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Elsinqfe ;Mn&. -OtsgmtBiy. yc:Big; : Bietimm: Mee!& 'SMrimg. TMs Vfeei
In his extremity-. 8tarfield turns
! to Baron Geralde Maddox "(Bert
Ly tell") ; a fascinating;' bat dissolute
adventurer, over whom Starfleld
I holds" the threat of Imprisonment
! for. .passing , a , bad check. He
bribes 1L t-ofcleman to pay court
I to . the rich business woman, and
the Baroa; a.n artist as a - lover,
8MfrS17p3ern ; Ere Into his
arms with Romantic audacity. . . -
A'ver a roneymoon In the tron-
!cs, -Eve: and her lover retnrn to
'New Yoray where they plunge gaily
; Into the eocia! life of Park Ave-
fnue. There, at a gorgeous dance.!
I the Baron Is ! confronted -with a
name of hia .bachelor days, thei
l! ffi- "MMta nana IPtfin . - Rnwt
millionaire business ;wonan, Ere lWho,tt soe intends to t,U
V ioe. who uuiume wit a hIa if.-that .married he
inn co na
z Irene Rich and Bert Ly tell
,p Featured In Fine Picture -w
.Coming To Salem-.- .
"Eye's Lover,"; the Warner;
Brothers' , picture that comes toi
the Elsinore Tuesday and Wednes
day, is an adaptation of the story
.by Mrs. W. K. Clifford abpu t
Comedy Drama Pcclicd Wi th Thrilh
foreign, nobleman.
' Trene Rich plays the modern Eye
'and", Bert Lyteir-appears, as her
lover,' Others in "the cast are
ClaraBow, Wlltard Louis, Arthur
Hoyt. John Steppling and Lew
.-Harvey.- The picture Is said to:
combine a ;merry rein 'of - satiric
comedy with a stirring story of the
. 'Easiness and social worlds.-' ,
her. to
swing Era's business over to Star
field. - : i - . , - ;
"Eye overbears the conversation,
and. deeply humiliated, decides to
break. wiioT her husband. fhe
(returns to. her steel plant and
throws herself into- her work. But
dissatisfaction has been growing in
her -absence; and Starfleld has
hired agitators to swing the "mea,
' f f, y. '"r ,.. ;
ill . " M ?
f Will "ifll li -ill) ill mil IWHH 1 - ' - "' MWWMMmMKMWIWWnHS-J I
yiiiWMcUtw minim m nnwisiwunoiisir iinaMM J
. - - . --
Ere Burnside, at the age of 30, Unto a strike that would mean ruin;
owns' and operates' huge steel for Eres
plant that she has Inherited from
; her fatherK She is in a position
' cooly to turn , down an offer of
1, 500,000 for her business. The
offer IS made by Austin Starfleld
Otillird Louis), who finds him
elf near ruin, from competition.
Clearance Sale
V "5, .... v . . ......
Upright Pianos
$10 Down .
$325 Practice Piano,
used. For beginners
OSO Used Kimball, CQf
but bargain v U
400 Gibson, used. Ji -i o
Dood condition v0
:-. i ---,
37 Thompson, J-t1IQ
vsed.- Fine buy . $ltXO
'385 Kingsbury. , ' d oo
rked. A dandy
.- ,T . .
.ToseTised r
Jee thls V A I
-v. - t - - '
$4 50 Weber, used. tiOOO
dg bargain .... vjO
a t . . - , . -
$428 Pullman used
but like new
The Baron, who has grown truly
in lore'wlth his wife and who has
-ieoted Starfield's blant t ret
the business out of Eve's hands,
follows heintov the steel mils. How
he rescues he'.hen the s strikers
break into a violent mob and how
he tares her business forms . the
i climax of the story. -
' The ictuM was directed by Koy
Del Ruth, who heretofore has been
Identified with slapstick comedies.
He Is said to have done a master
ful Job,; ' The scenario is by Dar-
ryl Francis Zannck. ; ;
$550 Kimball, used.
