The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, November 18, 1927, Page 3, Image 3

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. .. .,1 . - ,
G?Vcers 7 Nydia Temple
Entertained With One
O'clock Luncheon
f JV tertalned Wednesday afternoon
with a one o'clock luncheon at the
Elks Club In .honor of the -of f lo
era of Nydla Temple of -Portland.
The luncheon tables were very
I attractive, each havlnc- a center-
piece of yellow and bronze chrys
LTL I anthemums. Combination Thanks-
girlng score and place cards mark
ea covers xor ionv-one.
The honor guest group Inelud
ed: Mrs. Anna B. Smith, Mrs.
Florence Runyan, Mrs. Shepard,!
Miss Ines Cable, Mrs. Fisher. Mrs.
Mary Schmidt, Mrs.,Norrls, Mrs.
Edith Needham, Mrs. Skeen, Mrs.
Ada ..Fellars, Mrs. Yocum, - MTs.
Nannie- Thlehos,. Mrs. Penfield.
and Mrs. ' Jennie Martin, all of
? PofUand.
Members present ' were:- Mrs.
I . Ruby Setts, Mrs. Fay Wright, Mrs.
Gladys Nash, Mrs. MonsJe Hau
ler, Mrs. Zelma Ellis, Mrs. May
Bnchnex, Mrs. Elma Kennedy,
Mrs. Adeline Dunaf ord, Mrs. Grace
Crater. Mrs. Lula Newton. Un.'
9 .....
I Mayde E. Williams, Mrs. Pearl
1 Pratt. Mrs. Amy HaUk, Mrs. Lou
Ise Flack, Mrs. Alice Hoff, Mrs,
: Betty Smith, Mrs. Elizabeth Shaf-
er, Mrs. Anna Rottle, Mrs. . Mais
I tha LaOarrie, and Mrs. Alice E?-
? enson and Mrs. Louise Patty, both
of Sllverton.
Mrs. Fay Wright; out-of-town
' officer, read an original poem'
written to the oneen, Mrs. Anna
B. Smith. Mrs. Smith was preseat-
1 1 - ed with a lovely gift by the group.
ZjT " 1 The remainder of the afternoon
was speni piaving onage, in u
card room of the club. Tea tables
were In play. Mrs. Louise Flack
won .high score prise and Mrs.
Alice Evenson of Silverton the sec
ond prfte.
Ecclesia Luncheon Club '
Guests at "Hard Times9.
Miss Myla Chambers entertain
ed the-Ecclesia Luncheon Club
with a "hard times" party on Mon
day evening.
The guests appeared In a .vari
ety of clever costumes. Miss Es
ther Ertckson won the prize for
the most unique attire.
Tbe following new members
wer Initiated at this : meeting:
I&Vp? Tlolet Bowden, Miss Anna
Mclntyre, Miss Hattie Brown,
Mlsfl Charlotte Llndqulat. Miss
Thelma Mesch, and Miss Margue
rite Wann.
The entire guest group includ
ed: Miss Golda Wheeler, Miss Reta
Claggett, Miss Ola Volkel. Miss
Mabel Alrick, Miss Flora Turn
bull, Miss Bernice Strand, Miss
Leolyri Barnet. Miss Marcella Cas-
kfy pell, Miss Edna McElhaney, Miss
uazei iicMorris. miss Kstner Kr-
ickson, Miss Velma ' Romlnger,
Miss 'XJhe'lma Mesch, Miss Anna
Mclntyre, Miss Marguerite. Wann,
Miss Louise Hlller, Miss Hattie
Brown,,' Miss Violet Bowden, and
the hostess. Miss Myla Chambers.
"Hard Times' refreshments
were served late in the evening.
Officers of Standard Bearers
Have Initiation Service
( The , Standard Bearer's Class of
the - First Methodist Church met
Monday evening iat the home of
Mrs. A. A. Lee. Miss Isabel Hus
ton, Miss Lorraine -Robins, and
Miss Fern Col well were assistant
hostesses. I
-. Miss Dorothy Taylor, president
of the class, presided.
