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1 - 0011 TO TWO
Ray L. Smith and Fred Wil
Uams Only Candidates
. . Left In Running
Seven Coumcilmea .Said lined Up
u 8bpport'-;&nlttti.INer-Endorsement
of Williams
Large Factor Vv
Touches Glass ! of Champagne
Lips as Courtesy "Without
- Brinklnk Any
MEXICO CITY. Dec: 15- (AP)
Cheers for a president of the
United State -were heard today In
the Mexican congress probably for
the first - time. The members of
the chamber after receding Col
onel Charles A. MJndbergh with
honors nerer before ' accorded ' a
foreigner gave j"VlTas" for Lind
bergh, Coolidge and Morrow. 1
1 1
With the announcement yester-j
day by Carl T pope that he would
lot be a candidate for the city
sutoroeysbip at the,cty council
lection, January 3., the race has
narrowed down to two candidates,
the incumbent, Tred Williams, and
t. Rmith. both apparently
!STj2haTta an even break. :
I . fxZ- -rr(ny his wlth-
V i'ope, n " ' ,
VirawJ. stated, that . his private
' nratice would hot permit his ac-
! cepting the, position , If elected.
. v. oTnA&ed to be re-
M4 nw rr . . . i
ceptWe when friend urged him to
run and defeat Williams. He lnti
then, however, that If Smith
could show sufficient strength to
win out. he wonw retire w ou.
favor. '
. But One Tote Lacking
Smith has seven councilmen
tiu: ausDoTt. it was
lparned from apparently authorita
tive iAiirr reeter day. One! more
vote is needed to swing the elec
tion. "....
- a-well defined rumor -has -
that Max Page, member of tbe
firm Kerea and Page. Is secretly
e,lg the placed - - '
.age probably will make no f
f trial pronouncement of -his an
didacy. but It is believed that
should a deadlock develop In the
caucus held Just prior to the elee
iion. Page's name might be tact
fully brought up as a compromise
candidate. Page's prominence as
n : attorney here would count
- heavily la this events and it is be-
".lieved that the mayor would not
T;W T. . . tttn plnr
K. L
disfavor his entrance Into the ring.
S LHesley Backs WillUma
The present strong support
given by Mayor Livesley to Fred
Williams may. somewhat weaken
thA rhmces ' of onoosln candi
dates, particularly if
the mayor
. (UonuavM ea Vf ;
Hear Admiral Gives Testimony Be
fore Committee of House of
... Representatives -
Mexico 'coquetted -with - Amer
ica's bashful beau : today, giving
him a - reception that impresesd
him more than any other he had
received at home or abroad.;
"Vivas,", flags and bunting in
the capital of the southern repub
lic vied with New York's ticker
tape, and the bouquets and medals
of Washington,- Paris and London,
in acclaiming Colonel ; Charles A.
Lindbergh as' the darling of the
people wherever he goes.
President Calles, who hugged
tbe American flier on his arrival
yesterday, put . the official seal on
the - nation's welcome by a half
hour conversation with him In his
nrirate office., r The aviator, left
Chapultepec palace for an after
noon of sightseeing and other en
tertalnment. to' he followed by a
fete In his honor arranged by the
foreign office at one of tbe city's
largest .theaters. " . .
" ' Expresses Appreciation
Lindbergh said at his reception:
"1 hare never been so impressed
by any of my. receptions anywhere
as that In 1 Mexico and I an, very
grateful for the warmth and spon
taneity of the expressions of good
will. . . I .' t : -
The young flier made a series
5f official visits In the morning
ifter aJL2 hoar sleep at the'Amer
ican embassy -and then went 1 to
Valbuena air if leld to see the fa
mous airplane that carried . him
from New York to Paris, over vir
tually .the entire United Stateson
a tour and eventually from Wash
ington to .Mexico City.. .
