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When It is Something New or a
Special Item in
We offer you Coty for a limited
Coty Compact power with refill
One Extra Coty Compact refill
Owl Agency
Ha worth to Address
Rev. Charlfs C. Haworth, pae
t'r of the South Salem Friends
uirch, will be the speaker at the
U-itary club at noon today. Ills
subject will be "International
Walk'-r Bros.
Crystal Gardens Wednesday,
IVrt-olateri Coffee Always c
Black Cat Restaurant. There's
:te better. Visit to Portland
Mr. and Mrs. James Daly were
r-vent visitors in Portland, where
f-;oy were registered at the Coll
ar hotel.
Bargains in Winter Coats "
K urn mage Sale. 14So. High.
A ' Im Carte Service
In Dining Room. Marion Hotel.
Koniicke Released
August Romieke. arrested re
f ntly on a charge of driving while
intoxicated, was yesterday releas
h,i on $500 bond pending further
developments in the case.
Try Nifty Bob Shop for Kujfene
i PtTin. wave or marcel Tel. 2.0.
Furniture Upholsterer -
And repairing. Giese-Powera
Furniture Co. "
Bank Sues on Note
The State Bank of Huobard yes
t i day began action in circuit
curt against Hardy E. DimicJc. for
$iS5 alleged to be due on a note.
Ij'erest, costs, and $75 attorney's
f -es is also asked.
Rummage Sale 9:00 o'Clock . .
Thursday and Friday. 148 So.
White Mountain Honey
Is the best. Phone Mead at
The Jury in the case of George
( Wills vs. J. II . Shafer returned
a verdict in favor of the plaintiff
in the sum of $373 in circuit court
h -re yesterday.
ltM Calendars Free, Homer H.
Smith Ins. Ageucy. over Millers.
Start the Day Right
With a refreshing up ot per
olated coffee. Always 5c. at the
Black Cat restaurant.
Stockman Relea-ed
Ernest Stockman, who was ar
rested the day before for investi
gation, was released from the city
jail Tuesday.
7 150 Beautiful I-ot .
Perfect view loads of trees.
.';w $3100. Fairmount Hill on
I.effelle between Fairmount and
Jo'ar.6. Becke & Hendricks, 183
N. High street.
I.atin Program Tonight
The Latin club of Salem high
school is offering its annual en
tHrtainment at 7:30 p. m. Wed
nesday, January 18 In the high
school auditorium. An excellent
program of music and plays has
been arranged, and reminiscences
of Rome will be given by Miss
21 acres two miles from Sa
lem, all fenced and level; old
house, good, big barn. Price
$3 800. with small payment
down and easy terms on bal
ance. 8-Room house and two lots,
good location. $200 cash and
balance $25 per month at 6
27 Acres five miles from Sa
lem; fruit, running water, 12
acres in cultivation, nearly two
acres in peaches. Price $2000,
halt cash.
600 To Loan
We have $600 private money
to loan at once on good real
estate security In Salem.
442 State St. Tel. 2 6 SO
You will find it at The Capital Drug Store
The two at special price
Heist who has just recently re -
turned from that city. The pub -
lie is cordially invited to attend;
this program. A small admission;
fee will be charged.
Coffee 5c per Cup
Made fresh every half hour the'ond usher; Elma White, first di
percolated way at the Black Cat. j rectress; Elizabeth Atkinson, sec-
Would Yon Give a t.lft
Of something entirely different? i
Visit the gift room at Pomeroy &j
Bicycle Ugh! less
IMllio Skewis. 1697
street, was fined $1 in police court'
Tuesday for riding a
night without lights.
bicycle at
Gond'fi or 7 Per Cent
Investments. See Lafiar, Ladd!
& Bush Bank Building.
For Sulwwriptions or Renewal
For Harper's Bazar. Interna- j
tional Studio, Motor Boating or i
Town and Country, Tel. 2369J.
Held For Investigation
James Purcell and James Lar-(
. . . ,,
son were arrested ov uie nonce1"
a t.-.r !,.. otira.l
Auction Wed. Night 7:00 p. m.
