The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, November 20, 1927, Page 8, Image 8

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i he Oregon Statesmam
- " ' " Datlv Twt H9f r
sua statima pu iojuaq cox?axt
SIS South Ceauaereial Street, Sales. Orefoa
;R J. Heodrleks
Irt 8. lleaherrr - - .
: Ralph a CarUa -
i Victor D. Carlaas
'Roieila Boaefc .
Vaaar er
Jfaaaxlaf Elites
Xlty Idi tor
8 porta Editor
Society Editor
Ralph H. KltIf, AiTrttiB Xaast
W. H. HulirMl, Clreulatiea MiMfir
A. Rhoten Ueek Ediiet
W. C. Ooaw ' - Pasluy StAile
Tli Aaeoetated Pree is eadaaWely eaUUed to tka aa far saaUeettoa at all
im ttarwla craoitea t& taU a La the
; diapatciiee credit! t It
; local mwi a-nallaW araU.
' -. sxTsmss omoisi
Membat Selecte Orsfoa Htwtyapera PaoUie Coaat lejreeatatlTa Daty
) fttrpea, Iatw Parties!, Eaearitr Bid.! Baa fraaelaco, gharoa Bid., Laa
4 Aafelae, Cham bar ot Coauaaree blda;. -.. .. '.
THOaaaa f . Cttart Ca Saw Xarav 118 lid W. Slat Si.j CUaafa. Marqaatte Bid.
iBoeiaeea Offlae ay SSS
Society Idito 00
Newa IHtM er 10S
7eV Depertmeal -Ctreolataoa
Salted a tae Feat Olflee la Salaam. Oracoa. aa aeeeod-eUaa atttar.
Norember 19. 1027 , .
I Tor ths Son of man is come to ure that which ni lost. How
think ya? If a man hare aa hundred sheep, and one of them be
-sone astray, doth he not leare the ninety and nine, ad xoeth Into
-the mountains, and eeekth that which Is sone astrarT And If so be
that he find It, Terlly I say unto yon, he rejoice th more of that
aheep, than ot the ninety and nine which went not astray. Matthew
' 41:11. 12, 13. i
The cities of Pasadena, South Pasadena and Alhambra,
JGaL, are disposing of their sewage in a way that brings
valuable returns. . , 7 ;
About 20 years ago Pasadena bought 500 acres of land,
on the Valley boulevard, eight miles east of Los Angeles,
preparatory to modern sewage disposal. ? it raised a roar.
JThere were objections; all sorts of delays, v . yj
1 Now, there is being grown on that land ; a large tonnage
'each year of navel oranges, walnuts, alfalfa, vegetables, and
potatoes, lima beans, and other field crops, j The sewage dis
posal plant takes up 40 acres. There are lawns and flowers
and beautiful boulevards. It is a place of beauty. Under
modern methods, there odor. -v ' ; ." ' J '
Some of the fertilizer is sacked and sold. Sales are in
creasincr '..'.;' ; , . r ; .
j It is expected in time to make the plant! self supporting;
&nd the indirect benefits will be large. '. '.' '
; The Statesman will revert to this subject in more detail,
That is what Salem will have to do, eventually; ought to
do soon. The plant there cost $1,000,000". ) , f
' And, right now, in Salem we should look to the time when
we will haye a sewage disposal plant in locating the proposed
incinerator.".' . , s .
i News was yesterday received of the fact that Willamette
tiniyersity has been accepted on the approved list of the As
eociation of American Universities. 4 - V.. "
Jt This is the highest honor that could come in the matter
of scholarship. There are almost 800 degree granting insti
tutions in the United States, and only about 200 are in this
list . . .
4 And only three privately endowed schools in the Pacific
jiorthwest. . i
", The three are Willamette, Reed and Whitman.
fl This means that a student of Willamette may carry his
or her certificate to other schools and this will be accepted
cn face value - :' ''
mto circulation inhe form of wages to thousands of factory
and other employe: sr and paynients'f or transportation, sup-pllc5;--sd;Eervic3,'"-etc."';"
' ; - '"" "T"
A wonderful thing for that region, in many direct and
indirect waya-r-- - '
And it will be the same in the Willamette valley.
This will come when we get irrigation on. a majbr scale,
and perhaps it will start before
And it will be the biggest single thing that will ever hap
pea to this valley.' - ; j
The acceptance of Willamette on the approved list of the
Association of American Universities will have many happy
results. One of them will be the acceptance in full standing
of, the local branch of the American Association of University
Women. : So that controversy : that has raged will settle
itself. - ' ' .
a ...... ..
the indlVldaal hair, can ab3orb.'
