The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, May 07, 1927, Page 2, Image 2

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Nell Wanderwell Travels 215,000 Miles In 7 Years;
Started As Her Honeymoon
Elsinoro Theater
Marie Prevost has added stlm
nlns to the beauty spot fad. In
"Man Bait' her current Metro
politan star production, the scln
cillatlng comedienne wears . a
heart-shaped piece of court plas
ter on her cheelc which she clas
sifies as her "man bait." It sac
reeds the diaphanous gown and
"tbe toIW hose as an allurement
for emeshing the nnwaryymale.
Since Miss Prevost has thus
popularized the tiny dab of plas
ter there has been a rush In the
ranks of the pretty "extras"' to
follow the star's lead. Where a
speck of dust may hare rested nn-
11 sung a few days before,- the sym
bol of "man bait" now shrieks
t for attention. t r
Supporting Miss Prevost in
"Man Bait," whlcft comes to the
Elsinore theater May 8-9, are
Kenneth Thompson, Donglas Fair
banks, Jr., Eddie Cribbon, Adda
Gleason, Louis Natheaux, Betty
Francisco, Sally Rand and Fritzi
lUdgeway. r
In addition to the picture there
will be a Fanchon and larco
vaudeville hill , on Sunday and
Monday that Is sure to please.
clans of yore have been resurrect
ed for the illusion palace. "Living
half ladies," human spiders,' a
"Decapitation" in which .Gilbert
apparently loses his head In, an
illusion patterned after that of
the great S tod a re. master magi
cian' of London, are being repro
duced for the old background of
the new Budapest romance, ad
apted from Charles Tenney Jack
son's "The Show."
Oregon Theater
- Mirrored panels, strange grot
toes, and mysterious trapdoors
are seen in -a veritable enchanted
palace in , "The- Show," ' Tod
Browning's latest production for
Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer in which
Renee Adoree and John Gilbert
play together.
It comes to the Oregon theater
May 7-8-9. Living hands with no
bodies attached reach out of the
void; live heads are suspended
over thin atmosphere, and strange
ghosts pass to and fro in this re
markable chamber of mysteries
which forms the background of
the story.
AH the tricks of stage magi-
High class novelties, comedy
capers, popular musical numbers
and an all round good program
la pleasingly mingled on the new
vaudeville bill at Bligh's Capitol
today, afternoon a ad erening.
Harry and Curly appear in. a
sensational aerial novelty, a whirl
wind cycle of death-defying aerial
feats. Miss Curly, a dainty miss,
is a personification of gracefulness
and daring.
Bob Milikin as "The Prince of
Whales." presents a new and orig
inal monologue this season. His
timely topics and typical tunes are
interspersed with several song of
ferings. Carr and Morin offer "'Bits of
Musical Hits." ' This mixed team
present a routine that touches the
high spots of entertainment in
song presentation. They both pos
sess melodious voices.
Hibbard and Budd, "two Cork
ers in Cork," present a nonsensi
cal comedy characterization that
is built for laughing purposes
only. The act is replete with mu
sic and enlivening personalities
and plenty of ability, which ani
mates an audience into real good
humor. This is a clever represen
tation of artistic merit.
On the screen the Capitol will
offer "The Marriage Clause," star
ring Billie Dove and Francis X.
Bushman. Viola Holman and her
orchestra will play a special mu
sical number for National Music
-ft .0
5 n
f "
son comstocK noma one evening
this welc
One of the outstanding meet
ings of the club year for the
WHlard Woman's club was held
at the J. C. Currie home Thurs
day. Miss Carlson o Salem gave
two whistling solos, "Mother
Machree," and "Jlemories." Miss
Cornelia ' Marvin, state librarian.
spoke on "The Uses of the Public
Library." She pointed out the
fact, that the library is of far
I greater use than merely to furnish
fiction. Everyone present felt that
in the future they would take more
; advantage of thi,. wonderful in
stitution., About 24 ladies were
present from clubs in Aumsville,
Silverton, Salem and the WHlard
club. Mrs. Currie served lovely
lefreshments late in the afternoon.
Nell Wanderwell is heading: the Fanchon and Marco
bill on Sunday and Monday Elsinore Theater.
age the business of the associa
tion. F. Wi Gillette, who was
manager of the Falls City Can
ning company last year, has been
selected ' as ' superintendent and
manager of the active business
of the association, which will in
clude the j packing and shipment
1 fresh fruits, canning of fruits,
and: possibly drying of certain
A lease has been entered into
whereby the j Luckiamiite Cooper
ative Packing association will use
the plant of the Falls City Can
ning company for the 1927 season.
