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Boajs, Archery and Ghests
FTom Peculiar Southern
: Oregon Woods
Salem soon Is to enter a new
znanufacturing field with the an
aouncement yesterday of the for
mation of the Salem Boat Manu
facturing company, which will
specialize in the manufacture of
outboard motor boats, sea-sleds
and fjedar chests. Additionally ar
chery, tackle, and archery mater
; eut h as might be used by
those who build their own bows,
will be made. The latter class will
include osage orange staves, ewe
wood and eastern white ash as
wellas birch dowels and Indian
i-arrowwood dowels.
i Oregon woods; will be used al
most, exclusively by the new con
cern, it is announced. Fred L.
Langenberg, Stlem expert in man
ual arts and mechanics, who re
turned last week from a business
trip,(to southern Oregon, contract
ed tfith the Pine Mountain Lum
ber Company of Lookingglass, near
P.oeburg, for 2000 feet of raoun-
ta in,5 grown incense cedar, a Doug
las Qunty product. With the
White Cedar Lumber company of
yiSkrd. arrangements were made
for 4000 feet of Port Oxford boat
cwiar. The Metzel Lumber com
pany of Coqullle was given a con
tract to furnish 2000 feet of red
e-idat A contract for a large or-
d-sr-for yew wood staves was given
here last week Indicated that be
was far out In front of the field,
at least so far as sentiment of the
party chieftains is concerned.
Some Hold Smith Certain
Many republican leaders regard
his nomination as almost a cer
tainty. Their view was voiced on
th floor of the senate this week
by Senator Moees, of New Hamp
shire, who during one of Senator
Heflin's assaults on Smith, de
clared that it was inevitable that
i j w
the New Yorn governor wouiu uc
nominated at Houston.
This view Is one of the things
often mentioned in the now
sprightly republican pre-eonven-tion
campaign. The republicans
will nominate first, and leaders
like Moses already are arguing
that man should be. chosen who'
would be well fitted to defeat
Hughes Out of It
This was one of the' factors
entering into the proposal of tbeH
r'Viiia v T-tiiehps. Those
UBiUC VI V, ... mjr . -
advocatine tie former secretary
of state argued that he was the
logical candidate with whom the
party should try to wrest New
York state from Smith. Mr.
Htfgbes stopped the boom with
an announcement that he would
not be a candidate.
While Hoover and Lowden now
probably are the most talked about
and written about in connection
with the republican nomination,
other candidacies are beginning
to bid for a place In the picture.
Both Senator Curtis, of Kansas,
and Senator Willis of Ohio, are
openly in the field and their
friends are organizing their forces
in many states.
While Vice President -Dawes Is
regarded by many as very much
a possmiiuy we " 'uo -
J , ISP' ' "
4 s pr m 4
, SfM ' .tea. If
1 it- fn VV
A -: . Vv
t i - v y nf-
of m WORK
Artistic grooms Attract Con
siderable Attention and
Greatly Desired
H. p. Daily, also of the Roseburg nouncement and so far as. has
country. These contracts repne-
ii a ...mtA has mid no move
oecu uwiiu "
sout a preliminary stock whlchj
will be laid in at once by the new
Salfcm company.
Man of Experience
53 r. Langenberg has had about
tw8ty-five years' experience in
boat building and archery special-
ty fork. He took up his residence
in Salem about a year ago. He
citHB from Roseburg, where he
hil advantage of the various
woIs which grow in that section,
in plying his trade previously. R.
N. "MacDonald is associated with
MriLangenberg In the Salem en-
trproe. 1
One row boat already has been
rosntructed for the Oregon Agri
cultural college at Corvallis, and
is ba display at the Willamette
Auto Supply company showrooms.
This boat took first prize at the
acute forestry department exhibit
Sea-sleds perhaps; are the most
talked of pleasure and sport craft
today, according to Mr. Lagenberg.
A ea sled is somewhat on the
style of the aquaplane, bat still
vastly different, Mr. Langenberg
a ft. It is a fiat-bottom boat with
a tunnel through the center, and
in his own behalf.
