The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, December 06, 1927, Page 5, Image 5

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    :; ;
Swedish Ringers Prove Pop
uiarln Program At Con
' ' gregatio nal Ch u rch -
i. An' excel!
y. unique and e
(J last night at
, tlonal char
By Resell PuT-r'j 1
excellent concert, both
educational, was given
the First Congrega
church In Salem hr the
Swedish-American; Bell ' Orchestra
of, Seattle, Washington before a
capacity audience. . l
, ,The Program offered by the
troupe of fire masters of the an
cient art of bell rinsing, under
the capable direction of O. E
Swanaon, was of great diversity,
ranging from simple, homely mel
odies to the most difficult opera
.selections. Every number was
'played with amaslng unity of ac
tion and exquisite tone harmony.
The bells, of which there are 150,
were manipulated by the five ring
ers In perfect rythm. : All the In
tricacies of musical expression de
manded were -accomplished with
grace and facility." ' -
The applause of the - - audience
.was characterised , by its spontan
iety and generous enthusiasm. --
Encores were demanded follow
ing tractlcally every programmed
number. - r
The" program opened with the
"Kroaobergs Reglmentes March"
(Latann) which was played with
four-part ' harmony In perfect
rhythm and with ;; extraordinary
tone, shading. The beautiful Bee
thoven "Minuet In G" left the
house breathless with its poig
.nant. melody. "Prelude, I lPJar
ran'V (Jean Sibelius) completed
" the .first group.
Another feature of this novel
concert which was unfamiliar to
many In the ; audience was ' the
Glassophone. numbers "I Sko-
gen.". (Josepbson) and '.-"Farval
CPrJnce GusUf ). Both selections
were, played with bell accompani
ment. .. " "
A, delightful arrangement of
Swedish folk songs and dances by
Mr, Swtaion, director , of the ea
se mile, was received with ap
proval by the assemblage. The
Impressive "Hymn (Wennerberg )
concluded the first halt of the pro
gram. A The greatest enthusiasm was
evidenced following the playing of
TThe, Sunny South (Bodenwaldt
Lampe), a group of old southern
fjantation Songs, familiar to
everyone, but rendered In a man
ner that was a revelation to all
In attendance. . . ... p
. '.Berceuse" from "JTocelyn
CGoddard). played with purity of
tone, displayed some beautiful
foil organ harmony. I V
P Two more selections - on ' the
glassophone. with bell accompani
ment were "Romanes f (Prince
Gostaf) and "Har Ar Gudagott
Att Vara (Wennerberg). ,
t.,Tte numbers from Peterson
Berger: "Summer Song and "Go
ing to Chorea were notable for
the charming and delicate musical
tone.and harmony. v
;.,The program closed with that
most popular of American march
es, !The Stars and Stripes For
ever (John Philip Sonsa), played
in. a thrilling, manner by these
five adept orchestral artists.
f. This novel program a ,veri
taMe symphony of bells was re
ceived with decided approval and
seen appreciation hy the music
loving public of Salem.
V' "-
Ethel Jean Masden, of Chicago, has sued Edgar English Murphy,
captain of the Purdue University, football team to 192, for $50,000
a halm for a broken heart.. She says Murphy promised to marry
her, then told her he had decided te devote his life to religion and
in that life there could be no
Mrs. Margaret Lllliendahl
On Stand .Relates Ac
count of Slaying
Wildest of All Wild West
, -.i t , - - - -w
Outdone in GWcaga Holdup
Chicago; Dec. k. (AP).
The wildest wild west holdup In
.ST. LOUI3. Dec. 5. (AP)
Powerful searchlights were em
ployed tonight In the search for
, two bodies believed to be in ' the
ruins of the Buckingham hotel
annex, which was destroyed by fire
today with a known loss of five
the history of Chicago night clubs
resulted in. the death of -one per-
son and the wounding of eight!
others shortly before 3 a. m., to-!
day when half a dozen masked
robbers invaded the Parody cafe in
North State street and fought with
pistols, ' shotguns and machine
guns against a half dozen police-)
men who happened to be guests
wnile.ZOO panic stricken merry
makers threw 'themselves on tbef
floor to save their lives. U
"When they say hello, they mean
hello sang ; two girl entertain
ers above the moaning or saxo
phones and laughter of guests in
the peeked lnd dimly lighted cafe
as -the leader of the robbers ap-
l MATS LANDING. N. J., Dec. 5.
(AP) Garbed la her widow's
weeds, Mre. Margaret Lllliendahl
told' between hobs on the witness
stand today her story of the man
ner in which two negroes killed
the. aged . husband ' with whose
murder she is charged.
