The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, April 15, 1928, Page 10, Image 10

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Monroe S. Cheek
. - - Complete Automotive Lubrication -.
Court at Capitol ' Phone 2295
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1? tSl
We used to sell another line of
TIRES. And we believe they
were good ones. But we were
asked many times, "Do you
think that Tire is as good as the
So we figured if our customers
made Goodyear their standard
of value why try to sell them
any other kind.
And for that reason, we are now.
selling Gopdyears exclusively.
Phone 66 ; Com. & Chemeketa Sts.
Nash Owners Approve Meth
ods and. Guess Work
Eliminated ' .
Service facilities for the auto-
mobile owner la thorough keeping
with the advancement in motor
car'deslrn and manufacture are
I rerouted ay official of the Naah
Motors cptapany as of vital Impor
tance to. Jhe continued success of
the 'automobile indastry. What
has been,spefhaps, the most not
able advancement in serrlce work
came ith the adoption of wbat
is known a the -flat rate" sys
tem by Nash dealers throughout
America and. abroad.
-T.The eaer is: the chief. beneftV
clary ot tha flat aU" system of
MfTlcaa under, this policy he may
U hla car. to a- deaiet for
tirtn adjastmeat or operstion and
learn, beore.swrlr en the car has
haruv exactly iwaat ta coat will
be Thie CTlt JU, actieaUy all
Mi atnoa stt.iaaer, crom a suapie aa
complete verfcaaltng of the auto
metrites 'Is ether words, tbe deal
er "afler. making a thorough dlar?
nosis ellmfaistes guess work" by
quoting the owner the definite and
and established charge tor- the par
ticular operation necessary.
It required many months of
careful analysis on the part of
Nash service men to arrive at the
exact cost of each of the scores
of adjustments and minor opera
tions to which an automobile at
various times may be subjected
it. required also a long system of
intensive training of dealer's serv
ice .managers and mechanics and
standardized eqnipmect of the
most efficient design before the
"flat rate" system could be instal
led by Nash dealers on an ezten
aive scale.
As far back as 1918 the "flat
rate" plan of service was adopted
by some of the Nash dealers; af
ter it was thoroughly developed
under the guidance of the factory
service department the system was
installed first In the large cities
and later in the smaller communi
ties; still later the "flat rate" sys
tern became operative in Canadian
and overseas points.
ling 14-aear run on the Indian
apolis - Speed war - when It set a
new record for ears under $1,000.
large in diameter, -with four bear
ings and is driven by a silent chain
which is an advanced feature of' iiitfnr-tA the Oulet
i ".rVT, 'l," ' operation of the power plant.
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has undergone the most exhaus
tive tests ever made on any new
model put out by the company.
"We determined to make this
car mechanically correct in every
detail before we 'offered it to the
buying-public." Mr. Willys de
clared. - For months-we have had
150 experimental Whippet Sixes In
operation in all. parts of the coon-
try, subjecting 7 them to every
known . severe "test, ' These ' car;
travefed a toUV of more-than ,3 0 0-
y vii. mues during these tests and
gave us ample time to bring the
car. to a point of perfection: be fore
introducing It to the public.
'After the Whippet Six ' had
been - declared mechanically- cor
rect, we put It through a gruel
iMfiV buv i&erforjo
aV V . 1 -9 JL'--1.
has obsoleted?
llhutriou Hew CkrytUr "72"
Crown Sedan 91793 .
CHRYSLER "72" performance bb- -soletes
all other performance at
its price or even for $1000 more. . .
The first Chrysler, four years ago, put
in the discard the cumbersome bulky
vehicles of its day.
Chrysler "72"
performance wid
ens that margin
of superiority.
No other car to
day approaches
it for readability,
hill climbing,
comfort, ease of
handling, style,
safety, long. life
" and appearance.
For Chrysler's en-
lllustrious Nfw
Chrysler "72" Prices
Two-passenger Coupe (with
rumbU teat). Si 545; Royal
Sedan, 1 1595; Sport Road.
Mt(irithrumbU$at), S 1 595 1
Four.passenger Coupe,
S 1 595 j Town Sedan, S 1 695j
Convertible Coupe (with
rumble teat). Si 745 Crown
Sedan, 1795. All prices
. o. b. Detroit, subfeA to cur
rent Federal excite tax. Chry
sler dealers are in position to
extend thefionvenienceof time
sineering genius and precision manu
tacfure have gone steadily forward to
greater heights. .
