The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, September 18, 1927, Page 7, Image 7

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    ? .-.-;.
' . . ' ' SUNDAY MORNING, SEPTEMBER ift, 1027 '
CoMt lieajrne Standlnjra
W. L.
San Francisco
Seattle . . . . .
Hollywood . .
Los Angeles .
no 70
. .100 80
S3 72
..89 85
.. 89 SO
.. 81 99
. . 80 100
..72 108
PORTLAND. Sept. 17 (AP) -Portland
won from Oakland today
C to 5, Id s spectacular 11 innings
contest In which the Bearers three
times came up from Detain d to tie
the score. They finally won in
the lltn after; Paul Strand had
doubled and gone to third, when
uaron pocu auunK ior
- Pitcher Couch, with two out,
shoved a ground single between
l"Y(raf anil pcnnf.' Tha aoHo la
now even at three games for each
club. '
' Score: '
Oakland S14 3
Portland 6 12 3
(11 innings):
Delaney and Bool; Conch and
Telle. ' ' -:vf;;... . -LOS
ANGELES, Sept. 17 (AP)
Hollywood scored six runs off
Oliver Mitchell and drove him to
the showers in three Innings to
pile up a lead that was cllmaxedV
by, a 10 to 3 victory over San
Francisco here today.
.:. Score: r:'-v. , tfi- : :;; - is .
San Francisco' 3 11
Hollywood 10 15 1
' Mitchell. Martin. Glynn and Jol
ley; Shellenback and Murphy.
SEATTLE, Sept., 17 (AP) ;
Sacramento walked orer Seattle
again today to take a doubW-
hcader, 5-2 and 10-2, siring the
Solons a fire to one lead on the
eries. It was the same story that
ft had been all week, the Tribe
couldn't hit the Sac pitchers and
tta Snlnni uinMii'4 Vain ,.m ?1-wA
4i Ing the India moundsmen.
Sacramento 5
Seattle 2
k Singleton and Sererid;
and Schmidt
Sacramento . . . ; . . . . . . H
Seattle . . . 2
Kallio and Koehler; Knight and
Borreanl. ;
CAP) Los Angeles defeated the
Missions twice here today. An
' eleventh ; inning' rally gave the
Angels two runs to break a 2 to'
2 tie and won first game 4 to 3
In the seven Inning second game
a total of 30 hits were registered
Nineteen of . them were for Los
Anieles, giving it a' 11 to 8 vic-
Los Angeles . ...... . . . 4 10
Missions 3 7
(11 innings) .
Peters and Hannah; Bryan and
Baldwin. . .... :.; r '
Los Angeles V.. I. , .. .11 19 3
Missions . . . . . . .... . 8 11 - 0
f (7 Innings)
3 Weathersby, Gardner and Sand
berg; Pillette, Christian and Whit
ney. RADIO
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eers in radio sales & service,
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(Coa tinned from psg X.)
girls clubs. It was said that vir
tually, every county in Oregon
would be represented In the hoys
and 'girls club work. ' i
Monday's program will be fea
tured by automobile Taces to be
held on Lone Oak track In the
afternoon. ; . There also will be the
usual concerts; addresses and
viewing of the exhibits. The an
nual horse show will onen in the
stadium Monday night. !
fJranjce ray ftp.
Tuesday has been designated ait
Grange Day. Prominent speak
ers have been provided for this
occasion and it wis expected that
tne program would be among the
best of fair weeks, ;
On Wednesday ' Salem dar. all
local stores, offices and shops will
close In order that emDlovers and
employes may attend the fair.
The program on Salem day will
be featured by the Governor Pat
terson derby, on Lone Oak track
m tne afternoon.
Thursday has been set aside as
Portland day, Friday as Fraternal
day and . Saturday as Children
day. ' ;
Every racing event has been
filled and a number of special
races probably :will be arranged
to accommodate belated entrants.
For the first time in the history
of the Oregon state fair two tracks
are available for racing. The new
half mile track has been completed
and is in readiness for use at this
year's fair.'
Bjr using both the mile and half
mile' tracks the racing events will
be expedited andothere will be no
unnecessary delays between heats.
Sheridan Band Present
The American Legion band of
Sheridan, augmented by musicians
from other parts of the state, will
furnish music during fair week.
There also will be on hand the
drum and fife corps of the Grand
Army of the Republic and other
musical organizations. , Besides
giving-morning concerts and ap
pearing at the races in the after
noon the Sheridan band' will play
at the night horse show.
As at previous state fairs the
two boys and two girls winning
high scores in all club depart
ments at the state fair will be
entertained at a banquet to be
held aboard the private car of E.
