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    i Flslnore Theater
Fanchon & Marco's greatest
dance, -group, the famous 24 Ser
pentine Girls, are on their way
back to Salem. They open Sun
day. September 18, at the Elslnore
theatre; In an entirely "new crea
tion. ' Fanchon MafrcoV most
colorful and larlsh preservation,
IBlues.," There are few patrons
of West Coast theatres who will
not remember this perfectly
drilled bevy of ' dancing beauties
who startled press and audiences
with - their remarkable .number,
the spectacular "Serpentine." .This
time the' Serpentine- girls appear
in another startling array. of cos-'
tjimes and ances, .winning ap
proral with the precision of their
line numbers. V Among other nota
ble features of their performances
la the new presentation; are a gor
Ktous ensemble number "The
fantasy of Bines, and their "Blue
Bell," or wild flower number. And
tjy .: popular .demand, the girls
again appear, in their breanh. tak
ing , number, "The Serpentine."
'4'HrdS if,T - -IJftUU
Vaudeville bill today and tomor-
row at the Elslnore. is the fam-
Qua song composer, Gene West as-
sisted by Violet Bird, Hinging
some smart snappy songs. . I
Thls marks the first appearan-
ce" locally of Gene West and Violet
HirA t ho farmer ttia l?itpitistimia I
ljy known composer of pop-
ular gongs among them such hits
as ,"June Nighty,-; .'JBroadway
Rose' "You Know You Belong
To Somebody Else,", "That Old
Gang of Mine," and a score of
: others the , public has -sung and
whistled and danced, while Miss
Bird Is one of the cleverest blues
singers' on the stage. Others on
today, and tomorrow's bill, include
the Zrado Trio, In a thrilling com-
ftdy acrobatic act, Jeanette Foster
tjte singing violinist and Arnent
and Hooper, comedy - tap dancers.
I The latest release from Warper
Brothers. "Th4 -Black- Diamond
Express," a. whirlwind Railroad
melodrama will be shown on the
screen In connection with the vau-
c.evllle numbers.
, 1 ' ? Oregon Theater
:, .Promising to be one of the most
successful of all Norma Talmadge's
iMOtion pictures, j the modern
Screen "Camille", Is attracting en-
.. thusiastfc crowds .to the Oregon
theater where it was given first
local showing last night. '
" ) Miss Talmadge's new picture is
ar innovation, in tha it adapts a
classic bf the nineteenth centuTy,
known to millions throughout the
wirld, to current conditions
! . The character "Camille," yisual
fcuJd by Misa.J'almadgeias aa ultra
ftshlonable : Biren of paoderB Part
is a radical : departure v-from her
most recent roles. It marks, ' as
well, the-fulfillment of her great
est screed ambition. v -
"Camille," wlilcbv was pro-
deced bjr Joseph. M. Schenck for
First National, also features a not
4ble cast in support of Miss .Tal
riadee. with Gilbert Roland ap-
fearing as '"Armand," the Impul
t.ive young lover. :
- Grand Theater
JjA pulsating picture of Arizona
frontier days, fresh as tbe air irom
the mountain country itself, will
be shown - at the Grand Theater
Katurdav and Sunday. The title.
? Arizona --Nights," gives a hint of
the combination of fast-moving ac
tion and a sweet romance which
makes up the central theme of the
thorouehlv enjoyable picture.
i An authentic historical back
ground- provides an epeHIly in
teresting' foundation for the story;
Fred Thomson, the most outstana
tig of the vs. extern stars. is seen
io his best advantage in the film.
Featured with .his wonder, porse
Silver King, Thomson gives a not-
hla nprfnrmance. and keeps tne
action of '.he story at a high pitch,
T "Arizona NiShti" is based on
he original story by Stewart Ed-
ard White,
Saturday Sunday
Matinee, Saturday,
"" ' 2 p.' m,' . '
A smashing .op-speed Wes;
tern Drama that leaves you,
gasping for breath
Any Seat
Capitol Theater:
Fire dandy Acts of Association
vaudeville, and Johni Gilbert in
"Cameo KIrby."f On the stage
the headline act is ''Echoes of
Scotland." Lads and lassies from
the Highlands, with Keppie, the
first and champion I girl bass
drummer. All the folk dances of
the British Is!es are done: High
land dancing. Irish Jigs, sailor
hornpipes, also eccentric, soft shoe
and buck dancing; with comedy,
songs and talk. They lfiniah with
their bagpipe and drum: hand. This
all takes place in an elaborate
gold cyclorama setting with fancy
drapes. c:- .-.. .
It "Mr. Mason ever hits Mr.
Bailey with the threatened brick,
the team of colored entertainers
de luxe. Mason and Bailey, will
surely, be broken i up, nd he will
hare to look lor another partner
to go through f?Kh; the delectable
melange of comedy chatter, jazzy
songs, and fast steps, that this
clever duo are presenting.
