The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, June 26, 1928, Page 8, Image 8

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MORNING, JUNE 26, 1928 - ' - ' '- " I
Wisconsin Visitors Depart
After Stay.With Brother
and Sisters
(Special). Mr. and Mrs. J. O
Dixon and family left Sunday
morning for Alberta. Canada,
where they will viait relatives for
few weeks.
Miss Heprletta Plas of San
Francisco, is visiting her parents
at Crooked Finger.
Mr, and Mrs. Frank Semolke
aad dangbter, Marian, of Wiscon
sin.! left for their home Monday
alfer visiting his sisters and
brothers here whom he hadn't
seen for 22 years.
Miss La Verne Rich left for Eu
gene Sunday, where she will at
tend summer school.
Miss Doris Hogg is visiting her
sister and grand parents in Salem.
Mr. and Mrs. Jake Biersack,
Mrs. John Plas and Mra. W. T.
HJgg. were in Salem Friday
morning on business.
At the annual school meeting
In Scotts Mills last Monday, Wal
ter Geren was reelected ciera
and John Saueressig was elected
At the Noble school A. A
Cersch was relected director and
Miss Dorotha Shepherd reelected
Mrs. O. H. Brougber of Salem is
visiting her .mother, Mrs. Addie
Al Dale was in Portland Friday
n business.
Albert Rich returned home Fri
day from Portland where he has
keen serving on the grand jury.
Shirley Dunagan. who just
graduated from Oregon State col
lege, left Wednesday for Detroit.
Michigan, where he has accepted
a position.
Mrs. Lewis Smith returned to
her home in Salem Saturday, af
ter visiting her parents, Mr. and
Mrs. Ben Thomas, the paet week.
J. S. Korb was in Portland Sat
urday on business.
Cedar Island lodge Saturday. The
chief executive had Intimated that
he would dispose or them brer the
week end.. Since no engagement
have been made for Mr. Coolidge
at his offices and since It has
been found perfectly feasible to
have . him attend to business at
his residence on the Brule,-it was
considered likely that Mr. Coo
Iidra would not com into Snoer-!
ior regularly this summer, butt
would stay mostly at the' lodge.
License Plates Show Many
States Employ Old River
Boat for Passage
Name Withcld of Person
Searched for in Connec
tion With Murder
terial witness. Mrs. - Harris' ar
rest occurred Friday night. She
was an Intimate friend of Mrs.
Haxel Glab, who, with her niece.
Miss Ethyl Kaser. of Oklahoma
City. Okla.. are charged with
Glab'a murder.
In Parker's toome powee
ported they found a 32-20 call
bre revolver, the aise of the wear
pon from which: experts said the
fatal shot was fired.
W. R. Mclntyre, former police
man, who had been held for sev
eral days was released Saturday.
(AP) Four alleged fcangouts ofjHe too wu arrested because of
Investigation Points to Com
mission of Crime in Unit
ed States
June 25 (AP) A loss from the
maHs of negotiable paper and
amounting perhaps to
0 was revealed here when
earned by the
lulled States
in ar-
cial). The old Wheatland
at this place on the Willamette
river is not only dear to the heart
of old timers because of its his
toric associations but it is in
constant demand day and night to
take people acrors the river into
Yamhill county, according to G.
H. Fowler the ferryman.
"Yes." said Mr. Fowler, "doz
ens of automobiles gq over here
both dav and night. I run this
ferry for Clyde La Follette. It
takes me tire minutes to go
across. We have 650 feet of ca
ble connected with the ferry."
Further inquiry elicited the fact
that this was at, one time the
greatest wheat shipping point in
western Oregon.
Judging from the numerous
cars from different states that
made use of the ferry during the
afternoon the principal crop being
transported over the beautiful
Willamette seemed to be the tour
ist crop.
Beneath the great balm trees
dozens of picnic parties could be
seen, while boatmen on the river
and bathers in the river added a
festive touch to the sceae.
All of which caused an onlook
er to remark:
"When Oregon's beauty spots
are advertised like those of the
neighboring states not only will
the sum total of human happiness
be increased, but the tide of gold
will flow into Oregon from these
MEDFORD. June 25. (AP).
Eighty members of the California
Press association, headed by for
mer Governor riend W. Richard
son, left here this -afternoon by
automobile for Crater "Lake after
a. luncheon given .by the Medford
chamber of commerce. They
came here by automobile from
Ashland, where they left' their
special cars.
SHANGHAI. une 25 (AP)
The nationalist news agency re
ports that the national govern
ment has decided to demand that
Chang Hsuer-liang, new overlord
of Manchuria, accept 'nationalist
suzerainty, otherwise the
alist plan a
a man suspected of shooting John
I. Glab. retired druggist, were
placed under police guard Satur
day in the. latest move to solve the
mystery killing at Van Nuys last
Monday night. The man's name
was withheld. - :
Two of the haunts, police said.
were homes of a reputed illicit li
quor trafficker in Beverly Hills.
film residential district while the
other two were hotels.
Meanwhile another arrest was
announced. Earl Parker, said to
hive been a sweetheart some years
ago of Mrs. .Marian narns, ar
rested as a material witness in
the case, was taken into custody
and ordered held as another ma-
hie former friendship with ' Mrs,
Glab. led officers to believe he
would be needed as a material
witness in the ease.
Investigation of lavish expen
ditures in recent, months for new
homes and fine automobiles by six
persons whose names came to
light in investigation of the mur
der formed one of today's prin
cipal items of the mystery probe.
Officers declined to name the sextet.
The investigating committee
should hark back to boyhood days
and recall that no hand-wagon is
impressive without it is trimmed
in gold. Atlanta Constitution.
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