That is why the "72" today gives you
performance that sets the pace for the
entire industry for years to come. 75
brake horsepower. 72 miles and more
per hour. Vibrarionles smoothness
that only a Chrysler courUertveiffKted
7-bearlng crankshaft can give. Flash
ing acceleration in traffic There are
no hills to the "72."
Longer chassis with no side'sway
spring ends mounted in rubber shock
Insulators give consummate ease of
Whv pay a premium for the out-of-date
performance others give? See and ride
in the Chrysler "72." You will real-
. be then how Chrysler "72" at lets
moneymakes a dead letter of all
. other ' performance in its field todayj
miles in :l4 40. minutes, including
stops, and averaged fii.52 miles
an hour. It has shown utatand-
Ifng. abini to climb steep grades
in high gear. During a special
50-mile run,' It averaged . 03 miles
an hour.wlth Chick Murray, well
known raang car driver at the
wheel. Ia; second gear. It "aver
aged 35.7S miles an hear for 160
, "Each ot these tests was off!
cially obserred by the Hoosier
Motor dob, Indianapolis,
-in me aesign or tne power
plant -and.. la the construction of
the chassis.' we have-endeavored
to Ineorpbrate all -of the. features
anally .associated only with -the
higher priced cars.
"The -sales resulU of -the first
three months "of this year plainly
Indicate ui decided trend toward
the lower priced foara and sixes.
Coupled , wltlk the heavy demand
for the Whippet Tour, this new
low priced six becomes an lm
portant .part of the Willys-Over-
land prwgram.
. . ."Xodlea .for the new Wh.ppefl
Six will P bait la oar bw pint.
This hJUK;-" in a. marked
sarlng 1. dy cost, and potaWsl
ecenomlea .aav been, efteetedtla
other manufacturing departs
The wheelbase ;of -this new "cif
Is J 10 lachea and " fall balloon
Litres axe standard equipment Ton
all models. ' ' "
Equipment includes automatic
windshield-wiper on enclosed mod
els. ,rear..view mirror, dome light
In the sedan and coach, comblna
tioa stop light and tail light, gaso
line tank at rear with vacuum
teed, motor, driven horn, front
snubbers, 80-mlle speedometer
and nsual instrument board indi
There are 86 U Inches of springs
on either side of the car. the
springs being semi-elliptic in type
with seven leaves. Tryon spring
shackles are used. These shack
les are self lubricating and self
Braking equipment utilizes the
mechanical type of four-wheel
brakes, with 220 square inches of
braking surface. The service brake
operates on all four wheels, while
the hand brake operates on the
rear wheels. The action of the
service brake is entirely indepen
dent of the action of the hand
Bodies are low and the hood
or tne car is long and narrow,
emphasizing the length of the car.
Enclosed bodies are fitted with
cadet type sun visor.
Remote door controls are used
in accordance with the modern
note In body design. The dash
construction Is extended under the
hood to furnish extra leg room
for the occupants of the front seat.
The detailed specifications of
the Whippet Six reveal marked at
tention to quality la general fea
tures of design and in material.
The motor has a bore of 2 in
ches and a stroke-, ot 2 Inches,
and develops i J horsepower..
The Hise of aluminum alloy pis
tons with an Invar steel strut pre
vents piston-distortion and give
greater v Dower, . efficiency,' and
smoothness.': :
The 'connecting rods are 9 '
Inches long.. The Use of long con
necting rods adds to the smooth
ness of operation "of the- motor, b
greatly reducing side , thrust i at
high motor speeds.
f.Bearlaa; Crankshaft . .
An outstanding mechanical fea
ture of the Whippet Six is the em
ployment ot a seven-bearing crank-
shaft, making the establishment
of a new trend in quality con
struction among low priced Sixes.
Mr. Willys 'declares thafemniav-
ment of- seven-bearing crankshaft
in every type of six-cylinder ear
will probably become general In
the industry within the next two
The diameter of the crankshaft
of the Whippet Six is 2 V Inches
and the bearings are full bond.
bronze backed babbitt. The center
bearing acts as the thrust bearing.
The crankshaft is drilled to fur
nish direct oil leads to the main
and . connecting rod bearings.
There are also direct leads to the
camshaft bearings and to the sil
ent timing chain bearings.
The camshaft Is also unusuall-
. JL full pressure type luDricaung
system Is used with a pressure
regulated relief Talre to prevent
over-labrication at high, speeds.
The oSTVpump is drives by a spiral
rear on the camshaft,
' The. distributor for the. Ignition
system Is semi-automatic In oper
ation.' Retarding of the spark for
starting Is done through a control
located on the instrument board.
