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Bt Kozella Bunch
Phone 106
Radio . Concert Mill Honor
i Mr. and: Mrs, Wilttdm
s Dillmon Smithy
A dedication radioconcert pro
gram J will be giyen , next Friday
evening between the. hours of elev
en and twelve fromthe broadcast
ing station. JCNJC (375 meters)
at Santa Monica by Mrs. Paul R.
I Smith ( Evelyn Paddock) . concert
pianist of Libs Angeles, in honor
of. the golden wedding anniversary
of Mr., and Mrs. William Dillmon
Smith of Salem.
Mrs; i Paddock, who Is well
known in Portland and Salem,
will be assisted on the program
by Melvilla Avery, baritone opera
singer. - - r
Numbers included In the even
ing's ' program aire: "Wedding Day
at Troldhaugen" by Grieg, a num
ber written especially for the gold
en wedding anniversary; "Revo
lutionary Etude" by Chopin; and
"March Wind" written by Mc
Dowell. Mr. Avery will contribute "Si
lence of Night" by Rachmaninoff;
"Aria"-by Eritn; and "Sleep That
Flits Oe'r Baby's .Eyes" by Car
penter. I This program will be of, particu
lar interest 'to" the' friends of Mr.
and;. Mrs. Smith, ;
Miss RHhpankoif-ecopes
BAdeaf. Gtibph 'pitting
MissJEtetha, Cannoy, only daugh
ter o'M X, ad irs. , L t'iiin noy ,
Klslnorf Theater
Any woman.' lighting with her
natural weapons of brain and
beauty, can win . any point she
wishes to accomplish against the
dullards who consider themselves
dominant males.. .
A slight pout and flashing eyes
are 1 the preliminary skfrmish'; if
these fail to start the masculine
retreat a few tears can easily be
tailed into play, Then there is
the; tried and true faint to bring
up "added reinforcements. More
Is seldom needed.
)7 Florence Vldor. epitome of
brunette loveliness. In her new
est starring picture for Paramount
The World at Her Feet," which
shows at the Elsinore today.
Miss Viaor -simulates blindness
and' through this adoption of a
pathetic affliction manages to
arouse the jealousy of her discon
tented husband.
She pretends to go blind while
entertaining a handsome gentle
man who doesn't happen to be her
husband. Thus arises a situation
that's as old as man but in this
instance the denouement comes in
a n'oyel way. thanks to Luther
Reed's clever direction.
Roed, New York newspaperman
and screen writer before becoming
a motion picture director, brings
a touch of freshness and originali
ty to the handling of every situa
tion.; He refuses, .to follow rote:
seeking "always to make his char
acters do the unexpected. This
plan- has 'been "followed in "The
World at Her Feet" with the re
sult that crlflcs everywhere havo
-j . j "
acriaimea n
drrferent," V
the farce that's
jlwheh Margaret :nglfn ,ywas
taking- arrangements for her -recent
.production o( Sophocles
"Elwtra" at the Metropolitan Op
, era Jiouse.'NeWi York -(-May 3 and
4 ) iimder the rponsorshlp ef tthe
National Community. Foundation,
she wired Moroni OLsen and Janet
Young of the Moroni Olsen Plac
ers, to obtain their serrices for im
portant roles. They were then
touring through Montana in "Out
ward' Bound," so were unable to
Miss Anglin. who lately received'
a gold medal for having "kept her
work characteristically pure and ;
noble in nature." realized the InVrJ
portsnre of such capable artists as
Moroni Olsen and Janet Young.,
They were both associated with
her ,last summer in the huge open
air production of this v play .in
Berkeley. Janet Young, theji
played the part of Chrysothemls.
the part now being played In New I
York by Michael strange iair.
Jphn Barrymore),. ; A
jf Mr. Olsen and Miss Yount: WJll
i4 .-,1 '1 j j":'''1,1 -i
Ia.nt Tiiikcs Twlay
Madge Kennedy
Creighton Hale
David Butler
- Kit nsr.tN
.... !
