The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, February 22, 1928, Page 5, Image 5

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50c Owl Milk Magnesia 39c
(A Standard Remedy for Acid Conditions)
50c Red Feather Hair Oil 33c
Capital Drug Store
Owl Agency
The Kiwanis club will hold a
closed meeting next Tuesday at
which times grievances of mem
bers and other private business of
the club will be aired. The club
decided at the luncheon yesterday
to enter the district attendance
contest. An added inducement
for good attendance this period is
the lovin? cup offered by Adolph
Nelson, a number of the local club.
The tup is made entirely of tin
and was constructed at Nelson's
tin shop.
Tillamook Man Her
R. B. Miller, of Tillamook. wa3
Salem visitor yesterday. He at
tended the Kiwanis club luncheon.
A La Carte Service
; ;i -in dining rom,.Mrlm hotel.
fc". - -. ...
fj firs. Mary U: FulkWW uPr
lntendent of schools for Marion
i rounty. risited schools at Victor
.pnint anil vlrlnltv Yesterday
lU-nresentatiTe to Com
Fred Tice. of Portland, who is
with the Scott Foresman company
which publishes the Standard Ser
Tire arithmetic book now in use
In the third and sixth grades of
the Salem schools, will be in town
next Monday and Tuesday to ex
plain the book. Monday he will
meet with the third grade teachers
end the following day all sixth
grade teachers will confer with
him concerning the book which
was used for the first time this
fall. Both meetings will be at
4:00 o'clock in room 217 of the
senior high school.
Come to our exclusive shrub
bery store. Estimates free. 190
S. Com'l.
VMt Portland
Week end visitors at Portland
Included Mr. and Mrs. W. A.
Sears. Mr. and Mrs. L. O. Herrold
and K. K Nottingham, all regis
tered at the Congress hotel
Law Classes Get Fund
The Willamette university stu
dent body Monday voted that the
classes of the law school should
share nroDortionatelv in the stu-
jr dent body fund for their class or
is ganliations, on the same basis
that the liberal arts classes re
Kceive funds from the same source
This action was ien as n
amendment to the student body
Mrs. Irene Kerr Will
Demonstrate how to make deli
cious waffles at Gahlsdorra, every
AVCTU Speaker Heard
Like Israel of old, the people
of the United States have been
guided out of the Egypt of the
one n saloon days into canaan, dui
the problem still remains of driv
ing Egypt out of Israel, comment
ed Mies, Helen Byrne, national
field secretary for the WCTU. in
a talk at the Willamette univer
sity chapel Tuesday morning.
Forum To Meet Friday
Necessity, practicability, expen
ditures, and other problems con
nected with the construction of
the proposed Champoeg highway
Mil be aired at a meeting or me
rum at the local T. M. C. A
riday evening, beginning at 7:45
Students Most W
A compilation of enrollment In
the three classes at the senior high
school shows, that there are 5C
more students this year In the Jan
tor class than last year, while reg
istration In the sophomore and
senior years has fallen off, 27 and
V 25. respectively. J. C. Nelson,
principal, holds these figures to
be sufficient proof of a theory he
has held for some time: that more
students are finding It necessary
to remain out of school to work
this year than last year. The
lowered attendance la the first
Mi last year classes, at theses tor
wai ieiTOB Dcueves, points
.Fluffy Hairl
Shampoo your hair with Owl Lemon Gocoanut
Oil Shampoo to make it soft and fluffy and
healthy! This concentrated shampoo, with
Lemon Oil base, removes dust and dandruff,
leaves the scalp cleansed and refreshed.
The lemon odor is very pleasant. An 8 oz. bot
tle, good for many refreshing shampoos, costs
only ,
Special until March
405 Center
to the fact that more students can
not afford to enter senior high
school, and that fewer are able to
finish their course without seek
ing . financial assistance. Total
high school enrollment last month
was 119 6, only one less than last
year but the number of students
who should be attending high
school is greater. Class ervll
ment shows: sophomores. 529;
juniors, 371; seniors, 277; post
graduates, 19.