L. King, superintendent of the
Southern Pacific lines in Oregon.
This banquet will be held on Fri
day night. Besides Mr. King the
banquet will be attended by Gov
ernor Patterson and other 6tate
During theianquet the winning
boys and girls will receive an in
vitation to pass a week at Crater
lek next summer as guests of Mr,
and Mrs. Richard Priee;--rAlr.
Price is manager of Crater Lake
Inn. While at Crater lake watch
es will be given to the boys and
Old Man Winter is
Be prepared with a
la over :
80 Years
n spi pips
The fact that Charter Oak Stoves and Ranges
hare been manufactured, sold and used during
four generations in millions of homes, is a guar-
antee of satisfaction "
Correct Heating Requires Both
1. Eegulation
J You win find both in a - ,
Bleans controlled heat A steady, even,
healthful temperature
Circulation : j
Means distributed heat heat that warms your
back and shoulders, and does not :
: . scorch your face . '( j
OToid future regrets by leeihg the. ;
-"" Charter Oak now .
I SUlinnHimiHiiiiimtHim;
477 Court
girls In appreciation of their work.
For lovers of light entertain
ment there will be a large number
of shows and free attractions on
the fair grounds this year. Games
of chance will be barred from the
grounds and every effort will be
made to give the public adequate
protection. '
n The grounds were never more
beautiful than at the present time,
while the pavilions 'and other
buildings have been renovated and
placed in the best of condition.
With good weather prevailing
yie 1927 state fair should exceed
all previous events, both with re
lation to exhibits end attendance.
. One McMann, address and in
itials unknown, is lying in a Sal
em hospital with a badly fractur
ed arm and severe bruises, as the
result of an automobile accident
which ocurred last night about
six miles south on the Pacific
McMann, a transient was riding
with Walter Glasgow, north
bound from Oakland, California,
when the lights pn the car sud
denly went out A deep ditch be
side the road necessitated park
ing on the pavement; and before
either could get out and run back
to flag down on-coming traffic,
a heavy machine belonging to B.
O'Kean, 468 East Tenth street,
Portland, crashed into the rear
of the Glasgow auto, turning Tit
over Into the ditch, and pinning
McMann underneath.
Glasgow told police be picked
McMann up at Davis California,
Friday evening, and that he had
furnished him food - along the
road. McMann was said to be on
his way to Tacoma, where he is
believed to have a wife.
The accident occurred about
7:45 p. m., it was said; Passing
motorists brought the injured
man to Salem. Glasgow proceed
ed to Portland, where his wife is,
by stage early today:' He was but
little hurt. :
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was given to the Salvation Army
on this property due to the na
ture of the purpose for which it
is to be used.
A roster of campaign workers
was compiled at the Elks Club
campaign headquarters, last even
ing. Although this roster is only
partial and several organizations
are still working until Monday
PYfjptnfl fq j curing, lhai .names.
tht- following are announced:
Rotary Club volunteers:. C. A.
Swope, George L. Arbuckle, L. F.
just around the corner.
2. Circulation
Barr, Erie Butler, Dr, M. C. Find
ley. Dr. Edgar S. Fortnerj EVlB.
Grabenhorst; A. A. Lee, B. C.
Miles, William McGilchrlst, Jr.,
E. M. Page, E. F. Smith, R. O.
Snelling. J. Lyman Steel, Dr. H
K. Stock well. F. D. Thielson,
George Vick, E. L. Welder, Charl
es R. Arc herd, T. M. Barr,! C F.
Breithaupt, W. H. Dancey.i Dr. C.
L. . Marshall, A. A. Mickel, F. G.
Myers, B. E. Sisson, Carl j Webb.
Lions club volunteers: Clarke
H. Day, H. C Eakin, H. C. Haag,
Otto Hillman, Dr. George E. Lew
Is, Dr. Carl Emmons, J. E. Fitx
gerald. Kiwanis club volunteers: C. E.
Albin. George H. ' AIden, W. W.
Chad wick, William P. Ellis, Q
Holt. Dr. J. L. Lynch, H. J. Mobr,
Dr. H. E. Morris, E. Cooke Pat-
ton, Arthur Rahn, E. i F; Slade
D. D. Socolofsky, Byron . Wright,
L C. Farmer, Dr. O. L. Scott.
Women's relief corps: i 'Mrs.
Floyd Shipp, Mrs. Hattie Camer
on, Mrs. Clara Adams, Mrs. Ber
tha Loveland, Mrs. Rose Hage
dorn, Mrs. Mary Wilson, Mrs.
