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training scnooi near Turner wnera convention or tne . racinc wooa
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Harold of Klamath Falls; Mrs.
'Sylvia Hauser of Forest Grove, L.
B. Marsters of McMInnvUle, Mr.
and Mr. Lloyd Simon of McMinn
vllle, Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Brid
well and Mr. and Mrs. A. R." Mc
Lain of Portland; Chester Ellis.
Gertrude Ellis and Homer Ellis of
Dallas; Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Irwin
of Tillamook. Mr. and Mrs. Bertell
Ford of Ltnsey, Cal., and Mr. and
Mrs.- O. A.- Hanser of Riddle, and
Mr. and Mrs. M. H. Payne of Yon
calla. For herl golng-away dress Mrs.
Ellis wore a smart model In deli
cate rosewood georgette.
Box Luncheon at Jllahee
Country Club Tomorrow
Night Will Attract Many
'What will probably be one of
the most enjoyable affairs listed
on the social calendar this week
Is the box supper, and informal
evening of 'dancing and cards
which will - take - place Thursday
Bight at the club house.
Every lady and girl of the club
is urged to bring a basket, for the
auction, enctosing her name In her
box. Beverages will be served
during the evening. Following the
box dinner, dancing and cards will
be enjoyed.
The lunch baskets will be
auctioned at 1 o'clock.
Mrs. John Bayne Will
Entertain South Section
of y oman's Unton'
' Members of the -South section
of the Woman's union of the First
Congregational church will meet
at 2 o'clock' Friday afternoon at
the home of Mrs. John Bayne.
Sewing will -be in order during
the day.
Visitoi's ut N: C. Kafoury
Home Are From Spokane
Mr. and Mrs." N. C. Kafoury have
had for -several days as house
guests Mr. A. Scroggin and daugh
ter. Miss Arta Scroggin, of Spo-
:kane. The Scroggins are return-
Ing home-after a most' Interesting
motor trip through t ho south.. The
- past ten. months have been spent
leisurely driving, v visiting the
scenes of Mr. Scroggins' boyhood
'and college days; also visiting rel
atives and friends in Florida,
Oocial Calendar f
i.r - - . ?-.---,-.-.-j .a :. . t - -5
touisiana Missouri and
California. , .
. Miss" Scroggin is - a prominent
member bl the, Spokane Business
and Professional Women's club,
and is past president of that or
ganization. Several days will be
spent in Portland before the com
pletion of their trip.-
Gueets at the N. C. Kafoury
home Friday were Rev. and Mrs.
E. Beatty. Miss Virginia, their
daughter, and son Bruce, en
route to their home in Wenatchee,
Wash., from San Francisco. They
were accompanied home by Misses
Helen and Mary Kafoury, .who will
De their house guests tor two
weeks. ,
Presbyterian Missionary
Society to Meet Today
The Woman's Missionary society
of the First Presbyterian church
mill meet at 2:30 o'clock this af
ternoon In the church parlors.
Mrs. Charles E. Siegmund will
bring to' the society a-report of
the presbyterial recently held at
Woodburn, and Mrs. E. G. Ford
ill present high points of the
Woman's biennial and general as-
embly at San Francisco. 'Hos
tesses -for the afternoon are Mrs.
E. Ling, Mrs. Henry Morris,
Mrs. I. M. Don gh ton. Mrs. L. O.
Clement and Mrs. C.' D. Childs.
All women of the church and .con
gregation are invited to -come.
Mr. arid Mrs. Arthur
Vassall Will Hold Oven
Garden Tomorrow
The garden of Mr. and Mrs.
Arthur Vassall at 1820 Chemeketa
street will be opened to members
of the Salem' Garden club tomor
row afternoon from 2 to 5 o'clock.
Today .
Miss Margaret Fisher will pre
sent Junior pupil's in piano recital.
Waller Hall.
' Woman's Missionary. society of
First Presbyterian church. Church
parlors, 2:30 o'clock.
First Methodist WFMS. Mrs.
Fred Miller. 1009 N. Fifth street,
Royal Neighbors of America.
St. Paul's parish house, 7 o'clock.
Piano recital at Hollywood thea
ter during , intermission. Five
students of Mrs. Harry M. Styles.
W H M S of Leslis Methodist
Methodist' church will meet with
Mrs. F. W. Seely on Wednesday
at 2:30 p. m. Election of Officers.
' Barbara Frletchle tent, Daugh
te rs of .Union Veterans. Woman's
club, 8 o'clock.
Jason Lee WHMS. Church par
lors. 2:30 o'clock.
Presbyterian Missionary society
Church parlors, 2:30 o'clock.
Pupils of Miss Elma Waller in
fetand recital. Residence studio.
Pupils of, Prof. T. S. Roberts in
tecltal. ' Residence studio. .
'" Practical nurses, 2 o'clock.
Salem Boys' chorus. Capitol
theater." 8 o'clock. ;
Annual spring exhibit and "The
Goblin Fair." State feeble minded
school, 10 a. m. to 10 p. m.
