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Buick Brought Out Fine Line
- of New Models All
Well Received
i FLINT, Mich-, Jan. 14 Viewed
j la retrospect, the year 193?
steads oat as oa of the moat sat
isfactory In Balck alstory. la the
opiaioa of Balck Motor company
officials. Bealdea building the
l.OOO.OOSth Balck and thereby
shattering all records for the
maaafaetnre of fine motor cars.
Bolck brought out a line of new
models which, has received public
endorsement nn paralleled In
Balck history. The year also saw
expansion steps which leave Balck
better equipped than ever, from
the factory standpoint.
roe z.QQQ.oootn uaick was
built early In November, heavy
Bale of the 192S modhjs advanc
ing the date of its production considerably.-
These new models. In
troduced to the public In late
July, attracted 1.526,152 persons
to Buick sales rooms during the
first three days of its display, in
the larger cities where attendance
was checked. The sale of the new
- oaodels was so sustained that
Balck finished the year with a
new production record of approxi
mately 250,000 cars.
The 2.000,000th Buick. a five-
passeager ceape, is being exhibit
ed by Buick la connection with
the national automobile shows. It
was on display at the New York
Buick Branch, Broadway and
Fifty-fifth Street, during the New
York show, and Chicago also will
see It.
The contrast between this lux
arlous creation in maroon Duro.
shining nickel and rich uphol
stery, and the Buicks of 1904.-
Bukk's first production year, Is
ast. The 2.000.000 Buick ' is
scarcely' recognisable as one of
the saeae genus as these early mo
tor cars, so great has been the
advance in engineering, bodr
bolkitag. and all else connected
with automobiles.
Figures kept by the Buick or
ganization indicate that 1,500.000
or the 2.000,0000 Buicks still are
In active service today. Many
Date back fifteen or more years.
An 18-year-old Buick touring car
crossed the continent from San
J X . f V.;
CoL Charles Lindbergh, Secretary Hoover, Clar
ence Chamber-tin and ether exponents of commer
cial aviation have repeatedly emphasized the neces
sity for property equipped airports. Flying cannot be
established a a reliable form of transportation serv
ice, they say; emtif adequate terminal facilities are
The airport Illustrated here embodies features
which have been approved in theory and found
workable in practice. Incoming passenger planes,
after landing on paved runways out in the Held,
taxi up te the port administration building. There,
passengers disembark and enter fast motor busses
which carry them over hard, smooth roads to the
nearby city. Travel by air Is a result of a demand
for speed; unless road facilities between airports
and cities are such that sustained speed la possible,
much of the advantage of flying will be destroyed.
A wide concrete "apron" In front of the raw of
hangars Insures a. tnudless maneuvering space for
the plane handlers before and after flights. Fir
hazards are minimized by the use of flresafs mats
rial In all buildings.
The office of the piano dispatcher, the field czar
on plane departures, Is located In the little glassed
balcony above the main door of the administration 1
building. Rest rooms, weather bureau offices, pilot
slub rooms, ticket offices and dining rooms will bo
included in this main building.
quality, was completed during the
year which saw the 2.000,000th
Buick built. The first step In
this program was construction of
the nnifled line, where Buicks are
assembled. The various parts feed
to this triple line over conveyors
of various sorts, each coming
from the plant which made it. The
capacity of the line is about 1,200
Saba. Texas, to Flint last Bnmmer, fa day. It requires just 75
minutes to transform a bare frame
into a finished Buick.
and returned, making the trip
without trouble of any kind.
A huge program of expansion,
necessitated by demand for
Buicks and the desire to extend
supervision over the product's
In September, 1927, the new
gray iron foundry, built at a cost
of fa. 500. 000, was put Into pro
duction. It is unique among the
world's foundries in that progres
sive methods, like that devised for
the assembly line, obtain through
out. Materials, flasks, hot metal",
all move on conveyors, of which
there are 3S7 of various types.
The six 95-inch cupolas have a
combined capacity of 750 tons of
metal a day, so that the new
foundry. In conjunction with the
old foundry. Is adequate to Bulck's
entire gray Iron casting require
ments. Still another unit in the ex
pansion, started during 1927 and
now nearing completion, is the
engineering and' research building
where all work of this sort will
focus, leaving various parts of the
factory, now devoted to engineer
ing work, free for production pur
poses. "We are all set." said Cady
B. Durham, vice president in
charge of production, "to go out
this year and break our own rec
If! STORE If! 1928
CCaatlasai ima pass 1)
eoaatry. The celebration aver the
new I highway . systenl la Cuba
vhleh will take place earl la the
fes U bat a grlaptoffl of the road
programs which are betas? iaaa-
garlted la Latla America ia An
stralia, to the Orient and through
Strop. .- :
The ' American aatosaobO In-
dostry Batnrally hopes to get Its
shart of the world market for
motor vehicles, bat It la betaf gen
erally recognised that lb origin'!
atiag eonatry of ih ear la not
the place which reaps the major
part of the prosperity which this
salt of motor transportation cre
ates, j By this I mean that when
aa automobile is bought to Ar
gentina, for example, the benefits
of that purchase adhere much
more to Argentina than to the
country which happened to manu
facture the car.