IK-an Erickson in Seattl
Frank M. Erickson, dean of tha
college of liberal arts at Willam
ette university, left yesterday for
Seattle where lie will attend to
business matters connected with
the Institution.
Pass Bible Examinations
Four senior high school students
successfully passed the recent
state examination in the Old Test
ament, while three received credit
for a test In the New Testament.
Principal J. C. Nelson reported
yesterday. A total of 12 students
wrote on the examinations, passing
of which entitles the student to
oad semestercredlt of high school
work. Percentage receiving credit
this year is better than last, when
seven of the 14 writing received
a passing mark.
Old Time Masquerade Dan
Crystal Card e.n, Wednesday
February 22.
Licensed At Vancouver
H. Collier. 24. and Mrs. Violet
Thomas. 21. both of Salem, were
issued a license to wed at Van
couver, Wn.
Fltts Sues Fish Firm
W. S. Fitts yesterday brought
action in circuit court here
against the Newport Ice and Fish
company for 19500. together with
interest and $250 attorneys fees.
The complaint filed by Fltts al
leges that he signed as accom
modation maker when the com
pany made out a note to Ladd &
Bush, local bankers. Subsequent
ly, he alleges, the note became
due and he was called upon to
make payment, which he did. due
to the fact that the company re
fused to pay.
Entertainment Tonite 7 to 7:SO
Mrs. F. N. Woodry and her nov
elty orchestra before auction
starts. F. N. Woodry's, Summer
To Reside In Idaho
Boise. Idaho, will shortly be
come the home of Mr. and Mrs.
Albert Garrett. Mr. Garrett has
secured a position there. Mrs
GJarrett was formerly Miss Muriel
Webb, daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
A.. A. Webb of Sllverton.
Writing Course Finished '
The eight weeks' penmanship
course conducted each Tuesday by
Mrs. Clara Pomeroy, supervisor
of writing in the Salem schools,
has been completed. A large num
ber of teachers were enrolled in
this as the course fulfilled re
quirements of the reading circle
work demanded from all instruc
tors. Mrs. Pomeroy will conduct a
few special classes for teaebers
who missed a lesson or two of the
original course.
In New Homes S4.0OO
To $12,000. Here are 7 to
choose from. Immediate posses
sion on 4. $500 to $1000 to
handle. Balance EXACTLY like
rent. Becke & Hendricks. 189 N.
High Street.
Ball Bros. Sue Andersen
. Ball Brothers', garage of Turner
Is suing Walford T. Anderson of
Stayton for the value of -goods al
leged to have been stolen from the
Turner garage and later received
by Anderson at Stayton, It became
known yesterday. The complaint
filed against Anderson alleges
that goods were taken to the rea
sonable,' value of $2,565.25, of
which eight radio sets were re-
Telephone 119
the plaintiffs. Among the arti
cles listed as having been stolen
are 11 radio sets, 65 tubes, 150
piston pins, 45 feet of automobile
brake lining and other radio and
automobile supplies. Anderson
was last week convicted in crim
inal proceedings of having re
ceived stolen radio sets.
Will Erect Reeiden
Earl Pruitt and sons took out
a permit Tuesday to build a
dwelling at 1410 D street at a
cost of $4000.
Paved Corner S050
Both pavings paid In full. See
at Marion and 23rd. Becke &
Hendricks, 189 N. High Street.
Judge MrCaniant Coming
Judge Wallace McCamant will
be the speaker on the Rotary club
luncheon program this noon, his
subject being "George Washing
ton, the Gentleman."
Half Holiday at Schools
Salem school students will have
a half holiday today in observance
of Washington's birthday. Classes
will convene as usual and during
the latter part of the morning pro
grams will be held in all the
schools, following which adjourn-
ment will be made until Thursday
J. William Belcher
Prominent voice teacher of
Portland, who has been secured
to train the Leslie Church choirs.
will be in town on Thursdays and
-will accept a limited number of
students. For appointment phone
Plan New Dwelling
Clyde and Claude Johnson are
planning to build a house cost
ing $2000 at 2090 University
street, according to a permit Is
sued from the city recorder's of
fice Tuesday.