An interesting program . was
given by Miss Chrystalee Max
well, Miss Juanita Borgerson, and
Miss Gladys Taylor.
7 The feature of the meeting was
the installation of the officers who
were elected at a previous meet
ing of the class.
The retiring officers, leach car
rying a lighted white candle, form
ed a line of one side of the round
taoie wnicn "was centered with a
tall red candle. The new officers
stood on the other side, carrying
u alighted ; blue candles. , As . they
were Installed each officer in turn
lighter her . candle : from " the red
one In the center of the table.
; ;The following officers were in
stalled: president. Miss Muriel
White; vice-president. Miss Neva
Stolzhelse; secretary. Miss Mar
ine Maxwell; corresponding sec
retary, -Miss Helen Brelthaupt;
mite box secretary, Miss Doris
Phenicle; efficiency secretary.
Miss Faith Priday; stewardship
' Friday
- Qpea program at T. IL 0. A.
Music lection of Salem - Arts
League in "charge. , ;
Frl-Nl-Da Club Dance. Castll
Uan Hal). 9 olock. ' ',
, "Harvest Home" ' lea. ' Sponsor
ed by Ladies of First M. EL Church
Old People's Home. 1525 Center
St. 2:30-5:00 o'clock.- Public to
vited to attend.
"Extravaganza," given by mu
sic department of Salem High
School. School auditorium. High
and Marion Sts. S o'clock.
Woman's Auxiliary of St. Paul's
Church. Mrs. Catlln and Mrs
Spears, hostess-, 1208 Chemeketa
St. z:10 o'clock.
. Woman's Alliance, . Unitarian
Church. Emerson Room. 2: SO
Woman's "Union. Monthly meet
ing. First Congregational Church
2 o'clock.
Golden West Club, W. B.
Junior Party. Mrs. Jennie Miller.
351 S. 19 St. hostess.
Circles - of Baptist Church.' : N.
Circle, Mrs. Harry Harms, r 1910
N." Summer St. , ' - -
Jane Lawrence Circle, ' Mrs.
Mark Skiff,- 421 1-2 Court St.;
Elizabeth - Loughridge Circle, Mrs.
Thomas Roen, 1417 Court St. 2:30
o'clock. -
' "Chinese Fair," auspices: of Sil
ver Cliff P. T. A. SUrer Cliff
school-house. 7:30 o'clock.
: Auburn Woman's Club. School
house. 7:30 o'clock. 1 ; .
' Saturday
District Meeting, B. and P.
Clubs. Albany. All-day.
A. A. U. W. Luncheon, ; Gray
Belle 12:30 o'clock. -
184 North Liberty St. All-day.
Annual inspection, W. R. C.
Covered dish dinner at noon.
Formal Reception, sponsored by
officers of Oregon National Guard
in honor of Governor and Mrs. I.
L. Patterson and Brig-Gen. and
secretary. Miss Chrystalee Max-' Mrs. George A. White. Salem Ar-
1 S I
ft J
Round-Up Club Entertained
With Bridge Tea : -
"Members of the Round-Up club
were guests of Mrs. Charles H.
- Robertson , at a lovely tea tor
"V which she was hostess one after
noon earlier In the week In her
home gj North Capitol Street.
Mrs. Frederick Hill Thompson,
Mrs. W. I. Staley, and Mrs. George
A. White were additional guests,
s Baskets of crimson chrysanthe
mums decorated the living rooms.
Club members present-were Mrs.
John L. Rand, Mrs. J. H. Albert,
' Mrs. R. E. Downing, Mrs. J. T.
" Whlttig, Mrs. Edgar Hartley, Mrs,
J. C. Griffith, Mrs. W. O. Allen,
Mrs. Charles K. Spauldlng, and the
-.hostess, Mrs. Robertson.
