The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, October 25, 1927, Page 3, Image 3

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K J? Permanent organization of the
American Lutheran church of this
city was effected at a-meeting of
the congregation held "Sunday af
ternoon. The congregation voted
to affiliate with the United Luth
eran church in America, which Is
the largest group of Lutherans in
this country. Its services are con
ducted almost exclusively in Eng-
(luctfci am
""50 Mil
f4lldwingf rere elected
Victor Schneider.: A. F. Homey-
er. R. C. Arpke. J. A. Sholseth,
John Dyrland. Rudolph A. libra,
George Quesseth and Joseph E.
The property and building now.
used by the First Presbyterian
church has been purchased, and
possession will be had by the
jrw organization April 1. In the
jaeanli me. services will be held
Sunday afternoons so as not to
conflict with, the Presbyterian
services. , '
By unanimous vote at the meet
ing Sunday, a call Was extended
to Rev. P. M. Erickson of Seattle,
who has had extensive experience
in building up congregations, and
has juy?t completed a "big work in
Seattle. ' ' ;
All of the services of the. Amer
lean Lutheran congregation are
conducted in the language of the
land Which many of its members
chose as one affording an oppor
tunity to all to worship regularly
each Sunday.
Federal Defeats
Ity SrronIjf
Armed In
NOGALES". Arfzona.-'Ocff M.-
AP)' Dispatcher to the HeraM
tonight relate the capture yester
d.iv of two small towns in" the
state of Hidalgo, Mexico, by rebr-
i el bands after battles with federal
rebel band of approximately
hundred well armed and
nted men took possession - of
iithe Tahaalica after a short but
sharp clash with a small group of
federal troops. Santo Incia shar
ed the same fate, Na death toll
was mentioned in the reports."
Tonhlko Foshhnl PaAsea Away at
Advanced Age of 70 .
LONDON, Oct. 25. (AP) An
Exchange Telegraph dispatch
from Tokyo says that Princess
Toshiko Fushiml, consort of the
late Prince Sadanaru, died today
at tha age of 70. !
The emaeror has cancelled the
Tovktor of the Japanese fleet
shiynled for October 30, and re
turned to the capital.
Airlk Hearing December 1
Hearing of the application! of
the Southern Pacific company for
permission to abandon 28 mjiles
f the Air lie branch in Polk coun-
has been set k for December 1
at Dallas. Tne Hearing win fie
Id by the Oregon public seTvice
umfjiission at the request" of the
interstate commerce, oo'mmisison.
The petition of the railroad com
pany is being opposed try residents
of .Ionmouth which is the loca
tion of the state normal school. . .
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- - J "
and qn the basis of its benefits to
the physical. mentifel afld triotfal
life f boys over f2 oyarejOf 4age,
ninire throwing their support to
it aat never before, jjeclared Mr.
otrtearer. . t i? , ' . tf?
"There's a fiifaiidvkrf; for
very boy in scout workorLi$k
it-.varfs . the thrjll in a. movie "-tor
itnessng a ibotball game.' .
Mr. Oberteuffer came to Sal
m last night at the request of
President Campbell to outline the
out movement and stir up inter
est for the re-organization of the
oiim-il which has been practical-
y inactive in the past summer.
4 '
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BU B. Eddy, another witness had
tld Fall that all .the claims had
b'n'ctysedpuL The final let
ter ojOuhf notrbe. found in the tiles
but jfalpwas quoted by this wlt
n.'ssjas faying', had ho doubt it
had -been; misplaced. ThenTall
nianattr:buted'to the former cab
inet Wttcet.-af statement that he
was aooStlrig iat the matter from
the ?andpolnt ' ' of a cautious
lawyir'Vah ', was apprehensive
that the claims might come Into
the possession of "unscrupulous
persons' who might use them to
the disadvantage of the govern
ArthorW. Ambrose, one time
etrolearlkhnoloeist in- the ' In
terior;, plrtment. testified Fall
calljm In-; told him Sinclair
had made an'offer for leasing Tea-
J)Ot Dnmv IntxJ.i i .
V ,v" '"HumOTl Dim' IU
oierator and-his attorney,. the
n'aip w. zevly. and directed him
io prepare a lease. .
JReferred to Fa!I bliiwUy i
First negotiations
(Fall's office,, then nvapMif m y.
finally "Were Tshrfted-over - to- Zer
ly's office where, the lease was
whipped" Into. !Jnal faxin.rAm
trross said he never consulted rhy
lawyers in; the interior department
aooai me tease, renerrmg au ques
tions to Fall directly.
