The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, August 09, 1927, Page 5, Image 5

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G. W. Johnson &
. r ". i i i ...I- 1.
i ; , 469 State
Planning to' spend several days
at the Tieach resort, a'pfctty on
sisUxira'ot,Jr;;,jaia ,gli;Doney
Mr. and-Mrs,- Hugh Doaey, and
WiUlarn .Uelghton: lef'testerday
morning for Neskowln. They are
expected to ; return some ; ' time
Spends Vacation in Seattle I
Miss ; Anona , Welsh, secretary
in the office of Justice of the
Peace Brasier Small, left Sunday
GAatttA whsira ft ha will ftTIPTirl
Tcj ( her vacation period - of one week.
ter ElUabeth Welsh. During her
absence, Edna Borchardt is tak
ing her place in the Justice office.
ParabMe Motor Oil T i
100 per cent paraf fine base. At
general Independent Dealers.
Taylors on Trip to Beach
Rev, and Mrs. F. C. Taylor and
family will leave today for a ten
day trip to Oceanslde, near. Ne
tarts. Rev. C. Murray Keefer, of
Kimball School of .Theology,, will
cccupy the pulpit of the First Mer
thodlst church Sunday during'Rev.
Taylor's absence, while-the -members,
of the Epworth League who
attended institute in Falls City
last . week, will give their reports
at the evening meeting, ,under
the direction of Miss Margaret
Sutherland. Rev. Charles Bur
leigh, of West Salem will have
charge of the mid iweek services
Thursday night.
Complaint Filed Against Girl -A
romnlalnt was filed in justice
Y'coUrt yesterday m against Mildred
Hares, said to be from Boise, Ida.,
1. on a charge of passing worthless
checks. bTe .young woman was
bound over to the grand jury nd
ball set at $1,000, which sh was
unable to furnish. She is being
held in the county -Jail.' ; ' .
Furniture PpnoTatcr ed' " ' r- - - L J
And repairing, t, Qlese-Powers
rurnitur Cov
Wrecks Car; ArrefOed-i-; .- f. i
nnnth Rpnfj" ff Newbrrt WB!
attested;) jday UUjjivs'tt'
jrtf ficers
declare tHv tVdnl.nk
atjthe timeSi-8 -v pjC
- ft ' "" Tf" ' '"" "'-
Dt R; Lee Woo3 ?T - . " '
will be out of his office, 310 U.
S.;' Bank Bldg. ;nntll v-. August
fifteenth. ' a9
. Miss Winifred Graham, . Marsh'
field has been employed as secre
tary to C. A. Howard, state super
intendent of public instruction.
Miss Graham is a graduate of the
university of Oregon and has been
employed as instructor of English
S-Room house on 'North " Sum-
i mer St., east, front. Price
$4,000. Terms. .1- ?
S-Room house in southern part
of city,' modern in every de
tail. Trice $7,000. Terms.-;
8-Room " house in east Salenu
' lots of fruit and . shrubbery."
A nice home; and worth ail
that Is asked. Price $C.S00.'
'' Terms. ',' : , . : " '
S-Room modern house In gowd
residence district. If yon "rcat-
ly want a home that you will
.- always be proud of, .como In
'.- , apd let us show you .this,, re-
duced from $7,500 to $6,500
Terms. : 'a
4-Room house. ' fireplace, large
lot with walnut Trees, beaut L
: f ul location. Prlce;$S,000. .A.
-. payment of $250'' cash buys
this home and ; balance $30
per month, same as rent only
; you pay it to yourself.
: U. 8. Realty Co. . ',
,: 442 State St. Tel. .2660 . ,
car. and ir4fft Mi pslAfal'
abbut theU '4 rredtisg
In all the latest shades only
' . $1.00
Why Pay More?
iu1 the Marshfield high school for
the past two years. - She entered
upon' her new duties today.
a Oregon Palp A Paper Co-
Preferred. Limited amount for
tale. Hawkins 4b Roberta. Phone
1417. Jy6tf
Home to Get W
Earl Pruett and his family have
returned to their home in Salem
after an outing at the coast, which
included a motor trip from New
port to Neskowin, over a road
that is remarkable for picturesque
scenery. Mr. Pruett states that
he is glad to get home, and get
warm , once more, as he almost
froze to death over there, being
obliged to drive with the protec
tion of a -blanket around him.