Lady's wrist watch, jewelry,
electric sewing machine, furniture,
rugs, etc. F. N. Woodry's auction
market, 1610 North Summer.
Will Build House
J. F. Callahan took out a build
ing permit Tuesday for construc
tion of a dwelling costing $200.
at 1175 Rural avenue.
Fir Street Fairmount Lot
Trees view -A. 45x150 for
$1250 cash. 5S other Fairmount
Hill lots from $800 to $5500.
Becke & Hendricks, 139 N. High
Speeder Draws Fine
E. J. Coffey, who was declared
by the arresting officer to have
been driving 45 miles an hour on
South street Monday, was fined
$7.50 in municipal court Tuesday.
A Number of Installment
Bonds at a sacrifice for quick
sale or would trade for lot or car.
See Lafiar, Ladd & Bush Bank
Company Given Verdict
A verdict in favor of the plain
tiff was returned yesterday by the
jury in the case of Ames Hard
ware companys vs. Richard Arsel
ainan. The company was awarded
the sum of $204.26.
Why Get the Wife Out
Of bed these cold mornings?
Special 30c breakfast with perco
lated coffee always 5o at the
Black Cat restaurant.
Tire and Rim Stolei
H. G. Malson, commander of
Capital Post No. 9, American Le
gion, reported to the police Tues
day morning that a tire and rim
had been stolen from his auto
mobile. 4 Center Street
Corners. Two for sale two for
lease. Look ahead 5 years and in
vestigate now". Becke & Hen
dricks, 189 N. High street.
Stolen Car Quickly Found
L. A. Wheelright reported to the
police Tuesday forenoon that his
Dodge automobile had been stol
en from Church street opposite the
postoffice. In less than two hotir3
after the report was made, the car
was recovered. Mr. Wheelright's
address is 1855 Center street.
$500 Down Brand Xew Home
Five rooms and large attic,
every modern feature including re
frigeration eystem complete with
paving paid off large lot. Price
now $5500.00. Finished to aolt
at 955 Tamarack street. Becke
Hendricks. 189 N. High street.
Adelantes Elect
The Adelante Literary society
of Willamette university Tuesday
afternoon elected officers for the
coming semester as follows: Irene
405 State
Merl Crites, vice president; Kath-
ryn Everett, recording secretary;
Georgia Fairbanks, corresponding
secretary; Ruby Curtis, treasurer;
Dorothy Ellis, first critic; Cynthia
Pier, second critic; Dorothy Brant
firsh usher; Loretta Fisher, sec
ond directress; Norabell Pratt,
first kitchen custodian; Agnes
Emmel, second kitchen custodian.
Auction Wed. Night
7:30 p. m. Lady's wrist watch,
jewelry, electric sewing machine
furniture, rugs, etc. F. N. Wood
ry's auction market.
1610 North
Visit Salem Friend
Mr. and Mrs.
Mr. and Mrs. II. H. Bright
Miles City, Montana, were visitors
in Salem last night, guests of Mr.
and Mrs. Heathfield. proprietors
of the Argo restaurant. They
were formerly fellow townsmen at
Mile's City. Mr. Bright is cashier
of the First National bank here.
A Good Investment
Filling station, store building.
r .... Kin i. anH rr a 1 a 1 t -l fTa t f laiirl
""'" " " -
See Melvin Johnson, 320 U. S.
Bank BldJ?hpne 637.
Former, -Local JPfrto Wes--..,
Rev.A.t4CAwU,: litfwerty
pastor oi tne varviiM iiiauc;
Tabernacle here, di4Jh BcaHe
Sunday evening at 7:1a otlocls.
The body will be brought to Sa
lem for burial. Funeral services
i will be held at Rigdon's chapel
this afternoon at 3 o'clock. Dr.
W. W. Newberry, district superin
tendent of the Christian Alliance,
will have charge of the funeral.
Rev. Caswell is survived by his
Boxing Salem Armory Arena
Wed., Jan. 18. Phil Bayes vs.
Chuck Hellman. a real Madison
Square Garden Main Eventer,
SnaDDV preliminaries. 28 rounds
of boxing scheduled.
