The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, May 01, 1928, Page 7, Image 7

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Local News Briefs
Mlllen Visit
Messrs.' G. O. and F. O. Miller
were visiting Miller's department
store bere Monday.
In Jeff.
Professor W. H. Hertiog of
Kimball School of Theology was
In Jefferson .Sunday where he
gare an Illustrated lecture at the
Jefferson Methodist church.
A New Shipment of f 25.00 Suit
At G. W. Johnson it Co.
Ia Shelburn Sunday
Dr. and Mrs. John M. Canse of
Kimball School of Theology were
in Shelburn Sunday where Dr.
Canse held serrlces in the Metho
dist church, both morning and
Return From Cre swell
C. J. Andrews of Kimball
School of Theology returned from
C res well yeaterday where he has
been for the past couple of days
attending the jCreswell week-end
Epworth leagne institute.
Old Time Dancing
Crystal Garden, Every Wednes
day night. ;
Al Tollen. 712 South 14 th
street, reported to local police
A. - ...
mat a motometer naa been stolen
from his automobile which was
parked In front of the Catholic
church Sunday morning.
Visits in Woodbnrn
Harold Massey. 1313 East Lin
coln street, risked at the home of
Sis brother Floyd Massey at Wood
burn Saturday and Sunday, re
turning to Salem last night. Mr
Massey mored into' the Schreiger
cottage last week.
Furniture Upholsterer
And repairing. Giese-Powers
Furniture Co.
Fined $300
J. A. Nyland, 544 Ferry street,
who was arrested by prohibition
operatives and Officer Edwards of
--the city police force Saturday
night charged with possession of
intoxicating liquor, pleaded guilty
to the charge in police court yes
terday and was fined $200, which
he paid in cash.
Auto Stolen
Local police officers were in
formed Sunday afternoon to be
on the lookout for a Chevrolet
coupe bearing license number
14 5-268, belonging to J. Richard
son, of Portland, as the machine
-had been stolen from Oregon City,
ana was oenevcu iu, ue uum(
for Salem. 1
The Best $25 Knits
At G. W. Johnson Co.
IlewitU In Oorvallis -
Dean and Mrs- Roy Hewitt
were In Corvallis Sunday where
the Dean lectured before a group
of the Parents' school in the af
ternoon. In the evening they
visited their many friend in that
city. Mr. Hewitt is dean of the
Villamette university law school.
A Gift Room Devoted Entirely
To inexpensive gifts for bridge
and party. Pomeroy & Kene's.
MrCormick Returns
Dr. John Dale McCormick of
Kimball School of Theology, was
in Portland last week where he
met with the state Epworth league
committee for the purpose of
making plans for the league con
vention at Falls City in the near
future. Plans were also drawn
up for the summer school session
which will be held at Kimball this
summer, starting about the mid
dle of June.
Hpcrial Today, lOOO
White Leghorn baby chicks.
Flake's Petland. 273 State.
To Meet Wednesday
Tha Southeast Salem Improve
ment club has invited all candi-
dAta for etate representative and
city recorder to meet with them
oh Wednesday. May 9. rcacn can
didate will be given 10 minutes in
which to make a short talk con
cerning his respective office
Mayor T. A. Livesley will also at
tend and address the grojup.
Wanted Strictly Modern Slem
Home in exenange ior iuuuu
Portland home. Triangle Realty
company. 421 Court street, phone
Meeting for Primary Teachers
A meeting of all primary teach;
ers in the local schools will be
held at 3 o'clock Wednesday aft
ernoon in the office of the ele
mentary supervisor. .Purpose of
the meeting is inspiration and all
r -
teachers will be expected to pre
sent their best devices -for teach
ing first grade reading of phonics,
according to notices sent teachers.
A La Carte service
In dining room Marlon Hotel
Notary to Hear Reports
Reports on the convention at
Seattle will feature the - Rotary
club luncheon Wednesday. Presi
dent R. E. Lee Steiner and other
delegates will be the speakers. ' -
Students to Nominate
Nomiattlou for student ' offi
cials for the year 1928-29 will be
held Wednesday at the senior high
school. Election day is scheduled
for Tuesday, May 15.
liefore You Buy a Suit
See G. W. Johnson Co.
