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Monmouth, Dec. 2. (Special) 1
Ths'lS 27 football squad and coach
at the Oregon normal scbool were1
honored with a banquet given last;
night, at the Monmouth hotel by;
the members of the men's clul !
thelNtt Epsilcm Lambda.- O. C.i
Chrlstensen, popular faculty mem-J
ber and ad riser for the men's club
rtrt am tiuotmitt. anil hanlal
the - affair in his characteristic
tirisk mtnnap v ' Ihnnt fitter man '
enjoyed the splendid dinner and
the enthusiastic speeches.
Responses were giTen by 'A. C.
Stanbrough," with toast to the
team; -; Kenneth McCraw, captain
of the team; T. L. Meador, coach;
Homer Dodds and Dean Butler,
-. faculty' members, Melford Nelson,
alumnna and captain of the 1926
team, and by men on the 192?
squad. . y t. v;""- '
Members of this year's team
present were Kenneth McCrae,, cap
tain; J. LVIey. W. AratflL C. Ay
ers; B. Becken, L. Chestnut; J.
Ecksetln; L. Eckstein; A. Frie
sen ;!f K. Horn ; D. Houston ; J C.
King; H. Lefever;' E. G. Lehman;
W. McCrae; P. Myers; M. Murphy;
W. -Nasshahn; .?, E. Reinhart; E.
Reea; C. Robertson; E. Smith; W.
Swett; W. Thomas and L. Wick
ena.- -. -t . .. - , . ,
Omcers of - the "Na Epsilom
Lambda club are Errol Rees,
president; Ernest Lehman, vice
presfdent; William Crow, secre
tary; "Chappy" King, treasurer;
Col. JLyers, Sgt. at ? Arms, and O
C. Chrlstensen, faculty adviser.
The men's c)ub is now-recognised
as one of the leading forces on
the 'campus, and the members as
a group are successfully working
toward cleaner- and better athlet
ics and are fostering a fine coop
era tire spirit between the towns
people and the school. ' .
xt-' 4 r- FORWARD
- . v1 f ' V TfeL ft?
f -1. ' -"w : rr y center.. QURI L
, Two eteni basketeers, Bennle Oosterbaan and Frank Harridan, will lead the 1928 UniTemJy o
Michigan quintet in its Bij; Ten campaign this season. Ernie JlcCor, Teteran center,' smd Wayn
SehroedeiV substitate guard last season, complete the nncleoa about which Coach Edwin Mather is bulld
Inr another titular-contending; aggregation. The Wolrerines, champions of the Big; Ten conference lt
""Xa ec i-ennsyrrama and nttsborgb in pre-achedule contests. Tbej will open the schedule
r0 lt ne against Michigan State. N -
Monmouth, Dec. 3. (Special).
Archie Tetherow died Tery and
denly Friday morning at his home
In the Elkine district. Mr. Teth
erow was 52 years of age at the
time of his death. He was horn
onv February 14, 1875 in the home
in which he has spent his entire
Ufe. He was the son and grand
son at pioneer people, his" grand
father, Solomon Tetherow, haying
crossed the plains and settled in
the Lucklamute Talley In 1 8 4 54 r
Mr. Tetherow le surTired by his
widowed mother. Mrs. "Amanda
Tetherow. with' whom he has W
ways lived; one sister,. Mrs. Laura
Mathews of Tnma, Aritona, and
one brother, Albert "Tetherow of
Monmouth." Other relatires in
clude two nieces, Mrs. George
Cooper of Monmouth- and Mrs. Ce
cil Guthrie of Dallas, and two ne
phews, Gordon and - Howard Ma
thews of Arizona. Mr. Tetherow
was one of the beet -known men in
the Elkins district, where he had
lired all his life and where he was
a friend to all his neighbors. '
Arrangements for the funeral
are as yet incomplete, but the ser-
rices will be held on saturaayi
the family Jiome with burial in the
K. P.- cemetery. f "-
BEATEN 25 TO .10
SAN JOSE, Cal., Dec. 2. (AP)
"No secret at all,". was the way
jubilant of the San Jose state tea
chers college retorted to reports
that the rictory of the local col
lege basketball team over the var
sity Wednesday night was not to
. be given out to the ; newspapers
because of a - "fortunate - agree
ment that the : score to be kept
secret to save the Stanford learn
from an embarassins predica
ment. .
Th" secret score" "was 25 to
10 in faror ot the local college,
whose supporters claim - that It
was .handicapped by the absence
of several stars while the Cardinal
team- contained such regulars as
Clark, Berg, McCandless, Biaggini
and jDobson. ' .h-:r.
