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    1 He Oregon
T Twvml Dally Eept Moiy or 1 i
SIS Santa Cammarclal
to. J, Hendricks - - lfsnaffar
Jrl 8. McSharrr ' V(ura( Editor
Ralph C Crtis- - - City Editor
Victor D. Carls ,'-,. Sporta Editor
SU'alla. Ban eh - - 'Society Editor
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ZUpetafces credited it or not otherwise credited ia this pser and alao the local
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Taomaa E. Clark Co., New York. 128-13A W. 31t St.; Chicago. MarqnetU Bldf.
Doty A 8 types, lne California representatives, Sharon Bldg., gaa FraneUee; Chamber
mt Commerce Bldg.. lxa Angeles. , ; J - , - . : . - ? .
Newa DepCU 'or 108
Itaaiaeas rffl-e.2S"or SS
Society Editor , lOo
j ; 1 1 ;
Entered r tk Post Office in Salens,
-.t- " ; September 10, IIKST ; - r ,' : j - f
1;0 sins unto .the Lord a new song; lor He hath done marvellous
things: His right hand, and His holy arm hath' frDttea Ilim the vic
tory Psalm 58 'fXTr-T'-- i''fi,':..
About fifteen families will
SalexQjtthe inception of the operation of motor coaches by
the Southern Pacific, next Tuesday I !
. rWith Salem W headquarters.
-J ffThe whole system is to radiate from Salemi The superinten
dent and his assistants are to be h'erei ' The accounting . de
partment will be in Salem. ; And the repair department. 'The
coaches will be -washed and reconditioned here; The car barn
ori'Pont street wiUit
: Fifteen new families Will mean 60 to 75 added to the popu
lation of this citycouning four to five to the family, f
jHqw many new r people will 'thi3ineto:for:.lemf; when you
consider the extra business that will be given to the butcher,
baker and jcndlesck ? makerr-Uhe (doctor, ; preacher 4 and
lawyer, arid teacher- and ""merchant and milliner and all the
rest?';;:r;-" W:) ' ' : i . " :
ttVilT "it mean k-10a'iSr 200?: You are likely to rather under
estimate than over estimate- , . . I
'-- And, then the fourteen extra trips of motor coaches be
tween Salem and Portland alone each day, and the connections
to-thesouth i and inother directions, will bring more people
to, and through Salem . , !
- A constantly increasing stream of travelers and; tourists
with dim6s and dollars to spend
Nimble dollarsentering all lines of trade and business and
passing from hand to hand. This all means increase of busi
ness and consequent growth of population. ; Business breeds
business. The salaries of all these people directly employed
in this new system of transportation will be regular and, on
the average, good. They will have in the aggregate arlarge
amountjbf money to spend and to invest and thus add trade
arid? solidity. : i
.Thiis Salem increases her importance as a transportation
center. Increases her prestige as a place where people meet.
Grcws' gregariously great I
: We can scarcely over estimate the importance to Salem
oi this trend towards the building here of a transportation
center - , : -j.. .- F-
. ?And being the Oregon headquarters of this new motor
coach system, radiating in every direction, is a lohg stride
in that direction.
The Eugene Register finds that when the street car
system in Eugene is, abandoned," the. State! of Oregon, iLane
county 'andV the city of Eugene will lose some $4700 a year
in general property taxes. But the State of Oregon will gain,
iii auto licenses 'and gasoline taxes, f; About the same thing
has1 taken place in Salem and Marion county. All this is hard
oh the general funds of city, county and state. But it swells
tne revenues of the automobile department of the state;
ahef, to a1 considerable extent, the 25 per .cent of j the auto
license taxes going to the counties. , ; '
'An up .valley, paper says Governor Patterson is (quick on
the" trigger when it comes to appointments. Saves himself
a, !world of trouble, and makes , vastly fewer enemies and
"Heartburns than if he "allowed trie agony id draw itself out
in procrastination.
Not a good, farmer in the
as used water this year, but
1 " m m . ,
inavinrf on nis monraee
lie, had irrigation, no banker in the county would have loaned
him a $5 bill on "all his holdings. . In the ; name of common
Bene, why do we not irrigate, all over the; valley? j Well,' we
aje going to. ' . ';!:'.
