The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, September 18, 1927, Page 21, Image 21

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square Mousoq
' tmMME w ms&
-' ' ; ' . - i j
I -l ' THE YCTAN DESIGN A616 --'v-S'-4 -; ' '
" RCHITECTUR ALLY the square- and
rectangular houses do not rank as high
as some others " ot the inore artistic
types but they always have the saving grace
oi wans ana ceilings mat are. .
unbroken and rooms that do
not give one that cramped
I feeling. Moreover," what is
frequently - more important
in this day of higher build
ling costs, they are the most, '
; economical of construction
.Plain walls and plain roofs
are also less liable. to develop
; defects in workmanship than
iwhen they are cut up in in
jtricate angles which make
tight joints difficult.
, Simplicity marks this
;home both in its'exterior ap
ipearance and its interior ar- ;
; rangement. Its walls are of
; common brick laid up in a
simple running bond and the
fwindow sills have the brick
laid on edge. The only touch of ornament is in
'the chimney tops. The rather impressive door-
'way affords just the needed measure oireuei. desirability.
I Th Cmubob Brick lUoafmetumt
! Vriek eonttruttion tent npoa fqaei
Soath Commercial and Meyers atraata.
H. E. Rice, acttns pastor. A. S. Mulliran,
Snndar echool at 945 a. m., E. A Rhot
a, aapcriBtendent. Rev. D. H. Leeh.
V.D auperintendeot ot tha Salem district,
will preaek at 11 a. m. At the aama boar
tha Janiar'Leatua will meet with Miaa
Mary lluft aud Misa Faarl Scott in
charge. -Tha Fraacia Anbury League will
meet at 030. At tha 730 p. m. aerrica,
thraa meaibera .oftha South Salem Maa'a
Clab'wlU addrcaa tha meeting on aubjecta
of vltat lntereat. At both the morning
and aveoiag meetinr there will be special
muiio by Floyd Mclatire. Joha aad 34al
eolm He&er aad- othara. Owinar to the
meetiat; -of tha Oregon annual eoafereaea
at First charra tha mid week eerrice will
ho omittad. A moat cordial inritation is
asteaded by thia ehnrch to tha studeata
of W. u.
Canter sad Liberty streets. Charles E.
Ward, pastor. ; resideaae 440 Center.
sumoii 11 a. ,m tODie: Foolish Wis
dom. - Sunday - school 10 o'eloek. -Hark
MeCallister, auperiateadaat. Tha Toung
Peonla'a Fortuiibtly Clab will meet at
th bona', of Mrs. MeCallister. 1433 8.
Liberty.. Monday at t:30. leader. Mr.
"Ward. All members are urged to ba
percent at this first meetinr of the Fall.
Mid-week Bible stndy and prayer meeting
Thursday at 7:30 continuing th study of
the prophecy of Jeremiaa.
Corner of Chemeketa and N. 17th. U.
E. rskine, pastor, residence 248 Hi 17th
street, nhona lOOg-W.
fierricea 11 a. m. and 8 p. m. Morning
tooie: God's Tender Cars for Bonis in
Iistress. ETsning topic. Great Mercy to
a Greet Sinner. Sunday school lO a. -.
O. B. Strausbaugh. auperiateadeat. Senior
and Intermediate Chnatiaa KadoaTor .at
7:00' p. m. Leader ot Senior meeting,
AdaVaiae Ersklae. " Mid-week prayer ser
vica Thursday eTtai'mg at 7:30, F. Kara,
Corner Stale and. Chares streets. F C.
Tyiorr pastor, resKlenee e3ff State street,
phone 974. Miss Margaret K. Suther
land, director religioua education, phone
herrices 11 a. m. aad 730 p. ra. - Ser-
men topics "The Way to Win." a aer
aaoa for tha Freshmen, featuring Fresh
man Sunday, p. hi. : "Couragvoaa for
Christ,' ' both messages by the pastor.
(Special music: morning prelude by Prof.
T. 8. Roberta, "Morning Smg."Aatbea.
'ThaLord is My Shepherd." Iemarest.
