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Liorao ra
EUneral Services Held at Mt.
Angel for the Late Eg
bert Plas
8COTT3 MILLS, J--(Hfceclai)
Mr. and Mrs.
MtCowa and family of Loa Anel-
eca. Calif.., are vislUn relatives at
Crooked Fin re r.
Misses Tbelma and Frances
Bsnards of Boise. Idaho, are vis-
itl&x at the Hugh Ma tee residence
sat Crooked Flotjer.
Russel Moberg who has been
vJaitias: his parents for several
dar. left for southern Oregon
Monday where he Is employed.
4 Mx. and 'Mrs. Reuben De Jar
dllfc visited Mr. De Jardia's sister
attWest Woodburn Saturday eve
Mrs. George Krause and daugh
teat of Portland are visiting her
, parents. Mr. and Mrs. J. N. Am-
; undson- this week, i
Funeral rites for Egbert Plas
were held Friday morning with in
terment in Calvary cemetery. Mr.
Bias passed away at his home at
Crooked Finger Tuesday, July 17.
. lBtt after a long illness at the
aeja of 71 years. He was born In
IUMerchante, Germany, Septem
ber 8, 1856, and married Johan
na Weghake. Jane 6, 1888. In
193)8 they came to America, liv
ing for a while in Kentucky and
Minnesota, and one year, in Cali
fornia, after which they purchas
ed! the farm at Crooked Finger,
wttere they have resided since. Mr
171 as is survived by his widow Mrs,
Johanna Plas and seven children,
loan, Gertrude, Henrietta. Ger
hard, Bernard, Marie and Gesinm.
Mr. and Mrs. W A. Saueressig,
Mrt and Mrs. John Saueressig and
daughter Cleo, and their guests.
Mrt and Mrs. Waldrow and family
off North Dakota, spent Sunday at
ttanby Park. The ball game Sun-
da between the M. W. A. and I
Q) O. F. lodges tied with a score of
IS to 12.
Mr. and Mrs. Ashoe and family
off California are visiting Mrs.
sole dealer in each territory.' ..
-The Gregg Brothers: will make
the new loaf In the long one and
a half pound and in lihe pound
sizes. In connection; with Its
manufacture, they are installing a
special tempering tank, and will
install a new steam , boiler later.
Because the bread costs a trifle
more to produce. It is costing the
grocer more, but in other cities
where it has been Introduced the
slightly greater cost has not hamp
ered the sales, once people discov
er its excellent qualities.
Tbe product Is. t course,
wrapped in specially: designed
wrappers, carrying the slogan.
"Every bite Is pure delight.
Aaaoe's parents Mr. and Mrs. S.
D) Atkins.
Rowland Smith of Oakland. Cal.
la visiting his sister, Mrs. Allan
Bollinger and family.
Mr. and Mrs. George Haynes and
senr Glenn attended the f uneraf of
tbetr nephew, Alvln Dunagan, in
llaisey Sunday.
Mr, and Mrs. C. D. Hartman,
Mrt and Mrs. J. N. Amundson and
family attended a birthday dinner
attthe home of Mr. and Mrs. John
Scott In Oregon City, Sunday, it
being Mrs. Scott's birthday.
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Shepherd
visited relatives at Molalla Sun-
Mrs. T. Maplethorpe and grand
daughter Miss Laraine Hogg of
Salem visited Mr. and Mrs. Hogg
vwr the week-end.
Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Richter and
daughters Dollle, Ruby and Nellie
oft Turner, visited friends in this
vicinity Sunday. Mr. and Mrs.
Rlehter were former residents of
PARIS. July 24. AP) - A
spirit wearing suspenders caused
the latest exposure of the famous
medium. Vera, whose f seances in
the town of Mantes-lalJolie have
drawn patrons from ail parts of
Two skeptical newspaper cor
respondents are credited with the
discovery that Vera'sf principal
ghost was a husky man named Jo-
eeph Blaise, a gardener by day.
Blaise resented the interference
and will soon be tried for assault.
After Napoleon. Johfphine, the
King of Rome and several other
spirits had floated through the
dark room the spirit of "Mado-
lein" appeared. One If the re
porters reached for hei; hand and
found it covered with callouses
His companion pressed the but
ton of a flashlight and disclosed
the fact that the 6plrf wore an
ordinary pair of suspenders. la
the fight that followed both spirit
and spectators received black eyes
cut lips and a variety of bruises
Bflffi HS
Ivan White, Senior at Wil
lamette, Finds Prohibition
Major Issue
Mussolini Declares Complete la
vcstigatlon Looms
Gtegg Brothers of Better Yet
Eakery Introducing Quality
Barl and Glenn Gregg of the
Better-Yet bakery on North Com
taerrial. will today Introduce to the
street, will today introduce to the
Battle Gregg's Sweet Cream But
termilk bread, which takes Its
from the patented dried
t cream buttermilk which is
in its making and which con
taUu from four and a half to six
user cent butter fat.
