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Ea tared at thai Poat Of flea la Safest,
-- ' - September
' The .Lord executetb righteousness and judgment tfor all that are
oppressed. Psalm 103: v
VThis 17th day of September, ith 140tKanniversaryr of
the adoption of, the Ck)nstitution.of ;the,Unitpd; States, by
the unanimous consent of. the' delegates or deputies as they
-were calle&r-of the thirteen original states, assembled in
Philadelphia" on September 5,7, 1787 - ; -,;' t
The fi'rsCwritteh document -of the' kind lever promulgated
tbdefinV tte of a free;
people. The-great' Gladstone said this was the greatest docu
ment ever drawn up or struck from the, brain of man.
Our Constitution is a document in" plain words, opposed to
a vast set of precedents and usages that stood for what it
stands for in all governments up to the establishment of our
ExceDtinir for the first ten
bill of rights," agreed to be submitted by ? he deputies
adopting, the original document, and the 11th amendment
restricting the judicial power of the United States, and the
12th amendment; prescribing the manner of the election of
the president and vice president,! the document -stood as
originally adoptedwithbut amendment, till after the Civil
war, when the 13th, i4th and 15th amendments were adopted,
abolishing slavery and defining the status of persons en
gaged in that conflict and prohibiting the right to vote on
account of race, -color or-previous condition of servitude ;
- With only four since, the 16th in 1909, making' income
taxes levied by the government legal, the 17th in 1913.
for the election of United States senators by direct vote, the
18th, in 1917, for prohibition, and the 19th; in 1919 for
woman suffrage. ;
CThere is little than can be said in praise of this immortal
document the" anniversary of the adoption of which is cele
brated this day that is not trite; that has not been spoken
and written times without number. . f;v V ' ! - : :
It is justified by the greatest country of all time, built upon
infirm foundation, and by a people enjoying the greatest
liberty under law in the world's history I
Andit is justified fethe fact that every hew government f
.V.o Mt'fthlisbAfl' iUie' worldhavinsr in mind therights of I
its people, has used its form, and often its language.
The fathers; of the Republic: bullded "wiser thart -they
knew projected their ideas of liberty and law over a vast
ly greater-territory and population-than they -dreamed -of ;
and sent them as a model for other peoples aspiring to in
dividual freedom over the whole round world, i i ; - ,
' We celebrate the 4th day of July as the birthday of free-
? ' And there vis as 'much reason ;ta celebrate i the ,17th of
September -as the birthday of the document that guaranteed
the freedom for which the Revolutionary forces fought.
jrvi'. 5 vv- k-u t-?H:-,-
liThe traditions of Willamette : university aef ; a heritage
great , anj worthy ;a 'but the vigorous 'and clean young , life
represented in the 84th freshman class the members of
which make the classic shades of the institution inspiring
and hopeful is the great thing after 11. These successive
classes,- representing the' earnest'- and ambitious : young men
and women of a wide territory make up the forces that are
ta continue the wonderful influences that have made and are
taakingand are to make the s.tamp:of W.JU. Ja tiling to be
respected throughout this section and this nation and the
wide worldJ They "are the i worthy "Sons cahd daughters of
the men and women whose forbears put the mark of Chris
tian civilization and progress on the land that was foreign
territory when the beginnings of Willamette universty were
madethe Oregon Country to which the Mayflower of the
Pacific journeyed, the good ship Lausanne, bearing the mis
sionary recruits.
Who will say-that farming in this section 4does not pay,
after reading in The .Statesman of yesterday ; the record of
the roan 'near Turner whose 1927 crops will more, than pay
Off his mortgage? What man has done man can do. Then?
ii no, acre in the Willamette valley that has any right to be
cr remain an idle or slacker acre.
