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: WEDNESDAY MORNING - MAY ": 4, : 1327:- -r
I illegibilities la the Bearc&t
camp make prospects of Victory
today and tomorrow orer Collere
of Puret Sonnd extremely doubt
ful, declared Coach Roy "Spec"
1 r m . 'n-vni . .
. sity baseball team Tuesday.
The game today against the
Loggers, will start at 3:30. p. m.
at Oxford park, and the one: to
morrow at 1:30. to accommodate
the House of Darid-Salem Sen
ators' contest at 6:15,
MeKemie, star hnrler for "Wll- 1
lamette, has been declared in
eligible for the rest of the sea
son, end McMullin, the most de
pendable batsman on Keene's
quad. Is down in his studies but
miii'Ka Vil A tn Mlnalala htmcalf
today, steeinammer. first base
man.' 1s another inelegible player.
Ellis and Ledbetter will pitch
each a game against the Loggers.
Ellis probably will take the mound
today, .with Kaufman on the re
ceiving end.; Roundtree will play
left field. Dietz. center field, ajid
Robertson, r1ht f!M - Welr.h
will take-first Jase, Ashby. second
and Ilftuk. third. , Girod probably
will, occupy the short stop post
' tion. - i':- . . ..
Considerable impetus was given
to Willamette's chances to win the
western division conference title
when Pacific university,- holding
two victories over University of
Oregon, was defeated here .last
week',4 to 3. Much better-form
was evidenced them, by the Bear
cats than, was shown against OAC
i wo weeas ago. ii MCMuinn gets
into the trame today and tomor
row. the chances, lo beat the Log
gers both games are about even,
Coach Keene believes.
- , . - - , -i .
. According to reports from Ta-
coraa, Coach "Cac" Hubbard has
oaiy one pttctter on whom he can
sarely- rely -for an entire gae.
This IS Claire CliMt.' m. three vea.r
Ipi.terma.n on lit mrmrtri- hn alan
was a, crack pitcher for his. team
at TonDenish..,'Wash.. high school
Guest, held, the Washington hus-
innings of the first game against
that school last week - which -was
lost 5 to I. . Ferguson. Wilson,
and Clerman who were used on
the mound in the second game
were unable to withstand the
batting onslought of the "anskies
and lost 7 to 2.;. I .
.Coach Hubbard ad 11 stalwart
loggers, arrived .hereV last night
and registered at a local hotel.
The Paget Sound team will , play
four gaaaes .while in : Oregon, two
here, one against Linfield Friday
and one' against Pacific, at Forest
Grore, Saturday; , ,
The-results xt these games, will
virtually determine the thampton
ship of the western division. Col
lege of Idaho.' with three victor
ies over Whitman, has cinched
the title in the eastern division
Representatives of the two sec
tions, will meet later in the sea
son for the conference champion
ship.; ' '
The game today will represent
the fourth time athletic teams
coached - by .t "Cac": ; Hubbard and
"Spec" Keene hare vied this sea
son. wCac" is a bit ahead in the
friendly coaching rivalry, with
two events won and one VosU.The
Loggers4 defeated tbe pearcats at
football-, and once at basketball
while Willamette- won one game
of basketballs The , two coaches
were associates ' on the staff at
Oregon Agricultural college last
, H ....
Finals in the spring toutna
ont t rhm lillihee country club
Will be" played next Sunday with
the player matched as follows:
Harold dinger vs. Henry Thlel
Hen,Fred . Williams ts. Clarence
'chdmker, Foster Cone ts. F. E.
plliott. . " "'":
peaten Eights-. W. Chausse vs.
v. A. Keene, Ous HUon vs. Robin
ay. VT. I. JWga vs. Dick Stola
Results last Sunday were:, Harr
Id XJUager beat Oris Fry, Henry
rhielsen beat Franic Shafer, Fred;
jVilliaina bet.; D. W. Eyre. Clar
Ince 6chmoker beat H, - C Mc-,
I'ammon, Foster Cone beat George
ee "Wood. , . T ; '
Beaten EightsF. W. Chausse
eat. Ercel Kary. default: A. A.