'Deep Water'.; . BurJeigh, by the Mala
Chorus, uader the direction of Prof. Hob-
eon. Sunday school 945 a. m Mr. H.
y. Shanks, auperiateadeat Young I'e
ple'a meetings: - Uaireraity Epwortk
Leagoe FeHowahip hoar, at 5:30. social
time aad refreshments, fallowed by the
devotional . service at 6 :30 led by Mis
Ireaa - BreithaupV . The topia: "My
Home leagae Its Strength Its ' Weak
ness." First Chereh chapter.. Mi&a Edith
Find ley, leader. Topic: "League Ideals
ia High School." Week-day services:
Monday night, in Church Annex a "Good
bye Hello", party given by the Leaguers
of the First Chare, chapter.,. Tuesdar at
6 :X Useea Esther meet at the home
of Ma. CM. Keefer. Kimball Hall. The
ial eoaference opens Tneaday even-
Hear the Young Lady
v , . . Evangelist
. .. - ' , . -. - . i t , i . . -
. - . .. - - - ' v
At the fcmmanuel Full Gospel Mission, 420 State St., upstairs.
Every night at 7:45 except Monday, for two' weeks beginning
Sunday afternoon at 2:30.
Mrs. Tefre will, soon go to India aa a missionary but in the
meantime God Is blessing her ministry in the' homeland.
orb Always Economical to Build
Entrance from the front porch is into a
square hallway from which the stairs lead
to the upper floor. To the right is the living;
room, extending entirely across the house t
sufficiently large for all
storage needs. When ione
takes into consideration all the conveniences
provided this home assumes a decided air of
k '-'"" ClTUsd. Ohio, ai farnkk
lag with a reception to Bishop 'and Mrs.
nhepard. ana the visiting ministers, con
ference continue until Monday tha 26th.
Church street at Chemeketa. KeT. Hll
Uuncaa Chambers, rector. -
Holy Eacharst in the ehapel at 7 :3
a. m. . Morning Frayer with muaie an
sermon at 11 a. m. Uhurch acnool
9:43 e. m
Cottage and Chemeketa streets. Re
Martin F. Ferrer, minister.
Church school , at 10 a. m., graded is
structioa.. Class'; for high school age an.
adults conducted by the minister. "7!
Bible aa Literature." Devotional servicV
at 11 a. subject, "Gates." On Thur!
day evening at 8 o'clock Mr. Ferrey wf
give a critical review of Judge Lindsay
book, "'The Revolt of Modern Youth,
in the Emersoa Lecture room of tl
church. The AUlaace meets at the chare
ao Friday from 2:30 to 5 p. ra. At th
devotional . serrieea Mra. M. Ferrey wi
offer aa a solo, "Beside the Still Waters.1
by Hanblen. Mrs. W. A. Lien ton at U
orgaa. .. -.iTfJ. - .
420 State street. Ralph D. BuUocl
pastor, resideace 460 8. Cottage street
phone 938M; assistant pastor, Harry i
Morrin, . residence Silver ton Road, phoi
130F14. (
Services at 2:30 and 7:45 p. m. Sun
day school 2 :30 p. ti. Special evangelists
serrieea every eight except Moaday a
8 o'clock cimducted by Sister Olive Tefr4
missionary to India. The Lord blessel
her ministry in oar midat last year an
we are glad to welcome her back agsi
for another campaign of at least tw!
weeks, beginning Sunday afternoon. Sep
18th. , - . .. ..
Fifteenth and Mill atreeta. Patric
Dablan. pastor, residence 2095 Trada
bbona 1865 M
Serrieea 11 a, ra. sad 7:30 p. m. Sun
day school 9:45 -a. m. Misa E. Erickson!
superintendent. - Yoang peoples meet'
ing 6:30 p m. "Prsrer meeting Thursday
7:30 p. m. Ya are cordially invited tea
our eervicee. . 4 . , -
Meet every Saaday in Chambera Bldg..
383 N. High street. Capital Business Col
lege rooms, for : Bible study. Junior- B
S. C. meet daring first lesson honr. Hoars
2:30 'to 5:00 p. m. - There will he-noi
atudv Dertoda obaerved ia the morning
studies will be resamed la the afternoon
Evening services f root 9 to U p. m. an
broadcasted from Bortland. Radio RE2
239.9s. meters,, . j, k-
' ICorth Winter, and Jefferwut street
Thomas Achaaoa.' pastor. Mtt A. . .
t:('iitr, director rehgious educatiua. Tttt
public will riM-civ s glad welcome to the
following services of thia church. Church
acbool 945 a. at. Seven separate depart
ments prevded to care for all ages. Harry
Carpenter, aaperintettdeat. '" Puhlie wor
ahip at 11 a. s. ; Sermon by the pastor.