Ambassador Dwight W. Morrow
accompanied his youthful guest on
the official calls. Several hundred
persons . gathered at the gates of
the American embassy when Col
onel Lindbergh and Mr. Morrow
left it for the foreign office.- The
crowd shouted f'Vlva" and Lind
bergh responded with his usual
quick emile and a wave .of his
hand. Ambassador Morrow beamed
with pleasure.. ;
' Throngs Acclalm,.Hero"iVfv
As the ambassadorial party pro
ceeded through the ; decorated
streets ;-i to the foreign office
crowds recognised - and - acclaimed
him. Within a few minutes after
arrival jU their destination the
corridors of the building were
packed with spectators 'who over
flowed into" the street, t : '
A, form reception for the flyer
m held in the srreat salon. Act
ing Foreign Minister Estrada and
prominent members of the foreign
A barrage of accusations of inef
ficiency and waste In naval ad
ministration affairs was laid down
today around t the heads of high
naval officers by one of ; their
brotbenT In command, 'Rear "Ad
miral Thomas P. Magruder;
t Defending before the : house
naval committee his recently pub-
. Ii5bed articles attackinc the navy,
Were too many high officers, that
seven navy yarMs could be l abo-
- lished and that the navy, should
have ships built in private yards
rather than attempt the construe
tion jtself
Magrnder's testimony' was pre
faced by a clash between members
of the committee over whether" he
; should proceed under oath. . It
' was decided finally " by a vote of
-16 to 3, that he would cot be
Bworn in but. not before' Chairman
Butler had announced that - - he
f-.ould resign from the committee
"before he would "anticipate that
this witness won't tell-ihe truth.'
The vote came after Represen
tatfre McClintock, democrat Ok
Ia?Qia. had been denied permis
niirWs . put" in the' committee re
cord rhktatement saying, that he
did not care to participate in any
f rroeeedings " that T migLt la de
--bed As a "white wash and
.rsrAt be recalled m isz mat iiear
. ; m. M
thused certain . members of , the
naval committee in his version" of
the Teapot Dome ; lease , that
Thotorranhs ' were taken, and
?-PlashedM on the screen, labeled
, - vJr' Naval committee finds nothln?
Alleged Mexican Documents
Branded False At Senate
Papers Had Already Been Bought
at Time Government Claims - "
to Bare Refused Buying
Them. Word i
Mexican documents of disputed
anthenticity saying that $1,218H
000 had been set aside by the gov
ernment of Mexico, for payment
to Senators Borah, Heflin, LaFol
lette and Norris. were laid before
a k senate committee today - and
were answered immediately with
unqualified denials by all of; the
principals Involved.,;;. ;
The documents were submitted
by William - Randolph Hearst, In
whose newspapers - they already
have- been published In part, The
publisher told the committee that
while he had reason to believe the
papers genuine, he : had not .evi
dence that any of the money was
paid. . . - - -
Three of the four senatora nam
ed came before the committee vol
untarily and made their denials
under oath.' '.
Borah's Denial Sweeping :
Borah , of Idaho, : chairman of
the senate committee which deals
with International relations, said
he never- had been ; aproached
"either casually, directly, express
ly,' or Impliedly, in any way, shape
or form.? -".'r" . - ' . '
"Heflin rAlabama declared he
had . received jioponey to, connec
tion with Mexico, except fromsnin
isters.' - Ku Klux Klansmen : and
others for expenses of his lectures
Sally Wbitcomb, Stenographer and
. Art Student, Barnes William
: ; McCnllough ..
(AP) . William McCnllough,
salesman and member of a promi
nent : Seattle . family, surrendered
late today to faee charges pre
ferred by 20 year old Sally Whit
comb, stenographer and art stu
dent, who alleged that three young
men had kept her a prisoner in a
hotel apartment during a two jlay
party, and that one of them "had
assaulted her after plying her with
liiinor. . : ;
;t McCullough's surrender follow
ed continuance of the .case against
Jackson Swisher and Jack Mum
ford, ; young club men,' who guve
themselves up yesterday after the
girl had sworn t out ? warrants
charging them with a felony. They
appeared . for arraignment today,
but the ' prosecution announced ;
that Miss Whitcomb, chief-witness1
for the . state had suffered a " re-.;
lapse and was unable to appear in
court. '?;., t . , . ,r",
' McCullough was released v on
$2500 bail. - He. declined to dis
euss the case further than to as
sert : his Innocence, Jollce ' aus-J
pec ted that ; be " had jrented the
apartment in which the "party"
was staged.. .-'.'.;
It Miss Whitcomb's mother de
clared her daughter's relapse was
aggravated by anonymous threats
and demands that she drop : the
prosecution. . : - i "
Coroner's Office Investigates
Cause of .Demise; Fiancee
-. Disappears
An autopsy ordered by the cor
oner's office tonight revealed poi
son as the probable cause of the
death of 'Allan. Purvis, SO, fiction
writer and : former divisional su
perintendent of the Canadian Pac
ific railway, who was found dying
in his hotel room here today.