ISte bread, which was intro
duced In i Portland two years ago
by? the Royal. Baking company of
. Wat city. Is said to have splendid
heaving qualities and the toasting
. rata Is said to be unexcelled. The
bread will keep - fresh even : In
waxxn weather for a period of six
dan. says Fred L. Ward of the
Roxal Baking company who intro
duced the sweet cream buttermilk
product to his company and who
la taking It to other cities la the
Ore Is taken to make the bread
am carefully as the housewife
wmldrmake It herself, oary the
Barest Ingredients and best flour
being used. Mr. Ward has evolved
, m formula for making -v Bweet
Cream buttermilk, this . being a
part of the service given to the
ROME. eJuly 24. AP) As
soon as everything humanly pos
sible has been done to find the
still missing members of the dir
igible Italia, a complete investi
gation into all phases of the polar
disaster will w be made by Italy.
premier . Mussolini Informed the
council of ministers today.
Such Inquiry, the premier de
clared, "will naturally f be made
in Italy and by Italian! personal
ities. Any other hypothesis is
absurd and offensive and what-
ever it might be and wherever the
proposition came from lit would
be immediately rejected!
The Italian premier ft protested
against the "anti-human and
anti-Italian wave which Has struck
the participants in the unfortun
ate enterprise," and declared that
definite judgment on the expedi
tion must wait until "the drama
arrived at its epilogue.'! ' '
The premier was indignant in
describing those who name crit
icised the actions of the rescued
men of the Italia, saying that
their, utterances -recalled "the
miserable slackers of rar time
who. in cofes. in safety! without
a, shade of shame, spoke III of how
the battle was faring." 1
Jew and Arab Getting
On More Friendlf Terms
GENEVA. Julp 24.-(AP)
Relations between Arabs and
Jews in Palestine are improving,
says Britain's commissioner, Lieu
tenant Colonel Symes, but are not
good enough.
Answering questions concern
ing the success of Jerusalem as a
center for Jews scattered; through
out the world. Colonel Sftnes said
that the past few years had shown
a decline In Jewish Immigration
into Palestine. i
He said that England had put
into practice the principle of self
government and had achieved Im
portant progress. A civic spirit,
he said, was developing! and. tbe
population appears to appreciate
the value of sound organization.
He described projected reforms
designed to place agriculture and
industry on a firmer footing.
What la believed to be a record
cherry crop la reported! by C W.
McFadden of Talent, who sold
7772 pounds from IS cherry trees.
r-y y s
gasoline :
9! ---I-
1" Ug.
so can-
. Free Demonstratloa
8taurt's Plapao-Pads Ire dif
ferent from the truss, being
mechaalco-chemico applicators
made self-adhesive purposely to
hold to the distended muscles
No straps, buckles . or
attached cannot slip.
not chafe or press against the
pubie bone. During - t years
thousands, have , successfully
treated themselves at home -without
hindrance from; work
meat obstinate cases conquered,
Sett as velvet easy t apply t
inexpensive. Awarded . Gold
Medal, Rome; Grand Prix. Par-;
la and Honorable Mention, Sai
Francisco. Process of Recovery
la natural, so no subsequent use
torjrass, -
: Sunday, July 29th
at Marion Hotel
From 10 a. ra. to p. m.
By Dr, and lira. Gt W, EXUott
Ladles will recrive personal at
tention of Mr. Elliott
Do not fail to call on Ds. lliett
as you ' may not have ; another
opportunity for years, lit costs
you nothing fq" examine I and
MrS demonstrated to f-oo pri
f ately thjf scientific: self
treatmeat j you are entitled to
the same freedom - from the
truss and 'knife achieved by
e any others. . -
emember t"ho tine and place
tf not able ' to call, write for
dress Plapao Co 093 Staart
Bids. St. Louis, Mo.
Oregon people who think that
Hoover will have an easy time
winning the presidential election,
or who minimise prohibition as an
issue of the campaign, are decid
edly out of touch with conditions
in the east. ; writes Iran White,
Willamette university senior who
la touring the east. A letter to
friends here was dated - - from
Washington, D. C.
" Tbe position of the republican
party Is not nearly 'so secure as
most Oregonians like to regard
it," White asserts. "In journeying
from one group of states to an
other, it has come forcibly to my
attention that " the big battle
ground will be the eastern states.