, . " .
I Citizens of Oregon are asked to observe Saturday as Con
stitution Day. And of course they'll not forget1 that the
eighteenth amendment is a part of the constitution.' ' -'
i -Eugene Register.
nits For Breakfast
1 An Irrigation boom
' - S . .
I That's what'we need here r
; . . S . ' , :
, And thatswhat we are going to
Lave, i . 'y r-t' ".. - ; " . ' r
- , - V ! U H
Read .the record . of the 1927
farming operations ' of Bruce
l,o wne. Turner, who pays off his
mortgage with his 1927 crops, and
lia$ at-least enough left to bay a
liew hat, - .
y. V :
There will be at least 15 tarn
lUcs added to Salem's population
l.y lhe motor coach headquarters
of the Southern Pacific for Ore
fJon being-established here. Di
irctly and Indirectly, how many
will this add to our population?
Your guess. f
. . -- :
Now that the.llttle onions are to
be canned,, wo railst have a factory
to iise the ' little potatoes: the
culls. - A potato, Tlour, starch and
dextrine factory.' Girls, did. you
reallzo that the best line of face
powders comes from potato starch
; thafoundatlon or raw, material?
Thas, the lowly tuber becomes 'an
t i tide of very hlsrh tisa and cost.
8trt. Salara. UraKa
Ralph H. KlaUiof - Advertising Manager
OtXK E. Martia - Supt. Meenaaieal IXrpt.
W. H. Headarsoa I - CircwUtioa Manager
K. A. Khoten - " , ' l.i-eat.ek Editor
W. C Conner - PwiUy Editor
Job IVpartment1
Circulation Office
; T
Oregon, as teeoad-elaas matter.
be added to the population of
Santjam Irrigation district avfio
has made money, une farmer
jit it' . lf T:
wun mis years crou, xexure
moior knocks. It's weakening."
Friends -are all yon haver to
keep you from being a stranger.
Who remembers tbe old days
when a vice president didn't have
much to say? . .
The flivver age has advantages'.
but It ofers nothing to roplace the
bourse shoe nail as an emergency
pants button. . 1
All the world needs Is ap agree
ment not to have any? more wars
until the old ones aTe paid for. ; '
I Most of ns think re could do
much better; If we only had the
opportunities which we don't rea
lize' we have. ; ' -! . ; .
??';-;;V;Vv; !, ! ; -
; There's a 1 bright I side. Enough
has happened since the great war
to Btart v dozen mora Ifs people
hadn't-becn" fed up. ! ' :
A boardef In "Kansas stole his
landlord's wife and hte Ford car.
The husband .: failed tto pursue.
Waiting to see what the new mod
els will be like, perhaps. -.
; i r. a----::-
We can't all go to the Dempey
Tunney fight, but we lean tell the
holders of S40 seats some of the
details of the battle after tber ret
Falls City Quarry to be
Opened and Operated"
in Near Future : .
" . The Oregon Lime Products com
pany itv to open the Muck quarry
near Falls City, which the com
pany now owns," and in' the near
future have quantities of lime rock
and agricultural lime tor the mar
kets. . ; ' . - . . '.
. The grade for the railroad spur,
connecting with the Falls City line,
will be done in about two weeks.
The timber for the bunkers is in,
the cook house built, the office be-.
"ing built, and some clearing has
been done of the dirt above the
deposit.' . :'.
f a Have Fine Plunt?
The company: is to have a fine
"plant, "with new', and tip to . date
machinery The machinery will
have a capacity of six car-loads a
day of pulverized lime stone that
is, 300 tons a day ready for the
market; in eight hours.
Special machinery is also to be
put in for the making of chicken
grit, for which there is a large demand;';"-
' : yi7i ' . f "'
. DBOOVERY liATE . f ,
' ' ' ' ' - f f
? City police officers are at a lota
to explain the disappearance of
IX. Von Thiele wanted at Orrvllle;
California. on a forgery charge,
who m escaped from the city Jail
sometime between and - pi'ml
Wednesday afternoon. Office;
C. L. Wilcox discoTered the. cell
empty shortly after relieving Act
ing Chief of Police Walter Thomp
son at 4 o'clock.
