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Local News Briefs
Strawberry Growers
Insure a good price
Cannery stock at a
Phone 554.
real bay.
Receive Two Patients
Alex Martin. 2470 Laurel street,
and Ollrer Arthur, Mill City, med
ical patients, were received at the
Salem General hospital yesterday.
13 X O. J. Hull
For City Recorder.
Truck Driver Hneil
C. T. Miller yesterday paid a
$10 fine in justice court for speed
ing his truck on the Pacific High
way. Art Exhibit Friday
An art exhibit and program
sponsored by the Techne club will
be held at the Salem high school
7:30 to S: 30. A small admission
la being charged.
Friday nite. Domes' Pavilion
Blanket Stolen
Police officers were informed
Wednesday night by Tyler Brown
Of the Valley Motor company that
an American Legion blanket had
been stolen from his automobile
which was parked on Court street
Art-eaguc Meets
Mrs. T. S. Williams, head of thei
Salem Arts league, has called a'
business meeting of the organiza-j
kn for this evening at 7:45 at
the Salem city library. Election
of officers. will take place at the
meeting, which is to be'neld in
th?,-assembly room.
Vote For Lee McAllister
For the legislature.
Mission Society Meeting
The Women's Mission society of
the Baptist Mission will meet at
the home of Mrs. K. H. Pickens
895 North 17th street. Friday
Mav 18. at 2:30 o'clock. The
group will study the Crow Indians
of Montana, with Mrs. H. S. Gile
and Mrs. G. E. Ross in charge of
the program. Mrs. S. Bail, newly
elected president, will be in
charge of the business session.
Tesuhers Absent
Two of the English teachers at
the senior high school, have been
absent from classes. Miss Naomi
Taylor, whose classes are being
conducted by Mrs. J. C. Nelson,
has been out since Tuesday nurs
ing a touch of the flu. Mis;
Naomi Macy sustained a sprained
shoulder-Tuesday jypd was nnable
to appear Wednesday."- Mist
Macy's work Is being cared for by
Mrs. Gevrge W. Hug.
A Gift Room Devoted
Entirely to Inexpensive gifts for
bridge and party. Pomeroy &
Debate Honors Divided
The senior negative team Tues
day afternoon won a 2 to 1 deci
sion from the sOphomore affirm
ative in the last of the six Inter
rlass debates at the senior high
sclsSH and thereby tied for debate
points with the junior class, each
Jjving gained nine points in the
series. The seniors won three 2
to 1 decisions, each debate won
crediting them with an additional
point: the juniors earned seven
points against their opponents and
two for decisions. The sophomores
amassed six points, including one
2 to 1 win over the junior affirm
ative, also in a match held Tues
day afternoon. Points will be ap
plied for the lnter-class rivalry
trophy which is awarded at the
end of the school year.
Let's Go, Marion
County Voters!
In the interest of good govern
ment and a thorough business
administration of Public af
fairs. VOTE
65 X JONES H. R.
County Commissioner
He is from the South end pf
the county and his election will
distribute the membership of
the County Court. This Is only
(Yes; Farmer Jones is H. 'R.
Paid Jones for Commissioner
(lias. X. Ryan. Secretary,
223 Jt. Com'l. St.
f ; ,' J"-
Mars Rotary Member
L. D. Mars was introduced as a
new member at Wednesday's meet
ing; of the Salem Rotary club. He
was given the charge by Henry
Manny, district governor.
IS X O. J. Hull
For City Recorder.
Funeral Today
The funeral services of the late
Sol W. Drake, who died here Tues
day after an illness of but one
week, will be held this afternoon
from the Rigdon Mortuary at 3
o'clock with interment in the City
View cemetery. Rev. Fred C. Tay
lor will officiate:
Two Reappo'nted
Millie R. Trumbull of Portland
Wednesday was reappointed by
Governor Patterson a member of
the state board of child labor in
spectors. Her commission will ex
pire May 21, 1933. Dr. Ethel K.