Mrs. W. G. Allen and Mrs. J
C. Griffith assisted at the tea
H : .
Iowa Woman Found Lydla E.
Pinkham'a Vegetable Com
pound Always Helpful
When I was
old I : had to
stay at home
from school. I
Qnally had toQult
school, I was so
weak. I suffered
forabout two
years before I
took Lydla E.
PInkham's Vege
table Compound,'
then I picked up
one of your books
and read It. I be
gan takinar tha
dicine. Now I am a house'
eper. With tlx Y.hlMr anrf
t have taken it before each one
"a corn, l cannot tTl mn tt
"Wt? g0?d 1 taT received from It
i T When I am not as wn rn ha t
take it. I hare been doing thin for
ly TfT tt,rt,u ye? d It always
t Ci?? 1 rftad a11 9f Tar
, f wks I can get and t tell everyone
I know what the Vegetable Com
pound does for tne.M -Mrs. Frank
Bellers, 610 Tth. Areaue, Vlatoa.
Iowa. -1 ,
. lany girls In the fourth genera
tion are learning thru their own
personal experiences the beneficial
trscts of Lydla E. PInkham's Vege
tula Compound. Mothers who took
It rscommend it to their dauriters
well; pianist, Miss Eugenia Sav-
i Refreshments were . served at
the close of the evening.
, The next meeting of the group
will be held November 38th at
the home of Mrs. M. C. Flndley.
Miss Laura Heist, who is on a
year's furlough from her, mission
ary work in India, will be the
speaker. She will speak of the gen
eral executive meeting which was
held recently In Minneapolis, Min
nesota, and will i also tell of her
work In India. ' '
Mid-Week Bridge dub Enter
tained at Laflar Home " "
Mrs. G. W. Laflar was hostess
at the meeting of tire Mid-Week
Bridge Club on Tuesday after
noon. Mrs. L. E. Barrick, Mrs. A.
E. Laflar, and Mrs. WUllam Bush
ey were special guests.
Covers were placed at the lunch
eon table, centered with tiny yel
low and bronze chrysanthemums,
for Mrs. W. F. Buchner, Mrs. E
M. Hoffnell, Mrs C. E. Cashatt,
Mrs. Charles Cone. Mrs. J. DVHos
ford, Mrs. J. B. Craig. Mrs. A. T.
Wain, Mrs. D. X. Beechler, Mrs.
William Bushey, Mrs. A. E. Laf
lar, Mrs. L. B. Barrick, and the
hostess, Mrs. Laflar.
-Mrs. Cashett f won the high
score prize as the result of sever
al hours of bridge.
Mrs. A. T. Wain will entertain
the group In a fortnight,
Mrs. Staley Entertains With
Delightful Afternoon Affair
Mrs. W. I. Staley entertained
Tuesday afternoon with a bridge
tea, the third of a series of delight
ful . afternoon affairs, for which
she has' been hostess this month.
The living rooms of the Staley
home on' North Summer" Street
were lovely with' baskets of rose
and pale-yellow chrysanthemums
The same flowers centered the tea
table. - 1 , .
Mrs. E, EL Ling won high score
honors. Mrs. A.. L. .Wallace re
ceived the second prize, and Mrs.
Clair Inman, the third.
Mrs. Harry J.s Weldmer, Mrs
Thoma F. Wood, and Mrs. W. E.
Hansen assisted Mrs. Staley at the
teaTaour. j
mory. 9 o'clock.
Film at First Congregational
Church, The White, Black Sheep"
7 :10 o'clock.
!' . . .- - Monday - '
Regular meeting, R. N. A. Fra
ternal Temple. Juvenllle organi
zation, 7 o clock, adults, 8 o clock.
'Woman's Club Classes: 'Wom
an's - Club-house, ' North Cottage
Street. '
Current 'Events' Class, " 2:80
o'clock. Book-ot-the ' Month Class.