Junior church in Wesley Hall at this
hour for young psopl- f Mrs. Gentry in
charge. We speeiaiiis ia yoaag people
work. Three chapters of Epwerth Leagua,
Junior High, High Benooi aaa xoana
Peoole. meet at 6:30 p. m- for devotional
servicea. Good tima essored. - Opaa For-
witn a cneery open grate anaj
a door opening upon the liv-
ing porch at the end. The ',
dining room, opposite, also j
has an open grate and a
built-in china closet. Off the
large kitchen is the basement
stairway on the landing of
which is the refrigerator.
The upper i floor provides '
three bedrooms and the bath.
Two of these rooms are sup- :
plied with double closets and '
each has windows on two j
sides insuring light, ventila
tion and cheerfulness always. 1
The bath is amply large and
well lighted also. There is
no attic but the basement is
compteU drawing for thla italg. LmM
um for adnlts at this hoar ia the church
school annex, led bv Joseuh Barker. Pub
lic worship 7:90 p. m. The pastor will
preach. Theme: "The Yoaag Maa Away
From Home." Invite your neighbors and
friends. Special song service, aad good
fellowship. The choir will furnish an
thema morning ang evening.
Corner ; High aad Center street, .-U.
J. Howe, paator, residence 763 Cottage,
nbone 2438W. :
' Services 1 1 a. tu. an d 7 p. m. Sermon
tonics : "A Church Iaspected." a. tn
"What is tha Gospel I" p. m. There will
be Special imf'-' It' ! .Rintw
ror uooa liuys
320 State
A cozy little house In one
four rtns. kitchen well built
paveI tr, Itouse is too small
(mII f6r small down payment
93500. . Vou can't beat it for Id
3 acres mL from city limit
family use, remainder of groura
ries, O rni. house, elec. lights.
S.")00. Non-resident otvner w
lots. ' :
. .(Rev. A 4 !. Heine, pastor. hTere
lib O. Xllfirfp BO services thia Saaday.
. ,otae.
s . i
V V m m
I aa 1faOS) aGl
v a
I JrM 1 Mr.irALl Tk rtrst Spiritual Church of flalam.
J We haVC OVer 3UU0 propd T:SO o'clock. The Rev. Louella M. La
17 ,lwA r .U7 of Portland will bo speaker. Mes-
EverV Kind OI property, evefe, lr Mra. I Vay. Mrs. Bstea aad
We can match your excnari,ep- Th puwio ia.eorduiiy iavitod
would like ja.lrarieyiwCr,yfl erT,.ce,
raiirrwTeT: sere a a y seaaot at is a. m. u.
C. Harris, aaperintendent. Horning wor
ship at 11. Sermon "Lear a of lie"
Daett ."Teach Me to Pray", Jewett)
Myra Oleasoa ' aad -Mrs. Anna Stanley.
Societies of Christian Endeavor meet at
;45 p. ro. Beraum "Tha Joy of Life"
ia the evening service at 7:30. The
Chorus Choir sinfs "Thy Kama I Adore,"
(Petrie). - , ... ?
t--. - a -' - EFI8C0PAI.- , -
13th 4s Center St.. Rev. E. 3. Aaehea
breBKer. 'pastor 6S4 N. Winter, Phone
680M. Service 11:00 a. m. and 8:00 p.
at. Sermoa topic: Things Whkih Make
for Peace. Bible Study ia the Epistle
to the Ephesiaaa. - Sunday aehool 10 a. .
Huperiatendent:.Mr. H. Gralapp. Sea
day school ia eoadaeted ia both the Ger
anaa aad the Kngliah langnagea. Saa
day nroraing servires are v in Genaaa:
Sunday evening ia EafUth. .
N. Chare h St- J. J. GUIespla,
1315 X. Chnreh street, phoas
Hervieea Si a. as. had 3:30 p. am.
2081 J
Sermon topics: Oneaesa ot tha People ef
God. 11 a. a. Evsngelistia. 1:80 p. m.
Kuaday aehool 10 a. m. Mrs. W'altar
Barkos,. saperiateadent. Young peoples
meetings at 6:30 p. m. Hermaa Haha.
leader. Week-day aervieea: - Bible stndy
aad prayer service, Wednesday evening.
