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    Shipment of Five Tons of Marion Cotintu Peppermint Oil Started to the American Chicle Company Yesterd
Don't'JSay Yqu DM
Trthw forecast :
It la said that the Wppoixtanl In -the .ri v
era of Kat Atjra a .jya t, swj.r)
and unfair with probably rains over north
west portion; moderate temperature; moder
ate variable winds becoming fresh southerly. J
mine around sand upsetuaa canoes. win c
puts them
n on he; low-lefel!or the ftelio
s the Wt. v r m f . , . . .
who rocks
mum 46, rfer 'T.l, rainfall .06. atmosphere
clear, wind northwest. ;i1"T 1
: ,, .
Congregation- Ad jou rjis
Abruptly Alter Rev. Payne
Dewrons 'Hold Special twsion Bat
Give Out No iBformatlon;
Another Meeting Called
. for Thnrsday
The controreray over choosin
i nastor for the ' First Baptist
church, fanned into flame during j
the past few meeks by potlWon
and counter petition, was .elTen
ail abrupt dramatic touch last
night when Rer. K. U Payne, who
hs been supplying the pastorate,
withdrew his name from consider
ation by ihe congregation meet
ing to hold an election.- '
; In , presenting his withdrawal.
Rer. Payne denied charges con
tained in a letter hicih he had
t -
read the oriKln ot , wnicn is noiiabont tnree muefl rrom saiem.
known,, hut thai contents of .which
were; said to he ajnaginS im-1
Dort, ' I
Xettcr teta.jpenied(
,ki .hnrro. In (ha lAtter I
leveled at Key. Payne was that he I
had left, unpaid; hills -to,; tneiaaugnier pt il-.u. wa neoecca
amount of t3S0In JVarrensburg. 1
J4o when,he left,Uia CUy., -
ReV layne4 explained in ; Ws
statement ii f.cofrgatte.n
that the charge wa nnTrue. aeino-t :1H0 Ll ;'
church , which i'andv'viathAtl.ihat: atata .with Jhe" immigration
city was in debt to him, and he
had arranged! that : hJ j ealaty
money all du diverted
.IRj had'hvrecerf-hWMfmlM
that any ot tne aecounis were uu-
oaid until he was Informed : by J
9 I
th6-letter - it - " - I
Gospel Minister Need .
v. ..t
shall remain in Salem land find
something to do. I shall demon
strate Jhat the confidence so many
Deople of this chnrch have had la
me has not bem misplaced, r
"I hope that the man 4wh .1 J
called here will be & gospel mln-
, -
J U JY 'A gO"-"5 5
COUHTS iFon a-TPAItS ;v.-
Cbroner's "Croup Decides Issue- In
One Hoar yhn Official
inqneat Held; - '.
CHICAGO. ! Oct. -.-AP) .
A coroner's Jary. hastily recruited
frrtnt. vitfgri ill the eheAD IodST-
i.r hnnao lutrirt. decided in an
hour today that Russell Scott was h On JJle yoyago to San Francis
inoono Lion. or h ich Jfisrit-1 co the riant plane will carry Cap-
mI lawyer. I and alienists had
k nn the
n- c i .r.whti Canadian
financier who turned robber and
vm h.imM
Scott, who hanged himself with
his belt in his cell In the Cook
county Jail Saturday night com-
mitted suicide while Insane, the
4 aiaa .Ah. r
Scott in death a victory for which
. x a .i,. ri..
tie lougni mm 7is iu hik. iivw .
times Scott, who with his brother
killed a drug clerk In a holdup.
stood In . the . shadow of the : gal'
lows and. when he ..took his life
he" was awaiting- a sgw sanity
Today's Inquest was brief and
t..- .v. i.Mt ..Ttu-ii nt tii a
wuiwa ui iu -
celebrated ease by the sfit unkempt
Wnr who listened to the lestl -
man of relatives; guards V and
alienists, returned a apeedy ver -
diet and departed jingling lunch
' :k ney In their pockets. . i
Xl Scott's stannchest friend In his.jwlth the murder of the woman s
fliht for life Were present at the husband. Dr. A. Wllliain! Lllllen-
i'Jquest tp hear the Insanity ver-
dlct for which they iad fought hut
which nroved an empty victory.