Silverton Man Jailed
John Sherow of Sllverton was
yesterday committed to the Mar
ion 'county jail at Salem for a
period of 30 days following his
conviction on a charge of pos
session of intoxicating liquor. He
was also fined $100, which he
paid. He was convicted in justice
court at Silverton.
40 Acre Farm
For $6300. The best farm buy
you have seen. Buildings and
equipment. Real creek through
pasture. 36 acres in grain. 8
miles east of Salem. Paved or
similar road all way. Becke &
Hendricks. 189 N. High Street.
Flat Tires Delay Mail
The modern automobile brings
mail to the rural homes more
quickly than old Dobbin, but even
it may cause impatience to those
who anticipate letters. So must
have felt Polk county persons yes
terday morning when John Mor
itz. their mail carrier, arrived a
couple of hours behind schedule.
Reason: Mail car ready to leave
when Mr. Moritz's auto presented
him two glass-punctured tires.
Skin Clears
because this Ri assay
Works Two Ways
at Once I
In any case of pim
ples,, blackheads, sore
or itching skin, you
must both clear and
heal the skin! Yon
must clear. it of the
pimples, blackheads, scales and blotches
and, also heal the sore and broken
tissue. That's what Rowles Mentho
Sulphur does the sulphur clears the
skin while the menthol heals. That's
why this great combination is putting
an end to skm troubles. One night
sees a great change in the skin. In
two or three days the skin is of a new, ,
clear healthy whiteness. Rowles
Ifentho Sulphur is inexpensive and
all druggists supply it in jars ready
We have a 1927 Pontlac Coupe
equipped with new tires and
disc wheels. This car is in per
fect condition, has 1928 license
and Is a snap at f 700.00.
. ..
"The House That Service Built"
Attorneys Admitted
John S. Beer, until recently of
Louisiana, and F. A. Beltz. form
erly of Washington, Tuesday were
admitted by the state supreme
court to practice law in Oregon.
Both applicants are located In
Girl Breaks Leg
While playing about her home
at 1135 Shipping street the first
of the week Charlotte McKee, a
nine-year old daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. Elmer McKee, fell and broke
a leg. She is recovering nicely.
Furniture Upholsterer
And repairing. Qiese-Powerf
Furniture Co. "
State Offices Closed
All state offices will be dosed
here today on the occasion of
Washington's birthday. A num
ber of state officials and employes
will pass the day in Portland.
Taken on Check Charge
Donald McVay was yesterday
arraigned in justice court on a
charge of writing a check without
havlnar sufficient funds to cover
it. The case was continued until
February 28, McVay being re
leased on his own recognizance.
Start Now A Dollar or Two
Now and again will assure you
of a worthwhile gift for your sot
or daughter. Talk it oyer with
Pomeroy & Keene.
Kensington Meeting Postponed
The meeting of the Kensington
club which was to have been held
tomorrow afternoon at the home
)f Mrs. Charles Pratt has been
postponed until March 1.
During Waffle Demonstrations
At Gahlsdorf's by Mrs. Kerr
the Westinghouse Waffle Irons
with tray attached will be sole
special $8.95 each.
At Auction Tonite
Piano, radio, Edison phono
graph, 8 new comforts, a lot ol
good furniture, rugs, etc. Where?
F. N. Woodry's, Summer St.. 7
p. m.
Billiard Hall Licensed
The Marion county court yes
terday issued a license to Albert
E. Miller to operate a billiard
hall at Monitor during the year
West Stayton Couple W
John Joseph Kendell, 40, and
Edna May Woosley, 17, both of
West Stayton, were married yes
terday by County Judge J. C
Siegmund. The marriage is the
second for Mr. Kendell and tht
first for his bride.