Suffered a. Stroke
Mrs. Mary J. Pruett, who suf
fered a stroke of paralysis some
months ago, is not so well at latest
reports. Mrs. Pruett Is a member
of the well known pioneer Stevens
family ? t ' Hayesville. but during
her illness is with her daughter
Mrs. Lain King in Salem.
23 per cent off on all
Stoll Auto Tents. Ray L. Farm
er Hdwe. Co. ' a9
Returned from OutiiiR
Mr. and Mrs. Hector Adams and
little daughter have returned to
their home after a pleasant out
ing at Hebo and' Pacific City. Mr.
Adams operates a green house on
North Liberty street and has
Charge of the planting and care
of the flowers at the fair grounds.
In Improved Health
Mrs. Genevieve Marsters has re
turned from a trip to Aberdeen,
Washington, where she was called
by the illness of her daughter.
Mrs. Jack Leith, whom she left
in . Improved . health. Mrs. Mar
sters makes' her home with her
daughter; Mrs. Hector Adams.
Try Blue Moon Service Station-
On the highway. 3 miles south
of Marion Hotel. ' Ethel Liston.
Booth VI)l Sck
J '"CQrhmander Evangeline Booth,
of-4h national forces of the SaV
yauon; Tfis. nas, been invuea so
;ddr ess the -great Americafl Le-
Tionronventlon la Paris. Sentcm-
bef ' 16-28, th9 only woman t- be
o honored according to Local En
ign Pitt. , A delegation of the
'ads and"lassies! who served with
ioldlers la the world war, will by
ineclal reauest attend the conven
tion, under the leadership of the
ma man who led the overseas
forces of the Salvation Army. Col
onel WiUlafm - S. Barket, new
chief secretary of the army's west
ern territory, with headquarters in
San Francisco ; -
t New Homes- ' r
14350 to $12,000. Complete in
ill ways. Reasonable terms if de-
dred. . Becke A Hend ricks, ;xs .
ui-h .fit ;" ' . ' I . as
h EaslgnAllenfPUtof the local
5alvat5on Army; Is one or a party
- ..ktAh tin honn 'dftlecfttad
1 L 1 I D VfUSlgU- W ; "
yj Oovernof Patterson to . repre-
ent the army's state lorceaattne
mertcan ' "Prison - association's
.nnirriiM In Tacoma. August i 12tb
18tb.ii,M'ajor.and iMrs.f Bayn
Vn." atat commander. and Major
nd Mrs. Talbot, of Portland are
ie other memlersof 'the. party.
alvaUonisls directly engaged In
Tan worv !l "tivert the t-o mtrr
3rilV,attona h9 onT0ntIo3
YMC'A. 'anip'IVrd-,'y
-Th. bovs at the Elk- Lake YM
CA camp will leave camp Wednes
day momlnr at 6. a.m t and afttr
hiking the 12 miles dawn to De
troit, will be met .by cars .and
brought -on . to Salem. They are
expected -in Salem about 3 p.m.
GiIIcm C:m tm 1rkiBIT
' , Slight damage was done ,to
when V. E. Cook, of Oregon' City!
backed his "car- from the curb, on
High street between Chemeketa
and Center, arid struck "thn rear
fender ot a car-drivea by b; J.
Palmer, ot Med ford : -
How Gornl News Does Spread!
General gasoline is still the
best. - a9
For Sale or will Ituiltl
Business or Factory building to
suit tenant -ri following proper
ty: Corner Front & Court, ground
space . 82;xl65'; Corner Front &
Ferry, ground space 150'xl6.V;
Corner Mill & Commercial, ground
space 150'xl65. Chas. K. Snauld-
Ing Logging Co. Phone 1830. a9
Woodburn Counlw to
Two marriage licenses were is-
suwed in the county clrk' ofritrf
yesterday to Wilbur L. Jonas and
Ruth M. Garrison, both of Wood-
burn, add to Floyd fi. Wilms,
Neenah, Wis., and Elizabeth A.