Drive Completed
A concrete driveway to the Sa
lem General hospital, which has
been under construction for the
oast few months Is now completed
and open to public traffic. It Is!
on the west side of the building
Was Pioneer of 1945
Mrs. Amy Sheppard Johnson ,
who died at her home near Bryant
station last week was an Oregon
pioneer of 1845. her sister Julia
being the stepmother of Senator
Charles L. McNary of this city,
Meeting at Champoeg
The Champoeg historical high
way association will meet at
Champoeg Saturday morning at 10
o'clock, prior to the Founders' Day
program. It was announced Mon
day by Dr. Henry Morris, presi
dent of the association.
Hear ex-Governor Nellie Tayl
Ross, of Wyoming epeak In
behalf of Gov. Smith. Tonight Ar
mory 8 o'clock.
Meet Tonight
Members of the Salem Rod and
Gun club will hold a banquet in
the White House restaurant to
night, which will be followed by
an interesting program. Each
member Is urged to attend. Tick
ets may be had at Brown's sport
ing goods store.
Will Open for Pusfness
At my new location 721 South
12th st. a full line of fresh and
cured meats. Phone 462. Qeo. E.
Cars Collide
Two automobiles, one operated
by Glen Nash and the other by
Frank Perkett, both of Salem, col
lided at the corner of .State and
Commercial streets yeaterday
noon, doing little damage to either
machine. Wet pavement was the
cause of the collision.
Mtes Huff of the Baby's
. Boudoir. Portland, will demon
strate the value of their stamped
goods all this week in Miller's Art
Pendleton Court Soon
The spring term of the state
supreme for Eastern Oregon will
open at Pendleton May 7, accord
ing to announcement made here
Members of the court will leave
for Pendleton Sunday. It will re
quire three or for days to dispose
of the docket.
Any Portable Phonograph
In our stock delivered for 31.00
down. H. L. Stiff Furniture com
pany. Spellers Get Awards ,
Certificates for spelling pro
ficiently were prepared yesterday
at the office of the county school
superintendent for the pupils who
scored a hundred per cent in the
county-wide spelling contest held
nere paiuraay.
A Good Suit For $23.00
G. W. Johnson & Co.
WCTU Will Meet Today
The regular business meeting of
the WCTU will be held this after
noon at the hall on South ' Com
mercial street, beginning at 2:30.
Mrs. Mary Charlton will be. In
charge of the meeting, and de
votions will be led by Mrs. N. J
Chinese Chow Chow
Puppies on t display today.
Flake's Petland. 273 State.
Teachers OutMonday
Two teachers in the local schools
were reported absent from claases
Monday, due to Illness. They
were Mrs. Maybelle Burch. Rich
mond, whose classes were taught
by Mrs. Will Evans, and Miss Fay
Spauldlng, music teacher at Par-
rish. Miss Louise Findley substl
tnded for Miss Spauldlng.
Notice to the Public .
I. E. J. Summervllle have pur
chased E. M. Williamson's interest
the Willamette Valley Supply Co.
Issue Reading Certificates-
Reading circle certificates to
cover work dona- under plana three
and tour are being Issued to Salem
teachers from the office of the city
superintendent. Ninety-seven cer
tificates are In -these going out
now, 47 for those who took Super
intendent George W. Hag' course
on supervision. 46 who satisfied
reading circle requirements
through Mrs. Clara Pomeroy's
course la penmanship, and three
for the health course conducted
by Miss Anne Simpson. A total
of 4 6 certlflcatee were also sent
out the forepart of April to those
those . who had r done summer
rrk ia
3 0 0 0
We have If 23 Willys-Knight
touring equipped with 79
new rubber, bumpers. S. AM.
Spotlight, automatic swipe, fin
ish and mechanical , condition
Al. with oar price at S223.00.
The Hpus That Set-rice Built
circle work through one of four
plans, summer school work, exten
sion study, approved courses con
ducted for that purpose and Indi
vidual projects, is required of all
teachers in the state, requirements
being outlined by the state super
intendent. .