License Issued
A marriage license was yester
day issued from the office of the
Marion county clerk to Francis
E. Ellis, 25, of Silverton. and Eth
el Glennon. 24, of Garden Valley.
Idaho. Announcement was made
of performance the ceremony at
the Presbyterian manse last night
Mr. Ellis graduated from Willam
ette university last spring and
since that time has become asso
ciated with the J. C. Penney store
at Silverton.
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be brought and installed in the
state flax plant for around that
Will Pay For Themselves
Each machine will pay for it
self every little while, by the sav
ing on fiber; by the greater per
centage-of high quality fiber re
covered from the straw, and by
the higher priced product i deliv
ered for the market. To say noth
ing of saving on labor cost.
There will no doubt be some
short cuts found in operating the!
machines. It would be strange if
thi3 were not done, in this inven
tive American setting. But the
principle of the operation of the
machine is correct. And withal
simple. One wonders why it was
ind All Ages
Safe and
Children like
it. Mothers
endorse it All
users recom
mend it.
ii m
We hare several cheap touring
cars of different makes, that
are in fine condition and will
give real transportation. Priced
from $35.00 to 1150.00.
the House That Service Built
not invented before, at some point
along the way back 6000 years to
the beginnings of the flax indus
try, in Egypt, and in the Bible
lands. But that Is true of every
great invention. Each one Is sim
pie to the Inventory and to most
other DeoDle after the trick is
A Lot of Things
A great many things are sure to
follow the installing of this auto
matic scutching machine. It will
mean the easy handling of 3000
acres of flax to be planted this
year, against the 2000 acres of
last year for the state flax plant
The same as to the 4000 acres
that will probably come next year
and the 8000 acres that will be
grown for the state within a few
years. And the growing of addi
tional thousands of acres for pri
vate account, to be finished in lo
cal scutching plants all over the
valley, by free labor.
For the state flax plant, this
will mean more retting talks. It
will mean more room for drying
the retted flax. It will mean the
extension of tho walls around the
prison at least the enlarging of
thtf srttek"des, in order to have
more room to carry on the opera
Lions of the industries there. It
will mean the erection of an office
building, in order better to accom
modate the growing business of
the industries there. They run up
above $1000 a day now, for seed
and cow feed and fiber and tow
and agricultural lime and all the
rest. The business will double, and
double again, and then keep on
mounting. The limit will likely be
SOlmj acres of flax for the state
llax plant but there is no pre
dicting what the limit will be for
the state lime plant.
The pri.son machine shops are
working now on the making of 10
new flax pulling machines, for
use in harvesting the crop of this
year in addition to the 20 mach
ines now in this district. No tell
ing how far this may go. Likely
4tthe flax pulling machines for
thfjUtedjStates will be manu
fAfURttCfiittrJJkiajirison shops.
Jh&: f ociaivHft - a
reryarSA erer4 r
Ofe-UflAheaiw g
The state flax platl working
on orders now from Belfast for
line fiber and tow. Already, in the
past nine months, there have been
sales of this kind running up to
There will be increasing use of
the fiber and tow turned out here
in the two Salem linen milli.
The Miles Linen companyJJ"7J,
its annual meeting on Monday?
ning found that, excepting your
charges for depreciation, etc. La old
mill held its own for 1921
that it is now working full 44
on orders, including sack j ,nJ
and fish net twine and
harness thread; and is empl-l fjC)
a night force for some of t hi j
erations. And is doing a p-1"?
akin K.,ol-nnn I.V. .
larger profits In the near fu h
A machine for making nets'.
been ordered, which, when re '
ed, will enable this mill to i?'
very substantial advances i
profitable operations. 0
The time will no doubt
when the two Salem mills w
.IP A I ft
quire a much larger popotio
the fiber turned out at the I o
flax plan. But there will ha 0 '
be a lot of speeding up, andjRKST
time operation, to keep wis
hailing distance of the larger
larger operations at the state30;
plant 7x"i
And with the private plants Ore
will spring up all over the r,"T,
ley, now that their profitable! j
eration is in sight, with the us "!
the automatic scutching maeh-2
a ;
Songster's Favor fci((.