Jones, Weodborn.
IcfendAntH ' Ahitwcr
Saiei'n llardware company. on
ot the defendants in the suit of
J. W Copeland Yards against
First National bank and others,
filed aanwer in circuit court yes
terday, denying certain allega
tions of th plaintiff and making
cross t omplaint.
Home Headquarters
Triangle Realty, 421 Conrt.
Ct,mp!airt Answered
Defendants in the suit of F. R.
Royston ngafnst O. R. Thompson
and Mr. .0. R. Thompsoa, to re
cover payment alleged due for
painting, two houses:, yesterday
filed answer in' circuit court de
nying that there is any money due
the ntainliff according toithj ag
reement previously made by the
two part .s.
Divorcee A wardefl Alimony
Murrell-Stewart was awarded
a decree of divorce from Albert
K..T. Stewart in circuit court yes
terday, ciistdyoC a minor child,
Siid Elimonv i?rdi oF SST. .mtni.
W sncl ;$tjefjnm:i3j "the
"" """" M1-" - Qxtjr" u viiiQ yf iuq
riVtt,, and -expertK-ii i n ciden tt i.i
t.iu- Tjrtrsi -.inrt Inhnmun
trcatQirnt were r:?ivea as grouud.".
Hotel Mart oi
Dollar dinners served 5:45 to 8
very evening. n$6tf
HitsbAt) Get.-r f
A. V.'v .. PatchV'.i was treated
cruelly and ." Inhumanely by hi3
wife. Hazel L. Patchkin, according
t i !';T.ations raa.v in hti ttuitfor
l!vrr?e. He was awarded a dt-
eva in -i fault - in circuit court
yesteiiry. . Th -c t r? no child
ren. ' ,'"
rn Couples Mc.-mj-c.I - . 5
Svrn couples were issued mar
riage licenses Saturday. They In
cluded Albert Van Santen,' Sal-
- Casey's Onaranteed
Money refunded if it doea not
i 4j- eore your case . . ; . .
NELSO.V A HUNT, Dreggbrta
Cor. Court and Liberty: Tel. 7
6. S and 10 cents per yard. Also
buttons stamping and pleating.
Over. Miller's ; Telephone 117
Radiura Ore
- Purifies water,
'cleanses the
blood and gives
IS9S 8. Csarei
0 o. u ;l
' BAYS ,
BUY AT 8350.00.-
The BoflM That 8er lee Baflt"
em, and Mamie Ora Dunifer of Sil
verton: frank L. Hoover and
Maude A. Herraen, both of Salem;
Richard E. Chittenden of Inde
pendence and May Florence Bolll-e-
of Salem; Roy P. Farrand and
Gladys L. i Jory, both of Route 4,
Salem; Sayette T. Mitchell of Tur
ner, and .Pearl J. Langtree of
Route 4SaIem;' Leonard Brock
ett. TillimQOk, and Jennie Hill
of Salem; and Collett A. Ttuak and
Elizabeth A. Lenon, both of Sal
em. .
Grand Jury to Report
The Marion county grand Jury.'
called in special session to consid
er a number-of important- cases
last Friday, will ' reconvene and
make its report jiext Friday, it
was learned from - the office of
John Carson,-, district attorney,
yesterday. ' . ;
Auction Sale Tomorrow
1351 N. Cottage. H. W. Woodry
A Son Auctioneers, Phone 75. a9
Car Struck WJiile Stopping
When O. W. Russell, of Salem,
slowed his' car down in order to
light a cigar, his stop light was not
observed by Charles F. Brechtil,
719 W. 9th street. Eugene, .who
as driving behind. The Brech
til car struck the . other machine
in the rear, damaging the fenders
somewhat. The accident occurred
on the Pacific highway, near the
Valley packing company, at 1 a.
m. yesterday.
One Sunday Acciden ReioHeI
The only Sunday accident reported-
yesterday In the office ot
the city police was that of cars
driven by S. T. McAdam, Rt. 8,
and Joseph Serdotz, 1723 N. Sum
mer street.' at Center and Church.
