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Is tbe Way, that leadeth to destruction, and manr there be that xo
tnereat: Becaaite aralcht is
which lc adeth unto life, and few
13andJL4. . " ..-i
'J J There I a crisis in the affairs; of the Salem YMCA." The
, 1 1 people)! Salem have provided .for a splendid building It is
required, to the last, foot of space and hour:-of time, or the
various useful activities carried peiv'staffrisV&ot
too larsre for the work. Their pay is not too Urge . '
J But the budget is about $10,0b0i short of being pledged-p
' And . the -work" cannot bef -carried ' on without the needed
fuiidstoyihec6st. rp :r 4 :
What does the average citizen- think about this ? Is there
afiypne.n Salenr, or in Jhe 'tradedistrict of .this : cjty, : who
" 'annciYMCA itctivitiesjdiscohtinued or curtailed--
Any one of them? ; - .
" .'But here is icrisisrClttmust:be met, tothe credit and for
! tHreity.-jr-T- -r ' r''
. It is;eHdu9,e.vfiry pne tQ help;, to make a pledge for
rt-hirnseliieorr herself " &ad aid; in securing other pledges -t;
J 'Vp'fo the I4sl cent needed, -
""tit has put a stiff tariff on
In solving the problems of a surplus that must be exported,"
"says a neighbor, in commenting on the present tariff law and
. the departure of our senior senator to resume his leadership
l fn- pushingth'a McNary-Haugen'bill.
TOe'McNary-Haugen bill simply proposes to make the tar-
'iff eff6cUyein'the''icases'dmajor. farm products with large
eiprUbl4.ulusesf;i ' .: . ; - . ;
-U4.iti the time when we will have Vio exportable surplus
i -am of ally. cropr-and that time is not far distant, with our; ill-
easlng; populatiott? ? ff I "
il7rii tfhe.Mclfarypgen bill simply
per.-cenls compulsory cooperation in-
ktt ected-f-f 'JJ'ZJil "r-:
Ad U will jiol cost the government any thing--at least ks
4, proposed by the bill that was passed by the last congress and
V J recciy&i the pr!Bsideritsyeio. ;The growers of the crop will
: '" stand the Joss' InseHing' the surplus in Ihe "wortil market I in
. any case , wnere mere is a joss. . .
" .'Senator ijcNai" led twd of the greatest fights ever made
in the JlUs; of congress; id the session before the last,' when
, the. bill was lost by a iparin ofa few votes, and in the. last
t . congress when it was passed nd vetoed
' And he haf before hjn a third great light, for the bill, for
which he is prepared as n4 one else in the United States ' is
prepared ;;hence his undisputed leadership in this proposed
relief measure for the farmers of the' country. ;
United States Senator Charles L. McNary, departing from
his home city, Salemi yesterday, to take, up hi duties . in
"vashington preparatory to the approaching! session of con
gress, jsaid one of the things that will command his attention
as sodft'-as-he reaches the nation's capita city will be the
deepcmnEf the" channel of. the, Willamette, sq that an all
a valla
Its ! f;:iJase
I -f -'fX t.r gy . ..l4.. . . . ..
1 Jn.itff;:L'i .icrtaseihe; alae of everyt pound
i - : t.-
t ar
" off by .
. - Aud Jt ilUvirease the poUotial-value of evecst ac
v i! tjmtJam'i tp woBhlpyery foofbf frontage our jcity
'! property , 1 :, I 'v .
And, in duetime, it win fine the riyr on both sides with
wharves and warehouses and manufacturing' plants.- :
Next to the irrigation of our lands in 'this valley, this will
be the ' biggest thing thai wiljf happen) to our city and our
6ccliou;and both must necessarily come to pass in good time.
itor SUtesmani.'r::'i a .
wFor rent, cbse in 4-room furnished cottage. Vo children.
This ad appeared in a newspaper published not over a thou
sand miles from Salem. At that, there isn't any good reason
for trying to conceal the name of the newspaper or the city
larivhichitfjwas publishe. Similar ads appear in the iiiews-
..psprs everywhere, ven in .our, wnbeioved Salemx -ir
2 'No chiidrea." ! Sad commentary on America; - This is
fe - vjiaj; we 'Jpjp.jc6me to And. ther house txill be wbted; no
lear 01 tna tr ienty of people without children., : But we
can't help but stiop and thmk.What is this all coming to?