(Continued from pJ 1)
said, "but what we are doing
there and the commitments we
have made are at the request of
both parties and in the interest
of peace and order and a fair
election. We have no desire to
stay. We wish Nicaragua to be
strone. prosperous and independ
ent Vi entered to meet an im
perative but temporary exigency
and we shall retire as soon as it
is possible."
Wants Others Strung
As for other Latin-American
states Mr. Hughes said "we wish
for all of them not simply those
great in area and population and
wealth but for every one. to the
vprv sm allest. strength and not
weakness. "
More than 50 drums of oxygen have been used to keep tiny George
Louis Smith of Chicago alive. A new record was reached when arti
ficial respiration had been applied for 56 hours. This spurred on
firemen to keep pumping oxygen into the youngster at the rate of
150 pounds, or a drumful per hour. The child was believed dead,
when the treatment was first given, a victim of yellow Jaundice.
By Jane Stewart
An artlatla room is more to be
desired than a costly one. With
the present styles of Interior dec
oration It; is not dttficult to turn
ish a home inexpensively and at
the same time toj have each room
attractive; and ingood taste. The
vogue for color makes the task
especially easy, foij artistic effects
may be ohtained through its use
at little cost. Color makes a room
livable by making ; it cheerful
and the importance of this factor!
cannot be too greatly stressed.
No matter how fine your furnish
ings, you will never feel satisfied
with them If there Is an ever pres
ent air of formality, or if comfort
is In anyiway lacking.
harmony la sometimes Jut as Im
portant as a harmonious scheme
within a room. This fact always
holds true when there are large
double doors or an opening that
makes one room quite visible from
the other. Where a bathroom or
a dressing room opens off from a
bedroom, it is always more at
tractive, though not imperative,
to decorate the two in like man
ner or at least in harmonising col
ors. Another point of Importance In
choosing your scheme is the psy
chological effect of color. First
vent he formatloa of lea on the
airship it wm necessary to cover
all metal parts with a thick layer
of grease and. above all. the pro
pellor should be rendered immune
against ice formation. The fatal
influence of low temperatures on
motors with gas valves was alBO to
be considered. From Spitzbergen.
he declared, very many important
flights could be undertaken, pro
vided more appropriate bases than
now existed were established.
The lecture was attended by a
large adience. Including Dr. Eck
ener and a numerous representa
tion nf government officiate, par-
and foremost is the fact that color
is an absolute requisite for any; Hanientarlans and
cheerful Interior. Drab walls j
known scientists.
and woodwork in brown or dull j
tan and lifeless furnishings are; ROGUE SECTION COLD
depressing In the extreme. On) MEDFORD. Jan. 21. (AP)
the other hand it is important to Freexing weather prevailing OTer
avoid the use of very bright col-the upper Rogue river valley the
or in quantity. Psychologists pafit weekt was broken this after-
have found mat lavenaer ana:noou by
purple, in excess, cause nervous
ness and irritability. Red is apt
to become grating to one's nerves.
Too much blue Is sometimes de
pressing. Used in moderation.
however, these colors are
warm showers.
Opinion is expressed that the
American family 1-3 sonnd as ever.
Indeed, with radios, player-pianos, i
excel-1 talkinr-machines and saxophones
amount of al'rect tax oa property
as may be. necessary to meet the
deficiency and apportion the said
amount among the several coun
ties. - :
"The total levy, consisting of
the levy of direct tax on property
and an estimated amount of rev
enue to be derived from the tax ,
levied on incomes for the calendar
year, exclusive or milage
authorized by the people, shall not
raise a greater amount of revenue
for purposes other than the pay
ment of bonded Indebtedness or
interest thereon than the total
amount levied by the state in the
year Immediately preceding for
purposes other than the payment
of bonded Indebtedness or inter
est thereon plus six per centum
per annum."