. An irrigation boom is coming. Let's encourage it. It
will make the Willamette , valley f the richest! territory out
of doors ; ; ' 'i:' "vfi"? f-WiKr;:?-!-''
I Hit Tor Breakfast I
o , , o
Llndy Is' consistent , :,
,' He Intends to stay up In the air;
to derote 'his life to promoting
aviation ; ,
, "W
And he told the- 'Frisco people
last night that he believes the big
prizes .of the future should go to
the men making navigation of the
upper spaces safe.: Everybody has
thought that; but Lindbergh's dic
tum will go a long way in enforc
ing the idea... - ; . t
On Wednesaay, E. E. Gervals, of
Tarheel, Coos county, killed a deer
with a white cedar arrow .with a
steel head shot from a yew bow.
He sighted the deer at 250 yards
and stalked It to 45 yards. .That
makes a real news Item in, these
!cys. It would have been the
cjnmonplace , a few generationsthe, Einstein. theory. f
Ralph II. Kletiinc Adyertiaiag Manager
Oeo. E. Mania - Ropt. Meeaaaieal Dept.
W. ll. tfanderto. Ovulation Maaeger
E. A . khotea, - Livestock Kditor
W. C. Cfeaaer ' - . pnuitxy Kditor
icgnrif ipn nrgid .
i Jnb TWmmkrtniiiit
Circulation. Offico 663
Oregon, a eeeond-elaae mat tar.
17 1027 ' ; ' i: '
- ; - -' - r - ; -
amendments, constituting the
ago. when the killing of a deer
from a gnn would have been the
wonder of "; the ; world. Times
change. i-; - " ; H ? 1 c-: 1:7-
v - . : y
The hall of the house In the cap
itol ought to be crowded this eve
ning. to help the D. A. It. celebrate
Constitution day.'
r. ..v , y . v .
When ' Lindbergh ' comes . Salem
way again, if he ever does, this
city must Jiave an air port fit for
the landing of the-Spirit of St.
Louis or one of its: successors of
equal or larger aite.:
;.-. -
Yet these swould seem as good as
the old. days if yon had the sam
good appetite. -i r ' :
; . .. i , 1. .. - ,
A man isn't licked until he be
gins to blame his wife for his failures."-
'-,-.!. ...
It's such a relief to hear that
Chapter V.
"Why, he's a perfect darling,
Adraste! You're a fortunate girl.
Let me take him It's ages since I
held otfe In my arms, but I still
know how. : .;
"You certainly do, Helen! There
he roes, sucking hU thumb again!
Take It out. will you, .Helen.
"So you think -you're RoinR to
break him of that habit?" i
Oughtn't I to try?" ' f ;
: "I - suppose so one learns so
much in trying-Now that he has
stopped "being all ;red and has
turned pink,"!' do'belieTe he re
sembles yon,"- Adraste. Do you
see it?" .
'Oh no, Helen. I think he's
much more like his father. I don't
know whether to be glad or sorl
ry." - - -i i v. . ', r
"Be glad, of course. Dam as tor
is rery good-look inr. and , voull
want-your boy to favor you -both
But you can't form a final opinion
when they are a week old. I dare
say his mother : has discovered
some profound characteristics in
him even now?"i, s
"Do you know. I have. Helen.
He's . the best little companion I
know his waya already. And I
imagine he begins to notice me a
little." -. ? . ' :
"He is a darling!" , ; ,
"Do'you think they do know so
early, Helen? . " '
Well. Herm lone; flirted with
her father when she was a week
old, It's the only' Indiscreet thing
she ever permitted herself to do.
Of course, they know, the moment
tJivr hnrn' Viti W rmws
ineyre Dom: Your boy growg
wiser-looking every day.- If he's
to put on a more profound air than
to be changed. Some of us never
could . understand " why they
thought the old way was right.
Why not each property holder;
bordering on the open ditch be
tween the S. P. railroad and the
hill in South Salem open his part
of the ditch before the fall rains
come and thereby do much to pre-
vent its overflow this winter?
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without stopping.