Jessie Crossan.
Ladies Aid First Evangelical
church: Mrs. Hllsiker, Mrs. J. H.
Garnjobst, Mrs. G. L. Lovell, Mrs.
G. N. Thompson, Mrs. J. AJ Rem
ington. War mothers: Mrs. William Mc
Gilchrlst, Mrs. J. F. Mollencap,
Mrs. C. W. Beechler, Mrs. 'j. F.
Umphreys, Mrs. F. N. Toothacre.
W. C. T. U.: Mr. and Mrs. J,
J. Nunn, Mrs. Sarah Oliver. Mrs.
Rachel EL Reeder. Mrs. L. Dale,
Mrs. Retta J. Pemberton.
Grand army: Gideon Stolz, R.
C. Holley, James Lisle, L. S.
Carnahan, Earl Race. J. J. New-
Sons of Veterans: Dr. B. F.
Pound, E. L. Buchanan, L. O.
McShane, H. R. McWhorter, J. A.
Remington, E. T. Prescott, Rev
H. C. Stover, D. G. Drager. ;
Ladies Aid First Unitarian
church: Mrs. L. F. LeGarle, Mrs
J. R. Pollock. Mrs. G. H. Little
United artisans: Mrs. Norma
Ivan Martin. Mrs. Joy T. Moses,
Mrs. Ira W. Follis. Mr. Ira W
Business and professional wom
en: Miss Lillian Schroeder. Miss
Edna Purdy, Miss Carlotta Crow
ley..- '
Daughters of American Revolu
tion: Mrs. Seymour Jones, Mrs
Russell CaUlnrjMrsiU. O. T Snip
ley,, Mrs. LeMoine'R. Clark, Mrs
J. CL - Heltiel,? aiA.W.t fV, Byrd
Miss Ruth,. Hulifaon. , ,-f;. i
Spanlsij Amerleaa sWar Veter
ans: Mrs,; M. ? WBaker; Mrsl A.
T.. Wool pert; Mrs. J. Bertelson.
Mrs. Marie Baker, Mr,s. Ardona
rratt, Mrs. Susie Utchf ield. , vi
Thursday elub: Mrs. C. P. Bish
op and committee. i ,
P. E. O. Chapter ,0 : Mr. Wil
liam; Hushes and committee.
Hound-up . club: Mrs. . T. TV
Kay, Mrst.J. Rand. Mrs. -J; T.
Whittle . - . m . A'XS
i Aid Leslie,. M. E.- church: i&irs
E. A. R ho ten, ; Mrs. Ben - Ot jen,
Mrs. W. JLinfoot., , . , trT rJ
. OctagoBTclubr H. G. ' Maison,
J. H. Jennison. Mrs. Lester Pear
mine, C.I L. Newman, R. a: Meyer.
Paul Btirris, Albert "Anderson,
Mrs. A. C. Craggy V". ! 1
O. A. C. clubf Dick Slater, Or-
al Paltneteer, ' William Niemeyer,
Women's home missionary so
ciety: MrsV A: B. Hansen,' Mrs. E.
E. Gilbert, Mrs. Ada Miller, Mrs.
C; C Wilson, i Mrs. Benjamin
Blatchrord, Mrs. Harriet Durk
heimer; Miss Elsie Miller, Mrs.
G. E. Lewis.
Aid Center street M. E. church;
Mrs. CvFloer and committee.
Royal" Neighbors: Mrs. C. H.
Peterson," Mrs. Pearl Lickiss, Mrs.
Myrtle Henderson, Mrs. Susie
Parmenter; 'Mrs? ' Sarah " "Nelson
Mrs.' Elizabeth Coates, Mrs. Ida
McCulley, Mrs. Rose Abbott. )
Pythian Sisters: Mrs. Carl
White, Mrs. C. Busey, Mrs. Q.
L. Scott, Mrs. R. S. Clark, Mrs
C. L. Seagrove, Mrs. Ed Craw
fcrdi Mrs. Ed Pandrick, Mrs.
Carl Petsen.
Veterans of foreign wars:
George E. Lewis, .Albert Abel, Da
vid Holzman, Warren Welborn,
Henry O. MilleV, J. S. Baker.
. Monday night, dancing club:
Walter Kirk, Leo Page, H. I
American Legion Auxiliary.