The secretary of state today re
ferred the proposed bill to the at
torney general for ballot title. It
will go on the ballot at the general
election next November.
lent. Nothing could be more ef- the American family seems to in
fective than vermillion or Chinese I largely sound. Philadelphia In-
For the living' room most of allied for a single piece of brightly ; qutrer.
lacqueieu luruuuie, iu gno m
to a dull look'ng interior. j INCOME TAX MEASURE
A nnal point as to coior is man
the rule of a dark floor, lighter'
this is true. Fortunately this
quality goes hand; In hand with
the most pleasing effects. When
the furniture is conveniently
placed readings lamps by the
easy chairs, a sofa facing the fire
place or at right .angles to it, ash
tray stands in the spot where they
may be ueed, a secretary or desk
where the davlight Is good and
with "a lamp nearby there is an
atmosphere of comfort that is al
together j pleasing. The living
room must first of all be livable.
walls and woodwork, and very' (Continued from p D
light ceiling, is open to but fewjJng Jn th,a pectlon shaU be con
exceptions. The rather wide prac- gtrued go a3 to effect the levying
tice of choosing white for the cell- f tax authorlzed by vote of
mg. nowever. is not to oe recom-the ,e
'In December, 19Z5. and every
mended. Cream or Ivory supplies
the necessary light without the
glare of white, and either Is suit
able for almost any color scheme
It Is sometimes more attractive to
llshes the standards of our states
manship according to which we
take measure of executive and
"But this idealitfm is that of a
practical and Industrious people.
We rejoice with you in the ma
terial gains of progress. With
vast and increasing popuuatlbns
there must be opportunities wellj
used, to give talent its proper
play and workers their full re
ward or we should have the dis
content that leads to anarchy ra
ther than the cooperative efforts
which give better standards of
living and a widely diffused prosperity."
paint the ceiling a very pale shade
For the dining j room you wantj0f whatever color is used for the
an effect that is
itltlrAirlnA ; for thfl
the operator stands un as when
aquaplaning. The sea sled, how
ever,, is powered by its own out
board motor and all outdoor mag
azines now are featuring this class
of , thrilling sport.
A cedar chest of the style to be
Ctade here has already been ship
ped to a Boston house by the local
concern. Port Oxford and Moun
tain incense cedar are used in the
manufacture of these popular
household commodities. All chests
will be copper mounted. The metal
IV burnt, then hammered, then
lacquered for the decorative ef
fect. Tne boats are made -of Port
Oxford cedar and red cedar, with
eastern white oak and chimpuapin
ribbing. All nailing and fin
ing is done in brass and con
pT, the company states. Other
boats have no nails, but are brass
air. Langenberg is located with
thf Willamette Amto Supply Co.,
Cettage and Ferry. lie will be
pleased to talk with all who are
Interested In archery or boats.
' (Continued from par 1)
fifcid between this tine and June
it-appears that there will be at
least a dozen names in nomination
when the balloting starts at
Houston during the week of June
Reed Conceded Strength
- Senator Reed. Missouri, has the
cbdorsement of the democracy of
htsl state and his friends are lay
lag plans for a vigorous pre-con-veation
campaign In many states
and to entering the senator's
name on the bollots In presidential
preferential primaries In a num
ber of states in the west, south
and east. -
?Save for his letter to the host3
cf " democracy at the annual
Jckson Day here last week in
w:ch he gave his views on the
lacrsOf the day. Governor Smith
Ifcisjkept himself in the tack
ground and has reiterated that he
Lvbot a candidate for the nomination.
VjWhare he has been silent and
The United States Eas troubles'
enough at home without seeking
added responsibilities and terri
tory abroad, Mr. Hughes declared.
As evidence of American reluc
tance to acquire territory aboad.
the chaiman of the American dele
gation cited the occupation of
Santo Domingo and Haiti. After
Entering Santo Domingo some
mm . W Il J
years ago ne saia. tne unuee
States at once began laboring to
get out. Eventually plans of
evacuation were agreed upon and
carried out.
Imperialism Denied
"If we had cherished an im
perialistic purpose." Mr. Hughes
told his audience, "we would have
remained in Santo Domingo: but
we withdrew."