Beautiful ' piano
$6ft Remington,
ased but like new
$100 Clarendon, t
almost new . . : . . ,
.w. $253
Player Pianos
510 Down
$550 Player Piano, CIA1
used, dandy buy . v"
$$00 Iloward, used. MQC
Good bargain. . . yUw
$700 Standard Play (oi ft
er, used. Bee this . . V- V
$575 Player PIano,f nr
used slightly . ;v; ; 0 O
$675 " Concerto,
used. Like new
$575 Remington,- iQOA
used, a little : . . . .
$450 Richmond,
new. Fine make
$075. .Starr make.
Standard make - .
$725 Lexington,
Standard make ,
.3SEVERAL brand new
-: BabyGrands
Very - latest models from
VjBerica's - "most popular
:akers:. Wonderful tone and
mahogany. ? Compare these
. II lOranda'-'witli others aelllnff
II from $; 00 to $300 more.'
. Pra-TIollday Sal Prloe .
XSalance Easy Paymewta
Fanchon and Marco Sched
ule for Sunday and Mon
day Called the Best-
When Fanchon Marco organ
ized their ; latest "Peacock Idea'
they made a special effort to In
clude as the headllner that cele
brated dancing team Renoff JL
Renora.' How well they' succeed
ed In r their aims patrons of the
Elsinore "Theatre will see Sunday
and 'Monday, ' i y
Known, throughout the country
or 'their dancing. . Renoff -A: Ron-
a come o the Elsinore in ' the
Peacock Idea with 'hundreds of
theatrical triumphs Jn their wake.
vETerwheTe thls team goes they
proT. the, JH" of theT bnl.
work, in the Peacock Idea especial
ly . gires their; talents a. wide op
portunity. They haye been. ur4
rounded by" an Tall-star cast of
pert ormers- : , " - '
.r Besides the Sunklst Beautlei
and they " are that the Peacock
Idea ; contains no less than , four
other specialty acts. " Joan Knox,
the ."triple yoiced" 1 singer, wiU
take, care of all Tocal efforts. Nat-
lia Harrison, noted oriental dse-
er: r will gp .through ; the mystic
motion it the East. And Wayne
Bradford,- an acrobatic dancer of
reknown,, will perform his diffi
cult feats, y - Besides .these -the
Blayne Sisters will dance. '
; Those who t hare seen Fanchon
4b "Marco presentations will not
have to-b$ told, that the settings
and costumes are beautiful. De-
a leusa B.orj wiiiy-BjYiBi MjgE plenty, so - mat ior a
drama In a New England villas
birth,: death, suicide, : fire, blls-
sard these are the' Ingredients of
the theme developed In Rupert Ju
lian's fine production for DeMlll
Pictures, The Country Doctor."
which - will show at" the Elsinore
for. three days, opening on Thurs
day. Featuring Rudolph Schlld-kraut.-
Junior . Coghlan, Sam De
mixture of comeCy and drama, few
pictures produced this season sur
pass in heart interest and appeal
this delightful saga of the unsung
heroes of the rural districts the
trusty small town physicians.
The character " Interpretations
are unusually artistic Mr. Schlld-
f kraut aa the doctor who Is loved
Grasse, Gladys Brockwell, Virginia DT B who know him and who Is
Bradford and Louis Natheaux in a slave to dutyt Is admirable. Jun-
sxceptionally strong roles, the pho
toplay crests a profound Impres
sion. , . ' ;
The story tells of a eelf-eacrlflc-ing
country physician In rural
ior Coghlan is seen to fine advan
tage In a featured role of signal
strengths ' Gladys - Brockwell as
the loving mother with a past, the
Nevt England who is on duty day: exposure of which drives her to
and night and whose efforts f r-1 suicide, evinces; artistry of high
quently' are rewarded with the
gift, of a sack of potatoes or tur
nips! . There is a charming lov
theme, between the daughter of a
"scarlet woman and the son of a
calibre, while Mr. De Grasse as the
small town'tyrant, Virginia Brad
ford as the young wife and Frank
Marion as the busband. contribute
much' to the enjoyableness of the
small town tyrant, which leads to, picture.; Those who like dramatic
pictures, relieved by "wholesome
laughs, will find ""The Country
Doctor well worth seeing.
a pathetic, tragedy, yet tnrougo
the efforts of the doctor, all ends
happily. . There 'are thrills and
signed by Bonnie Cashln and exe
cuted -by the Fanchon & ; Marco
Costume Co., they are resplendant
with color and vigor. : ' . z )
Bargain 3Iatlnc on Mondays -;On
.Mondays special 'bargain
matinees have been planned: at the
lsInore theaterr To these shows
there Will be. splendid :Fanchon
Marco1 productionsin addition to
speciallteatufe pictareslrJ fi.