They were jMrs Katherln Scott,
the slayer's wife, and ' mother of
Els three children, and Thomas
Scott of Windsor, Ont, hU father.
Alienist who had hoped to ex
amine the brain of the slayer will
not hav thn nnnortunltr as', the
body has been embalmed. Scott's
father said; the body would , be
' taken to Windsor tor tvrlaL ' '
-a "
Came tb Oregon Witi 18-"53 Imml-
gration; Iieailer In , -Prohibitaa
Mrs. K. M. Vanderort died Mon
day, October 10, 1927, at 11 a. m.,
aged 91 years, five months and
two days, at the farm, home of her
J . .' .
'm .T
I S - - -- - t j .
Sirs. E. M. Vandevort
,.;t -
daughter, Mre. U, Lehman, at
Brush College, in ' Polk county,
Thus. -.passed one of the saintly
pioneer wbmen of Oregon, who
naad v large, share In making
this Istatea better land In Which to
;She was born EmlliJy. M. Xuse,
Luse, and the family ..soon moved
to JJioomueia ana weB rv .Aues,
Qhio and later to Millshurg In
that; state,. .YjnVlSSJ the.went to
of 1853 for Oregon, leaving by
covered wagon train' in April,
heyrrived that fall and settled
w " '&"-
erectea sawmiiis in rennsyitam,
M f tT. .vmwa anil
Uuio ana uubuw. - nc w w uu
operated a nig mm x.p.
was 92 when he died, a few years
The next summer after the ar-
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y ' Myarl.nHi-iHJi nyi
Huge Tlimf) iana Seattle on
. frst Leg of Pacific Flight
SEATTLE, Oct: lp.-r-(AP
I P.' C. SaUman," aviation engineer.
h that the tri-
motored monoplane southern
lUrOSS Will SOP. Oil lUBiorrun uwiu-
linv nt nVlnrV for Ran Francisco
Jrom ' where it will attempl a
flieht to AuslraUeby way of Hon
lOIUlU. Tne plane is scneaaieu t"
Rton at Fort Lwls. 4 ranes
south of Seattle, to take aboard
250 additional gallons of gasoline.
which will give the machine suf-
fiint fuel to remain In the air
from 15 to 18 hours.
Decision to start tomorrow was
reached after a series or test
1 flights yesterday and today.
tain. C. E."KIngsford-SmIth, night
I commander: Lieutenant George H.
PondL- George Heddinger, mechan
Ician; and O. W, Johnston, of the
nnited States forest service. Pond
will be at the control when the
Southern Cross takes off.
The plane, which was used in
the Detroit Arctic expedition this
Mr: flew to Fort Lewis and bacK
today through rain and. tell and
ttiA i9i veil, according to
her nasseagers. New engines u
additional gasoline tanas nT
hn installed since the i plane s
flights in Alaska.
Ufanmnt TJIliendahl aaa VUI1S
i - -- - ,t
" Beach Not Allowed Baa
l 1 : r. i
l to. (AP) Mrs. Margaret T. LI-
I lliendahL and Willis Beach,:; her
reputed admirer. Jointly charged
J dahL today; were refused thelr,?-
1 lease from! jail, on hondauer
they had pleaded not guilty to
slaying the; elderly retired, physi
cian U:vklH "-v-i A;:
Facing each other tor the first
time since a few daya after ihe
killing, September 15, they beard
Fi-oa'Court Justice! Luther A.
i refuse them their freer
fixed Monday.-November
heir trial. Neither xecbg-
j pother, v
French Ayjators Off ,on First
Lap '.' of Africa South
America Flight'
Mrs. " araytfon's alonoplane
. "Dawn" Makes Hop From
New York to Old Orcliard
Weather Not favorable
PARIS, Oct. 10. (AD Par
is bade bon voyage to another, pair
of aviators, who hope to cross the
Atlantic this time with Buenos
Allies, Argentina, as their goal.
