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The New Oregon Statesman, -Salem, Oregon, Tuesday Morning, August 7, 1928
Exposlns Rascal I Friend And yon still lost?
Ballplayer We gave the umpire j Player Teah, the umpire waa
fifty bucks to let us win the game, crooked. Life.
Starts Today, Elsinore
Now Playing
Large Section of. Pipe Rolls
b Off of Illinois Central
Road Bed - -
MOUNDS. III.. Ant. 6. (AP)
1 1.... ....... nln. wtiloh fell
. " n. M a yitrvf - --
from a freight .train, caused de
railment of two fast. Illinois Cen
tral passenger ; trains one mile
north of here early today, result
hat In death of at least eight per
sons and Injury of approximately
f-. 200 others.'::'-',: :
Fifty-nine of the injured were
taken to a Cairo hospital where
two were expected to die. The In
juries of the others were so slight
that they were able to continue
their Journeys.
Tha . lrnnwn Ha1 mp "- T. A.
Drennan, 40 of Mattoon, 111., an
. express messenger: Mrs. Bud Sni
der, and Joo Zdenck, both of West
Orange, N. J., vaudeville actors;
William Douglas, negro train
porter; and four unidentified ne
gro women. Drennan and the ne
gro women were killed outright.
The other three died enroute or
after they reached Cairo.
Search of the wreckage contln-
: tied late today and workers be
lieved one or two additional bod
ies might be Jtound.
M The trains derailed were No. 3,
southbound Chicago to New Or-
' leans Limited, and No. 16, north
bound Memphis to St. Louis train,
the Chickasaw.
Ed Whalen. conductor of the
- Chickasaw, said they had been
warned .of the sewer pipe, but
struck It 2,000 feet sooner than
expected. The pilot , was torn
loose and the train came to a stop
with a Jolt. The pipe was Burled
against the southbound track and
v threw It out of line.
"Half a minute later,- he said.
''No X ram rmrlnr mm k.
track at sixty miles an hour. The
engine was derailed and plowed
into the Pullmans of No. 19, rip-
Ping inrougn me entire side of a
number of cars, where passengers
were steeping.
The cars of No. 3. and seven of
. wo. is were. derailed.
Appeals for help were broad
cast and relief trains were sent
from Cairo and Carbondale.
.... ' , :. .' i . v ' ' "
- rV x - V 1
. ; i ... v ..
, .1 v: v : l
f .5 1
v TV
gCbllee Moore la "JlapplncM Ahesvd
REPUBLICAN, Wash.. Aug., 6
tAi -seriously wounded by
vanaaian tTonncial Police. Willis
Judd. 28, was brought here today
by Muriel Lee, quarter breed In
dian girl who helped htm elude of
ficers, they said.
1 GeorgB Tattle, customs collector
of, DanTtne; with two border pa
trolmen arrested the girl for run
ning the line, then tamed her over
to Canadian officials who charged
that she and Judd held ' ftp the
government liquor etore at Green-
PICffiG TIH lil
Should you go to frank Blixh'a
Capitol theater any of these eve
nings, youll have to wait your
turn In Una to enier.'. No day
passes bat someone of the thea
trtcal rlalto comments on the
shrewdness. Mr. Bligh showed
when he contracted for all the
Warner Brothers Vitaphone prod
uct, which amounted to nfora than
140.000. : It is no secret that the
Capitol Is "cleaning up"-on thea
trical business, and the same
thing; :ls true of John Hamrlck's
luraicii in rorutaa ana oeaiue.
Mr. Bligh wisely. Is not.asseru
ing that "Llhti of New York' !
a great picture, but, ha- Is rightly
declaring that It Is a . distinct nov
elty. All of the conversation In it,
and there 1 plenty. Is audible -via
Vttaphone. The plot Is. melodra
matic and at times, almost absurd
ly so. Soma of the sequences are
reminiscent of those turbulent ep
isodes which occupy time be
tween tap dances on the vaude
ville stage. Some of the actors
are "hamray" but "Lights of New
York" nevertheless, is. thrilling.
