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    : 1 0. P. KWIl
Amateurs Ruled, Not Profes
: sional Politicians. Gov-
ernor Declares
Amateur politicians, not the
professionals, controlled the re
publican national convention, mad
tfeejr named candidates that are
Jtrnir popular all orer the nation.
Governor I. L. Patterson declared
,fc ti la his address at the Salem cham
ber or commerce luncheon Mon
day. This was proren, he said,
by the fact that Herbert Hoover
ao. jeceired all but about 200 of the
oses tor presidential nominee on
the first ballot, and also by the
remarkable rood feeling evi
denced generally after the conven
tion's principal task was finished
Oregon had one of the out
manning delegations at tne con-
ventlon, the governor declared,
mentioning particularly Ralph
Williams, who. he said spent sev
erai days fighting the profession
al politicians who stormed the
committee on contests in an effort
' to seat delegates who would vote
for their faorite candidates.
Williams introduced over 100
motions in the meetings of that
lrommittee, and in every case was
sustained. x Several of the men he
moved to have seated were op
posed to Hoover, showing that the
contests were decided on their
' merits, but Williams' motions re
; suited in a net gain of L0 votes
for Hoover.
Senator William E. Borah of
' Idaho was the outstanding leader
at the convention, the governor
I said, every person in the conven
,; ion . hall listening intently
throughout the two addresses
' Borah, made. i
; On .his way east, Mr. Patterson
7 siid, he was impressed with the
; importance of the reforestation
:j oregram when passing through
j vast' areas of cutover lands; but
,: he added that reforestation will
; Hse care of Itself if adeqpate
protection from fire is provided.
'! Entering Chicago, the governor
; was struck by the appaling condi
tions in which the tenement
dwellers exist, the train passing
for miles between frame build
lags In which human beings lived
under circumetances which would
not be tolerated in Oregon.
The visit to Chicago was for
the purpose of giving a radio ad-
drees concerning Oregon's history
and resources, which was listened
to by perhaps millions of people
in addition to the two million or
more who saw the page of Oregon
pictures In the Chicago Daily
News, published In connection
with the radio talk.
The governor was introduced at
the luncheon by Hal D. Pattoa,
republican delegate, who aleo
mentioned briefly his impressions
of the convention at Kansas City.
W.'ls - V .V.". V,
"V .
Legal Technicalities to be
Unravelled Concerning
Four Year Old
BOIE, Idaho, June 25.-
the ens
At tho Oregon Today;
Uproarious action, a strong
comedy theme which is also hu
man in its application, the inimit
able Langdon pan to mine and 'a
saeceasioa of "gags" that are
guaranteed to tear peals of laugh-1
ter from a wooden Indian combine I
comedy one of the most delight
ful bits ot celluloid entertainment
of the year.
"The Chaser, as his moat re
cent vehicle is' called, .revolves
around the adventures and diffi
culties ot a husband who is almost
kfssless." Osenlatory starvation.
a theory of-handling husbands
evolved by a etern - mother-in-law,
seems to work for a time: but
when Harry finally does embark
on a kissing campaign, what hap
pens is a positive panic! "The
Chaser" is now playing at the
Oregon theater.
Gladys MeConnell has the prin
cipal feminine role and 25 famous
bathing beauties decorate the
cast. Bud Jalmison and Helen
Hayward are also seen in support
of the star.
Peasants Mourn Deeply for
Leaders of Party Killed in
ZAGREB. Croatia. June 25.-
fAP) All Croatia mourned as
the bodies of Paul Raditch of Dr.
jBasaritchek, leading figures In
the Croatian peasant party who
were shot down by a government
deputy in Belgrade, were borne to
their graves today through a vast
assemblage of peasants that lined
Special Events Will Mark
Week at City Playground-
A full week of special events Is Lincoln baseball
planned for tne city playgrounds boys from 14th street Wedn-
according to the directors. The afternoon and evening.