. r . So Injuries
We and the machine are OK,"
Commandant Fitzmaurice said in
an ' interview - after making the
landing at Beale Strand, Ballybun
nion. -"The engine ran perfectly
and we returned only because in
the circumstances it was impossi
ble to teet,i treh J compass
course. . .. ;
The commandant said that after
crossing' the Aran islands in Cal
way bay, the "Princess Zenia" en
countered very rough weather and
poor visibility. -At 4:58 P. m. he
and Captain -Macintosh decided
that it would be suicidal to pro
ceed and swung back for the" Irish
COaRt. : -5'.i''Jr- ""- - ''-I .'. i h
The airmen emptied one" gaso
line tank In order-to lighten their
machine and reached county Clare
about : 6 o'clock.! For more than
half an hour-they flew about 30
feet above the - sea skirting the
coast in search of, a suitable placel
to land and finally came to the
Bealo Strand, where they I landed
safely.. . . . : !fs j
Notice is hereby given, that the
partnership heretofore existing be
tween tlie undersigned, under tne
assumed name of Willamette Heat-
Ini Co.. has been dissolved by mu-
taal agreement, and that the busi
ness will be continued by the un
dersigned. B. C. Negelspach. under
his own name; and that he will pay
all debts and complete all con
tracts of the said partnership to
this date. -
Dated. -Salem, "Oregon, Sept.
16th, 1927. -
6-rnoncis ot -th -ykniroal Rtaterawt mt
of Tokio, in tb Empire t Japan en tfca
tairty-first aay-ar.JXveaJbar. maaa
to th lnsaraaee .Goianiauoavr of tba
8tata f Orrfon, pnraoan to law:
AnouBt ot depo't . 500.000.00
; Ineoaa
Set premium recaived 4ar-
ing- tb yer i.u,aaiji
Intercut, iridend and reat
Te4ivet dnrinc the -yaar .317.070.04
Income from , ther" "aoureaa-; '
received during ta".ar 261.888.80
. Total income ...f 8.182.910.1S
XMataraaaaaata - s
Net lonaaa dating tha 7ar .
iaelodiac' adiuctment ax-' '
pontes ...n.52. 177.21
CowmUtiona and Marie
paid daring thp year....i... r 88S.870.0S
Tax a, lieennen and fees paid
dnrtnc the year.. . n . 60.818.67
Aajoont af all other ospend-
itarea r . 4u 100.642.16
- Total spenaitre ....$'J,53O.503.16
Valna of stoeka and bond
owned (market loe.. 66,7ffl.3.1T..0
Cah in lianka and on handu 795.UJ.70
freminnK ' in rou me at col-
lection I i a t September,
30, ,192.. 480.432.18
Interest and rent duo and'
accrued ....... S0.420.6S
: Total adraRteil .$S.J32.324.03
ZiahUiUea -
GrM rla!m for losara -'
.- paid , 6I3.3I5J.OO
Amount of uDFamrJ premi
ami - on all ' ouwtaulag ;
All other ha1hiiiTil......." J 78,7j!7i
Total llahiiitiea, exrlaaWa '
of capital . - atock of . i: -
f 500,000.00 ...$i.77!.04.4
BtulaM la Oregoa for the Tear
Ket premium! receited 4ir-
ing h jrr o-s ....f 27.636.CO
LoaeB pmid during tha rear . 18.939.75
Lossea iaeurr4 'daring the
year va.710.75
Apple ton U Cx, Iae Attorney-1
ivfaet.' ' - j
C. J. Zievler. reaarr. '
Statatory reaideet attorney for iTTice;
ad A-. tiebiick Co turiUad, Urejon.'
17 rav
this, I shan't have the courage to
face him. lie Is reading my rou!
at this minute. . . .There, poor
child, don't cry! I'll give him back
to you. There! What on earth are
you crying about? I'm tirlnc you.
to be sure. . .I'll come in; again
later, when you've had a chance. to
rest.",.- ;jj,A-v;-v . : . '
"Don't go, Helen. I'm not tired
Sometimes it comes over me--my
dreadful fate; your kindness about
the child makes me '
i-: "Nonsense!" said Helen. rr'You
have no dreadful fate. Ypu ought
to be an extremely happy, woman
You have Ibis beautiful boy to love
and bring up; and you have friends
around yon who are thinking how
lucky the boy Is in his . mother.
