The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, September 18, 1927, Page 20, Image 20

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The Governor's Choice
ifitii f eded
Questionnaire ; Sent : Out to
.AIi AAA Clubs to. Elicit
t ' Full Inscription
Speedy Control of Wheels
Attained Without Sacrific
ing Response
- - 1, .-v-.CiaM !V.;
" WASHINGTON. D. C. Septem
ber 11. Highway courtsey and
cooperation are, two ideals that
constantly are laid before molor
doiiK One of the chief difficul
ties standing in the way or thelT
Attainment by motorists generally-
is th failure of their advocates
in too many instances, to define
precisely what is meant -by the
terms, says a statement issued to
day by national headquarters of
the American Automobile assoc
ciation. "
"As one of the most enthusias
tic and , persistent advocates of
these ideals, the American Auto
mobile association has submitted
a questionnaire to its club execu
tives in 928 different communi
ties in an effort to get an accurate
and up-to-the-minute definition
of courtsey and cooperation be
tween motorists," says the state
ment. , .... ' .
-.From the large number of ans
wers received, officials of the na
tional motoring agency hare es
sayed to translate the terms in
such a way that they "may be ap
plied to street and highway con
ditions as they are met by the
average driver. On some poins.
me local ciud execuiiT: ouuwcu
plies.- On others, a divergence of
epinioa "'existed but, in the main.
It was' slight'.
Cooperation and 'eourtsey ap
parently begin with the giving of
signals, says. the statement.
. "Virtually all of the replies to
thtrquestioriaaire emphasized this
point and, undoubtedly , a largo
ma Jority:. of motorists 'will agree'
wltb its . primary importance.
' "For 'with millions using the
that one, driver cannot, with safe
ty, leave another in doubt as to
his 'Intentions., The; carelessly
given signal is alnlost. as bad as
no signal at all. J
"Yet," many thousands of mo
torists do not realize that they are
being discourteous," to say the
least, when, they, tail to give tne
lignal that is clear,
pi "It Is not sufficient to extend
one's arm furtively outside the
jar to indicate a turn, or to let
the arm hang limply along ;the
Joor to register one's intention to
stop. . The signal should be given
precisely and for a sufficient
length of time for the person be
hind or coming toward one to see
The giving of signals does not
stop with those involving the ex
anAaA arm. thA statement noints
out. Parking" lights are very 1m
nnriant slarnala that freouentlv
are overlooked, the A. A. A. finds.
"To leave a car without a light to
inform other motorists of its pres
ence is to Invite them to what may
be physical disaster. From this,
it may be seen that there is ranch
more to usfhg the parking, light
tban merely . escaping a visit to
traffic court."
In actual operation of the car
on the street or highway, there
are many ; ways to cooperate.
These are known to virtually ev
ery driver, but many fall to make
use of their knowledge in cooper
ating with other motorists, the
statement says.'--They are listed
as follows;
"Use caution at all times,
whether traveling at, a speed of
five or fifty miles an hour.
"Observe strictly' the right-of-way
regulation. . .
"Always drive over to the right
curb or .right side of the road.
"Never try to pass another car
until the way is absolutely clear.
"Use the horn with discretion.
"When surrendering the right-of-way
to a car from the rirht.
stay back of the street line in or
der to let machines from the left
pass.. -. ;
"Park with an eye to conserv
ing space to the utmost.
"Remember that pedestrians
should be accorded courteous
treatment." -
. vnuiu oe aaciea to
this list, but If motorists general
ly would practice "those here en
umerated, constructlre strides to
ward real hfffhwav courtesv and
cooperation would have been tak
en, the statement concludes.
