The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, May 06, 1928, Page 6, Image 6

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Cooper Retired Twice From
Racing Track and Now
Comes Back
Sport fans ol America like to
look back on days cone by to
1 compare the , heroes of yesterday
with the prevent holders of titles
and crowns. According to -many
old timers, Tanney would be a set
up for "Ruby Rob Fltxsbnmoas;
Hans Wagner and Larry Lajole
wonld relegate today's diamond
stars to the dogont. America's
: heroes die hard and feats of the
present rarely dim achievements
of the past.
Moreorer, the enthusiasm of the
throng is doubled when the faror
; Jtes at yesterday eontinne to break
Into the headlines with a seem
ingly endless repetition of their
j feats. Ty Cobb amd Jack Demp-
sey shine as data tan ding examples,
both of them old, as age Is Judged
in sports, yet each still holding
generous portion of public affec
To a list of former beroes of
. sportdom who continue to appear
on the horizon, creating comment
- sAd speculation In their activities,
must be added the name of Earl
Cooper, whose slight form has
rested In the pilot's seat of racing
cars for. two decades and who'se
once abundant hair has disap
peared under the tight massage of
racing helmets.
Twice in his tumultous career.
Cooper has retired from the track
and twice he has come back, heed-
in In part the pleas of his ad
mirers and the lure of the game,
but making his final decision be
cause, through constant associa
tion with automotive experts, be
knew that the speedway has come
to be regarded as the real labor
atory of the automobile Industry.
Cooper is now captain of the
Marmon racing team which will
guide the destinies of two Marmon
68 Specials entered In the forth
coming 500-mile "drive to no
where" at the Indianapolis speed-
war May 30. He is working side
by side with Col. Howard Marmon,
world-famous automobile engineer.
In the development of the re
nowned wartime Liberty motor.
Strange as It may seem, the
Tery workshop In Marmon plant
unit No. 1 where the first Mar
mon racing cars were built seven
teen years ago Is again the scene
of the research, experiment and
development in connection with
this year's race. Cooper and Mar
mon the one the driver, the
other the engineer are now work-
lag and planning, side by side, at
the Marmon factory. From early
in the morning until late at night
the lights glow in their little
workshop, screened from the eyes
of the curious, while they keep at
it as tat racing crew assembles
and tears down the cars laboring
tirelessly so that each detail will
be exactly correct.
The assistance of a pair of
hands as cunning and a mind as
keen as their own is given them
by Reeves 1 Dutton. a racing me
chanic whose ability Is summed
up by Cooper, laconically as "the
best". ' He Is the one who assem
bles the tiny parts of the motors,
regarding the tightening of each
nut, as a rite and looking uiJbn
careless work as nothing less than
Towering over the slighter
builds of his ;fellow workers Is
Pete Krels, who has been selected
as one of the drivers of the Mar
mon 88 Specials. Although one
of the younger drivers. Kreis Is
well versed in the science of rac
ing and has provedhimself an apt
pupil at the hard school of expe
rience in the game that makes
yonftg men old and keeps old men
After long experience in the un
stable seat of a motorcycle racer.
Johnny Seymour has brought his
mechanical skill to the Marmon
factory and is working with Mar
mon, Cooper, Kreis, and Dutton
on the Marmon 8 Specials.
From now until May 30 this
quintet win work tirelessly super
vising the preparations for an
other advent into the facing spot
light. An engineer, a veteran
driver, a skilled mechanic, a
young driver noted for his heavy
foot and a dare devil motorcycle
racer, these fire bring all their
talent and skill together, while
the sporting world watts, giving
silent encouragement to their efforts.
plant win be In operation in the
early summer. ,
The Willys-Overland plants in
Pontine, Mich., and Elmira, N. T.,
also are at capacity production
while the facilities at the Willys-
Overland Canadian plant , In To
ronto hare been enlarged to bring
about increased production1- to
meet the buying demand for the
Whippet four cylinder models. '
The Willys-Overland expansion
program got under way early In
the year when the prices of the
Whippet four cylinder models
were reduced to a price that set
anew Tela, to th. light car VALLEY MOTOR HEW
I am ucnawxi . Mies . ucmua lot I
Whippet fours has established a
new sales record for the company,
and Is a major factor which en
abled the company to produce the
new Whippet Six at the lowest
price ever reached tn the six cyl
inder field.
These two lines' of Whippets,
company officials declared, will
continue at capacity production,
the Toledo manufacturer depend
ing ; on the i Whippet market for
volume sales.
C.tinn! frM sag 1) !
largest and most attractive In the
state, equipped with the best of
lighting systems. The window on
Center street measures 99 by J J
feet while the show room oa Lib
erty Is 1 9 by J feet. Here the
latest models of Ford cars will be
on display at all times, plus the
new models In trucks and tract
ors. The coloring scheme of the
show rooms plus the attractive
Great Demand for Light
Fours Enables Company
To Produce Better
TOLEDO, O., May 5. Willys
Overland's expansion program to
Increase the production of Whip
pet six models to meet the great
est buying demand In the com
pany's history Is taking definite
form, officials of the organization
declared here this week-
The new addition to the export
and body building departments,
which provides 800,000 more
square feet of factory space la
nearly completed, this extension
being necessary when the output
of Whippets waa stepped up to
the greatest production mark ever
reached by the company.
Willys-Overland is concentrat
ing Its efforts on increased pro
duction of Whippet fours and
sixes, this being the dominating
class in the automobile industry.
In quantity output this com
mits Willys-Overland to highest
production on its two Whippet
models which provide the major
business for the sales organisa
tion, the balance being devoted to
the production of the Willys-
Knight models.