The McAdam car hit the rear
wheel of the other machine. r
Rear End Collision Ocnrs
A rear end " collision between
two cars occurred yesterday at
1:15 p. m., at Commercial and
Center, when Mrs. Minnie Deppen,
1665 N. 5th street, stopped her
car suddenly ta avoid a collision
from the side, her car being
struck in the rear by a machine
driven by H. A. Dakin. 1132
Center street. The rear fenders
and tire carrier on the Deppen
car were bent. Dakin declared that
he did not see her signal, but
adds, "It was not my fault, but
I paid the damage on her car." '
D. Moaher the Tailor
Will be open evenings during
balance ot 20th anniversary sale,
: , all
Has Wronir License Plates
G. W. Brooks, of 895 Bald
Win street, Portland, pleaded
guilty in justice court yesterday
to a charge of driving, a car with
improper license plates, and paid a
fitoe 'Of ' - IS;"' '.' : -X
- f i
Return from', Y-cation---ii: ':
A party 'including Dr: 'Virgil O.
Long. .Mildred', Long. ' and' Mary
Talon returned' Sunday from a two
weeks' trip daring which they mo
tored through -eastern Oregon and
Idaho. Several days were spent
in ' Idaho, where they joined an
other party and went on a cmp-
Ing trip. The return to -Salem
Was made by way of Prineville
and the McKenzie pass. :
Every Morning
Drink it while it's
Health Salt
Is a-effeshihg effer
vescent ' laxative , that .
.really, tastes good.' ." , ,
, During the hot sum
mer days a teaspoon- -'
ful of -R'exall Health
Salt in: .a little" 'cold .
' water. ' wjll . cool ,'the
blood. ? ' .
Regulates , the bowels.
' Makes yod feel fit; fr;
Perry 0mg ; Storw
Trurk Ium Ittsof f lcjefit LLJsraM
Cjharged with operating a track
witTf , insufficient, license for thd
mount of square Inches of- solid
tire surface, H.'L.-Qeorge, truck
driver of Portland.-::Vu arrested
Sunday night by State Traffic Of
ficer Reinhart. Georga was driv
ing a trnek with two trailers. Since
ht- wag hauling tor two different
companies, - fines :of : 430 each
f gainst the two, cOTnpagies rwere
levied in justice-1 court yesterday.
Plan Home in Englewbod
; O. R.' ' BonneJI was granted a
permit yesterday to build a one
and a half story :,hbme, id Engle
wood addition, , at; 1610- IX. street,
at a cost of about If, 800.'
laso Rubles Family Visits
( Dr. W G. Gates and- family, of
Paso Robles, : arrived in Salem
Sunday and are -visiting at the
home of William Blake, of Willow
Lake farm. Dt Gates inspected
the Marlon county health demon
stration yesterday. : He is inter
ested in a similar work - at Paso
Robles. and fnnnd niurh nf Inter-
Jest in the local work.. The family
win visit here Tor aevera days,
before going on "to their home.
Auction Sale corrow '
1351 N. CdtUge. JL F. , Woodry
. Son Auctioneer. : Phone 7 P. c3
Car Stolen Saturday Night
Peter Kirkti; pf Jst.-Paul,' Ore.,
reported the 'lbsa v of his ; Ford
coupe, a 1926 model .with Oregon
license 145-759. ".t local police. It
was stolen from the. Thatb place
Saturday night, he reported.
C. J. Anderson, agd 5 ft, escaped
from the State hoapltal-f or. insane
sometime Sunday, official o that
lDstttution reported. "Heas de
scribed as weighing 165 pounds,
bring 5 feet. 8 .Inches in height,
and having brown' hair and gray
eyes. x -
Smoke Causes Alarm-
Smoke from a newly Installed
cil-burning heating system in the
Ambassadore appart men ta yester
day morning caused, three fire
engines to respond to. a telephons
call, with visions ot a serious
apartment house fire. No damage
was done.
our Arrested for Car Theft
Arrested while in possession nf
Chevrolet coupe said to have
been stolen from Portland, four
hoys giving their names as Vern
eterson, Tacoma; John' Adams,
San Franciseo;. Maurice Gbldie.
Chicago; and CerieDouglad. Ta
coma. were held by local police
over Saturday .ntght. and JSnnday
noon turned oyer to Portland au
thorities. ' - .. .