, 1. L
' A- howIInK
-fn L
i i ' " i i 1 ' i i
t. :.;' f ' f ,. - t -. ' ,
becam? the bride ot Gilbert Dillon
of Salem, Sunday, at 12 o'clock: at
the home of Reverend and , Mrs.
Cannell of West Salem. Only Im
mediate relatives of the bride and
groom witnessed, the ceremony.
Rev. J. E. Cannell of the West Sa
lem Methodist church performed
the ceremony.
The bride was beautiful in a
gown ot pale lavendar georgette
trimmed with lace. She wore a
corsage bouquet of sweet peas.
Florence St. Pierre, cousin of
the bride, who was the bride's only
atendant, wore a gown of pale
green georgette.
Ervin Simmons acted as best
Following the ceremony a! wed
ding dinner was served at the
beautiful country home of the
bride's parents to about ' fifty
The living room was decorated
with boquets of orange blossoms,
sweet peas and Toses. The serving
table in the dining room was cen
tered with the bride's cake; with
the bride's cake, with roses and
roses add orange blossoms ar
ranged nearby. Those assisting
in the serving were Mrs. Clarence
Burton, Mrs. Robert Adams, Mrs.
Arba Martin, Mrs. Charles
Schwartz, Mrs. John Cannoy and
Mrs. Ellis Cannoy.
The bride is well known here,
having lived here nearly all her
life. She was graduated from the
Salem high school with the class
of 1926. She is employed in the
office ot the Pacific Fruit Canning
ning and Packing company. :
The groom Ih the son of W. A.
Dillon of Hubbard. He is a-graduate
of Simpson College, Iowa. At
present he is employed at the state
hospital here.
In the afternoon the young
couple left for a short honeymoon
be seen here again soon as George
and Olivia Marden, in the Moroni
Olsen Players' production Of the
popular "Mr. Pim Passes By,"
now running in New York at the
Garrick theater. The date is July
12 at the Elsinore.
Cifpitol Tboater
Funny, amusing, gay, rollick
ing! These and any .other adjec
tives at the critic's command must
be summoned to describe the
mirth-provoking elements that go
to make up the side-splitting com-
1 edy, "Op, Baby!" which ahows at
the Capitol today.
The tiny actor is a born come
dian who might well earn the
pseudonym of the miniature Chap
lin. His performance sparkles
with wit and pep from, opening
scene to final fade-out within the
boundaries of which he is before
the camera most of the time.
At the outset we . see him as a
prize-fight manager, who when
viewed with his gigantic and mus
cular boxers appears as the rein
carnation of Tom Thumb. Char
ley, one of his sporting friends,
comes to him with a hard luck
story. He needs a wife and an
eight-year-old ' daughter ' immedi
ately, to win the million dollar in
heritance of a wealthy old aunt
who has demanded, that he bring
his. family to visit her.
From this point, the complica
tions descend upon Billy thick and
fast.' In a little pink silg dress
and wig of luxuriant blonde curls
the arena, chief enters the home
of Aunt Phoebe.. Her beautiful
com panioB.' fls, "Bond, cudd les
and pets hini: and .Insists! on ar
ranging a cjtiifdts' party. This and
other embarrassing, moments rain
swiftly upoBkl'the ;head of Little
Billy wWi Is dying to smoke a
long, btaelc3 cigar and is worried
s4ek -for fear he will -not be back
A beautiful stage.presen
tation featuring the Lin-
en industry .of ;Salern.
The Trojans
5 Qever, Boy Entertainers
; Ot The Ol4 Otegon Trail
. k I s t " ;i''- .v I .
J I '. ' 1 I -
Declared by crihcs to be that unique musical organization, "symphony" brass band, the Liuther
College band comes to Bligh's Capitol theater Saturday, July and will give concerts at 2:30 and
at 8:30 p. m.
trip. They will return to Salem
to make their home.
Guests at the dinner were: L.
