The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, January 15, 1928, Page 13, Image 13

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v. ixn. m w h,w mcnm oDCBlar I of th stt. to take dva.ntaff of trees and Tiewa
to the rear upon the t-araen view;, ,
tHnlnf room and IcttdMB are well arraaKed. com
pletelr qvlppd with the facilities that make toward
ronrenlence In bouse keephift-. The location of the
- kitchen wKh reapeet to the arade entrance and
baaement vtalrway wlU appeal to efficient nouee
One flnde to tnls deelsn much that ia remlnteeent
of the small Knaiiah or French, countrreloe stnoco
house. From this It has taken the efcarra and
lmpUetty that are Sure to make their own appeal.
Thwre Is a side -te wtth a roof top separating the
. front yrd from the aerrlce entrance which adds In
k terestlnf qualities to the design.
tJ 1.1 IM
Coprrtatu 19i7 Ike AreaiUcte' SauU Eoom 8rrlee IM " of the Vnlted Btstes. Ins.
THERE are plans without number for fire and six
room bungalows, but two particular arrange
ments have the atrongcst appeal, especially where
economies are in order. In one of these arrange
merits the living: quarters of the house are separated
from the sleeping quarters and bath room by the
wall that runs down the center from front and back.
Thus living room, dining room and kitchen are ar
ranged on one side, with bed room, bath and second
bed room on the other. The other scheme Is to have
living room, dining room, kitchen In front and two
bed rooms in the rear. Both of these are old, well
established plans that have been found satisfactory
by thousands of home builders.
The design shown here, 5-D-35, is the second of the
two schemes described above, but its arrangements
comply with that formula only in the most general
way. Changing the direction- of the living room,
for example, is a variation which seems to make
a completely new plan scheme. The arrangement Is
!ound. There is the separation between living quar
ters and the morel private quarters of the house,
which should be possessed by every bungalow.
Tfodoubtedlv fhe most distinguishing feature ef
thla design la tie living room with its high cell
ing. This has sometimes been called a. "studio"
type room. The rafters form part ef the ceiling.
This makes possible the use of a, large window In
ihe front wall and adds a sense of luxury and
spaciousness at very nominal expense. The unique
quairtles of this room have been heightened by mak
ing a decorative feature of, the bookcases. These
hsve been built st each side of the fire place in Una
with the mantel and with it form a hand of decora
tion across this end of the room. The enjoyment of
Plan Ve. SDSt
I C 3fmCntH-blJn J "1 JUU- t
hit HIM
Two bedrooms are provided and an abundance of
well placed closets.
A terrace may be arranged at the side of the
er trance and before the living room. A. roofed
porch or sun room may be built in the corner back
of the living room.
C!onstrnctlen: Wood frame, exterior finish stucco.
Size of lot: Approximately 40 feet.
Facing-: Should be faced so as to make the most
maeh as they row lntns ami
laafth of-tlm. Reforestation by
pubUe agencies alga aag g on . a
long way. ? ;VM; rvVv-xf
The resolution passed by the
forestry body la of particular sig
nificance to the Pacific Northwest,
according to tne Bureau. The ac
tive aapport of f orasterf la stabil
ising the Northwest lumber Indus
try and In extending the sale of
Its products will bo of material aid
in furthering the prosperity of this
region. It Is essential to the suc
cess of such a program, though,
that the lumber Industry operate
on a sustained yield basis. Such
a - condition can hardly be hoped
for, the Bureau states, unless the
system of taxing be changed so
that lumbermen and timber own
ers will not be penalised for hold
ing growing timber. To create the
conditions most favorable for re
foresting. It will be necessary to
tax forests of the future as other
crops are taxed, when harvested. .
mn ODUCTion
Survey Covers Fir Districts
of Oregon and Wash
ington For Year
Special Service Planned For
Shareholders; MacDon
f aid Heads Group
from windows and of prevailing- winds; so as to se
cure also the msximum of sunlight In the principal
rooms. If necessary, it may be reversed.
ZOTTOm'S VOTE: The plsas fet small hosMs are
fsrsisaea sy the Bsgloaat Beieaas ef the Aicstteets
SstaU Emm Serrtee Miii ef the VaMeS States,
tea, aa ergaataatloa staae n ef the rssteseatattve
STUttsfrg eieattseu fiest leasing aacaftsstaMl etflses
tfereagsest the United States. This arsaa ts eea-
tr alias tee juaensaa issiiism ex wunm, m
ass the eBdersasMB ef the SesanaMat ef
TTaitaS States ssversaMat. X la svactteaQy a
mreSt SMktas pahUs servtee. asd ass as Ms
the fexmiehiag ef a very sesislsti
ssMril hemes miss iws ss sissast cast
sutlaai reasratas the else -vrtota aaa
sdaress Us Bssw Baftsiag BStter ef tats .
rer tafer-
Ossyrtght 1SST The ArealUeU' Sawn Hesse
Servtee Bsreas ef the TJnttea Stessa, Xne.