Special Vandeville TJinrsday '
3. On. : "Thursday, 'Thanksgiving
Day; there JwlU be a special jf aude
vill program at the Elsinore; the
tXkt in addition to the.f tegular
TOertTOgraniThs Cokntr JBoctoaT
wUl,De on ine screen x uj
" w. : i - i
i Irene tvicn svs new rv
Irene Rich appears as a modern
Eve-In "Eve's Lover the Warner
Brothers ptcture-that eomes ; to
the Elsinore Tuesday and Wednes
day. She Is Eve Bumside, a wom
an, business genius. -Into' her life
comes .' whispering . the I serpent
voice of romance, which Scarries
her into maniager with: a disrep
utable Baron, played by Bert Ly
tell. The Baron Is Eve's lover,
and their tragic .romance is said
to mak engrossing screen mate
rial. But there Is a richly comic
side to the story. In which Clara
Bow - and Wlllard Louis are the
principals. - J j . 1
Read the Classified Ads
I RJuri-Tin-Tin Score in Thriller
i .... s-
--- i ' ' ' ' y '
Edward Johnson . Next At-!
: traction On Salem Artist
' Series At Elsinore Y
Edward Johnson, who will ap
pear; In concert; Friday evening,
November. 25th afti&e 'Elsinore
Theater. Is cOnsiAerad bv the most'
competent, judges r as America's.' To Anthea (Herrlck)
because ef his parents obieeUgn
to his choice et slnahlg as a 'ear
efer, kad soon secured a .position
as choir bo n a . Presbyterian
Chnren' hk Kew York City De
voting nuch . time to atitdy he
made - rapid pf ogressiatt After
several concert tours of the Unit
ed States and Canada he suddenly
disaptJeared. : . .
- Boon after, there appeared In
Italy, Eduardo dl Giovanni, ten
or " extraordinary and pupil of
Lombardi, who had taught Caru
so. Mr. Johnson made his debut
at Padua In 111. V -v r .. -
Eince then England i 'Canada.
and America- have paid homage
to his : great art and talents. - Re
turning - to America In 1920, Mr.
Johnson has since sung in almost
every city. In the United States in
opera or concert. . He Joined the
Metropolitan7 Opera company - In
192 1, after having sung with the
Chicago Civic Opera association.
In London with Dame Nellie Mel-
ba. he scored an outstanding suc
cess. -
Mr. Johnson's career has been
meteoric and. colorful. ' He has
created - more leading roles than
any tenor now singing on the op
eratic stage, the most recent be
ing the leading role in the great
American opera, "The King's
Edward Johnson ia the Seconal
artists of the Salem series. '
His program will be as follows
i-r':yij-.- ,.:I. - "V:i V. V
a. Se nel ben JStradella (1645-
, ." " 1 1081)
T fTna OrCP Jgl . - jeompromlsing -scene, and barely! es to Ciclly to tsll her the good
b. Or ch'ia non segue piu ......
...Raffaelo Rontanl (15
' l)varr by Pietro Florldia
c. Old English Melody. Anon
d. Aria: - "Che gelida Manina" by
- - La Bohema .Puccini
a. Who Is Sylvia Schubert
b. Waldeseligkelt (Dehmel . . . . . .
r 1
..- "5
jgejez. i a.
'. RJchard j Barthelmess ' as Jock
Hamlll may be seen In action as
a football player at the Elsinore
theater today when the r picture
"The Drop Kick" Is ahowa there.
Jock Hamlll Is just about to
leave ' for the opening of college.