Dieudonnex Coates, as pilot and
Naval Lieutenant Joseph Lebrix
navigator and wireless operator,
took off from Le Bourget f.ield in
the biplane "NungesserrColi" at
43. They; passed over Poitiers,
about 200 miles southeast of Par
is, at noon, and over the air
drome at Casablanca, Frenqh Mor
occo, about 1,000 miles farlier
along, at 9:48 tonight.
They hope to have breakfast at
St. Louis, on the Senegal coast
of Africa tomorrow morning, and
then cross the south . Atlantic In
one hop to Pernambuco, Braril.
Hop First of Kind
If they succeed this will be the
first time a non-top flight has
been made between Africa and
South America, although this is
the seventh air trip between the
two southern continents.
Reports indicate that the avia
tors are having the advantage of
a full moon, with clear skies and
. I Continued n -
Injuries to Thir.tetpected to be
Fatal in Eugene Crash
EUGENE. OreV, Oci. 10. (AP)
Two men wereVkilled' and one
probably fatally ; Injured pn the
Florence highway' fear miles east
of Cushman last night when a car
in which they 'Wert riding went
over a precipltious ' grade and
landed on the railroad track. '
A. C. Schoonover was instantly
killed and Herman Hnntinan died
on the way. to 'tne hospital 'here.
C. B. Stroup was taken to the Pa
cific Christian hospital at an early
hour this morning where doctors
said there , were only meager
chances of his recdyery, ,
i w sir i em r jt " r m r r wMfLs1
ii r j , y-ia & wsjwr :r s9 s x r sr y y i
JnlLa , .Crawford Demands ; Heart
Halm of Bernard Shepard; 3 ,
Counts Cited
PORTLAND. Oct. 10. (APJ r
Bernard Shepard, declared to be
half owner of the Commodore
hotel , here, was made defendant
today in a $30,000 breach of pra
ie suit filed: In circuit court, by
Julia Crawford of Portland.
f The plaintiff declares that be
cause of the defendant's failure
to carry out his alleged promise
of marriage, she has been "great
ly humiliated 'and mortified; her
expectancies in life ruined,"-and
that she is a "mental and physi
cal wreck." For 'Swhich rihe
claims she has been damaged to
the extent of $10,000. V
Because she has thus been
"deprived of the society: and com
panionship of a husbaiid of the
wealth of the defendant she asks
that she be decreed an additional
Because of the "deceit and wan
ton injury" she has been ' sub
jected to, she wants $10,000
more. '''
The plaintiff says she first be
came acquainted with Shepard in
September, 1924. They, ."kept
company, she says, until Septem
ber 10, this year. On this date,
the complaint sets forth, when
she requested that he carry out
his promise to marry her," he ad
vised her that "she was, but a
sweet memory."
Ixs Agelee Holdup Men Get
Away With Five Sacks Paper r
LOS ANGELES, Oct. 10.--(AP)
Two holdup men who to
day robbed a bank of Italy mes
senger of five sacks of register
ed mail, probably with visions of
a fabulously; rich . haul, are ;due
for a sad disappointment, a'eheek
up pf the contents by bank; offic
ials showed, instead of the ex
pected fortune, the mail sacks
contained only cancelled checks,
or approximately $1 a ton as
waste paper.
Frank Lockhart Drives at Rate of
-.; 144.2 Mllea an Hoar
SALEM, N. H., Oct. 10. (AP)
m A new world record was estab
lished on the Rockingham speed
way here today by Frank Lock
hart, who attained a speed: of
144.2 miles an hour in qualifying
for the Columbus Day automobile
race. His time for one lap of the
mile and one quarter track was 31
1-5 seconds.
Interlocking Expenses to ; - .,be
T Checked up More Frequently
PORTLAND, Oct. 10. (AP)
A controversy of seven years
standing between the fish and
game commissions, of Oregon over
joint expense accounts, neared so
lution 'today as a result of a joint
meeting of the two commissions.
The discussion opened with the
presentation by the. game commis
sion of a.. bill for approximately
$2,000, purported, due. from the
fish commission. The fish com
mission then resurrected claims
against the game commission for
$3,000 In tle aggregate, and an
other deadlock seemed inevitable.