jleene beat Chandler Brown, 3us
Jixon heat Dr. H. H. Olingen
tobln Day beat H. O. Maison,
7, J. Paige.beat J. J. ElIllott. de-
t. tov oni iit nm stra-
.w i
NEW YORK, i May. 3.(AP)
immy iXJUgnran, inav; ur
aight contender rom Philadel
iia. slammed his' way to a- ten
and decision over Young Strfb
ig of Macon. Gi., in the featare
itch of New s York's . first - open
r fight of the season hera ,to
;htj'. Lougbran cleaTly qutpoint
1 the southerner in seven ot the
rounds.' . - t 1
- KiAT 13 MUSICAL - . .
' iot springs; s.; p.- Bill.; a
Mack jcat owned by A. T John
t, arouses his owner's, family
roTindtas: riano keys until some
;e today
p. inn ii i i i. Mi " i
v -
v f y.'.t.
, v . j T : T
A'h'A 0itLh'sk -rir m 1 '
St;;. v , :-L. a'j L'-
V f .
. t .... .x S-' ?:r.'- i
l-.!TisW. y3f.. i t'.to.....i tlUEa . ,-, , ,r,, , , , J ,
Sensational House of David infield, considered the greatest i
Jtinst the Salem Senators Thursday afternoon at 5:15 ocl
Dannaher, second base; Champion, third base; Faust, shorts
Coat Leagac SUndlngs
W. L.
Oakland . ...... , 20
Sacramento 19
Seattle .........18
San Francisco .... 18
Mission . . 17
Portland ..... 16
Los Angeles 15
Hollywood 12
Klmer Ponder, former Aagel
and Salt Lake right bander, held
the Hollywood Stars to eight scat
tered hits and pitched Portland
to a 5 to 1 victory , in the series
openers here today. Strand's home
run in, the second inning had put
them , in front when -the Beavers
sewed up -tEe contest in" the
eighth by bunching three hits and
two walks off Sbellenback.
Score . R. H. E.
Portland 4 5 12 0
Hollywood . 1 8 2
Ponder and Telle; ShellenLack.
Hollerson and Murphy.
slashing single by Parker, pinch
hitting for Rose in the ninth in
ning, scored' two runs and gave
the Missions a 3-2 win over Se
attle in the opening game of the
series. Seattle had led from the
third frame.
Score R. H. E,
Seattle . . . . . ......... 2 5 1
.Missions S 6 1
Edwards "and Schmidt; Pillette
and Whitney.
mento took the series opener from
San Francisco Seals, 'here today
withont much difficulty;. 5 to 1.
A double to left by Mails and two
infield outs gave the Seals their
only tally in the sixth.
Scors Jt. H. E.
San Francisco ....... , 15 i
Sacramento . ........ . 6 . 8 . i
Mails, Turpin a.nd Stokes. Var-
gas; Kalllo and Severeid. '
OAKLAND, - May 3-Los An-
geies pulled the league-lead in r
Oaks down notch todav hv da.
f eating hen .4 ; to 1. The - Oaks
made:: eight hits off I Wright, but
the Angels bunched six healthy
swats, and made them count. -
Score : R. H. E.
Los Angeles 4 ig - g
Oakland . , . . . -t . ... .1 a
Wright .and Sandberg ; Dicker-
man, pelanejr and , R6ad Baker.
V 1 rv
Americau League 1kandings
5 ;
8 '
New York . . . . .12
Philadelphia! ..... . .11
Chicago5 '. .... .. . .,.11
Detroit . . . 8
Washington , . ..... &
St.. Louis. . , . .. . . . 7
Cleveland . . i .- ;. . . j $
Boston '..;,. V . ... 3
DETROIT. '. May i 3 (AP)
The winning streak of the Chicago
wnue ooxi which ' had extended
through . seven successive tames!
ended here today when the Tigers
took the second game -of the ser
ies. 6 to 1. . j . , .
Score;, ! r. 11. e.