Claiming that the victory should
be kept no more a secret than the
Santa Clara football win over
Stanrord this year, the students
ask that they be given their place
in the sun too, declaring that they
have one of the best basketball
teams tk the state." s .
Monmouth, Dec. 2. -(Special).
The Monmouth high school quin
tet put up a strong fight against
the i- Monmouth town : basketball
team last sight in the first game
ot the eeason to be played on a lo
$al floor, the town men winning
by a 34-30 score. With; the out
come uncertain to the last quarter
and the high school boys ahead by
4 points at the end of the! first
half, the game was fast and rough.
One former O. N. . S. player and
two of this year's members or the
Normal school played in the' town
lineup. ' ;tJ 1 ;
Lineup: '.v'S
T, T. (34)
L. Nelson. P
llanssler. . . . . j
Price...... .j..c
M. Nelson 2...". G
Bmith...V..Vi G
;.".r.; Davie;
. . . . .T.".Gouch
. . .Underwood
Substitutes; town team. King,
winegar. Sellers and Tllden. High
school: Rogers. Referees:. Bush
and "Skip" Lehman.
CHICAGO, Dec. 2. (AP)
; optpaii coaches of the western
conference .went . on record today
as opposing- any tampering; with
the grid!-- code for 1928.
. If the .' ioual rules committee
decides c any changes, however,
the big ten gridiron mentors de
sire that any .new rules be held
In abeyance for one year before
going laflf.;; effect, ; to ; giro the
coaches opportunity to' fit the
new regulations into, their train
ing and style of play, The rules
of 1927 were found to be general
ly satisfactory, but some clarifi
cation was requested.
- The cosches organized the west
ern conference football coaches
association electing Jhnmy ,Fhe-
lan of Purdue as president and
Glenn Thistlethwalte of Wisconsin
f.a secretary.-;'; 3" ;- -;. 'Vt;
On one proposed change, thers
was a close vote ; of fire to four.
TLIs was the motion to. move the
coal posts back to the actual goal
line. "v'"' .
jxiLoxn vrnss eotjt
ST. PAUL, M!as., Dec. 2.
(AP) Jock Haloes, Et. Fsnl
' - !JTawc!?Lt. 'outsolatel Oik Ti!L
f'.n-acuse, la a fast tea rCKn-i bcatAnd howl
Whartou :i: Pepper, United i States
senator, and prominently men
tioned at various times for Import
ant baseball positions, has again
been drawn into the sport through
his retention reported to repre
sent the western League in its bat
tle against "secession. The bat
tle is due to go to a finish, as the
star , attraction v at the minor
leagues' annual meeting at Dallas,
December '-- ';;
Wharton; has long been recog
nized as: an authority on baseball
law. . He is an ardent fan, and hae
a close personal acquaintance with
the big; men of the gme.
An interesting phase of the bat
tie, preliminary skirmishes of
which 'are. already hack firing, is
that pitted 1 against Wharton will
be a "home talent' expert.
J, Walter Morris, secretary of
the :, Dallas club of the Texas
League, is the man.- .
The fight ia being waged over
the withdrawal of the Oklahoma
City and Tulsa, Okla., clubs of the
Western League, and'thelr align-!
ment with the Texas League. The
teams have already officially with
drawn" from their old connections
and - have been accepted ; to mem
bership in the Texas League. -
The ; Western League hopes to
force the teams to at least buy
their way 'out ; of ; that league,
claiming violation , of territorial
rights. - . - f-j t - '
Morris drew -the attention and
commendation ' of Texas baee'ball
fans 'When he led successfully. a
move to exempt baseball from the
Sunday closing laws of the state.
He " not only; ; wrote the law, but
went before the legislature and
got a unanimous report out of the
committee for the bilL . '. '
It passed both houses with ease.
Morris started out to be a
lawyer. He is a graduate of the
taw scbool of the University of
Texas. ' He broke into baseball as
a player and then entered the bus
iness end by I becoming secretary
of the Fort Worth club of the
Texas League. Later he " became
president, of the league and .'held
that post until he became one of
the stockholders of the Dallas club
of the league. -.'
;-. Western League j officials and
fans are aware that the loss of
Oklahoma City and Tulsa will hit
the league for a time at least. It
ha been the! feeling for some time
that the two teams virtually "car
ried" the! league. 1 At the tame
time officials of the two clubs have
felt for some time that their home
town fans - would . be more inter
ested in the teams if they be
longed to-the Texas loop the
teams of which are nearer "home.
