The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, September 28, 1927, Page 11, Image 11

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bHudsoh-Essex Dealers
1 Coming From Distance
udson-Essex dealers from all parts of Oregon, 58 of them
in all, are expected in Salem at various times this week, to
assist in demonstrating the Hudson-Essex cars which are
the display of the Newton Motor Car company, located on
the west side of the automobile building at the fairgrounds.
This display includes eleven models. The Essex exhibits
are aCch, coupes in cloth and leather finish respectively, a
speedatSftit and a sedan.
Ilie Hudsons include a coach and sedan in the 118 inch
wheel base and a coach, standard sedan, brougham and seven
passenger sedan in the 127 inch wheel base.
The dealers coming here to assist with the demonstration
include Howard M. Covey of the Covey Motor company, Port
land, which has recently taken over this line. Mr. Covey is
of the oldest dealers in Oregon, and the Hudson-Essex
people are well pleased to secure him as their representative
Others assisting in the display will be L. D. Lambeth and
J. D. Altman, both territory Hudson-Essex representatives
of the Portland Motor Car company, state distributors of the
line. : '
G. L. Newton, head of the local company, and his salesmen,
Prank Mogan, E. B. Rapp and L. L. Thornton, will be in gen
eral charge. j
sedan is shown. In the "Commander" division the sedan,
regal sedan, Victoria, regal four-passenger coupe and four
passenger roadster are displayed.
In the "Dictator" models the four door plush sedan is on
The only Erskine six on display is a straight seat sedan.
One Studebaker panel delivery car is also displayed.
Members of the Marion Auto company staff on duty to tell
the public about these cars are Ralph Thompson, Claude Mor
ris, A. C. Smith, Roy Gibbons and Bruce Fox. June Pitman,
of the J. K. Leander company, Portland distributors, is also
Seventh Round Almost
"Missed By Camera Man
Trumm Motor Car Co.
Has Paiges On View
The Trumm Motor Car company, local agency for the Paige
line of cars, has its display on the west side of the auto show
building, close to the north entrance.
Models on view include the 85 stdan, 8G-75 sedan, 6-65
sejan and 6-45 sedan.
Greeting the visitors are W. H. Trumm, L. S. Geer. Homer
White, and Norman Whiting, the latter representing Cook
K ItVOTlS. Pnrtlnnrl rlistr ihntnra
epresentative Models
of Studebaker On View
The Marion Auto company, which has the Salem district
agency for Studebaker and Erskine cars, has nine separate
models on display. This is not a complete line of these cars,
but those chosen for'exhibition are representative of the var
ious lines manufactured l)y these companies.
The display is on the east side of the building, near the
north end.
In the "President" Studebaker line the seven passenger
CHICAGO, Sept. 27. (AP
The controversial seventh round Of
the Tunney-Dempsey fight, which
found Gene down and the title al
most in Jack's hands, nearly
passed without being officially re
corded by the all-seeing slow mo
tion picture.
On a shaky platform, high above
the heads of the crowd and some
fifty feet away from the ring, La
roy Phelps had his difficulties
filming the fight for Tex Rickard.
One of his slow motion cameras
went out of commission because of
the cramped position in which he
was forced to erect it. With the
sixth round well under way,, he
glanced at the other machine and
saw a lense missing. It had
dropped out.
Hardly any two lenses of motion
picture cameras are alike but he
frantically seized the correspond
ing piece in the disabled camera,
hammered it in with his fist "and
prayed it would focus."
It did, not perfectly, but suffi
ciently to catch the blow ;hat
floored the champion and almost
cost him his crown.
Regulations For Alcohol Sales
Made More Stringent
(AP) Further restrictions on
prescriptions of liquor for medi
cinal purposes are contained In
revised regulations governing the
the permits to manufacture and
sell intoxicants for non-beverage
purposes are announced by the
treasury. The regulations which
are effective October, provide
for annual renewal of permits,
affecting thousands which here
tofore have been classed as con
tinuing in force until surrendered
or revoked.
Prescriptions for medicinal pur
poses must be filled within three
days, the new regulations provide,
instead of within 30 days as here
tofore, unless the prescribing phy
sician authorizes an extension of
not to exceed three days. A lim
it of six fluid ounces is set for
compounded prescriptions in
which potable distilled spirits are
Persons Prom All Parts of State
Attend Burial Rites
ROSEBURG, Ore., Sept. 26.
CAP) The funeral of G. W. Rid
dle, commandant of the Oregon
State Soldiers' home, who died
suddenly Thursday of heart dise
ase, was held Saturday at
tended by prominent people from
all parts of the state, in addition
to a great throng from the various
communities of Douglas county.
Sam A. Kozer, secretary of
state, officially represented the
board of control under which Mr.
Riddle served. The body was
taken to the Riddle cemetery,
where it was interred with the
Masonic ritual.
Det With Minister Makes Regular
Attendant at Service
27. (AP) At least one regular
church attendant has been made
as a result of Gene Tunney's vic
tory over Jack Dempsey.