Surprises, songs, dances, and
beautiful gowns are to be Included
in the act of Nathan! aiid Mav.
belle called 'Let's Be Serious''
-esV greki'deal of personal
magnetism. As a comedian Joe
is tn a class by himself. He it a
delineator of character -stories par
excellence, miss Maybelie is a
winsome young miss of undeni-
aoie cnarm ana vocal ability, dos-
8eSBlnS an excellent lyric soprano
a Tire
and KSrke are comedy
They bill themselves a.
having been a late feature with
Earl Carroll's Vanities; I They at
tempt a number of acrobatic feats,
none oi which is completed in its
entirety I due" to vthe fact that a
slip-up generally occurs when they
are trying their best. Viola Verc-
ler Holman 'and jher Capitol Or
chestra will offer! another musical
hit. ; ' -. I- - i i i
THe Kelson brothers present a
I"1 - 111? trained.? carefully edu-
set of hoops. ' Under the tutelage
of the two men' their large assort
ment or 'hoops have become ani
mated and are made to perform
in a most astonishing manner. The
Nelsons have paid a good deal of
attention to the dressing of their
mage who me consequence tnaf
heir troupe of trained hoops made
of of the novelties in vaudeville.
A few hokum impersonations and
juggling bits are also Included in
the offering.
Recorder Monmouth
Normal Assumes Duties
Monmouth. Sept, 1 5. ( Special )
Kathleen :L. Skinner, former stu
dent and graduate of i the Mon
mouth normal school. began her
work as recorder at the normal
earlyitbja month 'CsMissJ Skinner
graduated from.! the., normal in
1923 and from .the agricultural
college at Corvanis this summer
She is a members" of the 'Aloha
Delta sorority .and" took part in
many campus activities while at
the college. Previous to Tier grad
uation from O. A. C. she tauerht
school at Turner and Estacada.
Due to the fact that she has
held . secretarial positions in the
Registrar's office for several years
uring the summer months she is
well prepared for this important
work. Her home is in Independ
ence where her father is a prom
inent business man. :
(Continued from Page One) 0
a. m. for Eugene and arriving at
Salem from Eugene at l:05 p. m.
will be ; discontinued, the local
traffic in this i territory being
handled by schedules of the South
ern Pacific Motor Transport Com-
dteigj (il' Qa&ngiaEgi; abaasai
The Famous Soul Coinpowr
.." Gen West
, ' . h A crom patti el by
Violet Bird
Singing Home Snappy Songs
Jranette Foster
Singing Violinist
U- I- Grandin
At the Giant Wurlitzer
in Special Number :
l s .wrtn D,S cast . ;
. '.Sund.iy
. ' "Hiucs" Ideal '-t.
: Featuring -;
24 Ifnous
? Scrprntlne
, tiirls )
.'r -v. .
- !
I ,f y
' ,
6 s - 'J
i I "
a t ' ' 5
I v- J.
V v.; v f .
!' "- '
I . eJ
I ; - El'
A short film in which all the
actors and actresses arc deal
mutes, receiving their instruction:
through the medium of lip-reading,
has been produced in Holly
wood, Caf Gabriel Ravenel!f
above, coached the players.
pany which were announced a
few days ar.
In the Red Electric zone one
train between Portland and Cor
vallis via Newberg. present No,
357 leaving Portland 9:45 a. m.
and prsenr No. 358 arriving Port
land at 12: 55 3. will be dis
continued. Certain of the Red Electric
trains bearing light traffic in the
In-terurban territory Portland tc
Forest Grove and Portland to Os
wego Lake, will be withdrawn
since the schedules of the new
motor bus service recently an
nounced are arranged to take
care of the traffic which has been
formerly handled on .these trains.
The suburban trains which will
be discontinued are
Present Nos. 121 and 122 be
tween. Forest Grove and McMin
ville. 120-131-137 and 138 be
tween Portland and Reedville.
139-140 between Portland and
Forest Grove.
135 and 136 between Portland
and Hillsboro.
On the Oswego side trains to
be discontinued are present Nos.
323-324 between Portland and
Kea Electric trams which are
to be discontinued are those carry
ing light traffic, most of them op
erating in the eveninr.
All forms of Southern Pacific
tickets Will? be ..honored, ipa the
motor coaches. j
; Hed Electric trains will con
tinue to use the Union Station and
Fourth and Stark Street stations
while the Motor Stages will 'use
the Stage Terminal) at Sixth and
Salmon Streets.
The terminal in Salem for the
motor coaches will be temporarily
at 184 North Liberty street, the
down town ticket office of the
Southern Pacific
But, soon, there will be another
place arranged for where pas
sengers may take the coaches off
the street, and be landed in the
same way.
EDMONTON. Alta.. Sept. 15.