Riley of Hubbard, Marion county,
was reappointed a member of the
state board of chiropractic exam
iners. She will serve under her
commission until June 3, 1931.
A La Carte Service
In dining room Marion hotel.
Reduction Allow
The public service commission
Wednesday authorized the Moun
tain States Power company to re
duce its rates affecting consumer
in Marshfield. Eastside, Empire,
North Bend. Myrtle Point and C
quilie. The reduction will result in
an annual saving to the consumers
of approximately $7600.
Von Esclien Tells Resources
Professor Florian Von Eschen,
head of the chemistry department
at Willamette university, ad
dressed the Portland chamber of
commerce Tuesdayon the subject
"Chemical Resources of the Wil
lamette Valley." His talk Includ
ed some of the things he recently
outlined to the Salem chamber of
Elks Start Driveway .
Work was started yesterday on
the construction of a driveway on
the east side of the Elks temple.
When completed the drive will en
able dance and dinner parties to
step from their machines almost
into the doorway of the ladies en
trance. The old walk along this
side of the building has been torn
away and will be replaced with a
new one.
Furniture Upholsterer
And repairing. Giese-Powers
Furnjlure Co.
Cherrlaas Hold Drill-
Members of the Salem Cherrlan
drill team held their first drill
practice in the city hall last eve
ning.. The Cherrians will take
part In the Rose festival parade
In Portland June 14. Frank Dur
bln, Jr., Is drill master of the
team. The uniformed Cherriac
band will also participate in the
festival parade.
S. W. Drake Dies
S. W. Drake, who died Tuesday
afternoon at his home here, aged
62, was one of the oldest janitors
'n the Salem school system in
length of service. He had recent
ly been employed at the Garfield
school, but had also served at the
McKinley. Highland and Engle
wood buildings.
Lee McAllister
An over seas veteran, for the
Change Pleas to Guilty
A quartet arrested Saturday
night at a dance at Aurora with
14 pints of liquor in their joint
possession yesterday entered plea:
of guilty before Justice of the
Peace Brazier Small. They had
previously pleaded not guilty tr
the charge against t m. which
was possession of intoxicating
liquor. Fines were levied by
Judge Small as follows: G. Oscar
Long. $250; Charles Fowler. $100
and Leslie Blidenstein. $250. Joe
Fowler, the fourth member of the
party, had his case continued for
Alaska Excursion
Space available June 21 and
July 20 sailings. R. T. $100 all
expenses. Salem Travel Agency,
175 S. High St.
Girl's League Tea
Mothers of high school girl?
were their guests at a tea and
style show held Wednesday after
noon In the girl's gymnasium of
the high school. The affair was
sponsored by the Girls' League,
one of the newer organizations at
the high school, and was a de
cided success Judging from the
enthusiasm of . mothers and
teachers who attended. Miss Rob
ertson, dean of girls, is faculty
advisor to the league. Committee
chiefs who contributed to the suc
cess were: Lucy Brown, decora
tions; Julia Creech, style show;
Marjorie Marcus, invitations.
13 X 0. J. HULL
Slogan- Courteous and fair
Treatment to all. Enforce lawa
protect Salem's youth.
Paid Adv.
Jto 0 ILL, J
We hare a 1927 Ford Tudor
Sedan that has had the best of
care, well equipped, 80 new
rubber, looks and runs ' like a
new ear for 9393.00.
-lite Ur-use lbs &rrvc linltt
Suit to Quiet Title
Joseph H. Albert, Paul B. Wal
lace and Jeanette Pooler yester
day filed suit against B. S. Cook
and a long list of others to quiet
title to two lots in the Mill addi
.ion to the city of Salem.
13 X O. J. Hull
For City Recorder.