2:30 o'clock.
Social meeting, R. N. A. Club.
Mrs. Susie Parmenter, 80 N. Com
mercial St. hostess.
Request for. Magazines
Meets With Generous
Response f ,
Several weeks ago an announce
ment was made by Mrs. S. M. En
dicott, chairman of the institutions
department; of the Salem Worn
an's Club, asking for magazines
for the various hospitals and state
Institutions- which are located at
Salem. J
A number have responded most
generously to -the request; among
tlTem, Mrs. W. C. Wlnslow, Mrs
A. Nd Moo res, Mrs.. W. D. Smith,
Mrs. P. J. Kuntz, Dr. Fannie A.
Brown, Mrs. Henry Hsrtman, Mrs
W. T. Rlgdon, Mrs. Herd, and Mrs,
T. D. McClalne. ; "
Mrs. George L. Rose Enter
tains With Bridge Luncheon
Mrs. George L.' Rose entertained
a group of her friends with a one
o'clock luncheon Wednesday aft
ernoon at the Gray; Belle followed
by, several hours of bridge in her
home on North Winter Street. Cov
ers were placed for fourteen.
Mrs. Dan J. ' Fry. Jr., rwon high
score bridge prize. Mrs. Frank
Spears received the second award.
Baptist Church Circles' Will
Meet this afternoon
The three circles of the First
Baptist Church will meet at two
thirty o'clock, this afternoon, as
follows; North Circle, Mrs". Harry
Harms, 1910 North Summer Street
Jane Lawrence Circle; Mrs. Mark
Skiff. 421 1-2 Court Street; and
the Elizabeth Loughridge Circle,
Mrs. Thomas Roen 1417 Court
Street. . ' .
Social Meeting of R. N. A.
Sewing Club
The social meeting of the Roy
al Neighbors Sewing Society will
be heU Tuesday afternoon at the
herse cf.JIr. Trpl9 F8rri'!:terj
2:3 :.;rt Ccr.:....c.ol LUtiL
Music Department of Salem
High School Will Present
Elaborate preparations i have
been made for 'the Musical "Ex
travaganza" which will be given
this evening at the ' Salem : High
School. '
The art department of the
school, under the instruction of
Miss Brautl, has contributed some
beautiful work in stage-craft.!
Miss Stone and her classes in sew
ing have made character costumes
for "Dense Macabre." Two ama
teur electricians, Calton Roth and
Kelly Moore are : to be in charge
of the lighting and some clever
effects will be developed by these
splendid workers.
An array of talent will be un
folded in the course of the even
ing's program as vocalists, fun-
makers, and dancers make their
appearance. The school orchestra:
will open the program and will
contribute extra numbers. - Victor
Wolfe will be heard In solo with
qrchestral ' accompaniment.
Miss June Philpott Is acting as
faculty manager. : Ivan : Kafoury
will be head usher.
The program will begin prompt-:
ly at eight o'clock. . ,
Second Concert of Salem Ser-
les Will Be Event of Thanks-
giving aoiiaays
- - Edward Johnson- brilliant ten
or of the Metropolitan Opera com
pany, who will appear in concert
at the Elsinore Theater Friday ev
ening, November 25th, will ar
rive in San Francisco this evening
preceding his appearance with the
San Francisco Orchestra on No
vember 18th. Johnson is to ' be
heard la the California metropolis
three times before the first of the
year, and al Pacific Coast tour is
one of taa most heavily booked of
any artists appearing fa (he west
this season,-
There are many reasons for the
great popularity and. the high place
in the affections of the American
people held by. Edward - Johnson.