Motor Vehicle Fatalities '
Below Normal, July Mark
Motor vehicle fatalities subsided
to a slightly subnormal record for
the month of July after the ex
tremely high .record nf .Tnn. t
- " - v. A fc
is estimated that 58 persons were
killed each day in July In. motor
enicie accidents , as compared
wun ew per aar in Julv. 1 99
58 oer dav In Jnlr 19 : Tr in...
there were 69 fatalities per day;
me recora ior the first seven
months of 1927 is not materially
larger than for the first seven
mA.4l,n A Ar 1 1.
luuiims yi jiij uuv la cuuatuerauij
in excess of last year's first seven
month's record.,-, - However,- the
worst months of the year are at
hand. Even the good record of
192 S went to pieces in the last
f Li
In a public statement Issued this
week Walter P. Chrysler, motor
car manufacturer, announced an
entirely new model the -72." A new
motor with, a i counter-balanced
crankshaft, a -, larger bore and
stroke, which produces 75 horse
power and is capable of maintain
ing a speed of 72 miles or more per
hour is the outstanding feature.
Ten inches have been added to the
length, of the frame, which gives
the new car an appearance that was
not found in the old models. Great
care has been shown In the selec
tion of interior decorations and
fittings. Beautiful mohair covers
- v 1
, ..... r V" 1 .
the deeply nphol- ',.
atered form-fitt ing
seats in a tone -
coior enect, and a
silver metal pull
that Is a part of
the arm . rest adds .to the com
plete comfort found in the new
cars.- The picture In the upper left
corner is ithat of the, new Crown
sedan In the lower: right corner la
the? new- four-passenger coape,
which Is one of the moat' striking
models of the "72" line.; (Center) to
a head-on view pf the new Chrys
ler radiator and the new full drum
type headlights mounted on nickeled
posts. The picture in the upper
comer- shows the housing which
covers the blocks of live rubber
in which ' all the spring shackles
are set," This feature greatly Im
proves the- riding qualities of the
car- The - lower left corner' shows
a picture' of the new factory-built
bumper, which has been designed
not only to protect the rear end of
the car, but to improve Its appear
ance by following: the lines of the
spare tire. ' .
New Dodge Brothers Conpe Fleet and Smart Appearing
. " - 4 1 r - x ,
1 gaMtr sftwm JJ , , bws J
Dodge Brothers, Inc. is introducing this coupe fleet, powerful, smart as the latest
addition to its line of fast fours. Because of its unusual roominess and the correct design
of the seat it is more than ordinarily comfortable, tNew and original body lines and
striking colors make the car extremelv attractive.
most 25 percent the total of 1925?
The records of September, Octo
ber and November 'will determine
whether or not 1927 will-show an
increase over 19261 There is a
good chance that it will not. Con
tinued efforts to cut down the toll
will .bring , about "the desired re
duction; : ' "i -tM 'H-""-t ;
The percentage of pedestrians
killed In automobile accidents ia
slightly below normal. , Sixty-nine
per cent of the fatalities were pe
d5s,triaun. It is estimated that out
of "the total of IS 10 deaths In July,
1260 were pedestrians. Of these
pedestrians 600, or almofl 50 per
cent, were under 15 "S'fcars of age.
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m m a ' l a - -a rw
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.v- lief
AW " w 4. R"ce
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Tioob" rioO&- c ' cs
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a v , aav f. 4 k. aa--
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c the 1 " a vet
illlU J
1W J the r :.
. v . ,. .lell
v. . offers eca.
NP .t
f the r a- b.
474 S. Commercial Telephone 423
r fr, r3
Eaiy. "fast" steering, long a
characteristic of N'anU cars, is -ev
en more evident 1 in the 21 newj
models recently, Introduce-d. r j
Nash engineers have concentrat-
ed on overcoming the "drag" ofi
low pressure tires on the road.J
wXhout resc.rlins to the expedient
( f rhnnffinir thp '.'irincj ci thnr
tlw steering vhfl mu"t b urnrd
Ihrough a lung vc in order to
'urn the front-wheels'. . .
The Nash front wheels may be
cramped by little more -than a
ringle turn of the steering waeel.
This has been accomplished at
no sacrifice to easy steering, since
it., re on ires no ; more effort than
was ieeled when old-style high
pressure 4 tires were used.
