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    rr': WEDNESDAY MORNING, MAY 4, 1927
r a -
Oregon Statesman
Issued Daily Exeept Monday by
' 115 South Commercial Street, Sales, Oregon
JCJ. Hendricks - - - - Manager
Jr.S.McSberry ?$ft0
Ralph C. Curtis Telegraph Editor
Andred Banc- - - - bociety Kditur
W. H. Henderson Circulation Manager
Ralph II. K lft xing Advertising Managee
Prank Jaskoski Manager Job Uept.
K. A. Khoten .... Livestock Kditor
W. '. thinner ... . I'onltry Editor
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had herein.
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( The aa P; Clark Co, New York. ISa-lfto W. Slst St.; Chicago, Marquette BMf.
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.f terce Bldg., I.aa Angeles.
" Business Office
Society Editor .
.23 or 53 Job Department 5H3
106 Neva Dept. 23 or 106 Circulation Office 583
Entered at the Poat Office in Salem. Oregon, aa second-class matter
' i V . - ,. May 4, 1027 '
, Render therefore to all their dues: tribute to whom tribute is due:
custom .to whom custom Is due; fear to whom fear; honour to whom
honour. Owe no man anything, but to love one another: for he that
loveth another hath fulfilled the law. Romans 13:7-8.
Because of conflicting: repqrts concerning: the so called
"Parker Plan" and its present status in California, the fol
lowing quotations from a wire just received by C. J. Hurd,
specialist in organization and markets, Oregon Agricultural
college extension 1 service, from Mr. Parker, should prove of
Also, the following quotation from a letter received from
Mr. H. E. Erdman", prof essor of agricultural economics of the
University of California: "My information is that the plan
has not progressed to the point where the contracts are
available. If it is available it has very recently been made so."
From the above quotations it would appear that the Plan,
if there be a plan, is still in process of evolution and that no
one knows at the present time just what it will contain or
whether it will be accepted by the growers when perfected
j And in the mean while, those in Oregon interested in its
development will have to be content with surmises and
guesses as to its content.
The farmers of the Fraser river valley in British Columbia
are planting or have planted 1000 acres of sugar beets, to be
made into sugar this year by the Bellingham, Wash., plant
of the Utah-Idaho Sugar company
The-guaranteed minimum price to the British Columbia
farmers being $6.50 a ton.
p This is the identical contract offered to the Salem district
farmers last fall by the same company
And the Salem district farmers did not take it
And the British Columbia farmers did
" And a factory is to be built in British Columbia next year.
This was what would have happened in the Salem district.
had our farmers taken the contracts last fall.
And over 45,000 acres have been contracted in all sections
to the Utah-Idaho Sugar company, including Utah, Idaho,
Montana, South Dakota and Canadathe South Dakota fac
tory being a new one now under construction, to be ready for
this year's crop, with 10,000 acres of sugar beets contracted
for it. -
"With the appointment of Roy A. Haynes as acting commissioner,
the turn-is made' from promises back to prohibition. It is significant
that in assuming his new office Haynes made no statements about
what he Is going to do. He just set about doing it. In this he differs
from his former superior. General Lincoln C. Andrews, who has been
as prolific at prophesy as the oracle at Delphi. The appointment of
Haynes Is widely interpreted as a direct slap at Andrews and Secretary
Mellon.- Whatever the truth of this, the appointment definitely aligns
'President Coolldge on the side of the prohibitionists. Despite Haynes'
eclipse following the rise of Andrews, he has symbolized bone-dryness
in the administration of the law. Ilia restoration to a post of import
ance' a Tictory for the drys indicates a return to the policy of strict
enforcement.;:; i. r.
"Promises have been the distinguishing feature of General' An
drews' tenure of office. The-future has seemed the favorite time for
action rather than the present. In three months, in six months, in a
yeav something would have been done. But the people of America
are eager to hear what has been accomplished, not what may be done
at some tenuous period of tomorrow. 'General Andrews Promises
has been too frequent a headline, 'General Andrews Does too rare.
Interviews cannot take the place of accomplishments; nor can pro
hibition be enforced by talk. The manana policy may be very excel
lent in itsplace, but that place is most assuredly not in the enforce
ment of the law. What the nation wants in this particular instance
is history, not forecast."
Red Cross Heeds . $5,000,000 For ' Flood Victims;
Mobilizes All Relief Resources at Memphis
, v. - - " - ----- --y-y;
h a T , -JVn - imsi ' j J'-jJ'"
I "Mai Street" in one of the S3 refugee; camps estahliahed by the
tied Cross i ftoicn ' the upper photo. In the foreground two helpless
t -tlms of the merciles waters are shown inspecting their new quarter.
2. A group of .refugees receiving food from a Red Cross canteen
uorJcer. Mass. feedi g such as this has been necessary in some camps
but is being avoided wherever possible.