Meatdes Almost Halted
The long protracted measles
epidemic in Marlon county is in
its last stages, the weekly report
of the state health department re
vealed. Only 13 new cases were
reported last week. There was one
case of influenza and one of pneu
monia. Want to Borrow
J500 to $1500 Best security.
Laflar, Ladd & Bush Bank Bldg.
Strausbaugh Estate 91734
The estate of the late W. H.
Strausbaugh Is valued at $1734.
15, according to inventory and
appraisement filed in probate yes
.erday. Appraisers are F. G. De
lano. George Thomason and Leo
.V. Childs.-
Lee McAllister
Knows state business, put him
n the legislature.
Tex Rankin Coming
Tex Rankin, one of the best
known flyers in the northwest,
will be one of the participants in
the air circus here Friday, he no
tified the Salem chamber of com
merce in a letter received here
Want Modern Home
To exchange on farm. Must be
clear and well located. See Laflar,
Ladd & Bush Bank Bldg.
Cherrians Notify Rosarians
S. C. Pier, chairman of outside
participation for the Portland
Rose Festival, has been notified
by King Bing P. D. Quisenberry
of the Salem Cherrians that the
local organization will participate
in the floral parade at the annual
festival this year.
California By Boat
$20.00 S. F., $32.00 Los A.
Berth-Meals. A real vacation. Sa
lem Travel Agency, 175 S. High
Boxing Salem Armory Fri. Nlght
Frankie Lewis vs George Hval
10 three minute rounds. Snappy
preliminaries. Do not miss this
Culvert Contracts Let
The Marion county court yes
terday awarded to Frazier and
Pugh of Salem, contracts to build
two culverts in this county. One,
measuring 7 by 7 feet, is at the
Ellis Stevens' place on the Mount
Angel-North Howell road. The
bid on this was $2690.50, exclu
sive of piling. The other culvert
is to be at Engineer's Station No.
188 on the Silverton-Cedar Camp
road, half a mile east of the Davis
schoolhouse. The bid on this cul
vert, which measures. 6 by 6 feet,
was $1557.
Court Hears of Fist Fight
John Gosta yesterday filed a
criminal complaint against Frank
Webb, charging him with assault
and battery. The complaint, which
was filed in justice court, comes
as the aftermath of a hand to
hand argument between the two
over the matter of Webb's joining
the local bootblack's union. Gos
ta, who is of Grecian extraction
and an officer in the union, urged
the idea strongly upon Webb,
who belongs to -Salem's colored
population. Actions eventually
followed words and the upshot of
te whole matter was that Gosta
went down for the count, minus
five of his front teeth. Trial will
be held In justice court at an early
(Coata4 trta par 1 )
commercial life of Salem and the
rich upper Willamette Valley,'
Sensenlch stated.
Eyre is president of the United
States National of , Salem and
Lamport is vice president. E. W.
Hazard Is a vice president. Linn)
I lifligroran
West Coast Bancorporation
Stock Bought. Sold. Quoted
At the Market
OS Fovrth Street, Portland Broadway 18S3
C. Smith is cashier and Lee G.
Page and Karl E. Wenger are a
aistant cashiers. All of the ex
ecutive officers have been con
nected with the bank ten years
and more, one or two far well over
20 years.
Resources Large
"At the close of business May
12 the Salem bank $2,929,535.54
of deposits. This was an increase
of annroximatelv $200,000 since
report was made to the controller
of currency February 28.
The institution originally was
organized In 1904 as the Salem
State bank with $50,000 capital.
jThe change in name was made
'when It became a national bank
and capital was increased to
Stock of the institution was
very closely held, fewer than ten
persons having It and coming Into
the deal male by West Coast ban
corporation. The transaction was
consummated in Portland today.
Dave Eyre Interviewed
"Modem business," commented
Eyre, "requires modern banking
facilities and the already proven
success of the associated system
is due largely to the fact that it
provides better and more varied
service for the depositors and cus
tomers. We believe sincerely we
are. doing our community a great
er service by entering West Coast
bancorporaUon than we would by
staying out of it. As it is we have
joined forces with men of our
own northwest and own state, who
are vitally interested in welfare of
our institutions and community."