Not the least of these is the fact
that upon . his 'return to - America
after many seasons of brilliant
triumphs in Italy under the Ital
ianized version of his name he In
sisted upon being: heralded simp
ly as Edward Johnson. Had John
son retained the name Edouardo
Dl Giovanni, which had been her
alded in America long before he
had returned, his, success i might
have been more sudden and . he
might have been placed on a par
with the greatest; singers of the
country earlier than he was. One
can see la that act an Independence
anda strength of character which
prove conclusively that here is one
singer at least so fine and so loy
al that he can well afford to dis
regard the , former convention
which held that Italinized names
were necessary for Americans at
the opera.
Johnson's accompanist this sea
son is Blair Neale, who will be
heard In two piano solo groups.
Johnson's Salem appearance Is un
der the auspices of the Nero Mu
sical Bureau of Portland.
Music Section of Salem Arts '
League Will Give Y. M. C. A.
Program "
The regular Friday evening con
cert will he given at the X. M. C.
AI this evening by members of the
Musio Section of -the Salem Arts
League. . .
Those appearing on the even
ing's program will be: Mrs. Martin
F. Ferrey. contralto; Mrs. Stephen
Stone, pianist; Thomas Larkln
Williams, tenor; Mrs. Clarence
Bowes,; Violinist; Miss Nell Mor
gan,' soprano; Lyman' McDonald,
basso; . Mrs. Gordon McGllchrlat,
Sr., soprano, . and Mrs. Brecken
brldge, Mrs. Clifton Mudd. Mrs.
T. L. Williams, and Miss Evan
geline Hall, accompanists.
' In addition to musical numbers
by the above mentioned artists.
Dr. Martin F. Ferry will give a
review ojt "Meanwhile," by H. G.
. The public is invited to attend.
Scandinavian BeU-Ringers -Will
Make Second Appear
ance in Salem
Salem is promised a musical
treat on December fifth when the
Scandanariaa BeU-Ringers, seven
in number, will appear "at the
First Congregational Church. A
matinee will be given ' from four-
fifteen until five-fifteen la the aft
ernoon for grade and high school
children. An entertainment for ad
ults will be given in the evening.
The troupe appeared in Salem
two years ago and was most en
thusiastically received. At that
time there were " only ninety-five
bells and four ringers. There are
two hundred and fifty bells at the
present time and seven ringers so
it Is with even greater pleasure
that we anticipate this unusual
concert: The bells are the only-eet
la the world tuned to the chrom
atic scale.
Mrs. Spears Hostess at At-
tractive One O'clock
Mrs. Frank Spears entertained
Tuesday afternoon with an attrac
tive one. o'clock luncheon, having
as her guests the members of the
bridge club of which she Is a mem
ber. -
' Mrs. Russell Catlln was an ad
ditional guest.
i Covers were placed for Mrs.
Prince W. Byrd. Mrs. John H.
Carson,' Mrs. R. M. Hofer, Mrs.
Dan J. Fry, Jr., Mrs. Harry Haw
kins, Mrs. Ercel Kay, Mrs. Keith
Powell. Mrs. T. A. Roberts, Mrs.
Frits Slade, Mrs. Arthur J. Rahn,
Mrs. W. Connell Dyer, Mrs. Rus
seil Catlln, and the hostess, Mrs.
Bridge was the diversion of the
Mrs. R. M. Hofer will entertain
the club in a fortnight in her home
at 786 South Commercial Street.
November - 10 th, for luncheon at
the Gray Belle.- Reservations
Bhould be made not later than this
evening with. Mrs. W. W. Baam,
telephone 2202. ;
Professor Florlan Von Eschen
of Willamette University will be
the speaker. His subject will be,
"The Geology of Oregon." "
Recent Guests in Salem -'
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Waterous
Craig (Helen Jordan) ' of Seattle
were guests in Salem last week
end. Mr. and Mrs. Craig made
their home In Salem until a short
time ago,
, DES MOINES, Iowa, Nov. 17.