Nobody : wants children l The, landlords won't have them
accynijand pcleis'tiaJHTarents to. have thenit So
U ' thcysayiiand they (feci they
Aiic cose qt 'uyingv pr.rainerine waywe are nvyig, nas put
5 cn end' to u'ncls ex - ' i
: ,T!iis writet' hasno-anwe;f or-tie -question. "The financial
u rrrl :crf 8tan4s l-unnsVfered: TSxl4 the answer, wilt conic
a. in .tirvio; It :wiVomeinadccO "America; in a race of
44 ' '1 La.V. :1tonJ .AMMfmAl TKnA. am' jtJ 1.m.
2 r. . .3 t.irr.3 let. ci.i!;ss;.lhomest:':s
tin. Lxds rJSxBEil drji&tcr. T Over 'half of bur people' have long
c'zcq felt no need for the services of religion in their lives.
lMAdM. OtaaTSm
Ralph H. tatsta - Al War IDs-
Ga. K. MutiB . Bap. Jaeeasateet ia.
W. H. Headers - --Clrenlataej fcfsaacar
K. A. lltna .... iaT,k Editor
auocutzo nui
emeu! :
ITraacisea, EtatM BM(.i LM UaM,
t - , . r
.W. -8 1st St.;, Chieaia.. ICsraa.tta BMj.
Job PapafU aat
OireaUtioa Offiaa
iA-lafi awttaf.
ratsv tor wida la the tat, and broad
:the ge. and narrow is the way.
there be that find it. Matthew 7:
i - i.
farm products which is useless
proposes to establish 100
any major farm crop
nn ss on tne jana. and turned
-ciires anu; towns-
- ',. 1 ;
are sincere in this .conviction.;
,e4(VP.iUeifoDowed closely in its wake, What'U
next ? Will it be a case of After thact the deluge? If
'.It is not too Ute .td. take atbclKv
said in his speech :tTherp is
civilization as we know it today 'will endure. AU of which
nau?tt give us pause. "' : '. '-l jr
Salem, Ore, Oct; 24, 1927.
Editor Statesman ; ; ? , - v , .-,
lAllow 'orie of several hundred Salemites who extended con
gratulations the past week to Dr.; W. C. Kantner and wife on
the anniversary of their golden wedding to express further
congratulations through your columns for those unavoidably
absent or who could not attend for being detained by othe);
causes.- Dr. Kantner is not a local minister who serves a
limited congregation or parish, but he is known by and has
served thousands of families in the many pulpits he has oc
cupied in different parts;of the state. His family has been
widely scattered over western ' Oregon and have been con
nected with schools and colleges.- One of the events of the
evening was some fine tenor singing by a grandson, accom
panied on the piano by. a son, both talented musicians. In
his pulpit work and
have stood for the.b Many of
those at the wedding felt and expressed the idea that he was
not a preacher for those alone of his denomination but in the
larger sense of the word he was a minister of the Christian
religion for the entire community and the state at large.
In addition he. was an active helper in community building
and developing and improving property. His home has al
ways been a social center and in the larger democratic sense
all classes, if such things there -be in our country, felt free
to go to him . sure of sympathy' and consideration.
The ministrationsi due from his profession went out freely to
all nationalities, and alt denominations' and believers or un
believers were, treated as childreri lot God and 'Serving ; of
the consolations of a servant
on the same religious level and'none Were turned away as. not
pure fenough:'brgboehoughto a minister
if 'one was needed to invoke-or bestow his blessings. Ten
times a grandfather, Dr. Kantner is still in the prime tf his
life and usefulness, and time
shortcomings or frailties leave
genial and kindly nature. All
his equally gracious helper over the rough spots in life, a
happy future and the gentle approaches and salutations of
time and eternity. ; They will be ready to greet that future
whatever it may be with a courageous smile. Nearly all
who assisted at their wedding, and their sons and daughters-in-law
galore were present at the golden fifty-mile stone.
What a record of honored durability and useful community
service! We can all say God bless the Kantners.
Salem, Ore., Oct. 24. 1927.
There has' been predicted
of seasonal unemployment in
in case of lack of some major
The time Is approaching. The Salem Y free employment
office found jobs for 131 people last week; but 269 applied
for work. That makes a hiatus of 128. The number is! not
likely to grow less from week to week, unless something is
done about it, more than is in sight right now.
The Statesman of this morning is printed on the old press.
