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    Asi oMa :; MeMMcdem Migk Here
torla high school football aggrega
tion left today for Salem to take
on Salem high, school there tomorrow-.
".Tlie local team; smart
ing under the memory of a 12 to
8 defeat on the local grounds last
year, la out for reran ge.
Astoria high school has made a
good record so far this season,
with victories orer Jefferson high
school of Portland and CXatskanie
to her credit. ;;
v Coach Sowers has been drilling
his men hard for the past two
weeks In preparation for - this
game, and has developed two good
line plunging halfbacks in Soder-
man and Hellberg. Forsta, cen
ter, and Lathe, halfback, are ex
pected to be the chief defenslTe
hopes. ' ; V
The team, has been 'drilled
specially to resist a forward pass
ing attack, such as Salem Is ex
pected to nse;
Fighting Finns 21 of them
noted for speed. Intelligence, de
ception, - possessed of L an . ample
bag of well polished football tricks
will endearor on Sweetland
field today to retaliate ion Salem
high school for the 12 to 8 defeat
handed them on their iOwn field
last year. -J ,;: J r; :: ';-.;
It will be the first game for the
red and black players on the local
field this year, the f irst; opportun
ity : Salem fans hare had to see
the' Louie Anderson coached ag
gregation in action. v Y.:
WJth Bernard Temple warming
the bench for at least i.a part of
the game, the chances for a local
victory are not considered any too
bright. Temple has beecl the main
stay of. the team.. His cool, eal
. eulating. performance : as signal
yelper;4 Jiis triple threat ability:
i fa s-Vllf WVam.vUIj ..
probably- unexcelled by any other
mmm.. hm uiti xttt-ttt vnrtv r f r
been the hope this year that Salem What wre tonignt
would rank high. 1 -- . were favoring Dartmouth over
Hollingberry announced an hie Yale" Cornell over Columbia. In-
Temple's hard luck; in being dUna OTer Harvard and Navy over
y,ppxee.riy m tne game against Pennsylvania, as the east looked
A,u"n' Ula suowea up me awaca forward to . TOrtea of close, and
so ioai me game enaea in a ue hard fougfft college footballs to-
score, six to six. uoservers stateaimorrow
that had ft not been for this mis
fortune," Salem would hare won
CHEMAWA, Ore., . Oct, -8-
( Special) Blocking Quarterback
Atkins kick on the Chemawa goal
line and: falling -on it for -a touch
down was the only thing that sav
ed the Willlamette Bearcats from
defeat at the : hands of the red
skins here this afternoon. ; i The
memorating the' occasion by win
ning the Big Ten. championship
Willamette had punted the ball f -w
out of bounds on the Chemawa " - '". rT'
n . v "B1BWO"1 pproca uui ui norrj
five yard line and the redskins , ,,, .
had lost yardage on a couple of , "
plays when Atkins steppedback or two .rfer the dedication.
to kick out f danger. DePoe Togt , waa WQ made Mlchlglui
, No fewer than 10 of the major
frames, inclndine these four loom-l
nanairy. led as -naturals' in which any
. , . 1 1IJI Jt . . .....
ue ics was iwiij ajurcu i tning might happen. The pros-
Tempio naa not yet ! xuuy re- pect assured capacity crowds at all
covered. He will not. start- the the big games with probably 250,
game today, but he probably will ooo at the half dozen head liners,
be rushed In If the Finns show! 70,000 of which were expected at
unusual power, and the tide goes New Haven.
against the locals. j - I In two of the main renewals of
Robert Kelly, a fast thinker annual rivalries the Yale-Dart-
with a clear voice, will sUrt at j month game at New Haven and
quarterback In Temple's place, the. Cornell-Columbia battle at
Kelly is new In this position, but Ithaca, the team which won last
he had one year's experience at year appeared to be the underdog
Parrlsh high school. He can pass I In the pro-game speculation.
and punt with fair skill, and Is ai Dannonth was favored because
baekfleld driver. - lot Its unbeaten record this year,
' Others starting in the backfield its rout of Harvard last week, and
will be Blaco and Charles Kelley.ltbe power of its back field aces
halfbacks; and Backs, fullback, j Lane and Marsters. although there
Blaco and Backe are experienced (were many to! back Tale and its
players, bnt Kelley Is a new find. 1 great star Caldwell.