Writers Meet Tonight
The Writers' club will meet this
evening at S o'clock, in the pub
lie library.
H. A. JxrreaU Is Receiving
Appointments for , permanent
waving and haircutting at the
Model Beauty Parlor after a
week's illness.
Suit to Quiet Title .
Daniel Finley yesterday filed
suit in circuit court against Clar
ence Crane and a long list of oth
ers to quiet title to several lots
in Oak lodge addition to the city
of Saltan.
Evans Gives Bond
R. L. Evans, who was arrested
April 28 for "operating a motor
vehicle when unable to control
the same" appeared in justice
court and furnished bail to the ex
tent of (500. He was given time
in which to consult an attorney
before entering a plea.
Report Unfounded
Some time ago, there was a
story published in Salem to the
ef feet that Merle Putnam had been
mixed up with a hold-up at his
place of business in San Francisco
Word has come by letter from dis
interested parties that the story
was unfounded, and that Merle
Putnam was exonerated from any
connection with that affair. Mr
Putnam formerly lived in Salem
and is now in business in San
Francisco. He was always a square
boy when he lived in Salem, and
never in his life has been in such
trouble as the rumor here had it
Plan "Betted Music Wek" i
The churches. of Salem are co
operating in observance of "Better
Music Week." At a recent meet
ing of the Salem Ministerial union
it was voted that the choice of
Salem present concerts in their re
spective churches and that the
Ministers in sermons and addresses
emphasize the need and influence
of better music. Church notices
will carry information covering
the musical programs and ad
dresses for next Sunday. Several
of the larger choirs of the city
plan elaborate concerts. The pub
lic Is asked to support the Better
Music Week movement by attend
ing tho services.
Ckulos Gives Bond
Tom Chulos, 1 who appeared In
justice court Saturday to answer a
liquor charge, yesterday furnished
bond in the sum of $1000 and was
released pending trial. A warrant
has been out for Chulos since
March 29. when Nick Promatias
and Tom Promas were arrested for
selling liquor. Chulos, who was al
leged to be also a member of the
party, escaped at that , time and
was not taken until Saturday of
last week. Meanwhile Promatias
and Promas have been convicted in
justice court and have appealed
their case Into circuit court.
(Cautioned from par 1-1
deformities. '
Dr. Diffenbach recalled the ex
periments of Professor H. J. Mul
ler of the University of Texas with
the effect of x-rays on the procre-
atire nature of ordinary fruit flies.
At the time of Professor Mailer's
discovery 4hat new species of fruit
fly could be produced virtually
ad i infinitum1 by .; subjecting the
germ cells to x-rays said Dr. Dif
fenbach, the general feeling among
scientists was that it would be a
remarkable achievement if the
same mutations could be induced
in. a higher anlmaL This now has
been accomplished and althouch
the details of the experiments still
ate closely guarded. Dr. Diffen
bach; is known to feel that he is on
the verge of a fundamental troth
concerning the life force, its re
production and the origin of spe
PRATUM, April 30. (Special.)
Four ''pupils of the Pratum
school, district No. 50. are on the
honor roll and eligible to entei
the Heralds of Health parade in
Salem Saturday.1 They are Charl
sea Rice, and Zlna, LeRoy and
Robert Darts. The first two men
tioned were on the honor roll last
Fishy Cargo
BOSTON One Job of customs
inspectors here is to look over
frozen herrings brought In barrels
from Newfoundland or the Grand
Banks. They're not. always her-
Dan Cnpld barely held his own
In Marion county yesterday, four
dlvnre mmnlilnti beinc filed In
circuit court and four marriage
licenses issued. . -
Marriage licenses were as fol
lows: " '"
Michael B. ODowd. 25, to Caro
im DsPsw. 26. Both are em
ployes at the state hospital in Sa
lem. '
Joaonh M. Thomas. 23. Salem,
and Agnes E. Allenby, 20, of Sa
lem.- ' r'
Lawrence M. Wells. 34. Port
land, and Emma E. Beckley. 41.
Portland. ' The marriage is fits
second and her third.'
Craddoe Meredith. 57. Newport,
to Helen B. Kenesky. 20, Newport.