He is a football hero,; and has
spent most of the summer on pet
ting parties with Molly, a neigh
bor girl, -while Clcliy Graves, also
a neighbor, -has secretly envied
bim with an Intense hero-worship
'Upon his arrival at school, Jock
greets Brad Hathaway, the coach,
with - affection. Brad's flippant
and ' extravagant 1 young wife con
e. Zueignung (Gilm)
..Joseph Marx tinues her attempts to "vamp
'. . .Strauss
; Chopin
. . Brahms
; ra.
a. - Prelude
b. ! Valse .... p. ...
c. Rhapsody G minor
Mr. Blair Neale
a. Le Passant (Klingsor)
1 --:m Georges Hue
b. Rondel de .Thibaut de Cham
pagne ... (12011253) ..1."
- Henri f; Gagnoa
c -Aria: "La fleur que tum'avals
' Jette" Carmen J -... . Bizet
' - - : , v. - . ' r . . "
Introduction and Rondo Capricci-
oso i M endelssohn
Mr. -Blair" Neale --
:.;.".TLl ; -
alLinden Lea (A Dorset Polk
Song) R. Vaughan Williams
b. A Page's Road Song (W A.
Percy) Ivor 1: Novello
c. A Piper - (Seumas O'SuIllvan)
. . Michael Head
; i-'- ,;, ....
tti 1
Mr.' Blair Neale, at the piano
foremost tenor. Mr. Johnson is a
self-made artist.' He was born in
Guelph, : Canada, and left home
- "All tor One, One for All"
Rin-Tin-Tin, Jason Robards and
Tom Santschl are again united as
star, human masculine lead, and
villain of ,. Warner Brothers' pro
duction of "Tracked by the Po
lice." a Wild West thriller, direct
ed by" Ray Enright. Their last
appearance together was In "Hills
of Kentucky." - , .
Virginia Brown Falre playa the
feminine lead and the supporting
cast includes Nanette, Theodore
Lorch; Dave Morris Ben Walker
and WUfred North. : .,.
Tracked by the Police" comes
to the Oregon theater Sunday for
a run of four days.;
Jock, meantime carrying on secret
meeting with Ed Pemberton. the
assistant coach. -: - -i-; - -
j Jock's mother insisted that he
should Invite Ciclly to the Prom,
and he avoids this ' by dating her
for Bones, his pal, who hates wo
men. Molly comes to be Jock's
partner. . .--,''
Clcily is bashful and Molly Is
the hit.of the dance." Cicll Is neg
lected nd feels badly about ;it,
still worshipping the football hero.
As the time for the big game ap
proaches. Brad Is more and nfore
worried over finances.: Jock comes
upon Eunice and Pemberton in a
prevents Brad seeing them.
- Eunice rows with : Brad over
money affairs, and In huff sends
for Jock, lie comes into 'the house
late at night and la seen entering.
Brad, having taken college funds
te satisfy his wife's demands for
a hew ear, hills himself outside
h!e house, leaving two notes, one
to his wife, and the other to Jock.
He asks Jock to prevent his dis
grace becoming known, Jock does
so, making up the deficit. 8tories
tart that Jock was the cause of j
the suicide, and , he is ostracised
by his fellow students. ' 1
J He enters the big game worried.
and the oppok:ag -team gets a lead
through his misplays. Pemberton.
In charge of the team: is glad to
pul. out of the team In disgrace.
Jock Is heart-broken, both because
of the loss of the game, and' the
fact that he has promised Eunice
to marry ber, as ho felt a moral
obligation 'to care for her for
Brad's sake. t:" :.'!' 'y . :,
At the last minute ' Jock per
suades Pemberton to let him go
in. and be wins the game with a
drop . kick from a difficult angle
of the field. ' --, - - --' '
Bones, Jock's pal, has . learned
from the Dean that Jock is a" mar
tyr for Brad, , and ; clears bim.
Jock's mother, learning of the
He realises he loved Ciclly all
the time, and sees her as ste Is,
a beautiful young creture, wbom
be Immediately takes In his arms.