County Autopsy .Surgeon A.' F.
Wagner, who performed the post
mortem examination, reported that
be found poison In the former
railroad - man's stomach. He said
a chemical analysis would be made
at once-: : ;. ' '
'According to information ob-
ftained by the police, Purvis death
came 'two weeks before he plan
ned to ; marry , Miss Jtnnette . Pur-
cell of San Francisco. The officers
said Purria recently ordered hotel
officials to open any mail and tel
egrams' Miss Purcell might send
him y should he leave the city . at
any time. The officers were unable
to determine what the motive for
such an order might have been. -
Miss Creech Injured While Prepar
ing Football Banquet
Slipping on the- wet floor of the
domestic science rooms as she
went to" assist with preparation of
the banquet for the football boys,
Mrs. Eula S. Creech, head of the
home economics department, yes
terday noon fell, severely sprain
ing her ankle.' Mrs. Creech fain
ted but recovered shortly after
and prepared E on with-her
work. A few minutes later, she
fainted again; and . this time 'was
taken to her home. . i'
: Mrs. Creech will not be able to
meet her-claases .Ior.. couple , of
davs. Principal H. F. Durham
said last night.
Ruch, On Bicycle, Struck By Cbe-
: - t mawa Man's Car ; -
Willard "Ruch," Willamette unit;
versfty football player, suffered a
severe head Injury; last night
about 7:30 o'clock. when he col
lided with ' an : automobile' driven
by Ira Turner." - Of Chemawa, r - on
Commercial street-near the Mar-
According to Turnera report to
the police station; 'Ruch' was cut
ting corners on the street ana aja
not see the car coming until he
was struck and knocked to -the
pavement. Ruch was taken to the
Deaconess hospital where Dr. D.
Ri Ross stitched the scalp wound.
He was able to leave the hospital
after the treatment.
Telegraph Companies Required tc
Produce Communications
--Subpoenaes were issued tonight
for all telegraph and cable com
panies In New York to furnish
their messages relating to Mexican
government business to the special
senate committee Investigating
charges In Hearst newspapers of a
$1,215,000 fund for-four United
States senators.-
(AP)-Miss AniU r Purcell, 234
Sansome street. San . Francisco,
said to have . been the fiancee of
Allan Purvis iBctlon writer, ; who
was found ; dead ; in Los Angeles
today, had not 'been found at a
late hour tonight. At her . office,
business associates said she had
left ..shortly after noon without
saying where she was going, r ..
Friends of Miss . Purcell said
they had heard nothing of her en
gagement to Purvis and doubted
reports that they intended' to be
married' soon. v . ."t
Repeal of Sales Levy On Au
tomobiles One of Three
Last Minute Move to Defeat Entire
BUI by Sending Back to Com
' mittee Snowed Under by
Heary Vote
Bottle Purport lnz - to Be
s : Lost Aviatrtx Found
Frederick , M. Schiegner, San Jose
business man. found a bottle bur
ied In tbe sand near his duck hunt
ing lodge at the mouth of the Sa
linas river, last Sunday. In the
bottle was the following note:
Landed near MolokaL
r (Signed) "Miss DoranC -
Misa? Mildred ', Doran left Oak
land airport last August in ; air
plane in the Dole flight to Hono
lulu. The plane was believed to
have been lost between Oakland
and Honolulu. - - ' - -
Thirteea High Russian Officials!
' Arrested in Canton
Portland Man Found Guilty of At
tempting Criminal Assault -'
- on Young Girl ,
SHANGHAI. China, Dee. 16.