Willis Beach, the elderly chick
en farmer who is jointly charged
with the widow and whose infat
uation for her Is put forward by
the; state as the motive of the
crime, listened to the testimony
which characterised him as Inno
cent with, a twisted smile on her
pallid lips. : , '
From almost the beginning of
today's session Mrs. Ulllendahl
occupied the stand in her own' de
fense and when court adjourned
for the day she had not yet com
pleted her ordeal. " ; -
The cross examination of Mrs.
Lllliendahl followed the direct,
Once -: she tied, a handkerchief
about "her ; lace like a ' robber's
mask to snow how tne negroes
had looked when' they first
boarded" the Lllliendahl automo
bile like marauding pirates. Again
she held up against her the blue
print dress she had worn on the
day of the killing and demonstrat
ed how ene of the negroes, she
said, grabbed the garment at her
neck and , pulled It. almost from
her body.
We were driving along the At-
sion road very slowly, she said
n a choking voice, "when sudden
ly two masked negroes ' boarded
the car, one Jumping to each run
ning' board. T 'Drive in that lane,'
the one on my side said, 'and don't
yell.. I don't know - whether
steered the car up that lane or
whether it was guided for me.
peared suddenly closely followed " I remember stopping In
by four others. j 1 . ia mne. xne aoor on my siae
Whn tiv hiin thATiniMR wu openea ana one or tne ne-
" ha ahonted. "Stick 'em UP irw" oj u f-ni
m . . . . . m
oi my ureas. as us maiea me
shot and
l:::yK"-S5: A
m 4
V .. '
t In spite of claims j from Akren, O., fergiu Fair, Minn and
t Corpus Christ!, Tex.,, Joseph Peclet, Newark, N. J., school ja&iter,
claims the coffee drinking championship. Be saya unlers he drinks
K'glx qoarts of coffee dally he caat tlttp, ' '
Vare met with dlsappolnnent. In
stead of a spectacle they saw only
a very tame proceeding, which
lasted exactly thirty five minutes.
On the other hand; those who
comfortably filled the house gal-j
; . ,-; - Allender -
Chelan Dale Allender died at a
local hospital on December 3 at
the age of , 2 years. He is surviV
ed by his father' and mother, Mrs.
J. w. Allender or Salem, " one
brother Glenn of Seattle, and two
sisters, Mrs. Lucille McDanlels of
Seattle and Miss Gertrude Allend
er of Salem. Funeral services will
be held at 3 p. in. today from the
Webb Funeral Parlors. .
the celling.
'Hands up,
a vitrvhod v."
' - - ---'!. r f . V
A policeman sitting at nearby Bl f
table thonaht it was alt part of thelinn "
- - i v m tiiiijli - -
" - 1 -.1 .. , M.
a couple of shots were f ired into
t fm I mr havenr imn mta at.
-oice o.e.i vu - ,.. of h,. I.-..-
snovea a is w no uuuci i bwo.
drew his pistol, fired and missed.
UUb iUlOwvU - i rr yvvvtm ww
of the - girl entertainers slumped
to the floor.
Then there was a fusillade of
shQts as otber policemen jomea PORTLAND, Dec. S. (API
the fight. In the melee thej lights Several hundred mere humans
wen out. When the shooting end- paii dutiful homage here today to
ed and the lights came on, a wait-W iqo furred and feathered artls-
leries, but without any idea of any-tfr convening! on moUon of the
thing unusual. awaiting them, ranirepuDucan leaaer.
Into a partisan battle In which the
seat of Beck, former solicitor-gen
eral of the United States, became
Involved. J
Beck Takes Oath.
Beck waa given the oath after
the motion to prevent him from
doing so had, been rejected by a
vote of 243 to 167. Subsequent
ly, without a roll call, the house
referred to an elections committee
the question of whether he was a
legal resident of Pennsylvania at
the time he was elected to the
140O Furred and Feathered Aris
tocrat Gathered
ed to stand aside and later ' the
senate agreed to take up their
cases - 'tomorrow. Only routine
work followed and there were aud
Ible sighs of disappointment when
the senate adjourned 35 minutes
to receive salaries of $2000 a
year. ; The legislature iaier cre
ated two additional judgeships.
and subsequently two more jus
tices were added to the court. The
court Is" now composed of seven
judges, with salaries of 17800 a
year. .
Mr. Kay said that -hlle It was
true that, the legislature had in
creased the salaries of the gover
nor, secretary of state and trea
surer without amending the con
stitution, the action was taken to
remedy a vicious practice which
prevailed In this state many years j
Used to Keep Fees
It was pointed .out by Mr. Kay
that the constitutional salaries
paid to the secretary, of state and
state treasurer In the early days
was only a small part of the mon
ey they received. The secretary of
state. In addition to receiving a
salary of J1500 a year, was allow
ed to retain certain fees which
boosted hi Income to more than
125,000 a year.