Giadya BrocrweU's acting is the
best. Her voice records better
than most women's voices, and
she knows how to use It. She
carries at the climax a good lm
presslon of Vitaphone's possibili
ties. Wheeler Oakman's voice,
which at times sounds like .Arth
ur Plerson's. and his actlnr are
outstanding. Cullen Landis and High street, sends a letter, dated
k rlannal, U.l.n J QlT 4th. from Hal HAW KYW TnT
- .........11 ,
Scene from "Hobk and Ladder
No. 9" at the Oregon theatre.
Dr. Lai Tick, former Salem
resident, whose office wa on
In a picture decidedly different!
from anything Jn which she- has
appeared in the past. Colleen
Moore, winsome Tirst Natlona
itat comes to, the Elsinore thea
ter today In her jlatesf starring; pic
ture, "Happiness Ahead.' .
Although this production pro
vides her with f every opportunity
to display her excellent flair for
comedy. Miss Moore will also be
aeen la moments of deep drama.
in which she is said to have pro
ven an unusually capable actress.
Edmund Lowe plays the chief
supporting role ' la "Happiness
Ahead" which was written by Ed
mund -Oouldlng. Other members
of the supporting cast are Lllyan
rashman, Edyfhe C h a p m a n
Charles Sellon. Robert Elliott and
Virginia Sale. 1 John McCormlek
pruuucea "tiappiuess Aneaa.
which William A. Selter directed
from a scenario
Jamln Glater.
prepared by Ben
Judd, Who was Shot ' thronrti
the abdomen as police attempted
to halt his car, underwent an op
eration here today. He is a resi
dent of Republic, , an unknown
man. whom officers said was the
third member of the alleged hold
up gang, escaped.
Canadian officers, it was report
ed here, were tipped off by per
sons who said they overheard
, plans for the liquor store hold-up.
The officers lay in wait, and ooen-
ed fire on the party after the three
had carried a large quantity of
uquor out or the store and plied
it on the sidewalk, preparatory to
loading it In their car.
The Canadian government
liouor store at Osooyes, B. C. was
held up about one month ago. and
authorities believed that the same
parties may hare been Implicated.
Charles Evans Hughes
Certain of Position
Upon Permanent Court
GENEVA. Aug. .AP.i
Practical certainty that Chrle
Evans Hughes., of the United
States. 'will be elected at the Sep
tember meeting of the League pf
Nations as a member of the per
manent court of international
Justice at The Hague, came today
hen Italy and Poland Joined the
2 nations who previously ' had
nominated him for the place. " s
With 28 governments. Including
m members of the League coun
ell.--as nominators, Mr. Hughes
has a clear majority or the ballots
to be cast, both In the assembly
and the council of the League. He
has let it be known that he will
accept .the place - which , became
Vacant when John Bassett Moore,
another American, resigned from
the court. v- .
. (Continued! from page 1)
fluenced him, to assassinate Gen
era! Obregoh. J j
:"For the Catholic clergy to
have material, intellectual or mor
al responsibility fori the crime. It
would te necessary that the great
majority or the body of the cler
gy knew of or! supported the in
tentions' to commit the crime."
the statement says, ''there are 4.-
oo e Mexican catholic clergy scat
tered through Mexico or abroad.
unable to meet ri communicate
with each other and carefully
watcnea. " j. . . -
"It is really impossible for the
Clergy to have known that a
crime was intended, But the ac
tual racts are that police invest!
rations show that only one Cath
one pnest Is charged with connec
tion with the ; crime and Toral
himself declares that nobody, not
even that Priest, knew what he
(Toral) intended to do.
rif one soldier. r ror . that
matter. 10 or 20 loot and assassi
nate. Is the entire army charged
with. responsibility for that crime?
If. one physician j commits a
crime, a lawyer; or several physi
cians or lawyer. Is the entire
body of doctors and lawvera blam
ed for the derelictions of a few of
cneir reuowsr I t f -
"By what logic can the Mexican
Episcopate andfclergy be charged
with responsibility i for
deeds which the holy see itself has
energetically reproached, which all
Catholic spokesmeni deplore and
of which the Mexican Episcopate
and" clergy weri Ignorant and la
ment. ..' s i
Only Adventures Now ,
i: Lilt in Seitiiina Rem A 1
Returning Marine Says
2 WASHINGTON. Aug. t -(AP)
Captain F. A. Hart, who spent
20 months with the marine expedi
tion in Nicaragua, declared here
today upon., his. arrival-from Nic
aragua that Sand top has practical
ly, no Nicaraguans.leftin hla band
of about 100 men.