You'll, give him a wonderful child
hood, a wonderfur youth: he will
always be young and shining, like
you." : ! ' :.'.
- "It'a all very well to say cheer
log things it's kind of you. Helen
but he will have only his moth.?
er: he won't have a father, like
other boys he won't have a com
plete home. I had no right to bear
him. and all his life I shall be pun
ished, seeing what he has missed."
"'Nobody could pretend you are
as happy as you deserve to be. But
even so, you. ought to have peace
of mind. Dear girl, it might be so
much worse!" .
? "How possibly ?
I "Why. Damastor might have
married you.",
-."Yon , think that would have
been worse!
? "Yes, much .worsen considering
Damaator's character. If he had
been a great lover, the kind we
J Tenl DUt usually don't-meet, the
, .1 j . 1
lasting kind, then . to lose him
would have been as tragic as you
think It is but then you wouldn't
have lost him. You don't , know
what it would have been like to
live with him." year after year,
when he had ceased to be your lov
er and was drawing on his re
serves of character to be your bus
band. A stranger.; with a haunt-
lng resemblance to your lover
that's what you'd be living with
Now you are far better off. Not
in the general opinion of society.
but really so. . . . Adraste, this
young man will never like curtain
lectures: he's going asleep. Shall I
put him In his crib?" - .
"Please and take his thumb
out." -! "
.. "It's all right It's in again. . i
I think you're a lucky - girl,
Adraste. to have both your love
and your sorrow pure." .
"I don't see any luck in having
sorrow, pure or impure."
"There Isn't any luck In' having
it. but since we must have it. it's
well to be able to feel it- That
shows how alive, how essentially
b appy. you still .are, I I'd give a
good .deal to
td'feel'a sorrow, I mean
ay, 1 envy,, ypn- ?Weye
what ' I say
talked so often about ' love,, yoU'
know what I thihk"of tha aTid
bow widely I've missed tot ideal
there. In sorrow too. I'ye missed
it." The awful fate In life Sreuld
htf to be numb and sleepy, to rest
in one's habits, to let the davs'sim
nly pass. . I wanted to know life
down to the quick. Either it can't
be done, or I neveiv found out
how." :.,:.:-.v: ,
i "But. Helen, you always eem
to me very wise In life. ' Ybutold
me the truth about Damastor long
before I could see it. and yon are
kind not to remind' me how I
failed to take your advU. r You
couldn't know, so much" Jt- ypu
hadn't had more experience than
yon admit." -
"That's the trouble:' I think I
do know about life, but not in the
right way not through my own
feelings. Adraste, you understand
I didn't come here to talk about
myself! I'm trying. to dhow you
where I think you are less unfor
tunate than.; yon believe. Sfnee I
haven't felt experience, deeply. In
myself. I could only study others,
try to understand, life through
them, f When you learn to see hu
man beinga that-way, and. yourself,
m spite ot what they think, as just
one more illustration of the com
mon nature, you gain in charity,
perhaps yon acquire a more gener
ous interest in your. feUows. but
the edge of sorrow is gone In
deed, of most passionate states. It
Isn't that yon know too much; no
one is too wise. . But you forget
how to' cry, and you learn to smile
at mankind beginning with your
self. There, you're looking tired
again. I'm going now.".
"Just a moment please don't
go.- I've aomething I ought to nay.