The employment figure which
I gar earlier had to do with all
the branches of the motor Indus
try. Its trade, and Its operation.
Employment solely in the manu
facturing plants was around 350,
000 persons last year. This means
an average output of ten cars per
man per year. Hence when an
American automobile la purchased
abroad It means the employment
of on man for several weeks In
this country, but In the country
where lit is purchased it means a
profit for the dealer, employment
for the salesman, business for the
trad to accessories, gasoline, and
oil, and a demand for highway
construction, j In short, it is the
focal and stimulating point for a
radios of transportation facilities.
Era. of Individual Transportation
In conclusion it la pertinent to
say a word about the outlook for
the domestic automobile market.
Ia a abort Urn we shall be selling
a millie aatsndhlles la f other
evtthtries eaek yraf, bat the heme
nftrket will eeatiati te) be the
basis bf ar hasbessj There are
mere than tweatjHhre million
abtr vehicle d highway;
atef tha three mtlllea these
will Beed to he replaeed eaeh yea
The traffic problem U tteW re
ceiving intelligent etaey and good
results are already apparent
When we bear la laiad that It has
only been within th past two or
three years that eonimaaUl have
been considering uniform regula
tion a btwa states and cities.
on realises that there is much
that can b don fn the way of
organising the management of
traffic and creating more facil
ities, so that our highways can
handle nsw volume of vehicles
with more efficiency and safety.
Tier Is a great deal to be done
to the way of Improving traffic
conditions, but leaders In the field
hav no doubt that American
brains can deal with this problem
Another trend which Is evident
and which will be more so as time
goes on. Is the demand for the use
of an automobile by each adult.
The old Idea of on car per family
is passing. The low prices of
modern automobiles have made It
possible to hav a large car for
general family use with on or
more small automobiles for the
different members of the family.
This is becoming a necessity. Be
cause of the us of motor trans
port a vast number of American
homes are located in regions
which have only the automobile
as the means of communication,
and social and business activities
to a large degree are arranged on
the basis that the motor car is be
coming indispensable for -each
I recognise that in some of the titles ml eleeely eeneea-
tratee! popdlaiieM this eonditiea k
vM.l L.ft i has sseakta of
living arrangements la most eflae
eemmanlUei to the country .... -ft
i imnortani always to hear
la tniad that 1S4 f th motor
ear are owned id ewaaraaaitie oi
ten tbeusasd population: of le
With th Peat ap demaao. tae
nrAmiA. Interest fa motor
ira tort and th need for more
ti am as automobH nef family la
thl eoantry, th motor Industry
looks forward to a long period i
Cattaa4 tnm pf 1)
rertlsing campaign that has ever
heralded a Durant product. With
in the next ten days th first of
the advertisements In this great
schedule IS to appear In national
publications: and a sweeping sales
driv Is to b launched immediate
ly under the personal direction of
W. C. Durant.
As a prelude to his startling an
nouncement at the opening of the
New York Automobile Show, W. C.
Durant gave a silver anniversary
luncheon to newspapermen of
New York. Philadelphia, and other
eastern' cities. Among the speak
ers at this luncheon were two Pa
cific Coast men, Norman do Yaux
and James Houlihan. De Vaux Is
head of the Pacific Coast Durant
factory and Houlihan serves as ad
vertising counsel to the Durant in
terests throughout the Pacific
Coast region.
During the course of this lunch
eon, T. S. Johnston, assistant to
W. C. Durant, outlined the plan
for the advertising campaign that
will back up the Durant products
during 192S. Within the next ten
days -te first of tbe advertise-
saeats to th campaign win app.tP
U national publieatieae B4
rweeplaf tale driv is to u
launched immediately, under th
personal supervision of W. C. Dur.
aat v: - '
Every man should ask bimMit.
occasionally, IIw long has it
beea slac I learned a aew thing"
-American Magazine.
are the two requirements be
yond knowledge and skill that
yon should demand in your
auto repair shop. Tools, of
course; and patience too. All
these you will find here, and
to addition work done with a
conscience. Result . SATISFACTION.