Seed for choice S
birds. on
Free advice on t
care of pets.
Flake's Petlanlrt
273 State
Jul Makes Used Machine
Phone C51 421 Court St.
Our life's work
been spent in study
the healing propei
of Chinese herbs
now daily we rel
those suffering
stomach, liver and
ney trouble, rheu
V-J tism and gall sto
also disorders of
women and children.
Free Consultation Call or W
Open 0 A. M. to 8 P.
420 State St.SaIem.Oreg
Moroni Oisen Cast Pleases
Jn Veracious Story of
; American Life
By Roxella Bunch
A! packed house witnessed the
delightful presentation of Owen
Davis' clever drama. "The De
tour'f at the Capitol theater by
the Moroni Olsen players last
This play. one of the best
American dramas vividly depicts
the narrow attitude toward life of
the inhabitants of remote sections
of the older states.
Charming Janet Young might
be called the "leading lady" of the
play only that that terra is too
limited for her remarkable versa
tility. Miss Young has appeared
in character roles from that of a
child to a grandmother. In the
production last night she took the
part of Helen Hardy.
Moroni Olsen portrayed Steptten
Hardy, a farmer who had become
a slave to his land; whose one
goal in life was the acquiring of
more land.
Perhaps, Mr. Olsen is best de
scribed by the adjective "big." He
is six feet three and one half inch
es in height. His acting, too, has
a quality that can best be de
scribed by this one adjective. Al
though he has a most generous
attitude toward his fellow players
he dominates the scene complete
ly when he steps on the stage and
speaks in his deep, resonant voice.1
The daughter of this couple
Kate, was portrayed by the lovely
Dorothy Adams who won all
hearts when seen here last as one
of the twins in the presentation
of "The Lilies of the Field."
- Byron Kay Folger appeared
once again' in the character roles
which he does so admirably. Last
uight he took the part of Tom
Lane, a neighboring farmer whose
numerous troubles and tribula
tions added some exquisite humor
:o the production.
; The work of Mr. and Mrs. La
nont (Gordon Nelson and Leora
Thatcher) was noteworthy.
Other well-known members of
the company who had prominent
parts included Harry R. Allen
(Ben Glenney: Joseph E. Wil
liams (Weinstein); and Thomas
Osborn (Jake).
"The X)etour" concents a fam
ily living in an isolated commun
ity. The mother, blessed or cursed
with a Jittle education, regrets
having given up her girlhood am
bition that might have led to a
great career as an artist, to marry
Stephen Hardy, a farmer. Denied
all cultural expression for herself,
she lives in the determination to
see her daughter advanced in the
career that she, herself, gave up.
To this end she scrapes and saves
for years to have th enecessary
sum that will enable Kate to study
painting in New York.
The love element enteis into
the story in the person of Tom
Lane who hag chanced his all in
the building and' equipping of a
garage to cater to the ever-growing
tourist traffic. At the same
time Stephen, the father, whose
ambition is to acquire more and
UJ.more- land for as he says he
coit little lioius pa:a lar or n go.,..
equity Um hom will hr!p you bridif
over tl hirJ place. We liamll ren
tals and will 1 glad to help tou fin
the jj!nrlf yuu want but let in help you
fiud a permanent home. Hera are a
few :
Sin roim house in North pnrt of eit-j.
full baneineut, garage, wood alirJ, nice,
largn cherry and apple tress. Price
$3500.00 on term to utt.
A fiv room home on paved street with
five hffernt stafe passing at brief
Internals during day. This home 1
nw and modern with furnace. Trice
$ :200.00 on i.-r:us.
A five acre rani:h with laree gar
ajre. wood shed, fruit trees, one acre
itrawherrie and other small fruit.
Close in and a barzajn at $300.00.
Thee are only samples: we have a
splendid linn of listings from which to
select. Call in.
Room 304. Oregon Bldg. I'hone 2308
TTere is the way you ran own your
own home by paying a small sum of
money down and the balance like rent.
!." csh down. bl. monthly. Price
$idO." Or $335 caih down, balance at
$10, and Interest per month.