If I'm to be frank, as you always
urge us iai be. - I - do appreciate
yo,ur cheery talk and the way you
ha"ve. pretended that -all' la well
with roe. ' It's like you. Bat shall
we ever be the same to each other
again? I know I'm not quite the
f i lend I was: to some extent I've
become an object of pity.:;"; I owe
it to you that I have a root. over
me, this bed under Me." V -vl,
"Don't say such ,' things. nor
think them. ' You are exactly a
you were, one of -my homehoij,
and particularly dear to me." '
"No. Helen, you ran't deceive
me. Menelaos wanted to send me
away." . :.r " "i '."O-i;,
i'"Of course he said "sol Not lung
could be more 1 correct. 'Nobody
will be able to say that my hus
band countenanced Irregular be
havior in his , home. He said yon
positively. must go, and there was
to be no more , talk. . There was
tin ; more talk, and you stayed
That's Menelaos. He's really the
kindest man t who ever tried to
keep .the world straight. He is
willing to waive the results so long
as he can have an audience ' The
true 1 reason why he brought me
home instead of killing me. was
that he wanted to save up some
one. to talk at in. his old age. He
never has said of you half the bad
things he says to me, in the daily
round. Neither he nor I can spare
yea; . you vwlll have ; to be the
daughter of the house,' now that
Hermione is gone."
"Gone where? I haven't heard.
Has she married OresteiT" i
"She has left ns fun away. I
dare say .she'll, marry. Orestes, if
she hasn't done' so already. ' Any
way, we have lost her,- Her. father
threatened Jn an impulsive .mo
ment , to arrange a ' match with
Fyrrhus, and. Hermione took him
erlpusly, or pretended to. It gave
her a first-rate excuse . to throw
herself: on Orestes for protection.
We don't know where she is. , .
Adraste, has Charltas come to see
her grandson?"
"She certainly hasn't, that old
"Why don't yon ask her , to
"I'd like to see myself! After
the things jshe has said of me!"
- "Exactly. - Let . her say them
first;' and then come. - If I were
you ltd ask her. Tell her the-boy
waits to be seen, whenever she
cares to look at him. She'll come.
. . . And yon might rescue Damas
tor that way." 2
"There! You said I was lucky
not to marry him, and now yon
suggest getting him back!"
-s-it8 a weakness In me, I admit.
I think you would be quite perfect
without him, but you don't, and
yod would never forgive me for
not telling you how-to get around
his indignant mother. ' That's the
way It's done. Now do as you like.
Notice I said 'rescue him, We want
back the Damastor. who perhaps
gdoesn'f yet exist. But he might. .
SAnyway. Aaraste. I'm glad it's a
$oy. The girls do nave the rough
side, whenever there's alchoice."
'Helen, do you think Hermione
bught to marry Orestes?" '
'JMy'dear child, she's going to
knarry Or estea." ? , v
".'Burdught she to?"
Do you mean, would I marry
Jhinx? I'd drink poison Just before
Urn-wedding. He's almost -all that
I don't like In human nature. He
aees nothing good in life: but he
consents to take fharge'of it. If
.Hermione marries. I accept her
Jnoice. If she can accept it too,
she'll be fortunate. You know my
wrule repent before. not after
ward. And afterward It's really
too late to criticize."- '
-"But. Helen, would you say of
Hermione as you said -of me. that
It would be better it her: lover de
serted her, left her to bring up her
crua unmarried?" ; .
"Deaf me. I'm to bef cross-ex
amined! No. Adraste. I'd never
say the same oMIermione and of
you. I don't know that 'she could
appreciate her opportunities if
Orestes deserted her. I'm not sure
that either she 'or Orestes la In
love, ever was. or ever will be. The
cases aren't parallel. 'From what
I can gather, they regard each, oth
er not as lovers nut as supreme ob
ligations. To Hermione certainly
Orestes appeals as one of her du
ties. If ever rhaanIword with
him. I'll express my sympathy"
"Will you put; that rug over the
baby? The air's blowing; on him."
'If he sleeps) so soundly, he'll
give you little trouble: J oh, what
a splendid rugl ?
