The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, March 18, 1928, Page 10, Image 10

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First Radio-ized Police Fleet
Westinghouse Brakes Keep
Chandlers from Skidding
To Great Extent
"'Vith the number of motor cars
Increasing on the highways, the
proW.m preeented to aatomotiTe
engineers has been to increase the
safety of these automobiles."
states Mr. Mat-Donald local
Chandler distributor.
"As a consequence, the import
ance of good brakes continues to
be of utmost concern. At first
two wheel brakes seemed suffi
cient, then came the demand for
four-wheel brakes, until practi
cally every car now uses them.
Four-wheel brakes have been ac
cepted by the motoring public, but
engineers have found that still
they can be improved upon.
"So now Chandler is proving
the claims of Us. engineers by us
lng Westinghouse vacuum four-
wheel brakes as standard equip
ment on every model it feuilds
Public officials, safety nuncils
and many other organizations
who are fundamentally interested
n safety assert the fact that these
Drakes are one of the greatest
safety factors introduced within
recent years on a motor car.
"Tests recently made at the
Chandler factory and by many who
have put Westinghouse brakes to
trial, have proven that these new
brakes will not skid when applied
ori the wettest pavement. Thi
point was proven by Chandler, at
this time because, driving from
now on will be largely over wet
streets, up until the warm days of
summer, consequently most every
motorist is Interested in how
Westinghouse brakes react to such
driving conditions.
"Most everyone who has had an
opportunity to try this new brake
development are surprised to see
that with the slightest touch of
the toe the car can be .stopped
quicker and smoother than the
average car equipped with ordi
nary brakes. Because of the great
safety attributes of these brakes
and because of the fact that they
reduce physical effort, it is easier
for any Chandler owner to drive
"So interested have traffic offi
cials become in this brake innova
tion of Chandler's that they have
visited Chandler salesrooms in all
sections of the country, reports
show, and have given their un
qualified endorsement. Chandler
officials are indeed proud of the
tact that they have introduced a
device with their motor cars that
will aid nationally, the safe and
sane driving movement," con
cludes Mr. ?!aDonald.
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To Berkeley. CaL, goes die distinction of operating
the first police fleet which is completely rsdio-equipped.
In line with his policy of providing every scientific
aid for his men. Police Chief August Vollmer, well
known criminologist, sponsored installation of fixed'
tuned short wave sets tinder the rear decks of these
Buicks, thereby combining quick communication and
speedy pursuit in a manner which greatly increases the
odds against crime. In support of Chief Voilmer's
methods, it is pointed out that Berkeley requires
the smallest police force in the country population
FLINT, MICH., March 17. Po
lice Chief August Vcllmer of Berk
eley, Cat., has just completed In
stallation of radio sets in all the
Buicks comprising the city's po
lice department fleet, according to
word from the Howard Automo
bile Company, Pacific Coast dis
tributors of Buick cars. The com
bination of radio communication
and fast pursuit machines, in Mr.
Voilmer's opinion, is one which
will vastly increase the odds a
gainst crime.
Chief VoMmer is widely known!
for his work in criminology. He
is frequently called into consul
tation on police subjects in other
cities, and asked to perscribe for
conditions confronting authorities
there. His policy of providing his
are well under way and represen
tatives of the Japanese govern
ment have bought five Chrysler
limousines for ufe on the me
morable occasion, and thereafter,
by members of the imperial household.
own men with the most up-to-date
equipment at the disposal of sci
ence has attracted much atten
tion to him, over a period of sev
eral years.
Among the residents of Berke
ley, this policy lg credited to a
very large extent with making in
possible for that city to maintain
law and order with the smallest
police force, per capita of popula
tion. In the country.
Past indications of Mr. .Voil
mer's convictions on the subject
of crime prevention included
equipping his men with Blcks so
that they might be prepared for
reliable pursuit cars. His most
recent step, installation of radios
in all these cars, was aimed at pro
viding instantaneous communica
tion with the men manning the
cars, no matter in what part of
the city they might be.
Within a few seconds after an
alarm is received at headquarters
lights flash in the drivers com
partment of each car, notifying
its crew that a message for them
Is on the air. By means of the
fixed-tuned short wave sets locat
ed in the rear deck. It is then
possible to receive the message
and mobilize for actfon with
any emergency requiring fast and' minimum of lost time.
Shipment of Marmon
Cars Attain High Record
Japanese Government Buys
Five Luxurious Chrysler
When Japan's new emperor
Proceeds frpm his Tokio palace
next fall to ascend his "High Au
gust Seat': in Nippon's ancient
flower capital, his procession will
fathfully produce In all respect?
but one the time-established cere
monial observed by the long list
of his forebears who have pre
ceded him along the triumphal
way to Kyoto. This one respect
will be that the members of the
imperial household and diplomatic
corps will ride in automobiles.
Already, although the sacred
rice which the emperor will offer
to the spirit of his ancestors Is
barely planted, preparations for
the brilliant coronation ceremonies
if Fllzgerald-Shermn
Motor Co.
Corner Liberty Chemeketa
, Telephone 1132
1AV 7F ra Od
This rear you must have a
car. So easy to buy. Small
price because we must sell.
West of Fire Station. Don't
Fofsret. . . ; , -.
Motor Co, V
Corner Liberty ft Chemeketa
; - Telephone 1182 ,
The Hosum of Courteous
, Service ,
Not only did shipments of Mar
mon cars attain the largest total
in history in February, but the
export business of the Marmon
company last month was the larg
est on record.
Shipments to foreign countries
were a fraction more than sixty
per cent greater than In May.
1927, which was the previous rec
ord month.