Rev. Samuel Sutcliffe, pastor of
St. Mark's Episcopal church here,
expected the marine to win. Har
ry Blews, proprietor of a refresh
ment parlor, expected Dempsey to
win. So an agreement was reach
ed. If Dempsey won, the minister
was to spend at least five cents
each day for 365 days in the re
freshment parlor, while if Tun
ney won, Blews was to attend Mr.
Sutcliffe's church each Sunday for
52 weeks.
Blews started paying his bet
New Lower Prices
F. W. Pettyjohn Go. Exhibiting
Air Cooled Motor Cars
Beautiful Design-Exquisite Appointments
365 North Cbrnmcrcial Street, Telephone 1260
27. (AP) Damage to the pro
peller blade received in taking off
tu considered a likely explana
tion of the cause of the crash of
the Lufthansa plane near here
Friday in which Baron Ago Ton
Maltzan, German ambassador to
the United States and five others
were killed, by a group of tech
nical experts who examined the
wreckage here today.
It has been tablished defin
itely that, engine trouble was not
the cause of the disaster, the ex
perts reported. In advancing the
theory that the propeller had been
damaged when, the plane left the
ground at Leipzig, they said the
damage might have extended to
the body of the machine which
would have explained the break
ing of the wing afterward. One
stay of the right wing became de
tached and pierced the wing, ad
mitting air thus causing another
stay to snap. At all events both
stays hung down when the crash
occurred atter the machine had
turned over twice.
This is regarded as only a pre
liminary conclusion, however,
rendering an exhaustive inspec
tion of the remnants of the mach
ine at the Aldershot testsing sta
tion near Berlin to which they
were taken.
That the occupants of the plane
realized "something was amiss be
fore the crash occurred, was seen
in the position of the body of Ru
dolph Roell, German railway
clerk, which Indicated he appar
ently Intended to jump from the
machine at the last moment.
Mcy wins Hon
W. H. Dancy, commercial repre
sentative of the Pacific Telephone
and Telegraph Co. with headquart
ers at Salem, was presented with
a service emblem bearing five
stars in token of the completion of
35 years of service at a luncheon
of the Oregon Chapter No.. 21 of
the Telephone Pioneers of Ameri
ca in the Oregon building Wednes
day. The presentation was made
by H. M. Durston, division com
mercial superintendent of the tel
ephone company.
Entering the employ of the Ore
gon Telephone and Telegraph Co.
as a lineman in the fall of 18S2,
Mr. Dancy first worked on tele
phone lines at Portland and Salem
under the sfipervfsion of J. H.
Thatcfcer. In 1897 he was ap
pointed manager at Salem for the
Pacific States Telephone and Tele
graph Co., this company having
taken over the Oregon Telephone
and Telegraph Company.
In 1903 he was appointed coun
ty manager for the came company
for Polk and Marion counties and
In. 1909 his district was enlarged
to include Linn, Benton and Lin
col counties. Mr. Dancy was man
ager, at Salem until May 1, 1927,
at which date he was appointed
commercial representative. He is
a charter member of Oregon Chap
ter No. 31 of the Telephone
Pioneers of America having trans
ferred from the general organiza
tion. There are but two men in ac
tive service with the Pacific Tele
phone and Telegraph Co. in Ore
gon whose service records are
longer than that of Mr. Dancy;
one is Patrick Bacon, Portland
manager who recently received a
40-year service emblem, and the
other is W. D. Moore, division su
perintendent of plant who has
served 39 years.
diers had been killed or wounded
in factional fighting which, occur
red fn the,, vicinity of the, city on
Sept. 20 and 21 when the nation
alist authorities disarmed the 31st
army as untrustworthy.
"TMs organization (the, 31st
army) has transferred its alleg
iance on various occasions and
General Ho Ying-Chlng recently
discovered that it "nad well de
fined plans to join , General Sun
Chuan-Fang in his advance upon
Shanghai," the message said.
Wanted. An Airport .
' WJLMINGTONr Del. Somtf
communities "achieve airports and
some have airports almost thrust
upon them. When the Delaware
Aeronautic association' was , as
sured that Wilmington was to ba
on the new Atlantic-New Yorlt
alrmafl route, this city was taken
more or less unawares. Officials
began scurrying around in search,
of a suitable aviation field to bd
ready for the Inauguration of sei
vice this fall. .. . . .
War on Rum Runners Grows
Hotter Along Pacific Coast
(AP) The coast guards war on
small boats suspected of carrying
gasoline and "provisions to off
shore rum ships resulted Saturday
in the third seizure within a week.
A small motor boat heavily
laden with gasoline was taken at
a wharf here that day. The .gas
yacht El Toro was taken off shore
and a launch seized at a- wharf
earlier in the week.
Largo Number Killed and Wound
ed, Report Reaches U. S.
WASHINGTON, Sept. 26. (AP)
The state department has been
informed today by the consulate at
Shanghai , that 1200 Chinese sol-
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