The United States will quit
Haiti at anv time it has reason
able expectation of stability there,
said Mr. Hughes. Meanwhile 1t
is trying to establish this sta
Oood will is essential to peace
and collaboration but good will
does not mean idwaiHy of views
said the American chairman. It
is not jeopardized by candid dis
cussion if friendly. He asserted
that the enemiei of happy rela
tions between American countries
are few although noisy and con
stantly active. Mutual respect be
tween Independent nations that
do not harbor mistrust of each
other will rob them of their power
for harm, he averred.
No Supr-StAte Wanted
Cooperation, which Mr. Hughes
had named as the fourth pillar of
Pan-Americanism does not call
for organization of a super-state,
he said. "It does not mean that
aay of the 21 American repub
lics;" said Mr. Hughes, "o any
goup of these epublics will at
tempt to dominate the others. It
is the cooperation of peoples In
those directions where there is
prospect of success."
Mr. Hughes also pleaded with
his listeners hot to Judge the
United States as a nation without
idealism. "You will find up keen
in trade," he sfid, "zealous for
the advantages of commercial in
tercourse, but no one knows us
well who falls to recognize, de
spite all our shortcomings, the
dominance among us of the ideals
of Independence and democracy.
These brought us to the aid of
Cuba in 1898 and again sum
moned us with Imeprative com
mand to take our part in the ti
tanic pnnteal nf thn wnrld war.
(Continued from pf 1)
in his parachute as the one glove
was found In the plane Indicated
he freed his hand to pull the rip
cord, of his parachute.
Residents .said Hoyt had little
chance to find shelter In the win
ter bound and isolated territory
and expressed the belief he lost
his way and was frozen to death.
The lost Stearman plane was
completely demolished. It was
found by Frank Commons, raach
er in a deep canyon four or five
miles from the Commons ranch.
A million dollar macadam high
way from Salem over the ascade
range mountains to Sisters, Is the
proposal that will be presented to
the state highway commission
Thursday by the Marion county
The proposed new highway
would extend from Detroit, located
70 miles southeast of Salem, up
the North Santlam river, or Mlnto
Pass, through the mountain range
and emerge on the eastern side
near the town of Sisters. There
it would connect with The Dalles
California highway.
The cost of the highway prob
ably would be borne by the state
highway commission, Marion
county and the federal forestry
Search Had Been Planaed
21. (AP) Five planes will take
the air tomorrow to search for
Fred Hoyt unless he is found in
the meantime, Lieutenant Russell
Maughen, army flier who has been
conducting the airplane search an
nounced tonight. Three planes are!
available at Salt Lake and two in
Idaho cities.
When told by the Associated
Press of the finding of Hoyt's de
molished plane 20 miles north of
Holbrook, Ida. this afternoon.
Lieut. Manghan expressed renew
ed hope that Hoyt would be found
alive. Lateness of the hour pre
vented planes leaving here tonight
be said.
"If he was able to leave the
plane In time for bis parachute to
open up and did not injure him
self In landing we may yet find
hf mallve," the army filer said.
Body of Drowned Man
Washed Up On Shores
ASTORIA, Jan. 11. (AP).
The body of an unidentified man,
believed to be one of three Jap
anese oyster fishermen drowned
the latter part of November on a
mud flat in Wlllapa bay, was
washed ashore at Bay Center, near
Ilwaco, Wash., late today. Her
man Murray, county coroner, said
recovery of the body could not be
made until 9 o'clock -tomorrow
morning owing to high -tides and
condition of the-beaihZT One of
the bod lea of the trio was washed
ashore near Ilwaco several weeks
Salem Student To Handle
Education Exposition News
Labor Council Favors
Bowlder Dam Project
Inactive, however, his friends; You cannot adequately explain the
from coast to coast and border to
harder have been very busy In his
behalf with the result that in the
conversations among the demo-
United States in statistics of po
notation, of' commerce or of
wealth.Thertf is a power above all
these which gives- final direction
Static leaders at their meetingl to our public opinion and estab-
V t
50 V. ft. National Bank Bldg.
Office Telephone 850
Re. Telephone 4JW
Corvallis, Jan. 21. Julian Pres
cott of Salem has been appointed
to help in handling news on the
campus for the fifth annual Edu
cational exposition here February!