Griee, James B.est, Mrs. Chas.
Schwartz, Mrs. Flora Martin, Mrs.
Rosa Adams, Mrs. Lorna Arm
strong, Beverly Lucile. Armstrong,
Dorothy aJne Armstrong, W. A.
Dillon, Walter. E. Dillon, Mrs.
Bertha Belle Dillon, Billie G. Dil
lon, Bertha Dillon, Robert L.
Adams, F. C. Cannoy,. J. C. Bur
ton, E. W. Cannoy, Ammon S.
Grice, Irene Grice, Tom Burton,
Chas. R .Schwartz, Dell Everett
Schwartz, Kenneth Cannoy, Arba
Vivian .Burton, Tapdjj Burton,
Cecil WitldronV JerfKi'X'andell,
Herbert 'A'nfislrrg j 'Gert.rde
Cannell, Mrs. Laura Cannell, Rob
ert Cannell, Florence St. Pierre,
Ervin Simmons, Mrs. J. C. Cap.
4oy, Mrs. Nora Cannoy, Mrs.
James Best, Olen Cannoy, Bertha
Cannoy, Mrs. Laura Whi taker,
lieland Cannoy. Elta Cannoy,
ait Madison Square Garden
Coach his fighter to victory.
; On July !) at 2:30 p. ni. and at
8:30 p. m. the Luther College con
cert band will play at the Capitol
theater... This band Is composed
of fifty "white clad, fine faced
young instrumentalists" and it is
renowned for its orchestral ef
fects. ,The Gazette of New Amp-
ton, Iowa, says:
"Ranged in a semi-circle four
ows deep, with close fitting white
Uniforms and gleaming" instru
ments, the hand presented a pretty
and interesting sight. The abso
lute precision f the musicians
was marvelous, while their main
tenance of tempo in changes of
movement was admirable."
Oregon Theater
Laughter and tears, thrills and
suspense, these ail 'were experi
enced by the apdience which wit
nessed the first showing of Fox
Films expic story '3 Bad Men" at
the Dregon, yesterday. It shows
again today. ,
, Reproducing faithfully one of
the Ttnost Interesting episodes in
American history, the opening of
vasf,:tracts of Indian lands for
.which settlement, it possesses an
educational value probably never
equalled by any screen production
up to the present time. Against
this epochal background of the
struggle of the settlers for the
best of the virgin lands and the
race of thousands of men across a
"vast plain in every possible kind
of vehicle, is the story of two
young pioneer lovers, Lee CarIton,N
played by Olive Borden and Dan
O'Malley, played By George O'
Brien. In striking contrast to the
portrayal of these two typfcal
young American settlers are the
"3 Bad Men,". played by J. Farrel
MacDonald. Tom Santschi and
Frank Carapeau - who give vivid"
portrayals bf the "terror," the
"card sharp' and the ; "horse
thief." ilowitheWterjiUle '3"
guided and protected with their
life the young lovers, makes one
of the most fascinatin-KtorieB
ever screened.
Pr Id at
1- i
1 l.i: Hr TefiJ
mm I III I in IP" " 'S-'-W
13 si
Mary St. Pierre, Mrs. CecD. O.
Waldron, Mrs. Olen Cannoy,. Mrs.
J.C. Burton, and the pare it.s of
the bride, Mr. and Mrs. L. L- Can
noy. - x
Business and Profession al
Women's Club Will Hold
Dinner Meeiiny ,
The Business and Professional
Women's ,club will hold its regular
dinner meeting at 6:30 o'clock this
evening at the Gray Belief
Rev. Martin Ferry will ibe the
speaker of the evening, "tajking as
his subject, "The Outstanding
Books of the Year." The ( reports
of committee chairmen wVll also
bo given. The new officers will
be in charge of the meeting with
Miss Carlotta Crowley, new( presi
dent, presjding-
Child Studfj Club Will .
Meet on Wednesday Kveninf
The Child Study dub of the
A. A. U. W, will meet on Wednes
day evening. July i. in Room 1104
of the First National Bank build
ing, at 7:30 o'clock.