special feature this afternoon, of younger boy play i
chief interest to the girls, will be noon 4ni
a doll parade at 2 o'clock. Each ln
the streets. -
Never since the death of Kingiwork on their boats for the con
Peter seven years ago. naa Jugotest are urged to
Slavia witnessed a more Imp res
the nftp.
the older boys at j
i ..
girl will dress her doll up in her , " "eB,ns: . ,v.
most appropriate oumi ana " tr" iuuuj
her to the 14th street playgrounds ceasary oecause the larger
for the big parade. A prize will work in the afternoon.
be awarded the best entry. A story hour schedule has
cu va i ue Lincoln grouwav
for the horseshoe tournament, and and for the balance of. the w Y
Louie Anderson announced that Miss Rachel Pemberton will bell
the contest. wouW begin this aft- charge of this work. Next v
ernoon, to last several days. 'stories will be told by a group of
ovja w Liu uii uui timsueu uamniire rlrl
The average
tendance at the Lincoln grounds
"The Circus" is coming to Sa
lem again and this time it will be
on the screen at the Hollywood
theater. This Is a splendid pic
ture packed full of laughs and yet
there is a world of pathos in it
(AP) also. Charlie Chanlin features in
a nearmg on naneas corpus this biggest of comedies. It will
proceedings to determine who show at the Hollywood for three
snail be tne ratner and mother to days beginning today.
four year old Mary Kathleen How
ard, was set back today and will
be held sometime in July.
In the meantime, the child will
Some Idea as to the physical
magnitude of Charlie Chaplin's
production. "The Circus." may be
had from figures compiled bv
etay with Mr. and - Mrs. A. B.Georr Webster uncni tanti-
Owens of Boise, who have had the cian at the Chanlin studio.
child since her babyhood. Habeas' Livestock housed at the Chap
corpus proceedings were brought I n plant in Hollywood for a per
when Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Howard 'od of more than a year Included
oi rortiana took tne cnud arter elephants, lions, tigers, horses,
finding her on the street in front mules, monkeys, piga. dogs, cats,
of theOwens home here. 1 ducks, pigeons and geese. To
Mrs. Howard, mo'her of the child properly teed and care for such
by a former marriage, declared sn assortment of guests the com-
sne lert tne Taby with the Owens missary department was required
in.Portland while she recovered o handle for many months, food
ner neaun iouowmg tne death ot items that totalled mom than so
icr bubuiuu. me uwbdi movea ooo pounds, the greater bulk of
away witn the child and since hia being in beef and tone of
men, Mrs. Howard said, she had hay. corn, carrots, potatoes and
maintained a constant searcn for bread
the family. ;
After the Howards took the
child. Howard was arrested and
charged with kidnaping. Disposi
tion of the case is expected to de
pend upon the outcome ot the
habeas corpus proceedings.
wm IB
!""v .b, .-- w3 0 iBt week accordinr to th
,Tnis contest will be of great ln-reoort of mi t ,.i- t i" .
si ve funeral nrocession than tod ar. toroat a hAtwAAn 40 nri sn hn ...t
that they would crowds are eonsid.t-aKi. i-. Li!
" rav (.uiwuu mc viuwuvi uo.c euuio. a uii ivDini win so uerrV ana CuerrT htrtt
streets to the cemetery, carrying on Saturday afternoon at 2 o'clock, down the attendance.
I lighted candles, rials of holy wat-i Training in Ilfesaving will be-,
er and sacred ikone. Their heads gin this 'week, and practice for .
were shaved, their feet bare and badge tests for both boys and Another difference between i,
' 1 lit . a a . a . 1 a. m S- aVIIa J A 1 a. '
they wore the national costume of wm conxmue. me nnais or. ami me norse ts that
pure white..
J the first badge test will be held! the automobile can be mad
Nearly One-Fifth Class Plans
Advance Work; Willamette
Heavy Choice
1 $
Spokane Jeweler Murders 35
W Al I An a
Tear um Aitorney in.