He searched the jail quarters,
and failed to find trace of Von
Thiele, supposed he had. been re
moved by some officer. It was
not until Ren W. French, deputy
sheriff Irom Orrvjille, Butte
county, California, called for the
prisoner to take him to 'a barber
shop, that it-was definitely known
that Von Thiele had escaped.
How he gained access to the
street without being seen was re-
rgarded as a mystery, for while the
padlock on the cell was said to
have been unlocked, officers de
clared it -could not be removed
without aid from the outside.
The janitor at the city hall had
talked with the missing man at 3
o'clock, and R. L Jones, employed
in the city. recorder's office, had
been working in the lobby of the
station, just in front of the en
trance to the jail quarters, during
the afternoon. V ?
Search of the city, as well as a
trip to Portland in an effort ' to
pick Von Thiele up there, have had
no results, and Deputy French
will return to Orrvllle early this
morning without his prisoner. An
investigation of the affair-is an
ticipated as soon as Chief Frank
Minto returns from a hunting
trip. . t
. An extradition hearing was to
have been . held- yesterday,- when
Robert G. Closterman, German
consul at Portland, was to have
been present, yon Thiele was a
German subject..; . f :
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discrimination against American
PARIS; SepU 15. (AP)- A.
proposal which is regarded as fur
uishing Brf basis,' for nfgotiations
with the United States on the
question of tariff rates, but which
even in quarters close to the
French government is not expect
ed toa satisfy Washington, was
made today -by France. s 5
France proposed to accord Ami
erienn commodities a fifty per
cent reduction of the general tar
iff now. etfectlve. This general tar
iff is four times the minimum rate
and thus ; American , products
wojjM have to pay twice, the
amount assessed on imports from
Germany and other countries with
which France has commercial
treaties. ' . . ' '
The proposed 'reduction would
be effective during negotiations
with the United States looking to
ward a commercial treaty. U?
ITntil a reply from the United
States saying that the govern
ment is ready to begin v discus
sions, the present high rates will
The French government's 're
ply was communicated in a form
which Is called In diplomatic Ian
gua? "aide memolre," which is
a degree more informal than the
so-called verbal note.
, The note, which, was not made
public. was handed . to 8heIdor
Whitehouse, American charge d'
affaires,; who with Raymond C.
Miller, assistant commercial at
tachc, called at the economic divi
sion of t he" foreign office by ap
pointment. ' .
- M. Arnal, "a high official f'tbV
economic department, addressed
his callers on the i French tariff
poUcy evDlainine that France had
given certain advantages; to the
United States In 1916. and 1921
whk-h she no longer could extend.
Th e government ; however,
would be very much pleased, he
said. - to enter; on a reciprocal
trade ,greement rtviting on the
prlnciiHo of favors ; given ; for
Jhose received " 'l.
20 Year OM Xttrw Says It IjnoVs
Vcr. Very lid For Jle"
' J -, - ,
ENIO. OKTA.. Spt.' 15 u-
AP)-Forr-saiiy argM with the
Reverend Charles , ; Bailey Epi-
copal- clergyman -' for: . whom"
she had professeer a deep devoti
on. Miss Mary Atkinson, 26 year
old nurse,! late today pleaded not
guilty when arraigned before a
justice of the peace. Tonight she
was back In a Jail .cell she has oc
cupied for a week while authori
ties were, investigating the girl's
death. i .....
- It looks very, very bad for me,
doesn't it?" commented the nurse
when a deputy sheriff entered her
-ell this afternoon and Informed
her she had been charged with' the
murder of Mary Jane Bailey, the
18 year old daughter of Mr. Bail
ey, who died ' suddenly last week,
under 'circumstances indicating
she bad been polsonedl . ,
Charged with operating a car
with improper license plates, R; E.
Barrett of Tacoma, Washington,
was assessed a fine of $25 when
he pleaded guilty before Justice
of the Peace Brazier C. Small,
yesterday. He was unable to pay
the fine, or to secure proper li
cense plates, and the car is being
held at a. local . garage until he
raises the money.