Lot Buyers Both
Residence and business. W
have some exceptional lot buy?
this week. Here's Falrniount Hill
lot at Superior and Fairmount,
50x100 with all pavings paid. To
al price $1500 CASH. Another
75x100 reduced from $3000 to
$1800 $600 to handle. A Bust
ness Corner on 12th Street foi
$2060 It's 80x100. Becke &
Hendricks, 189 N. High Street.
Earl Fisher at Corvalllx
The present tax situation in
Oregon was the general topic upon
which Earl Fisher, state tax com
missioner, spoke at a Chamber of
Commerce meeting in Hotel Bent
on, Corvallls, yesterday noon.
Will Build on Mill
A. P. Stalnke will build a house
costing S1000 at 1365 Mill street.
according to a permit taken out
Tuesday; at the recorders office.
,Jt -
Girl Reserves Hold Party
The Girl Reserves last night
held a party at the YWCA at
which 200 girls were present.
Mrs. Eric Butler, president of the
YWCA. was in charge. The clubs
from different schools In the city
presented stunts.
Spring Colds
Stop That Cough Now with
13 N. Com'l St,
Phone 1P7 ; ,
The Penslar Agency
Original Yellow Front
w Q
- ii
Cl, i 1&T
This is the plane assigned to Col. Charles A. Lindbergh for hi
airmail flight from Lambert field, St. Louia. Mo., to Chicago, his old
airmail run. On his return from Havana, Col. Lindbergh expressed
a desire to "fly the airmail" again for a day.
Disorderly Conduct Charged
Jessie Moss Evans of Route 1.
.Monmouth, was arrested by city
police last night on a warrant is
sued out of the ctiy court, charg
ing disorderly conduct.
So Mail Today
No mail will be delivered b
carriers today and the general de
livery window at the office wil.
close promptly at 10 o'clock thi;
morning after being open just one
iiour, says Postmaster Farrar.
Washington's birthday is the oc
VMD Club Meets
A regular meeting of the YMD
club was held at the YMCA last
night. Basketball games were
played after the meeting.
Committees Meet-
Committees in charge of the
appearance of the Salem Boys'
chorus in concert at the Bligh's
Capitol theater. March 6. met at
the YMCA last night to discuss
plans tor the ticket sale. Pro
ceeds from the concert will bf
given to the Childs farm home at
PRATUM, Feb. 21 (Special)
Rev. and Mrs. Cox who conducted
l 19 day revival and holiness
meeting here, are going to Wilder
ville. where they will conduct
similar series of services.
A Washington's birthday pro
?ram will be given at the schoo'
Wednesday night. Pie, sandwiches
and coffee will be sold for the
benefit of the school.
W. P. Emery's large barn
burned to the ground last Sun
day, including hay, grain, machin
ery and five calves. Xo one
knows how the fire started unless
i tramp slept in the barn and wa
careless with matches, but none
had been seen near the barn.
Some spring plowing is being
done. Cherry grafting will begin
s soon as weather permits. Some
"lover seed has been sown but
more will be sown soon. Fall
Train Is in a fine condition. Some
land rs being cleared for po
t a toes.
Pasadena Author Invited
By Religious Educators
The council of religious educa
tion, representing practically all
Salem churches, at a meeting last
night decided to sponsor the ap
pearance here Friday. March 2, of
Dr. M. A. Honline, of Pasadena,
for a number of speaking en
gagements. Dr. Honline is an author-lecturer,
formerly superintendent of
nubile instruction in the state of
He wiri probahiy speak while
'n Salem at Willamette univer
sity, the Rotary club, the YMCA
in the afternoon, and the First
Methodist church in the evening.
FINK TORI0 rtAn Inie. W !n
tur your gUue afsintt breakag.
KxaminatiM too.
Thomptton-Clutsch Optical Co.