Bmfteersk Ottale
Survey Made By Service
Bureau and Various
Prices Listed
Only 9117 was the difference in
cost between brick and frame con
Seven types of wall were cov
ered in the cost report; Frame
with drop siding at $1107; frame,
with lap siding. $1112: frame
stucco, $1124; face brick $1224;
hollow tile and stucco $1232;
common brick and stucco $1316;
and cinder tile and stucco $1329.
These were all upon an 8-inch
concrete foundation wall to the
Joints. The only differences with
other types of foundation wall
were due to the costs of the foun
dation construction.
Common brick, walls were not
included In the surrey. The near
struction of a $6,000 one-story est approach was a common brick
bungalow in Denver as determined! wall stuccled. The stucco added
by a cost survey of small home' $222 to Its cost which aggregated
SL316. Deducting: this stucco
by the Architects Small House
Service Bureau of the United
States. The survey wss made
with the cooperation of the Port
land Cement association, the Den
ver Retail Lumbermen's asaocia- of
tlon and the Colorado Clay Prod
ucts association. It was very
complete and its findings were
approved by each of the material
associations named.
Prevailing wage scales with the
building trades at the time were
ras follows: Bricklayers $12. s
day; tile setters $13; plasterers
imimers fiv, carpenters 99
and hod carriers $7.
Material prices were: cement.
per sack, 80 cents, net; sand, cu
bic yard. $1.30; gravel, cubic
yard. $2; flue lining, 8x12. 35
cents a foot; form lumber, $4 4" a
thousand feet, board measure:
face brick, $25.50 a thousand;
- mortar, $5 a cubic yard; sheath
' ng lumber. No. 1, 144. and No.
2, $38 a thousand feet; drop sid
irg, No. 1, $60 a thousand feet;
L".p siding. No. 1, $55 a thousand
fot; 2x4's and 2xS's, $44 a thou
st nd feet; wood lath. $S a thou-
Brad; metal lath. . Z.2 lbs., per
yj rd, 24 V cents; common brick.
$16 a thousand.
The only difference in these
f p'-3 of construction lay In the
sts of building the exterior
ills, the foundations, roofs' and
inferior finish being the same in
either ease. Built upon an 8 inch
t cotsrete foundation to the Joists,
f "he costs of the walls were as fol
-w' lni' ?
V Frame wall of drop siding
footings $54; foundations $260;
chiocseys $131; fireplace $37;
firettopping $11; sills $17; stud
ding $60; wall places $13; sheath
ing. 88; ribbons and blocking $6;
drop siding $141; building paper
Sk - . a. . .. M
rjn ll plastering, interior, on wooa
X lath. $65; woodwork $19; paint
ing $72; hardware $23, and stuc
co base $28. Total $1107.
Face brick walls Footings
$54; foundations 260; brickwork
$505; chimneys $125; fireplace
$35; hardware $47; lumber $ 21 ;
woodwork $82; plastering inter
cost would leave the common
brick - wall costing $ 1.09 4 which
is $13 cheaper than its counter
part In- frame construction with
drop siding, and the cheapest wall
High pressure motor . lubrica
tion. together with the oil filter
and air cleaner on the 1928
Chandler, make frequent oil
changes unnecessary for Chandler
owners. In fact it is only neces
sary to change oil at long inter
vals, state Chandler service execu
tives, and not as regularly as is
the practice with most motorists.
Chandler, .-cylinder blocks are
machined: from -the. finest quality
fluxed lrdrt, free from sulphur and
all soft -spots. They are bored,
ground and honed to a mirror-like
finish with the most modern
equipment before Installation on
the chassis. This care in building
eliminates wear ' on compression
rings and Insure, long life to both
the pistons and rings. -
Great Progress in Refores
tation Noted In Many
Parts of Country
Longriew, Wn., January 14
Trade extension work for stabilis
ing the lumber industry was en
dorsed by the Society of American
Foresters in a resolution passed at
a meeting of the society In San
Francisco recently, according to
word received by the West Coast
Lumber Bureau. The resolution
also advocated the use of wood for
all purposes for which it la most
suitable, pointing out that when
Letter utilization is coupled with
effective steps for bringing about
the growth of new forests It would
be of great public benefit.