He has shown remarkable ability Both beatea once, Cornell and
as a defensive man. : I Columbia on paper lapneared close
Reserve backfield men are Joejly matched with no apparent rea
King, dimJautlYe quarterback; sn lor this year's rather dlminu-
Clen "Wilbur and Howard Waters.! "re edition 01 the "Mg red team
halfback. Nelaom hi em crutehes. to be favored, except for its show
and win not be available MtuI111" h the early part of , the losing
the rame ajtamst Corrallia. Igame with Princeton last week.
On the line. Coach Anderson
probably will start Andresep, left
end; Gottfried, left tackle; Dolby,
left guard; , Lyons, center; F.
Smith, right guard; Jones, right
tackle; and - Giese or Ecker at
right end.
Kafonry and Adams, ends;
guards; and Orge, icente;, ar P- "(APJ-The University
1 -,v .:v Jof Oregon football team arrived
, I here today with every man in
. Ivnnil,' Inniilt1nn - nMnrMi To hat-!
Whether Salem will depend np- r . '7 7
on a forward passing attack or "e the SUnford Card. tomorrow
vit i mr. cot conference clash.
Aggies, are , heavy, favorites to
I score decisive victory, and there
even . Is some talk that Coach
"Pop" Warner will start his see-
lond string, to save his first elev-
ea for the stiff Washington con
test aext week. -' The Red team Is
rnlc Af-flt whI Vmit It
muddy Jall which had been half who Duiidedf football at Michigan
fumbled, and, lell on it for the to the point where Its popularity
lone Dearcai counter. . iHam.nHorl mnA ia TTuutoif tti nT
ine onemawa iaas snowea sur-i for . million-dollar amnhltheater.
pnwng strengi a in me nne aes- So what could be more fitting
pite the fact that they were far than that th eWolverlne football
outweighed by the Willamette team add to the glory that Is
men. They fought fiercely at ev- Yost's by giving his love a great
ery stage. ; ?y-u --, ? ; (football team and a champion-!
A 4 S yard race down the field Iship one
by. Captain Fleury after receiving
the kick-off put the ball on the! -Michigan now leads the pick as
Willamette 20 yard line from favorite in the race for the Big
where the Indiana took it over for Ten title. A few short weeks ago
their touchdown in the second Minnesota, Northwestern. and
half. A pass. Atkins to George, I even Ohio State, were conceded
made 14 yards, and a fake line better chances.
plunge around left end by Cemino I Ohio State has been whipped
did the trick, Fleury kicked wide twiceby Michigan and North
and lost the extra point - I western. Illinois has humbled
Spec" Keene's men had ' the Northwestern. Little Indiana
Sports Done
By Norman . Brown,
1 big moras:
Wipiild '-Wipe'v Out 0&
i "ANN ARBOR, Mich., Oct 28
Having opened Its new mammoth
stadium with a -victory over Ohio
State. Michigan university now
nrinniT niirnniimii lr ' ' . ilnm in nn'iccoo.lPC llfNnfirrWliRrilWIlTFIIIlli WlftY
CHICAGO, Oct. 28. (AP)
The football championship, of the
western conference hangs In the
balance tomorrow as Illinois and
mothers hopes for further com- Michigan, undefeated in big ten
competition or outside of It this
year, meet at Urbana, in the out-
ball in Chemawa territory almost! smeared Minnesota's record with
all of the second half, twice taking a tie.
the ball to within three yards of Now Michlr&n h- th de
the goalonly to be held there for but faces a terrific schedule in trv.
downs, or to lose the ball on air n -n rnr.A i
fumble. ' f I ; TMrnf MmAa Tlltnnla Tl... -t.'l
jt . .1 . .
uurjug mtlMrn Then f tr 1ST.
pimj tuu prciiciiy no j aenail nesota.
was attempted by either team.
The lineups:
Ruch !e- Meacheml nataA rf.,oa.
nuuuwonu Humones .a..i 1 ,
wwbuo m wciieiBcia
ule. -
Two other games will , have a
bearing on the championship sit
uation with, . Minnesota engaging
Wisconsin at Minneapolis and Chi
cago, the conqueror ot Pennsylva
nia, Purdue and j Indiana, trying
to learn what: if anything is
wrong at Ohio State.