110 N. Cuoim'l 8t.
Disbncuy Correct
John J. Rottle
K Expert Shoe Fitters fl
BaX dIBBUteBt. -J
VERY often people who are considering the purchase of a
modern writing machine are surprised to learn that some old
typewriter, which they may not hare used for a long time, has
a market value and will be accepted In part payment. If you
hare an old machine, perhaps yoit 'will he interested in learn
ing what It is worth. If you wlM tlll In the epace below we
will be glad to give you whatever Information you require.
Quote me allowance on my ............ Model No,
Serial No. i ..... . . Send full Information as to prices
and terms ( ) Send me a Corona for one week on free trial ( )
Name and Address ..... ..
Typewriter Exchange
.-K .... 1
I. V Wr:
Salem's Drama League made its
bow to the public Monday night,
presenting three well acted and
thoroughly coached plays In the
Little Theater at the Nelson build
ing. The plays, well chosen for their
simplicity as a first series of offer
ings and yet difficult enough to
bring out the abilities of those tak-
ug part, were "Araminta and the
Pingerbowls" by C. Hamilton.
"The Rescue," by Reta C. Smith
ind "The Florist Shop" by Wini-
ffred Hawkridge.
In the first, Jess?e F. Bush as
lloxle had the most difficult role.
Others taking part were Mildred
ludson, Virginia Page, Hellen Pol
iock and Jennie Thompson.
In "The Rescue," a psychologi
cal study. Beatrice Walton was the
outstanding player, the others be
ing Beatrice Crawford Newcombc
and Bertha Orford.
The final play was capably pre
sented by Robert Niemeyer, Claire
'ornell, Marion Downs Lester Mac
tonald and Norman Purbrick.
The plays were coached by Mar
jorio Walker and Dr. R. M. Gatke.
Thomas Tatham performed the
duties of stage manager. Musii
was provided by Ruth Bedford. Ivj
Claire Lovem and Leonard Chad
ick. Washington Program Giver.
Rosedale School Tuesday
ROSEDALE, Ore., Feb. 21.-
( Special) The school children
gave a Washington program here
this afternoon.
Kenneth Cole visited his parents
here last Sunday.
Miss Laura Cammack spent the
week end at home.
Several families from here at
tended sessions of the Friend''
quarterly meeting at Highland
church last week end.
The Allen family from LIbertj
has moved onto the Free plact
which they recently traded for.
Mllford Cork has been out of
;chool for several days due to 111
aess. The Sims family entertained rel
Uives from Arkansas last week.
They later located in the Sunny
ilde district.
Mabel Sims has been working
near Marion.
"B.W.D." Tested
All popular breeds of baby
chicks now on sale at Flake's
Petland, 273 State.
Telephone ISO ill 8tat BL
Rewound and Repaired, New
or Used Motors
Vlua.a2.tcr &-TODD
Things Electrical
101 Sonth High Tel. 2112
Yonr Old Typewriter
for a New
f -
Twenty Nine Receive Ad
vancement Badges At
Supreme Ccirt
All boy scouts ar. . i'y hap
py it's part of their civomI. but
there wen 1 a of them last night
who were, perhaps, happier thau
the rest, whtn they stepped for
ward before the court of honor to
receive promotion badges.
Th court was held 'n the state
supreme court chambers with
Justice Harry Belt as presiding
judse. Court commissioners were
L. P. Campbell and Charles Wiper.
members of the Cascade council.
Second class, second class merit
badgers, first clas.s. and first class
merit badges were the steps up
ward for the scouts. There were
10 candidates for Eagle scout, the
highest honor In scoutdom.
Jack Wilson, of Troop six, was
he lone candidate for strnnd class
honors, and George Waterman, of
Troop nine, was the only scout to
"e awarded a second class merit
badge. He won his for fireman
hip. Parker Cles, Troop 9. and Ed
ward Burton. Troop six. were pro
moted to First, Clans srouts.