Batv- a happy solution was
Harold Clifford, master game
warden, and M. T. Hoy, master
fish warden,-' were named media
tors with full powers to peruse
the accounts, to discover in what
direction the financial balance
tends, to make . an adjustment,
and to wipe the slate clean before
January 1, 1928. f
Thereafter the two commis
sions will adjust interlocking ex
penses quarterly, or more fre
quently, If it is found necessary.
Expenses of the two bodies
have Interlocked in numerous, ac
tivities including joint operation
of patrol hoats, hatcheries and
fish ladders, it was explained to
day. Division of fines collected
from law violators has been an
other issue in controversy.
' The two commissions also
reached an agreement whereby
the same commission will con
trol hatchery and re-stocking
operations on the Nestucca river,
recently closed ' by ref erendum
vote to commercial fishing. Ex
change of fish eggs will be ar
ranged and the game commission
will keep the Nestucca stocked
with silver-sides, steelhead and
cut-throat trout for. the benefit, of
Oregon sportsmen.
fThe game commission granted
permission to the United States
biological survey to trap gray
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13 of Attackers, Including Offi
cers Wounded in Fight
BIRMINGHAM, Ala., Oct. 10.r
(AP) Barricaded in this home
near the downtown section here,
Charles Pinkard. a crazed negro.
wounded 12 officers and on-look-ers.
one officer perhaps fatally
here today before Detective
Woody Sandefer climbed to an
adjoining . roof and, opening fre
at close range, fatally wounded
Sam Weinstein of This City
Found in Dazed Condition
At Portland H
Was Employed in Father's Store; I
Hint Robbery of Local Estab
lishment May Have. Been
Manned T
An attack upon Sam Weinstein
24, of this city by one or more
men who subsequently carried
him off to Portland In an automo
bile where he was found' by the
police, came to light last night.
That a robbery of the local Ar
mv Goods store, in which Wein
stein worked as a clerk, may have
been part of the plot was hinted
last night : by. J. Weinstein, the
youth's father, who is proprietor
of the store. He was called on
the telenhone from Portland at
about 10: SO and notified of his
son's condition and immediately
rushed Sdowntpwn to the store.! So
far as could be learned last night.
however, nothing had been dis
turbed.' 1
Attack Story Told
"He said . today that he had a
date with two Portland fellows
. ... . . - . , FT W n . n
to sell luem gyme iuii. i ut
the Jast I heard, of him until 1
was called by long distance to
night,'? the store prbprietor de
clared. .
. ' Sam Weinstein .was discovered
in a dazed condition In the rear of
an automobae, parked at the . cor?
ner of Front and Alder streets in
Portland. ' He was suffering from
a severely bruiseijl back, and was
immediately taken to the police
emergency hospital.
Assailant Unknown
When questioned; Weinstein
sad he' had walked out ot his
father's store at Salem when ' a
man struck him in the back with
a wooden club. Who the assail
ant was,or how Weinstein reached
Salem, Weinstein was unable to
explain. -.
Who was owner of the car in
which the youth was Miscovered,
and what were the motives behind
the attack, were questions . that
completely baffled authorities, last
night. I ' The license number of the
machine was not designated in, the
brief message received at Salem.
It was not expected that the in
Jury to Welnstelnts back would
proye fataL He will probably be
retnrned to Salem in the near fu
ture..';; j,;;,1 ., , ;
Charges of Setting Fire to Dormi
tory Not Proven
MEDFORD, Ore., Oct 1 0.
(AP) Twelve Indian school girls
Were acquitted late today . of
charges of setting fire to a dorml-
X or on rthf f eaervatlon at Kla-1
inath Oaat'lMarch. The.
tense introduced no teatlniPy.
: It was announced .afew days
after "the fire thatnarks of in
cendiarism htu been found and
that eyider." pointed to the twelve
girls as'ne Instigators of the plot
tto ftre the buildings.
- In placing a motive for the
crime, the prosecution had de
clared the girls set fire to 'the
dormltoryr in order ' to - provide
some excitement and to lift them
from' the- commonplace routine of
everyday life. . , - I ,
Indications are Clfferencee "Will
be Patched Up",
v SOFIA.. Bulgaria, Oct. 10.