Parking v is said to be much
easier with -the. Nash type, of steer
ing,, Women drivers who have
piloted the new Nash models are
outspoken in their appreciation of
the easy steering, and they like
also those details of convenience
such as the light controls in the
center of the handsome steering
wheel, the ease and surety with
which the brakes may, be applied,
the almost effortless .operation of
the clutch, the convenient loca
tion of the long parking brake
lever, and the grouping of the
instruments, all under glass.
These details of refinement and
improvement are. in keeping with
the usual quality found through
out Nash construction, and serve
to. enhance the enjoyment of the
7-bearing crankshaft motor with
which each model is equipped. .
v .
'k ' JJ
At the conclusion of his exacting duties as the Chief Executive of the State of Georgia Gorenor Clifford Walker
decided to rest up by touring Canada and the East la his Oldsmobile de luxe Sedan. He purchased his new car a
few daya before retiring from offica and is shown hef in front of the gubernatorial mansion at Augusta.
A' beautiful Circassian finished
instrument board of new, design
has been added to the list of re
finements of the 1928 Chandler1
Special Six series. This board has
all of the - usual instruments, I
grouped under glass and indi
rectly lighted. Head, light con
trol is from the steering wheel. I
We are now going to forgive the
fellows who borrowed money off of
us when we were younger &nd less
experienced. Maybe they were vic
tims of amnesia.
ITU 41 rtrUltMH P If I 1 1H til 111" I Sill :4 . S Uti: 'r 'I't'i - IJ ill
. 1
" .-.-. - '-
From Your House Electric Current ' ;'
... . . . r
. . . . ... . . -1 . .. . . -
It makes no difforence whether you now have a dry-cell or. a storage-battery operated
radio set. or what kind of ba'tery set you may buy. the rhilco AB Rocket Power will run
that set from your electri lirht. socket, smoothly and perfectly. No more re-charging no
batteries to replace -and better still yon' get improved ' reception not the least hum; nof
the least distortion. - - . - . j
' " ' -: . - ' ; . "- .
Improve Your Radio Reception W;th a I'hileo Radio Socket Power
Battery &. Electrical Service
404 North Liberty St. .Phone SOS
sirsBSsaasannv sjbwv-bbi -. mm - 1 1 11 sx - j T. , m .r
5 55 Lemds the World in Motor Car Value JT
.. . . - t 31 II mm in. VV
r'S.- new'
Jili nzzT; 2 jeW Models All 5JX;,cl .r
-. . , -upwards
cars Wash, . s
: ". 1 ,. , 'f "
The great POWER of these hew Nash models ' The newly-refined 7-bearing motors give Nash
will be a revelation to
They "Xmll", the 6teepest grades or-the heavi
est going with: absolutely amazing ease and
smoothness . ' . I,
For there's EXTRA power engineered into
every Nash motor They have the extra ' effi
; ciency of the STRAIGHT LINE drive so that
Nash power flows directly from the engine to
the-rear axle in a straight line t
;They take hills without a note of strain with
- out the least of laboring. ' ,
Come DRIVE a new Nash. Test out the QUAN -TITY
of its power as well as the QUALITY.
the u-orta's smoothest power-flow throughout
the whole range of use.
.: .-... -. v. . . -- v - - -. -- . ; v -; . -
All crankshafts aire balanced integrally with
clutch and flywheel to make the new Nash
the smoothesti :suetest? car you ever drove.
'Atite'EASlEST riding, easiest steer-
irig'frart'Vo wifiv: tbeir new
secret process alloy-steel springs and, newly
improved steering mechanism. ;
.COME in today ancl. select the model yea
want to drive. 4 New- LOWER prices makn
these new models the crestert vslses on the
--.JFi :.WfETF1fJfOHE3:C0:
"After -Ve Sell 7e Serve
months tth. year and the grand.
. ... fc.... ,. J V- .,,..),. - ' C,.-.i.,. inn W -r 1, ij J
total for last year exceeded by al-