.Disregard Stop AtgnMbt . .
A. A. Taylor, 47B S; 53rd street,
arrested Sundayvon a chafge of
failure to stop at'-a Sign, yester
day pleaded gtiiUy.ahd paid a
fine of $. in police court.
rff- tol. trt -wiwnmm.
Mial almtWN mm
Mm traiaOae. C a 1
Best of Location
j Modern 7 ' rwrni -"lionse, ' full
basement furnace, St fireplaces,
lot 65x163- lias Crage,l Wal
nut and fruit .trees, ;. Price Is
S7500 with payment of $2000.
1433 Conrt Street; : i' "-
" See vi
J. A. or W. J Mills
Quick Reliable Service
H. EGNER, iem Center Street
Phones 333 and 1310-W
- ' - J--:'; Fine Fixture! ; " -'
', Standard - Equipment .
. - V - SEE . OUI .
" Perennial Gardens
On the, Wallace Road
Telephone 380 , It2 SUte' SU
. Ladles GHk .Dresses, 81SS .
Coats Rellned, 83.00
lien's - Salts Pressed, 60 cents
1 'Over Ruslck'a
1P37 PREti 7AIXPArcn
Call Tdjisr OfwriU 5
"-" ZIAXJO-lXUREif i i
171 N. .Com-ircl j f ,8alem
Final Settlement .iJecreo " -"; -
Judge c::il. MUI-han, acting
county judgein. the absence -of
Judge J. T, Huntwho is spending
his vacation; at bech points with
Mrs; ' Hnnt yesterday v decreed fin-'
-al elt!ement In thel.etate of A.
til. Leona rd t deceased, h -f :
- - The seventh" annual homecom
ing of the Anmsville Pioneer as
sociation will s be held r in the
Swank grove at '&AumsvIlI(B next
Rundav, according' to word receiv
ed . here, Theodore Highberger U
president of. tae -association and
II. Maude Boone is secretary-lrea-
surer. '..-, 7 .
Has Wrong License Plates
: Robert Chase, .1075 t; Willow
street. Portland,, appeared Jn Jus
tlrp, court - Monday mornine and
pleaded guilty to a charge of driv
ing with improper Ucense. plates.
The case was continued for. sen
tence, and Chase -was -released on
his own recognizance.- "
lioeal Men Go To Sea berk
A group of local members of
the YMCA, including Ben Rickll,
Harvey Brdck and Kenneth Law-
(k At the home three 'miles, south.
Miss Wikje Stonebrlnk, age 81
years, sister- of . MisS Bauwkje
Stonebrlnk, Miss Wietsche Stone
brink and N. H. Stonebrlnk and
Mrs. BI Tt Swart, Funeral eervices
Tuesday, Aug. 9th. Jit 1:30 p. m
from the residence ' under the di
rection of Rlgdon- H Son.
Gerald Maurlcelnfan't son, of
Mr, and Mrai ; L. CVKImsey of
fiend';' .died1 Ifi -Portland August 6,
age ,4 motiihs.' Grandson of Mr.
and Mrsr'GR. Moorehead of Sa
lem and ' Mrs. R. U.' Kimsey of
Bend. - Funeral services -., from
Webb's chapel Tuesday at 10
o'clock a. xn. Interment in City
View cemetery.
Died at her home at 255 N. 14th
street. August 8. 1927. Rebecca
Dunn, aged 78. The deceased is
survived by two islets. Mrs. Mary
M-Ga(h, of Salern. and Sister
Mary Flavja, of Enint Mary's Ac
ademy, Portland.; Recitation of
the rosary and prayers will be
held at the Terwilliger fnneral
home Tuesday at 7 D.m. 'Funeral
services held from St. Joseph's Ca Wednesday at 9 a. m.
Perfect Funeral Service
For Less .