Hence the move, -
most of the spectators, stood toe
to toe with Greb through the
fight, and was going as strong as
the master at the finish.
Flowers joins Joe Wolcott,
Georgie Dixon, Joe. Cans, and the
other negroes who wrote ring his
tory -and won' due popularity by
their sportsmanship." y i
: A lot of hot , halfbacks flop in
studies because there is no inter
ference to get you' by the exams.1
Many good skates don't
a thing about hockey. . "
One relief is that we don't have
to fear colleges wUl put too much
emphasis on chess. . ; I
Airplane trips will be offered by
a firm for 1 each. The cost of
going up is coming down.
(Special) Voters of the Silver-
ton school district will go to the
polls 'today to decide the fate of
two measures which are planned
to provide 138,000 for building
six room ward school and a four
room addition to the Eugene Field
building. .
; These two measures are for
119,000 in bonds and 119,000 in
a Bpecial tax, the diversion being
necessary because the district is
bonded that near to the legal lim
Provision for increased school
quarters is necessary, it has been
urged by those supporting the
bond Issue, for the reason that the
high school building, planned to
house 200 students, is now requir
ed to accommodate. 357.
When the new semester opens
in February, there will be over
400 students in the high school.
n n V. J 1. 4 1 I J
alnmnl a Tor,t who Hltnat a PtM "platoon system
too long;
This $5,000,000 football player
the. papers rave about probably
carries ice, too in his scarf pin
and shirt studs. -1 ... "
Gene Tunney says he Is a na
ture lover. Yep,' his favorite col
or is green ;backs. . ,
BOSTON, Dec. 2. (AP).
Dick (Honeyboy) Finnegan, Dor
chester lightweight, won the deci
sion over Tod Morgan Of SeattleJ
world junior lightweight, cham
pion. In a fast 10 round bout hece
tonight. The title was not at
stake as both men weighed in at
1314 pbundst. 1; - ; ' '
VICTORIA, B. C, Dec. 2.
(AP). Preparations are being
made to refloat the steamer Cat-
ala which has been aground near
Port Simpson for nearly a month
word to the Pacific Salvage com
pany here today said.;) The list
of the vessel has been corrected to
25: degrees, and after temporary
repairs to her hull it is believed
she. can be floated. ; : " '
i. The - recent
Flowers leaves
death . of . Tiger
the ' fistic contin-
ored tighter- one who is now na
tionally recognized as a. star in
his own right.
George Godfrey, the Liepervillel
Giant, comes the closest to it, and
his star is setting : without ever
having drawn the center of
constellation.! " "
' There are a score of negro fight
ers now seeking to win a place in
the eun, but none have risen high
enough to demand National atten
tion. Jack McVey,. who-bids fair
to carry on a famous name, .may
demand the calcium before 'long.
There are one or two others who
may join-the list of. real contend
ers in tne various classes ; some
day, but I can't offer any of them
right now,;;--;v --
Flowers death recalls again the
first time his name was brought
to my attention. That was through
the signing of, the negro to fight
Harry Grebtho Pltubarg wind
mill. In the modest town of Fre-
mond, O. That was Snrae years
back. And the fight was consid
ered a workout to -Orsb."'.Jt-was.
some - of the elementary schools,
in order to accommodate the high
school overflow. '
All of the elementary schools
are crowded as noticeably as is
the high school, as the enrollment
has doubled in the last 12 years.
Arrangements have been 'made
with the: extension department of
vregon estate Agricultural ceuege,
through C. J Mcintosh, to have
printed under the direction of the
Oregon State Editorial association!
a word and style book, which will
bis distributed among newspaper
offices and libraries. This was
Whether there is any feasible
plan by which a reorganization of
the defunct Sheridan State bank
can be brought about, probably
will be determined by the state
banking board within, the next few
days. ; ; -
This was - announced following
a meeting of the. banking board
held; In the executive department
Friday. Pending the next meeting
of the board A. A. Schramm, state
superintendent of banks, and Sam
A. Koser, "secretary of state, will
confer and attempt to work out
some definite plan to be submit
ted to the stockholders of the 'de
funct Institution."
Members of the , banking board
made It plain that they would not
favor a new bank In Sheridan, but
said they might agree to reorgan
ization of the defunct Institution
under terms satisfactory to the
state superintendent of banks.