Great progress has - been made
in reforestation In many parts of
the country. It was brought out
at the meeting, both In changed
forest taxation and In fire pre
vention. The public has become
aware of the fire hazard as a vi
tal problem and is co-operating In
helping keep fires out of the
woods. Fire protection is devel
oping steadily. . Tax legislation
favorable to reforestation also Is
increasing, 130 laws and , amend
ments having to do with forest tax
ation and forest growing having
been passed in the United States
during 1927. An increasing num
ber of lumber: companies are r re
foresting their logged-oft land and
regulating their cut with the aim
of operating on a sustained yield.
PORTLAND, Ore., Jsn. 11.
The 1927 cut of all soft woods in
the fir districts of Oregon and
Wsshington totaled nearly 11
billion feet of lumber, which, ac
cording to the annual surveys of
the 4L organization, is 5 per cent
less than the 1926 cut of 12 bil
lion feet in the same districts.
Says the current issue of the Four
L Lumber News:
"In the pine territory east of
the Cascades the 1927 cut of near
ly 3 billion feet is 10 per cent less
than the 1926 cut
"The total cut of all soft woods
In both the fir and pine districts
of Oregon, Washington and Idaho
was one billion feet under the
1926 cut, or 7 per cent less than
the 1926 total of slightly more
than 15 billion feet.
Seventy-six per cent of the
lumber produced during 1927 in
the fir districts was cut by 155
major operations, while 24 per
cent was cut by more than 1000
smaller mills of capacities rang
ing from 5000 to 100,000 feet per
shift. The reduction of more than
250 million feet cut by Group 1
fir sawmills (the major group)
as compared with the 1926 cut of
this group, is accounted for by the
fact that a number of Group 1
mills, active during 1926, were in
active throughout 1927, while still
others were closed for six months
or more. These included the Stout
Lumber Co. and Coos- Bay, the
Mlckle and Peninsula plants in
Portland, the west mill on Grays
Harbor, the Dempsey plant In Ta
coma, and others.
"A comparison of extra shifts
operated during 1927 in all dis
tricts, both fir and pine, with those
cutting in. 1926, shows little
change . A review of 1927 curtail
ment shows that there was a no
ticeable reduction of output In sev
eral districts, both east and west
of the Cascades, but in the fir ter
ritory the reduction was largely
offset by increased production In
two or three districts.
"The actual number of major
operations in both fir and pine
territory has not changed mater
tally since a year ago. Plants that
were suspended, dismantled or de
stroyed by fire during the past
year have been replaced by others
oz practically equal total capac
The small sawmill operations of
both fir and pine- territory show a
decrease In number. The trend ap
pears to be toward fewer and larg
er operations, with the heaviest
'mortality during the past two
years in the Group 4 class, those
sawmills cutting 25 thousands feet
and less per shift.
"The smallest cut for 1927 re
ported by any fir mill is a run of
three days cutting 10,780 foot feet
b. m., while the largest produc
tion shows 987 day and night
shifts with a total cut of 422 mil
lion feet."
The Statesman Classified
Advertising Brings Results
The effectiveness of Statesman
classified advertising Is testified
by officials of the Kirk wood Mo
tor company, which Is now located
at 435 North Commercial street.
Using classified ads in The States
man almost exclusively, the com
pany haa disposed of 110 used cars
in the last five months, an unusual
The Willamette Auto Supply
Company, Inc., which was organis
ed in December with the election
of officers, received a permit last
week ! from the corporation com
missioner allowing the sale of
stock; and immediately this new
Salem corporation began to func
tion. A number oJ business men of
Salem hold Stock In the company
and R. N. MacDonald is president.
. The headquarters for the new
firm will be at Cottage and Fer
ry street in the building occupied
by the MacDonald Auto company.
Considerable remodeling will take
place in order to provide adequate
room and facilities for operation.
The! MacDonald auto agency will
move to new quarters in the near
future. j
The cooperative plan, which is
being used, j will permit the auto
mobile owners to take advantage
of special, rates obtained through
quantitative: buying. The officers
state that each share of stock will
entitle the holder to the regular
discount. Accessary and parts may
be obtained at a low figure and in
addition there will be low repair
rates, and general advice. A free
service of hauling gas and oil,
ires, parts j or other accessories
1.0 marooned motorist is promised
provided he! Is a stockholder. A
free! towlngService Is included In
the general plan aad will be effec
tive! within a five mile radius.
