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ArTnvestment Wor
Assets Over $175,000.00
More Than 1 100 Members
t We Pay 7 Per Cent
Monthly installment or lamp gam deposit accepted
7C3-7C8 First National Bank Building:, Salem, Oregon
We Make Loans on City Property
We hare a 1020 leather uphol
stered Poatlao Coupe, per
forms and look like m new ca
has several extras and Is a real
bargain at 9850.00.
Plan fot Volley Ball.
Plan are being made t at the
YUGA. for an intsr-elty .tourna
meat of YelitT ball funti ts be
J November 22, at, at st. RAM VAC ATI DM FflR
iJJeseph's church with Father BckiBMf VMWl,Uf4 rU"
in charge, Recitation of the ros
ary, .Tuesday evening T o'clock at
held at Corvallia. Teams from I the chapel of tha Salem Mortuary
Salam, Eugeas and Conrallia will Interment will be made In St. Bar-
participate. Ibaraa cemetery.
Tha House That Service Bunt"
Buy Xibm Present XowZ
While tha sale la oa
"Moore's Muslo House." :
HP John MuthJ died at his resi-
O, I ...... IJ1 jt1l XTnW.mKo
81, aged 78. lie ia survived by
Falrmonnt win 0 Room 1 U widow, Mrs. Esther Muehl, and
New Home, Double carafe and two brothers, Albert and Louis.
all aodarn features, for sale for Jxh or 'Wisconsin, lie was a
total nrlcs 17E00 and raaaoaabla member Of Salem Lodge No. 4, A.
terms can handle. Becke Jb
drlcfcs,l8t N. High Street.
F. A A. M. The body la at Webb's
Funeral announcements later.
" Heath
William Heath died tt 1 local
hospital on Norember 19. He Is
survived by his widow, Carrie,
and one son, Dale, at ' Shelby,
LEE SIMON ADDRESSES SALEM Mont, father and mother. Mr. and
Suit Dismissed
Tha. action brought against J.
H. Engeman by Martin Johnson
has been dismissed, an order hav
In been banded down In circuit
court to that effect. The two llti
gata - came to aa understanding
outside of court. It Is understood.
Buy Xmaa Freaecita Now!
While tha sale Is on
Moore's Music House."
: t
Auxiliary Meets) Tonight
A meeting of tha auxiliary of
the sons of retarans will ba held
at tha club house tonight at 7:80
m. A large class will ba In
Took Right of War
John Wheeler was fined $5 In
police court yesterday for taking
tha right-of-way from another car.
Th Spa J-
Special Turkey Dinner, Thanks
glTlng Day.
Oregon uJp and Paper Co.
Preferred. Limited amount for
gala. Hawkins and Roberta. Phone
V fir Fines Bt MaU
Police Judge Poulsen recelred
a chack for SS yesterday from r
"i H. Spears for three riolations of
the parking law. His car was
mvA nn three different occas
Maurer rs. Frieda Phillips Maur-
er. The dirorce complaint was
based upon; cruel and inhuman
treatment. ; Maurer . charging
among other things that his wife
went about in tha company of oth
er men rather than himself.
Bay Xmmm Presents Nowt
While tha sale la oa
"Moora'a Music House."
For a Nice Sport
Come and- sea
our selection.
Tha Maauutement
Of Crystal Gardens present Cole
McElroy, Band tonight. - .
PrscotTs Apartments
One two room furnished apart
mant omb. New and , modern,
1084 Oak St.
Para S10 Pin a
James 0"NeU was fined 10 In
police court yeaterday for being
drunk on tha streeta of saiem.
New Homes 5,000 to $18,000
"We hare att ready for yott. Bet
tar built thaa you bare ; seen.
Titrmi 4f desired. Becke &' Hen
dricks. 189 N. High Street, i
Clay Peters Released
Clay Peters yesterday eomplet-t
ed a term In Marion county jafl
and was released by the authori
ties. He was serrlng out a $15
fine at the rata of two dollars a
day.: The fine was Imposed for
hunting without a license.