The Sheridan State bank was
closed in September by order of
CENTERVIEW, Dec. 2.- (Spe
cial) The Willafd Women's club
was entertained, Thursday after
noon by Mrs. L. B- Haberly. Miss
Olive Ottoway gave a most inter
esting paper on -Nutrition." Fin
al plans were made for the bazaar
to be given by the club Saturday
evening, December 3, in the com
munity hall.
Miss Lorraine Fletcher vwas on
the sick list Thursday.
The club party that Mr. and
Mrs. Karl Haberly were planning
on baving at their home has been
nnstnnned because of so much
illness in the community. t
Roger "Comstock is spending ; a
couple of weeks at the home of his
crandmother, Mrs. S. J. Comstoca
in Silverton while he Is practising
for the high school student body
Play. "
t t
Over 400 Residents of
Ontario Border Ousted
Can Tied to U. S.C. Center
On Eve of Husky Contest
LOS ANGELES. Dec. 2. (AP players and a full blooded Husky
dog-from Alaska intimated that
he ' secretly believed his team
would duplicate the defeat hand
ed the Trojans four years ago in
Seattle. - ; ; -T;C.-
It looked like another. Bell out
for the coliseum late today as the
eleventh hour rush began for
what remained of the nearly 80,
000 pasteboards.
The propable lineup: 1
Washington . U. S. C.
Schuch . . . i . .LE ..... McCaslin
Brix v. . . ....LT. . ..,.. Hibbs
Shaw . .LG..... Anthony
Bonamy ..... .C. .... , Barrager
Wright ... . . ,RO. . ..... Heiser;
Dirks .... ; . . RT. .... Schevinjr
Douglas ... .RE. . .'. Tappaan
Geehan . . . . . .QB. . . Drury (Co)
Tesreau ; . . . . ,LH . . . . . Saunders
Carroll . .. . . .RH. . L. Thomas
Wilson (C) . ..FB...... Edebon
DETROIT. Dec. 2. (AP) An
augmented force of immigration
inspectors inaugurated the new
modified alien immigration order
here Thursday by preventing over
400 residents on Ontario border
MtP fmm en term k -Detroit to
work. The foreign bofn commut
ers affected took steps to obtain
non-quota immigration visas from
the American consul In Canada.
Several special boards ot in
quiry will begin sessions here
shortly to consider. the cases ot
those debarred, it was announced
hv John 'L. Zurbrick. district dt
rector of immigration. Five add!
tional Insnectors from Montreal
have been summoned:
Approximately 3,500commuters
employed in factories in the De
troit district were permitted en
trance under the eleventh hour
modification agreed to yesterday
by the departments of state and
Mr. Dawes Reiterates His
Stand On T928 Campaign
Vice President Dawes paused
just long enough during a round
of-calls on President Coofidge and
other high administration officials
to reiterate that he is not a can
didate for president and that he
favors the nomination of . Frank
O. Lowden. "' " "
The vice president who return
ed to Washington Wednesday spent
half an hour with the- president
and- later ; emphatically denied
published reports that he and Mr
Coolidge and he had a disagree
ment during his visit. "I had a
most' pleasant risit with Mr. Cool
idge," General Dawes said.. "It re
sulted In a conversation of half
an .hour about the. way we had
spent our vacations, the health of
gent without an outetanding eol-J announced here Friday by Hal
IIoss, secretary of the State Edl-j
torial association. ' tsj ;
It was said that this is the first
time that a style book for news
papers has been attempted by an
editorial association in the United
the .States. -
Mr. Hoss said that the required
data, has been assembled and : is
now ready so send to the printer,
The style book will serve as an
index to the practices of Oregon
editors in ' handling various mat
ters of construction, punctuation.
capitalization, etc The net result
of Uia publication will be for more
uniformity and . more correct
usage. 1 .
The decision to cooperate with
the college was reached at a meet
ing of the executive' committee
held in October.
Flowers, upsetting tLe bstlcf oj
1IILLSBORO. N. M. The man
who helped Mark Twain gather
material at ; first hand l for his
western book, "Roughing It," has
just" celebrated his eighty second
Mrthday. : He is E. J. Fsnder,
I!!Itcro jibnecr. I ' - '
our. families and general business
the state banking superintendent conditions without any reference
Deposit liabilities at that time ag-on tne part or eitner of us to pol-
gregated approximately ;f 139,000. H"c8
It was intimated at meetings of
the state banking board that in
event of continued liquidation' of
the institution . the savings depos
itors - would receive 9X cents on
the dollar, while the commercial
depositors would realize in excess
of 75 cents on the dollar.