Although shipments In Febru
ary of this year include cars to
practically every foreign distri
butor of the company, the majority
went to Australia, Italy, Holland,
Sweden. Switzerland. England.
Brazil, Guatemala, Roumanla, Bel
gium, Mexico and the Philippines.
Frank Hambly. export manager
-t the Marmon company. Is now
on an extended tour of the British
Isles and Europe, where he is
making arrangements to facilitate
shipments in the next few months.
Head the Classified Ads
"Russ" Smith Says:
"Give the World the Best you have and the Best will
come to you." ,
We Just Love to Change Tires
Call 313 for our Service Car
Miller Tires also for sale in Salem by Harbison's four
stations, Bert's Service Station, Vaughan's
Service Station
1927 Chevrolet Coach
Equipped with bumpers, 85 new rubber, finish like
new, and in A-l condition in every way.
1927 Pontiac Roadster
This car is like new, equipped with bumpers, 70
new tires, and carries our new car guarantee.
1926 Ford Coupe
New Duco finish, new balloon tires, special ignition,
new vaporizer, large horn, automatic swipe, S. &
M. spotlight.
Late 1926 or early 1927 Chevro
olet Coupe
New rubber, new Duco finish, over-hauled com
pletely. This is a fine car and is well worth
1924 Oakland Sport Touring
This car is fully equipped in A-l condition and the
nicest running car we have in our used car department
1923 Buick 4
Equipped with a large new pick-up body, new top
and curtains, in fine mechanical condition and has
been run but very little.
Phone 1841
"The House That Service Built :
:H-pt Trade
Canada's Principal Foreign
Trade Being Done With
29 Countries
economical operation was perfect
ly adapted to ambulance work.
The Knifht aleeTe-ralTe engine
employed In the Toronto hos
pitals ambulance la the eame type
of power plant used In the Falcon
Knight six and other Knight en
gined cars.
According- to officials of the
Falcon Motor Corporation of De-
. K.,u,i.r at the Faleon-
Knight line of ear., each year has
seen a more decided trend on the
part of motor car buyer, toward
car. uitaf a Knight -JjjTJ
engine for a power plant. This la
said to be caused by a realisation
of the adTantage of this type of
engine over motor, of other -de
. Since its Initial introduction ie;
than a year ago when the Falcon
Knight Six wa. , presented at th
lowest price eTer reached by
Knight engined six in America
this car ha. won such a hearty i
ceptlon that Falcon officials ex
pres. the highest optimism ov..
sale, prospects during the presen
Indication of the' encouraging con
dition of business In Canada at
present Is given in the Canadian
trade report for the 12 montns
ended January 31, 1928 . The to
tal trade of the Dominion for this
period was 32.325.762,281. an In
crease of 324.861,262 over the
12 months ended January 31,
1927. Of this total, exports am
ounted to 31.237,943,566, and Im
ports 31.087,818,715. a balance In
faror of exports of 3150,124,851.
The United States, as for a long
time past, again holds the leading
place in Canadian trade. In the
12 months , under review Canada
bought from the II. S. goods to the
ralue of 3706,336,729. or about
371 per head of population of the
Dominion. The United States was
Canada's best customer as an in
dividual country, with total pur
chases at 3474. 033, 350r Great
Britain was in second place with
8407,386,546. Canadian imports
from the U. S. were valued at
$463,876,605, which is more than
the total value of Imports from the
whole of the British ETmpire.
The importance of Canada as an
agricultural country is emphasized
in the trade report. Agricultural,
vegetable and animal products are
credited with 3711,548,459. In
next place comes, wood and paper
valued at $280,704,981. Among
the principal' items o fimports ag
ricultural, vegetable and animal
products total $297,515,594 in val
ue, with iron and its products in
second place, valued at $249,145,
395. Canada's principal foreign trade
is done with 29 countries.
- o
Outsells amy otkor 3 cars
Buicl&Jield. .
Well over a half million miles
of service is the record of a
Knight engined car, that has been
in continual service as an ambu
lance at the Toronto General Hos
pital for the past 15 years. Placed
in service in 1913 this car has
travelled a total, of more than
665,000 miles in its errands of
mercy over the' streets of Toronto
and nearby points.
Despite this long period of ser
vice which is said to be an out
standing mark in the motor car
world, this ambulance, powered by
a Knight Bleeve-valve engine is
still doing active duty. It is said
that this ambulance, because of its
long life and quiet, smooth and
Motorists like you invest
almost as many dollars in
Buick motor cars as in any
other three cars in
Buicks field '
Juith means something
when it is backed by dollars
SEDANS $1195 to $1995 COUPES $1195 to $1850 SPORT MODELS $1195 to $1525
All prices f. o. b. Flint, llich.. torrmment tmx to b mddtd. Tin G.MA.C finance plmn, th most iethmbU, is mraiUbl.
388 North Commercial
Telephone 220
it ' i i
if ttir
Touring - ... $455
Coach - 535
Roadster u-iw) 485
Roadster sr" 525
Coupe -'. 535
Cabriolet c 545
Chassis - - 355
y 90
L b. fctry. Willys Orarturf
333 Center Street
"The mntf tinliirki u r
ever offered for oo little money"
flS w f .bead
the field iSrodiirimSJSSj WMroet It will mhead of
n the lS raSSciSrifhS? 5???t..ttoin2 chain as used
which auall&?a rSJoSrU?ht "" phDt
car has everiKeiroch fdSiSP00"? caaoUne. No other
fi&SiSSSS'g t,or own
former anions uStoua." wmfinJ " ootstandJns per-
siey Motor Company
Telephone 1460