$100 DOWN. PRICE $1500
Can you imagine itf that you could
buy a new 5 room plastered bungalow
w ith electric light, good plumbing, eon i
Crete foundation, garage, wood shed, ee
ment walks; owner away must sell at a
sarrifiee price. His loss your gain.
Buy a htne of your own and be thriftT.
j j"oo KTfc x home for $5O0
u xvMoius up 10 me minute. r ire-
place, full basement, furnace, sta. wash
trays, located on corner lot. east front
one of the best locations in town, im
mediate potesion.
Opportunity knocks at ytiur door
AbnTe buys yon can't pass up if you
are T.brifty. Boy and Own your own
home. '
or J. 1). fEKS
" St te St. K:vfi C
-j ' :. SUHLC
W fc&NyAN MtfNEyj J RW.WY.y ) THERE'S MORE TH&H ilWl
rr ' r Si .... J
is tarn, gives It to Tom Lane, who
Is thus enabled to satisfy his
K&ts, the daughter, finds hap
piness In her awakened love for
the boy and the others are satis
fied each in his own way. Even
the mother finds some solace in
commencing ggain to save for the
graciughter who hasn't been
born yet. that she may have the
opportunity that her mother re
fused. An undercurrent of simple
humor born of comic lines nad sit
uations lightens the seriousness of
an otherwise ecthralliug drama.
The end of hte play left the
audience with a feeling not quite
of satisfaction, and with an ache
in their throats for the mother
who sacrificed so much for a
dream which proved in vain.
The players have been brought
to Salem under the auspices of the
local Lions club. Those who were
privileged to view the play last
night and the previous production
of the season, by John Hastings
Turner. "The Lilies of the Field"
ar eeagerly anticipating the nex
appearance in Salem of the Moroni
olsen players.
Commendation of the actions of
General Volk, 12"
South Com
Arthe residence, 1174 N. 17th
itreet, Monday. January 16, Fred
O. Bartholomew, age 66 vears
husband of Carrie Bartholomew,
father of Gladys and Lyle Barthol
omew and Mrs. Lurline Gillette
)f California. Funeral services
Thursday, January 19 at 1:30 p
'ii., from the Rigdon mortuary, in
erment Lee Mission cemetery.
At Seattle, January 15, Rev
Howard Eaton Caswell, age 76
vears. Survived by his wife, the
Mrs. Rev. Caswell. Funeral serv
ices Wednesday. January IS, at 3
:. m.. from the Ridgon mortuary.
Interment Cityview cemeterv.
At the residence, 554 North
Liberty street, Monday, January
16, Mrs. Mary A. Darby, widow of
the late W. II. Darby, stepmother
f W. F. Darby of Ashland, Mrs.
Bertha Logan of Seaside. Mra
Laura Crass of Vancouver, Wash..
Mrs. L. Belle Stum of Toppenish.
Wash., and Dr. W. H. Darby of Sa
lem, sister of J. T. Rankin, of Ran
kin, Okla. Funeral services Wed
nesday, January 18th at 1:30 p
m., from the Rigdon mortuary. In
terment Cityview cemetery.
In this city. Monday, January
16., Mary Elizabeth Reed, age 67
years, wife of Oacar Reed; sister
of J. E. Havner of Pasadena. Calif..
James Havner of Los Angeles and
Dual Havner. of Colorado. Fun
eral services Wednesday, January
18 at 10:30 a. m.. from the Rig
don mortuary. Interment City
view cemetery.
Perfect Funeral Service
KtML LdlJW-'STjuuiuaii VI
with 1 acre of good land. ,'i larga rooms.
nuill ins nook, water system, c . .c t r ic
lichts. woodshed A' caraee. Pr:t
$3500, cash $1000. balance eat..
I.KO N. OHI1.DS CO.. RealjM
' -0 State Street. Phone 1.'7
State St. Tel. t'3.t. Distributing, for
warding and tturaje our specialty, (let
our rates.
hold good. Our specially is piai.o and
. furniture un iti aj. We also make coun
trjr trips. We handle the best coal nj;
wood. Call on us for prices. We give
good measure, good quality ':d gnod
service. I.aruier Transfer Co.. Tel. 930.