Andreeon Leases Statioav
C. F. Andreeon, has leased the
Gaaaup b err Ice station from Ralph
H. Kletslng. Th station' la lo
cated on tha Pacific highway north
of Salam at the Intersection of the
Chemawa-SllTerton road.'
Auction, New Dsv
Linoleum ruga, a fine lot of!
good furniture. Wed. nlta, 7 p
m., F. N. Woo dry's Auction Mar
ket. 1610 N. Summer St.
Dance Tonight
Cole McElroy'a Corambla Re
cording Band. Crystal Gardens,
Oole McKlroy's
Saniah Ballroom Band, Crystal
Gardens Tonight.
It is Fitting; that
The old! time dancers should
hare t a good time Wednesday
Thanksgiving All indications
point to a ; Isrge enjoyable real
old time dance at Crystal Gardens
Wed. nlte, sponsored by Dad Wat
son's and his 8 piece Orchestra.
Defeats Bond las
Road district No. 28 at a
cent election called to rote add!
tlonal tax ffcad funds defeated the
election by a rota of 48 to 21. This
district Includes Llresley and
Hall's Ferry.
Buy Xmaa Presents Now!
While tha sale is oa
"Moore's Music House.":
Cooked Food Sale-
Ladies Oak Grore 1 Grange
Qelse-Powers. Wed. Nor. 23.
Nothing Equals Osteopathy f
Pn earn on la, hi-blood pressure,
flu. colds. Dr. Marshall, Ore -Bid.
Agency Manager Here
p. L. Emery, agency manager
for the Bankers Life company,
was a 8alem visitor Monday. Mr.
Emery has' offices' In the Gasco
building In Portland. :
Thanks girtrta; Et, Dad Watson
Cryatal Gardens Teat 01a unw
dance SoUdar Program, r Extra
fine. , . ;
Rar rain For Bale
Ohaaa lumber. 16" Mill Block
wood; cut" from old fir logs, Tart
ly seasoned. Large load. Fred
E. Wells. Phone 1542, 286 South
Stirring Rally Promised
A big student body rally with
tUe brass band out for the first
time this year will hold forth on
Salem streets tomorrow alght in
stirring us enthusiasm for the Sa
lem-Hood Rlrer game, ThanksgiT-
lng day. :
Fo Early or Late Barbes Work-H
Phone 1094. Eugene T. Fress-
A La Carte Service
In Dining Room Marlon Hotel.
Hazel Green Teacher Visits
Miss Sylvia Paulson, aa In
structor at the HaxeH Green
ar.hnol. visited with her slotar,
Miss Slgne Paulson, orr
week end. ...
Arrives From Oh!
To be with his father who m 111
at the Deaconess hospital. Dr.
Stelner arrived In Salem Saturday
from Pandora, Ohio. As soon as
he is able the elder Stelner will
accompany his son back to Ohio.
Turkey Dance at Schlndler's
Win a dreesed turkey, Wed
p. m.
Stage leaves Terminal at 8
Free Wood
Call at Cherry
tlel North Broadway.
City Bakery,
Bay Xmaa Presents Now!
While tha sale is on
"Moore's Music House."
Tlie Swart Specialty Shop
Has moved to 244 N. High.
Salem Conpie Weds
James Joseph Bellinger, 21, of
Salem, was yesterday ipued a li
cense to marry Agnes M. ; Burger;
17. ateo.of Salm.., ; " '
Wa are aearlnaT-TaeaUon time
with a wonderful selection of for
mal gowna oa display. , 4 -
Vnrnllure Upholstered - :
And repairing. Ofopa-Powera
.Furniture Co. , .
Msnrev Dtvorce Decreed
. Qriet ol default and decree of
v3jvg.rce have been handed down in
K circuit conr In the . ease of H. H.
Sheep Pay Profits
See as ?o 'Tanca deals.
Want to buy a rs.fa.chT 30
acres good land, 250 of It In
cuitfvaUonr art fenced, lrrlng
water, ' gdcd nonae. barn and
other -1 nUdlagS. It is priced
to sell, and on easy terms. Ask
us abouCit. t
wAnt to tradb yoto -
Modern home, alectrlo lights.