(AP) An invitation to the Rocke
feller Foundation has been extend
ed by health authorities here to
send a representative to Edmonton
to study the causes of a scourge of
infantile paralysis which has raged
In Alberta for three weeks. Eleven
deaths from the disease , have oc
curred here. .
Thrilling Comedy
Acrobats r
Arnett & Hooper
Comedy Tap Dancers
On the Screen
Roaring: Romance of a Society
uirl and an Engineer
Swiftest Melodrama in a
The 21 Famous
Serpentine' Girls
Coming ' Sunday
with Fanrhon
M a mo Idea -
j A 1 j
Majority Believed to Favor
Immediate Construction
of First Unit
Member of the state board of
control left here last night for The
Dalles where today they will in
spect the plans and specifications
for the : new state tuberculosis
hosnital. An architect accompan
ied the hoard from Portland.
riovemor .Patterson nas maae
plain that he favors construction j
of the first unit or the noepuai in
case the expenditure is limited to j
1100.000. 'This was tne amount
of money authorized by the voters
at the time the law creating tne
institution vas approved.
The legislature, at its last ses
sion, anthorized an additional ap
propriation or approximately
1160.000 to apply on tne cost oi
construction and maintenance.
The governor said he was opposed j
to expending any part of the legls-j
lative appropriation until sueni
time as the state's finances are in
a more satisfactory condition.
State Treasurer Kay sometime
ago made the assertion that be
considered the vote of the people
mandatory, and that he would fa
vor immediate construction of, the
hosnital. Whether the state
treasurer would vote to expend an
amount of money in excess of
100,000 could not be determined
here today.
Sam A.- Kozer. secretary of
state, said he would not have any
statement to make regarding the
construction of the hospital until j
th nlans and specifications are
submitted at today's meeting.
The original plans, as ordered
' by the board of control, call for a
structure to cost within Jioo.oou.
The site for the tuberculosis
hosnital was donated by Tne
Dalles and is now ready lor occu-
pancy. Tne tract ovenooss me
Columbia river, and was said to
. 1
hA an ideal location. It was
recommended by Dr. G. C. Bel-
Uineer. superintendent of the state
tuberculosis hospital near fcaiem,
and a number of persons connect
ed with the national tuberculosis
(Continued from Page One)
fice nor did he occupy a public
position, it appears from the re
cord that he was a leader in po
litical activities and, therefore, in
vited more or lesB criticism from
those who were not his support
"Certainly the defendant news
paper, had a, rieht to express its
Opinion concerning the activities
qf the Ku Klux Kian and plain
tiff's affiliation with It, wnen tney
affected matters of public concern.
if th publication was made in
eood faith and without malice
Th oninion ciosea wiin me
caution: "Priveieae ends wnere
defamation begins."
The supreme court also held
that the court erred in permitting
the plaintiff as a witness to give
his interpretation of the words in
Surpassing Her I ; f V ; v
Greatest Past, i . - : J - i:;-'.
Successes J F JJ Bfe BUV
i If you could only see H 11 M II - - . - - . t - g
one motion picture in K ' lUI l ' ' ; H
1927 1 lrtnPl OT1 "
THJiP TTrwrTTtl? H f If I LP- II IV V : ... . E&
' ; :tf J I Hand Embrioidered.
' JPrjr I Regular $2.00 Values " 1
msm I ": .-..1
Everyone who has seen d
it says ''You mustn't ' II
."The Hough Hider'' . (C - f (IJV
are coming . - s "
i m ,-t -
a sg-ai " J . ;:j ' ' u
ft t
Lillian Pfittner of Neptune, N.
Frank C. Borden, Jr., the first award in the bathing beauty division
of the Bradley Beach. N. J.. mardi gras. Senator Edward L Ed
wards of New Jersey is looking on. j
the alleged libelous articles and
explain the sense, in which, in his
opinion, they were used. It was
held that the defendant's motion
to strike that portion of the tes
timony should have been allowed.
(Continued from Page One) ;
pany, to violate the nataional
banking act and misapply funds
and credits of the hank.
Wheeler, it is alleged, drew and
tendered a number of checks up
on banks in the state of Pennsyl
.Made of fine soft cottons in just the right weight.
Beautiful designs in hand embroidery and many
different ones from jfrhich to choose. .-
Here is opportunity to choose at a great Saving i
All regular sizes, also extra sizes. (Lingerie sec'
tion, Main Floor). . -
frtttAV MrtTiNlMft.
is shown receiving from Mayor
vania to Olmstead who caused
them to be entered as crtdits up
on the books of the bank and made
subject to withdrawal by check
of tbel : McCormick Lumber com
pany 'when both knew the checks
to be worthless. '.
when these checks were return
ed from -the eastern banks and
designated as worthless, , other
checks, it is claimed, were depos
ited, equally worthless, the indict?
ment continues. In this manner tne
total of $11,000,000 accumulated
in what is claimed to be worth
less paper passing back and forth
between the Ncr'hwestern Nation
al ' bank and eastern financial in
stitutions. .
uur large selections of new
pajamas,- step-ins, .combin
ettes, vests, girdles; bloomers,
and brassieres mane choosing
4 real joy for the school girl.