," Most of them remaining with
Sandlno are adventurers from
Honduras and Costa Rica, Captain
Hsrt said.
Before he left Nicaragua more
than too Nicaraguans had aurren
tiered. ' k . ,
: : r
Western Air Express
; To Install Tireless
. . i- - . !
(AP) Permission to Install radio
equipment on all planes operated
by the Western Air Express was
asked today of assistant radio sup
ervisor Edwin W. Lovejoy. Weath
er reports will be the - - principal
: messages sent or received, com
pany officials announced, and the
service will not soon be extended
to passengers. -
(Continued front-page 1)
result of that year's election. The
chief executive called on him to
publish Instead, a statement to
the effect that much: work was
yet to be done tor the republican
party. . :. ..
' 'Senator Dale said he had men
tioned .this episode yesterday at
Cedar Islaad lodge. I
Dakotas Dissatisfied
Senator Dale repeated to Pres
ident Coolldge his political obser
vations while touring many west
ern and middle western states
with the senate' public lands com
mittee of which he is a member.
He said today he thought that re
publicans would do. well to show
great activity especially in the
Dakotas. He also thought that
President Coolldge would probab
ly actively aid Mr. Hoover's can
didacy, adding that he had rea
son to believe the chief executive
would deliver some; campaign
speeches before election day.
The Vermont senator derived
little information from his visit
Mary Carr are adequate. Helen
Costello looks enough like the
lovely Dolores to . be Interesting:
her voice is enough like Dolores'
to be disappointing. Bryan Foy.
son of the late EddiFoy, directed
That the portrayal of life In the
fire department might be as ac
curate as possible, the city of Los
Angeles placed the entire resour
ces of its flrefighting forces at the
disposal of the F. B. O. studios
for the filming of "Hook and Lad
der No. 9." the spectacular pro
duction now showing at the Ore
gon theater.
All the fire-house scenes were
actually taken In the engine head
quarters at the corner of Second
and Western avenues in Holly
wood, and the many shots of the
big- red trucks in action were film
ed with the local smoke-eaters
handling their own equipment.
While this participation of real
July 4th, from Hoi How Fow, Toy
Shan District, via Canton, China,
to the editor of The Statesman, in
which he says:":
"Dear friends in Salem: Happy,
glorious Fourth of JuiyI Our
American flag Is flying, and my
young, Son is shooting off strings
of firecrackers to celebrate the
Fourth in China.
Vlt is over five years since
left Salem, and I am always hop
ing to return; but I cannot go
this year. During the past year
several letters came from my
friends in Salem, and I . wish to
acknowledge them, and to thank
the senders. I have not been too
well, so have been unable to an
swer each letter.
My wife and family are well
and we send greetings to all our
Salem friends. - I have another
son and daughter born since I left
America.' The new arrivals also
send you best wishes." .
SPOKAN, Aug. . -(AP) The
new broadcastlngstatlon of KHQ.
utilizing . equipment recently per
fected In the laboratories of the
Western Electric company, and de
clared to be the first of Its kind
to gro on the air, will be inaugur
ated tomorrow night with a three
hour, musical program over the
Pacific coast network of the Na
tional Broadcasting company.
Four of the broadcasting , com
pany's' artists hare come from Its
San Francisco studios to : take
leading parts In the; program
which will be preceded by half an
hour of addresses by civic lead
ers of Spokane.
An - orchestra . of. 20 pieces
which baa been organized by mu
sicians of this city will be direc
ted by Max Dolan, violinist and
leader of the N. B. C. orchestra at
San Francisco, and Barbara Blan-
chard, soprano; Margaret O'Dea,
contralto, and Harold Spaldln.
tenor, also from the N. B. C. stu
dios, will appear in solo, duet and
trio numbers.
We Caini't AH
But we can at least follow his example. . Lindbergh
leaves - nothing ' to ; chance.- .He I teats his enjjine, he
studies his maps, he .routes his course. :He takes 'i
every precaution that is humanly possible. So should
Have, you made provision for Che future or are you
foolishly taking a chance. Did you realize that thou
sands upon thousands of travel accidents occur every
year and there's no telling when you may be a victim.