Ull cllyconf eniences within two
miles 01 e&iem ana sixty acres
of chofoe ZaTia land. Has large
lalry tar, soring Krater, all in
iplsndid shape.
442 SUto EU Tel. C3C0
Leaves for East
8. Ellis Purvine. manager of
tha Clifford Brown Co., left Sat-
nrdsv for a trlD to Boston and
other eastern cities.
Hazel Green Standardized
'Rural School Supervisor Fox
yas at Hasel Green yesterday, the
school there having complied with
all requirements and being made
si ftandard school.
Turkey Dance at Schindler's
Win a dressed turkey. Wed.
Nite. Stage leaves Terminal at
p. m,
Ira Divorcee Era-
Order of default and decree of
divorce were handed down In cir
cuit court yesterday by Circuit
Judge L. H. McMahan in the case
of E. Ira Blalock vs. Era Blalock
Tha plaintiff was awarded custody
of four minor children! Harold
Norman, Marcella and Margery
Special Turkey Dinner, Thanks
giving Day. 1
WTO. BnHd Office ' ! j
F. ;D. Delane will construct
building office at 292 North
Church street at a cost of 8500
according to building permit rec
ords. R. Newburgh will spend
$300 to repair a dwelling at 2180
Garden Road.
Dry Planer Ends
Immediate Delivery,
Fuel' Co. Phone 1855.;
Thanksgiving Eve. Dad Watson
Crystal Oardens. enjoy yourseir.
Dry Planer Ends ;
Immediate - Delivery,
Fuel Co. Phone 1855.,
Hit and Run Driver
Wllllanv J. Blake, route 8.- re
ported at police headquarters that
while driving south oa Commercial
street Sunday a buff colored Ford
rroadster crashed Into his car as
be was In the act of turning into
Kearney. ; The driver of the Ford
kept, on his way,. according to the
report.. s ' .
..V ... " ii 1 ' i..T--;
Bonds Purchased
Peirce. ; Fair and company of
Portland Monday purchased frpm
the state treasurer $16,150 of Ore
gon district Interest bonds. "The
bends will bear date of December
1, The bonds were sold at 100.85
Residence Required--
A parson to be eligible to ap
pointment as Justice of t be peace
must have lived in the district for
six months prior to such appoint
ment. according to a legal opinion
prepared by the attorney general
here today. The , opinion - w
sought by GoTernor Patterson in
connection with the selection of a
Justice of the peace ' in Coos
Open Tonrnajment
There wlU be an open tourna
ment at. the T Friday and Satur
day for all the oys la the gym
classes In basket ball,-.
large .and appreciative audi
enca llatened to a lecture last eve
ning at the TMCA given, by Lee
Simon, of , Portland., on the
Marshfleld Man Here
Clara GUlatta. Marshfleld ; edu
cator, visited In Salem Monday. He
reported that schools, there are
closed because of tha prevalence
of infantile paralysis. Mr: Gillette
is a graduate of Willamette uni
versity In tha class of 1921., Hs
1 athletle coach at Roosevelt
high In Portland for several years
prior to transferring to Marshfleld
this year.
and feeding of wild birds during whv f,
tha wlntar months.-The lecture it 10:,0 and ReT jr
waa siren unaer mm auspices oil officiating.
uia euam nsrais ciud, .01 which
-.- - t. . ,.a.l
JTTr',J I Atthe residence, llrt and State
Mr. Simon urged tha people tolWMll ' M A wa. '
r; .c::t:zz.:'"tz. Drauir m. j. x. Hunt. Mrs.
" . . . . Amanda King and T. C. White of
wua Dim. nava a naru wma xo Salem, Mrs. Josephine Kin of
irva, aue to me lacs: or growing Shaw and Mrs. Bell Moll of Port
grains: ana otner sources or sus- Und. Mr. White was for the nat
tenance. Ha also suggested the two years a Salam police offiear.
building of bird houses where they Announcement of funeral win be
may take refuge from the cold! made later from the Rlgdoa mor-
wtadJ at nlgnt, Mr. Simon is an tttary.