Chicago ". . '. . ". . 1
Detroit ... ; : . . ; 5- 7 ' 0
Faber, Jacobs and McCurdy:
Collins and Woodall.
(APV The AthletkaWde it two
straight over the Boston Red Sox
today, winning by a score of T to
2. Cobb sent two runs over the
plate in the first inning. :i
Score . ' II. if. E.
Boston v. , ; ' 2 7 2
Philadelphia 7 11 3
1 Harriss. MacFaydcn and Hof-
man; Ehmke and Cochrane. .
1 WASUUfOTON, ilay 3.--Tb9
uj .' ... .i nil i " ir - i i i i y T - I, -"t n t t - -
badly cripplied Senators took an
other beating today from the New
York Yankees, dropping the se
cond game of the series, 6 to 4,
arter tying the count in the sev
enth. "Score - R. H. E.
New York 1 6 13 1
Washington , 4 7 0
Pipgras, Mooi;e, and Collins;
Grabowski; Marberry, Ceveleskie,
Crowder and RueL '
ST. LOUIS, May 3. The Cleve
land Indians out hit the St. loui
Browns today and won. 5. to 3. in
the second game of the series.
Score R. H. E.
Cleveland 9 . 2
St. Louis' . . . 3 7 VI
Buckeye and L. Sewell; Ballon,
Vangllder and Schang.
1 mil n f
National League standings
W L Pet.
St. Louis. . ... . . .
Pittsburgh ....
New York
Chicago ..... .
Brooklyn .....
18 i
5 13
A ninth. Inning rally, netting two
runs, marked Pittsburgh's 11 to
10 victory over St. Louis this af
Score- .. R. II. E.
St. Louis . . ilO 16 0
Pittsburgh .11 17 2
Rehm, H. Bell. Keen and O'Far
rell; Meadows. Songer, MorriBon,
Kremer and Smith.
CHICAGO, May s.--(AP)
Chicago bunched hits in the fourth
sixth and ninth innings today, to
defeat Cincinnati,, 4 to 3.
Score , R.
Cincinnati .: 3
Chicago'- . ... t-. ........ 4
Luque and Hargrave;
and Hartnett. .
H. E.
9 A
11 3
BOSTON, May 3. (APj The
Braves went on a batting spree
today and won the operitns'game
of a series with the Phillies 7 to
. Score R. 11. E.
PhUadelphia. . . 4, 10 2
Boston ' . . .. . . '. .'. . X 10 2
Pruett, Decateur. Willoughby
and Wilson; II. Smith, Mtsgridge
and Taylor.
NEW YORK, May 3. (AP)
Overcoming 'a' live fun lead, the
Brooklyn Robins again 'defeated
the Giants today r 7 to fi. for their
fifth Straight ' victory, three of
them from New, York.
Score : ' . R. H. E.
Brooklyn . . . . . 7 13 0
New Yofk ..612 "1
McWeeny. J. Barnes and De
berry - Barnes,?- Cheeves and
Ham by.. - -:."r ,
CHICAGO: May: 3-f (AP)-t-
Bud Taylor of Ters Haute,, recog-
nited by acclamation a , the
world's bantamweight champion,
wen the verdict over : Abe Attel
QOldstetn of New York, former un
disputed . holder of the title,- in
their 10 round battle at the Coli
seum tonight v . ': " :"'
; , (Can tinned from Vt4 t.) .
t her "had -transported to' theJ Ti
Juana ranch. ' ' '
Chaney. Longbrake and O'Brien
denied they had ever participated
In alien smugglings and told the
lury that Daugherty was fired up
on without warning. .ctf
! tjhaney. Longbrake and O'Brien
aro being held in $10,600 bail
cudh, and four -otbvr' a v tutors are
hekl pending further action . by
authorities. . -'
FlorencexBeach resort is to' be
developed at Sea Lion caves, near
uecata lleaa.
n the world outside uf organized baseball, which plays here
oclc at the Oxford Park diamond. Reading from left to right :
top l Sharrock, first base.