He added expressions of full
confidence in Sensenlch and hi?
associates of the bancorporaUon.
Sensenich today declined tc
comment on reports that other
banking institutions are being
considered for inclusion in the
bancorporation. The corporation
has ample funds however, and it
is believed that other deals actual
ly are under consideration.
The constitution of the Salem
high school student body will
henceforth provide for two separ
ate offices for the present com
bined office of manager of the
Clarion annual and newspaper, it
was found when ballots for a
dozen proposed amendments were
counted Wednesday. The election
was held Tuesday, votes for offi
cers being counted that day.
Each of the 12 amendments sub
mitted to the voters was carried
The Clarion managerial question
was deemed the most important
inasmuch as the old method o'
handling managership of the pub
lications made it practically im
possible for the student to carry
on school work while holding the
Just what effect the amendment
will have on the re-elections May
22, for Clarion manager, for which
Gordon Bennett and Eddie Rotl
received the highest votes, wa:
not stated yesterday, but some
students believe It will result in
each candidate getting a Clarior
post, one for the newspaper and
one for the annual.
The other constitution changer
approved were: Clarion, athletic
and forensic managers were con
stitutionally made student bod:
officers; duties of the annual man
ager and song leader will be stat
ed in the new constitution; five
days, instead of two, will elapse
between nomination and election
of student council members; stu
dent council will decide whether
or not the yell leader earns an
emblem; the vice president and
secretary shall be seventh-termers
when they enter office; the foren
sic manager will be chairman o
the"lnterclass rivalry committee
the forensic manager of each class
will be the student representative
of the class on the lnter-class
rivalry committee.
Monmouth. May 16. (Special.)
Thomas H. Gentle, director of
training schools at the Monmouth
normal, left for Prlnevllle today
where he will address the gradua
tlon class of the public school on
Thursday evening.
"Our Chicks
Live to
make your
Flake's Petland
273 State " .
Kewousd and Repaired. New
T Used Motors
Things EWtrtcal
11 South High Tel. 2112
The drama entitled "The Mast
er Builder." written by Henrik
Ibsen, noted dramatist, will he
given in Silverton Monday nightl Floyd K. Kester came 'Irom
by the Willamette university puy-jMMleld OB Sunday morning to
ers. under the auspices of the!8Dnd the day in tne ueorge w.
Theta Alpha Phi. national hon-!Tnomnson home. Mrs. Kester
orary fraternity in dramatics. The!" tne,r I!ttle BOn Gene who Te
drama is being directed by Dr. J.'been visiting here for several days
O. Hall, head of the public speak
ing department at Willamette.
On Friday night of next week
the players will present the play
at the Capitol theater. The cur
tain will be raised promptly at 8
o'clock due to the fact that the
three act play will continue for
two and one-half hours. Ruthyn
Turnay's orchestra from the Che-
mawa Indian school will play.
starting at 7:30 o'clock and con
tinue until 8. It will also play
between acts.
The Master Builder" is a sym
bolic play and the essential sym
bolism may be more easily under
stood if one substitutes for the
master builder Ibsen himself, the
dramatist. Like the Master
Builder who In his youth built
churches with high towers, so Ib
sen in his first period as an au
thor wrote lofty romantic plays.
Then in his second Deriod he
wrote practical analytical social
dramas, and corresponding to this
period we find that the Master
Builder Is building cosy homes for
In the third period the Master
Builder was going to build noth
ing but castles in the air but
with a solid foundation. This cor
responds to Ibsen's symbolic plays
which have for their foundation
a solid everyday realism. In this
drama the symbolic and the realis
tic parts are so closely wpven to
gether that It Is difficult to tell
where one ends and the other be
gins. The great problems raised in
this drama are (1). Is It possible
to sacrifice too much for the sake
of art? If art is set as the great
ideal in life, one may possibly sac
rifioe life itself as the master
builder does in the play, who had
sacrificed his individual happiness
domestic happiness, and the health
and happiness of his wife and
family, in order that he may be
come the great master builder
(2). Is there not a temptation for
one who wants to rise above other?
as the master builder tries in the
play, to trample others underfoot
as he crushes Knut Brovick and
his son, Ragnar, in the play?