Licensed Lady. Mortician
770 Cbemeket Street
' Telephone 734 -
In profusion, with , flowers,
greenery and reverent peace
throughout, in alleviating
v -
Telephone 120
Jonn J.;: KpttIe
-415 SSSe.'SL c ', ':
Most sell choice close in Ten
Acre River Bottom Land - -Want
an Offer
'' 841 SUte Street
Rewound and Repaired, New or
Used Mo tors 4 -1'
. Things Electrical
111 South High , TeL 211 J
; 1 JT. H. LEONG, Mgr. ;
Onr life's work has
been spent In studying
the - healing properties
of Chinese herbs and
n ow ; daily we rel le ve
those suffering from
stomtch, liver and kid
net tronble, - then ma
: tisnt j ahd gall atones.
-also disorders of men.-
and children,. . - ; ,
Freer Conioltation Call or Write
Open A. IL to 8 P. Mu'.i.
40 Elate t- Salezo, Oresoa
nual -esmmef -school " tor" .YMCA
nrorker&'s wtIchTis belng"; jjel'd: at
SeabeckvJYasb-,' from; August 11
to 26.. The student .body will in
clude men from Oregon, Washington.-
Idaho, Montana and British
Columbia, Nationally -known lead
ers who will be on t-e facufty will
include George-Irring,' head of the
Rational eouneU religious work.
Ai W. Alley, national members-
Ship and promotion -secretary. Dr.
G. G.' Deavers,iof the- Chicago YM
CA college, A. J." Gregg,, national
bead of the YMQA boys work
program, and " George " Stock, na
tional secretary, for; physical edu
cation. About 160 - are expected
to enroll in tbe school.- :
ciir Uproots
V The car. belonging to R. A. Su
therland uprooted a small : four-
year-old tree on the Garden Road
near Swegle school Friday when
LADD & BUSH, Bankers
EsUbllabed 186.
. General Banking Business
Office Hours from 10 a, m. to 3 p. m.
Furniture of 5 Rooms, next Wednesday, Aug. 10
s " 1 -.- -tj:f i j-. $; v
1 p. m- at. 1351 N. Cottage Street
consisting of
1 Cabinet Mahogany EdisonPhonography (with - rec
ords) ; ,1-5 Tube Radio, Stewart-Warner, electric charg
er. (This set is just like new) Oak Library Table;.
Flower Stands, 7x9 9x12 Axminster rugs, Cong, rugs;
5 Oak Rockers, 1 Dufold (with mattresses like new)
Drop-head sewing machine; Oak Dining Room, Table; ,
6 chairs (leather seats) ; Beds, Springs, Mattresses;
'.Dressers; Child's Bed; Rag Rugs; 1 Universal white .
enamel trimmed Range with coils ; 1 Great Western .
,Heater; Oil Stove; Refrigerator (50 lb. cap.) 100 ,
quarts canned fruit; Fruit Jars; Wash Bds; Boilers;
Garden Hose; Garden Tools; 7x9 Wall Tent; Cooking
Utensils; Ice Cream Freezer, and many other things.
r Don't forget the time and place
This furniture is all like new
v i No Reserve - - ' ;-
E. Winchcomb, Owner , k . . . , ;
4 II. F. Woodry & Son .
271 N. Commercial Street - r.
' " . . are the . ... ., -.. .
. Auctioneers . T'' '" m r
Phone 75 ? - - Agents for Lang Stoves.
60 head of dairy cowkjFreshVand',comin3r-fresh'
not later than September .OcjtobcrJExtra'&PQ'4 .An
-y - - aairy
- ' ' - - -
-.-( : w - ---.:-,- - , ---- -
4 i ALEX HAYES,iOwner . v' -:
A. 1. Stevenson, Auctioneer . . '
Matt WiUhelrri, Clerk .
V j - "- ' . ... - ; "-
; - : Long and Short Distance Hauling
' . Public and Private Storage
Fireproof Building
Free Delivery to any part of the city v " 7 : ' '
- Quotations on Application V
. , r V PAUL' TRAGUOlTop
- Day Telrphcne 23 ' .
x rr irV "Tkcr cka.112
coo r tt ia.n. I
Sutherland . lost control" of it and
' the -ear' Jumped the ditch along
the road,- Sutherland reported."
8f l i
- siock 1 - Vf ?
' iSizk Tdcrhcne 1237-Z.
V-.t .- .
two yars .yesterday aiiv; a.m
TL llf W