( AP) A dispatch - from . Canton
says that the Russians arrested by
the nationalists there Included the
consul general and twelve of his
staff. . - '. -ii
a (CofttiaoeS a t) ' ' j
'i ; "y- -U f" i i - - J "
Antf-dgarette League Organised
la City of Eugene
EUGENE, Dec. S ( AP ) Pro
hibition . of manufacture, export,
sale and use of cigarettes in Ore-
con and ether states is the aim of
an organization which filed ar
ticles of incorporation with tbe
county clerk here today. . The or-
canization Is to!be known as. the
Anti-Cigarette League of Oregon
and will maintain Jts "headquar
ters in "Eugene.
The ' group ' fis ' planning an
amendment to 'the sUte constltu
tloa through Initiative petition.
Later it Is planned to extend its
activities to other states. . .
7 ; Officers of ther league are;.
John JB. Perry. Eugene, presl
d en tp W. J. - WJH lams, Eu gene,
first; vice pres-identl Arthur
Charles Bates. Mill City, second
vice president; E. If. Patterson,
Eugene, secretary; J. Frank Cun
ningham. St. Helens, assistant sec
retary: J. Michael Shelley. Junc
tion City, treasurer;. E. T. Atch
ley, Eugene, field rerresentatrrei
Jesse G-Wells is attorney fortha
orcanlzatlon. . -
. - - uu icauoi ixiuio j;asc.
! Magruder, who recently was re-
i UeTed of command .of .the, Phila
j 1 I delphla navy yard, told the com
mittee-that the Charleston, S. C.
yard should be abolished and that
he -had his eye" en the yard . at
KIttery. Main,which, he said, was
bclcg kept j open for submarine
Twenty-EIftht Year Old Trapeze
. Performer Arrested ;
(Continafld ca ptj 2)
LOS ANGELES. Dee. 15. (AP)
-Marie Bara, . 28. a trapere per-
forn-.T, was arrested here toiay,
charged with etoaUng an automo
bile from the show room of a Port.
land antomoblle aaency. With her
-anion.: Al r Weber, - she was
boctei' on suspicion of havlsg vi
c!-ited the Dver.act; ML33 Bara
says Eiie purchased the car frcn
&s.otLer actress. TTeber Is . her
PAHtMT Gcts well!
With - a - democratic-republican
coalition holding a whip hand, the
house early tonight passed the bill
with - three major - amendments
which were vigorously opposed by
republican party leaders.
On a final showdown, however,
only 21 republicans were willing
to 'go on record against -the meas
ure after exhausting every parlia
mentary means" to ' eliminate the
three contested amendments.
umonjr them one for repeal of the
sales tax on automobiles. The vote
on. passage was. 3 6 6 to 21.
4 Carry Auto Tax Repeal
The roll call, vote today on the
McLaughlin "amendment to repeal
the sales fax on automobiles was
245 to 151 with democrats and
about, a score of republicans sup
porting the proposal. The" bill as It
reached the-house from the ways
and means committee proposed a
reduction of the present three per
cent rate to 1 per cent. 5
- The two amendments sponsored
by earner, were supported by - a
similar coalition although a small
er nuaibei of republicans turned a
deaf ear to their leaders.
" One proposed a bracket of Jow-
er tax rates for corporations with
nertrtaxLble incomes of ?15.000'or
less -i Instead of " the flat Tate -. of
11 per cent recommended by the
committee, while the other would
require corporations and their sub
sidiaries to file separate Instead of
affiliate d returns, t ; . :
; J Final Skirmish Won -
r The house by a vote of 212 to
181 sustained the lower rate pro
posal and then adopted 210 to 187
the Joint tax return plan. r
A last minute move of Bach-
arach. to send the bill back to tbe
ways and means committee instead
of passing it along to the senate
would have undone the work the
house had accomplished on the Mil
and the motion was defeated; S01
to 93. . Chairman1 Green was in
eluded among those opposing this
i move.
The final vote on passage found
Creen: ReDresentatlve Tilson, the
republican floor leader, and prac
tically all other republican leaders
in the house ; except. Chairman
Madden: of the appropriations
committee, supporting the meas
ure. Only one democrat, Huddle-
ston, of Alabama, voted , against
the bill. . ...