She will . find just the . qu ality
ishe wants and .we feel quite
sure the prices will please. ;
(Continued fron One) :
of them at $lf25 per 100 pounds.
There Is a good market for "Aug
ust'' potatoes trpm British Colum
bia to the Mexican line. Mr. Bow
no can sell all his potatoes. Can
sell all he can raise at a good
price. He digs them with a potato
digger: a machine.
Mr. Bowne had 30 acres of flax
this year. He sold his " crop for
$2300. lie will have a lot of cio
ver seed to sell. Some flax on ir
r I gated land near Mr. Bowne's
place went60 Inches high.
Mr. Bowne. had a wool crop, and
a lamb erop. : ; t. i
He rotates. Four year rotation.
He raises rape and red clover for
sheep pasture. The second year he
sheeps It off and harvests the clo
ver for seed. The third year he
grows a crop of "August" potato
es; Burbank variety. The fourth
year, fiber flax. He irrlgataes. He
has no failures.-
There Is scarcely a farmer in
the Bowne neighborhood, or for
miles around, who did not irri
gate, who has made any money to
speak of this year. Some of them
have not made their taxes
There Is no good farmer in
that section who has used irriga
tion water who has failed to
make good profits. : Some have
made small fortunes. .
Then why, in the name of the
great horn spoon, do they not all
irrigate? Why do not all the farm
ers in the valley irrigate, where
they have the right kind of land
and can get irrigation water at
tht right cost?
Answen they are going to.
Some Of them soon. Some of them
in the near future. Some of them
In the distant future; others lu
the long years of the far future.
Every minute of the day, on the
average, the 8.600 cars of the
Pullman Company - travel a total
distance of 2,087 miles, . accord-
lng to an article In Liberty.
Beginning at 10 o'clock a. m., Sept. 20, 1927, the following
property will be sold at Auction, 1 mile seuthwest of Turner,
, Oregon: ,,- .
27 head of good grade jersey milk cows and heifers, -mostly
fresh; . -' :
4 head of good heavy work horses; I
82 head, of good Shrop ewes, mostly coming two years old;
'- 1 brood sow with 11 pigs; 200 whrie-leghorn pullets, February
hatch; . r
Long list of farm machinery.
r I '1111 1"11"!'!-"- M 1
A Jew rloor
A shabby floor last nighta little time and ef
fort plus a can of Over'Nite Floor Enamel
and this morning, an attractive floor surface all
ready for use! V
The quick'dryirig of OverrNite Floor Enamel,
and its durability makes it the ideal finish for
floors that must be in daily use. A wide range
of modern floor colors permits its use for any
room in the home.
Good Values:
- -Mere
Overnite floor enamel gal. ' $3,35, qts.
95c, pts. 55c. . . -
. Floor and linoleum varnish gal. $5.25,
. qts. $1.55, pts. 90c.:
L, V. floor polisher
Wall paper, art goods, pictures, picture
framing. Mitered buffet mirrors $6. 50.
C SAN QUENTIN, Cal., Sept. 15.
(AP)-Harvey Fisher, 31, Cali
fornia Jhdlan imprisoned here for
murder, was shot and wounded by
Guard Aim at -4:45 this evening
when be was fighting with another
prisoner. His opponent mingled
with the crowd of convicts swarm
ing about the scene of the fight
and escaped detection. -
By Taking Lydia E. Pin!chan.o
Vegetable Compound
As Mrs. Weaver- herself says. . "I
was never very riroug." This is a
u i I d nta oiiit ut
jci hlng her
turdiur to her
it i-ms. , she- iras
8tt'.jfi-td to no
!ral! amount of
IU health. For-
tunately. her sis
ter was familiar
with Lyflla E.
Pinkham's Veg
etable Compound
and begged Mrs.
AVeaver to try
After three or
four weeks," writes Mrs. Weaver,
felt a great difference in myself.
would go to bed and sleep sound.
and although I could not do very
much work, I seemed stronger. I
kept on taking it and now I am well
and strong, do my work and take
care of three children. I sure do tell
my friends about your wonderful
medicine, and I will answer any let
ters from women asking about the
Vegetable Compound." Mas. Law
BK.NCE Weaver. East Smitbneld St..
Mt. Pleasant, Pa.
If you knew that thousands of
women suffering from troubles simi
lar to those you are enduring had
improved their health by taking
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Com
pound, wouldn't you think it was
worth atrial?
I i . . l
7 .
455 Court Street.
Phone 105.