Oakland Car Soon to Have
Traveled 120,000 Miles;
v Runs Well
uovwnor i. u. r aiierson ex
tended an official welcome at the
capitol building yesterday to ithe
driver of the endurance Oakland
automobile now touring the coun
try and received from him a letter
of greeting carried here in the
record car from Governor Zim
merman 01 Wisconsin who re
ceived the crew of the car at the
state house at Madison a month
The car also paraded down town
Salem at noon yesterday with four
mmebers of the Rouge Indian
tribe from the Indian school
headed by Chiefs Sanders and
pBent escorting it. In the proces
sion were a score of new Oaklands
end Pont lace furnished through
the courtesy of Vick Bros., local
Oakiand-Pontiac dealers, who were
hosts to the record car during
its stay here.
Late yesterday the car pro
ceeded on its way to Portland
where it is to be paraded today
with Mayor ' Baker of Portland
welcoming the travelers to that
city. From Portland its itinerary
extends to Seattle and thence
homeward to- the factory5 of .the
Oakland Motor Car company at
Pontiac, Mich-; v .
When the run is completed the
car will have traveled 120,000
miles and' will have visited 500
of the largest cities in the, coun
try. The tour is of five months'
duration and is scheduled to end
.bout June 10.
4. H. rflssler, . manager of the
tour, and Karl R. Schnorr, driver,
brought the cr to Salem and are
accompanying it throughout its ex
tensive travels. W. G. Canv of
the district office of the Oakland
Motor Car company at Seattle, apd
Doa Harway'and C. P. Shaw ht
the Campbell-Ewald Advertising
agency, also' were on hand tor the
car's reception.
Except- for a broken spring re
sulting when the car fell, into a
rut in one of Chicago's streets,
and a bent steering arm-encountered
when the car swerved on ar
icy road in the Berkshire moun
tains in New England, no replace
ment of parts-other. -than- nrinof
accessories such as tires and spark
plugs has been made, Ressler said.
5 .'. (CoBtimiad from tf X.t
part of the large audience assem
bled. 1 ' ' j ; . ;
' ' William McCiichrist Sr. extend
ed an invitation to all interested to
loin the sdeiety and ! further its
wot;;X. t;iv::;;l.: -v
'Miss Evangeline. Hall is the ac
companist for-he society.
- Tonight the feature will be a
concert at the Oregon Blind school
beginning at" 8 o'clock, which the
public Is invited tq- hear. V .
: ; .The complete program has been
announced as follows 1 . ( . 1
Vocal solos The. Hand of You .
When Love- is Gone . ; -. . . Hawley
"'Maurice Boltofl "
Piano v6olo Frolics - .Von Wilra
. f ... - . . Donald- Byrd
Piano 1 Solo Scherretta . . Schmoll
, - -Nellie -Batea;-
Organ Solos Torchlight March
Scotson Clark 4
Intermezzo -Rogers
,' j Carl Lempke -
Vocal ,Duet; Water Lilies. . . .
4; -. i'.'v. ". Carl .LInders
Eliiabcth Hlgglns, Maxine Sauter
Piano Solo Hunter's 4 llofrf 2
. . ... . . . . . '. .'..: .r.! schmoll
I'-j-i. .".Robert1 Traver '
Piano Solo Moon Moths-No. s
iV.-'. .V Kussner
Gladys Bache . "
CJiorus I -V' -' v : :'.t. j.,,
(a) Dear Harp Df My '.
Country Vfexeb Folk Song
(b) Summer Time Mary
.Jnnfbr Chorus
Vocal Solos I'm Singing of
You l . . . Sans Souce
The Rose Complained
. Robert Franz
Elizabeth Higgins
Piano Solo Humoresque
- . Dvorak
Hazel Hutchinson
Piano Solo Warum. . .Schumann
Glenn Walker
Piano Solo Mazurka. . . .Chopin
Louis Waymire
Vocal Solos When the Soft
Winds Blow. Josephine Jackson
Oh Fair, Oh Sweet and Holy . .