"Craxy mt Blondes"
"I am crazy at blondes! I am
crazy at adventure!" These smil
ing announcements give , the" key
note to the character of the fascin
ating Baron, about whose lovea
the story ; of "Eve's Lover" re
volves. Eve's Lover" Is the War
ner Brotherei" picture that comes
to the -Eleinore. Tuesday and
Wednesday. .Irene Rich appears
as the modern Ere. and Bert Ly
tell is the Baron who marries her
-for adventure, .and who saves
her from disaster for love!
The United States does not cwn
the Panama Canal, according to an
answered question In Liberty. Un
der treaty of 1903, the United
States - may use, occupy, and ad
minister the affairs of the Canal
Zone and the Canal forever. But
the Republic of Panama Is the ac
tual owner and is paid $250,000
a year rent. .
There Is no. more worthy .n
bltion than that which prompts a
man to own his own home, under
which a wife and children can
pact with Eunice, cleverly"thwarts find shelter and refuge, even after
the widow's plane, and Jock rush-he ij gone. Medford News. 1 "
' Salem : Artist Series Presents
The World's Greatest Tenor
: Adnlt Season Tickets, S4.SO
; Student Season Tickets. S3.00 '
Single Admissions, $2.50, f2.00, 81.50
MARY LEWIS - "II London String Quartette
- . JANUARY 20th MARCH 22nd
Ji y - i . U LJ1j-
' -THEATRE r :
m Tracked by the Police, Rln-TIn-TIns
latest starring vehicle
for 'Warner Brothers,' directed by
ons fight of a dog hero to save
not only one of the- greatest re
clamation pro j octs In the United
States but alsb his friends engaged
in building It. With a splendid
vr ho has been bribed by arlTa
construction " company to placa al'
the .obstacles- possible" Is the . way
Ray Enright. records the courage- oI the work, so that the company
would be . forced: toV abandon u
Because Rlnty has foiled many oi
these attempts, the plotters deter
mine to get him. The superintend
ent is disabled in a -mysteriout
cast mciuaing jisoa nooaroi, vr-' accident, and when the 1 young
fglnla Brown, Falre. Tom Santschl, foreman takes his place, a hein-
Naaette. Dave Morris, Theodore oua scheme to put him out of th
Lorch, r Ben .:"..vWalker and Wilfred Way leaving the girl and the dim
North. Rinty la s'aid to depict the; unprotected. Is hatched. Tbe wayi
most symnathetlc . and - which the schemes of the. bad! t
! I
L -i!
. C. Will
Music Houso
SZ State tt.
If. 48 Years
r The story, dfia with the con
struction of a" great-dam- and d-
, ert Irrigation project, y For : the
: beautiful exteriors the company
Journeyed Ar Yuma, 4 Arizona, us-;
ing the Laguna Dam and reclama
tion project across the Colorado
river as a setting. - "
Rlnty Is seen as the dog of a
young foreman la lovo with the
daughter " of tlie superintenJent.
I he is also the subject of dliion
j ci able cl anctLsr foreman,
1 .
men are coped "with by the -won!
aer-aog m inriuing meioaranidi "
and gives Rlnty an opportunity .to "5
display his uncanny brilliance a!, 1
never: before.; .': - V" ; ";i
1 1
. - dyti:;
W With
4k YtA ist( artt .tnnl
Robards,- Virginia- Brown Fai re,'
Tom Santschl, Nanette. Dave Mor- i
ris, Theodore Lorch, . Ben Walk
and Wilfred North. : J
Rln-Tln-Tln In"Tracked by the
Police" comes to the Oregon the
ater toiay fcr a four. day tii a'izz,'.
Jus on Robards -
i Santschl
Siaryfy CM
Continuous Show Today 2 to 1 1 p.m.
- ' J Featuring
. Adagio Team
' Admission .
!Tiil 5 O'clock
After 5
Balcony 60c
Floor 60c
Children 25c
Triple Voiced Singer
Oriental Dancer
Acrobatic Dancer
' y24Ti
It's over the coal post risht into ycur heart
: The Bis Football Classic of the year
Special Earcain Matinee Monday OK Any Scat