When first arrested by State
Traffic Officer W. B. Genn. Bar
rett said he lived at the Perkins
hoter in Portland. ; He had Ore
gon plates on the machine. Later
he said he was a grocery clerk in
Tacoma, haying recently sold his
business, there. A son 15 years
old accompanied him. '
The car, a light roadster with
enclosed delivery box. on the rear,
was . said to have been borrowed
from a friend to make the trip
from Tacoma to Grants Pass.
where he was. 'to have spent about
two weeks hunting with a son.
He declared that the . false li
cense plates had been put on the
car at the instance of another
friend In Tacoma of Longview, or
somewhere, in lieu of dealer's
When he pleaded Ignorance,
Judge Small was adamant, al
though assessing the minimum
penalty for. the offense, which
ranges from a 225 fine, to a fine
of -2400, and a year in the peni
tentiary. I
David O'Hare, an employe In the
secretary of state's office, will, be
the Hollywood Community club's
candidate for the vacancy existing
on the city council from ward S. i
was, announced 'yesterday, follow-'
ing a meeting of the club. A peti
tion was started and already sev"
era! names are attached. - - - -
O'Hare; who lives at 1417 North
Liberty street, has-been active In
affairs of the north district..
C. E. Albin has declined to enter
the race i for appointment to the
berth, left vacant by the removal
of Byron i Brunk to Tacoma. Had
be desired the place, he would
have had the club's support, it is
Saw. ,, ' .
Rrnnk'a fnrmal MilrmtiA, Sao
- . . Mao,
not been received, but it is proba-l
hU l..t I. -rill - I J .1 !
iua ,L w ill uc yi C3CUIOU SI ine
city council meeting next Monday
night, and an election called to fill
the vacancy. ; '
The meeting was held In - the
Texas Garage on North Capitol
3treet and was preside i over by R.
H. Myers, -
Drawing up of formal proposals
for certain Improvement in this
Hollywood district to Ue presented
to the city council was delayed un
til the next meeting which will be
held some time soon.
Sptedboats- Prepare by Racing
AJenaj Surface of Potoanac -
? WASH JNGTOT, - Sept. 1 5.
( AP) Half ol the' hundred or
more speedboats'' -Wblch are to
compete in the president's cup re
gatta here tomorrow and Saturday
were skimming up and down the
Potomac; today ! while finishing
touches were applied in prepanD
tlon f or jlhe races...
The program for tomorrow In
cludes the first heats of the pres
ident's cup race - and the Dodge
Memorial cup competition, both ot
which are' to be" concluded on Sat
urday.'4;r. I ,.f7t-M l-U 1
Leading entries for two events
are Horace Dodge's Miss Syndi?
cate and Sister Syn; George Town
send's Greenwich Folly,.; whos
hull was punctured when a pro
peller snapped but since has been
repaired and pronounced fit; - G:
H. Rand's Lady Spitfire; J. II. R.
Cromwell's Bottums Up and
George C. Giaves Shadow Vite.?
Army Planes to Do Returned t
San Francisco For Winter
EUGENE. Sept. 5 (AP)
The r or eat fire airplane patrol la
western Oregon ceased today after
having been in ODeration six
weeks. The army planes stationed
nere win be taken baek to Crls
wy field at San Francisco In a
few days according to the officers
in charge. : It is reported that Eu
xene - will be ' made a permanent
airplane bane for forest patrol and
tliat the work will be started ear
lier next year.
ASTORIA. Sept. lS.--(AP)
K. A. Hukarl of Hood River won
a walkinc race from . Seasidn in
Astoria here tonight. Ills time
was three hours 57 minutes;
F. Kruecer of Portland was see
ond and William Puustinen of As
toria was third. Twenty, men, en
' "May I come in?" said Eteon
eus.".' "I. don't wish to. Interrupt,
but I notice that vbe whole famUy
are 'here, and I prefer to tell the
news to you all at once." i
"News about what?" said Mene-
laos. ' "''-f-': :;;-'::'
r "About Orestes. It's partly good
news, and partly bad.' In Ah,
firsj. place, the young man has
avenged his father's death, lie
has killed, Aegistbus."