But. Ibsen was not the firs!
one to dramatize these problems
At the finish of the play when
Solness, the Master Builder in the
drama, tries to be young agair
and wants to comoete with the
younger generation he climbs
and falls to his death.
Dr. Hall has specialized on Ib
sen and other dramatists of the
same caliber, both In Europe and
at Columbia university. New York
The cast includes: Halvard
Solness, the Master Builder, Frank
Alfred; Aline Solness. his wife
Miss Leah Fanning; Doctor Her-
dal, physician, Frank Lombard;
Knut Brovick. young architect
Jack Ramage; Ragri'r Brovick
his son. Neil Brown: Kaia Fosll.
his niece, Miss Ruth Bower: Mis.
Hilda Wangel, Leone Marlott.
Chorus Classes Recital
At Keizer on Saturday
KEIZER. May 16 (Special)
Miss Jewel Gardner will present
her chorus classes from Keizer
at the ARGO
Every Thursday Evening
Telephone ttO 112 8Ua St
Tubes Tested
Mellow Moon
MAY 19
Follow the Crowd
Refined Recreation
and Clear Lake In an operetta.
"The Fairy Godmother's Lesson."
on Saturday at 8 p. m. at the
Kelzer schoolhouse. A program
i will follow the operetta. The pub
lic is cordially Invited. There
will be no admission charge.
Mrs. Josephy B. Rnckel of
Pendleton is a house guest at the
Seymour Jones' home. Mrs.
Ruckel formerly resided in Salem
returned home Sunday night.
Federal Prohi Agent and Metho
dist Delegate Scores Win
F. A. Haseltine of South Bendf
Wash., is a federal prohibition
agent in his state. He also Is a lay
delegate to the Methodist Episco
pal general conference here.
A few hundred yards from one
of the delegates' meeting places
here the Pennant Inn, a "soft
drink" place, looked suspicious to
Gaining the bartender's confi
dence the church man bought
drinks for several days. Then he
look with him W. Harold Lane,
deputy prohibition administrator.
They paid with marked money
and arrested James Whitmer, the
alleged proprietor.
The Arthur H. Smurr company.
with headquarters in Portland and
capital stock of $10,000. has been
incorporated by A. H. Smurr.
Eloise Smurr and LaRue Thomas.
The U. S. L. Battery Sales
corporation, a California corpora
tion, has . received a permit to
operate in Oregon.' The capital
stock is $25,000.
At Ryderwood, Wash., May 14,
Ernest Crabtree, age 4 5 years.
Survived by wife, Mrs. Bessie
Crabtree and one small son.
Brother of Roy Crabtree of Scio,
John Crabtree of Crabtree, Linn
county, Byron Crabtree of Fort
Gamble, Wash., Mrs. Clara Bates
if Portland and Mrs. Effie Brew
Uer of Lebanon; member of the
Maccabees Philomath lodge. Fun
eral services will be held at 10:30
a. m. Friday from the Rigdon
- Iiruejtger
At the home of her daughter,
405 Richmond avenue, Wednes
day, May 16. Mrs. Mary Bruegger
age 55 years. Wife of August
Bruegger. mother of Mrs. Lillian
Burt and Miss Margaret Bruegger
of Manzanita, Oregon, Mrs. Emma
Butte of Salem, Mrs. Ester Tuck
er of Onalaska, Wash., Mrs. Sel
raa Cheever of Portland, Mrs.