First class merit badges werc
iwarded the following boys:
Troop one Robert Long, for
ireinanshij). carpentry, and handi
raft; NorrU Kemp for bird study;
Kenneth Juza for woodcarving.
handicraft, and swimming; Ray
Rhoten for pioneering, care of anl-
nals, and carpentry; John Beck
ey for pioneering; Frederick Ed
mundson for care of animals, and
Pioneering; and Vicar Wagers for
bird study.
Troop two Milton Taylor for
ignaling; Ronald Miller for slg
ualing; Stanley King for personal
health and athletics; Vernon
Uushnell for cooking, bird study,
nd scholarship; Roland Hard man
-or personal health, and conserva
ion of public health: Rodney
rlardman for cooking and life sav
iug and Philip Ferris for first aid.
Troop four Robert Marsh for
cooking and scholarship; Ralph
Ennor for athletics; Edwin Hoff
nell for woodwork, personal
health, and athletics and Maxey
Langford for gardening.
Troop six Jack Collins for
basketry, bookbinding, and wood
work; Vernon McQuaid for lif"
:nvlng; Byron Peyton for Hec-
LADD & BUSH, Bankers
Established 1868
General Banking Business
Office Hours from 10 a. m. to 3 p. m.
Let Kennell-Ellis
Make Your View and Commercial
Pictures, Any Time, Any Place
Old Photographs Copied
Often you want old photography reproduced, bat fear entrust
ing them to strangers.
Our reputation assures the safety and proper care of your
picture, which we will copy, enlarge, frame or band color at
a price lower than the unknown agent can ulfcr.
Kennell-Ellis Studio
429 Oregon Bldg.
and Storage
Idmg and Short Distance Hauling
Public and PriraU Storage
Flrepnxjf Baililns
Free Delivery to any part of the dty.
Day Telephone 23
trlcity; Lewis Melson for handi
craft; William Campbell for book
binding and Lewis Campbell for
Troop nine Ralph Pnrvlne for
safety first, pathfindlng, and cook
ing. Officers of the court were:
clerk. Scout Executive Tayne
busier. Eaule Scout Milton Tay
lor; orderlies. Eagle Scouts Wil
liam Trindle and Kenneth Morris:
color bearers. Eagle Scouts Lewis
Campbell and Arthur Fisher; color
guards. First Class Scouts Ralph
Enr.or and Fred Edmundson; ser
geant -at -arms. Eagle Scout Paul
Lafferty; and herald, Eagle Scout
Maxey Langford.
Rapid adrances have been made
in Salem scoutdom since Mr.
Tayne took charge here some
woeks ago. The goal is 20 troops
and 400 scouts.
New troops have been organised
ut St. Vincent de Paul school un
der Scoutmaster Gordon Tower;
near the county poor farm under
Scoutmaster A. A. Nicholson; and
at Keizer School under Scout--master
Ray Hetzer. The troop at
Keizer was organized this week.
A show was staged in West Sa
lem with a view to stirring up In
terest In forming a troop there.
Troo; Nin Is to have a bugle
rorps. This troop Is sponsored by
the American Legloa An all-scout
band is being formed by W. R.
Oleson. of the Sherman-Clay Music
Prices Pushed Skyward
In Wall Street Market
NEW YORK. Feb. 21. (AP).
The stock market turned "bul
lish' today, buying support forc
ing up prices, particularly of the
specialty issues. Advances of $5
to $7 a share were rather com
mon and in one or two caries
there were gains of $15 and $16.
the rise being Inspired largely by
reduced rate for call money, im
proved positions of the market
and rumors of mergers.
Foremost among the merger
rumors was one which was persist
ent, but without official confir
mation, in linking Montana Power
company with Electric Bond and
Share company, through an agree
ment for exchange of stock on
the basis of two shares of Elec
tric Bond and share for one of
Montana Power.
Perfect Funeral Service
For Less
Licensed Lady Mortician
770 Chemeketa Street
Telephone 74
When Glasses Are
New Location
Dr. C B. O'Neill
, .Fourth Floor
First National Bank Building
Phone 025
Msht Telephone 1267AV