!"wnat do you Jthjnk?7 Eteoneus
came in here withbu t oeing invit
ed. I assure you, and without ask
ing permission; and. he stormed
around here llkea wild man said
the bouse' was going to the devil.
and he must leave It. and he called
me the. same thing as .baggage.
.... ""w"BaiaaBiBaB,r ?-
only worse,'and said Damaitor was
an ass.' Then ha -pilt this over bahjr
and gotout." : .v-.;
.- , . .- (To be continued) ' k "
Copyright. ' 1 9 2 5, . by - the Bobbs
: . Merrill Company. '
votict; .op , finai settle-
Notice is hereby given that the
andersigned has filed Jn the Coun
ly Court of the. State of Oregon,
for the County of Marion, hki duly-verified"
final acrount. tts ad
ministrator of the eetate of Bar
bara J. Leslie. Teceasedrand that
said conrt has- fixed. Monday, the
3rd day of October. 1927, at the
hour of ten o'clock A.1 M. of- said
day as the time, and the County
Court i.Rrom"Jn - the County Court
House - at ' Salem. Marion County.
Of egdn, as the place fof hearing
said final account and all objec
tions thereto. Hi 4i r
' Dated at -Salem. r'Oregon. thl
2nd day of September,' 12?.
Administrator of . the Eestate, ef
Barbara J. Leslie. Deceased. .
Attorney for Administrator -Salem.
Ofegon.- ' 8-10-17-24-01
Goardlans Notice -of Sale of Real
in tha MiHr nt ha; HnirHion.
shin of William McKimmey, a per-
son of unsound mind,
Notice is hereby given that the
undersigned Ancillary Guardian of
the estate . of the above named
m ard In the State of Oregon, by
virtue of an order duly made and
entered in. the above entitled Court
and Cause on the 16th day ot An
gust, 1927, will sell at private sale
at the offices ot Ladd. and Bush
Trust ' Company. Ladd ' and Bush
Bank Bldg., in the City 4t Salem,
Marlpn County, Oregon, on -or af
ter the 19th day of September,
1927, to the highest bidder for
cash all of the right, title; interest
and estate of the above named
ward, the said interest-being an
undivided one-eighth ( H interest
as tenant in common, in and to
those certain lota and parcels of
real property particularly describ
ed as follows, to-wit:
'Lots- numbered .thirty-seven
- (37),' thirty-eight (38);
seventy-one (71). seventy- .
; two (72), seventy-three (73),
f seventy-four .(74), ' eighty
four (84), eighty-five (85).
eighty-six ( 86 ). eighty-seven
(87). and eighty-eight. (88),
in Smith's Fruit Farms No. 2
in Marion - County, - State of
The interest of said ward in the
several lota and parcels of the
above described real property may
be sold either separately or to
gether an d not less than the sum
of Fifty ($50.00) Dollars of the
amount bidden shall be paid upon
account . of the purchase price of
each lot if said lots are sold sep
arately or in groups, and if aold
in a body not less than the sum of
Two Hundred S e n t y-f I v e
($275.00) Dollars of the amount
bid shall be paid in cash, at the
time of sale, and the balance of
the. amount bid. upon eatih.lot or
aggregate amount if sold in groups
or as a whole shaU,oe paid: Upon
confirmation of sale by the above
entitled Court anU the7 tender of
the. Guardian's, deed; sale; to be
made subject to' the -confirmation
of the above entitled' riotirt- . Th
date of the first publication of this.
notice is August 20 th, 1927, and
the last September 17th. 1927.
Dated this 20 th day of August,
1927. . .-: - : Jr - .