The plan is to print tomorrow's paper on the new pressand
perhaps all future issues.. ,
I Bits For Breakfast T
o - . o
YMCA crisis here
' ''-VvV-- ' N
CalVns for united support
" m K V
And the people of Sailem must
respond. Id the true Balem spirit.
m "b v v:
"Know Yonr , Oregon" is a
slogan, jof ;the Oregon. State Motor
association. Good: stogkni ' Oood
Hs vast resources
And know
'ft .
roar titv and -Its xis-
r4 A . J 1 til 1 x-: 1 " '
tentlal cnorniouj
The 'pertod of seasonal unen;
ployment ds here. Salenj , Y: re
emplojment, . imrea uYgot , 'Jobs fbr
131 last week, but. ha42 9 1 Ap
plicants for ' work 1 Something
ought-, to- be don about it, :
9 r'; y x :-r-.
The new -statesman ress will
be tried out. with color deck and
all, on tomorrow's paper. It Is. a
big machine,: with orer 00 parts.
and it has been "some job" to get
H erected and adjusted and taned
ip. But It la a wond erf ttl ma
chine, capable of doing a lot of
things in ma ay different ways,
and will be a distinct addition to
the service of this city and
tion. .. ,
' ' j -
"The turmoil 1 of the world will
always die if we set .'our faces to
climb; heaven ward."- Hawthorne.
v:'-. Tf,- . IBB"?."U :'",
"How many lessons of faith and
beauty ; "W should- lose if thtsre
were no -adnter in oar year." -T.
W. Higginson. p y,:4 2'.v ':
was bnsy when you' called to see
htm. x Now the stenographer po
litely informs -you that Mr.'- So-and-se
; I3 conference." .1 Any-thing-.a
t 1J Xo add IHUe "dog
to , ontward ? "appearances, j It's
about as bad as the' hewfangled
ideA of iariting you to '"dinner."
Why Is it qIed,MdoBer" for. the
guest,, .but. .'sapper J for the old
man?" ;' - s . ; .
- ? ' z.
."Dovyoij 'want a buffalo? The
departraefrt of ihh interior Is again
this, - year offering to' dispose .of
surplus buffalo4 from the , feat
Yellowstone Park herd. .The herd
now numbers 850. There are
no assurance that the" American
' ;
of the Most High.. , He metall
nor dfsappointments at human
any sediment of acidity on his
will join in wishing him and
in these columns a great ideal
Salem during the rainy season,
operations being carried," on
nearly 20.000 buffalo in the -world
now, whereas 20 years ago there
were not over 2000.' ".'Those de
siring buffalo fthould make appli
cation to the director of the Na
tional Park Service, Department
of the Interior, Washington, D. C.
KOSEBTJkG, Oct. 24 (AP)
Hearing; an explosion that they
thought was the blowing oat jot a
tire. -Mn- and Mrs T. F. Fletcher
oft Brock.way stopped their ' cai
near . 5Vlnston,f bridge 'this morn
ing just in' time to -receive a lokd
Tbf tlfdihoflh7ouhtheir"car. f r
""etchelTwas struck on the up
per'.lipTalalhTBeck, ind Mrs.
Fletcher was half stunned by. a
shoy-wflf h tmk her' on the side
of tteBeM"Tbf full charge went
through; the aider curtains, barely
missing three children seated In
the fcack of the machine. A
pheasant hunter who , fired :t the
shot agreed to "pay all expenses.
' General Markets T
POBTLAXD, Oct. 24. (AP) Bid, to
the ianwr: i - .
Milk steady; raw milk f par cent).
ta.4 ewt, fob Portlaad. Itatterfat 45e
fob Portland. . t ; --
Poultry teady: Ifceary hen 22c; liht
14 ft? 15c; apriafs 20$24e; broiler
23ej jwkin -witS sork 2'Jc ; .eolorrd void
inl: turkeys atiTe SO$ra3c . ' ,
Oniani local T3(gOr poiatoes l.o 7. M
- w "ronxirD OBAhV
POBTCAND. - Ocw 'i'i.i AP). Wkt
bMsK . BBB hard, vfe itff.' JI. W, B. 8,
Baafi. fedaratkia, hof t -wk rta. j woaWra
white, hard wiater. , Bortbern spriac
OeW Noyl Dee. 1.2t iwaatera red Oct,
Nw- . ! ";, . t . -i: --
Oata. A-o. -Si -SS poaad aad Iditta
fray Ott.,-Ko rec- S?!.-
. Com, K. 2 E. Y. vkipaieBt 0t ?S
5. Xa. 3 E.T.Abipment Ue. 4. ! -
If Uinta., standard - Oct, -Saj-iO, Kr.