PORTLAND, Dec 15. (AP)
Del it era ting but . ten minutes, , a
Jury of nine men and three women
late today returned a verdict of
guilty as charged in the case of
John Arthur Pender. 48, accused
of attempting a criminal assault
on a 15 year old girl. Sentence
will be pronounced Monday morn-
Inge The law provides a prison
term of from one to twenty years,
or of life, at the discretion of the
COUrt. 1 "". :. . ".' . ; .,
Today's conviction was the sec
ond time Pender has felt the heavy
hand of Justice. In 1911 he was
sentenced ' to be hanged for the
murder of Mrs. : Daisy Wehrman,
and her little son hear Scappoose.
His sentence was reduced to J life
imprisonment, and five years later
he was granted a full.pardoiu -
, Pender was arrested for the at
tempted assault at the climax of
the execution of a perfectly-timed
police trap, after he had adver
tised for a girl to do housework.
Suspicious of the advertisement,
the parents of the girl, together
with police Inspectors, followed
her as she kept the appointment
with Pender.
Delayed a " moment. , police
reached the scene just as Pender
had seised the girl by the throat
and was throttling her. ,
aiawi r -"i Mi . r
nil ill j f 1 -
A: - 'J; J. -"M. V. -r-TiiirfTOP11 ' H
TVllow Law Students Loolc on
While Frye Pushes Case - U:
Senator Borah of Idaho Proposes
Agricultural Firm -
": WASHINGTON, D e c. 15.-
(AP)- Groping about for a means
of solrlng" the vexatious agricul
tural problem, the senate today
received two new suggestions, for
remedying the condition or tn
farmer, one from a western repnb
lican and the other from a soutn
era democrat. ' f '
A government-controlled . agri
cultural corporation with a capital
stock of one billion dollars was
proposed in a bill by Senator Bor
ah of Idaho to deal out economic
assistance to the farmer in tne
production and marketing of his
basic crops and a . measure intro
duced by Senator Caraway of Ar
kansas provided tor exportation of
surplus crops and Importation du
ty free of an equivalent value In
foreign products. .
Under tbe ' Caraway plan," the
farmer would receive certificates
or debentures showing the amount
shipped out of the country. For
these and bills of lading he would
be a- certiifcate entitling him to
receire the duty free foreign merchandise.
Proprietors of Building
Rapped After Report
For City Council
Establishments Declared Dangc -
ous Include County Court
House, Five Schools and
- Four Apartments
Mexican Congress Goes Into Sol
' ran Sessioa For Flyer
With a gallery full of Willam
ette law students looking on, J. K.
Cloyd was yesterday found not
guilty of assault upon Stanley
Frye, boxing Instructor, prize fight
referee and embryonic attorney at
law. -. ; - j v v . !: "-''i T " ':'-A
The ' case . was i" tried , In JusUce
court- before Justice of - the Peace
Brazier Small, Frye himself doing
most of the work for the prosecu-
tion. '.-y-'i'y'i-- " "
Cloyd was first haled Into court
Monday following a hand to hand
argument with Frye Sunday at ter-
noon. Jn which -Frye managed to
produce a, discoloration on his ad-
Tersarys eye but nevertheless fled
when he concluded that Cloyd was
about to use a knife.
Up to a late hour last night no
announ cement had been made as
to-the fate of Cloyd phoaograph,
playing of whlch precipitatea. the
argument Sunday, aiternoon. -
. . . t - i
Boxinff Commission to Meet; Plant
to Enter Hospital
The Salem Boxing commission
will meet today noon to choose a
matchmaker, to take charge of the
next boxing card which will be
staged some time after, the .first
of the year.-,
Harry Plant, the present pro
moter, , is planning .to enter . the
Veterans hospital in Portland for
an operation,, and he will be un take up his work actively
for .nearly a month.
The commission has made defi
nite arracgeneats for the Grand
theatre la which to put cn the
next card. ;
J MEXICO CITT, Dec. 15-i-(AP)
Charles A. Linberg " today re
ceived the greatest honors' the
Mexican congress can pay to any
Person, Mexican ; or foreigner,
when , tie . chamber . of , deputies
went into "solemn session" to re
ceive him. Such a' session fa
called rarely and for the most im
portant government officials.. It
as never before been held for a
private citizen. ' ' '
-t The . deputies, ' however, by a
formal "vote, decided-- that "Lind
bergh is not a private citizen, but
is an "ambassador of good will to
the Mexican -people.", and ' was
therefore entitled to receive the
highest honors. :
: . The president - of tho chamber
presented him with a gold medal
On one side of the 'decoration is
the Mexican coat of arms, on the
other Is Inscribed: V y
"To Colonel Lindbergh - from
the Mexican chamber of deputies
in behalf of the congress of Mexico
and in order to express our ad
miration for his noble . feat and
glorious mission." p -
Evasion of the city ordinance
calling for fire escapes on all pulb-
lic buildings more than two stories
In height will be curbed, and
those proprietors who fail to bring
their buildings Into I conformity ;
with the ordinance r when so re
quested, made liable for prceecu- s
tien. Alderman Hal Patton, chair
man of the building committee.