"Although there Is some dissat
isfaction among the fanners. Hoo
ver should carry the : middle west
and Pacifle states, as Al Smith is
not looked npon as promising any
improvement to the situation.
"The south will probably remain
solidly democratic, so that leaves
us the Atlantic seaboard as the big
question mark. .
"Much to my surprise I found
that prohibition la a very, very
live issue with the easterners. It
looks like a grand and glorious
battle with the odds favoring the
republican party."
In his letter White mentions
discovering what a commanding
position Representative Willis C.
Hawley holds in the house, chair
manship of the. ways and means
committee ranking him second on
ly to the speaker. v
As a tennis devotee, Whit was
disappointed In missing the ma
jor tennis tournam In the
aaat, but was compensated for
that by seeing the final Olympic
;ames tryouta at Harvard stadium
and watching Babe Ruth hit his
3Sth home run of the season.
Loben after police found the dis
membered ' body of Carl A.. John
son in a barn near here .
Loben and Johnson were drink
ing at Johnson's farm, the confes-
sio related. A remark that he
could not eat the food angered
Johnson; Loben said and the host
started after him with a butcher
knife, later pjckingr BP an axe.
"I crabbed a hammer and hit
him on the head.? Loben wrote.:
.Loben then buried the body in
some straw; he confessed, and be
gan a gradual attempt to acquire
the dead man's property.
Finding of the body and Lo
bea'a confession were the first
knowledge the police had of the
crime.' Johnson was a bachelor
and his disappearance had never
been called to the attention of au
thorities. -
wnc mm
n e
Highest Honored Paid Good
Will Flyer Vbo Died on
Trip Home i
" MEXICO CITY. July . t i .
(AP)-Captain Kmilio Carranza's
body lay in state In the Mexican
national palace tonight while his
countrymen and his friends across
the . border ; to the northward
mourned his passing. ; f
Flowera of every hue. were
heaped high on the caskerof the
good will flier and filled almost to
overflowing the state chamber in
which it lay: surrounded by sol
diers of the presidential guar.d
t Tomorrow all that remains of
the man who gave his lifer to
.... v.. tt.. imm ftfwen Mexi-
Ico and the United States will be
I ... a14 at
buried In his country a
cemetery, tt has been proclaimed
a day of national mourning and
government offices and - schools
will, bo closed while all private
business rencuoni v.
" rnt&tn narransa eama back to
his nation's capital today with an
escort of planes flylnsT e
and school children along the 10
mile route from Tacuba to the pal
ace strewing flowers In the path
of the artillery caisson that ear-
neu Mum ; ; - -
was marked by one of the most
i lAtnnnatrmtlonS
UBpnau".; - 1.7
. t t- unim'i hlatorv.
is estimated fully 250,00 persons
lined the route from Tacuba ad
gathered about the national palace
jo honor nis miur.
Premier Sends Personal
Gift To Assassin's Wife
family of Okamura. a communist
wno iriea w - .
mler Tanasa. - ,,
gift of t500 to OkamuraV family.
Okamura tried unsuccessfully to
and wounded a member of the diet
anda detective. ;He Is now un
der close confinement..
. A 1
4 1 As a result of the examination
which followed Uie roundupof
communists growing out of t V n
tempted assassination, the
have learnea mat a number of
dents and graduates of
m a ....
colleges nave secreuy orgaiif,j
women a biuudui league i . r
oini- i,o
promotion of communism
women have been placed i
rest and are to be prosecute)
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TOKYO. Julv 24 (AP) On
I learning of the poverty of the
Miaaesota Farmer Admits
Crashed Man's Head In
DULUTH. Minn.. July 24.
(AP) A gripping death struggle
the night of December 30, 1927,
which ended when the skull of
one participant was crushed by a
iledge hammer, was revealed in a
confession to police today by An
drew Anderson Loben, a farmer.
PARIS, July 24. (AP) Traf
fic congestion and tbe rapid devel
opment of the Parife . suburbs is
creating a new Paris and at the
same time giving the city's, map
makers considerable worry.
The official charts were revised
in 1923 when the fortifications en
circling the city were razed. Last
year it was necessary to renew the
chatrts because of the opening of
the Boulevard Haussman and sev
eral minor streets. During the past
12 months more than 2.000 build
lugs have been demolished and 12
streets abandoned , to make way
for the extensions of the Gare de
1'Esl "
New the traffic committee of the
municipal council has decided that
unless the famed Central Markets
are transferred to the city limits
at least fifty per cent of the ad
joining streets, will hare to be
widened. This will require the de
struction of another 3.000 build
ings and will cost the city approx
imately 1,000,000,000 francs In
expropriation fees alone.