Think of your loved ones and secure this protection
today before it is too late to take out a
ark U ru1M mm wttm l.t.l
ter' nlin. fo thm n.rt f "",uwa lUB P1""' wucn
the summer and for the falL He
Came away with the Impression,
however, that the chief executive
was planning on not leaving Wis
consin before Labor day at the
earliest, and that at present the
suggestion that he go first t6 Ver
mont for a short stay before re
turning; to Washington waa not
being given very, serious consid
eration; '
Estimates Examined
President- Coolldge spent most
Brigadier-General H. M. Lord, di
llmlnary budget estimates for the
fiscal year . It SO. which were
brought to Cedar Island lodge by
9i tne day poring over the p re
rector of the budget, who arrived
from Washington today.
the budget bureau totalled alight-
y. under 13,700.000,000,. an in
crease of about $400,000,000 over,
the previous budget but still with
in the maximum which President
Coolldge had aspired not to ex
:eed In 1930.
The Increase was explained by
General Lord as due to substan
Llally larger appropriations for
various . government departments
and to the fact no items were
omitted from, the estimates, as
had been the case in past years.
Military Fond Jtalsed "'
Estimates for national defense
in 130 were raised to SCSt.
000.000 from the It20.000.000
allotted in the current year. Army
ana navy aviation will have 311.-
990,990 more, than In 1929 or a
toiai or ssf.voo.090. -
of realism found Impossible to ob
tain in any other way. It necessi
tated the use of extremely delicate
care in lighting and filming the
action, as all of the men steadfast
ly refused to don make-up.
First 'Talkie'
Two Massachusetts
TextUe Plants CcU.
Strike For Increase
FALL RIVER, Masai. Aug 6
(AP) Strikes .Were called in two
textile plants here i today when
mill agents refused to receive
committees, oft-the, textile mill
committee, an .Ofgantsatloa-which
has been activi ' tor msny weeks
in connection witn a texuie strike
in the' nelchborinjfl-clty of New
Bedford. In each Instance only a
part of. the workers, responded.
The . demands of the strikers
are: Restoration of 10 per cent
pay cut imposed some time, ago:
a 20 per cent increase above the
old wage scale. I Reld declared aj
strike would be . called ; in every
mill In the city unless the mill
owners granted: these demands.
(Continued from pace 1)
city, , waa brought to the' council's
attention by Alderman Hal D. Pat
ton, with the result that Recorder
Mark Poulsen was instructed to
call the attention of County Hor
ticulturist S. EL Van Trump to
the matter and urge that Immedi
ate' steps be taken to rid the trees
of this pest. ; ifz'te-' '"-: J- lr;
A communclation , was read
from : the Oregon Pulp V Paper
company, asking permission to
run accumulated .waste , matter
through the city's sewers. This
was referred to the sewer com
mittee with power to act, .
Bids were called on 600 feet of
two and one-half Inch hose for the
are . department. . . .
' V
(Continued from page 1)
tress-wife, to make ardent love to
a woman guest who was rescued
from the rotund laugh-maker by
others at the party. ?
Among other things. Miss Dean
charges that Arbuckle complained
because she 'would not tight with
him; "telling her that as a result
he could "ret no kick out of life."
On one occasion, she said, he de
clared: "I wish I had knocked
your brains out.' . y ' .
The couple married in 192S fol
lowing the divorce of Arbuckle
and his former wife, Minta Pur
fee Arbuckle.
Since he left the screen, Ar
buckle for a time directed pictures
under another name and recently
purchased a cafe to operate it as
a night club. Listing Arbuckle's
earnings at 13,000 a week, and
his Investments at $245,000 Miss
Dean asks alimony of $710 a
Jweek. The court ordered Arbuc
kle to appear August 18 for a
hearing on temporary alimony.
Scene from "lights ; f , xw
York,- first an talklnc picture.
which opened week's - ru at
BUsjh's Capitol theatre Snadar. It
is a Vitaphone attraction. -
Use Statesman classifieds. They
bring; results. ' 'J-c'' 7:
Los Angeles Man Fails
To Survive Lake Water
Trap Near Yreha, Cal9
TREKA. CaL, August . (AP)
Trapped in the Klamath river,
Siskiyou county, this afternoon by
a head of water from Copco laker
Roy Walker of Los Angeles was
drowned aa he vainly struggled to
escape to the shore...