Basket-dinner (auction). Illa-
hee Country club, 7 o'clock.
:VOpen garden." Home of Mr
and Mrs. Arthur Vassall, 2 to 5
i Annual exhibit. Oregon state
school for the blind.
Ladles of the GAR, Mrs. J. W.
La Bare, hostess.
. Friday
Comedy, "Apple Sauce." Cap!
tol theater. Auspices of Willam
ette chapter of the Red Cross, :15
o'clock. " "' ,..
' South section of Woman's union
of fitm Congregational church, 2
o clock. - - 1
Artisans in first state
Headquarters, Grand
t i
I -i
r S
I 1
I i
'' President's reception.
Hall. 8 to 10 o'clock.
ToileW Goods Sale
"J1" r
An Ha A a. V rl tannine
cream. Loosens the dirt -and"
powder -and keeps
the',, complexion clear,
Does not promote . the
growth of fhair. ' Regu
lar price 50c. ' -Special
price 39c
v" JONTEEL ' , ,
Ths' cream is 'free from -grease
and. readily ab
sorbed by . the skin, " A
raluable bse for .face
powder Regular price
sec. : .- -J 1 . -:'Epschi
price 33c
3i '
Dr. and Mrs. Cart Gregg : I
Doney Wiu Entertain at i j -Annual
Reception June 11
; All frledds of Willamette funi
versity are invited to meet the
graduating class at the, president's
annual reception on Saturday eve
ning, June 11, from 8 -to 10
o'clock at 2 Lausanne Half.
Mrs. George H.! Alden will in
troduce to the ; receiving, line, in
which will stand Dr. and Mrs. Carl
Gregg Doney, Miss Frances M.
Richards, Dean and Mrs. F. M.
Erickson, Dr. and Mrs. John Mar
tin Canse and Mrs. Alice H? Dodd.
The committee In charge of the
decorations In the living rooms in
cludes Mrs. Gustar Ebsen, Miss
Nina McNary and Mrs. Morton E.
At the door to greet the guests
will be Mrs. C. L. Sherman, Miss
Lois Latimer, Miss Gail Curry,
Miss Avoca McMinnis, Mrs. Roy
Harding and Mrs. Darwin Bur
roughs. .
Those who will assist la. the liv
ing rooms are Miss Edith Denise,
Miss Frances Virginie Melton, Mrs.
J. O. Hall. Mrs. A-' N; Moores. Mrs.
J. O. Goltra, Mrs.l F. G. Franklin,
Mrs. Herman Clark, Mrs. E. W.
Hobson, Mrs. T. S. Roberts, Mrs.
Robert Dann, Mrs: S. B. Lajighlin
and Miss Leila Johnson.
Those who will invite Into the
dining room are Mrs." E. T.'Barnes,
Mrs. Robert J. Hendricks. Mrs. C.
A. Downs and Mrs. Florian Von
Eschen. These will be assisted by
Mrs. Roy Keene, Mrs. Robert Gat
ke, Mrs. E. T. Brown and Miss
Winifred McGill. "
Mrs. E." C. Richards and Mrs.
W. E. Kirk will be in charge of
the dining room; " ''
Mrs. Thomas B. Kay and Mrs.
W. C. Hawley will pour during
the first hour, At the second hour
their places will be taken by Mrs.
Pau B. Wallace and Mrs. C, P.
Bishop; . ''
Assisting in the dining room
will be Mrs. W. E." Kirk; Mrs. E. C
Richards.. Mrs. Gustav Ebsen. Mrs.
Mgrton E. Peck 'iand Mrs. A. E.
Lee." The Junior girls wm serve.
Neighbors of Woodcraft Meet
.Silver: Bell circle. Neighbors of
Woodcraft, met last Friday night
with a large number in attend
ance. The annual memorial ser
vice was solemnized. The audi
ence was charmed with a beauti
ful solo by Mrs. Teeeen. The
drill team sponsored an exhibition
drill in a very creditable manner.
The Juveniles staged a practice
drill, preparatory to their visit in
Sllverton - Saturday night.
Annual Exhibit at Blind
School to Open Tomorrow
The annual exhibit at the state
school for the blind will open to
morrow and continue through Fri
day. Many interesting articles
made by students of the school
will be on display in the gymnas
ium. The public- is cordially invited
to attend.
Comedy, "Applesauce,"
Meets With Much Approval
The dress rehearsal of the -comedy.
"Applesauce," which will be
presented on Friday evening, June
10, at the Capitol theater, was a
complete success. The play is one
which is simply effervescent with
The characters ate extremely
well cast; the play as a whole one
of the best local productions of
the year.
Those who motored to the boys'
the dresal rehearsal 'performance niah: Life 'association. Mr. Beard
was given on Monday evening, in
cluded Mr. and Mrs. J. A." Jeldrks,1
Mrs. W; H. Byrd. Mrs. Ray I
Farmer and Mrs.' S. M. Endlcott.