(AP). An - unqualified stand in
favor of the McNary-Haugen bill,
with an Insistent 'demand that the
equalization fee principle be r
talned, was made by the national
farmers union in its convention
7 Manitge h pretry much of a habk aficf
tlx Efdi yca&y
Return From the Middle West
Mr. and Mrs. O, W. Emmons and
their daughter. Miss X Genevieve
Emmons,; returned . recently from
a four months visit in the middle
west. The greater part of their
time was spent In Iowa and North
and South. Dakota. Mr. and Mrs
Emmons and their daughter made
the trip by way of the Yellowstone
Trail, returning -over the southern
Military Reception Will Be
Given Saturday Evening
Cards have been received to the
formal reception which will ; be
given Saturday evening at nine
o'clock In the Salem Armory by
the officers of the Oregon Nation
al Guard, In honor of Governor
and Mrs. L L. Patterson and Brig
adier General and Mrs. George. A
White. '
Fri-Ni-Da Club Dance This
The Frl-Nl-Da Club Is entertain
lng with a dance this evening in
CastllUan Hall.
Members of the committee in
charge of the affair are Mr. and
Mrs. Ross Bidwell, Mr. and Mrs
Albert O. Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Earl
Paulsen, and Mr. and Mrs. E. C.
A. A. V. W. WHl Meet For
Luncheon at the Gray Belle
; Members of the Salem Branch
of the American Association of
University Women will meet at
twelve-thirty o'clock Saturday,
WILLOWS, Cal.. Nov. 17.-
(AP). Mrs. Jane Hamilton, 103,
died; at the county hospital -here
SUMA, Ariz., Nov. 17 (AP)-
Gene Cameron, 26, featured come
dian of Fox film studios of Holly
wood; Cat, was killed and his two
cousins, the Misses Peggy Bald
win and Sue Langford were in
Jured In the overturning of Cam
---Victor in the first great Ugnt
of his murder trial, George Remus
has lost a battle to widen the
scope of the sanity tests the Jur
ors In his case shall prescribe.
Judge Chester . R. Shook ruled
that the three testa customary ap
plied In Ohio courts, and not "five
or ten or fifteen," as demanded by
Remus, shall rule. They are:
1 - Was the accused a free agent
in Torming the purpose to kiHT
2-Was he at - the time capable
of Judging whether the act was
right or wrongT . . - - .
3- Did he know at the time It
was an offense against tle laws
of God and man?
; Yesterday Remus won" the right
to help select the Jury which shall
determine his fate despite objec
tion ' of the prosecution - on the
gTound that his sole defense was
that he killed, his estranged wife,
Imogene. 6n October 5, while tem
porarily Insane,
At adjournment eleven tenta
tive jurors were in the box.
American Farm Congress
Passes Up Farm Relief
(AP) Specific farm relief legis
lation such as advocated by some
eron s car one hundred miles east other agricultural organisations
of Yuma Wednesday. . 'was passed up Wednesday at the
f- ikon
.i: . .r. . st- .v ... -
Honeyed sweets
Sweetened with
Pure Amber ' 4. v
Honey Children crave sweets. Their active little -bodies
need the quick energy and heat
that sweets impart. :
Nature has provided a healthful sweet to
' satisfy this craving, to supply this need.
Namely HONEY pure, golden, delicious
And' HONEY is the sweet that for years and
years has been used to make Tru-Blu Graham
Crackers one of the finest, most wholesome foods ;
that S mother can give her children.
. Natural, whole-grain wheat plus the natural sweet.
HONEY what better combination tor healthr
s"v a
l2Z&JX&C3,?-oa best insur
fTAKnaf ortcoimwr oy' etrot?na
Order From Your Grocer NOW
i ww ' -turn A.k in, ihs RIul and
'Cold FAMILY Pat hag
final session of the American
Farm congress. ; t
.An Informal vote, however,
showed, almost unanimous opposl
tlon to any attempt at price fixing
by the government in an effort to
stabilise agriculture and to take
care of surplus production. '
' More than a score of delegates
met this afternoon with the res
olutions committee, which had an
nounced it would accept for dis
cussion any written resolution
bee ring on farm relief legislation,
but no concrete proposals were ad
vanced by the delegates, .