The subject for the evening will
be "Affection and Jealousy" lead
by Miss Elnora Thomsen.
This will be the last mooting of
the year and all members are
urged to attend.
Annual Picnic of Past
Matrons Association
Tomorrow Everting
The members of the Past Ma
trons association Will hold their
annual picnic tomorrow evening
on the lawns of the homes of Mrs.
Rose Babcock and Mrs. Harry
A six o'clock picnic supper will,
be served.
Barbara Frietchie Tent
Will Meet July 13 inWoman's
Club House r ;
The Barbara Frietchi& Tent,
Daughters of Veterans, will meet
on Wednesday evening, July 13. at
eight o'clock in tho Woman's
Club house.
Miller's Employees Picnic
in Hager's Grove
More than sixty-five employee
of the Miller Mercantile company
icniced last Friday evening in
Hager's Grove. Ball games, music
and a picnic supper were the fea
tures of the evening.
'i j
2nd Day and
Going Strong
Last Times Today
and Tomorrow
One of the Biggest
Pictures oi tbf year!
You've Heardjof It
--Now See It!
No Raise in Prices
Twenty-third Tour
60 Piece College Band 60
This marvelous band, can produce the- effects of . a
pipe organ, cathedral chimes or a symphony orchestra.
What Portland Has to Say :
One, of the best musical units-ever heard here,-so,
that they are stepping close upon the heels of our friend
Philip SousarOregon Dally Journal, Portland, -Or&. -J ;
-r Adults 75c--V:iXIdreftiSc-1
f: , -i ' it
v I
- 4 ... '
Rev. and Mrs. Ward
Guests in Washington
Rev. and Mrs. Cliarles E. Ward
with their sons, Charles. Billy and
Donald, are the guests of rela
tives in Washington.
Mr. and Mrs. Coolcy Go to
Newport for Week-Etui
Mr. and Mrs. Ellis Cooley ac
companied by Mr. and Mrs. Albert
Litheron, and Mr. and Mrs. Al
Courter of Monmouth spent the
week-end at Newport.
Will Spend Month at
Dr. and Mrs. L. F. Griffith are
spending the month of July in
their summer home at Neskowin.
Their daughter, Mrs. Bert Ford,
will be with them for the nxl
Go to Detroit for Holidays
Mr. and Mrs. Mason Bishop,
their daughter. Henrietta. Mr. and
Mrs. C. W. Elgin, and their son
and daughter spend the holidays
on a fishing and camping trip near
Detroit in the Cascade mountains.
Go to Portland for Holiday
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Canfield spent
the holiday week-end in Portland.
Will Spend Vacation in
Washington and Canada
Mr. and Mrs. George Allen are
spending a two weeks vacation in
Washington and Canada.
Gardens of "Jonesmere"
Will Be Open to Public July 7
The gardens of "Jonesmere,"
the country home of Miss Mabel
Creighton, will be open to the pub
lic tomorrow, July 7, from 2 until
8 o'clock. "Jonesmere" is 10 miles
north -oY Salem on the Wheatland
I?rry-Waconda Road.
. Tha garden party at "Jones-
jnere ' is an annual event and is
always greatly anticipated by gar
den lovers of Salem.
Wedding of Interest at
Poorman Home
. A recent wedding of interest in
Salem was that of Greta Thorton
of Woodburn and Oscar M. Berrie
of Roseburg at the home of Mr.
and Mrs. S. W. Poorman on North
Summer street. The single ring
service was read by Rev. E. H.
Shanks of the First Baptist
- s .
is) )
- Forty-hfnth Season,
- s
J '
; Social Calendar
Barbara Frietchie tent of Daugh-.
ters' of Veterans. Woman's club
building. 8 o'clock.
, Auxiliary to Veterans of For
eign Wars. Mrs. Ben Wielk?,
T01 N. Church street. 2:30 o'clock
Business and ' Professional
Women's club. Gray Belle. 6:30
o'clock. . .., :
Child Study Club of A. A. U. W.
