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    !'' '
; . 703-70G First National Bank? BuHding, Salem, Oregon '
I ASSETS OYER $142,000.00 r ' : j MORE THAN 1100 MEBIBERS
;'f iPay;7P Gent ."' .'" .
Carl D. GabrieLson, President.
: O.X Reynolds, Vice President.
JaW H. Nicholson, Vice President:
-V Chas. , Wiper, Secretary-Treasurer.
J. J. Elliott, Assistant Secretary.
EWtlon tonight - -
The Soi of . Union Veterans of
the TClrll "War will hold tU annual
electloaTbr of fleers' thls-;eTninc.
Tne -meetin, will h held al ,tbe
Woman;Xluov house, ff
Used.' bat In rood condition.
Special at 385. Terma
month, t- George C.
$16 a
House, 432 State St.
tlj WUl Speak Here :
Mrs. Sadie. Orr-Dunbar of fori-
tuberculosis " association. " will
speak at the annual meeting of
the Marion county public health
association next Friday erenlng at
the Y. M. C. A. auditorium. ! ' I
Rnromage Sale. Many Good -'
Articles. 224 ' N; Liberty. Oct.
12, 13, 14. : ; -
Grapes for Jam and Jelli
Four cents per lb. at
Vineyard. Tel. 132F2. '
Satisfaction Acknowledged '
Atfneys for the board of for
eign miaione of - the . Methodist
Episcopal . churcb yesterday,! filed
in circuit court 'an acknowledge
ment satisfaction of Judgment
entered in 1923 against the Ore
gon Realty Exchange Iareiment
company. John 1 White and tit;
John L. White. The amount of
' the Judgment Is not recited in
the acknowledgement. ' 4
r Five lxads l-inch MiU Wood
' 1 117.50. Salem I . Transfer and
A Fuel Co.. J95Klgh. TeL 529
Cash Paid -.-.:s.
For Tlnegar apples. Delivery
can be made In bulk or" we will
furnish sack. Gideon Stots Col,
Salem. Ore. 4 011
Lnnold Estate Appraised
The estate of ,W.-P. JLnpoldr de;
ceased, is estlmAted-at $2074.52,
according to a report filed In pro
bate by appraiser of ' jh. e$tatl
The property is both real and per
sonal.. ; : Vl'Ci :::":?''
Falrmonnt Hill New Home ?. ;
Three you will like at $7500 to
$12,000. AU-Jiave double garage
modern Jeatnresr larger
view lets Becke fHendrlcka,
169 Pi. mgn street
Own F. Ogden Local Agent for
The New York Life mad holder
of the state record fdt appUfiationaJ
written has announced ' that be
tween October 23 and November
23. 1927 he wllf attempt to' break
the company's worl record . t or
life insurance applications written
in one month. The record of 310
applications Is 1 beli by 7 Arthur
j Berry of Vancourer, Wash.;
Classes Dally - "- C - ' '- t -''-v
In all the late dances Helen
Hope. Rodolt StUdlO. 23 ; JTerry
Street. t-t-- !-' ;0;
Strav Doa Found '
A dog. colored tan andhiaca.
has been found and turned jover
to.Dr; W. Morebouse,lhead of
StoclLlsrr iili nd
a . . . ' ?'" . ...
ruit farm of 235
cres . 5 miles irom
Salem; Oregon Fifty
bushels wheat, per
acre this year.' Mod
ern buildings. Pays -its
way.; . No irort .
gajre. Good soil, pure -water,
pure air in
heart of beautiful
Price $175 per acre.
'i.W. m W A M
mvesiment wortn, nvMi nun? - w fri..
the state ' humane society. The
animal was found, at the corner of
State and 17th sreets. The owner
Is aked te call Dr. Morehouse at
Babjr Grand Piano, SSS75
Model, looked -; new,' special
$495. Term 10; month. Geo. C.
Will Music House 432 State St.
Fined f or" Possession -
A. O. Pendersen was fined $50
in, justice court ' yesterday oa a
charge of lltjuor ! possession. He
plead . guilty. a Mack Wood was
fined $2& for girlag short measure
on wood. ' , - -
8 Oregon Pulp and Paper Co
' Preferred. Limited amount for
sale. Hawkins and Roberts. Phone
Dairyman Arreete!