" ThQ plav.' which will take place
on Friday, ia being sponsored by
the Willamette chapter of the Red
Cross. - .. -
Practical Nurses' Association
Will Meet Tomorrow
The Practical Nurses associa
tion will meet at 2 o'elock Thurs
day afternoon on Marion Square,
oc In case of rain, at the home of
Mrs. Robeck, 545 North 2,1st, In
a special meeting for reception of
new members and consideration
of unfinished business. Prompt
ness is .urged to allow time n
the social ! program L which; . .haf
been planned. -
Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Beard
Motor to Los Angeles
Mr. and Mrs. F. A, Beard left
yesterday morning by motor for
Los Angeles, to attend the national
is'state manager for the Pacific
association., . '
Mrs.-Beard wiU attend the na
tional convention of the Woodman
circle which opens In Joint session1
with the ' Pacific Woodman Life
association on June 13.
Ladies of the G. A. R.
The ladies of the GAR will meet
Thursday afternoon at the
WV La Bare at
Tae La Bare
home of Mrs.. J.
1835 Lee street
home is reached by taking the S
P. bus line.
j? All GAR veterans; are invited
or tK IHlulA'
I Mill I TT I I II i M(C
flltctw, imH4 vHh Bta fj
Rfhkoa. ' Kb
it ii
. 1
s ..
! Im
When Glasses Are
New Location
Dr. C. B. O'Neill
Fourth Floor
First National Bank Building
- Ph0B 26
'wni)niixiw,m miiiHiiwiiinni.w'i'ir'
iihiMiMiMiiiiiiiiMMiiiiiiiMiii WiWii.yHiiqtiiiiiiM.iWM'iiiiiii IN-"Tti'ffi'iiir,'l''M'iT,"''M":" l,tr-ti,tr'i'i''t'T'ffrr"W'iHi'iffmr
HI tHitHiiniil KiiMB
"' - :
Tlhore's To a FsMop Show Today at MiMir'-s
Exclusively In Salem At Miller's
will be modeled to music from 12:00 to 12:30
and 3:00 to 3:30
i 1
b -
Perhaps you will wonder why all this excitement about mere house frocks . . . come and see
them modeled and you wjn instantly know.wly they are worthy of all this bother. They are
as carefully made as silk frocks and most practical, too (though we confess that they, don't
look it) . . . for all fabrics are of highest quality and all are fast color
ime Ur esses that are
different & inexpensive tool
Such a host of colors greet the eye .. . such'a variety
patterns . . quaintly lovely ones and ones with daring
modernistic views. , Bodice styles and straightline frocks vie
for honors, and adopt rows of laces or braids to please your
fancy. '"Surely frocks like these will be expensive," you're
very wrong, for each price ticket aaya but 21.95.
5 a -f
i 1
1 1
U ay time Ur esses mat are : mMiMM.
m (wm mm
100 Juanella Frocks Qe rM
of T L I v 'Sl K w 1 A
Juanella Frocks. ,3 U
O Dress Section . fTh n ' V ' ' '
' FS v A Juanella Frocks
- 4 in a m 3
' Bishoo's -
j - 1 " t"
a 1
III - - . d mm. m
III Uon t 'wish you had" when it's too
III late, be wise -Buv Nowl
j We don't want anyone to say that we
didnt let them know about these won
derful values. Buy now!
Shoes and Oxfords
(Broken bizes
J Reg. $6.50 to $10.00
J J -
I Shpes and Oxfords
Reg. $8.50 to $10.00
if ' Fine Quality
100 to sell for
For every "mood . w gay
with bright colon and quiet
with soft tintings. Dimitftt
that ' effect quaint basque
styles . r v. soisettes that
adopt scalloped tiers . . .
and prints .ihat need only
hemstitching or a combined
color f or trtmmina".
o f gay
little prints
or soft soisette
to take: you
shoeing smartly
' oc;
n -1;
m styles ihdt ynark -
them chic for street -wear
and set them far above the general run of
cotton frocks at any place near the price. Note
, the clever way a soisette frock uses organdio
' bands and an apron front edged with lace . . how
a print model trims its pockets "and collar and cuffs
with lace . : ! little things most truly, ut the things
tjiat .make this collection outstanding: Seer theni dis
. played on lovely models ... to .the strain of lilting "music
, - 1 v :- r ' f -. ,3,
Come to the Fashion SKow!
t 5
I 1
ST . C
r a
i 1
i 1
i .3
i i
Mws Westj Representing Juanella Frocks, Will Be Present to Give Lecture Upon These Dresses
. t And r
Thurcday v -
' aieai iLeading ..tJepaltxnent t5fa
-t Today
.Several Lines of
Regular $15.00
Our Entire Stock of
. 1 i
S .-:
Regular $ 13 to $14
Work and Outing
Regular $4.50 Value
IPerrVa Drcr Store
-115- Commercial r t