37, Dee. 26.50. , I
:- . ,-. ' X - ' " J ..:
, : Ha- ''-' - ' 5
- Pt)KTIAXD. Oet. a 24. AP)Kay
buyiag prireat . t-k T".- -
;tra Oregon timothy 2021 dit
to Tillay S 1 6.50f I r : rk-t $15; iflfs
1T; tt hr M1U: straw $7.50
per, ton-, tilling prices f 3 a tea store.
r-v' CtoCAOO' OBAIKi W-"-..'
.CHlCAfrO. Ort. 24. AP). Stiaratat
ed , by " aalawked . for- deareava -a the
Veited WiIm iibl ipp!j, wsrat ral
lied dsy sfter kafinc aore brok
en tba aeawaa'a low price record. Tt-
attima . wheat wer' aaaettted
tube amvaa Saturday's fiatah t
dowa. with ears unr banned tw S-eoff,
sird oatf t .; bo to,5M a adTssca.
- - -l r 'trvsaTocx - . ' .
PORTLAND Oct. -S4.f APy.Cattla
and ealTt ateady ; -rereipta: t'sttle 2.J30,
iifdiB lb thrBga,.ale 2 XS.i Steers
mo A 10 ft pooads, rood 8.85 9.35; ditta
lieO-ia&O-poaadat food. $.890 9.35,- Jit
ta mednsat 0OO- nanad.anv ft.t(39.00
oittoaBi 7J r'oitts)J lad
17.UJED phizes no;j
in n com
; of
Godsey Has Good
at Close; Full List
"Winners Given i!
Hy JlacUo Contest , Editor; t
" The Oregon's Statesman's great
radio contest for boys and girls.
which has been running Tor the
past ten weeks, came to a whirl
wind finish" at midnight Baturady
October 22. .. -i'-.-t- U
f Winners of the principal pris
es. In their order; are Bernis goo
sey. Herbert Morley,, Italph Eyre,
Johnny Perrine, Kalman Vadhey,
George Causey, Lego Mlckenhiam,
Mace Moreford, Robert Connell,
Maxwell WMte. Glen Hardraan,
Edmund Weisner, James Bes,lU
Chester WUtse,'. Floyd Maddy,
Clarence Fast, ByTou Menis, Dale
Aerhart, George Self and Robert
Long. J
! As the closing hour drew near
the contestants worked with, fev
erish impetuosity realizing that
the efforts duripx the last few
hours of the contest would pTtyb
ably mean the winning or losing
of a radio or bicycle and accord
ingly there was a terrific poling
of votes during the last tew hours
of this great race. ,
Contestants who finished win
ners i are - to be congratuUted. fox
having fairly utolased the cpm.
petitprs in the strenuous compe
tition and-tboe who have failed,
to win the prize of .their-(Choice.'
will bo doubt throw, off.thelr hats
and cheer lor the winnarsreajiz-l
ing that contestants who have the
ability to ; surpass their own. splen
did efforts are entitled to all hon
or that is possible to.-bestow''.; on
them and make up their minds
that with the experience they
have gained in this contest they
will go out in the next contest and
win- .
The committee of judges con
sisted of J. Benner, E. Ev Roberta
and Karl Wenger and after care
fully opening up the sealed : bal
lot box and counting the votes, to
taling them on a Burroughs add
ing machine, they decided on the
prize winners as herewith announ
ced. '
The Statesman is proud of the
its sincere thanks and appreciation-
to the committee of Judges
who have taken their time to co
operate in making a successful
wind-up of the greatest Juvenile
Standing of Candidates
Are as
.. ...-- .i
Iiaaio-iTego-i . it. r .-. i
2 Herbert Morley. 792.N.
2Xh Eyre!" ?io N. 17th.
ireRZ: r"b V I. Pefr i. 1096 N.
at ST A niUa, '- '
K-ZiFTima Vadnev. 431 S.
Motorrt ioi.j,j JOth,
tTo Mi.nhm. 1295
De Luxe phonograph. V
8 Mace Morford, 1926 N. Cottage. Salem. 1.857.800. Trego Jr.-
TSVwaa HTa a P atl A T l-O TH
s Robert Connell. 975 Front. West . Salem. "1,73 5.6 75, Knee
10 Maxwell White. lOlO Oaki St.-. Salem. 1,614,050, Knee
KOSt U Glen Hardman. 614 S. 21t. Salem. 1,507,725. Knee Koster.