These battles together with
Michigan-Illinois are all that will
have a bearing - on the title, for
northwestern, , Purdue, Indiana
and Iowa will take on opponents
outsids of "big ten" competition
Northwestern will meet , Mis
souri at Evanston, with Iowa en
countering Denver at Iowa City,
and Purdue mixing with Montana
State at Lafayette. Indiana has
gone east for a fling at Harvard,
already cuffed about by Purdue
and Dartmouth.
Conservative estimates are that
67,000 to 70,000 will witness the
Michigan-Illinois game in the Illi
nois memorial stadium, with up
wards of 65,000 viewing Minne
sota and Wisconsin at Minneapol
is, and 50,000 to 60,000 at Colum
Illinois' victory over Northwest
I era thrusts the Ulinl Into the thick
McKenzie lg.. R. Peratrovich
Ackerman ; ;.c .. ...1 Rush
Mort . rg J. Peratrovich
Glass rt ; ..'Brunce
Mumford ...
C. DePoe
Lang ..
.qb ..
rh . .,
Substitutions: Chemawa;
And Minnesota's 28 to 0 victory
George I OTer Iowa atter the Indiana de-
jtklnsl WttC1''' uciea mil tiero joest-
Fleury M11 nd nIs crew re out for blood.
' 9r-ott Bot Michigan followers have
on- r Micnigan nas not Deen scored on
ard for George; Stagner for Rush; date meeUng Wisconsin and
Johnson for Fleury; Ross for ow"B or ine conierence, as wen as
Pratt . line lesser lights earlier.
Willamette, R. DePoe for Mum- Onio state threatened the Wol
ford: Hauk for Cranor t Kan f man serine goal nut once after scor-
for Dietz: Roeers for Ackerman' ,nK on xsonnwestern.
Propp for Glass; Wlnslow for C.
Willamette scoring: 'Touch
downs, R. DePoe, 1.
. Chemawa scoring: Touchdowns,
Cemino, 1. ;
Referee Huntington.
It looks like a great year on the
field to climax a great year
building achievements at Mich!
gan. -
Root vie. Hfwe
CORVALLIS, Oct. 28. (AP)
Coach Babe Hollingberry and his
squad of Washington State college
Cougars arrived here today in time
for. a light workout on Bell field
as the final preparation for the
home coming game tomorrow with
Oregon State. .
Hollingberry announced all his
men in good condition with the
rgeular lineup ready to start.
Steady rain today dispelled all
hopes of a fast field and Increased
the likelihood of breaks deciding
an otherwise even game.
Coach ' Paul J. Schissler put the
Beavers through a final signal
drill today andreported all men
ready, except Carlson, guard, and
possibly, Luby, half.
w t g mm
HI 1 1 rVT
Oiler, quarterback and Gelser,
fullback, played a wonderful game
for Reed both offensively and de
fensively . The Normal leamjwas
too heavy for the boys f rOm Reed
and the bewildering succession of
reverses and fane reverses usea
by the Normal backfield was a re
minder of Stanford's recent de
feat of O. A. C.
Eckstein, Becken, Robertson
and Meyers played well for the
Normal school in the backfield.
Captain McCrae was a tower of
strength at the center o the line.
Cervallis. Oct. 28. (Special)
Some new faces may appear in
th Oreron State startling line-up
ecainst W. S. C Saturday. Coach
Paul J. Schissler has Deen snui-
ing men around and trying out
reserves; In regular , oertns tnas
week in an effort to Iron out the
rough spots disclosed in the game
with Stanford. He has been es
pecially l- concentrating on the
Orange forward wait . ,
I Tackle seems to be the position
that is causing the most ditficul-
tv lust i now. - Roscoe. Luce . ana
Fred Schell, . the re'gular tackles,
ma not; nlav very much in. the
Stanford mix. They have been
working some In ; practice with
Del Scott, Harry i Kent, and Ray
Pendleton alternating.
, Del Scott Is a ISO pound six-
footer from the reserve squad of
last year. Harry Kent is only a
sophomore this season but he has
been showing considerable, abil
ity. ' He tips the beam around 195
and stands six feet Pendleton
matches Kent for weight and for
height. He' "neYeV played foot
ball before , coming to college , bnt
has shown ' considerable aptitude
under the tutelage of Coach' Schis
sler.: Any of these men may have
the 'call to start Saturday.
Clare Badley and - Vern Ellen
are very likely to start at th
guard bCTsule Carlson, an
other gnais was Injured in th.
Stanford tilt and may sit on th.
bench this, week. Reese Cochrat
Is a dependable reserve for guard.