.Hte wife, although a poor swim
mer, battled the rising- waters and
finally made the shore by what she
considered a mlraclq.
jr-Tansc u. mign pr$emtt tk Urn W,
fsVea, mttrnxtiom thst m mw ttmrdimg thm
Mi -T-rv-
CS uT f . 7 Vrv
just THiNr op m w . i
Ye ate W htmr mW the erfer
pkit mrnd edtae (Mr Imes
Late rex Mevfe New
I Swr - w .
' !
" 1.1
, ...... .ZZ?r
: II!
r V r Shattered dreams, a broken heart, bat
W -nV TtiU 1 . a spirit born of lore that fcent her laah-
ff (UJ JXK A inT figMinff, ever onward to the happi-
xX'j 1 Cl ness.sho knew was just around the'
.y I r eorner! One of CoHeen's most beautiful
SO -A romances- Th kind of a picture you see
J5vf) v . only once In great while, but well
Vfir- -rt irw worth waiting for! v .
- If . -"II II :?. i ' v m ; : -. -vri ..I i
lyi II. II -mm . II
HAPPurEss nons o
Travel Accident bsurance Policy
for every member of your family between the ages
of 15 and 70.
You can easily afford to do it for the cost of each
policy is only ;
Here Are i Few of
the Many Benefits
Pays $10,000.00
For loaa of life by wrckbi- or diaablmnt of a railroad Muanr
car or street, elevated or underground railway car. pasaencer ataanwhiD
or Meam boat, la or on which Inaured la traveUnr aa a fare Darin
peaMncer as apocUled In Part I of policy.
Pays $2,500:00
ror'" ?.1,f Ay wrecking- of public omntbu. taxlcab. auto ta
Z U '? or operated at tba tlmo of uch wrecklnr or
dtaableownt by a Uceneed driver, ptytnff tor poblle hire and in which
S2!!li.tvU,l '-Pyln pawensvr or by the wreckin
StfMiW) .tevator. handa, test or Hut. (a. .pec,-
Pays $1,000.00
fJlJ.Ult9rnckint:.ot. sutomoWlo or private horee
kITi.I. .1 v ely plaaaro type aa provided In policy,
by beiar atiaek or knocked dewa wkile walkiaa-aa a PWle klchwV
H?ZZ .-S tornado, oOapaa efouUr walla of any bulldlns. In the
fPiJ'-i. .."1 "?.,r-.'1'brry. "cnool or municipal building,
feet or tngkU as apecUted fcg Part '.IT of peUey.
Pays $20:00i Weekly
iiSriSJ!iai,1td ta "T mnfMr P'flI h Part I or II which
ahail not prove fatal or caoae cpecifto loaa aa aforesaid but aha 11 lm-
!LelL,rntinU",y wJUr "1 r the Inured from r
feratlac; eack end every daty pertaiaUg to may aa deverr klaT of
Wneea (A. apectfled In th policy) but not exceeding Unaecutive
Pays $10.00 Veelcly
Sf JlilUI'r!? to nr..mnnr PelfUd ta Part TV which ehall
t?7J f " " aJortUd but ehall immediately
ilf TJSfi Wh2Hy P"1 tod from performing each "and
fn7hiu.?TfiSLt0 .nd,?v-ry klnd of'bualiiea (as specified
In the policy) but not exceeding; is consecutive weeka.
Hospital Benefits
SSminiuT0 kT.0. rTlr incorporated hoapltal. the
leiency Benefit Registration
SlSI1t?tarnLri??!ttL!,n prf? In"" d If Insured shall, by
EteZd. infi irTlUly "S1 ? "te with relative or
VZ?ZJZt r 1211 j" ,rqulrin' "fcatlon, the Company will.
f 5J?lTm your Pocy number. Iromedia teTy trans
ZTZ'FJI' "I to It an, information
, .. -.. ., . . , v vMm iiunuiwi ijouara-.
s stRsciurnox blavk
Salem, Oregon "
Gentlemen.: v r ' .-
ii!nInJuonl: UUonV
1 i0tam ?MDt m ttbrtber to The New Oregon Statesman
- I sm now a sabacriber ta the Orecou SUtesmsn
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