The proposal to reorganise the
defunct bank; came -before ' the
state banking . board on an appeal
from a decision ot the-state super
intendent of banks adverse to the
reorganization program.
Oregon History Students "
r Plan Oakville Pilgrimage
Corvallis, Dec. 2. Salem residents
interested " In Oregon; history' are
invited by Dr. J. B. Horner, pro
fessor t of Oregon history, to At
tend a pilgrimage to, Oakville In
Linn county, Sunday, December
11. ' . ;
Oakville is historic as the birth
place J of the United Presbyterian
church. ' Exercises will begin
promptly at 3 o'clock In the after
noonwith an address by C. H.
Stewart, Unite d Presbyterian
church' historian. Psalms will be
sung. This custom is the oldest of
ivm kind west of the Rocky moun
Tne ' Nortnwest Itauio . associa
tion, with capitoI stock of $10,-
000 and headquarters in Portland,
has been incorporated by O. E. Ed
dy, George V. Bloomgren and Al
lan Bynon. :pa.;vv' ; -
Other articles filed In the state
corporation department' follow;
Central V Brokerage ' company,
Portland, 12500; hH E. Smith,
John Crawford and Maurice Seitz.
Harry Compton, Inc., Portland,
1 1 0,000 r Harrys Compton, Ella
Compton and Stephen H. Boyles.
Devils Lake Commercial club,
Devils 'Lake, 100; H. C. Warren,
R- L, LeGett and D. R. Ford.
- Al V. Johnson - Lumber.; Mills,
Inc., Grand Ronde,; 110.000; Al
V. Johnson, A.- B. Aazaard and C.
B.; Chamberlaln..- ." ,-,;
Mutual Maternity association,
Portland,,-1100; Mrs. Josephine
Bashaw t Mrs; Hazel Dean Barry
and Mrs., Madaline Martin.
Wilbur-Ellis company. Calif or-
aia corporation, SI 0.0,000; permit
issued to operate in Oregon.
Max ,Gebuer ; of Medford wa
?lven the 15-year contract insu?
Bg the commercial rights for bot
tling lithla water and gas rights a.
ne -Ashland city springs by the
cUy council. . . -
A break in the walls of Troy de
veloped today while a purple tor
nado from .Washington swirled
ominously jnear by Jn preparation
for a descent on the Trojan foot
ballers of Southern Calif orina to
On the eve of the final clash
of the coast conference season
here, John Fox, reserve center for
U. S. C, was ordered to turn in
his suit because of - indifferent
playing.- The former vSan Diego
star admitted he had slackened his
pace because ; he believed discrim
ination was shown .against him.'
Nate Barrager, favored by Trojan
coaches in nearly every game of,
the season, will hold down the vi
tal station In. the , center of the
line without a first string substi
tute in the coliseum battle to-1
morrow. .
With the exception of Don Wil
liams, power back of S. C. and
Fox, - however, the Trojans were
ready to meet the twisting attack
ot the northern giants.' . Coach
Howard 'Jones indicated by prac
tice direction that he would favor
a more '- open game against the
Huskies than " ' previously" has
marked - the offensive style of S.
C7" this season. '' 1 1 ':; ; ' '! " v
Hardly a limp was present in
the' Husky lineup , as Enoch Bap
shaw confiedently set about final
preparations v for . a . renewal of
gridiron strife with Souhtern Cali
fornia. Bob Wright guard, and
Romeo La uson, center, were not
wholly in the pink of condition
owing jto minor injuries but were
expected to face the local pigskin
ner for at least a portion of the
clash. ' T"
Bagshaw -eliminated all predic
tions of victory, for the Huskies In
his. pre-game comment , but his
smiling ' confidence as he swung
off a train here today with 33
Read the Classified Ads
,1he public Is being asked u
support the art exhibit at the Les
lie junior high school on Thurs-
aay ana Jt riaay, December 8 and
9. , " -
The new building is in need r '
good pictures for the classrooniJ'
The entire proceeds of the exhib
it are to be used in purchasing
pictures for the building. 1
Mrs. La Moine R. Clark, prin
cipal. says:
- "This is a rare opportunity fo
the people of Salem to see thi
replica of the masterpieces of the
world in almost perfect reproduc
tion. Teachers and pupils arf
hoping for strong cooDeratior
from the people of Salem.
C-D. Rorer, president ot the
Bank of Commerce of Eugene has
been placed on the orderly farm
marketing committee of the statt
division of the American Bankers'
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