J. W. LaFollette was arraigned
in justice court t yesterday on a
complaint signed' by W; G. More
house, 1 oca! reterinarian. The
complaint recite that LaFollette
refused to have his dairy herd of
cattle subjected to the' tuberculin
test, as required by the. Oregon
statutes. LaFollette asked for
time in which to consult an attor
ney : and i, bis case was set for
October 15 at 10 a. m.
Dad Watson t , -
CryBtal Garden Wednesday r
Some' Contractor' of Small Homes
..Three small lots for 3600 cash.
Paving and bonded. Three Ab
stracts:": You will take this if you
aee.! Becks ft Hendricks. 189 k.
High street ' i I .;':..' ': ':';;:
California By Boat
; $1300 San i Francisco $26.00
Los" Angeles, first class.1 all expen
ses. Cheapest way to California
8 salltag weekly Salem ; TraTel
Agency, 175 S. High St. '-"-. f.
Sbattnckt Pledged i:f ? V : : c - - T&'t
Robert Shat tuck of Salem, fresh
man in the school -9! engineering
hal jbeen. pledged' to Tthe j Sigma
PhiSigma fraternity at - Oregon
Agricultural Sollege. - -i " -
Fnrnfture Upholstered r ' :j
j And ' repairing. Gleee-Powers
Furniture Coi- ." :
Center Street Corner---)', i', : L'
m. m. . M m m AAA Tt
- .A mu of-.
- vp a uw sm viu Dv av t W
UonTor JStorjii f LOTS of Front
age. Becke ft Hendricks. 185
V. High streets
Balemite at Moody ;
ao0VUtfeVt''lr.V t. 'Salemii
is! among. the hew, students! at the
Moody Bible Institute of Chicago.
Like all other students he Is di
rected to.'TWlQuj rf lejd f; prac
tical- Christian work In- the city
churches, "prifloni. -hospitals, fac
tories mndother instUutlpns.
Standard Piano; VmcA :
; -'f Special $ fine bargain at
this- price, - Tennsy -$5 - i month;
Geo. Will i.Music. House 32
state ' St.- v : iir .4rir.?
To Buil IIosrs-i?V--''i i-r',
, E. 8. Thayer was granted- a per
mit yesierday t) construct el one
story dwelling ii 1910 Virgiaia
street' at a cost of $3500.rt
- -. II . .. I I . . . w
Hotel Marlon' iM-'i- ' '': ''
$1.25 Dinners served 5:45 lof
rtrpalr DarlxT Shop ; -
A. I : Tu m b lesoa wasranted
a permit" yesterday- to construct
3500 worth of repairs to his bar
ber shop at 371 State st.
Emmons to Build ' ,
; W. H. Emmons, took out a -permit
yesterday to build a new
homaf t' 715 ; North Summer
street 'ai a -cost f $5000. O. L.
Chase' Is the building . contractor.
Melria. Johnson will build a'one-
at 375 Columbia
ecst of $2500. Cherry
E. B. Williamson.
T. A. LiYesley. i
John H. Carson.
L. C Fanner,
n. M. Hawkins.
99 h
Sues on Notes s t-4 '
.The Bonesteele Motor company
yesterday filed two complaints In
circuit ; court, one against Henry
Taylor and William Taylor , and
the other against . M.V J Coleman
and H. B. Looney. The first-note
has 3269.85 still unpaid, and the
second $300, according to the com
plaints. These sums are demand
ed, in addition, to costs and attor
ney's fees.. - - - v
Kimball Piano, S330 Model j
Used practice piano, speeial at
385. Terms $5 & month. Geo. C.
Will Music House, 432 SUte St.
Hawley to Address .
Congressman W. - C. Hawley
will address - the Salem KIwanis
club at today's luncheon.
' ' t
Bis Sale on Used Pianos
Terms as low as $5 a month.
We hare some dandies. Salem
Music Co.i 355 N. High St.
New Baker's Oven
The Cherry City Baking Co.,
took out a permit yesterday! to
construct a new oven in their bak
ery at Market ' and Broadway
streets af a cost of t i$00l :,
Dad Watso;
Columbus 4lay real old time
dance. Crystal Garden. Oct. 12.