12 Edmund Weisner. 1072 Union, Salem, 1,423.125. Knee
Koster. .
13 James Beall. 1040 Norway. Salem, 1.170.525, Knee Koster.
14 Chester Wiltse. 1895 N. Winter. Salem, 1,166.400, No. 2A
"1 Goodwin Camera.
15 Floyd Maddy. R. 3, Box 106. Salem, 1.117,325, wo. za
Goodwin Camera. . -
t 16 Clarence. Fast,' 1320 D. Salm, 1,11 ,550. Io. 2A Goodwin
Camera. ' . . . ; . . . ?, ' .,",..,-."i .
17r Byron MenU,-2995-D, Salem. 1.063,075, No. 2A Goodwin
Camera... . .. .
18 Dale 'Aerhart, 51 7v.! Capitol, 9 597TOOr:TioJ 2A Goodwin
' 19 Gebrge"Setf.'870 N. Liberty. Satam, 951,125, No. 2A Gooc
vin-Cnmera,.1 i.-'!' f -laS-- 'u u-. i,m -
aiUi20R4lbert-L6nr; 20601 S. Cottage, Salem.. 949,400. No 2.
f C4Piaor5g o.-an. cQUWf ants as iohows;
Howarl , EUlott.I4J.l.Cejxteri; Salem'.". . . v: . .
Ronald Hewitt, 1341 N. 4th, Salem...::;-...
Kenneth Lewis 14 29 Lee, Salem. .'. .'. .v. .
Bert Halseth.i 1595 Lee, Salem. ............
Robert Pickens. 865 N. 1 7thf Salem . . : . . .
Mason Snutt, - 70 5 N. 14 th. Salem .......
Dale Grimes. 1046 N. 1 7th.'. Salem. .7.. ..
Sidney Van Lydegraf. 1225 K.
Mildred Peters, Rt. 1. Sublimity, Oregon........
Maurice Kelsey, 1230 Ferry. Salem . . . . . . , , .7
RobeVt i Payne. 768 N. 21st, Salem. ,
Wileer Harmes. 1910 N. Summer, Salem. f .7 . . . . . ,
Robert S. Stallings. 1140 N. Front. Salem
Robert Skewia. 1967 Center, Salem. . . . ...
Lawrence Alraont' Grimes. 1353 S. 13th, Salem ... .
Kenneth Coffey, 1355 Marion. Salem. . . ...... ,
Walter Wiens, 1431 N. Cottage. Salem. ,
Walter sBodyf elt. Rt- 4. Box 13-A. Salem......,..
Eldon Slavensri098 Thompson, Salem. ..... .
waiter rvieper, lino saginaw, Salem. . 7
Elder, Monmouth. Oregon.
Downs. g0 N.1 21st. Salem.....
John Haugen, Route 2. Woodburn.
J. Delaywood, Auto Park, Salem.
tiawara . Aaam Rait 5 nn an
-Ronald .Rasmuaaen. 1309 Waller.
nuueri nammage, , 13 Market.-Salem ...........
Willys Pearcey. 2156 South. Church. Salem. . . . ... ' '
LorlneM. Walling. Rt..l, Box 258. Salem.. .7 7. . . . ! T ?
Tfr"1 'J08' V N ' ZOth' Salem -
Alfred French, .Route 4,, Salem
Harold Per ser. 1 31 5 SJlipping; Salem ..... -r : -" " " '
Vern, Adams. 236 S. 18th. Salem ...... i.. . "-
Jim Sehon. 1645 Mission, Salem.'.
uioyq AmproseK R. F. D. 4, Salem
I?JL, ZZt jT' ' ' ?5-atS poinds.
mnd .CK)n 9.o: heifer. Tnai.i.
eew. sMod .75r7.2.: iitlfl romraou to
medium 5.(I0M.J5- . kll.
ce,tad. best food i.ifrr5 ditta eat-
"' sseafaas ,StfS.7Jf eslres 00
.own- "'uia to choK-e T.Mfiv
10.SO: ditto calls i psshmii 5.507.AO;
yesler ai!k fed. rood ta ehak-a 10,.Vf
13.i0: ditto aiadiaaa O OAi in 4.,.
rails-1. eomaioa tOtai(L1-,.j,...,;.s...