The Willys -Overland expansion
plan is not devoted to the Toledo
plant alone but stretches out Its
plants in other sections of j the
United States and Canada. The
latest move waa tbe announce
ment of an assembly plant in Los
Angeles which still have a produc
tion capacity of about 10,000 cars
a year, of which about 22.000
will be Whippet models with the
Whippet four cylinder cars pro
viding the major portion. This
Are You Hunting
j for a Tire Bargain?
f Dont grope in the dark.
Don't look up and down side streets.
Dont watch tor red and yellow signs.
Wick Brothers
' .
S327 CHEVROLET COACH equipped with bump
ers, 80 new robber, in perfect condition and
has the appearance; of a new car for $525
Early 1927 FORD ROADSTER with 85 new rub
ber. A car that has run but very few miles
with our price at...j.. , $250
1926 PONTIAC COUPE equipped with bumpers,
70 new rubber and in Al condition in every
way at $575
1926 GARDNER SPORT TOURING fully equip
ped, is in Al condition and a fine car for $595
1923 .WILLYS-KNIGHT TOURING equipped with
bumpers, S&M spotlight, electric swipe, cur-
tains, top and finish. Al with a motor that
can't be beat . 1 $250
2S0 So. High St.
The House That Service Built
Phone 1841
lighting fixtures mak it one of
the most beautiful in . the state
if not in the northwest,
'A small ' auditorium, furnished
very attractively, is built Hbove
the main office rooms. Here lo
cal dealers will confer with visit
ing representatives and hold their
regular meetings. The various
offices; are also fully equipped
with every kind of office equip
ment and are located and built so
that they can be viewed from the
display windows.
At the present time there are 48
people employed In the new. mo
tor company. Including mechanics
and sales people. It Is the largest
auto company In this city, and so
far known to be the largest and
finest In the entire j state, includ
ing Portland.
w tvuicainu! me tan torce o.
the explosion upon the piston. I?.
no other engine is this principle
the same as is applied in art Hi
lory, possibla of use.
(ContInu4 frotm pat. 1)
chamber, which fits over the bore
in the cylinder block perfectly, so
PARIS "What can be done, to
halt the fashion of rolnr halless?
asked delegates to the hatmaker
association meeting. "Pray tor
rain," said one, ""to give hatless
men colds In the head."
Read the Classified Ads
Always . olP '
The most imposing array of
motor cars WC. Durant has ever offered
The sensible, business-like, time-saving
way to solve the tire question is to buy a
good tire at the right price from a reputable,
established dealer.
Here Are a Few Examples of the Bargains
We Are Offering in Genuine Goodyear Tires
80x3 Pathfinder Clincher Cprd
"29x4.40 Pathf inder Balloon: .
4 7.60
4 9.45
80x3 All-Weather Tread Clincher Cord,
i Oversize - - ftl iff
eather Tread Balloon
Unequalled beauty of finish, unapproach
ed quality of construction andunsurpassed
perfection of performance thus we tell the
story of the new Durant Silver Anni
versary Models) three distinct lines
of rixes, each a leader tn its class. For
twentyfive years automotive history
has been written around the name
ofW.C. Durant. For the past quarter
of a century this outstanding genius of
motordom has been one of the world's
i greatest contributors to modern in
dustry. The new Silver Anriiversary
j Models fittingly rnmmanorate W. C.
Durant twenty -five years of service
as a master motor car manufacturer.
Since 1903. when he became the head
of Buick and laid the foundation for
General Motors, W. C. Durant has
ever been responsible for America's
most sensational motor car values-r-for
motor cars that start new trends.
Today the tradition of Durant quant
is gloriously upheld. The new Silver
Anniversary Models crown W.C.
Durant's career. Rare expressions of
beauty and mechanical excellence.
The Durant "75 Masterpiece 0
the master builder. The Durant "65
- " a e
A revelation in conv
pact construction-.The
the finest six ever offered
mitt price class. Vahja,
; IDOIKHT Silver Anniversary Sixes
(CAR fal
The Buick dealer is in business to stay. His future
reputation depends upon his treating used car buyers
He wants to please used car purchasers because he
knows that satisfied used car customers are pros
pective new Buick buyers.
The man who buys a good used car honestly rep
resented at a lair price receives splendid value
in transportation.
In his enthusiasm for the car he has bought, and the
value he has received, it is only natural for him to
look upon the dealer as his friend.
The Buick dealer has many such friends because he
represents the true condition of the used cars he
offers for sale.
And that is good businesi for the Buick dealer, as
well as the used car buyer.
Gold Seal Busch
Are Guaranteed
Used Butch
388 North Commercial Telephone 220
and critics say,
two years ahead
jjr ' j! Body byitlW ..... .
"Two yr ahead In spparanoa mad mechanically,
H. F. Blanchard of Motor . . . T4ew in everr
Gives the impression of being in a much higher prios
dajM," A. P. Denham of Motor Age . . . "An important
advance in the art of car tnuldinc" Walter C. Boynten fek
Automotive Daily News.
According to men whose
opinions count, there is the
spirit of tomorrow in this
new OkUmobue Six.
A new, high-compression
55 h. p. engine oners an
abundance oismooth, quiet,
economical power resulting
in flashing get-away, speed,
and long-lived endurance.
The smart line
and rich finish of
fisher bodies
itch the advanced
Two-pof sapAW
New roominess and silenced
interiors provide new com
fort and enjoyment.
A score of other new chassis
and body features features
which heretofore have,
identified high priced cars -definitely
establish this
new Oldsmobile Six as the
Fine Car qf Low Price.
Drive it and learn
why thousands are
buying Oldsmobile
why engineers
and critics declare
it two snare ahead.
b' Wo
350 North High Street
235 N. Church St
Telephone 97
PHONE 2125
Telephone 68.
294 N. Commercial SL