While the growers have not
fully formulated their plans, it is
certain that i they will take care
of all the fruit of their own mem
bers, with the pool still open for
other producers who have not yet
signed up. It is planned to handle
the fruits inH season, either fresh
r ts n rti rr dried, as mav be most
Packing" Association profitable for the growers.
c . - I ... . ... . 1 . iUn
WOrK Will iDegin SOOU, wiiu iub
packing of gooseberries, and will
probably continue nntil late In the
falL .
Fruit Men Organize
Survey for Spur Track
for Lime Development .
FALLS CITY, May, 6. (Spe
cial.) A party of engineers in
the employ of the Southern Pa
cifie is making a survey for a spur
to be run from the plant of th
Oregon Portland Cement company
to 'the land owned by A. A. Muck,
which will soon be opened up for
the development of lime rock. 5
- No definite news is available as
to just how this development will
be made, but it is presumed the
state will handle the deposit un
der a lease, taking out rock and
shipping to Salem for crushing
at least for a while.
Lurklamuto Cooperative Plans
" Operations at Falls City
St. Helens Paper mill im
provements add 10 tons a day to
Jnteresting Musical Recital
Given at Mennonite Church
PTtATUM, May 6. (Special)
Eighteen men of the Methodist
church met on Monday evening
with the equipment necessary to
rut the winter's wood for the
rhurch. -
Several walnut trees have been
grafted here during the past
The county steam roller was
doing some road work south on
the Pratum-Mcieay road and on.
the Frnltland road this week.
Miss Opal Smith of California
is. visiting with friends in this
Larmer trucks are busy hauling
wood from this community. -
A. very interesting musical re-
cital was given from the Mennon
ite church on Thasrday evening
May 6. -Those. taking part were:
-Eugene Strickland, Dorothy Bow
en, Gordon .Sternberg.- Ruthyn
Thomas. Mary Kruger, Ruth
Ramsden. Alice Hersch, Ruth
Welty. Opal Yates, Homer Welty,
Lucille Ramsden, Gretchen Beut
letr, Dorothy Badertscher, Helen
Bowen, Marjorie Crlttendon, Rob
in -Mosler, Richard Baker, Mar
garet Gueffory, Leonard Mosier,
Verdie and Thelma Bell, Madison
Landaker, Kenneth McKenzle.
Garnett Sternburg, Clyde Cooley,
Mrs Zena 'Thomas was the piano
accompanist for the recital. These
v were the pupils of P. E. Thomas
and Zena Thomas. This recital
- was greatly enjoyed by those In
; attendance.
been visiting her parents, Mr. and
Mrs. N. P. Williamson, was called
to Walla Walla. Wash., where her
husband is seriously ill.
Correspondent Depicts
Community News Items
cial) Mrs. Artilla Hadley of
Portland has been visiting the
home of her son Ivan for the past
few days, leaving Tuesday for
Idaho to vfBit with a sister
family there.
Mrs. John J. Cooke was shop
ping in Salem one day last week.
Mrs. Francis Whitehead ' was
hostess for the W. C. T. U. Wed
nesday. A shower was given for
one of the members and many
dainty and beautiful gifts were
given her.
Those who have been sick in
this community are gradually im
proving as the spring advances.
Only a short time now until the
school closes.
Leonard Hamilton and his
daughter. Miss Melva and her
school chums, Naomi Fleager and
Lois Whitmore of Ridgefield,
Washington spent the week-end
here with Mrs. J. M. Hamilton.
Mr. and Mrs. Decker of Corval
lis spent Wednesday visiting here
with Mr. and Mrs. Earl Neer.
Mr. and Mrs. M. Townsend at
tended the special meeting of the
Pomona Grange held at Stayton
Friday evening.
High School Agricultural
Class Spent Week-End
Visting at 0AC
May 6. (Special.) Mrs. Frank
Egan has been quite ill the past
week with influenza. Mr. Egan
has just recovered fro ma two
weeks' siege of the same malady.
Orlando and Waldo Rue accom
panied the agricultural class of the
Silverton high school to Corvallis
for the week-end.
Janet Comstock, small daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. Edson Comstock.
has been ill with chickenpox.
Roger has been staying in. town
with bis grandmother, Mrs. S. J.
Comstock, while the home was
under quarantine.
Ferdinand Rue and Miss Lor
raine Fletcher assisted with theSilverton were visitors at the Ed-
music at .tne Mclaughlin school
Thursday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. Lester Fellows,
who are spending their vacation
with Mrs. Fellows' parents, Mr
and Mrs. Frank Albaugh, went to
Oregon City this week to visit his
Evergreen and Centerview made
a brave showing in the health par
ade in Salem Saturday, and also
had entries in the spelling con
Miss Myrtle Moore, who for the
past eight years has been em
ployed as secretary in her cousin's
office in Los Angeles, arrived on
Thursday evening for an indefin
ite stay with her sister and moth
er. Mrs. A. A. Geer and Mrs.