The marriage is his second and her
Divorce complaints filed yestes
day were:
Leona Richards vs. Edwin Rich
ards, on the grounds of cruel and
inhuman treatment and personal
indignities rendering life burden
some. Among other" things sne
charres that at one time be hit
her with his fist, knocking her
down. They were married m ai
banv on February 27. 1926.
Eva Hall Goodwin vs.1 Herman
L. Goodwin, on the grounds of
cruel aiM inhuman treatment and
personal indignities rendering life
burdensome. They were married
in Vancouver, Washington, on
June 9 of' last year.
Lorena R. Thompson vs. Cecil
R. Thomnson. on the grounds of
cruel and Inhuman treatment and
personal Indignities rendering life
burdensome. She alleges in her
complaint that she Is of ' a very del
icate temperament but that ner
husband has treated her wrongly.
He slapped her, called her names,
and sometimes even placed his
hand over her mouth to keep her
from talking, she states. The two
were married in Medford on July
4, 1926.
Faith S. Morgan also alleges
cruel and inhuman treatment and
neraonal indignities rendering life
burdensome in her complaint
against C. L. Morgan. They were
married in Brooks on March
1917. She is 26 years of age and
he is 52. according to the com
plaint. He is strongly addicted to
the Use of liquor, she Indicates,
and furthermore she has had to
work in the fields and milk cows
and do other work.
(Continued from pag 1.)
and all expressed their wonder at
the honor being shown them.
When the Macom docked at the
battery, 50,000 people were mass
ed there and the cheers rolled over
the lower city like thunder, led
by 10.000 troops and surrounded
by police, the fliers rode up Broad
way through a blizzard of ticker
tape wafted down from the high
windows of the financial district.
Over all the route they traveled
crowds were packed from curb to
buildings In- a solid mass and never
ending cheers rolled over them like
waves. It all was evidently exhil
arating and exciting to the aviat
ors and standing in their automo
biles they waved back to the
throngs that greeted them and
joked among themselves.
At city hall the wives of Fitz
mauriee and Koehl and the Irish
major's seven year old daughter
Patsy who had arrived in this
country while the Macom was tour
ing the bay, were waiting for the
fliers- but family reunions had to
While sneeches of welcome fol
lowed one after another, the wives
smiled over Intervening heads at
their husbands and little Patsy
yawned In unfeigned boredom.
Once she made a dash over two
tables to reach her father but was
caught and restrained.
When all tho , sneeches were
made, medals Dinned on. scrolls
read and other formalities com
plied with, the husbands and wives
at Jast -were permitted to greet
each other. After Mrs. Koehl kiss
ed her husband she- threw her
arms around the mayor and kissed
him for good measure. He had
barely time to get his high hat off
to receive the kiss uncovered and
seemed considerably flustered.
"Kiss Mrs. Fits." the crowd yell
ed at him, but the mayor was not
taking the initiative in any kiss
ing that was going to be done.
The narade continued then, still
through cheering crowds that ov
erflowed Into the side streets. At
Madison Square the fliers laid
wreaths at the base of the Eternal
Light war memorial and at Fifth
"Our Chicks
make your
Flake's Petland
273 State
i- PHONE 727
Or eon Electric Ry.A
Willamette Taller Line lea
ttXT TOKIO rUi&f Uaava.
Thosapuoi Olutnchr Optical Cm.
119 X. C 'I at.
avenue and 42nd street they paus
ed while 12,000 children in front
or me library sang In their honor
s For f Ito hours the treetin l.t.
ed nd when at length the fliers
and their wives were back in the
hotel that la their home here, they
were ready for a day of quiet after
all the tumult. Tomorrow tha it
tenders them a dinner and then
tne go to Washington for a recep
tion mere before continuing with
iut new xork festivities.
Their reception in New York
has convinced th thrs fi vera that
America is not the dollar grab-
mnv nation the old .word thinks
she is.
Major Fitzmauriee said so to-
nignt while Captain Koehl nodded
"It wa3 like nothing I ever saw
before," the major told reporters
when asked his impression of the
Prominent New:York Writer
Picked as Temporary
Chairman for Meet
The keynote at the democratic
national convention will be sound
ed by Claude G. Bowers, author
and educational , writer on the
New York Evening World. He
was selected as temporary chair
man today at a meeting here of
members of the democratic na
tional committee , charged with
making arrangements for the
Houston convention.