"That's something like!" said
Menelaos. "This puts him rather
high in my esteem. If It weren't
for his mother "
"Can't . you overlook his moth
er, said Hermione, "now that he
has" behaved so well? Now be just;
father, and admit I have chosen
a; good husband."
"If this qualifies for the duties
of a husband, why, he qualifies,"
aid Helen. "BhI he won't be
avenging murders all his life, and
I hope you will marry him. If you
do, for other reasons than hi?
adroitness in killing Aegisthus.
Where is he. Eteoneus? ' I'd like
to meet Orestes." .. . v -
''He's, on Khe .war. I. .under
stand," said Eteoneus, "but ! 1
doubt It he calls 'unless you give
him a special invitation. He
thinks the family, doesn't approve
of him, with the exception of your
daughter, - and just now he's -well,
rather - tease and sensitive.
I'd like very much to see him,"
said Menelaos: "Is he going to
return that armor' you lent-him,
Steoheus? It was my best set.
"Oh, he'll bring it back, Mene
laos; I fancy: he's reliable in such
matters. He'll be wanting to get
away from that place as soon as
he. can, and this' the
natural spot for him to hurry to.
"He won't care to stayiaear his
mother "very long," said Helen.
"This is the worst that has hap
pened to Clytemnestra to have
her lover executed right on the
estate, where she thought herself
so powerful! Eteoneus, what did
Clytemnestra say?"
"And what did she do?"
Helen looked at him so steadily
that they . all looked at her, and
noticed that the color had left
her face.
"You have bad news, too," she
said. "Tell us everything."?
"I see you've gue3ed tt," said
Eteoneus. "and that makes it eas
ier to tell.1 Clytemnestra 's dead."
: Helen rose to her feet, as if
she were about to leave them.
Then, she stood perfectly still,
while '.he others talked.
"How did she die, Eteoneus?"
said Jlermoine.
I "Orestes killed her." ,
: "No!" cried Hermoine.
; "He killed her." ; ,
"Not his own motherj" i
""His own mother."
"Helen," said Menelaos, "this Is
a good deal worse than my bro
ther's death. There is no forgive
ness in Heaven or on earth for
such a crime. Orestes is a lost
soul. I hope I may never see "
"I think Hermoine Is fainting,"
said Helen. : , "
."I'm all right," said Hermoine.
"1 don't blame you father It's
impossible. Orestes loved "her,
and he bad the deepest sense" of
filial ' duty it's ,i simply impos
sible!" .
"If you mean he didn't do it,
you're wrong" said Eteoneus. "He
killed her. It was one filial duty
against another, and he took ven
geance all around. He knows you
won't like it nobody seems to ap
prove.. That's why he's sensitive
abouc 'coming here." t
"He can neve, come here." said
Alt aeiaos. 'My wife knew how dif
ficult it would be to meet the
murderess of my brother i certain
ly she will never be asked to re-;
caive in our own house the son:
who killed her sister.. That mar
riage is - sc-ltled -once for - all- J.
take It your special invitation Is'
withdrawn, Helen."
"For the time only,'' said Helen.
"I'm - sorry for Orestes;- He as . a
lost soul, .Menelaos, .but I'-dOn'X
want him to be more lost than
necessary. Imagine bow. he will
eel when 'he realizes what he ha?
done! Perhaps we ought to send
for him now, rather than later.
Yes, send for him, Menelaos!"
"I can't follow, that,' said Men
elaos. ' , . Jy
. "Nor I," said Eteoneus. .""These
new ideaa go too.' far. Killing
Aegisthus "Was only proper, of
course, but when it comes to kill
ing your, mother 111 ; not open
the gate, to a man who has killed
his ownl mother. I was going to
tell you, as another piece of news."
continued Eteoneus, "that Pyrrhus
will probably be here in a day or
two. . He started more , quickly
than we; expected,' and I told the
man we cent, according .to your
instructions, not to turn him back4
if he - had got more than lhalf
way." - .. - - -,,- s - -
"I don't want Orestes to come
now, said Hermoine. .'.'It1 would
be too terrible with the whole
household around. I think I had
better see him first alone." ' ' ,
" "You'll see him nowhere," said
her father. "For this family
Orestes does not exist 1 . ,
You aren't thinking of him. still
as a husband, are you?" r
"Certainly. I He Is my. ' hus
band." , . . . . . . "
"Hermoine, don't tell me you
would marry a man who bad killed
his mother!.' , - - .