17 and 18. He will be in charge
of material from the school of en
gineering, military department,
school of pharmacy, school of
mines, and school of chemical en
gineering. Prescott Is a sopho
more In military science and tac
tics. Each year approximately S00
delegates from the high schools of
Oregon attend this exposition. It's
purpose is to help the high school
students by exhibits and vocation
al guidance lectures to choose a
college career wisely, either here
or elsewhere. Visiting students
see the work of each division of
the college and hear national ex
perts In vocational guidance.
MIAMI, Fla., Jan. 21. (AP)
The executive council of the Amer
ican Federation of Labor favors
construction of the Boulder Can
yon dam "in such fashion as to
protect the rights of all parties."
and approves the proposed senate
Investigation of power companies
"without making the investigation
a political football."
Announcement of the council's
attitude was made by President
William Green at the close of to
day's session of the council, which
adjourned today to Monday. A
telegram from the council to Sen
ator Jamea H. Watson of Indiana,
rhatrman of the committee In
which the power company lnves
tlgatlon resolution rests, suggested
that the matter be handled by non
partisan experts.
Cheerful. And
kitchen. The
sunparlor should ; always be gay.
And the bedroom restful. These
qualities you may best obtain by
the correct use o? color.
There are many things to be
considered in choosing colors be
sides the laws of color harmony.
First come the size and exposure
of the room. Certain colorB are
warm and advancing yellow,
cream, rose and orange. The cool
receding colors are blue, gray.
green and lavender. Green is less
recessive than blue and gray. You
will want to use warm colors in a
room where sunlight Is lacking
vellow. esDeciallv is good. But
these colors. If overused, make an
already bright room harsh. They
are also to be avoided for a very
small room. Receding colors are
best for; this purpose because they
give an effect of Increased size
The receding colors are also the
most restful.
The 1 most difficult problem
comes In decorating a small sun
less room. In this case It will be
best to choose a receding color for
the walls and to supply the neces
sary warmth in furniture, draper
ies. rugs, etc. and possibly In the
Everv color scheme should be
based on the laws of color harm
ony. The primary colors are red
yellow and blue. The secondary
colors are orange (red plus yel
low), green (yellow plus blue)
and vloet (blue plus red). There
Is also the relationship of comple
mentary colors. ' Yellow Is com
plementary to violet, blue to or
ange, and green to red. On this
basis we have three types of col
or combinations, the monochrom
atic, the analogous, and the com
plementary. The monochromatic
uses only one color but In any
number of tints or shades. The
analogous scheme consists of col
ors formed rrom comninaraons oi
the primary and secondary colors,
adjacent to one another In the col
or spectrum. And the comple
mentary uses complementary col
ors. To Illustrate. A room la
the monochromatic type ef color
harmony might have cream for
the celling, pale yellow for the
walls and a deeper yellow for the
over draperies. Blue, blue green,
and blue violet would represent
the analogous scheme, and light
green, gray green, grayish red and
red the complementary.
Remember that, room to room
thereafter the tax commis
sion shall estimate the total rev
enue necessary for the mlscellan
eous purposes of the state govern
ment, and al30 the amount of any
surplus or estimated surplus re
maining in the state treasury
from whatever sources derived
avallaTxle fpr the payment of the
general expenses of the state, and
tUa otlmstAil riAt ravanua to be
the ideal of simplicity Is especially , deplyed from tne t levied on in.
mponani, lor iuee lBiures ui. . . t caiendar year.
me room are, essenwany, iue .,, tmm th.
backgroud. Plain painted walls ',,, oatimfttd surnlus
Beauty through color and sim
plicity is the keynote to modern
decoration. In choosing finishes
for walls, woodwork and floors,
or walls decorated in son tones,
and simple design are best. Some
of the novel painted finishes sup
ply Individuality In wall decora
tion without the pronounced pat
tern that is to be avoided for the
background. For rugs, likewise,,
It is Important that tho figures,
should not be too pronounced or!
the color in any degree harsh.