Room of Hotel
Pacific Highway Towns Have
More Convenient Service
With Change
SPOKANE. June 2K.fAP).
fil Mark Heacock. about 4 S, jeweler,
tew J neaa. and Harry Mosler. 35, at-
t H torney, is in a serious condition at
!s r
local hospital and MrS. Hearoek
Is being held by the notice aa th
result of a shooting by Heacock in
tne Halilday hotel last night. All
came from Tekoa. '
Mosier came here Friday and
obtained room number COG. Mrs.
Heacock came Thursday and got
room 610. Mr. Heacock came at
9:45 p. m., accompanied by a
young woman, supposed to be his
daughter. He got the! numbers of
the rooms occupied by his wife
and Mosler. The young woman
left abruptly after being present
few minutes.
While responding ' to a call.
CJyde Lewis, a bell boy. heard
Heacock say "This has gone too.
far." Lewis was about to enter
the room with Ice water in re
sponse to the call when he heard
four shots. Mrs. Heacock ran out
of the room crying "call the doc
tor. He ha shot Harry," accord
ing to the bell boy. Mrs. Hea
cock told the police she had come
to Spokane to get a divorce. Only
one revolver was found. Heacock,
the evidence disclosed, put two
bullets into Mosier and two into
Vsw 1 1 1 r LrVsy
i-vL 7
The BlaT Lamgh
and the ;
p Added ".4
-' ACTS V'
WeL, Thors Frl
Of importance to all towns on
the Pacific highway is the an
nouncement coming from the
Pickwick stage system that effec
tive June 25 a new schedule was
added to run- between San Fran
cisco and Portland which gives
this entire territory four daily
schedules Instead of only three, as
In the past. The new schedule.
which will , mean much more con
venlent service for the towns be
tween these two points, will .lea &1
San Francisco northbound at 4:3S
o'clock in the afternoon and will
leave Portland southbound at
According to a statement from
T. L. Morgan, general manager of
the Pickwickk stages system, the
new schedule along the Pacific
highway has been added for the
purpose of giving all Intermediate
points the same convenient ser
vice for travel over Pickwick sta
ges that Is offered at the main di
vision points.
With the new schedule in ef
fect, southbound passengers from
Salem will have the choice or
leaving tb Pickwick stages sta
tion at 10:10 a. m.. 2:10 p. m. and
130 a. m.
The new schedule which went
into effect yesterday is in keeping
with our policy to give the people
residing along the Pacific high
way the best possible in stage
transportation service," stated Mr.
Morgan. "Pickwick stages have
long been recognised as the lead
ers in bus travel and it is our de
sire to maintain our enviable rec
.a (a a
ort ny ever increasing our ser
vice. New schedules and new
equipment will be added to Pac
ific highway division, as increased
demands justify."
Rescue-work on the - part ofi
Opal Harland and Walter McKuen
and 30 minutes resnseiatfon work
by Coach Luis Anderson are pro
bably all that saved the lives of
Veda and Madge XJoppoek. daugh
ters of Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Cop
pock, when they were near drown
ing in the waters of Pudding riv
er, Sunday afternoon.
Madge, who was able to go
about her work Monday, sought to
aia ner sister who was in water
over her depth, with the result
that both girls were unable to
help themselves, and were res
cued by Miss Harland and Mc
Kuen. The near-victims irere both
unconscious when brought to
shore and it was only after a half
hour'a persistent work that An
derson brought them around.
, Veda was still confined to her
bed yesterday, but she is expected
to recover with no ill effects. The
bear-catastrophe occurred at the
Hanel Green park.
PORTLAND, June 25 (AP)
Weather here was cloudy and cool
today, with prospects of unsettled
weather tonight. After a sultry
afternoon Saturday the skies
clouded and Sunday was mostly
cloudy, with a little sunshine in
the afternoon. Maximum yester
day was 74.
An Iowa high school boy. sen-
lencea as a bandit to 25 years,
wept- Our young men are cer
tainly becoming soft. &averhlll
25c - Hollywocxl - 10c
Mrs. Alniaretta Pemberton. 68,
died Sunday of heart trouble at
her home. 1443 South Commer
cial street. She had been serious
ly afflicted with heart trouble for
the past few months.