Mrs. Jess George, Mrs. King Bart
lett, Mrs. Frank Jirak, Mrs. John
Rottle, Mrs. R. E. DeGuire, Mrs
H. Reiser.
United Spanish War Veterans:
W. E. Hansen Carle Abrams, A.
T. Woolpert. E. J. Raymond, G.
J. Donaldson, Charles J. Lisle, O.
J. Hull.
Salvation Army: Mrs. I. Wil
liams. Mrs. Arthur Tucker, Mrs
Otto Hoffman, Mrs. G. Todd, Mrs
m FiTO
We are now entering, into the early fall selling. The style shows in the
eastern shoe centers were late and this has made our season late, but now
we are beginning to receive, the new shoes approved by the most expert
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. jfet,".?' 'yVaJW4''-'
John M. Gronltolm -z
you m real, foot
4 "csX
Seth Williams, Mrs. tXj Leon
hardt. Ensign- and Mr Allen Pitt
' Volunteers: J. m; Rupert, E. E
SladeWUllam McGilchrlst; 5. Jr,
George - Arbuckle, John Farrar,
Fred Thielsen, George Vlck. Lyle
Barthelomew, Mrs. Little Smith,
Ray Wassam, " Dr. B. F. Pound,
Mrs. s Gertrude j M. Page,n Mrs.
F.- A. Elliott. M r s. : Clara
Patterson, Mr. ' and Mrs. P.
: As .a family doctor at Monti
cello, Illinois, the whole ' human !
body.''-not' any ' small part of It, j
was; Dr. Caldwell's practice. More
than - half his ."calls" were; on
women, children and. babies. They
are the ones most often sick. But
their A illnesseswere usually - of a
minor nature colds, fevers, head
aches, -biliousness and-, all "of
them required first ; ; thorough
evacuation - They were constipat
ed. . :;,::Z:-2ZV -i'
In the course 6 Dr. Caldwell's
47 years practice , ( he was grad
uated from Rush Medical College
back in 1875), he found a good
deal of success In such cases with
a prescription of his own X con
taining simple laxative herbs with
pepsin. - In 1892 he decided to
use this formula in the manufac
ture of medicine to be known as
Dr. Caldwell's Syrup Pepsin, and
in that year his prescription was
first placed j on the market.
The " preparation ' immediately
had as great a success in the drug
stores as it previously had. in Dr.
Caldwell's private practice. Now,
the third generation is using it.
Mothers are giving it to their
children who were given it by their
mothers. Every second ot the
working day someone somewhere
is going into a drug store' to buy
it. Millions of bottles of Dr. Cald
well's Syrup Pepsin are being used
a year. ' ''!
Its great success is based on
merit, on repeated buying,' on. one
satisfied user . telling another.
There are thousands of homes in
this country that are nerer with
out a bottle of Dr. Caldwell's Syr
ud Pensin. and we h3ve gotten
many hundreds, of letters from
grateful people telling us that it
helped them when everything else
ft i .
, t Mr, Axel ' Jarobson
The Expert Shoe Rc
pair man
N " "-'--fet 'J," ;'!
. n ., " m l
E. Armstrong, B. F. Giese (Auro
ra ) ; "t Diana Snyder. (Aurora) . W.
L. Fuller (Brooks). Joseph Fon
taine (Jefferson), Andrew Baker,
(Mill i City), VMrsP Moshberger
(Woodburn),J. P. Hunt (Wood
burn), Mr. Norman (Woodburn),
Ed Belt (Stayton)t George Kree
ch (Staytrfn ), Rev. B. F, Clay
(Turnef). Rev.- Crover (Turner),
Colonel Baker (Turner), George
Hubbs (Silvertqn). , .
Often than Men
:-::-. . . . . ?:.. .-ft.-:-:.:-:-vi ": :
AT.A01 m
1 While women, children and elderly-
people are especially bene
fited by Dr. Caldwell's Syrup Pep
son, it is promptly effective on
the most robust constitution and
in the most obstinate cases. It is
mild and gentle in its action and
does not cause griping and strain.
Containing neither opiates nor
narcotics, it Is safe for the tiniest
baby. ; Children like it and take
it willingly." : ..' '..
; Every drug store sells Dr. Cald
well's Syrup Pepsin. Keep a bot
tle , In your home where many
live someon? is sure .to need.4t
quickly. : - --
We would be glad to have you
prove at our,. expense how much
Dr. Caldwell's Syrup Pepsin can
mean to you and yours. - Just
write; "Syrup: Pepsin." Mbnticello.
Illinois, and we will 1 send you
prepaid a FREE? SAMPLE BOT
TLE, fr'r;i-vf:' ':-.-.- ; :-.,.
- .
For one week, Sep
tember 19 to 26 we
will sell all our Wil
ton Rugs-at one-third1
off. Think of buying
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