Hega, peaias 3S la 50c krwer. ipeU
ra: reeeiDta .TS ihJl.. - jba.
1roBfki. Hearrweseht 950-850 ooaads.
edius; chaiea ,.50aiO.6; sw
ducted in'tbe history of this dis
trict. The Oregon Statesman desires
to take this opportunity to con
grat ulate , the w inners and thank
them tor their splendid i work ia
making the contest the, wonderful
success it baa been. To those who
have worked hard during- the
weeks of the contest and failed to
win one of the large awards we
extend oar sympathy. It; Is fact
that the Oregon Statesman could
not give a radio to all. but we are
certain that when the less fortun
ate ones, take into consideration
that In every battle there are
bound to beotbe wounded, they
will not feel badly about" Having
lost the award they most desired
and strove so earnestly forK
- Competition has r been, kept
cleA and fair end this boys and
z Iris contest has rone over m a
bie way. ...
'Arrangements are being made
to deliver the prizes to the win
ners as quickly as the details caa,
be worked , out.
Many contest tnts have express:
ed the desire that we thank their
friends who co-operated with them
in giving them substantial sub
scriptions and assisting them in
their campaign for votes. Without
these f fiends the campaign would
not have been the success It was.
' We trust that the winners of
the various v, awards will ; enjoy
them to the utmost and that they
will be a satisfaction and a plea
sure to them for many a day.
' ! . - spa
.The Statesman is produ of the
hearty co-operation that has been
Siven jA CAjryig. the .campaign to.
the, highest pinnacle . of . success
that' has ever been attainej ty a
simiikr enletprise In this section.
FaiHes IcT Vvrybody wasi a big
AU contestants were on an even
basi ;-an4-' the ultimate, winner
achieved t&eir victory . through
having put. forth their best efforts
dujng Ihe., ife .of, .he contest.
Moreover, the campaign acted as
a spur to ambition an4 proved a
valuable experience tol all who
took part in it. I
During the last week of the
contest we offered special f prizes
for the five contestants who se
cured the most money on sub
scripttoiie, old or new. The win
ners of these special prizes. Knee
Kosters or Bread and Cake Cab
inets' (if they preferred) and mon
ey collected by these contestants
are as follows: !
Name Collected
Robert Cannell .,$81.00
Bernis Godsey 1..76.00
Herbert Morley 1-75.20
Ed Weisner .' 1..69.40
Maxwell White ..64.5
and Grand Prizes Won
14th. Salem, B.841.3&0.
n nmlota hnmp O tl I lit.
. ,e c
17th, Salem, 2,295.725.
Salem. 2,232.450. Console ) Radio
17th. Salem, 2.097.225, Iroquois
Cottage. Salem. 2,037.050. Iroquois
Salem, 2,031.575. Iroquoi. Road
S. 12th. Salem. 1.923.925; Trego
S io,6 60
! 785,360
! 697,075
! 695,560
L 644.800
, -r . . ,
Summer. Salem j.
: 96.275
: 92.476
i- 89.200
. .
Oregon, . . , . . .
: .( . . X
eaw . . .
Salem. . . . . ....... . . .
, . . , .
, . ........
moKS.OOQS.SO: slaagater pi SO-130
Paaaa. modiam ta choice lrt.OOM lo.fiO:
feeder stacker pie TO-120 piBdi
ediaat ta rs0iea 10.0O 10.75.
-t.5!!f r roaatinr airs ex-
ctude:Mt..abTa sjaatatiaaa.
1' T?"? aioa: reeeiptsT Sheen ToS
IJF0-! ehoira- 19.50011. 7S; eitto
taedtam S3 pounds" -fi.awB a.SOlO SO:
UUa aaU. -, , .U waiyat. T.&txa
UjtBts, ifltt-160
t - -
i Brltabart Qolllea
? "The reason wives want thetr
huvha&df :io stay from the oue
ail day is fo they can go around
locking sloppy." : J :
(Copyrfght 1927. Ihiblishars Sgdicate)
i : , . - -
.30: yesrliaga wethers 110 poaads down,
medium to choice 7.009.00: ewes. 120
pounds down snedisra to eaoiee 5.00
6.50; ditto medium to choice 120 to 150
pounds 4.O05.0O: ' ditto calls to com
mon, all weights a.O0H.0Q. -.
i 9AIST '
; POHTLAXD, Oet 24. (AP).- Dairy
Exchsnge. net prices:- -"-Bntterr
"extrat" 0e:' tsadrtl -44c;
prima firsts 4S; firsts ,40c, . .