Center will be xiuea oy hod Ged
des and John Logan, will be seer,
la action against the Cougars.
The Orange backfield is not
causing Coach Schissler so mu
worry now. Carl Gllmore win
play full. Dave Luby and Cotiu.
Whitlock, regular halfbacks, an
in condition to play. Luby is tlu
Orange safety and Whitlock doe
the punting. Smiling Howaru
Maple will bark the 'signals.
Within 15 years, says a pres
sor, men will be wearing rouge o
their" faces. Some men wear i
now, but it's second hand.
. Entire vaudeville circuit soh:
for $30,000,000. The newspape
didn't say how much was deduct
ed for theb um Jokes.
Newfoundland folk find a ball
In the Atlantic ocean, and now
folks are worryin which one of
Babe Ruth's homers it is.
REED 32 TO 0
on the condition of the Held this!
aftersoo. Coach Anderson tadH
Since the Jefferson and Albany
games, the local machine has de-j
veloped a smoothness of perform-j
, ance which has not been evidenced!
before and in polishing off work-
fee srftAil i si wsk tiK f Ha AvMnttnn
wuu W ww., uw v; Tfc XH-ootnn mA
' - ! VS evmim sfc wwwask mmm MaW
juukou BWU. . ITTtkrAar Anita wtin, mr raMnHn
In the Astoria Hne-np vlfl be frQm inJnrlea The pr0babie llne.
asanas wew ww
.rw.:.. .. Wetxel
nna fnllnw?
the Astoria basketball team In thelg.pQ
tournament last year. Tuey are n-lfl-nn-
Luthe,' lithe forward, and
berg, who played guard.
The game will start en Sweet-!
Freeman .
Robesky .
land field at 2:80 o'clock. Of-Pa,t
clals will be Mason, p. A. C ref- seimaa
eree; Farley, O. A. C empire; I warden
and Purvine, Oregon, head lines- jje-mfa j.
C-1 . .
McMINNVILLE, Ore., Oct 28
(AP) The Linfleld coUege wild
cats and Pacific university foot
ball teams battled to a nothing to
nothing tie here today In a sea of
mud and water before a wild Lin-
field homecoming crowd, i The
first half was slow for both teams.
the water and mire making it im
possible to use broken field work.
But in the last half Linfleld twice
threatened to cross the aBdbers
goal, line. Fumbles robbed the
Wildcats of their chances to score.
The scoreless tie advances nei
ther team in the conference stand
ing, laving both teams at the hot-!
torn with two games lost and one
tied. , ?
51 U. PITT.
Football surprises are so num
erous these days that it's an upset
when a' favorite wins.
whites of their eyes," Is a good
"Don't shoot until you see the
slogan for soldiers, all right. But
what if the enemy wears smoked
A Brooklyn man says the gov
ernment owes him 818,000,000.
Must be just another Income tax
mistake. .
Fine feathers make -poor . bill
payers. , , "
Monmouth, Oct 28. (Special )
Monmouth normal sehool beat
Reed College 32 to 0 on the nor
mal field today. The normal school
kicked off to Reed on the 10 yard
line. Reed returned 16. After
making two first downs. Reed lost
the ball to the Norman ona fum
ble. Normal passed King to
Reece for 15 yards and Eckstien
on two line bucks went through
center for a touchdown. . The bal
ance of the half was' all in favor
of the Teachers and ended with a
13 to 0 score. -In
the second half the Normal
put in almost a complete nev,-
team and the first five minutes of '
play developed into a kicking dual. -
Meyers, normal . school quarter
back, got away, thru center for a
25 yard run, placing the ball on
Reed's 30 yard line. Eckstein on a
fake reverse carried the bajl 15
yards and a moment later a for
ward pass. King to Meyers, went
for a touchdown. ;
"How I
... Startles; XJnevpe
. Astoria
Lanes. - L.E. R.
Jeffers L.T.R.
Bowers L. G. R.
Font a
Nieml ' R.G.L.;
Morfltt - R.T.L.
Thompson R. S. ll
. Anderson - . Q. i
Lethe L. H. R.
- Sodermes R.R.I.