VDmnJt" ' Fined ; ? 1
V S.;6. "Olson was fined $10 in
ptolfce" "court yesterday for being
drunk Saturday night.' Paul Baa
sett, L. ,W- EUiott and R. E.,Tor
gerson paid $1 lines for overtime
parking, - k :A "i't
Ivers A Pond Pianos ,
$675 Model, In almost new like
condition special at $315. Terms
to. suit. George C. Will Music
Hotfse. 432 SUte St. J r
Court-Postponed i
. The ..October term of court will
not'. be" resumed regularly' until
the. llthof, this month, according
to annoyhcement made at the
court house yesterday. The first
ease-ito come before -: the. .court
as AQpu as activities are resumed
will ' be -The State vs. Lockwopd.
which is ' expected to occupy three
days - Beginning October 2 4 "This
Is, the" case against ' Mrs. ; Ruth
ckwoodTwealthy Turner widow
under Indictment for manslaugh
ter. Theease of KingysijVehrs
is slated Uo begin on October 27.
Mrss Lydia.King, a public health
nurse, is ruing Dr. : George R.
Vehrs f for ' damages which she
, -. 1 I,.
i Em PinT-fiam' Yegetabla :
; Compound,;
1 have taken Lydla E. Pinkham's
Veretable Compound and I think It
is the most won
derful' medicine
I ever tried," la
the 'Statement
made : by Mrs.
Goldle Ehoup of
SL- Josephs IHH
nois. , She ' de
clares that after
taking the Com
pound she is in
better health
than before.
- Mrs. J. Storms
of 24 Lane btreet. Paterson, N. Jw
writes: "I can not speak too highly
of your medicine and X recommend
It to all .my friends.
These statements were taken from
two enthusiastic letters which tell
of the help that has been received
from using the Vegetable Compound.
Both Mrs.- Ehoup and Mrs. Storms
Were In a run-down condition which
caused them much nnbapplness.
When women are suffering from
lack of strength and from weakness,
their own Ufs and that of theiT famo.
Ily is afTecled. ' When they feel well
and strcr; and are able to do their
housework, easily, happy homes are
tie result. " " "
Are ra cn ttjB-Crillt Jlaad ,t9
W, il ii.,L
We have a late model 1925;
f Podge, sedan equiped with
j t..- ' a m ... i a r
Dumpers, st m. spouigni,
motometer. automatic wipe;
rear view mirror and 0?
new tires, t This car is in
f i n e condition and well
worth $650.00. i - i
ii a ik
ifvv U v UV
in urn k vw7 n J
"Tb Bom That Servlea BaUt"
claims havejeen sustained by her
due to an operation and ipther
professional treatment at "' his
hands- ,
Emerson Piano, S550
, Model. . used, special at $180.
Terms-$6 & month. Geo. C. Will
Music Mouse. 432 State St.
Boxing Armory Arena
v. Big re-match figbt. Ad Mackle
s. Phil Bayes. Ten rounds, wo
raise in prices. Also Ted Fox, of
Salem ys. Blllie Leonard of "Port
land. Kid Lange of Oregon City
vs. Si Flook oi Mill City. Special
Brent of f our rounds-Al Shary of
Salem f s. Earl Morrison of Port
land. Wednesday night at.8:30. ?
Columbus Day Wednesday
- Tell your friend. Dad Watson,
real old time dance. No jazz. Crys
tal Gardens. Usual 'good time.
No Lights '
Erneft C. Knapp, 472 North
Liberty, .was arrested Sunday nlte
for driving without lights. Lynn
Jones,; route 8, was arrested for
driving without a license. Archie
Heseman was fined '$2.50 for dri
ving with four in the front seat. I
Modem Renters
-' Unless you have good furnace,
fireplace, hardwood, ldry. .tubs,
nook dining room, built-in tub.
large garage., cement walks.' and
paving, and in a nice district, see
us now. At 940 Columbia is' 4
rooms and' nook,, home complete
in all Ways for $3750 on any rea
sonable terms. Low Interest, per
fect title. Brand new. Other
modern homes from $3760 on np.
Becke & Hendricks. 189 N, High
street. ' ' '" ".
Howard Playerplanp
Used $ 1 9 5 with rolls and bench
Termjs to Buit. Geo. C. 'Will Music
House. 432 State St. ;'
Special Communicati
Pacific Lodge No. 50, A.; P.-ft
A. M. of Oregon at the Masonic
Temple, October 11th, 1:15 p. m.
for the purpose-ef conducting the
funeral sesvices of our late Broth
er Merle Hosecransl JMembers. and
visiting: Brethern invited. By or
der of Acting W. M. .