Funeral services will be held at
3 o'clock Wednesday afternoon in
the South Salem Friends church,
of which denomination she was a
birth-right member. The remains
will be placed in the Mt. Crest Ab
bey Mausoleum in Portland.
Mrs. Pemberton was a native of
Indiana, and. with her husband.
came to the Salem district 35
years ago. Mr. Pemberton, who
conducted a prune ranch near
Rosedale. died 13 years ago. Mrs
Pemberton was a member ot the
local W. C. T. U.
Besides a son and daughter. Dr
J. Ray Pemberton of Salem and
Mrs. Florence Cole of Rosedale
she is survived by two brothers.
Dr. C. V. Van Horn of Topeka.
Kansas, and W. C. Van Horn of
Iowa;, a sister, Mrs. Sepha Tur
ner of Lincoln, Nebraska: seven
grandchildren and one great
Calif ornians Raise Price
Two Cents on Apricots
at the grave side Deputy Prebitch-
evitch in a choking voice pronoun
ed a panegyric over fallen dep
uties. He officiated in place of
Stefan Raditch. the peasant lead
Approximately one-fifth of the er, who was wounded in the Bel-
students who graduated from the I grade shooting.
Salem high school the first of the The most pathetic figures t the
month have already applied for grave were the widows and nine
entrance to various institutions of small children of the slain depu
higher learning, with Principal J. lies.
C. Nelson having been requested As the coffins were lowered
to send credentials of 44 of them Prebitchevitch read a message
to colleges and universities. from King Alexander and also a
Of those who are applying, al- statement from Stefan Raditch
most half, or 21. have listed Wil- written from his hospital. In these
ilamette university, as their next messages Raditch declared the
educational step: seven plan to Croatian deputies and the repre
sentatives of all provinces would
never return to Belgrade until the
present cabinet resigned.
The leader also paid personal
tributes to King Alexander who.
tf said, was doing superhuman
work trying to pacify and unify
the bitterly divided political and
radical elements of the threefold
While sobs shook the mourners on Jnlr 14. and the fnals of the; Just as fast away
will be about; stable as toward
second badge test
one month later.
from the h, mult-
SAN JOSE. Cal., June 25.
(AP) First payment prices on
the 1923 crop of apricots by the
California Prune and Apricot
Growers' association will ranee
from one half cent a pound to 2c
over those of last year.
FT a a a .
ine scneauie or payment was
announced today by the associa
tion after a meeting of the execu
tive committee. No first payment
advances on off grade apricots
have been announced. The first
payment, advanced will be made
after delivery of the dried apri
cots, and after receipt of grade
sheets by the association's office.
The prices on sunsweets " will
range from 5V4c a pound to 13c.
Equality "A's" will bring from
4 He to 12c a pound and Equality
"B's" from 4c to 11c a pound;
number 1 slabs will bring 4c a
pound to the grower.
Read The Classified Ads
enter O. S. C. with one less eye
ing the University of Oregon. Five
have made up their mind to be
come normal school pupils; two
will journey eastward to Cornell,
at Ithaca New York; and one will
study at Stanford university, and
one at Linfield college at McMinn
ville. The graduates and the schools
they will attend, are:
Yillamette: Lila M. Cation.
Doris E. Godsey. Eloise White,
Helen R. Breithaupt, Catherine E.
Mulvey. Barbara S. Moberg. Max
ine Ulrieh. Doris Clarke. Carl Es
plln, Sarah Jane Dark, William
Hayes Beall. Ray H. Lafkay. Grace
L. Rose, Olvin M. Bowe. Benietta
M. Edwards. Alfred J. French. Ce-
cile I. Steele. James Kelly Moore.
Irma P. Sawyer. Gladys P. Taylor,
and Myrna Bonney.