There was little, or no restraint
placed upon the state treasurer
and he was allowed to loan the
public . I unds and pocket any
amount of Interest he received.
The state treasurer's ; salary was
estimated by Mr. Kay as S 2 0,0 00
a ..year..
Mr. Kay also referred to the of
fice of state "printer, which he
said was one of the most sought
after public 'jobs in ; the state.
Through the fattening of legal
forms and liberal allowances of
the state and g-overnment, this of
ficial received as much as $3 0,0 CO
In a single year. .
Because of these abuses .Mr.
Kay said he prepared and Intro
duced In the legislature many
years ago a bill known as the sal
ary law. He declared that certain ,
state officials fought the bill bit
terly, bul that it finally was ad
opted.' The bill eliminated the fee,
system, and prevented the state
treasurer from receiving any part
of the interest accruing from pub
lic funds. Under this law all. fees
and Interest was credited to the
general fund forcurrentxpenses.
:- Mr. Kay said that the enact
ment of this law saved the taxpay
er's of the state hundreds'of thou
sands of dollars.
I The state"treasurer said the su
preme court at one time held that
the legislature had authority to
increase the number of justices cf
the state supreme court, and fix
salaries commensurate with their
duties. It was Mr. Kay's opinion
that a similar ruling would be
made by the 'supreme court la
event the suits now proposed by
Mr. Watkins are appealed to that
court for final consideration.
Neither Governor Patterson nor
Secretary of State Koser would
comment. on Mr. Watkln's -announcement.
5000 Bills on Hand -
The bill room was deluged with
upwards of 6,000 bills that during
recent weeks have been sent to the
clerk of the house for introduction
on i the first day of the - session.
These were supplemented by sev
erai ; Hundred v otner measures
which members placed into the
hopper at the right of the speak
er's chair.
I The bills touched on all legisla
tive, problems, several proposing a
referendum on the eighteenth
: r tl "'amendment while others presented
bouse in a special election last; . . ... . .
troL veterans legislation, public
Thomas Henderson died Decem
ber 3 at the residence, 1309 South
Liberty street, at the age of 72
years. He is survived by his wi
dow Adelaide, one son George of
SalemJ two daughters, Mrs. H. H.
ton, Mrs. R. A. Marriage of Bar-
Chllson of Vancouver, Washing-
ren. Wisconsin and a brother Joe
Of Howard Lake. Minnesota. Fun
eral services will be held at 1:30
Tuesday from the' Webb Funeral
Parlors, Rev. Johnson officiating.
er lay dead in a corner, killed as tocrata holding court this week at
he raced for "the street to sum-j the 18th annual exhibition of the
mon help. In the middle, of the I Oregon Poultry and Pet Stock as-
dance floor was huddled - the sociatlon
crumpled form of the girl enter- Included among the 1,000
tainer; nearby at another table an-1 chickens were many outstanding
The bandit leader and four oft birds, some of them valued at 75
other wounded woman screamed, i I Rabbits in the show are valued as
his companions lay wounded near high as 250. Relative merits of
the -entrance. The terrified guests the creatures will be decided by
made a rush for the exits thatneuesday night or Thursday
knocked over tables and chairs and ben tbe judges complete their
smashed dishes. The police came WOTt
to find . the panic-stricken f merry
makers hurrying into the dawn.
The gang leader, who .doctors
said probably would die, was idea
titled as Edward Cummings, mar
ried and the father of two chil
dren. - r 1
The i dead waiter waa Harry
Smith and. the girl entertainer.
. rryr s-i -
f' t won. : ' &i
V . vi' I-"'. :..-; . .
- j - i f ot VJ .v
. - r.- - f - Xf -.J
, - - -v ,J v , ' . , ' : :
: ' 1 . , -.
j,' ' y ..- -....;
if " - '5:'f .,":. .;' -iv -
' ' , ..W" 'S,.' .,.:,.-..v.'.
4 ir, -'ejn iihim' "
T : ' ' '
L A- A
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' ' r a
Speaker Tells - Bnreaa Federation
of Btatns Im Speech
industrial men, a steadying
banking law for financial inter
CmCAGO, Dec. 5.(AP)
The farmer fears he Is on the
downward road to peasantry and
whose condition is critical Is June wonders why he should stick to
Griffith, 80. Miss aFnny Hillman. tne plow nd nold h,s chlldren
smeat w .hot through h h.nrf a calling stigmatised everywhere.
as h h-M At W. v..., aeciarea wiuiam tu. uoao, oeiore
SArniirf'nnto. ... -T,. 4. ! American ouicwu
r-hmr, wh ; loaay.
sAsa-As, t avaiuratl i iim. A rs
. v: t I for
u ueco mvmoers ox ue oanaic
H.r'o " -l,uoae ests. a transportation act for rail
and Rocco Rotuno. Another, fa,M tt.inv .m-
vu.reu in me nouxup was arrested f titr fathr-. .aid Professor
ana ne along with the wounded I Dodd. who fa a member orthe h la-
suspects was booked by the police tory department of the rnirerslty
on cnargea or murder and several! of Chicago.