............... Otto Cantor
Maxine Sauter
Piano Solo Waltz Op. 64,. . . .
No. 1 Chopin
Ernest Nagley ,
Reading. .... .A Tramp Musician
Lewis Shoesmith
Chorus '
(a) In Old Madrid, H. Troters
(b) Bendemeer's Stream
Irish Melody, (arranger bv
Bertha Memik)
() I Passed by Your Win
dow Brake-Lucas
Orchestra . . . . Selected
Soloists at the theaters and at
the service clubs are assisting this
week in extending the message of
Last' night at the Capitol thea
ter, Eleanor Moore and Arbutus
Rudy, accompanied by Clarence
Wenger, sang.
At the Kiwanis olub yesterday.
M big. Ira Clare LoveC accompanied
by Miss Dorothy Pearce, gave vio
lin numbers.
On Monday a iuartet;tnclading
Mrs. Earl Pearcy, Miss Ruth
Swart, Miss Dorothy Brant, and
Miss Arbutus. Rudy, accompanied
by Miss Elva Amsler, sang. Ly
man McDonald. baritone, also
gave solos.
Today at the Elsinore, Grace
Fawk and Kenneth Allen will be
the soloists.
At the Capitol theater, Nancy
Thielsen and Edward Fisher will
The soloist at the Rotarian club
will be Mrs. Earl Pearcy..
Get $19.65 in Interest
OGDEN. Utah. May 3 (AP.)
Fifty ' years ago Amos H. Got
schall. Harrisburg, Pa., was broke
in Ogden. He borrowed 75 cents
from Alfred Lowe, yien a young
man conducting a fruit stand at
the Union station here. :-'-
A few weeks ago he recalled
the- loan and wrote to .Thompson
Corn, ticket agent, asking v as-, to
Lowe or his heirs. Corn turned
the letter over to the newspaper
and a score of persons came forth
with information; One-. nt these
was Alfred Lowe's son, - A.. F.
Lowe, a grocer, who wrote to Got-
schall. '" : ' : 1 ' t "
On Thursday Mr. Corn received
a; Icheck tor 1 $2040, which Got
cchall r said represented ; principal
and interest on the' loan of 75
eents, and he directed Corn to
pay $5.10 to each of the tour
children of the late fruit stand
man whose names were given him
by. the Ogden grocer. - - .
Store building and' 'residence,
corner lot, .. blocks . out.
841 Stat Street.
lEcnuc i:dtohs
ntirpund end UcpaJrU
New or Used Uotor
tor Sal . -. ,
TnLr?no:iD-2ii2 1
i- Slowly and with caution, much
rantion. Matchmaker Harry Plant
is nerfeetlnfif his prelim card for
the BayesrO'Briea battle of May
11. , Harry Is going , to . give tne
tans some 28 rounds of boxing and
at least two of these matches are
vnfnir tn win more fans for the
Armorv fifrhts.
The 8emi-hoot-of f for the big
night will be a repairing of the
r latin affairs of Jack Davis, and
Al, Sharp, Salem's, paint slinging
slugger. , snarp. recently-, mew
nr.irnn Citv lsrf Hera and for the
first three rounds barely held his
ground against one of the hardest
hitting battlers ever prellmtnea in
Davis had it all his own way
during these .rounds but Sharp
kept to, the center of the ring and
cooly took his beating until late
in the fourth canto when he cut
loose and, KO'ed Davis. ,
The Oregon City boy is no quit
ter and believes that he can up
set Sharp. He has been training
consistently - and Matchmaker
Plant hasr decided that the f igbt
will be more than W0Tth while.
Davis has urged hat he be given
a chance to show Salem what he
can do and this is, the. answer.
Sharp has made himself popular
with local crowds by his "let's get
it over quick" style of fighting.
He has made his own record here
during the present season and has
offers awaitingHhe outcome of the
May 11 affair, as Davis has a rep
as a clever go-getter. . ,
In 11 fights Sharp has put over
five knockouts, won a' decision
and three draws and .lost three
fights, two by. decision and one
by the knockout route. . , , .