Moore. Miss Moore is just recov
ering from a serious illness, and
thinks California is too far from
her people, so will seek a position
in Oregon aa goon as she is well
Fred Knight has started a new
barn on his farm and Julius Gehr
ing is building a large new chick
en house.
Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Coffey of
FALLS CITY, May 6. The
Luckiamute Cooperative Packing
association is a new cooperative
association formed by some of the
large fruit growers of this section.
with the help of business men and j
others interested in the develop
ment of the fruit canning industry
At the organization meeting
helcT recently. W. V. Sample was
elected president, with a board
of seven directors, who will man-
Telephone 2599
For Free Estimate On Your
Plumbing Job
Delbert A. Bechtel, Contractor
Standard fixtures always repair work all work
and fixtures guaranteed
Impfoves Ranch; Clears
V Four Acres of Stumps
cial.) Max Woods has Improved
the appearance of his : farm by
clearing off four acres of stumps
and setting out strawberries along
tne road.
Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Shnelder and
James visited with friends atShaw
over Snnday.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Zellnskl
Jr. visited with Mr. and Mrs. Barr
at Silverton on Sunday. . '
--Mrs. Charles Lanhan was in an
aato accident recently. No one
was injured, although some dam
age was done to th cars.
Rev. Mr. Mershon will preach
at 7:i0 o'clock Sunday evening.
May 8. :;v .';
Mrs. William Hawkins, who has
Capitol : .-. ; Phone .520
Saturday Only,-IXatince 2:39
; DOLonrs ccgtello
"EriJa cf Ihe Stern"
. - Any Seat 10c Matinees
. . Follow the Crowd v
Nire 1 and 0 P.13I.
I'mij. '- "
Shows at 2-7-9
1 I I 1 V J "v- v
i i.
STRANGE were the figures in the side-show the crowds
gaped at. But stranger by far the drama of under
world life they played back of the scenes! An amazing
romance, a lurid tale of a rogue, torn between baser
passions and a girl's redeeming love I '
Matinee Only
i( .. .
Standardization in Service
IE manufacturing of equipment for the
Bell System was one of the earliest, and
is npw among the outstanding examples of the
standardization and quantity production
which are distinctive characteristics of Ameri
can industry. ' '
Quantity production for the nation-wide
Bell System makes it possible to put into
v every item of telephone equipment better
material and better workmanship,' at a lower
cost to the telephone user, than could other
wise be done. But the dominant advantage of
uniform manufacturing, under standard speci
fications, lies in the improvement of the service.
Every transmitter in the System is designed
to work in harmony with every receiver all
over the land and to co-ordinate with all the
complicated equipment and lines behind. All
can function at full efficiency for they are
designed and manufactured for that, purpose.
Standardization, not only of equipment but
of operating methods, is the only basis upon
which it would be possible adequately to meet
America's need of a nation-wide, universal
telephone service.
The Pacific Telephone And Telegraph Company
1 bell system
On Policy - On System - Universal Service
A Lois Weber Production
Can. man so love a woman as to. break 'their engagement In
order to. give her a career.? : Has he the right to do ft? That's :
ioa of the vital questions that is answered for all time In this.
1 most perfect love story of the year, enacted by a splendid and
sympathetic all-star cast.
I ' i ' - ' s - . . -.Li
Portland Junior Symphony
Salem Men's Chorus 1 :
Salem Boys' Chorus
Schubert Octette
Willamette University
Group' Singing
- ' "'''. ' ' .-. :..':;':"-.
TONIGHT, 8:30 P. M. "
Tickets for this Gala Event now on sale
Floor $1.10 -1.63 Mezzanine $1.65
Students 75c "
mm ;
Years do riot change the desire in
a woman's heart for gay bits of
Jewelry Mother's heart will be
made happier on this day by a bril
liant pin a string of pearls ur a
dress ornament.
- i
i. . . .
; Handkerchiefs are
one of those little acces
sory: items that Mother
doesn't , buy for herself.,
Why not a box of six or a
dozen? Pure linen, with
contrasting color borders
Crepe de Chine and
Voiles. . ' i ' .
Gifts That Are Fitting.
V Tributes to Mother on '
Charming little presentations of your love and
respect that are just a little "fussy" and the things
she wouldn't buy for herself are listed here to help
you decide on your gift for Mother.
Night Gowns
7 Ideal gifts for her would be one
of these fine Gowns of Crepe, Ba-5
tiste and Voile, both lace trimmed
and tailored in a good range ; of
both large and small sizes.
Gloves tailored and
' Gloves a bit "fussy
s both with and without
: cuffs, are here in a
i lovely display in all
beautiful spring
; shades for Mother's
day gifts. .
r Hosiery
Most Mothers prefer
service weight hose and
for that reason we are of
fering a wide selection of
reliable makes for Moth
ers day. Pure silk, rein
forced heel and toe and
full fashioned.