"Two millions of them have
abandoned their callings the last
six years." The condition of the
.mall tiMduiviitiir tmTtnnT 1m
BLIZZARD HITS MONTANA I worse than it has ever been
month. I
After a first session lasting only
a uttle more than two ana one
half hours, the house ' adjourned
with the appointment of the re
publican and democratic leaders.
Tilson of Connecticut and Garrett
of Tennessee, as a committee to
set with a similar one from the
senate, Curtis of Kansas, majority
leader, and Robinson of Arkansas
the minority leader,! in notifying
President Coolidge the new con
gress was ready to receive nls
message. I
i-, Dawes Opens Senate,
In the senate chamber there was
an air of expectancy as Vice Presl
dent Dawes opened; the session
with a vigorous . bang of the his-:
torlc Ivory gavel. Dr. Phillips of
fered the invocation, senators join
ing with him in repeating the
Lord's prayer, and then there was
the usual call of the roll of sen
ators who theld places in the last
congress. Tnis call aeveiopea
there were only three absentees i
Du Pont of Delaware, Jones of
New Mexico and Walsh of Mon
tana, all of whom are detained by
illness. j
Then came the roll call of the
senators-elect. The senators elect
were called up in groups of four,
and fiVe such groups hid taken the
oath -before Smith's name - was
reached. t A , -
buildings and the like,
i The new 1238,000,000 tax re
duction bill and the nearly 1 200,-
000,000 deficiency, appropriation
bill will not be introduced until
: (Continued from pat D j
pensation of the state treasurer
was placed at S800. The state
treasurer . and secretary of state
how receive S4 500 a year, while
the governor receives 17500. '
i L .A"; Cites Similar Case
! In commenting on the proposed
litigation State Treasurer Kay
pointed out that the constitution
also provided for three members of
jthe state supreme court who were
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charges of. assault with Intent to
Smith Fight Started
Smith, with. his colleague, Sena
tor Deneen of Illinois, started to
ward the dlas but was stopped by
a resolution by Senator Norris, re
publican Nebraska,! which would
declare him ineligible alike for the
oath .of office and his seat.
Vare was. halted before he even
made a start. ' as there was no
more on his part to leave his seat
Both senators-elect were direct-
Storm Felt As Far West As ren-
. dleton. Where Snow Falls
-The first snow. of the. season
fell here tonight. It melted as fast
as it fell.-, v . '
Seven Tear Prison Term and $2500
Fine (Jlven; New Trial Sought
SHELBY, Mont., Dec. 5. (AP)
Twenty-five men. members of
the Hope Engineering crew that
PORTLAND, Dec. 5. (AP)
Convicted of misapplication .of
funds ot the Bank of Kenton, sow
defunct, I. V. Burke, president of
the institution, was sentenced ; to
seven years in state, prison today.
tomirwung a pipeline rrom t K0O. Commitment
Great Palls to Shelby, -were lost in L-jU- ten es. however; was
ouxiara, -seven mues from here .tt rnAirtr srmtnents on a
late tonight. : lmAfnn hv itoftnia for . new trial.
Several nnsucessful efforts hare based on alleged irregularities In
been made to rescue the men but (the trial.
none of the rescue parties hare
been able to get more than two Inicrnon CDCKT UfUCII
miles beyond Shelby. 35
AtlO, o'clock tonight; another
crew equipped with - two trucks,
shovels, blankets and tnrui. . bad
mmTA in ' ti. inotiAn ..was deferred
ssM SiV a aw s wfwa va ew t
weeK oy an
(CoBtin4 frnm pf J)
nntU later la the
. rrMmtnt ttiNn
caiay. , . f.. . - .,, j i.
Tk. tiAw w.. f.THn fOR tn repUDUCSB aau; udiuuu.uv.
that it was impossible to see more loaders, but a chaplain was elect-
than a tew feet and the thermom- 1 um T- " J' ""f
eter.had dropped below sero. tor of Epiphany Episcopal church
sere, was seiecieu iv eutcceu vuc
late Rev. J. J. Mulr. '
Investigations has shown that!.- Battle Only Half llonr
the average man's ability to learn j Crowds which jammed the sen-
Is best at the age of twenty, and ate galleries and corridors In the
thereafter declines very slowly, ae-J expectation of witnessing the- be
corilng to an answered cnestloa In ginning of- a spectacular strurgle
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