Eggs, extras 50c; firsts 46; pullets
37e; undersitad 25c .
,! . ' TXMBEB V
; " Omtaral Xnd Ofict '.
Washington. . C, Oct. -4-192T.
Notice is hereby given that subject to
the eoaditions and limitations of the acta
4tJua.t, lfis(a Stat., 21K-Fearw
ary 28, 1819 (40 Stat... 1179), Juns .
J920 (41 Stat-7fti). adJdepartmeiital
reralstiont ot April 14. lft2A;(S0 L. 1.,
376), the timber on tha following lands
will to' Mil Ufibfr 5,"l27,- 11 1 vt
o'clock A: M , ! publKW sctrtioaK s j thai
United States , hiiad office , a Jioseurc.
Oregon, to tha highest bifldw' at Jiot le
than lha ppraUe4( vatna ss' shown, -ay,
this notice, ssle to be. subject to tha ap
proral f the - Secretary of ' tha" Interior.
Tha! purchase price,) with -a 'additional
sum of one-fifth of ona per cent thereof,
being commissions allowed, mast be de
posited st time sleiaoney t' be ra
turned if sale !s not approred, other
is patent will issue for tha timber, '
which mast be removed within tan-years.
Bids will received from eitisens 91
the United Ststes, associations of such
citizens and corporations" organited un
der the law of tha United States or say
state. Territory or uistnet thereof amy.
Upoa application of a qualified purchaser
tha timlern any legal subdivision will
ba ' offered seoarstel v befora ' beine In-
eluded ia any offer of a lartrer unit. T.
EOS. K. 1 See.. 17 SWft- AE-H
yellow fir 880 M, red cedar 4 0 M, Hem
lock 120 M, c-dar poles 140, N SW4
yellow fir ,160 M, red cedsr 480 M.
hemlock 100 M. eedsr pole 46, NW4
NW'i yellow fir 1750 M, red -eedsr 180
M. hemlock 80 it. cedar poles 240. BE It
5fW!4 yellow fir 920 M. red eedsr 480
SC. - hemlock 60 M. cedar pelea-80. SW)4
NW'i yellow fir 1900 M, red- cedar 230
M, heraloclt 80 M, T. 37 8, R. ll'W,
See. 5. X14.SWU KE red fh- 130O M,
none of the timber' on these section to
be sold for less than $1.50 per M for tha
-yellow fir, 5tt cents par' M for-tha" red
eedsr. ft per M for the hemlock. S3. 50
per M for the red fir and 40 cents each
for the cedar poles. T. 15 8., R. 2 W.,
See. 33. NEU SEU red. fir 1230 M,
VWK SEVi' red fir 1500 M. red cedar
TSO M, hemlock 50 M. T." 20 S.. R. 4
Sec. .. 8W14 Wi. red fir 1035 It.
none of . the timber on these section to
be gold for lex than $1 per M for tha
red eedsr and hemlock and $1.75 par It
fof the red-fir. T. 4 V.. It. t W.. ge;
29. Wi4-XW4 re tf 120 W, red ra
dar 1Z0 M. none of the timber an this
section to be sold for less thsn $1 per
If for tha red cedar 'and $2 per it for
fbe red fir. T. 9 S B.'2 E.. Sec 18.
SEU VWil red fir 1850 M.. none of
the timber oa this section to be sold for
less thsn 1.50 per M. T. S R, R. 1 E.
See. 31. SW KE rellnw fir 205O it
hemlock 800 M. SW4 VEU' yellow fir
2U40 31. bemlock SOO it, KE NWU
yellow fir 2760 M. hemlock S40 M. Lot 1
yellow fi'r 3300 M. hemlock 450 M.