W. 1 Thomason. a delegate
from Platte City. Mo.,' expresBe J
the belief that some leglslstloa
along the lines of the McNary-
Haugen bill was needed to solve
the surplus crop problem. IUj
suggestion was given no encour
agement by others present.
PU Put one of those won- Cr
ckxful Calumet Cakes on.
the table and see how
quickly it disappears. So
- eooditisgonebeforeyou
know it. Fine food for
children. ; Nourishing;
healthful, easy to digest,
and caay to make, when
leavened with Calumet,
UAxts zxsitiz CASiza
- . - - - m
, '' ' - ' ;
f A Varied and BrHHant t VP W)- !
Offering of Smart New f )
( y' Models for Christmas WXvvl A
i i : 0
i : tK
j s a yr ruly 'rP ' 'U WM
luxurious robes of supple velvet, tailored to be sure,
, and bound with bands of contrasting ribbon. - Then
too, there are padded robes'of satin in the beautiful
- soft shades , .
V; - '.''--'"..'?fc',-".ii V, ' .' ;
. Our selection of robes for Christmas gift and self
use is far superior tQ what we have had the pleasure
of off eriny in former years.
-HEN the ideal gift to, a lady, fs somethino; that
she will not buy for herself and here they are.
Every woman -desires a robe and
ninety per cent of them feel that
they should not buy 1 them for
themselves foolish r thought -we
admit but facts are facts, never-
Clearance Sale
"Upright Pianos
. $10 Down
$ 3 2 5 Practice Piano, A r
used. For beginners vw
fSSO Used Kimball, CQft
but a bargain ...... v O
MOO Gibson, used. 0110.
Good condition .... v A X O
$376 -Thompson, Cll
used. Fine buy . . v l'i
$385 Kingsbury, 1 QO
?sed. A dandy . . vl06
4S0 Vose, used. C0 1 7
3ee this ......... X
$410 Weber, uned. 00O
Big bargain ... .. . V0
$425 Pullman used CO
but like new tiW
$650 Kimball, used. COf!rf
Beautiful piano ..QCJ&
$400 Remington, COOO
seed but like new . .
$600 Clarendoti,
used slightly, al- aaj
most sew vvUfl
Player Pianos
$10 Down
$550 Player Piano, QlVld
used, dandy bur . . V laJ
$600 Howard, used
Good bargain
$700 Standard Play- 0 A
er, used. See this . . V-v
$575 Player Piano, OftC
used slightly
$675 Concerto,
used. Like new
$600 Baldwin ,
make Ut
$575 Remington, CO OA
used a HtUe 0J
$650 Richmond, COA!
new. Fine make
$ 7H ElUngton, $ O fl A
used slightly ?J U
$675 Starr make, COOA
new. Standard make vJ w w
$725 Lexington. CA?1
new. Standard make v.
! I
-i t
' r
i .x'
i! .Ji
1 1
Baby Grands
Very latest models, from
America's most popular
makers. Wonderful' tone and
action. Beautiful brown
mahogany. Compare these
Grands with others selling
from $200 to $300 more.
Fre-HolMay Sale rrice
.$485: :
925 DOWN "
Balance Easy Payments
Geo. C. Will
Music House
433 State SC ' ..
Est. 48 Years
. 1
t : v
u n n . i
w M i.2 rim.
'1 1 1 L
i t
DON'T g?vTup!0( courr
RcctrJ and ColondL orJ ;r.-
cause nervotisnesi, embarrass "rrt, c
poadmcf. Mrlr M n trUI trer ""t r
anothtr, ri h-v,l f:T4.A.w, i i - ;
pcnnaiMrnt r , L t or 1 j-ye,s: t !. t . J. .
boh irr"CAl r-- '4 ht u. f '
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