"I Khali marry him." .
f "Don't say that,- Hermoine--think
what you're saying! His
wife will be as he I. the compan
ion of his sin, utterly cursed. You
will never enter a rood home,' nor
sit down to eat with friends, nor
even die in peace, nor rest In a
;quiet graved If you think you
Jove him, remember you must hav-j
no- children the curse must die
with yon ! I can., imagine how
this horrible deed, but you don't
yet realize the horror. Think it
over quietly for a few days; you'K
see that I'm right."
"You have told me ' the truth
about my future," said Hermoine.
"but it still Is my future. I be
long to Orestes, to his curse, to hit
imlsery. I could never respect
myself If I 'deserved him now.
You are adventurous In battle, so
I'm told,-and mother is adventur
ous in " love. There are people
who are- adventurous in duty
who will carry a thing through
not because it Is pleasant, nor
because they like it, nor because U
will make anybody happy, but be
cause it is right.";
''You call it being adventurous
n ' duty to kill your mother?"
k'Ini- some circumstances, per
laps, but I was thinking of myself,
ind of my duty to . Orestes, I
hall go through with it." -
"Whether or not it makes any
body happy, eh?"
'Menelaos,' said Helen, "you
were wise to say that Hermoine
needs time to realize what all this
means. Give her time. You. don't
need to tell her to think It over.
She will be able to think of noth
ing else. In a few days we can all
talk more sanely.. Nothing matters
vefy much after what haa oc
curred. Nothing new could seem
very bad, not even her marriage
to. Orestes. ; But Orestes himself
must make fresh plans 'for his life,
and We can wait till we see him or
hear from him.' ... , .
'"Till we hear from him?" said
Menelaos. "He can't come to this
house. ' " '' ' -r ....'
."He probably won't come? now,
anyway," said Bteoneus. "I .re
member they say. he is going on
a religious journey, a pilgrimage
to enshrine somewhere, to see if
he can rest his mind. Oue way
and another, your relatives do a
lot ot traveling, Menelaos."
, fThat's in the past now," said
Menelaos. "It's time to settle
down, and my immediate family
are home to stay, I believe. - Her
moine may think this over as long
as she likes, Helen- but I shall
ndw proceed on an entirely new
plan. I'm going to rind out if
Pyrrhus will marry her. You
vj-ere right in the -first place. If
he. will have her, w'll let Orestes
go on his pilgrimage, and it will
be a . long one. If I criticised
Pyrrhus, at least It was for faults
I could understand. He's over
rated, but he's a real man, and he
can give , Hermoine the kind of
home she ought' to have. It is
providential that he got started
quickly on thls;vislt." "
i"Oh, Menelaos,-; you're quite
wrong to force the question'
again!"-said Helen. "Let the
whole problem rest awhile. - Her
moine. doesn't' need , to marry,: if j
slje prefers to Btay with us, and
certainly she must not marry a
man she doesn't love."
' Now see here, Helen, you' make
me very angry! You stirred up
this whole quarrel about' Pyrrhus
if It hadn't been for you we
never should have thought of him
again. You've been persuading
me with all sorts of Insidious ar
guments, and these recent events
have - -completed my conversion.
Why do you get on the other
side jnow? Hermoine may think
it over. When Pyrrhus comes,
I'll speak' to him; - ' Perhaps ' he
won't, have anything to do with
us, but if he'll consider the pro
posal; we'll go on from there.""
- "I'm sorry my future has given
you so much trouble," said Her
moine, "and I wish you wouldn't
put yourself to this unnecessary
bother -with Pyrrhus. But I'm
not In a position to say anything.
And you know best what you want
to do. If I have your permission
I'll go now." . . , r
"Now, I. wonder . why Helen
went - with her," said Menelaos.