;i- Classes were " sta4llhed vaome
time ago at-the-reaUe-IUadquar-terS
ia New Tork to train ope
rators rta the use "of the Text-O-Meter,
and .in addition a squad of
women was organized to tour the
country and to hold classes in
erery state in order to instruct
beauty ahopa in the use" of this
instrument. , Among the first to
qualify for possession ot the Text-O-Meter
was Mrs. ' Emma Kalke
Haley , care Miller Beauty Shop of
this city. . c - . . . "
Crowded Statesman this .morning, even with' S2 large
pages. Mucn good matter crowaea oui. aaiem is cenaimy
growing. . .-. - . j ' ' - .
Bits Tor DrcItfftt :
Willamette feels proud .:
And has a right to, with a
standing as high as the best, and
a history greater than moat."
The Salem T.; free employment
office had: in the past week 179
applicants for work and got jobs
for only 68. That tells a story that
must glre us pause, ;
But in the tire weeks ) from
August 2 9 to October 1, the S&-
lem office, with only one man in
charge, got Jobs for 27 el people,
and the Portland office with fire
people got jobs for 2190. A splen
did eomparatlre showing," in fa-
ror of the Salem office. i-. '
w - , I: ;
The 'greatest living tenor, Ed
ward Johnson, will be at the El-
slnore ; next Friday erenlng. : If
you wait, you may haTe to stand.
The seats may be all taken in ad
rance. V . ' . -i
Oregon is to hare a rayon fac
tory. No particulars, for the pres
ent. But later. There will be oth
ers. The great bulk. of the pulp
and paper making business jot the
United States is coming fast to
this section; where the timber is.
"I am one of those who beliere
in the sub-stratum : of inherent
honesty and in the fine rln of
serrice and kindliness in out cit
isenship," : quotes the Portland
Telegram from a statement of:
Herbert Hoover. That belief will
make him an ideal president, if
our Salem boy reaches that high
place. And he may. v :
HfflG IE cny
And welcome
nmt. : ; T. t- I.M ,V..l I. J.!..
t)in,M It is as good as pure gold.
i Congratulations to old Willamette 1 And to her faculty
and student body. And to the beautiful city that institution
started; around whose hallowed shades that city has grown.
And to the friends and alumni around the wide earth.
i i
The biggest pay day since the sugar industry .was" estab
lished in the Rocky mountain region, in Colorado, Nebraska,
Hontana and Wyoming was on last Tuesday, the 15th, when
VsX 'deliveries from the farms were paid for
:? To the tune of $28,000,000. Some money. .
And the total thus paid out in that territory this year will
be more than $40,000,000. In addition to this money, which
toes "direct to the fannerspiillions, many millions more go
"Text-0-Hetcr"; Great i
- Advance In Hair Work
- !
, The Text-O-Meter, long herald
ed as. the greatest adrance erer
made la modern hair science, : is
oinr to the public. Mrs.: Emma
KaPke Haley care Miller Beauty
Shop, 189 N. Liberty street; Salem.
Or., has acquired the distinction
of being among the first beauty
shope in the country to hare its
own Text-O-Meter.
This machine, the inrentlon of
Mrl Charltts Nessler, originator of
the permanent ware, has been
widely acclaimed both by the hair
waring profession and " by , the
scientific . press of this country.
The machine establishes the na
tural absorbing Qualities and elas
ticity of human hair which is-ln-raluable'
information to a perm
anent waTe operator. The degree
of absorption depends on the por-
or tne nair wmcn is so
greatly rarying that only a scien
tific device such a tie Tsxt-O
Meter can giro a correct indlca
tion; in other .words, the Text-O-
Meter determines how much liquid tions.
The Ben Loin and park at the
end of High street, has recently
undergone a thorough landscap
ing. The managers, Fred Lam
port and Chaa, Cone, bare spared
on expense to make this prk a
rery attractive one. ;
Besides many shrubs and? ever
greens., there have been planted
many beautiful trees including our
famous Oregon fir. mountain ahs.
American elm. linden, honey lo
cust, scarlet maple, sweet gum.
weeping wlUowa, and the native
This park is near the McKinley
school, and is the happy ' resting
place of school . children at the
noon hour.. "
This beautifying of that already
besntiful section ot Salem adds
Beautiful still more so. . and fur
nishes an example tor other sec-
Saleza LXarkets
N. 1, waeat. wb!ta .t.Id
Iid waaai, aack4 .- J1.10 '
Oata. par a. alll.BK- , .M
roax. muttojt aho bezt
Tap ksrs '
&wi , -,.