Coffey & Davidson
267 X. Chnrch Telephone 43
(ll!IISiauX!li j j
In our secret hearts we don't
tremendously admire th captain
of Industry and their kind, though
we may envy them their power
and wealth. American Magazine
SSsjsgl ("Factory)
-a Successful Six
now Md tor Eveo
Greater Success
hsBfiefr ttBasitt weirdls
gimi to dies
- . v. . . r
New 4-Wheel Brakes
New Fisher Bodies
New Fenders
New OMR CyUnder Read
NewCranhcasm. .-
' Ventttatton :
New Carburetor i r
New MontfoMt and '
.Mt&er - '- '?' i '
New CrossFloW
m. Sb&diOSOr .-
, New Thermostat. v
New Water Pump ;
New Instrument Panel
New Coincidental Lock -
' New Dash Gasoline Gauge
New Fuel Pump : -
New Stop Light -
' NewChuch . .
New Steering Gear
New Frame.
New Antes, New Wheels , "
X THEN yoa see the New 8erles
W Poattse Slx-when 70a expert,
ence Its vastly improred performance
youTl andfrstand why sonaatty vtaV
cors ai oar ssaesrooens are actuauy
numerous other adTsneements tk
acre that this Is nothcr great trii
c4 Oakland and General Motors
I why so nunv tsrisfiarf Boa,
tisc o owners agree with us ba 1
trfned! Cosne la and see how taoeh
1 your dollar wiu bay I
It's so snuch better that words 1
begin to describe ttrThey knew that
last year fonnac 5I was a great cr-
and a great saeeesa. Bat when they fav
Usthe smoother and more powerful
siz-cyunaer est gine tno stronger
wua Its Sfir wheel tmsuwend
CABRIOLBT. a,aa..t79f v
oil Prices at Fmeterg
v VICK BROS., Salem, Oregon
rjyerly Motor Co Atbaay, Oregon Benton llotor Co, Ine Oorrallla, Oregnni 8 11 vert on Meter Car Co,
Bllrerton, Oregon Fred T. Bilyoo, Sclo, Oregon Bone Brothora, Turner, Oregon j C. J. Sh reeve A Son,
JJalLu Oregon f llonry C. Hollomon. Ilarrlsbonc, Oregon T, P, Ponieroy, Independence, Oregoaf F, L,
Miller, Aurora, Oregon N. J. Arnold, Monmonth. Oregoni Toledo Sopor Service Station, Toledo, Oregon,
' . ...... : . , -. , '
V:" , o ))($ .41
CtoOTEolet ElecttsilBies imericai
I Prices
I ; 1
1 t ' I
. .'495
Touring a
The - : j ! .
Coupe . .
The Four-Door
Sedan i
The Sport
Cabriolet , ,
The Imperial
Uzht DeUrery
(Chassla Onlj) j
Utility truck 495
(Chassis Only) .
AH price fob-FUat, Mich.
A new automobile ao amtarlonal as
to clectriff the nadoo!
. . i
With marrelous new Fisher bodies
otTering all the distinction. beauTr
and luxury far which Fisher crafts
men are famous! With performance
that is a revelation to owners of eren
higher priced cars! With 107-inch
wheelbase four inches longer than
before! With four-wheel brakes
and many additional mechanical
achlerements! - j
And prices that demonstrate
again Chevrolet's ability to provide
the utmost in modern motoring
luxury at the lowest possible cost!
The engine of this great new car is
of the improved valveinhead
design. With alloy "invar strut"
pistons tpeciailf designed h7dro
laminated camshaft gears . , , mnsb
. room type valve tappets J and m
complete new steel motor
. enclosure it provides a type
of motor operation so thrill'
tng that It must be expert
ence4 to be arpreciatedl
Coupled with this thrilling
acceleratloa and speed is a
type of riding and driving comfort
almost unbelieveable in a low
priced car. Four inches looger than
the previous Chevrolet chassis
swung low to the road and with
four semi-elliptic shock absorber
springs the Bigger and Better
' Chevrolet holds the road . with
a surety that is simply a mating,
and rides in perfect comfort at high
speeds over the roughest stretches,
of highway.
And never before was a low-priced
car so easy to drive for the worm
and gear steering mechanism is
fitted with ball bearings throughout
even at the front axle knuckles.
3"" shw' esv
All these spectacular new mechsnl
cal advancements are of course, in
addition to the host of notable fee
cures that Chevrolet has previously
pioneered in the low-price field
Come in and see this latest and
, greatest General Motors
achievement! Learn why it it
everywhere the subject of
enthusiastic comment why
everywhere It is hailed as the
worldV most luxurious low?
priced automobile.
fid TWaVK'r-r lgxrwmeA'-CAt
I v ug XUO XTXSwJU.C4 V JM. ls Y JL VfJIW 1 VTe
ISA fi rVnamawi,! BiMi fTl fl
Asseclate Dealers t - - . - - .rrr I
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