Oregon state college: Isabel
Childs, Velma Emmett. Marjorie
Giese, Maqulre Kim. Homer Ly
ons, Bernard Temple, and Rich
ard "vrrtscm: ' -
University of Oregon: Robert
Boals, Helen Darby. Larwence
Engstrom, Ivan Kafoury and Hel
en and Lena Wldick.
Normal schools: Louise Iungen,
Emma McClaughry, Lorraine Rob
ins, Esther Hahn and Irene
Blackerby, Oregon state normals;
Ruth Salomons. Bellingham nor
mal. Linfield college: Irene Gabbert.
Stanford: Lucy Brown, who is
now living at Palo Alto with, her
Cornell: Raymond and Robert
Several members of the class
are already studying, or have
studied since finishing their
course at mid-year, at the' normal
The most useless thing we
know of is an assistant sergeant at
arms badge the day after the con
vention closes.
Prince Charming, Horse
Arrives at Nash Stables
ine trotting horse. Prince
Charming, recently arrived at the
stables of his owner F. L. Nash,
who lives on Portland road. The
norse recently made a record of
2:094 on a half-mile track.
last year he ran on the Bay
state circuit, and. has also run. in
the $10,000 Hartford derby. Mr,
Nash will enter Prince Charming
ln the free-for-all trot on the
North Pacific jcircult this year.
The horse was bought from
George Borh of Milwaukee. Wis
consin, and shipped here by ex
press. He will be trained by Wil
liam Lindsay.
W Tr -4.
"" - CMIMN V r CAlMWftNM
it h rrr. f
I II II TODAY UK P ll I J ll mnu
. . w . . .
Illl Harrv the Knisrht of Kosnedv n n Mmfern TVtn Onirnt.. I
Hill Goes out After Cnnid ANT1 HOW -illl (i
..-X XT. v W VtM 1
inn n k u i-T'vr-
II I fclU , r2Zs ol'xSCIAL
ill II fi-Ul W6X '
Ii II jX vx j 'a mr
Illl U iK'ntrk OI n: &
01 - iPsfJ yjrU sands of laughs j
AT' hmrSrfs&r to the world's
n v -a
i ii ii yi l v ii a rrn vir h
I II II If Jr v i i I r' l
UH rV I Mi W 14
r VV II I W f HI- 1$
I II II ff 7wst . i I I I 4f - I A III 1$
I II II i lS5?2"f fa I AV A t Sf If M
H J 1 Mm If VT A V 11 I f
y m i x is i '
iiii a i iv i r jt ii.njL
mm4 P
The Romance-Hero of the Hour in
Another Great Hit
Eastern Oregon Recluse
: 'Eeats Strychnine, Dies
LAG R AND E. June 25. (A P)
-George W. Nash, who lired a
secluded life In a cabin at the foot
of ML Emily, near here, .was
found dead this morning by Chris
Miller, of LaGrande, who went to
his place to Inquire aboqt straw
berries. An empty cap and a
strychnine bottle were nearby,, A
note saying It has been a great
study with me for many years If
this life was worth the trouble-
hare decided it is not and to
night I will quit liring.June 17
or 24, I hare lost count of the
week," was found by officers.
Naah has ? a daughter. Mrs.- Her
man Hafner. IOCS East 14th street
Portland. Ore. Death occurred last
IBS wcAi8iiililiies
i . Wm Uh: w com '
"!' 1 ' 1 '"' ' 1 lay'rSsata5a?f j " WrWeeC boy aasd beayded brwteet BTg D
PtAn X. terWlo.; bl w star. plM K
hgAiA1" " - "IE - --Na.-X Cro row Patent lather KM.- K
A Remarkable Flag at an Exceptional Price. Onlj 98c
Description of Flaf
JrwiZvril arrTcent
17 light to permit the flag to float beautifully la the breese
T-I T1- r t
'Stww. .ivvec i our f lag 4.
Th? oVego? VSESTtSZ r51 Pri to
Street. SsJmb a S0"! Oonamerclal