After the motor has started this
control Is pushed back and control
of the spark is automatic, accom
plished b y a centrifugal governor
located in the. distributor.
Drive System
A single plate dry disc clutch
Is used, the clutch' housing 'and
transmission case being integral
Transmission is of the convention
al three forward and one reverse
gear type. ' V '
- A seemleBS steel " tube drive
shaft is" employed,, designed - to
eliminate whipping. There are two
universal joints in the drive line.
The.' oversize . rear "axle is semi-
floating ih conduction,' with one-
piece banjortype housing ot pf ess-
ed"leel. . ' ' Timken . bearings are
used: 'fa: the.dirfereiitlal..
-The' drive,' to; .through the,
tprrags", utiniing .- the, accepted
HbtfhJUss. principle of final drive
.orm; ands'gear type oi stearins
is' used with rt"crlng-knuckles
carried on Timken tbrust bearings
and -vertical Y-ize bashings. The
stearing- gea- br especially con
structed-, for-se with, four-wheel
brakes and balloon tires. The
steering post is also adjustable
to suit the comfort of the driver.
Three positions are afforded, the
steering column being secured per
manently in any of the three de
sired, ranges of adjustment. .
Artillery type wheels are used
with wood spokes and felloes. The
tires are 28 x 4.75, full balloon
equipment being furnished.
In the material specifications.
the use of Timken bearings, mol
ybdenum steel in the drive shaft,1
chrome vanadium steel in al'
springs, invar-strut pistons and I
other equivalent materials indicate
a careful attention to quality in
this new Whippet Six
The Wide range f body styles
anorus a selection io meet ail in
dividual preference In body mod
Low Price Position in Two Fields
With the prices on Whippet Six
lower than any other six. and with
the Whippet Four presenting one
model at a lower price than that
offered on any other car of its
type. Willys-overland steps Into
a price leadership in the two mass
volume groups of cars, with dis
tinctive models characterized by
quality and beauty.
Sales of the Whippet Four have
far exceeded any previous volume
la the history ot the company, and
production In this group is now
at the rate of 1,100 a day. '
: Production of the Whippet Six
has been In progress for several
weeks and dealers- now have dem
onstrating models. Further ship
ments for prompt delivery to cus
tomers are well under way. . '
Production plans for the Whip
pet' Six call for the largest out
put ever reached by .Willys-Over
land in the six cylinder field. Ad
vance dealer orders following a
series of sales meetings through
out the country, have' set" a' new
record for demand In the light
six group fo WlHys-Overland.
-no the Iky
the p.eedw2iv, .:i
v - - - - -.
, Matdaad. Chaznbcrlin, Bvrd
. the aosoua flrera of the day. use engines
emptoykif the Valye-m-Heed pxxncxple m
thesr rtcotAbreakiBg flights.
PractkaHy every racing car entered in aO
the major speed classic of the past twelve
years, as well as every , winner of every
important event, has also been Valve-in-Head
automepue ensme oi iiasc
than any
re, turn ervea coa-
. daaiyc ptoof otleadcxahjp ia aU elements of
performance over a period of tweaty-four
years, -'
Choose Butck powered by the famoue
Valve-in-Head Engine supreme in the sky,
at the speedway, on the roadl
SEDANS $1193 to $1993
AUpriettf. b. Flint, ttirkin.
CXUPES $1193 to $1850 '
SPORT MODELS $1193 to $1523
'mm, rkmt
388 N. Com'l St.
Phone 220
rald-Sherwin Motor Go.
1 r. tr"V.
v: 5
L. A. Scheelar
Four Stores
Tires at 341 N. Com!
Anto Parts at 1085 N. Com!
Not Best Because the Larg
est But Largest Because
The Best.
' -' . . -
JdlsBAdhmim'Omg v
a .m-
Special Six 4door Sedan I
Fully Equipped
Naah Is one of the great leader in the business of
building the World's motor can, because Naah delivers
finer motoring at lower cost.
This ia the plain truth. It is even more apparent to
day than ever before, due to the recently announced
Naah price reduction.
See these cars and realize what amaring values they
are at - their newly reduced prices. True fine - car
atmosphere and refreshing atyle enaracterize every
detail in their quality-built bodies.
Drive one of them and discover its equally pronounced
superiority in performance the surpassing smooth
ness and extra power of the famous Naah 7-be a ring,
precision balanced, 6-cylinder motor.
Either sedan may be had with six wire or six disc
wheels, two of them aide-carried and equipped with
extra tiree, at moderate extra cotla -
24 r.2c;2elG New Elcduccd Prices
Telephone 1260
365 North Commercial -Street .