Oregon director of tha national
auduldon society. Erofessor Facai Davts
presided. 1 At the residence. No. 170 South
16ta street, Monday, November 21,
Judge George E. Davis age 65
years, , corporation commissioner
Stock Ticker CtanXnt
The ohatterlna stock ticker.
with all Its connotations of .Wall
street and millionaire stock brok
ers. Is soon to be heard la the Pa
cific northwest, according to Eric
Butler, manager of the local
Western Union office. When the
new serriee Is installed, financiers
and brokers of this section will re
ceive by ticker, not only the trans
actions of the New York stock ex
change, but also full quotations
from the board of trade and the
cotton exchanges. The new ser
vice is scheduled to start about
January 1.
Home Threetened By Fire
The fire department was called
to the residence of W. J. Crandell
255 Richmond street, about
o'clock Monday morning and
quickly extinguished a blaze that
had started in the basement of the
house. Very little damage was
Mrs. J. A. Heath, of Salem: bro
thers and sisters, Mrs. George
Balch, Mrs. H. Gallagher, and
Fred Heath., all of Minnesota, Mrs.
F. L. Swan son. of Salem, and
Mrs. Ed. Ostendort of Klamath
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and dances on other nights.
In case of emergency or neces
sity to leave, students may gat ex
cuses rrom the dean of men and
the dean of women, but all excuses
to ba valid mast be secured In ad
vance, it is stated.
Instead of ' seeking aa Interna
tional loan Queen Marie should I
able to command millions by sell
ing a res I plot to the movies. In
dianapolis Star.
CORVALLS, Nov. 21. (AP)
There will be no suspension of the
customary Thanksgiving recess at
Oregon State Agricultural college,
authorities of the college indicat
ed ' tonight, saying that the prev
elancy of Infantile paralysis
throughout the state bad not been
discussed there In connection with
the holiday season. Students were
planning their customary exodus
over the holiday period.
The return to favor of the shawl
collar comes directly from Paris in
an' effort to' restore old-fashioned
prettiness to women's coats and
wraps, declares Mary Brush Will
iams in aa article in Liberty.
. Selecting an Interesting story
and preparing it for the screen is
the most difficult element In motion-picture
production, writes
Benjamin B. Hampton In aa ar
ticle in Liberty. : r
INCINERATOR IDCATION Oregon. Announcement of fun
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era! later by Rigdonla,
tea amending a previetsj. ordinance Minner
making It unlawful to cut. break.J la this city, Saturday, Novem
or damage in any way surface orl her 19, John W. Minner, age 63
macadam cerement without first Tears 1 brother of Mrs. 0. L.
securing a permit from the city w right of Salem, Mrs. O. T. Tim
engineer. mots ana Ches. H. Minner of
Curbs on abandoned auto drives. I ortlana. Samuel Minner of Ben4-
of which there are ahont 10 ia the Calif., and Daniel Minner of
city, will be restored, and the side- Oklahoma. Funeral services Tues-
walks bronrht hark to Wr-da. aMJuay novemioer az. at X.ZV p. m..
the result" of a motion passed.
Chairman Townsend of the streets
committee introduced the motion.
Another ordinance accepting de
dication of some property by the
school board eliminating a hazar-
from 'the RIgdon Mortuary! inter
ment in the L O. O. F. cemetery.
Funeral services for the hate
Rev. O. W. Grannls, who possed
dous Intersection by extending the tYJ'L011 il
sidelines of Church and Howard 2- r . 1.
-t.. -m- 1 1:30 P- m- from tha First Metho-
oa x wivu ,ws ssawg VVU'
sideratlon. - .
The amended set back ordinance'
was referred to the ordinance com
dlst church.