It was Bowers who at a get-together
of democrats here In Janu
ary stirred his party colleagues
with an appeal for adherence to
the principles of Jefferson and
Jackson and with an arraignment
of present day republican party
leadership. Since then his desig
nation as keynoter had been al
most a foregone conclusion.
Bowers, a former resident of
Indiana but who will sit In the
convention as one of the New York
delegates pledged; to support Gov
ernor Smith for; the presidential
nomination, ras proposed for tem
porary chairtman by Mrs. Jeroy
Springs, national committee wom
an from South Carolina.
His selection was quickly made
unanimous, after Chairman Shav
er of flie democratic national com
mittee had advised his party co
workers that only one other name
had been suggested to him that
of Senator Dill of Washington.
Shaver said he had told Dill there
appeared to be a universal de
mand for Bowers and reported
that the western sentor readily
showed a willingness to have his
name withdrawn.
Designation of Bowers as key
noter was one of the detail?
worked out at - today's meeting
without the slightest trace of . dis
cord. Present was a score of na
tional committee members, most
of them old party wheel horses
who in many Instances were at
odds at the Madison Square Gar
den convention four years ago.
HELENA. Mont.. April 28.
(AP). Sam V. Stewart, Mon
tana's war time yovernor, today
announced himself as a candidate
for the democratic nomination for
United States senator to succeed
Burton K. Wheeler. Mr. Wheeler
has not yet filed for re-election.
PORTLAND, April 30. (AP)-
The Carney Logging company of
Cook. Wash., is installing a new
logging camp In that city, officers
of the company said tonlcht.
Donkey engines and trucks will be
used, and a commissary depart
ment is being arranged.
stnrDSTajuTD adds as
An IbkM Usad MackiM
MMM 951 S1 ONlt St.
WtthMt pntMtB r nwa of tlm,
Stt Oregmi BUg.
Tubes? Tested
Rewound and Repaired, Ke
, CT TJsed Motors
Thtege ClrctHeat
191 South Mlg Tot. 2112
.. ... -. , , -. ..!",
Leases of JSalt Creek Field in
Wyoming Will be
-Ready to wind up its inquiry
Into the operations of the Con
tinental Trading company with
the examination tomorrow of Har
ry F. Sinclair, the Teapot Dome
committee was gives a new task
today by the senate that of In
quiring Into the Irases of the Sail
Creek field in Wyoming.
Chairman Nye said a consider
able amount of research work
would be necessary and that the
taking of testimony in Salt Creek
inquiry probably would be defer
red until the next session of con
gress unless voluntary witnesses
come forward in the meantime.
Inquiry into the Salt Creek
leases was proposed by Senator
Norris of Nebraska, a leader of
the republican independents,
whose resolution was adopted
without debate and without a roll
call after it had been favorably
reported by the audit committee.
The leases on Salt Creek field,
which adjoins the famous Tea
pot Dome naval oil reserve In
Wyoming, were- granted during
the closing days of the Wilson
administration and the early days,
of the Harding administration.
Charges of fraud in connection
with these leases have been made
by Senator Robinson, republican.
Indiana, who presented to the sen
ate In support of his charges a
report from an assistant attor
ney general in the Wilson admin
istration recommending against
the leases.
(Continued from pace 1.)
told of the Redwood highway mar
athon, started a year ago, which
thia year will have 40 entries and
will attract much greater interest
than it did in the first attempt.
; Entertainment features includ
ed some stunts by a couple of
Grants Pass Cavemen in character
istic "open air" garb, and "num
bers by the bugle and drum corps
of Capital Post No. 9.
George F. Vlck, president of the
Saelm chamber of commerce, pre
sided at the banquet. Presidents
of the other civic organizations
were introduced.