Ambrose was present when Fall
and I Sinclair attached their signa
tures to the lease, but he did not
see Sinclair deliver to Fall any
or the quit claim deeds he ob
tained from the Pioneer company
or other claimants and for which
he was to have paid more than
one ; million dollars, had the gov
eminent not stepped in to termin
ate jthe lease through court ac
Throughout the negotiating of
the contract, Ambrose treated the
whole matter as confidential.
f A. long drawn out and bitter le
gal battle with Albert B. Fall's
possible coarse ft matter of wide
speculation, is developing in the
oil conspiracy trial In the District
at Columbia supreme court.
Those following the hearing
growing out of the lease of Tea
pot1 Dome to Harry F. Sinclair
would not be surprised if Fall
should undertake another dram
atic move such as that in midweek
when he appealed to Justice Sid
dons to admit evidence which he
said was "vital" to hlg defense.
Whether Fall will elect to take
the 'witness stand irrespective of
advice of his counsel is one ques
tion generally discussed. Counsel
for 'the former interior secretary
declare that the question of their
client testifying has not been de
termined. Fall,, who la In poor health, has
been nervous since the beginning
of the trial last Monday and has
had : apparent difficulty in sitting
Quietly throught.. the sharp en
counters between , counsel and the
1 hearing oftestimony.
Sinclair's deraeanor has been In
rattier aip contrast. ' He has dis
played little nervousness; has fol
lowed every move in the case with
the 'greatest attention, and fre
quently has 'volunteered sugges
tions to his counsel. He has not
decided whether he will take the
Government oil counsel hope to
force both of the defendants to
the witness chair and with that
end in view they have been suc
cessful in excluding on cross ex
amination evidence which they
hold Fall Is the moet competent
person to give to the court and
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Bhe left the Marion hotel at about
9 p. m. and started home, going
east on State street.
It will be shown, Bernard in
sisted, that she was perfectly free
from the effects of Intoxicants and
that owing to converging lights at
the place at which the accident
occurred, and a defect in her car
which was bothering her at the
time, she ran into gawyer, who
Stomach Troubles
Headache and
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townd ely temporary in-torn "when V
ow r of 8M1TMS I !f DIOKSTIOV
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prpftia speeiiyvr diMipprar. ; .No saji
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man goffer anothvv hnr with s, ind
geatibn or ';tm& , ain, when tha
remedy that doei tlir mKt rood and c-ivM
troiftjit resnlta ran M.pasOy prororedart
ny Arng storo for 9t,O0 special price.
Smith's Indigestion M
, Relief .
Demand SMITH'S Yoa WSU sever be
satisfied with anythina; . else. Avoid
substitutes. . Try rear draggiat first.
Broken Peppermint
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Two lbs. for OTcf3
We reserve the right to
limit quantities '-'i
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Drtr;a storb " i
135 . North Commercial. St.
."j y :r Phonal97 1 ;
' i ' Penslir Agency
-A Original Yello w Front
J-wa:'jay-'wlWjig' ad-HBo4Wlth-
The Jury- left the courtroom
long n0Oga tot .inspect the scene
of the accident -hear the southeast
corner of th county court house
grounds, .
The first witness to be put on
the stand by District Attorney Car
son was Hugh G. Fisher, deputy
county surveyor, who showed a
chart to the jury demonstrating
the two streets. State and Church,
at the point where they intersect.
This is he place where the acci
dent is said Xo have occurred,, and
it is expected that the exact place
where; Sawyer happened to be at
the time he was struck will have
much to do with the way the case
is finally decided.
usher was cross examined by
John Collier for the defense, ;wbo
asaed particularly about the di
mensions of the two streets and
and width of the strip marked off
for pedestrians at the east side of
Church street across State street.
The second witness was Miss
Maude Williamson. Sawyer's aunt
who reared him from childhood.
and who lives near Wheatland.
Members of the jury as well as
the crowd smiled appreciatively as
a few questions put by Carson in
advertantly tended to bring out
the woman's age.
"How long , have you lived at
Wheatland?" Carson wanted to
Instead of answering immediate
ly with the number of years, Miss
Williamson answered "All but
three years of my life.
"And that would be how long?"