A final word of advice on the.
importance of tnmness. scurrea
up floors or woodwork that Is
showing the signs of wear, walls
that are Just beginning to be
grimy, or shabbiness in any form
will completely spoil any decora-
. . , i .
tive scheme. wooawora snouiui
be given a fresh coat of enamel or
varnish regularly, floors need
revarnishing once every year or
two, and walls must be kept im
maculate by washing or repaint
ing. No home is attractive if
shabby or untidy, but the simplest
room can be coiy If It has color
and if It Is kept fresh and Immaculate.
and the estimated net revenue
from the tax levied on income
shall be less than the amount to
ibe raised for state purposes.
commission shall levy such
One of the Finest Cough
syrups made
Gives Immediate Relief
From Coughing and
Throat Irritation
Sold only at
133 N. Com'I St.
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Polar Expedition Now
Changed Through Aviation
BERLIN (AP) General No
bile, the Italian airship construc
tor and arctic aviator, in a lecture
on "The airship In the service-of
arctic exploration." at the Charlot-
mhnrr Polvtechnlc. described
how aviation had completely rev
olutlonized polar exploration
I.. that todav It was
yum bins v - -
possible to fly from Spitsbergen in
tfi hours to the spot which took
Frltjof Nansen In 1898 three days
tn reach.
Of the two means of aerial lo
comotion. General Noblle gavs
preference to the airsiilp, from
which, he said, better and more
scientific investigations were pos
sible than from an airplane, be
cause It could be brought to i
standstill In midair at a certain
k.iht hoaides allowing of a
greater radius of action.
From the experiences of his po
lar flight. May 11th to 14th, 1926.
the speaker deduced that to pre-
Death Takes Director
of Bank of England
LONDON', Jan. 21. (AP).
Lieutenant Colonel Michael Sey
mour Spencer-Smith, 47, director
of the Bank of England, died to
day from Injuries received while
motoring. - He was the youngest
son of the late Rev. Spencer Comp-
ton Spencer-Smith, vlcer of King
ston, Dorsetahlre.
Colonel Spencer-Smith served
through the war with distinction
and for a time was on the staff
of the Canadian corps, heavy ar
tillery. In France. Earlier he was
in the king's royal rifle corps. Hf
referred the military cross and
was made a companion of the dla- est 'tribunal
tlagulahed service order. her pet.
Kansas City Man Takes
Money At Longview, Wn.
LONGVIEW. Wash., Jan. 21.
(AP). Fred Zeike, 28, of Kansas
City was today sentenced to from
one to 15 years In Monroe reform
atory when he pleaded guilty to a
charge of appropriating $186 from
a stare of which he had been ap
nninted manager a few days be
Attorneys for Zelke made a plea
for his parole, but Judge H. E.
McKenney overruled the plea with
the declaration that paroles en
courage crime.
Appeal In Behalf of Dog
Thrown Out of High Court
MT. ST ERLlNd. Ky., Jan. 21
(AP). The appeal in behalf of
"Kaiser Bill.' German police dog.
charged with, sheep killing and
sentenced to death was dismissed
In circuit court here today. Judge
Henry-Prewitt decided he had nc
The dog was convicted in e
court and his mistress announced
she would take the case to the
court of appeals, Kentucky's hlgh-
ln an effort to aave
' FOR. Iry-ir" i''
of Brand tfew
Regular 75c
Double Face
35c each
3 for $1.00
,New Songs, Dance Numbers, Instrumental, Hawaiian,
in fact almost anything you may desire, inese records
hare just been discontinued from the 1928 catalog.
Geo. C. Will Music House
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U tradit urk f Barr lUnfactan of UaaecUcaei4tatar f tflcrttaa
You Wouldn't Race-the "Limited'
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