The caravan, numbering 22 cars
1610 X. Summer St.
Wed. Xite 7 P. M. Sharp
1 electric range,, white trim;
1 walnut dining table and 4
wal. chain; a lot of candy,
1 walnut library table, 1 Ax
minster run 9x12 like new:
6 used rugs nil sizes, a num
ber of used linoleum rugs,
4 new linoleum remnants, 1
Brunswick console phono
graph And records, 1 large
ivory dresser, 1 S. O. dress
er, 1 S. O. chiffonier, large;
4 used Simmons beds, 4 used
matresses, 1 oaJk and leath
er duofold, new card tables,
sheets, pillowslip and com
fortors, curtains, utensils
and dishes, 1 oak ext. table.
6 oak and leather diners, 1
oak buffet, 1 large kitchen
cabinet, 2 kitchen Queens,
number of common ..chairs,
number of oak and leather
rockers, 3 burner oil stove
and oven, 1 good 6-hole
range, 1 new Royal drop
head serving machine. Many
other articles coming in. So
don't miss dig sale if you
want anything in house furn
ishings. Cash Paid for . Used
We carry in stock over 115 legal blanks suited, to most any business '
transactions. , We may have just the form you are looking for at a big
saving as compared to made to order forms. '
Some of the'forms: Contract of Sale, Road Notice, Will Forms, Assign
ment of Mortgage, Mortgage forms, Quit Claim Deeds; Abstract forms;
Bill of Sale, Building Contract, Promissory Notes, Installment N6tes, ,
General Lease, Power of Attorney, Prune Books and Pads, Scale Re
ceipts, etc. These forms are carefully prepared f or the courts and
private use. Price on forms range from 4 cents to 16 cents apiece, and
on note books from 25 to 50 cents. I
i -! ' :
The Statesman Publishing Co,
At Business Office, Ground Floor '
entered Salem at 6:15 o'clock last
evening, and will he on its- way
again this morning at 7 o'clock.
The visitors were escorted from
Albany by a delegation of Cherri
ans. They will go as far aorth as
British Columbia.
CoDtia4 front pre 1)
League of Nations and the Locarno
treaties, which are the only inter
national agreements as far as Ger
many is concerned, which might be
affected by the new pact, it was
declared the obligations under
ihose agreements must, in the
opinion of German government.
remain inviolable.
Rights Not Violated
The note continued:
"The German government pro-1
ceeds on the belief that a pact aft-;
er the pattern submitted by the
the government of the United
States would not put In question
the sovereign right of any state to
defend itself. It is self evident that
If one state violates the pact the
other contracting parties regain
their freedom of action with ref
erence to that state. The state af
fected by the violation of the pact
Is, therefore, not prevented from
taking up arms on its own part
against the breaker ot the peace.
In a pact of this kind to provide
expressly for, the case of a "Viola
tion seems to the German govern
ment unnecessary."
"Grapefruit Cure
ciety folk are patronizing a new
neaitn resort advertising a "grape
fruit cure" for health. It lasts a
month, and embraces a fruit diet,
sun and air treatment and games.
Telephone 310 Sll State It
Big paper drive. Highest prices paid for (magazines
or newspapers must be in bundles)
105-145 Center St.
LADD & BUSH, Bankers
Established 1868
General Banking Business
Office Hours from 10 a. m. to 3 pv m.
amd Storage
Long and Short Distance Hauling
Public and Private Storage
Fireproof Building
Free Delivery t any part of the city.
Farmers Warehouse
Day Telephone 28
Lee Benson died at a local hos
pital on April 29. Funeral an
nouncetments ; later from Clovgh
Huston, formerly Webb's funer
al parlors.
Shalt -In
this city, April 30. Katharine
Shutt died at the age of 81 years.
She was the mother ot George W.
Shutt and grandmother of Mr.
Theresa Eggler of Salem and
Clare Shutt of Walla Walla. Fun
eral services will be held Wednes
day, May 2 at 1:30 p- m.. from
the Rigdon mortuary, after which
the body will be ahipped to the
Portland Crematorium.
mt. crest abbey
Vault entombment
Perfect Funeral Service
For Leas
licensed Lady Mortician
770 Chemeketa Street
Telephone 7114
dough-Huston '
Lady Assistant
Webb's Funeral Parlors
Night Telephone 1Z67W