Happiness can come about only
as a distillation of,; a rich. ripe,
free and varied experience; it is
the inextricably interwoven pat
tern vOf a useful life in whatever
sphere. The American Magazine.
"Select a trade or profession,"
says our favorite sermonizing ed
ltoralist, "that makes for perse
verance." There's the glue busi
ness, for instance - that'll teach
The gruesome stpry was told by you to stick. Farm and Fireside.
ftrass Tads Talks on
A LOT of people make the mistake
of figuring tire 'costs y what
they pay for tires. We'll show you that
it costs less to ride on Miller Tires than
a lot of tires that cost less money.
We have the proof.
Miller Tire Service
"Rum" Smith 197 S. Commercial St.
4 Harbison Stations 1 Capitol at Market West
Salem 1005 S. Com'l. Street
N. Commercial and Marion
Voo will enjoy this 'comfy suite of sun room or porch'f nrnltnre. Its attractive design and beautiful finish fat
Tltes you to sit down and relax, . . -v .;-', . ,
This five piece suite consists of settee, rockerr chair, table and waste basket.
5 Piece Suite $67.50
Three doer front leers of SO lb, capacity,
The food roanpartaaeat Is lined with
white eaauel and equipped with re
paovabla ebelvea,
, Top foer with a SS lb. rapacity
pa seldom has the opportanity to bay
high grade guaranteed oil stoves , at
inch lovr prices. An vnasnal parchase obj
pur parf enables as to offer tow tbeao
ft three biararr high shelf all stove with
a caaopy cover. - ;
''rX''. 516.95
' ,1.11!- , t "
The sane style stove two doable burners
(This i something dlf frrrnt.)
Your kitchen will be marh more livable.
It will be fresher aad very easily kept,
clean when the floor are covered with
these refreshing: new pattens' or lis
" . - :
79c Per Sq, Yd.
- "
& V .
Sights You Never See
T TNREASONABLE, Isn't It? And yet that's what
J happens when you put off going to a dentist
(until an aching tooth forces you to take the step
you should have taken months before.
Teeth are too valuable, too Important in their
relation to general health to allow them to decay.
In spite of your best efforts with a tooth brush,
decay will attack your teeth.
The commonsense thing to do Is to have a dentist
look them over once In six months and check this
decay. Dentists using the E. R. Parker System
will examine your teeth without charge,, tell you
just what work you need and the exact cost. Play
safe! See a dentist today! t
State and Liberty Streets
Salem, Oregon
6 (S
and new motoroacb schedules bring
new convenience in Oregon travel.
Keeping pace with Southern Pacific's pro
gram for greater speed and more convenient
service, schedules areagain reduced to Cal
ifornia and new equipment added for local
travel in Oregon. ; 1 '
The "Oregonian" saves an hour; the
"Shasta" saves 30 minutes in running time
between Portland and San Francisco.
The popular "Coach Special." now leav
ing 10:20 a jn.carries open top observation.
Through the Cascades by daylight.
Shasta RotOe's New Schedule
Lv. Pordaod -
. 9:43 ajox
.10:20 a.m.
7:33 pit
11:54 p.m.
12:18 a.m.
11:54 p.m.
7:33 pjn,
Via Padre.
I. Ac Sea Francisco
"Shasta . 10:30 a.m.
"0ch Special" 9:50 a.rn.
."West Coast I " 8:33 pjn.
. "Cascads" . . 8:15 pan.
t)regctfuaa" - . 7:30 a.m.
" VAt.LoAaiej
. rCascade" 9:45a.m.
"West Coast' r 8:30 a.m.
Sleep as you Ride
. To Maxihficld through sleeper oa the
"Oregom arrives Mirxhfidd 8:23 ajn.
f ToK3amah Fallot's just a comfortable
nlght rest oa the "Westdast" leaving
" f 7:33 pm. .
By Trl mmdMtofH&cbt Caw Bay
You can leave here on the Shasta" and
make connection with Southern Pacific
- PX)rorch lit Roscburg (3:30 pan.) axriv-
,,1 tosMrhficld7sl3pxa. j
Z . New Silver Ora. schedules, Including
tm "Lfciiwi'l to. Pordand,; coordinated
wid riain icrvke, brinr a travd conven
: - . - . ience unecjualled, . . i . 1 s '
- Pasceagev
HtaUoai isth
. ami Oak
Ihoae 41 .
Cttjr TlrliK Ofrtcei 11
i Libert v St. rhoae 0