Read the Classified Ads
- and bis '
Tonight Nov. 22
Big Furniture
Tomorrow Night
7 P.M.
F. N. Woodnr's
" Auction Market
and Furniture Store
1610 N. Summer St,
1 Boston Pit bull dost 1
overstuffed .velour ,daven
port, new; 1 round oak ex.
tablet 1 set oak diners; 1
oak buffet; 1 ivory a inch
post- bed, newt - 1 brown
enamel SS Inch post bed, new;
1 coil Simmons spring, new
1 fabric Simmons spring,
new; 1 wool mattress, newt
1 cotton felted mattrc,
-new; S3 burlap back, sn-t
.felt base linoleum rugs, '',
sizes, newt a npholsr 1
walnut finished rorkcr,
newt 1 oak library tabl; 1 .
oak stand tablet 1 sanitary
couch; 1 d-bnrner Red K'r
oil stove, a dandy; 1 Cn'lr
wood typewriter j 1 kltd
cabinet; 1 birds eye m:'
dressert 1 large oak drenser;
1 floor lamp; t large screen
; cupboard; a lot of odd rot it
ers and chairs, also bedj t-- I
springs; 1 heater; 1 rar-'i
new brooms, boiler. ti.;-,
wash boards, foldlns; cUn:.
driers, door mats, oil Lit
ers; linoleum by the yu ,
newt SOO.qts. home canr.' !
anitt potatoes
treats, youths chairs tu- 1
many other nlsceOaaroa
articles. .
Furnish your home
you can furnish it fcr f r
Jess. . . New- and used TarrJ
ture bought ,, sold an J e x
changed. ,j
Private Sales Dal!j
Cash Tald for Vzzl
Furniture 7
Slegmund Visits Oaurt
John C. Slegmund, who was ap
pointed Saturday by Governor
Patterson as a successor to John
T. Hunt who resigned the same
day as county ude. spent yester
day afternoon with Commissioners
Smith and -Porter looking over
some of the. work of the office
He will assume tha Judgeship De
cember 1.
State Conference '
A state conference of .athletic
coaches and teachers of physical
education will be held at the Sa
lem YMCA February 4. Represen
tatives of colleges and high schools
all over Oregon will attend, ao-
Studnicke Released
V. J. Studntcka was yesterday
released from the Marion county
jail, having, completed a 60 day
sentence f Q liquor vicuatioa. He
also paid a fine of S300. '
Mall Service Bettered
Better mail service to ML Ange!
and Woodburn will result from
change in stage schedules .going!
Into, effect 'November 28, accord-j
lng to Postmaster Farrar. Stages
now will leave Salem daily at 7
a. m. and 5 p. m., connecting with
stages at Silverton for; Woodburn
and ML AngeL Stages from Sil
verton will - arrive Ih Salem 7 at
8:45 a. m., 1:45 p. m. and 6:45
P. m.. (
May Not Park
The local police are anxious
that the public snould be la
formed of the iarklng spaces that
have been specially marked and
set aside for the -use of street
buses.' A yellow line baa bean
drawn around theses particular
spaces and they are for use of. the
buses only. ;; Heretofore k street
traffic has often ' been delayed by
the Inability of the buses to turn
in to the curb to receive and dis
charge passengers. "
Miss echroeder Chosen
Bernice Schroeder, Instructor
in the Salem high school com
mercial department, baa been
chosen by the student council to
coach the student body play". The
play will be selected shortly after
At the late home. 345 South
Capitol street, November 20, Mary
Rebecca Johnson at the age of 67
years. She is survived by one
daughter, Mrs. George Paul, and
one son, Carl E. Johnson, both of
Salem. Remains are in care of the
Terwilliger Funeral Home. Fun
eral probably Friday morning.
At a local hospital, November
21, Mrs. E. C. McKInney, at the
age of 22 years. Survived by her
husband Elmer C. McKInney, her
parents, Mr, sad Mrs. Felix La-
Branch of this city, by three sla
ters. Mrs. T. A. Nadon and Sister
Mary Gertrude of Portland, Ore
gon, and Mrs. W, P. Tallon of Ba
lem, by one brother, Alfred Lai
Branch, of Salem. Funeral serv-
cordlnr to Robert Board man. di
rector of athletics' at the YMCaJI" will .be held on Wednesday,
All MikM Cm4 MtcUnu .