Lot Sacrificed
Fairmont ' district. Address
owner, Box 4 2 care Statesman; '
- . - ... i
f . - mi 11 I 11
Card of Thank
We wish -to thank our 1 many
friends, for ; their kindness and
floral offerings during . the death
of our husband and father.' Espec
ially the boys of Camp 14 Silver
Falls. Mrs. Louise, McGee and
family . . ,
Auto Aecideut
L. - D. Waitersonv "who 1 lyes - at
the corner , of South' r -13th and
Htnes street, yesterday reported
to the county sheriff that on Satur
day he collided "jWlth a car driven
by I. W. -Pearsov.: ': Vateramin was"
driving a oar belonging to bis wife,;
h f, reports. JThe " aco'dent occur
red at th corner of 12th and Mis;
I ' . .. - . . ..... ....
A. good buy. 57 acres about
five miles -out. paved road
all -the way. all under cultivation,--
good Cherry or -Walnut
land, good location, good spring
on, the place. $90 per acre,
easy terms.
F. ti. Wood. ' .- .4 Geo. F. Reed
. . . 341 State St.
f 1 a St BEU OUR - -
V!10ai the Wallace Boad
I v;. ;C. T. ' XSIOTXXAUP '
Telephone t$t ; 112 Etatt EL
Ladies, wool dresses .cleaned
and pressed, f 1.00 up. Men's
and Ladies suits cleaned and
pressed $1.00. ' . v 'y
V" ' 1 -l v . Over Buslcks -
Rewound and Repaired," New or
O Dae! Motors ;
: ' : iy r -rV
rC r
I' r , ' '.
..MZZZll? H. TODD 7 '
it i,fth 1 j.nt -.tcl ?nt,
TUESpAY JMOBNING. OCTQEER 11, 1927 ;, , .,
, ; - - - .' -
slon streets, Waterman declares
that a pedestrian 'stepped out from
the curb and while taking notice to
avoid the pedestrian He collided
with Pearson's machine. -' r
McCormirlt Kpeaks r '..-
f Rviyv Dt Mccormick was the
guest of honor, at a dinner served
by the ladies of the Y. K. K. class
of the First M. E. Sunday school
In t the church, parlors last " eve
ning; Dr. 'I McCormick J recently
returned from a trip to the holy
land. He spoke . briefly- of . bis
trip. -.j,. i - i-' . .
Schramm's Motlier Celebrates
The 71stbirthday of Mrs. C. G.
Schramm ,nvotfaer. of A. 'A. Schram.
new state superfntendent of banks,
was celebraled with a ' dinner at
the Sohram home here' Saturday
evening; .'in addition to the new
banking superintendent, who is to
make his home in Salem Jn the
near- future, Rndie Schramm of
PortJand, another, eon. 1 wa pres
ent."'. Mrvaaid. Mrs. ljK J. Kuntx
of this4 elty were also guests at
he affair., ' . ' ;'.
; (Continued from' Page One)
al day1, of the Institute, will be as
follows: ;
.,.-. Forenoon
(Capitol Theater, State Street)
- MusicsXena Belle Tartar, dU
rector. - ; ' -
Address Kew Types of Teach
ing Efficacy- H. D. - Sheldon.
Illustrated lecture, Boys' and
Girls'; ulch work in- Oregon H.
C. Seymour. T: ' ; . .; '
Address, Educatsan and-Demo-craey
-J. R. Jell ' , . j
fV. AfterntSSB" v :Vv-'
" "General- assembryfr ;V
Music Lena Belie Tartar; di
rector. Gretchen Kraemer, pian
ist. . ;.. -'..'
Primary, Language Emma
Henkle. . :
Intermediate, Reading -Kath-erine
Advanced, Managing "that Or
der.,:, - t . v..
Advanced, Managing "that Oth
er school" -Thos, H. Gentle. '
.High schooFf the School in the
Forming of Character H. D.
Sheldon. - ?