While getting other prelims
ready, Plant is preparing to pro
vide 600 ringside seats. This Is
400 over the regular demand.
Reserved seats are selling fast
as a record crowd is assured, and
the fans have learned by sad ex
perience that the only way to be
sure of an important card is to
have the pink tickets laid aside. ,
Two Suicide AttemDts.
Reported in Portland
PORTLAND, May 3. (AP.)
Booked on disorderly conduct
charges after, they were said to
have attempted suicide, two men
were held in the city jail here to
night. Joe Figini, 80, was arrested
and treated at the police emerg
ency hospital after he had slashed
his wrists and neck, following an
attack upon his wife. The man
will be given a sanity hearing, it
was said.
Andy Larsen, longshoreman.
was charged with being drunk and
disorderly. Police reported that
he attempted to . commit suicide
by jumping, in front bf a police
patrol car as it was making a run.
Patrolman. Cameron driver, man
aged to miss the man. He stopped
the car long enough to load Lar
rvn into it.
Alcohol Worth.Milfibn ,: .
Seized in New York Port
NEW YORK, May 3. (AP)
The captain.and 12 members of
the crew, of the British , steam
trawler Gabriella, whose, cargo of
alcohol valued at $1,200,000 was
seized as it was entering the port
of New York, today, were held
for further questioning by Federal
authorities in Brooklyn. ,
The vessel was , captured at
Staten Island by a coast guard
patrol boat in charge of Boat
swain Leonard T. Jones. It at
tracted suspicion when It failed to
make the customary stop for in
spection by health authorities at
quarantine. -.
Quick, Reliable Service
1814 Center Street m
rhonea 53 md 11(M7
Fine Fixtures
Standard- equipment "
Stop That
"Flu" Cough
Scriacffcr's Hertal ,
Cough Syrup
, . . Sold, Only At . ,'
. pttvg storusr.. v O
Te Orlrnal Vrllow fTtmt
' Ray Tauscher." with a' specially
constructed Harley-Davidson mo
torcycle, will; be one, of the two
opponents - o.T
ley G. Kelley
when he pilots
the big- 4 0 0
horsepower -pe
HavUand plane
in a race at the
S t a t e Fair
grounds h e re
Saturday after
,4 noon in the fea
ture . event of
Russell' Lamb the big race
program, it was
announced Tuesday "night.,
The automobite drWer in this
unique race may possibly be Gus
Duray in the carwith which Earl
Cooper broke, several 'records and
won several major events on the
Tacdmai' speedway. :
.Officials for the automobile and
motorcycle Taces here Saturday
have been chosen as follow!: . .
Judges. Mayor T. A. Livesley of
Salem. Mayor Eastman of Silver
ton, George V. Adams of Port
land. , t .
Referee, William Slathena, rep-
the M.
T. A.
arter, Henry
Timers, Robert
of the adj
Technical c
Scott. Frank Janko, F. E. White
and Ed Bentley. . ,
Clerk, of courser Wells Bennett,
representative of the Western
Auto Racing association.
NEW YORK Motion picture
interests: have donated 778 reels
of movies, including features and
newsreels.. to leper colonies in the
Philippines and Virgin Islands,
for showing until worn out.
There is only one way fo treat a
car give it systematic service
Monroe S. Cheek
Complete Automotive Lubrication
Court at Capitol , Telephone 2293
Paint Up Now!
We Can Sell You a Guaranteed Paint for $2.40 Per
Gallon Any Color '
75 c
pint cans ;-.
Any color.
Universal Var- (M 1 A
nish, per quart P 1 1 U
Will not turn white.
Master Painters Supplies
Certain white fQ T A
(40-40-20) gal.J. ' V
' I'
We can save you money
on paint supplies
I. -v- - - . :
I henz aria Short Dhtenco HsiuKnir
Piiblic jind Private Sbrdc6
. Fireproof Building
Free Delivery to any part of the city
Ii -Ci!l ii
-IhrrTc!cphcne-2S . Ni-ht Tdcrbcr.o 1Z:7-V
7:15-"T:30 KOW (9l). Exerriwt.