One of the most up-to-date re
pair! shops in the state is being
planned and will be thoroughly
equipped to1 give the very best of
service at all times day or night.
Attention Is called to the fact that
special work will be done on body
rebuilding and fender repair.
According! to the present plans
the company will offer $10,000 in
stock and as rspldly as the stock
is sold the service for the share
holder will be Inaugurated.
This planj of cooperative service
for ; automobiles and its fulfill
ment In Salem by the organiza
tion of the Willamette Auto Sup
ply! company came about through
the general economic trend in the
business world today.
The best jminds of the day are
continually working and seeking a
means of cooperation whereby
the ! consumer may get the most
for his money. In the general com
petition for business it has be
come evident that people are un
willing to pay the bill of the pri
vate warfare. Even In view of the
general trend toward some elim
ination the price of service is high
As a result there has been a move
ment toward cooperative buying
The Willamette Auto Supply
company expects to fill this want
and give the! best of service to the
shareholders. It was Incorporated
last July and since that time the
plans have been taking shape and
now all Is ready for the actual
functioning of the organization.
moved from its old " location at
Chemeketa and Commercial,
where- It had been for seven years,
la undier the management of
Lawrence Xmlah who has been
sales manager of the company tor
five years.
The stock will Include 85 used
cars at all times, and the plan is
that 10 per cent of these will be
1927 and 1928 models.
Specializing in used cars only
the company has made an envia
ble record in the last five months.
disposing of 110 automobiles In
that period of time.
A smalt building which Is being
used as an office has been erected
on the center of the used car lot.
Designers Continually
Scheme To Lower Weight
Reducing the welght-per-horse-power
is one of the problems that
automotive engineers are con
stantly attacking. Fuel economy,
increased speed, ast pickup, rapid
deceleration, and more tire mile
age are some of the benefits gain
ed from lowering the weight per
horsepower. In the Victory Six,
Dodge Brothers' latest creation,
the weight has been brought down
to only 49 pounds per peak horse
power developed by the motor.
It is normally a considerable
hazard to drive over slippery or
Icy pavements with two wheel
brakes, but with Chandler's four
wheel brakes, which are standard
equipment, there Is a decided feel
ing of security and confidence at
all times.
Chandler brakes are tested And
retested before leaving the fac
tory to Insure perfect equaliza
tion. The entire mechanical con
struction is very rugged.
Under a new law in Texas every
child who has completed grammar
school work and cannot receive
high school Instruction in his home
district is entitled to free tuition
in a high school elsewhere in his
county. Buses have been bought
by various county school boards to
carry pupils to the high schools
in the larger towns and cities in
each county.
Mike puns
Announcement that a stock of
used cars more extensive than any
other In the city will be carried
by: the Klrkwood Motor company
in its new used car lot at 435
North Commercial street, directly
opposite the! new Market building.
was made yesterday.
This company, which has
laps are 1 many
Sentiment can only , be kept
alive by practical measures. At
the root of Home Comfort is
the convenience and sanitation
of Good Plumbing.
"When you need a plumber,
you need a good one!"
1615 Center Street
Phones 852 and 1S10-W
Fine Fixtures
Standard Equipment
m mm w
basis, cutting each year only as record.
"ihe Battery Mali"
See Him today-HeTI save you money and
give you service that ratbBe
Doner Outer
; Telephone 198
So tell your dough the place to go for Per--'
feet Satisfaction is to this place, to please they
race. Their middle name ia action."
Says Fracty CaL
and All Building Materials .
Gabriel Powder and Supply:
j Office, Yard and Warehouse
610 North Capitol Telephone 224S
Along Boardwalk
Atlantic City escaped tremendous loss of life only by
the fortunate circumstance of the blaze
developing in middle of afternoon
Six hotels, seven amusement places and a score or
more cottages, all of frame construction, were totally
destroyed by fire recently along the Jbbardwalk in At
lantic City with a loss estimated at a quarter million
dollars. Half a city block was razd by the flames
which fortunately broke out in the middle of the after
noon. Had it been at night heavy loss of life could
hardly have been averted as the buildings burned like
tinder. The, section of the boardwalk between Missouri
and Arkansas avenues was so badly warped and
charred that it was necessary to replace a considerable
portion of it.
All of the structures were built a number of years
ago when the menace to life of frame hotels in resorts
of this kind was not fully appreciated. Under the city
building code all of the burned buildings will have to
be rebuilt of brick or other f iresafe materials.
Phone 917
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Guaranteed white lead and linseed oil base, manufac
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An Individual
------ . .. . ,-. :.
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tnr. SS4; nlasterinr. exterior. S28:li