Tap ataara- -, ,,..., ...OSQ.OTH
cw ,-,: : os 3 -oa
Pprlar laa-ba. graaaart , ; .IS .
Draaaad raal -.. 1
Xraaaa pt-a -.. IS
Llcat kasa
Haary aaaa
Bpriara .
; .11
titaadaraa ..- : -
Print Buttar
-49 O. SO
Bwta. aaeaa4
Oaiaaa. 4am, fcmaaaa
ttum aabbaca .,.
H ww pataaoaa
Oaiary. haaeaas
laal lattaea ., , ,
General 'Ularketm
PORTLAND. Ora- Kwr. 19. I AT). !
Wkaat bid: BBB aara whita. Sot, Dae
11.21 M; aard vkita. Uaa ataoa. . Baartt
Kaw, Dee. f 1.28 H ; fadaraUoa, uott
wkitat. waatara whiU Nov, Dm.. $1.13 ;
kr4 wiatar. aortkara apriaa- NaT., Dae-
1.12 H; waUara rad Hot.. !. fllVa.'
Oata. Ka. S. IS paaad W. P. and arar
Ka Dee. $38.50.
Barter. No. 1. 41 sound B. W. Nor,
Dae. $17.
Cora. No. S E. T. akipsaat. Not. SIT.
Dae. $3S; ditto No. S. Not Daa. $30.
Millraa, standard Nor. f 37.50," 3e
127.15. .
Can Be Purchased at
Fr8;Prug Store
C. 6c C Store
. The Ace
Nelson &Hunt Drug Store
Ora, Nor.
19. (AP).
Old -Iks
' - " .. ej
Caldwell was Right
The basis of . treating sickness
has not changed since Dr. Cald
well left Medical College in 1875,
nor since he placed on the market
the laxatlre prescription he . had
used in his ; practice, known to
druggists and the public- since
1892. as Dr. Caldwell's Syrup
Pepsin. ; .
t Then. the treatment of consti
pation, biliousness, headaches,
mental depression. Indigestion,
sour stomach and, other Indisposi
tions that result from constipation
was entirely by means of simple
vegetable laxatives, herbs and
roots. These are. still the basis
of Dr. Caldwell's Syrup Pepsin,
which is a .combination of senna
and other mild laxative herbs.
with pepsin.
" ; The simpler the remedy for con
stipation, the safer for the chiia
and for you, and the Tetter for
the general health of all. And
as you can. get results in a mild
and safe way by using Dr. Cald-j
well's Syrtip Pepsin, why take
chances with strong drags?
A bottle of Dr. Caldwell's Syr
up Pepsin will last a family sev
eral months, and all can use it.
It is good for the baby because
pleasant to the taste, gentle in
action, aad free frjm narcotics.
In the proper dose, given in the
-.v..-. ..... . . .V. . ..... ..-V W "
a ' i
. - s $y , fit -
I : .
I aWaaaaaBaaaaanaaBaBaaaBa-! muumiiuiuiijniijimimii iiiiiiinii i
direcUon. It is equally effective
at aU ages. Elderly "people will
find it especially ideal. All drug
stores have -the generous bottes.
- We would be glad to have you
prove at our expense how much
Dr. raid well'e Syrup Pepsin can
mean to you ' and yours. Just
write "Syrup repsln," MrnticeUo.
Ulinc is, and wj will send j-ou pre
;1 CIzristmasGift
in i
i '
1 t
Fez Mother, Sister. . or. Dczigtecz
Here Is a Practical Gift. Erery 'Woman Is
Sure to Appreciate jOur Nestle Circnline
-i- - -i . ".- . . .;. ... . ; Pi-. ,- -' .
Fermianent Wave
"71? bo other way can th hair be easily greewted tn y-
the point ox perrection) m no outer way ooeai II
maljitain Its natural health, aurf beanty which all
the world admires. This process, dmlnl stared, by M
; Jlri. Hily, does not strefcl C- hair or make ft dry
f ; cr triltle. It restore its laster and regency
i n.". 1- z benuna tuur erea more pcsuuuu.1, - It tn A I
m P trim kkv WAm n sn BMUAll f muim. ' i
only the? la Salem offering Xextexnete serflco
. 1 IZoot ::lsr-LtcrM'
rrti. til?
I 'cleaners
Ha j Saying pricaa: Eaatarm Oregon t!m
ttty SiOiaai; ditto Talley $11.509 17:
aheat $14.50; alfalfa $17; aat haya $14
atraw S7.SO lr ton. Ballinc
prioaa ax a toa son,
.. ucasTocx
5P0RTULSD..Ora.. Nor. 11. AP).