Roam 1104. First National Bank.
7:30 o'clock.
Salem Dakota Club. Fair
grounds. Picnic supper. 6:30
St. Paul's Guild. Mrs. Jas. Wal
ton, 1077 Center street, this afterj
noon. -v 4
Tbursday .
"Open Gardens." Jonesmere. 2
to 8 o'clock. Public invited. Ten
miles north on Wheatland Ferry
Waconda Road.
Ladies' Aid of Woman's Relief
Corps. Mrs. Jennie Martin, 1145
Saginaw street, hostess.
Past Matrons Association. Mrs.
Rose Babcock and Mrs. H. E.
Crawford. 6 o'clock.
Ladies of G. A. R. Business
session. Armory. 2 o'clock.
- Friday r
Golden wedding anniversary of
Mr. and Mrs. William Dillmon
Smith. 2 to 5 and 7:30 to 10
o'clock. 1765 Center street.
Radio Concert Program. Sta
tion KNRC From 11 to 12 o'clock.
church In the presence of friends
from Woodburn.
The bride was lovely in a single
gown of an orchid with a corsage
of Cecil Brunner roses and sweet
After a motor trip through Can
ada Mr. and Mrs. Berrie will make
their home in Roseburg where
Mr. Berrie is in business.
Mildred Moore- Honored
With Shower
Miss Mildred Moore was the in
spiration for a miscellaneous
shower given on Thursday even
ing at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
Willard Moore on Capitol street.
The guest group included Miss
Moore, the honor guest; Miss
Dora Buteer, Mrs. Mildred Sim-
2005 X. Capitol St., Phono 520
7 ana 0 p. m.
Don't Miss This One
Always 25c Children 10c
! - . ' . " ... ' Included In the window dis-- .
In our window we are-di-.. 4 play are printed olle or --
playing real clerer frocks of .ry fine qnality made along
;- .v pU,K.MM-l?iS4ili?!J - tines demanded by the worn-.
combinations 'Of prints and - , ,n who insist on class beyond . ' ' ' ,
' plains. Ileal values. V . - doubt. ... ; . - ' .
- S7.95 . V. ..1.514.7S.v '
' Printed broadcloths, ' ' ' ' ; " ' ' ' . fSun-Itay" frocka ot
tissue ginghams and . , . ''. ' JJ t printed vroUe, rayons
rayons made with Jongr ' ''&7'J$f " " an 1 ginghams,
short and no sleeves. ' , Artf l3A2r:S wb .trlnjmH. Just ,
. Trimmed wftfteU and a. J Jj. ' . i Ih thihg for altcrnooa
! contrasting material. ; V . " wear.
- v335 .. . v-
. 4 .. . . f.ifi- r ':-..r;. ;n t- ' -. f- - ;. . - - ... - - . ' .' $
Uns., Mr Eniily.Laudeba'ckr. Miss
Thelma - War-Mrs.-H,-S Rolph,
Mrs. L. L. Williamson.' Mrs. Nack-
erman. MW
... . . -
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at Kafoury Bros.
eairaiaee Sale
Offers Many Genuine
All O ver the Store
Downstairs Store
Nashua Sunset
Plaid Blanket
Size 64x76
New Shipment For Summer Use .
Made of soft fleecy China Cotton, will wash beauti
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soft pink, grey and white, soft yellow, t grey and
white, soft orchid, grey and white. They're single,
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Salem Store Portland Silk Store
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EdnaNvoix.Miss Elsie Mosher,
Misa AlU.Viel Jm1s Vuth knight-
linger, i Miss - Etta Shuett, Miss
o 'pr .B.)
Tues. July 12
Present , t
Mr. Pim Passes By"
S2.20, 91.65, 91.10, 75c; SOe
.Seat Sale Now .. ,
great fight
ah -.Toaio lino w; -"HELD
. AU tar Cast ;