Ancillary Guardian of the Estate
ot William McKimmey, a Person
of Unsound Mind; .- - - J
j f GROVE .STREET. . r
Notice la hereby. given that the
Common Council of the City of
Salem, Oregon, deems It necessary
and expedient and hereby declares
Its ' purpose -'and Intention to Im
prove the - Alley in Block 4 of
Compton'a Addition to the City of
Salem, Marlon County, Oregon,
from the north line of Columbia
Street to the, south line ot Grove
Street, in the City of Salem. Mar
ion county. Oregon, at the expense
of the abutting and adjacent prop
erty, except the street and alley in
tersections, the expense of which !
will be assumed : by the Citv of
by the use of PACIFIC. IJEALTH-O RE In the treatment of nnmerbus ailments such
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(Oopyrigkt, Tr927, PqblUhafa Syadtaate)
Salem. Oregon, by r bringing said
portion of said street to the estab
lished grade, constructing Port
land cement' concrete curbs.' and
paving said portion of said street
with a - six-inch : Portland cement
concrete pavement. " 16 - feet- in
i width. : in - accordance with the
plans and : specifications theref or
which were adopted ;by the Com
mon Council on . the 6th day ot
September,'-19 27; now .on fUe in
the ' office of the City Recorder,
and which are hereby referred to
and made a art hereof.'
' The Common Council hereby de
clares its purpose and intention to
make, the above described In.
provement by and through-- the
Street Improvement Department of
the City of SalemiOregon.i
. By order of the Common Coan
ell the 6th day of September, 1927
.". M. POULSEN. City Recorder.
' Date of first publication. Sep
tember 11, 1927.
Date1 of. final publication Sep-
"mMr Z3. 1W7. j- . aiiioz3inc
Notice 4s hereby, given that the
Common Council of the . City . of
Salem. Oregon, deems it necessary
and expedient and hereby declares
itfc purpose and intention to im
prove Trade Street from the east
line of 14th Street to the west line
of 17th Street,- In the City ot Sa
lem, Oregon, by bringing said por
tlon of said ' street to the estab
lished 'grade, -constructing Port
land cement concrete curbs, and
paving said portion ot said street
with a' six-inch Portland cement
concrete . pavement, twenty-tout
feet In width, in accordance with
the plana and specifications there
for -.which were .adopted by th
Cpmmon Council on the 15th day
of August; 19 27. now on file la
the office of the City Recorder.
and which are-' hereby referred ts
and made a part 'hereof. -
The Common .Council hereby de
clares its purpose and intention to
make the above described improve
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tCeprrlfkt. 1927. Pabliakara Syadleau)
ment by and through the Street
Improvement Department of the
City of Salem, Oregon. .
By order of the Common Coun
cil the 15th day of August, 1927.
'-.;m. POULSEN, City Recorder.
Date of first publication Septem
. her 8. 1927. . .
Date of flnaL pnbHcation Septem
- ber 20, 1927. Sent8rnnrn
notice of Intention to ni.
Notice Is "hereby, given that the
Common Council of the City of
Salem. Oregon, deems It necessary
and expedient and hereby declare!
Its purpose . and Intention to Im
prove Gaines Avenue from the east
vwuiuivrcui aireet to tui
west line of Liberty Street, In tht
City of Salem, Oregon, at the ex
pense of the abutting and adjace.
property, except the street and al
ley intersections, the expense of
which will be assumed by the CItj
of Salem, Oregon, by bringing said
nnrf Inn a b.M . - a. - .
lished grade, constructing Port,
land cement concrete curbs, an4
iua oaiu jjui liuu ui Ba.tu aireei
with a hard surface pavement, six.
inch Portland cement-- concrete
pavement, 30 feet in width, in ac
cordance with the plans and spec
ifications ' therefor which' were
adopted by the Common Council
on the 15th day of August. 1927.
now on file in the office ot the
City Recorder, and which are here
by referred to and made a part
hereof. .
- The Common Council hereby de
clares its purpose and Intention to
make : the . above described ' im.
provement: by and through ' the
Street Improvement Department of
the city of Salem, Oregon. 3
By order of the Common Coun
cil the 1 5 th-day of 'August. 1927.-
M. POULSEN, City Recorder.
Date of first publication Sep
tember 10, 1927. -
Date of final publication Sep
tember, 22. 1927. v ; al0to22inc
a '