'I'd Hike to heart what they're
saying to each other, in private.
Why, do you think my wife has
chanced : her . mind . about Pyr
rhus?" 4..
"She hasnt, I should say, but
she sees It's .useless," said Eteon
eus. x- ."Your daughter's going to'
marry Orestes. I don't know how,
Dor when, but Orestes is as good
as a: married man- from now- on.
A : sense - of duty once roused la
an awful thing, Menelaos. Women
have such a- turn for making it
fit in with what" they want to
do anyway. She'll marry, 'him.
and later on he'll hear fro nr time
to time, of the sacrifices she made
for hia benefit. Poor devil!" '
; "But she -went out quite - do
cile." said Menelaos: "She prac
tically gave In to me, didn't you
notice? And I count on Helen to
follow up the ' advantage when
they're . alone. She wants Pyr
rhus more than I do, and she
must abhor - the thought-of Ores
tes -now." - .' . .'.
i nat s so, but your wife Is
pretty shrewd I must sayj'ln the
way site reures irom an argument.
She seems to know when she has
won,. It and also when she , has
Notice Of lnal Settlement
r Notice Is hereby given that the
Unflersigned has Wed la the Coun
ty Court of the SUte of Oregon,
for the County of Marlon, bis duly
verified final account, as adminis
trator of the estate of Sarah E.
Taylor., deceased, and that said
Court- has fixed Monday, the 8th
day ot August, 1927, at the hour
of ten o'clock A. M. of said day, as
the time, and the County Court
Room In the County Court House,
at Salem. Marlon County. Oregon,
as -the place for hearing said final
account and all objections there
to.' . .
Dated at Salera. Oregon, this 9th
day of Jul, 1927.
Administrator of the eatalo ' ol
Sarah 13. Taylor, deceased. : "
HoriaM C plover.
:V Attorney for Admlnlatrator,-
Salem. Oregon.
. - J-2-lC-2--C0-a-5
, By Ttobert Qulllen
. "It ain't necessary for me to
see a woman's soul.' I can tell
about what it's like Just by lookln'
In her closets." ' .
(CopyrigK, 1921, " Pnhiisnara eyadteaU
lost it.'- Thart rare In a woman.
It's Helen's ift for accfptlng a
fact that " maaes her so hard to
manage. Hermoine may have been
dociler my guess Is that Helen is
trylns to find - out.- at this very
minute, .whether .she Is or not."
: "You may be right," said Mene
laos. "Id like to know where you
learn'ed so much about women."
"i know too much," said" Eteo
neus, "and In this house I'm constantly-reminded
of - all I know.
I ought to be In a place where I
could forget some of It. . I've been
thinking oxer my Retirement, as
you suggested. Next week.- when
you're? more at leisure, Vd ! like
to come - In and talk with you
about it.' ' . -
. v t v. To be continued ) . ;; ?
: Copyright. 1925,, by, the Bobbs
Merril Company. -
- Oyer' $150,000 worth of fake
safety razor blades were seized the
other : day in New Jersey. Our
barber tells that all safety razor
blades are fakes. '
It will be a poor i. state Indeed
that can't have at least one favor
ite son in the national conventions
next year.; , - -y ;
Notice f Hearing of Final Account
In the County Court of the State
of Oregon for the County of Mar
ion. - . -
In the matter of the Estate of
Alexander McFarlane Deceased.
Notice is hereby given that, the
final account of Bertha Plymale,
administratrix of the Estate of
Alexander McFarlane, . deceased,
has been filed in the County Court
of Marlon County, I Oregon, and
that the 24th day of August, 1927.
at the hour of 10 o'clock a. m., haa
been appointed by said Court for
hearing objections to said final ac
count, at which time any persons
Interested In said estate may ap
pear and file objections thereto in
writing and contest same.
C. A. Swope, . " ' f
. Attorney for estate.