7:45. Teacher' meeting Friday ereniag
7:45. ...
Wast Salem. F. L. CaaaelL 975 Treat
St pastor. Phone 1341-R. Servieee at
11 a. m. and 8 p. m. Sermoa topics
Various Hues Have Differ
ent Effects on Human I
System, Say Experts
Choice oC colors In building ma
terials may soon be influenced by
results of experiments made in
London, to determine the effects
of various lights upon the human
system, it was said today by N.
E. Stephens of New York. Secre
tary of the North American Soci
ety of Arts.
Although the tests in London,
conducted by Dr. J. Dodson Hes
sey, noted physician, have to do
chiefly with the curative values
or certain colors In the treatment
of physical and mental ailments,
it is contended by Mr. Stephens
that the findings will inevitably
be applied broadly throughout
various spheres of human activi
ty. '
"Everyone today recognises the
prevention of -illness ' and the
maintenance of general health, to
be quite as important as the treat
ment of sickness after it is con
traded declares Mr. Stephens.
"It is quite logical to suppose
therefore, that the results of Dr.
Hessey's findings as to the effects
of colors on the human system,
will not be confined entirely to
methods of healing:
"Just as sanitation -. is today
considered as important as medi
cine, we may soon find that the,
proper use of color In our city
building, will decrease the num
ber of cases requiring the reme
dial use of color and other cura
tives. v
"Modern' building materials.
such as terra . cotta, afford wide
range to the architects in the se-
'ection of colors. Before long, he
will have accurate information at
his command,' to show how each
coloj- affects not only the psych
ology, but the physical system of
the person who views it, or who
comes into contact with light re
flected from Its surface.
"Thus far, Dr. Hessey's dem
onstrations indicate that blue,
green and orange have the most
powerful influences. Blue is us
ed to reduce inflammatory condi
tions. Green soothes the nerves,
and lowers the blood pressure.
Orange and red stimulate the ner
vous systems. Yellow is a men
tal stimulant.
home of these colors," Dr.
Hessey claims, "affect the indi
vidual not only through the vis
ion, but by direct contact with the
body. He" points out. too, that
the treatment of disease by color
and various forms of light, is not
it all new.
j "At one time- red light was used
im the treatment of small-pox
More recently, violet rays and
X-rays have come into wide use
the medical profession
"Naturally the concentration of
ight for curative purposes gives
a more nowerful and a anoodior
eirect than the reflection from a
a oa'd6? coa faced building. But
OVvhe Importance of the latter is not
. 1 t. a
iio oe ignored. A single whiff
oiof fresh air. is not as potent as
ijmanr - arags. vet fresh air plava
nave rooght a Good" fight" Soadav
lenoear. n eek-dav service r Ttihl.
study Thursday evening at S o'clock. Tha
pastor win preach both atorniac aad
843 H Court" St.. C. S. Jobaaoo, paator.
. v. 1 L nonage. . .services at 3
. aa. m. to
aoay seaool at 2 n
Bed key.
BUDerintendent. .
" n - aueauaj-, i narsoay aaa Ustnrdar
,';eniags. -
hiTrf win
Rev; a. L.
riEST baptist OHTiscB
flVniM fiW...J. If-.... . .......
. r .?
iv.. nosier w. vosoarg, U. v.. soppiy.
aday achooi :45 . a. foUowed by
, .eacnina- .err ice M il a. at. CMrraion
nie. "Th- rr,tr Tmlli Ta.S.tU
Yonag people's meeting at 8:30
av r-veomg service at 7:30.. Sermoa
Spic. 'Grapes, Gisats, aad. Grasahop-1
ira.-- vt, vosbnrg will preach both
aon1B - evenii
and evening aad will . conduct I
sneetiBeT Tharsday at
v1 x max
all h
it . noia servicea at taeir aall. fielsoa
ing - uaemeketa and liberty Rta
is Sunday evening, September 18th.
First Church Curocr of LJbert-r and
Cheajeketa streets, Sanday morning serv-
iraa at a. wuhject oi lesooa sermoa.
' Matter ' Wodaosday : area irfe testi
man tal meeting - at 8 o'clock. Saaday
aehool aeasiona .eoaveae at 9 :45 aad . 1 1
. aa. Heading room 406 Masoaio Tem
ple, opea daily from 11 to o:SO except
Sundays and holidays.