said yesterday, after reading the
report of City Engineer Hugh Ro
gers.';:; j ''J
The investigation, which was
made by the city engineer at the
Instigation of Alderman Patton '
motion in a council meeting twe
months ago, and reported on yes-
terday-morning, showed four pub
lic school buildings, one parochial
school building, lour apartment
houses, and one public building ..
deficient In fire escape equipment
as set forth in the ordinance.
The buildings more than two
stories high named in the report
were:. Garfield school, Englswoofl
school, Richmond school. Highland
school, - Sacred v Heart Academy,
Miller apartments, Sundber:
apartments, Glendoraapartmentu,
Olymplns apartmenjf '-..
court house, v.
'Two Other school
rish Junior high, and uiu. . .;
high were included as having
tire escapes, but they are only two
stories in height, and not out tl
step with the ordinance. . ' -
Just what action, -Aldermun
Patton will propose is not known
but City Attorney Williams prob
ably will be Instructed to serve
notice on the building owners that
if corrective action is not taken
within a certain stated period, tVy
will be haled Into court. The pt
alty as fixed by the ordinance is a
fine of 100, or not more than -1
days in Jail, or both fine and Im
prisonment. '
Dr. H. H. Olinger, chairman ct
the school board, said last night
that he could not Btate offhand
what the situation was at the var
ious schools, but that they have--.
been Inspected annually by tbe
state fire marshal and pronounced
sate. The matter would be taken
up at the next board meeting, he .
said. : - ' '
Rumblings of dissatisfaction
among members of the planning
and toning commission at the-lax- .
ity In enforcement of the fire es
cape ordinance have been beard
from time to time, but no definite
recommendation has been made to
tbe council. ' Alderman Patton
raiiMt th violation in .a
council meeting two months aro,
and It was at that time that the
engineer, was instructed to investigate,.-,-
: i ' " v:
PhIlodoian - , Orf;ti?7Ation - Ap
proaching Half Century Slark
r The oldest contimionsTy existing
literary society. west of the Rocky
mountains, tha rhilodoslaa society
of Willamette uaiverElty, will ban
quet tonight at 6 o'clock at the
Leslie Mettodlst charch. EstLer
LiiTj 13 nats-er of the evert.'
the exeoitioa of a perfeeily-tlrr.
; All rnerabers of the society in
Balem have been Invited to atter d.
Hcryl Halt Is toastmaster. Grace
Elizabeth Eslth, tj'stant att.-r-ney
general, wilt be one of the
.The Phllodosian society for
ircniea was formed nearly, 50
years ego, and has been perpetua
te! since. . Tbe brother society,
tha. ri.IIodorian.".went out of ex
istence three years aro. "wl-en In-
Proof of Effective Work By Conn.
. ty Child Health Demonstra
tion Cited
"My. first ten days associating
with the County Health Unit has
convinced me that tbe program "
health supervision in E&leni r.l
Marlon county is as effective u
any I tare ever known. I m,'. I
that there is any place In the V..I
ted States .that can claim l -work
la this respect," Dr. T."i'.'"
De Jlleine, new director cr t: ,
Marion county child kMh
onstration,' declared ycirrcl.
"Looking over . -ords
of : the health d:. aitmfr.t. I
llzl thcra .Is' at.u- r.t rrt-,f t ;
effective work. Ti ';
diptherU ia an exc . t
In 1S23. 210 cs-5 wc-r r.
in the cr.tire'cotjcty, s.:' . 'i
respite J. Ia IS 27, 4 1 . I
teca rerortc I i? t t : '
time,. with c: If ess C?at:. I.-
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