. .Principals, Diagnostic and Rem
edlaL : . - ;
Work in i Fractlons-r-Robert
Goets. 1
; Special, TratelAbnoad Ethel
Hickey. ; V:',4:
... Hearth Education, Group III
nne Simpson. "
,1 Recess - ? " . ,
'i Departments ' '
?3jPrimary. Round Table Discus-
sien led by Emma Henkle.
axlne Arbuthnqt.: I ,
Advanced Round Table Discus
sion led -"by Thos. H. Gentle.
High echooL '.Round Table Dis-
cusslon led by, Robert Goets.
-: ' Business meeting of the Marion
County Principals' Association.
'" iSpeclal.-FjcikKD'ama - In this
UnHed States-Ethel Hickey. .; ;
- (Health Education. Group IV
Ahne, jSlupsoa. bs? -. ;-r-' ;
. Rural Department -Supt. Fui
kersoni-;: -JJ"V.""1?-' '"
v " ,Recess-5vli4V'. - "' :-"-1" ;
I Add ress. Tn. Ideal Teacher
J. RJewelLi .t
Filing attendance .certificates,
r iAdj6rnmeas.-. tv - 'i''
-v- -;" ',-"' . : -v
(Continued from Page One
L wind helping them onward. I.
a 11c. jp rcucuiunu uiauts U .wr
age of mcre than 100 miles an
n Casey's Ouaranteed '$ '
Money ref ondsd' If It does not
. BfKlJBON HTINT, Drrriets
Cor. Court and Liberty TeL T
t .
, 3 and If cents per yard. Also
buttons, stampiag and pleating.
Over Jiaisfs ii j-slf phone 117
1997 STtrn T7A1XIAPJ3
F,:';, - SAHPLH C"C f ,
tTt jN. Commercial JEalsi
..-Li Our n!?'i - Wcrk has
rrj. "teen trsat la studying
- V-J'"r tis. t?:i!2g properties
V .-. tiflW "v- w Mltav.
f thoes- taff trins from
thoei safftrlag frei
" toc-. iier and klJ
.... cry Xt izilt,. rtzir:'.
r t "1- rzi' "ll tc?:i.
women 1.
ii m. i j j t ii m H1..L i i.,' 1 .'U n.-hi.
hour as far aa .Casablanca.
" :Frotn t htre -they had'' some
1509 miles to goi; before they
would . reach St. -'.: ' Louis. The
jump foom Paris, to St.: Louis. Is
4,3 00 kilometers, or 2, 7 0 miles,
more thin a thousand kilometers
longer than the Atlantic hop from
that point: to Pernambuco.
" Yank Plane Starts
Oct. 10. (AP) Mrs.i , Frances
Wilson Grayson's v v amphibian
monoplane , "Dawn" after many
delays started tor Old Orchard.
Maine, on the first leg of a pro
jected flight to Denmark." , ,
The ship, with WiLmer Stulx
at the stick, made a perfect take
off at 2:10 p. m... with Mrs.; Gray
son and Stulz, the plane ' carried
Brice v Goldsboroujrb, -i ' navigator
and radio operator; Boris Ledln
sky. engineer; T. Jlaol,Klnkaid;
motor expert and John Frbgge, a
reporter for a, New York newspa
per. Mrs.i Graysttfj planned; to
remain atld Orchardtoi
tests' and a few trial fUgh ts but
Pthe hop-off for Copenhagen" will
be made; at the first, indication of
fair weather. The New York
weather ' bureau, however, advis
ed her; that conditions probably
would not be good for a week;
Two Motors .Carried ' ; i -The
big plane is equipped with
two motors of the same type
Merle Resecrsns died yesterday
at the age of 38. Survived by his
Wife, '-'.Margaret - Hodge Rorecrans,
Vis i tfalher; W. E. Rosecrans of
Cprrallis; and one hrother, Rich
ard, of jtCorvallia. Funeral services-will
be held at Webb's chapel
Tuesday afternoon at -2 o'clock,
with Rev. Norman Kendall Tully
and Pacific; Lodge j No. , 50, A.F.
and A.M.. of which he was master.
In charge.. . Imtenmeat in City
View cemetery. T ' ' '
The body will lie in state until
1:30 p.m. Tuesday at the chapel,
I: squiek
Lydla Squjier died in Portland,
October 10, at the age of 68. She
Is survived by the following chil
dren: Mrs: J. . W. Harmer of Sa
lem. Walter H. of Eugene. , Mrs.
