The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, March 18, 1928, Page 11, Image 11

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Public Shows Knowledge of
Mechanical Details At
Present Time
:unuons 01 owners ana pros
pective owners of automobiles
nave Tisited the more than three
score automobile shows held
-aCroughont the country since Jan
uary 7 of this year . Attendance
Lots of Rubber
if a i? s
Open 8760 Hours Each Year AA
Center and Liberty Sts. PHONE QQ
Two-Door Sedan CCHC
(illustrated abovt)
records hare generally shown an
Increase and reports from all
manufacturers indicate a better
informed interest In the mechan
ism of cars than ever before.
Particularly is this true of new
engines or of the engines occupy'
ing a unique or dramatic place in
the public eye. One of the high
spots of interest in all shows has
been the Airman air-colled engine
of the Franklin Automobile corn
pany. Attendants at the various
Franklin exhibits through the
country report that the increasing
dependence of aviation on air
cooling for reliability has swung a
big interest toward that type mo
tor this year. People are inclined
to believe lhat there is some ma
terial difference between the air-
and Strong Cord '
mmma- 111
a 1 a ' 1 m. mas " "w. m
. ; 0495
coupe ; ; ; 0405 s
Sedan Four-Door 0570
AO prices L . lw Lansing, MlZ 1 - J pj
cooled aviation engine and the
Franklin engine. They are sur
prised to learn that the automobile
engine, which Is 20 years or more
older In development produces at
moderate touring speeds a wind
pressure equal to a speed of 130
miles' the hour and directs this
against all sides of the cylinders,
instead of against a limited sec
tion of -each cylinder as in the air-
- Plane.
Other subjects which were fre
quently discussed, were the com
parative efficiency of hydraulic
and mechanical four wheel brakes,
the .advantages gained through
the valve-in-head construction and
the relative power losses suffered
through retarding the spark set
ting in order to prevent nigh com
pression engines from detonating.
Light weight full elliptic springs,
turning radius and other factors
of easy riding and easy driving
came In for a good deal of at
tention. Automobile manufacturers see
In this increased interest in the
mechanical parts of the ear, the
possibility of directing the atten
tion of the public to better and
more serviceable cars. It will not
be long before the public demands
the same quality throughout the
entire car as they have previously
Then bring it to us! If there is
it we'll do it tell you before hand
and guarantee
our work.
Auto Electricians
High St. at Trade
est closed oar for take
HUNDREDS of thousands of
visitors to the great Auto Shows
of 1928 acclaimed DURANT-STAR
the greatest triumph of America's
greatest industry. This automotive
masterpiece that has astounded the
world is now being displayed by your
DURANT-STAR dealer. We invite
you todrivethis wonderful newSTAR
and be the judge of its mechanical
excellence its riding perfection.
The new DURANT-STAR stands unequalled for performance, quality, and
style among low-priced automobiles the greatest value ever offered by any
motor car manufacturer-- the largest closed car for the world's lowest price.
demanded in upholstery and body
defalk, keen observers predict. -
Car Registration Fees
Assessed In Many Ways
There are eleven bases on which
the 48 states assess registration
fees on private passenger automo
biles, according to . the American
Automobile association.
"The A. A. A. outlines the fol
lowing summary of the bases
"Seventeen states base the rates
on horsepower; 14 state on
weight; . seven states on horse
power plus weight; one state on
a flat rate per car; one state on
the cost of a motor vehicle; one
state on a cubic inch displace
ment; one etate on value plus
weight; three states on a flat rate
plus weight; one state on value;
one state on selling price plus
weight and horsepower; and one
state on the manufacturer's list
A moratorium is a period during
which a debtor may legally defer
payment of an obligation, accord
ing to an answered question in
Liberty Magazine.
a chance to save
what it will cost
That's USL Golden Rule
We Service
All Makes of
Motors, and
Salem, Oregon
Never before has such quality been
built into a motor car selling at such
a sensational Iowprice.World-famous
Red Seal Continental Motor, Masury
patented rubber motor mounting,
Bohnalite pistons, Morse silent tim
ing chain drive, 107-inch wheel base,'
sturdy Hayes-Hunt body these are :
but a few of the features of engineer
ing that assure unmatched perfor
mance of DURANT-STAR cars.
