The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, January 22, 1928, Page 14, Image 14

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Elimination of Dining Room is Latest Wrinkle
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! 1 I i TUU-HO.WS
Eliii:;iiation of the din iik loom ;-rate in the house of today is one of the features of the
, small house planning, and the house plan shown today does away with this waste space by
making use of a breakfast nook of good size for the intimate family meals, using the dining
room space on thf first floor for a master bedroom. .
This five-room house has three bedrooms, one on the first floor and two on the upper half
story. All of the bedrooms are large and provided with ample closet space. One of the fea
tures of the plan is the large livfng room, which can be used for a dining room when entertain
ing large parties. The living room is 15x25 feet and has three exposures, insuring complete
cross ventilation during the summer nionths. The fireplace is located at the front of the house
npTf to the porch, which has a small entry.
The kitchen Is designed to eliminate unnecessary steps on the part of the house-wife, through
compactness. This room has two exposures and as planned provides plenty of built-ins.
Two sets of blueprints may be obtained for a nominal cost upon application to
Spaulding Logging Co.
Salem, Oregon Telephone 1830
Some Mills Resuming Oper
ations and Prices Said
To Be Holding Own
Notwithstanding that many of
the best sales-managers in the Pa
cific -northwest are seriously and
conscientiously endeavoring to ob
tain fifty cents to two dollars
more for many items on the list,
and, notwithstanding that busi
ness Is coming through In consid
erable volume at these advanced
pTlces, It Is no easy matter to close
new business at the meager ad
vances which are asked. This may
be due In part to the fact that
commission buyers and wholesal
ers are still strenuously endeavor
ing to cover old business at old
prices and there are always some
who are willing to accept business
at old prices knowing full well
that prices have advanced, but
trusting to their buying skill to
persuade mills to protect them on
the old basis. While a great deal
of new business has developed
during the past two weeks, much
of this has been absorbed by big
mills so that numerous other
small companies have not In
creased their order files mater
Atlantic coast business did not
develop as had been expected on
account of uncertainty In regard
to February rates. It Is now stat
ed that this matter has been defi
nitely arranged bo that there Is
no possibility of a break In rates
during the next six weeks. This
ought to result In stabilitvip. that
market for the present aYeast.
One of the features of the mar
ket has been the rail, yard and in
dustrial demand from points east
of Chicago. This territory has
been coming into the market in
good shape and Is filling In nicely
until about February 1 when busi
ness west of Chicago is expected to
open up In volume.
For the past two weeks develop
ments have been .very favorable
from the manufacturing stand
point, particularly on account of
almost total suspension of lumber
i manufacturing and logging In
Oregon on account of one of the
worst snow storms in years. This
enforced curtailment lasted from
a week to two weeks and many
camps are still unable to operate.
There has also been enforced cur
tailment In southern parts of
Washington and In the higher sec
tions of the state.
The log market la exceptionally
strong. Some Paget j Sound log
gers are threatenimg to add an
other dollar to the prie, but mill
men declare they can hot possibly
pay even present prices. Many
mills, even now, are having to
shut down intermittently on ac
count of scarcity of logs. One good
sired Pacific mill with logging
camps, is seriously considering
suepending its manufacturing ac
tivities and sellfng its Jogs. This
company maintains it; can make
nothing on the spread in the price
of logs and the price obtained for
the manufactured product.
Many shingle mills, including
some of the larger ones, have re
sumed operations. This has not
had a very good effect on the mar
ket although prices are holding.
It seems to be the opinion of au
thorities that as soon as the pres
ent surplus of cedar logs is cut up.
which will not take long, raw
cedar will be considerably higher.
This may have some effect on the
price of shingles. (Reprint from
West Coast Lumberman January
15. 1928.)
Winfield Scott Has Had Con
siderable Experience In
Special Work
Winfield Scott has been appoin
ted director of public relations for
the western division of the Na
tional Lumber Manufacturers' as
sociation, with headquarters in
San Francisco. His jurisdiction
extends over California, Oregon,
Washington, British . Columbia.
Idaho, Montana, Utah. Nevada and
For the past three years Scolt
has been writing and speaking for
the California Redwood associa
tion, and California White & Su
gar Pine Manufacturers associa
tion and the California Protective
association. His public relations
work Includes a period of several
years with the Western Pacific
railroad. He will have to do with
all publication and public relations
work except advertising.
Scott is widely known In Cali
fornia both as a writer and a
speaker. In the past three years
he has spoken to perhaps 200.
000 people on re-forestation, tim
ber conservation, fire control and
prevention and similar topics. He
is to extend this line of work
throughout the coast and tho?e
intermountaln states that come
wihin his Jurisdiction, speaking to
men's and women's clubs and
higher institutions of learning.
Automobile fatalities for the
52 weeks ending December 3rd,
totaled 6,9(59. according to figures
just announced by the U. S. Cen
sus bureau. This is an Increase of
three por cent over the 52-week l
narttut last rear when 6,f 58 per
sons were killed by automobiles.
Figures compiled by the American
Motorists asociatlon, show that
this . year there were 12.1 persons
killed per 100,000, against 20.07
per 100,000 killed last year. The
figures cover only the 77 largest
cities of the United States.
Purchases Five Acre
Tract and Will Build
A. A. Harms, formerly of Good
ing, Idaho, has purchosed a five
acre track from Alex Rowland. The
tract Is located In what is know"
as the Hollywood acreage about-Ny
two miles nonneasi oi aaiem. vj.
K. Middleton, 304 Oregon build
ing, made the deal. They will take
possession at once, making this
their home. Mr. Harms Is a car
penter by trade.
;!.- Mill Nt.
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II :i
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