Hellberg T. ;
I Wilton
S1" Hoffman
Giese I
. Hodgen
. Woodle
. Bnrnell
' Lyons
Woodburn high school defeated
IMaIaTIa hlrk arhAnl at tCAAfinrn
R. Ksllyjye4Urd4y afternoon. It to 0, Full-
u. &euy beck Harllss et Molalla slaved a
Blaco I wonderful game but he lacked co-
Backet operation of his fellows. Assistant
Coach Leatle Sparks of the Wll-
astoria. Oct. 18. (AP), llamette university Bearcats offl
Coach Lloyd Sowers and his As-I dated. r
Crisis Ajpproached in Far
West Football Situation
(APL Undefeated; - far western
elevens, caught in the vortex of a
- thrilling season's i footbau cam
paign, "clash tomorrow'- in games
which may tumble the champion
' ship hopes of at least - one- great
'. team. : ':. - . r ii::i''-i!V
University of California: and the
University of Southtrn California,
both undefeated but the - latter
tied by Stanford, virtually staked
their Pacific coast futures on the
outcome of tomorrow's contest at
Los Angeles. ! Experts, finding
nothing to choose between the
teans as to comparative strength,
tendered their observations with
predictions that "breaks" may de-
cLta the frame. A; capacity crowd
cf tctween 75. CCO and 80,000 is
xc!.- Eone 0,000 ;perona
r:.".rtler!i California will le
t' j ;
- Stanford.', also ; possessing v
clean conference slate except for
a tie game, Is conceded an edge
over the visiting University of
Oregon squad, but Coach Warner
cautioned , his' players that a con
test Is not ewr tintll the final gnh
has sounded. ' . J- ; 1 v '
Washington State 4 and Oregon
State,-both r'eoTered -trom crush
ing 'j defeats ; last "rweek match
strength at. Corvallis :in the re
maining conference struggle listed
tor-Saturday, j; - ,
'"University of Washington,' nel
ther defeated nor tied and rated
as the threat of- the north this
year, ; takes on Whitman college
in 'an . unimportant : contest, at
least. for the '.former Coach Bag
shaw is expected to use mostly
substitutes .tomorrow, as it is no
aecret that ll& Washlagton inentor
is roInt!t;3',' toward the,lgaoe
Name the weight of the Elephants-Win Hndson Super Six Coach or Nash Coach
comb oxrwzm-mi rrmrt Msmraic TAZva awat
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)ne That
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WHAT 13 mr: Vtafiitr
. br.TttEElEPttANT
vMjJh: For Details r
Shaving Profoleufi"
"T had always used a safety razor. Yd insert .
A a new blade--a good enough first shave,
then each shave worse.
, r . - . ;
The blade got duller and .duller until in a
fret Fd throw it away and insert a new one.
A constant annoyance, an expense. .
MI thdught rd go through life shaving this
way Ever dissatisfied ' I was in a habit rut.
"Then fortune favored me. I fell heir to a
new shaving delight,
I get a first-shave every day now with a
new-like, super-keen blade.
"For I own a Valet AutoStrop Razor. I
. sharpen the blade, I shave, I clean the razor,
all without removing the blade.
AtoSoop Safety Rssec Co 656 First Avetme, New Totk CtTf
Tid iir, tai 75.00 at.jr wen is nn'iqa. cu.ptUi.s. .ad print wiTt
1 .. V. wrle4 promptlT, after Nomibr Snto. To' caa wia ach 19S7 '
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vim jbpt oamv yn wiann iBit wo win . wu j m syirawm mibv-
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Aim. m w ' 111. WnnMTlt
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t7eh ataBdutiB- - 1-b. TWt .ar. n -, . - f. -- .;. i ; . wddlBf . Ties IT Aay i--U- , - -
9r 'e!perw - Thr ar w. Is f ti. t ! tid (r aay pri will b. pmrntci wit. reOB4
rroop .f firar a -"23'' or 'VS.',' paaal. whir a will eonaiat ofdrawia. a iia Mreaa tba far. et a chart .(
aaada ot tha '6" ar. dwtititW ( mr . teat taa fisrvs tana caaareted wbn added lose ther will total th.
cr.fd. wbila ta. taiTa . the ""'' ar. rut(t aam. . . : j. -- " , " ' 1
atraight or practically a..' Thr. ia w . 8.d rw .r rqsptt. Ir charta at Hmekty.,- Addna
tmk.,ii!.Ior(..ri. sTATr.s:.ii publisiiii;g co. .
XG.U.8.FAT.OiT. ;J1 '
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It-eZ . :
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r;ilh C:--rJa week Utci'r ,''