' Congregatioa will hold aervieea oa Saa
day afternoon la tha let Presbyterian
church oa North Chore h atreet. 8:15 p.
m. .. Graded Bible -aehool. with - elassea
for all ages. Special atteatioa to adult
elasa work aad high school groaps. A
class for ; instruction - ia . tha Catechism
looking forward to eonfimation ia bow
beiaa formed. : 5 :00 p. m. Divine
Worship Pastor Lather B. Deck will
preach oa "The Healing Hand." The
mnsiesl aniaber will be "Be That Keep-
eth Israel by Schlosser, . A eardiaj iavi
tat tea - la exteaded to all who deaire
American Latheraa aervieea. Lather B.
leck. Pastor.; - ' ,: ' - j-.
Chnreh atreet between Cheawketa aad
Ceater. Kev. N. K. Tally, raster. Baa
day aehool 9 :3Q a. m, followed by pabiic
worship at 10:45 a.- as. Sermoa.' "A
Great Qaeotioa aad a Plaia Aaawer,
givinf as the Apostle Peal's message
oang People societies Woman's Foreign Missionary So
JL pv": l clety in : Minneapolis October 2 5
to sinfal men,
6:30 nu m.- Even
Sermoa. "The Firmness of Jesus." The
paator Will preaett at beta service.
will . presett - at Cot a
Praver meetinr Thursday evening at 7:30
: I o'clock. The public ia cordially lavitd
Tn th crater oVMf extinct volcano 6,239 reet above sea level, lies
Crater Lake. It is si miles across
feet from the water's edge to the
its waters a blue, so deep, that it
Crater Lake National rark is
8 miles from Medford. Oregon, on
from The Dalles-California Highway. Several auto camps and camp
ing spaces are maintained by the
venience of the tourist.
a vital part in tne maintenance
of health. -
"It Is well to realize that the
human race was evolved in cer
tain surroundings, containing cer
tain .color; combinations. Forests,
lakes, skies, sunsets. . fields, all
have their distinctive coloring.
These are supplanted or hidden
from view by artificial structures,
in the city. .
"We have learned that where
fresh air is shut. off, it must be
supplied by mechanical ventilation
if health is to. be 'preserved', ft is
not unlikely .that we tehall also
learn that - '.health ' requires - the
presence. oCcertain colors. ;
"It is also possible that-the ar
chitect will goT even .further , and
will use colors- to serve the spec
ial interests of commerce. Activity
may be stimulated, or ' nervous
ness and unrest soothed, by the
wise us pf colors." '
Thousands Visit Domrery
To Honor Maid of Orleans
DOMREMY, France.-
Thls little town, where
Joan I of
Are was born; is a rival of Lourdes
as an objective of Catholic pilgrim
age since the satictiflcatlon ot the
Maid of Orleans. .
Ever increasing numbers of per
sons tase tneir troubles to tne
new saint, and pilgrimages are fre
quent from countries as far dis
tant its Poland: " '
When ih new basilica was ded
icated recently 30,000 people from
all parts of Europe made a Chris-
"?? Mecca of the town. They over-
flowed the narrow.; streets . and
winding roads and filled the fields
around the building;
Other towns celebrate the new
national fete established in honor
of the Maid of Orleans with great
er pomp than does Domremy.
When the fete day comes, If the
stranger asks a Catholic resident
of the village what ceremonies are
going to take place he may reply,
"Vespers and the procession of
the basil lca.,r If he asks an of
ficial of the republic what is going
to' happen, he will be told prob
ably, "A speech by monsieur the
Devout Catholics of this' region
resent . politicians presuming to
take posBessioif f their saint and
I divert the manifestations in her
honor from religion. The dlffer-
I ences Detweeu clericals ana anti-
I ... , .
i ctericais. However, un
I . . , , ,
upon the, inHuence Saint Joan ex
erciaes Qf the laltMUl.
I . T f. . .