Waeka - for waek (approximate) : Cattle
1.705, ealTea 520. boga 4.S70. aheep
: Cattle: Co an pared vita weak - ago: All
alaaaaa folly ataady except calraa aad
Tealera. SOe lower; balk lanrhtc ataera
for weak $9.75 to 9.50. with fairly liberal
omf of atrietly rood at $9.60 10.00:
eff. quality down to $3 and under: rood
heifera neatly $88.1S; odd bead at $3.-
50. uowa ia loada to $7.60-; balk de
niable aha atoek $6.50 7.15 ; eatten
$5.50 dowa ; ball mostly $5.50 8. 0O;
odd head $S.25; Tealera mostly $10,500
11.00; odd head ehoiea up to $11; calTai
$10 down.
. lien eomtared with weak ra T.irfct
outeaar ciaaaaa larraly Za lower. keaTiee
off eoaaidarably mora; packiag aowa 25
(9 auo lower; feeder pica fully $1 lower;
week 'a balk prieaa: Light botcher $9.50
S.75; few loada Moaday $.8539.90;
beaTiaa dawa U $; paekiar aowa $60
T.ow; leeaer pir aearea $83.
Sharp, nominally ataady , with week
ago; medlam grada tracked la lamba ell
inc ataatly SllOlLSO .trUtlw
fcaadywaicht woo led lamba qoatad p to
$110. yearlinxa ap V $1, awes ap ta
$$. ;
cbioaoo Gatanr
CHICAGO. Not. 19. (AP). Indtea
tioaa that the United State wheat rtaible
supply made yesterday will be antarg ad
1.500,000 boabala acted aa a weight aa
wheat Talaea. today. Besides, aoathera
Argentiaa reported sploadld rala. - De
spite early aptaraa. wheat closed heary
3-1 to 5-8(3 a net lower, corn 1-8
5-8o off, aad t Twying from l-c de
cline ta a shade advance.. .
nmcnsssERs puis
. hmw timi. 1 1 MA BtaeVTA
wit tea. Tssi eslsai Stvy V ,
. T . l i.jt Lliaara
VU ilLU.4tmiUm
ash .eii, i!be. fit Knl
BU Sg liatrimitlS
Bids ta the farmer:
Milk ataady. raw (4 ear eantV S AS.
ewt.. fob Portland; bntterfat 48e.
i-oaiiry, haaTy heaa ll2Sa; Ught 15
spring 1920o; braaiara 23e;
pakia whita docks 22e; colora4 nominal :
torkaysaUva 101915a,
Oniooa ataady. total 7S0; potatoes
steady. $1.25 1.65 sack.
V.; When Glasses Ares
New Location r
Dr. C.B. O'Neill
rourtk Floor
r First National Bank BuHding
Pltone 2f. .
i y t ' ' - j. mmmmmBBmmianBBaawaaaaaaaBawawana
I . - . ' ...
r ' . -i
LADD & BUSH, Bankers
i Established 1863
General Banking Business .
-Office Honrs from 10 a. m. to 3 p. zau
I 50 Only to Sell at Special Price:
Some of the Well Known Makes Offered are the Following: :
Whilo This Lot Lasts Your Choice
a t - .. ,
:it Would Cost Much More Than This to trJavs These
r .'' Machines Rebuilt with New Bags and Cords
- - - r ' - ' - . - . - . " J '
We are Amenta for the New Premier Duplex and G. E. Qeanera
The New Ball Bearinar Hamilton-Beach
! v" " . New Reduced Prxco
. - ... , , . (Formerly T62.50) .. - .
The Greatest Value in Sweeperdom
This new model has many improvements and refinements. It is lighter in weight
and easier to handle. It has a baD-bearini motor that eliminates oiling for aU time.
thoroughly because it combines
Powerful Suction plus Motor"Driven S veepinjj Brush with
- Beating Acticn
ri,?1 Vttio2 WtS thfs to th nozzIe and carries all surface dirt into the
dust-proof bag. Any good Vacuum Cleamr will do this -
LT?tJiYJ ,"weP?nsf brush looses clinging litter, paper, thread, lint, hair,
; eand the powerful suction whisks it inio the bag. SomeSer cleaners will do
H.LTN ?EAS VACUUJI SWEEPER does all this and goes a
.dirt'thfprL removes.deeply imbedded grit.and
Mra Usht 6n eaay tohan:lG- Becaasc of lt
Wo know of no cleaner that will give all-round satisfaction that this cleaner win
nemac of cleaners and now the
new maenmo with the improrements cxclls its former telf.
rheno for a demonstration ia your ho:r.c.
-) n ) -
. im -" ev V" I " '