Silver 'Anniversary Sixes
War Materials Sold To
France Amounts To Over
WASHINGTON. , March 17 A
bill (S-3559X authorizing the
creatlonef a special highway fund
from the proceeds of the sale of
1407.341.145 worth of surplus
highway equipment and war ma
terials sold to France following the
war has been introduced in the
Senate by Senator James E. Wat
son of Indiana.- The measure,
providing' this huge sum of money
for highway construction, stipu
lates the funds are to be appor
tioned among the 48 states; in the
same proportion as the Federal
aid program. It is a companion
bill to H. R. 10142. introduced
in the House on January v30 by
Representative Edward E. Browne,
and which has already been en
dorsed by the Governors and State
Highway Departments of twenty
states. ' - .
The measure, which is being
fostered by the American Motor
ists association, is unique In that
it will add nothing to the fax,
payers burden, as the funds are
to be secured solely through the
payment of French bonds which
will mature August 1, 1929, and
which were given in payment of
more than ,2, 000, 000, 000 worth
of equipment and supplies.
"Its , passage will mean the
speeding up five times of the
present highway construction pro-i
gram in the United States," Presi
dent J. Borton Weeks, told the
House Committee on Roads dur
ing the hearings on the Browne
bill. "The measure will have the
undivided support of the 23,480
.000 automobile owners in the
country and should speedily be
enacted into law as It is economi
cally sound," the American Motor
ists' association's President de
Under the Federal-aid propor
tionment the largest sum will go
to Texas which will receive $21,-
937,000 for highway construction,
ranging down to Delaware which
will receive only two millions un
der the bill.
In the Introduction of the mea
sure, Senator Watson made it clear
that this sum is in addition to the
regular Federal-aid appropriation
ot I7f.000.00t eaen year for ltlt
and It SO, declaring that both
sums are needed to apeed np the
highway construction program In
the United States to keep abreast
of the Increasing motor traffic.
The Watson bill was referred to
the Senate Committee on Post Of
fices and Post Roads and hearings
on the measure are expected to be.
held within the next three weeks.
Chosen From Ranks of Am
erica's Race Drivers
for Engineer
Announcement of the second
addition to the Mann on experi
mental engineering staff from the
ranks of America's foremost au
tomobile racing drvers has been
made by Col. Howard Marfflon,
vice-president in charge of engi
neering of the Marmon Motor Car
Pete Kreis, one of the new
school of dricers, who neverthe
less -has made an enviable record
in his four years on the speed
ways of the United States and Eu
rope, has Joined the engineering
department of the Marmon com
pany. In doing so, he becomes
associated with Earl Cooper, the
M l ST
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Wing Cap for
Ford and
Very snappy. Heavily nickeled ...
5H inch wing spread makes easy to
unscrew without burn y ,
faujfingew. Anniversary
Wing Locking Cap
A very attractive, theft proof wing-
cap. Heavily wcaesed
with monogram.
Sport Locking Cap
A nifty appearing, poskrvmty theft.
proof cap. Well nifkeUd. with two
black Bakelite knb and
gram. Fits Ford. Chevro
let and other small cars.
Regularly J2SB. Sal Prica
Spotlight Savings
Reduced to
Tlx. -Leader"
A well saada attractive: black ' en
ameledsyotiightwithnkkeled trizo-
KeeOr removed HAR
'tO m J-"""
Wmiama Jc.
NatfcmaBy msdasw
Several dist
black onamei Amf-
XT"7 9195
(3CTT hSi
famous veteran pilot. who has
been on the Marmon experimental
staff for several months.
Not only baa Kreis established
himself as a leading driver
through his efforts on speedways
in the United States, but he has
scored noteworthy achievements
in Milan. Italy, where the best
cars of America and Europe meet
yearly In speed competition. In
1925. Kreis was leading the Ital
ian Grand Prix when his car hit
a turn. Be was forced to retire
from the race, but he had already
broken the record for the track
by diving the distance a frac
tion over six miles in three min
utes. 294 seconds. In 1927 he
was third in the Grand Prix ofi,nla-
Europe, also held at Milan.
Kreis has driven In many of the
important races in the United
States since bis first race In 1924
at Culver City when he finished
fifth in a 250-jnile event He
Monroe S. Cheek
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placed in the annual Indianapolis
600-mile race In 1925 and when
Illness forced him to abandon
plans for the 1920 classic, Frank
Lockhart drove his car to vU
Fourteen Years Lowest
Age Limit for Driver
. Fourteen years of age is the
lowest age limit for a license to
drive an automobile in the IS
states and the District of Colum
bia requiring such licenses, accord
ing to the American Automobile
Association. These are issued in
California. Michigan and West Vir-
Bronze is an alloy of copper and
tin; sometimes with other ele
ments, as sine and phosphorus, in
cluded, according to an answered
question In Liberty Magasine.
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collisions at intense
tions and while park
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1 l
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I - " ' . ...... . .. . , . . .....