglo-
Persian; oil company and a director
of . the- Sues Canal company.-
: The Diily Express say that .a
complete secretariat and a number
of other oil company officials al
so have arrived at the castle or in
its neighborhood. The newspaper
adds that a4I attempts to get in
formation as to the purpose hack
of the meeting have met with re
buffs. -; -
Formal Complaint Against
Texas Justice Sitting
In Brooklyn
Formal complatut against federal
Judge William II.. Atwell of Texas
who is sitting temporarily in
Brooklyn-. hs been made to Chief
Justice William Howard Taft for
F. R. Serri. a Brooklyn attorney.
rebuked in court by Judge Atwell
Perrl- charges the Judge with
fostering race prejudice and re
fleeting a "mixture of prejudice.
naivette. ignorance and abuse of
power difficult to match."
Judge Atwell's conduct, in the
1-wyer's opinion, demands not only
the severest reprimand but "rais
ed a grave question as to his fit
ness to sit on the bench anywhere
in the United States."
The judge rebuked Serri after a
jury had found Mrs. Angelina de
Lurca of Brooklyn, his client,
guilty of possessing and selling
The lawyer in summing up his
case told the jury that his "defini
tion of a modern miracle is a pro
hibition agent who telte the truth
nnder oath." Judge said. " in my
country a lawyer who made such
an accusation against an officer of
the law would be smashed before
be got out of the courtroom."
Then Judge Atwell the
woman and told her she bad been
unfortunate in her choice of coun-
!M, and advised her to move to an.
tthcr neighborhood declaring that
- "vhila fnllr an1 ht.irlr folk ran-
white folk and black folk
not live together."
This last statement. Serri com
plained, had aroused considerable
resentment among Brooklyn's
negro population, with the result
ithat a mass meeting had been call
iea lor tomorrow ui&ui lo rrjisici
a protect.
Agents testified athe trial that
whites and negroes were drinking
togehter at tbe woman's place.
- N'KW YORK, Aug. 15. (AP)-
Walter C. Teagle. president of the
Standard Oil company of New Jer
sey, who was reported from Lon
don today as vacationing at a ra
sort in Scotland with other. chief
figures in tbe world's oil industry
don -a -vacationing at a re
cently that he planned to discuss
with British and . Continental oil
leaders certain - projects effecting
the company. . 0 . ;
One of the matters, he wanted
conlsdered was compensation for
former owners of Russian oil prop
erties seized by the Soviet.
It also was hoped that he might
complete , peace between the
Standard Oil company -xf New
York and the" Reyal Dutch Shell
ompany, which have been engaged
la disputes over oil lields In the
near east. " . -
Beetle and Bee
Bother Peaches,
R. W. Hogg Says
DERRY. Aug. 14. (Special)
R. W. Hogg of this place -has
three farms, every one of which
ranks with the best of the better
managed Oregon farms. Mr. Hogg
recently had the following to say
to the correspondent: - v
"I raise peaches of the cham
pion variety, and I claim they are
correctly named. My sons and I
make money; we work hard bat
we find good money in fanning
and stock raising.
: In a tour of the farm, Mr. Hogg
pointed ; out some large beets.
which he declared were better
stock food than any be had found.
The stock beets are harvested In
November; the tops are cut and
fed green, while the beets are
placed In a 19-foot pit where they
are kept frost proof and keep well
tMr. Hogg " and his sons also
raise ' bees and sell . honey. Con
cerning this year's honey crop, he
said: Verbis season for the first
time encumber beetles have both"
ered the vrJpe -peaches and have
broken -into the ripe peach, with
the honey bees finishing the peach
destruction by. sucking . the sweet
juice. The peaches cannot be dis
played-without belag closely -veil
ed because of these nuisances. I
lay it to the fact that -there is a
shortage of honey flow - among
flowering plants owing to weather
mm in hills
Ing Tuesday bight on hunting par
timony concerning a double klll
ty in unfrequented hills, of Tar
in tho unfrequented hills of Tar
boo peninsula near here, confus
ed a coroner's jury that attempted
To the
- - ' !; .'
to solve the tragedy hero.
"Sheriff Jack" Carroll -declared
that he believed Stanley MiCton
had accidentally killed Frank Sal
ley, mistaking hba for a deer, and
upon finding his companion, dead
had taken his own life.
The bodies were found about It
feet apart today. Sal ley's gun ly
ing on Mitton's arm, while tho
latters . rifle lay away from the
scene. . :
Pearly F. Shangler, a member
of the party, testified that as ho
was rushing toward Mitton, fol
lowing the firing of two shots.
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Ilia Att ess. TJBiioti D3 Him By Ii3nim. Arag. 2
Signed ,
Secured by
two more shots vera fired in his
direction, causing him to run
away. William T. Williams, the
fourth . hunter, ' corroborated his
companion's testimony. : f
Both said that none had been
drinking, 'that there were no per-;
sonal Quarrels and that the four
were friends. -:
Officers said - that . Salley was
undoubtedly shot -from a distance
while the bullet which killed Mit
ton was fired at very close range.
. The conuty prosecutor, acting
as coroner, stressed, the fact that
the party, was hunting deer out of
season. -
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Idaho's Forest
Fires Continue,
1500 Acres Hit
BOISE. Na.. Aug. 11. (AP)
Fire has swept over 1500 acres of
virgin timber land on the south
Fork of tbe Salmon river and is
out of control, the forest warden
at MCLiii saia iasi nignt.
The flames have burned from
the shore of the river almost to
i State.
the top of tho bordering bridge, a
rise of 4000 feet. Forty men are
fighting the conflagration, which
is about 40 miles northeast of Me
Call, and 40 men will be added to
the force when they can be reliev
ed from the fire now burning on
the main branch of the Salmon.
This latter blase is believed to be
practically under control.'
The coantry Involved is entirely
unsettled, the nearest town being
ten miles from the scene of the
as each
200,000 Quarts ;
OiLiauor Soli
Prohlbitlon Commissioner E. T
Bohner today began mailing ou
new Honor nrescriotlon books t
-northern California and Kevad
physicians. He said 4,000 accredl
ed doctors in the area under hi :
jurisdiction would recelr th
books, by which $1,200,000 wort
of whiskey may be prescribed t
$3 a pint. Each book contait
100 prescripts
haw - mm
i--- YlV Jr f7 L