There was a second's hesitation.
and then, "Fifty one years," ; she
said. ' 4
Miss Williamson Droduced a let
ter and-a lock ofhafT.1, The letter
she said was found' on" Sawvers
body at :the time he'was'flled.
wtf.. a3
rpedestriantotheTwlse hei wdUld
not have been struck 4 ' - I? It
Exceptional efficiency of MONARCH electric ovens is due to the use of
"abeteeel insulationlin the oven walls, which stores all the heat obtained
from the oven burners within the oven itself, this being lined with rust
proof iscavy uaef;het;aJnminum. The oven
automatic yent, assuring proper operation, eliminating excessive' moisture. '
Thi pveofieat indicator, standard equipment on all ranges, assures' pferfect : ;,;?
baking results. t , ' ' ' -; l ' '
L- yft3gjj Jjlj 1S" j
jfc r ' " ' i sin. ii ' ; i .. '
II . electric is equipped with the most v 1 ' : - .
U ronvmlent typin of rerlprooating '"I ,T . '
It' wlrehes, tho'destredMieat belnse I . , .: "
ertsily r btalnrti !;' ttv tnrnlns thU I M i -j
twitch ' In - eltbe 4freettoti.-. Each 1 ' ' 2 ! - u
- borner U Individually fused And con- 1
fe.. venlently located. 1 n -
71 " '
Laeer :-evldne - tended -to-.shwJOB -oftbfcs peBdia4he-arr4vai of
that : he . was on . the way to . the
postof Hem ttaai! the Jfitter.-mhamJ
Hie fatal ticctdent took .plaee The
lofk of hair-she. identlfled-as'ihjivj
tag been cut from; Sawyer's head.fme-vlewswheiJ lia . returns fon
Both were" introduced in evidence
by the state,
Mrs. Bertha Compton, Sawyer's
landlady, was placed on t tie stand
as the last witness to testify be
fore court adjourned for the day.
She testified that Sawyer left her
house at about S:45or the eve
ning ofWiis death, that he had a
letter with him and that to mall
the letter at the postoffice it
would be necessary ifor him to
cross State street.
Circuit Judge Percy R. Kelly s
presiding at the trial.
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v. ' r -'V
den to Norris?"
i While not commeniinr Hpon
the candidacy of Lowden, Senator
Borah said he fully realid tbi?
movement for 7 Senator Xerris
would cut into the strength of tlw
former governor from Illinois.
Meanwhile beyond acceding to the
movement for him in his own
state. Senator Norris has made no
announcement of his candidacy
nor has the conference decided
whether to go into other fields in
hfs support. In fact. Senator Mc
Master, of South Dakota, who
Joined the groirp todayi said Nor
ris is only ore of several candi
dates under consideration by the
west, which he declared was more
Interested In farm reiief and cause
than-ln oiefe-. , . ,:
,,8tin lacking a solution of the
farm relief nroblem. fnvolvfne o-
ppsite views on th rotirrovferfiai j
equalization fee provision of the
vetoed - M-eXary-Haugen bill, the j
conference postponed considers-1
TUjEsiltitfORNIN-(XTOBER 25. 1927
others-western senatprs.
Hop U Held- oak "tfcWO feeaalpir
aiary' f jcnairmaas.r jtne ag-
ricultflre committee, rflar have
farntr relief legislation affording
aiors to united, senator Boran has
opposed the equalization fee as
ineonstUutional and around this
etumbfing bjock the conference of
the independent group has split so
far. ; :
"We are interested in the pres
idency," the statement-issued by
the six senators after their' con
ference'' today saJd, 'asd are fdis-'
eussUng matters relating to -thai
satxject. We are intere&te In
farm relief and we are discussing
hit; matters relating to farm re
lief. , We are not attempting in
the absence of many western sen
ators to reach conclusions.' There
to) no disagreement as to our
ptii s and purposes, but as to de-
Uails we will endeavor to reach
conclusions when more of our
f riends are here."
'; The agricultural discussion was
declared to Jiave centered about
frerght rate and credit problems.
Details of a definite farm pro
gram were avoided. '
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Curtiss, Dallas: and Mr. Soehern.
William W. liar cam be, district
attorney of Polk county, in charge
of the prosecution, and Walter S.
Winsiow, , counsel for the defen
dant, quest ioned . prospective ur--ors
thoroughly and , eacjiexerc-,
ed almost the irait of peremfrtory
challenge. Th,el( state's, attorney
appeared to., favor elderly Jurors,
' In hs ope.njnjs statement. to, the
Jury tomorrow, pistrict Attorney
Harcombe will ask Pjenrj
.omiistiraooB 1 feplil;
is also equipped with an
v.a,l u a b 1 e aluminum
cooking set worth $12.00
- will be given with each
range Sold! during this
demonstration- -Get
yonrs' now.