KW-yeUaw fir 38 0O it. hemlock 1 420
M. Iot 2 yellow fir-SlOO M. hemlnck 480
M. NKU SWH yellow fir 220O M. hem
lock. 500 it. T,ot S yellow fir 80OO it,
hemlock 650 M. none af the timber ea
this section to be sold for less than f 1.75
per M for the fir s4 75 cents per M
for the hemlock. T. 88 R.. K. 8 E.. Sec
11. N4 SEM yellow pine 260 M. au
rsr pine. 20 it,- red fir .275 M. HfWi
NE4 yellow phie 360 K. sorar pina 120
it. red fir 540 M. SE NEU yellow
pine 100 If. sucsr nine 80 If. red fir 180
If. white fir 50 M, SW NE4 yellow
pine 30 M. an ear pina 200 M. reA fir
706 M. white fir AO It, NE NWH' yel
low pine 380 M.' sugar pine ISO Vf. red
fir 180 it, white fir 30 M, NW4
yellow pine 25l M. surer pla 80 W.-'red
fir 270 it, white fir 40 M, SE4 KWV
ellow pine 250 If.'sarsr pin SO it. red
fir SaO M. white fir .30 M. 8W4 NWH
yellow pine, 520 it. red fir 410 M. vri
SE14 yellow piae 460 M. redr fir SO0 M.
whiU fir 40 M. SE14 ;lltr ple
180 M. surar pine 170 M. rid fir 420 V.
white fir 50 M. 8E4 flE yellow- pina
240 M, nt pioa-SO.Ur red fir.dOO M,
8WU SKH -yellow .pin tSO . M. -sugar
piae 140 M. red fir S(K M. white fir SO
Mi NEW SWoretlois pine 470 M. -red
fir 125 M. NW4. yellow p!n 180
hf. art gar pine 40- M. fed" VZiH'U. white
fir 50 U, EW RW yeillyw vriiHfcgSO; M.
aaiear nine ISO M. red fie 4 f Kdru
WV? yeltowf pine". 4 4 "Mi gar-plna 70
Sf. red fir SO Mt. SMaVs tsa tba We en
thifc aectina to he m11 tar' tv. as en
:Aer 'it tor ' the "yellow d vevrar pine.
$t.M per Mfr The red fvad S cenU
-r X for the white ffr. T. 28 S.. ft.' 12
W.. Ree. ft. VEU SEU red and vellaw
fw 2590 white fir 3M M.. ted eedar
70 hewloefc 20 . it. KW .BRV red
and yellow fir 150 XT. white fir 50 it.
red eadar 40 it.' SF.H Sw red and
yellow fir '.520 M. white fir 50 K. red
eednr SO- Uf emloek 30 M. none af the
thnher this section ta be said for leas
than f 3 per M far tha red and v-ellow
fir. and red eedar. 0 cents per M for
tha white-rr and tl aer it tar the lutm.
lock. . , '. ,, ' . . .
'...--' - -.. Commimiener.
LADD & BUSH, Bankers
General Banians Duiiacsi
i y'irl: -Oface Qori from
, ; 7 v Call 951 - v'
423 Orcoa Eli j. "
By Claude CaUaa
. "Bettv's new beau is an aut(j
.mobiie salesman an I'm alrai,
she'a judgin' him by the kind 0
car he's demonstrating ; j
(Copyright. 1987. Publishers Syndics,
Farmers Day
Saturday 1P.M.
ii Auctioii.' Market
1610 IL Summer
Farmers send in your
listfnpi'erlrly.'for adver-
! Phone 511 ".
. Wed. Nite . 7 P. M.
.uctlon larket
vand Furniture Store
1610 N. Summer
1 new overstuffed day
enport, Jacquard Telour;
1 large Hoosier K. cabi
net,' procelaln top, L'H
' new; 1 Oliver typewrtl
er, r-l drophead sewing
machine; 1 Hoover elec
tric sweeper A-No. 1 ;
2 extention tables ; 2
overstuffed rockers; 4
solid oak diners ; new
tifiAlaiim i crxa ' now Ii
noleum by the yard; 1 W
oak , buffet, 1 vionn, ,
child's wagon, 2 child's
r kiddie . cars, 1 sanitary
couch,; 1 extra good 8
day clocks, 1 new set of
Bavaria China dishes, I
6-hole . range, ; 1 healer,
beds, springs, and mat
tresses, 1 oak dresser, 1
antique -iieater, h a n d
' Ipainted piclures," 1 new
' ivory 4 bedroom -suite,
drophead . Singer sewing
puvhtae likevnew; odds
and nda-t)f -groceries,
, articles; Terms Cash.
- If r yon want furniture:
t Don't miss this sale as
there is f a' lot of good
7 furniture in this sale.
. I pay cash for used
- Furniture '
10 a. mTto l'p. awTif )f
- - - ' is
... tj
Furniture jT ,
' . - - .-(. . -' ";: " , '-'' "' ' -' ' " " ' " J 1 - " , "'
ss. 4, v...-i...i . A ---