Notice Is hereby given that the
Common Council of the City of
Salem. Oregon, deems it necessary
and. expedient and hereby declares
Us purpose and intention . to im
prove Trade Street from the east
line of 14th Street to the west line
of 17th Street, in the City of Sa
lem, Oregon, by bringing said por
tion of said street to the estab
lished grade,' constructing Port
land cement . concrete curbs, an4
paving said portion of said street
with a six-inch Portland cement
concrete pavement; v twenty-fouf
feet In width. In accordance with
the plans and specifications there
for which were adopted, by th
Common Council on the 15th day
of .August, 1927,' sow on file In
the office of the City Recorder,
and which are hereby referred to
and made a part hereof. :
- The Common Council hereby de
clares Its purpose and intention to
make the above described Improve
ment by and through the Street
Improvement Department, of the
City of Salem, Oregon. J ' . . ;
; By order of the Common Coun
cil the 15th day of August, 1927.
' M. POULSEN. City Recorder.
Date of first publication Septem
ber 8, 1927.
Date of final publication Septem
ber 20, 1927. Sept.8to2uInc
" - Call 951 ' ' . '
" .' 429 Oregon Bld-j.
The Oregon Statesman's Birr Radio Pnro
Contest for Boys and Girls
Good for
This-Coupon, when neatly cut out and brought or nailed
to The Contest Department of THD OnCGON 'STATESMAN,
will .count for.? person whose name 1 written thereon.
Cut;c:l rr-tlly. vr? rff-r O-i. 1
, By Claude CaXIaa
My friend George has such a
liberal way about him that when
we're out together 1 hardly real
ize I'm payin' all the bills."- .
(Coprrifht, 19S7. Fablithers Sjndieala)
Notice Is hereby given that the
Common -Council ot the City of
Salem, Oregon,, deems It necessary
and expedient and hereby declares
its purpose and Intention to Im
prove the Alley in Block 4 of
Compton's Addition. to the City of
Salem, Marlon County, Oregon,
from the north line of Columbia
Street to the -south line of Grove
Street, In the City of Salem, Mar
Ion County, Oregon, at the expense
of the abutting and adjacent prop
erty, except the street and alley in
tersections,' the expense of which
will be assumed by the City of
Salem. Oregon, by bringing said
portion of said street to the estab
lished grade, constructing Port
land cement concrete curbs, and
paving said portion of said street
with a six-Inch Portland ceraen.'.
concrete; pavement, 15 feet In "
width. In accordance with the
plans and specifications therefor
which were adopted by the Com
mon Council on the 6th day of
September, 1927, now on file in
the office of the City Recorder,
and which- are hereby referred to
and made a part hereof. -
The Common Council hereby de
clares its purpose and Intention to
make the above described Im
provement hv and thrnnirh lh.
Street Improvement Department of
ine Jity or saiem, Oregon. ,
By order of the Common Coun
cil the 6th day of September, 19 ?7.
M. POULSEN. City Recorder.
. Date .of first publication Sep
tember 11, 1927.
Date of final publication Sep
mber 23. 1927. allto231nc
Notice Is hereby given that the
Common Council of iho.niv r
Salem, Oregon, deems It necessary
and expedient and hereby declare!
Its purpose and Intention to im
prove Gaines Avenue from the east
line of Commercial Street to tht
west line of Liberty Street, In tha
City of Salem, Oregon, at the ex
pense of the abutting and adiacet.
property, except the street and al
ley., intersections,- the expense ol
which will be assumed by the CItj
of Salem, Oregon, by bringing said
portion of said street to the estab
lished grade, constructing Port''
land cement, concrete curbs, ana
paving said portion of said street
witn a nara suriace pavement, six.
Inch' Portland cement concrete
pavement. 30 feet in width. In ac
cordance with the plans and spec
ulations - therefor which were
adopted by. the Common, Council
on the 15th day of August, 1927,
now on file lh the office of the
City Recorder, and which are here
by-referred to and made a part
- ' The Common Council hereby. de
clares its purpose and Intention to
make - the - above described . im
provement by and through the
Street Improvement Department ot
the City of Salem, Oregon.
By order of the Common Coun
cil the 15th day of August. 1927.
M, POULSEN,- City Recorder.
Date of first publication Sep
tember 10, 1927. .
" Date of final 'publication Sep
tember Z2." 1927. al0to22inc.
25 Vote
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tered ana ten nntshea. -
-profoundly . you are shocked by