- - i' r av asaaw . y- m . a . m i m aaaa s jbbb w m
nesses to the tragedy; irill.he.caH-;
led to testify as to iwhaf crrHr:
- The, defense counsel probably
will , rely upon the testimony of
Mrs. Priest, the defendant wtf e, f
who. it is said, will testify tiatf
Mr. Werline, endeavored, to Jiare
intimate relations wflh'rner; nd
that her husband was justified in
shooting the man for that reason.
On request- of Arthur K. Mo
McMaha'n of Albany, associaited
with District Attorney Harcombe
in the prosecution. Judge Walker
ruled that the jury might view the
preniises'tan yhicb. the killing took
place." This w ft! be done im
mediately lifter court convenes at
9 i. m. tomorrow. Judge Walker
and the cohrt reporter will accom
pany the Jury. : fr "i
The Werline ranch, where the
tragedy occurred ,1 rs IS miles
from Dallas, southeast of Indepen
dence, .and it is probable that the
entire forenoon will be consumed
in viewing the premises.
The jurymen were allowed to
go to their homes after instruc
tion by the court not to discuss
the case or read any account of
it In the newspapers. j, , .
Most of the witnesses subpoen
aed to testify at the trial were hop
pickers at, the yard when the
shooting occurred. As,.'', the hop
pickers usually -lure of anitinerant
cla5a, It was necessary to trans
port some of th,em :fromv long dis
tances for ' i&e- trial. The trial,
originally set for. two weeks ago,
was postponed so that an impor
tant witness could be located.
The defendant Priest sat thru
th,e questioning of jurors yester;
day seehijngly ,with great, interest!.
Now. and then he leaned over and
held whispered, consultation with
his attorney. .PriesJs of a heavy
build, t and appeals,; tx, be. .much
younger than the. ,58 years Jie is
said tobe, . His iface is- smooth
And see the
' . I . - ''.-..-....
c cwicicncy oi aiuLWAttuti raaiant type burners is due lo the Use of the ;n .
highest grade of electrical wire obtainable. AH of . the heati f rom these ',4 "-"'
burners is concentrated' on the
ers is concentrated' on the
ea AmomNT neat -resisting block placed below the, element preventaMn i, iilt.t
all downward radiation. The entire unit is also encasedjn.a mVtaIfjfeeepi','f
tacle. EnfrnhArnvrid tnrurtiUAfnr- m ntin rfsi 11' '
tacle. Eactobnhrer Jfi frudrantedfor one vear against merltatnienl HpiNfY ' ' 1 ' "'-'
t I
pearance as result of confinement,
was t catniitf rpajfhout a nd
evinced no nervousness. Sheriff
Hooker'tat beside him during the
rr JaliJl P,) ' i
U JMrsj Meaai
appeared for the af
ternoon: session. taking' a . seat
alone In the rear of the court
room, j She was heavily veiled. She
may be called to testify tomorrow
afternoon. While Mr, Priest has
been confined in the Marion coun
ty jail she has lived "inVSalem to
be near her 'husband.
The j circumstances of the kill
ing which have come out to date,
were that Werline was shot, fatal
ly, following at conversation which
took .place ati the Werline hop
kcamp between the two men. PTiest
was in; an auto and Werline had
been standing beside it, . He died
without? making a ; stafement.
Priest,) who gave, himself "up' im
mediately after the . ehootlnig,
stated jlhat Werline ha3 been over
y familiar with- his, wife.. ' ' ,
The prominence of Werline and
Thursday; October 27th -
, i:3p;p. M.
. J 1950 South Cottage St. 'J-'
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bottom of the cooking utensils.
4' At iffii
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Another important f eater on MON
ARCH Electric Ranges is tbe spec
ially designed oven door" handle
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the oven practically air tight, . in
creasing the efficiency of the oven
by preventing heat loss. : i :
ges- made by the . defendant have
combined to' arouse pby iJfrest.? t f
The coartfooni today J'. pearly 3 .
full of 1peopte:and.the,, ,
testimony tomorrow ls expected. t
draw k'cTtrsrd wbieht will pverflow
J m
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I .'I'' .
The i na-tent- , .
. '
' If.
' SIT 1. i
1 1. .
III , 1 1
4xi 1
I -r
'l.t A
1 1? j
e-lWWbrarj la the, next room and
Mr nvr- ar Tnk!4ah!lKaa-