(AP) The diplomatic crisis be-J
tween - Bulgaria- and 'Jugo Slavia.
over ' recent raids by , Bulgarian
comitad Jis r and the' assassination
of the Juga Slavian general. Mo
vachevtch, is believed here sur
mounted as a -result . of conversa
tions I between M. Nechitch, the
Jugo Slavian ambassador, and M.
Bourotf, the Bulgarian ' minister
of foreign." affairs. '
4 (M. Kechltch and . 11 Bouroff
hara i held aeyeral tonsultations
growing ;6ut of the recent Inci
dents, the JJnlgarlan minister, of
foreign affairs expressing -the re
gret of- his government for - the
acta of the, irregulars. .
. ....
Conduct Lively Program; Speaker
' Says V. 8. to Blame for ,
Conditions in China "v
Tro hundred, forty-two people
sa 'down to the thtrty-ix,th an
nual dinner banquec of the Salem
y.' MC.' A. held last night; tn the
gymnasium room et this .fine new
Institution. It waa a gala night
for the -Y.. Flower In profuslo'h
decorated the room; a fine. or
chestra furnished ' the beat of
music and all of the leaders In
this wonderful movement were
present m
Last night's meeting had - one
thing of : distinction about j tti
something new "under the sun."
It was the presence at the ban
quet of about fifty members of
the. junior division . of the Y., M.
C. A. Fifty young men, consti
tuting a sort, ot a pre-trainllng
ground for the real Y. M. C. A,
work.. This new. idea a junior
division An the organisation is a
child of the. brain of, C. A. Kells,
general secretary herlt There' is
nothing like it In tMe' United
States. And they had their part
in the program.
The banquet hall was arranged
'in six long tables with a table for
"notables" facing the others nnd
raised from the floor. At this
table, which faced 'the gathering,
were seated the following: Mr.
and "Mrs. W. I. Staley, Dr. Law
rence ;Todnem, ' speaker of the
evening; Mr. and lira. Harry
Stone, of Portland; Rev. and Mrs.
N. K. Tuily of the PresbyteriaD'
church; J. M. Canse, president of
Kimball school of theology; Col.
Cart ' Abrams, i Dr. H.' C- Epley,
song leader, and L.' C. Howard,
secretary of the' Y at Eugene.
The Rainbow girls, under the
direction .of Mrs. David ' Wright,
bad charge of the serving, and
their proficient work was gen
erally noted. Mrs. F. A. Elliott
was in general charge of the ban
quet. Poc to r. JSDle y, . ,w ith. h i 3 2 0-L
pounds or enthuaiasm, led the
gathering in many rousing songs.
A male quartet lent color to the
affair. - , i - , : .
Carl Abrams, first' speaker-: of
the evening introduced by Chair-
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i - i i ii
Seattle Patrolman Kills One Rob
ber and Wounds Another
SEATTLE, Oct. 10. (AP).
C. L..Norri, a patrolman' of the
Seattle 'police department tonight
shot and killed one bandit and
wounded another :,waea the pair
attempted to hold him np on the
Seattle-Everett highway near the
Snohomish county line. '
Norris, who brought the body
of the slain man to Seattle, relat
ed that he was driving toward this
city from Everett when-two '"men
with drawn pistols halted.-him. He
"shot It ouf'with them'. The slain
man-waa unidentified. Hi mm-
panion escaped alter being wound -
ed, Norris said.
Motion Allowed p-J Defer Case' tor
r -r'-1- Twore Weeks f7';;-
CkB, pre., Oct letCAF)
TrCn -motion of defense counsel, a
two weeks' delay was granted to
day in the murder trial of Irving
B.t Priest, indicted on a first de
gree: murder as a result of the
shooting to death of George Wer-
llne of Independence on .August
30.- : -j-:, .,r . :- yi i-cs
The. case, set for today, will go
on trial October .24.
Priest ahot Werline ' following
trouble pver the former's wife.
Carl . Berry Dies "After School
" ; Chum Put Up Game Effort -PALACIOS.