Dorothy Haynes and Fred Brueg
ger of Medford. Announcement
of funeral later from the "Rigdon
At the home on the Liberty
road, early Tuesday, May 15, Mrs.
Alma D. Gibson, age 77 years.
All Mf UfM MaeUnat
Pbon 651 l Cocrt St.
Lee McAllister
In England men "stand for
election" In the United States
they run for office, but Lee Mc
Allister is a political sprinter.
This is not to be wondered at
when we remember' that Mr.
McAllister got both his early
sprinting and political training
under the eaves .of the State
Capitol. He is a Marion County
Not being satisfied with the
education be absorbed in the
public schools, be went on to
Old Willamette. Before he had
an opportunity to finish he re
sponded to the Nation's call in
the World War and soon found
himself in the front line trench
es. Like many other men who
saw similar service, McAllister
avoids relating his experiences.
After the war he completed
an engineering course at the
Oregon State College and has
had wide experience throughout
the state in his profession,
largely with the State Engineer
ing Department. He is now
engaged in the real estate busi
ness in Salem and his wide ex
perience in State affairs has
given him insight into all
phases of State business. Lee
McAllister has handled large af
fairs, knows practical politics
and if elected to the Legislature
on May 18. will be able to get
results for the people of Marion
County and the State of Ore
gon. He will give Marion
County an active and aggres
sive representation.
Vote for Lee McAllister for
the Leglslatare. He Is the kind
of mis we need there.
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May 16th to May 23rd Inclusive
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This advertisement will entitle the Bearer to One Hun
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Terms and Trades taken on
Advertisement as Part
388 N. Com'l. St.
widow of the late James It. Gib
son, mother of Ralph and Carl
Gibeon, and Mrs. Carrie Trudgen,
all of Salem, sister of Lowell
Carlton pf Idaho, Frank Carlton
of Medford. Minn., George Carl
ton of Calif., and Mrs. Chloe Case
it Los Angeles: also survived by
iix grandchildren and two great
grandchildren. Funeral services.
Thursday. May 17 at 1:30 p. m.,
from Rigdon mortuary. Rev. Nor
man K. Tully officiating. Inter
ment in I. O. O. F. cemetery.
At the residence, 1912 North
Fifth street. May 15, Sol W. Drake
died at the age of 62 years. He
leaves a wife Ella, a son, Cloyce
Drake, a brother, Ben S. Drake
FINE TORIC reading Uaaaa. W. I
inn yur (laMas gmiat brtakt:.
Kxaminstioa too.
Thompson -Glutsch Optical Co.
110 H. Coram 'l St.
With vat operation or lata of Urn:
329 Oracon Biff.
My Slogan: "Economy and Justice to A1F
66 X
LADD & BUSH, Bankers
Established 1868
General Banking Business
Office Hours from 10 a. m. to 3 p. m.
and Storage
Long and Short Distance Hanlin
Public nnd Private Storage
Fireproof Building
Free Delivery to any part of the dty.
Farmers Warehouse
Day Telephone 28 Night Telephone 1267-W
1924 Hupmobile frJfA
Sedan 5450
1927 Oldsmoblle $$0Qf
HSLT. $1250
1924 Dodge. t9Cfi
Delivery wU
1922 Buick ' - f-A
1924 Stude. Light Six
Touring JxD
1923 Buick tQ7C
Touring )v I D
1925 Buick C7AA
Touring 3f UU
any of the above. Use this
of the Down Payment.
and a cousin, U. G- Boyer, all of
Salem. Funeral services Thurs
day, May 17 at 3 p. m. from the
Rigdon mortuary. Rev. Fred C
Taylor officiating, interment in
I. O. O. F. cemetery.
Perfect Funeral Service
For Less
Licensed Lady Mortlclaa
770 Cheir.eketA Street
Telephone 724
Lady Assistant
Webb's Funeral Parlors
May 18, 1928
- -