C. W. Sauver of Yakima. . Wash..
Ruth B. and J Lye of Salem.
Funeral services from the Seventh
Day Adventlst church Wednesday
St 2 p. m. Webb funeral Tarlors
lit. charge. 'm'-V i s:', : .
Perfect Funeral . Service
. For .Less
Licensed Lady Mortician
770 Chemeketa Street
... Telephone 724
Well earned and a reputatien
worthily r gained through the
refinement, of . a service long
,and honorably established'.
"YYebb Funeral Parlors
-i Telephone 120 , ;
: K-':."V'. JjC-I " .fcSj -.1
One of the several tints
of Cara Nome Face Powder
will blend with your complexion-
' And the powder will
stay on until you want it
Fragrant with the en
trancing Cara Nome per
fume. - .- -
1 , .
jrerxy s Lrurrocore 3t
115 & Ccraiaerdal -W
1 ('..
Often von want " old nriotorrftriri!i
reproduced but ; fear
mem to trar2rs.
Our reputation assures the
proper care of. your picture,
' will opy, enlarge, frame or. hand color
at a price lower than the unknown agent
ean offer, s- .
':. rowriziii-izLLis; stu:
..1 1 i. . i .1.
-j , l.iiMUft J, F ;
Then You'll Know
; iThe soles on WALK-OVERS , list . for. 'a . long
iwhile They are ' cut from . the strangest,
heaviest South Americafti "Winter Cowhides
that have been tanned graded, and rigidly in
spected in the WAL.K-OVER
" jTelve pair of soles are cut from one hide Yet
jcnly seven of .this dozen, pairs are actually used'
in WALK-OVER shoes The others are sold in L
the open market TEST these selected coles f
Wear them Then "youH'knov J '.' i
Expert Shoe Fitters 413 State St 1 '..
which carried Lindbergh,' Cham
berlin and Byrd across the Atlan
tic, and jit Is capable of being
landed on the sea. Its radio will
keep the' world in touch with the
flight and the ship' will carry a
tfuber life .. raft, and emergency
distress signal. vy t. .,7..'
.The fuselage beams the name
- Lenses
Hare us give your eyes a thorough examination. Thers bjisextrs
charge or obligation connected with this senlcel a; I. ;
The best optical service need, net
Thompson & Glutech Optical Co.
iif n. vuuiuuu,uii
-.. 'S
1111 in.
: : : ".- -v.-, 'I. .. I..:, -TTTT
- 'V i'.!
Starts Wednesday
Popular Prices
L ' 1 ' f ' !' " ' ' ' 1
-.v. v- - - . .. .... ..-
. Lons; and Short Distance IlauIlSj j v ,': !
Public and Private Storaje ;1 JJ (
v . u Fireproof Building .. - v" ,
Fxe any part of the city j ;
v Quotations on Applicatica t i I ;
' - PAUL TRAGUO, Prop - J
Day Telephone 28 . MM Tdcphcss ir:7-T7 , ,
apns - X
lU23':' "X Vf'
'.and VNT
which we
..v ;i.i .-r 1:..;
.. . j. -: f:.lji. ttt..
- L-fc I" , 1"-' ' rfV. :.-l! . 5
i V ; :. - f; ij
tanneries-- r'i ' H
.... M
ti- i
pawn' and on .; the v' rudder "Is
painteH thej Danish f lag. f ,j ."l -1
. B?rs, Grayson boughther p!an'U'
in September but .bad weather and
protracted tests constantly delay
ed, the: take-off.: ..-'.-j j ; .'
'i Old. Orchard was the site of thVr"
take-off of J the Ill-fated Old Glory
on its. flight to Rome.
be expeaslvs. Credit If desired.
. einiuin diaiu . r .
: ' lienses T rxeVO
1 r. rit
t- ."-.:' ). '
1 x
. ; , , ;
r ., ; -1 . .,
I . j.,, ..
i' II. . -
w- "r '
ii:u ii '1 L-----'
isi3 i jM '
. .. ... -..j .- , ; .. I- :. i V - 1 j
4, j ..
. ..- s
Estate Et.
:tructlon Co., . will do
, .. ". : -It - - .
, .
4 tj 4k 4 e s -. a) 4 e AVA M M
JHH if