Tex 5ci ? 10 -
(AP) Carl . Berjy, 16;; lost" 4ila
eight with death here today after
his -fellow high; school students,
with onii brief intermission o
give .way to an Inef Helen pnteio-
ter,,had unceasingly pumped hla
arms np end down. for. 62 hours
and 1 & urinates to keep breath in
paralyzed longs.," , l-j! a '
Resigns' After GCth Move fn Close
a? v y Gaine With Challengrer ' '
BUENOS' - AIRE3, Oct. 10.
(AP) Jose j-R,' VCapablanca was
defeated by f- Alexander. Alckhine,
in the eleventh game of "the world
chess : championship 1 series,- after
the Beth move tonight, when the
champion gavt up plaj.
V ' ' , I I. i
Officjal Anhpuncemcnt
Capital Confirmed
'V- Reports at Nog ales
Revolt Declared Crushed I
!Kl)ecisive Battle Ends!
t, - r-.:
15,000 Calles Troops Corivcrj
: Totvird Mountainous Regio
Where Rebels Took Ref us;;
-Election" Won.
- - '( ''-nr.".' " r ,
, a MEXICO ,0, Out . 1 0 ( AI
The government announces th
the Qomez-Almada " ! rebels ha
been! decisively defeated and rou
ed by federal troops in a six hoi
battle and that the revolution
ended-"' :... t'' 'j; ' rr'-y .
Presidential headquarters oj
nounced that 3,000 federals, ui
der -Gomes and Almada Sunda
afternoon near Ayahualnlco, ' i
the VPerote region. Vera Cn
state. ; -six .hundred v rebels wei
captured jind probably fifty rebe
were kUledaad a hundred woui
ded '. ' ' ' - ;'. - .
v Gomez and Almada-escaped.
They had 'with them only abot
50 men each, and federal trooi
Fr e, . immedia tely . In pursiut.
The remainder tof - the rebel
the official lannonhcement say:
scattered aad are -seeking an ci
portunity td surrender. '
i General : Alva ret, chief of t
preaidenMal start declared th
revolution Is. absolutely ended?'
L Calles Well Pleased
I- President " Calles face . ra
beaming as he stood at the doa
of his prltate office In Chapulti
pec -castle when the correspoac
ents arrived' there this evenin
(Coatihned a pff . -
? .
. : A ' ' 'I
. JR. JeweJ.C. 4 Iloward, It. I
, ., Sheldon and K. ' F. Carleton
" Address
r W
program, of education and'er
tertalnment at, the Capitol theate
will mark this morning's part c
the annual ; institute ot Marie
county, public school teacher
following opening of the Inn:
tute in Salem high school au '.
torium here yesterday. v
The -moving picture .'lies ziit
erablea" will be shown.' The gpr
eral program will begin at 9:3
o'clock, 20 minutes of music !
Ing presented by Lena pelle Tai
tar, instructor of music at Sal::
high schooL ; -.-'i
'f Approximately 400 . teacter
from every part of the county ra
in attendance at the Institute. ;
The teachers yesterday after
noon listened to a 40 minute ac
dress on .modern education ty
R,, Jewell, in - which the, prescr
trend. in educattion, and method
used by instractors, were discu
sed j i--.::,: h ,v . . i
- The Institute began at 9:30 c
clock Monday morning with
general session at the high scho
auditorium Following the lav
cation, given by ReV. D. Jv How
and musical numbers presented t
Missj Tartar, an address w as d e
ivered by .C. A. Howard, flat
superintendent of public Jnstru
tion.i Short: talks concerning t
Oregon State . Teachers - assoc!
tlori were made by E. F. Carl:
of j Eugene and Mrs. Mauds I
Mocbel -,of T.'Dodburn. Mrs. Mi
chel ; is head of the Marlon cou-l
O. S. T. A. .
, JOepartmental meetlnsa vt
held yesterday afternoon. M
bers; of the teaching claff at tl
University of " Orcpyn. O. A.
and ..Monmouth.,
were nlaced ia cl
normal t !;
rp.Ki of !-;
departments. ;
-The progrut i for to..!
. . . itt