WANTED-Real Estate 71
ing residence lots. What nave you f
I can sell them.
290 Jf. Church. Telephone 230
As first payment on attractive five
room bungalow located on X. 20th St.,
near IV St.. has firepljce. paved street
and in first class condition in every
way. Prle tiT.0. Will take small
payment or good lot as first payuieut,
balance easy monthly payments.
134 S. I.'bert) Street
Office 304 South Commensal St. Ten
per cent discount on domestic fiat rate
paid in advance. No deduction for ab
sence or any cause unles water is (hut
off yiMir premiaes
mercial street. In putting a "flan
ger" sign opposite a broken pow
r wire la front ot tb e t
City Superintend George Hog
and ther notifying the company
of the situation) Is contained In a
letter which the Portland Electric
Power company has sent Mr. Volk.
The letter, a copy of which was
furnished The Statesman by the
I'omptury, follows:
Dear Mr. Volk:,
We have just learned that it
was you who during the recent
storm placed a -"Danger" sign op-
posite one of the broken wires in j
front of the residence of your for-j
mer neighbor. Mr. George Hug,
on South Commercial street, and
then notified our Trouble Depart
ment that the wire was broken.
We wish to expre&s our appre
ciation of your actions in this mat
ter, for by so doing it is quite pos
sible that you prevented one or
more persons from being serious
ly shocked, if not killed.
Such public spirited service in ,
-eekiag to protect the life and pro-
perty of ones fellow citizens, is
most deervink of praise,.
Sf .av . v y
LADD & BUSH, Bankers
Established 1868
General Banking Business
Office Hours from 10 a. m. to 3 p. m.
Let Kennell-Ellis
Make Your View and Commercial
Pictures, Any Time, Any Place
Old Photographs Copied
Often you want old photographs reproduced, but tear entrust
ing them to strangers.
Our reputation assures the safety and proper care ot your
picture, which we will copy, enlarge, frame or hand color at
a price lower than the unknown agent can otter.
Kennell-Ellis Studio
420 Oregon Bldg.
U. S. L. Golden
U. S. L. BUT
1. We do not sell a new
ktter value by repairing his
2. We give an eight months adjustment guarantee cover
ig every repair.
3. If a repair cannot be guaranteed we do not make It ana
bow the owner why.
4. We supply for replacement the exact size ana type ui
attery designed to go in the car.
& Before making a repair or placing a new battery In a
ar we check up the operation of the other electrical unlta.
-a or rMnonalhle to the owner for satisfactory operation of
lie battery regardless of conditions outside of it.
6 We consider that our Job Is to render aepenuauie mm
, e and that "the longer we can make the old battery last, the
urer we are of eventually selling the owner a new one."
7. We pledge to our customers the kind of service we
ould want to receive.
Vick Brothers
ligh St. at Trade Salem, Oregon
Lng and Short Distance Hauling
Public and Private Storage
Fireproof Building
Free Delivery to any part of the city.
Farmers Warehouse
Day Telephone 28 Night Telephone 1267-W
It It regmtable, but tn; that
tSTeften Mr. Average Citizen,
ing a broken wire, s dangerous
hole tn a sidewalk or street, or
some dangerous obstruction In a
street, Is inclined to say to him
self "O, well, that Is none of my
business. Bomeoae whose business
It Is to do so. frill take car of It"
and very often that "Someone"
does not come along until after
there has been an accident.
It is surprising In how many
cases during the recent storm we
were not advised of broken wires
until our own men saw them in
th course of their work, whereas
hundreds and probably thousands
of other citizens had seen the bro
ken wires before our men came
Of course in most cases we were
advised soon after the wires fell,
by citizens who were public spir
ited and thoughtful, as you were.
Again thanking you for your
cooperation in the matter, we are,
Yours truly, Portland Electric
Power Company. W. M. Hamilton.
Division Manager.
When Glasses Ard
New Location
Dr. C. B. O'Neal
Fourth Floor
First National Bank Building
Phone 6$
Rule Service
battery if we can give the owner
old one.
, .
it 1'
a i