10:00-11:00 KPWV-(212). Home beau
tiful hour.
10:00-11:30 KGW. HotuehoM Mt ai
music. --
lO:O0.11:0Q-KXI 23).
ie.: - t,-.:
10:30-12:00 KfcX (242).
mnroing ntM-tinnnt.
llrt0-12:0O KOIX (S19)
hoar and. mu.ic.
Mormiag mu-
Hattie Cook,
' 7 -J
lC:0O JCFEO 252). VtMtaer tt-portsT
1,2 :0hl2 :20 KEX.
l2:ao-l .-30 KW. Noo concert.
2 Ki-3iOO KXli. Music.
2 o-3 :QO KKX. Tra party.
2 :SO-Kni KTAR 263).' TUy by play
)aUll rrtitrn. .,
3 :0-4 :0 XOIX. ' "Jfews. mnsic.
4:30-6:00 KfWT. Twilrte ta.r.A
5:I3-:00 KEX. PoMmii UilVe chii-
drrn'a party... . ,
:00-7:00 KOIX (319). Orarn concrrt
6rOO-6:30 KKX7 (242). News, marked
and time aiCnal.
:0-7:(M KGW-X491). Dinner concert..
6:00-8:06 KFWV (?12. Amusamen:
. miide.
SrOO-SrOO KXI3)w Mni-.
S0-7;0 KWB (26). "Mufcif.
SI-7:3'. KKX. The KF.X trio.
7:(-8:00 KOI NV - Amawiai-ni -uj,
IKtlirn bulletin and club Meeting.
7:0OS:0O KGW. Utility eric and
. roncrt It . -
7:1-5 8:15 KFJR (263). Kiwanis frolic.
7:30 -8:00 KEX. The, Webfoot crier.
8:00-10:00 KFWV. Studio pfomnu.
8 :00-J :(K KXU Dnc nuaic.
HrK) 9:00 Koi.V. JUdto playera.
8:00-9:00 KUWV Orchestra a0J ko
oihts. 8 :1 5-8 :30 KfM ft. Kadio code claM cou
dacted by Ashley IMxoii.
8:30-10:00 KTBK. Studio program.
9:00-10:00 KiW. N. B. C. program.
9:30 Knd KOIS. Main event tlghl
broadraKt from th Armorr.
10:30-12:00 KFWV. The Windjammers.
KGO Oakland (361). 6. .Lit!.- Sym
pboay orchestra; 8, farm program: y,
X. B. V. program.
KMTK Hollywood (370). 5:30 raalo
quartet; 6. 6:15, trio; C:43, 7:30. lo,
dance orchestra. -
KVlhoe Angeles (4C7). 5:30. orcliea
tra; 6:15. 6:30. orchestra i 7. dance or
chevtra ;. 10, instrumental quartet and
pianist. - .
KOA Denver 322). 5:30. dinnerron
ert; . twilie concert; 7. inatrumen
tal program; 7:15, symphonr program.
KPO S Francisco (228). 5:30. chil
dren's hour; 6:15. 6:30. 7, concert or
chestra: 3 orchestra and aolotst; 9, N.
H. C. program; 10, orchestra.
KHJ Los Angeles (405). 6, conc.rt
trio; 6:30. children program; 7:80,
, 7:40, 8, classical program; 10, orches
tra. KLX Oakland (509). 5:30, children's
hour; 6:30, orchestra; 7, news; 8, edu,
- cational prog; am, 9.
KFOX liOfcj BeacV (23. 6, C;15, con
cert orchestra; 7. old-time dance music;
7:80. band concert: . law talk; 8:13..
band concert: U, 10, Hawaiian trio; 11,
dance procram.
KJR Seattle 1384). 6. 6:20. :30.
duets; 7, orchestra: 8, 10, time aignau!
KFWI San Francisco (250). fi, trio; 7.
- S. . Hawaiian hour; 10, dance pro-Crram.-
- r
I' . . '. . .---V--.-