Phone SSI all Ooart 8.
Perfect Funeral Service
For Less
Licensed Lady Mortician
770 Chemeketa Street
' Telephone 724
The Highest
Type of standards using the
newest and most advanced
ideas In every branch of a
finely esteemed and moder
ate service, ;
Webb's Funeral Parlors
1 Telephone 120
RickJ! Returns 7
Ben Rickli, associate secretary
at the YMCA, returned yesterday
from Tacoma where he attended
the Employed Fellows Conference
i a delegate from Salem,
Deposits Car for Ball-
Merle Tallman who was arrested
Saturday night when he narrowly
averted a collision with a police
car driven by Officers White and
Nicholson, was released from Jail
yesterday by deposition 1 40 cash
baU and leaving his. Ford coupe
in tha hustody of the police.
Art Class Meets Tonight
The University of h Oregon ex
tension art class, taught by; Pro
fessor Zane, irlU meet tonight at
the high school,? instead of . the
regular night later in the week,
on ; account of the Thanksgiving
holiday period.
Student Movement Topic 7
Brace Gray, traveling secretary
for the student volunteer move
ment, from Toronto, t Canada... adr
dressed the students of Willamette
university at the chapel exercise
Monday. tHe expressed the hope
that the local school would be rep
resented at the quadrennial con
vention at Detroit, which opens
December 22. -
Three acres close In on pared
highway with modern house.
F. L. Wood. 241 State St.
Distinctly Correct
y: ', For
John J. Rottle
Expert Shoe Fitters
is state Bt.
6, t and 10 cents per yard. Also
buttons, stamping aad pleating.
Over Mfller! . Telephone 117
Casey's Guaranteed
Money refunded if It' does not
; cure your-case ' 7
' NELSON A HUNT, Druggists
Cor. 0urt aad Liberty Tel. 1
Ten Years Practka in
. Sem
Phone C25
Dr. L. R Bnrdatta
Optometrist ' -
401 First National Bank
LADD & BUSH, Dankera
Established 1863
General Banking Business
Office Hours from 10 a. nu to 3 p. cu J
tV7;t;i:KSee - . .;-
Telephone 320 112 State St.
Call, phone or write . 7
' MAX a BUREN ' " : v,
170 N. Commercial Salem
Ladies' wool dresses cleaned
and pressed. 21.00 up. Mens
and- Ladles' suits cleaned and
pressed 21.00.
Over Buiclcs ,
J. H. UEOXG, Mgr.
Our life's work 'has
been spent in studying
the fcealiife properties
of Chinese herbs and
now dally '.' we relieve
those : suffering front
stomach, liver and kid
ney trouble, - rheuma
tism and gall stoned
, -, also disorders of men,
w omen snd Children!
Free Consultation Call or Write
Ope O A. M. to 8 P. M. v
420 State St., Salem, Oregon
A Family Gift
America's Greatest ;
- '. Candy Value. -. .
a s--
The Family Packag
Good candy, well packed '
at a price that fits all '
pocket books. , , :
An assortment of the ;
- favorite'-' pieces of all -absolutely
fresh and whole
- some.1 .,.1 ..
' 99c ; ,
. 2H lb. Box
Perry V Drug Store
115 S. Commercial
Let Kennell-EIIis .
Make Your View and Commercial
Pictures, Any Time, Any Flaco
Old Photographs Copia :..
Of tea you want old photographs reproduce!, hut f '
lng them to strangers.
Our reputation assures the safety and proper
picture, which we will copy, enlarge, frame or ban a
a price lower than the unknown agent can oner.
Kennell-Ellis Studi
429 Oregon Bid.
yt , -
1 Long: end S2;rt Distance Haulins
I Public and Private Storage
-7 jbxreprccf xiuuaina . j
- GRAIN, FEED xnifl
2 .i Free Delivery to any part cf the citr,
K ' '' ' '. - - : I - 7 ' ' - r- 1 ' '.-'"
- - :-r '.- -f - -- : . .......
Farmers Wareiionco
. Day Telephone 23 Nl-M