Builds His Qwr Plane .
toTIy With Family
MARION' O. f (AP) P our
Marion younsters are waiting with
! great impatience while their fath-
J er. Cart FergUSOD, puts the flnish-
ing touches on a family airplane
which Is talcing shape in the back
yard. ' ,-fi -'
Fetguson, "once a motorcycle
racer. ana fnowemployed. , in . a
Marion .factory. . constructed the
ship without blueprints, and with
no expert instruction , as to prin
ciples - of -i.etnstructIonii It . cost
$ 4 S 0. has a 2 8 horsepower motor.
and a wing spread of twenty feeL
The fuselage is 16 feet long; , J
Ferguson has .taken the .plane
up for a few trial flights and soon
Maryfc- Frank., Paul and Jack Fer
guson are oing,to get', the thrill
they've" been waiting for. . .
M. E. .Missionaries " Will v
' ;Meet in Minneapolis
The greatest gathering of Me
thodist Episcopal foreign mission
aries'; in, years Is " expected at the
58th annual meeting of the gen
eral executive committee of the
to SO.
Last year S 2,3 0 0.0 0 0 ' was spen t
. .
and its walls rise more tnan i.uuu
rim. Its depth of 2000 feet colors
seems purple.
reacned over an exceueni nignwaj
the Pacific Highway or 23 miles
National Park Service lor the con
missionaries "under the Jurisdic
ton of the board. . I
Because of war conditions, the
contingent from China is expected
to be augmented. In addition, the
new rule,- making, the second term
of service five, Instead of six years,
goes into effect this year for the
first time.C That will bring many
missionaries home who ordinarily
would, not return until -next year.
Mrs. Thomasi " Nicholson presi
dent of the society, is in Europe,
Irh her absence," the1 meeting '.will
be directed by Mrs. F. F." Lindsay,
first vice, president. i : '
Parisians; Often Witness
Mohammedan Burials
PARIS (AP) Paris fhas a
Mohammedan population large
enough to support a mosque and
to furnish frequent Mohammedian
funerals, which are carried out. In
sofar as possible, la the manner of
the eastern faith.
The mourners walk behind the
hearse from the residence to the
cemetery, chanting a mournful
dirge.- No- women participate in
the rites. Parsians doff their hats
and cross themselves as the pro
cession passes with the same rev
erence they would show toward a
Christian funeral.
. ;- -
( Qrr r A'":
'v - . 'T'T'-'
Hobarl E. Shade i
Youngster Linguist; ; j c ;
Speaks Six Languages
The JlhternatfonalIsmM of. this city
where east and west meet la typi
fied by Fran k - Treyhrn--who-, -at
14. speaks .six languages fluently
anu - ran get me arut 01 ronver- 1
satioas m half . dozen more.' Ha 4
is British but never saw. his own
country. His father is English
And his mother Jugoslav. He
speaks, reads and writes English,
French. German, Turkish. Croat
ian and Greek. -'-. -.. -.
Edwardian Fashions . , - ,
: , . Predicted in England
.: LONDON,- AP) British fash
ion .experts declare that . London
wqiaea' of (the smart set will be
quite Edwardian this winter. :
Longer skirts, fluffier heads,
lace blouses and sharply indicated
Superlative standards o design tno
terials and uxyrlgnanship lin the best ;
in Franklin's past to a new perform
ance in power, speed and smoothness
in the zfih Anniversary Franklin.
The result is a car wtiicli justifies its
choice in the first hour you drive it. .
; . Lowest prices in Franfyin history -
Xawzuie-c dbtmt the. jth Aavmwcnary Easy Ommershifi Plawa
' r u DrrrvinHisi .
- . l , Tf , a 4s A A a va a a i - ?
SOS N. Commercial Telephone 12CO
"After We
i y 1 i
C JTaylcr.
235 N. Church,
T 'aV Wmr 1 MM - awSlll 1,111.1 I t m II V a 1
m - m m m bli. v. mm m a a - v ia. mar j
' ' 77Vi,
at aa
waists will make .the girl of 1926
very much of a. back number., f ? .
- More than half the evening
gowns being "shown for fall reach
the ankle, and . no new street
gowns are shown which! do wet
fall at least one. Inch below the
knee. ' - -' - . ,
r- t?-i r 1 r-i:-
tnyusii opeaKiny ruuuc
to Be Increased in Paris
PARIS.- CAP) So successful
have been the) few Parsian police
men who speak English in aiding
travelers that the municipal coun
cil -has decided to put English
speaking officers 'on duty whera
tourists appear la any numbers. "
' A tfublie school, with an origin
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English usually employed by those
asking for aid and directions, and
the proper words for a polite and
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