Acting Chairman James L. Fieser of the Red Crons irhn is assist
ing the Administration of relief from base headquarters at Memphis, Ten-
toes, madam,"
dial smile.
he said with a cor-
Single BIU
"Well." remarked a : married
man after examining his friend's
new apartment, r "I wish I could
afrorrt a place lite this."
"Yes," said his friend, "you
married men may have, belter
halves, hut we bachelors usually
have lefter quarters."
LEWISTON. Ida May 3.
(AP) Walter Hoffman, ferryman
at Agatha on the rlearwater river.
30 miles from Lewiston. was
drowned today when flood waters
swamped his boat.'
With more than 200,000 per
sons already homeless and the
mighty Mississippi .threatening
each instant to tear its way
through additional towns in the
one-time happy valley, the Ameri
can Red Cross finds itself fare to
face with probably the greatest
relief problem of the past cen
tury. The president of the United
Spates has actively participated in
mobilizing governmental agencies
and resources to assist the Red
Cross in its relief program. On
April 22, following the custom in
previous disasters of the first
magnitude, he issued a proclama
tion calling; upon the ' people to
subscribe to the Red Cross relief
fund. . This he did in his capacity
as president of the United States
and president also of the lied
Cross. He followed this action
with the appointment of a special
committee from his cabinet, com
prising Dwight F. Davis, secretary
of war; Curtis D. Wilbur, secre
tary of the navy Herbert C.
Hoover, secretary of commerce.
and Andrew W. Mellon, secrstary
of the treasury, to work in con
junction with Red Cross officials.
At the first meeting of this com
mittee with the Red Cross acting
chairman, James L. Fieser, and
others, it was decided that a min
imum of $5,000,000 will be need
ed to take care of the flood suf
ferers! The disaster was reported to
exceed in proportions the Florida
hurricane of last fall, when the
roster of homeless was 80,000. It
differs in that there is a huge total
of dead and wounded. In this
case, however, there is no definite
ly cut out problem as in Florida,
jfor the elements have not finished
their havoc. Whether the waters
will start to recede within a few
weeks o whether they will con
tinue to rise indefinitely, sweep
ing additional houses down to the
sen and engulfing additional acres
of farmlands and villages, cannot
be foreseen.
I Henry M. Baker, national direc
tor of disaftthr relief for the Red
Cross, has bon made dictator of
the Mississippi Valley with the
powers of a general in war. Head
quarters of the relief corps is at
Memphis. Tenn.. , where liason of
ficers of the army, navy, com
merce department, coast guard,
public health service and veter
ans bureau are working in con
junction with Mr. Fieser, Secre
tary Hoover, Major General Jad
win, chief of army engineers, and
Dr. William R. Redden, medical
advisor for the Red Cross in Mem
phis, to assist in the gigantic pro
Relief-funds are ' beginning to
come in to National Red Cross
headquarters in Washington and
to chapter headquarters in every
state and all that it is humanly
possible to do is being done for
the refugees. Quotas have been
assigned to the chapters and 3.
000 of these are collecting funds.
Prior to leaving for Memphis,
Chairman Rieser expressed his be
lief that the American people will
respond generously to the appeal
for the flood sufferers.
LONDON. Hairdressers here
are following a hairdressing stylo
set by Dutch dolls '-
Notice is hereby given that the
undersigned has been duly ap
pointed by the County Court of the
State of Oregon for the County -of
Marion, as Executor of the last
will and, testament and estate of
Fred G. Blumhart deceased, and
that he has duly qualified as such
executor; - all persons having
claims against the estate of said
decedent are heTeby notified to
present the same, duly verified to
me, at the oince or Konam u.
Glover, my attorney, 203 Oregon
Building, Salem, Marion County,
Oregon, within six months from
the date of this notice. p
Dated at Salem, Oregon, this
26th day of April, 1927.
Executor of the last wiU and testa
ment of Fred G. Blumhart, de
ceased. Ronald C. Gloyer. ' " "
Attorney for Executor, j
Salem. Oregon.
State of Oregon; as said addition
U shown and designated by the
plat thereof ,on file and of record
in the, office .of the "Recorder of
Conveyances in and for the count)
aforesaid; running thence souther
ly along the westerly line of said
lot, fifty-six (DC) feet; thence
easterly parallel with the norther
ly line of said lot, one hundred
and five (105) feet to the easterly
line of said lot; thence northerly,
along said easterly line, fifty-six
(G6) feet, to the northeasterly
late for tb early sale hnt are evnMtod
to be on aaie later m the day. Tb
market ia about bare of cauliflower..
om steady . with MotuUra l.?2
a1van-e; no reipt. ,
fibres and Jamba ateady to easy; m
open market rneeipU; aas u -outra.t-I.atnt,
ntedism to hoire fll$l:i: -nii
and common' 1 1 : during, medium ,f
-boir 84 ' pound dnwn ?13.."(i( 14 ;tl
TORTi.AXU. - Alay . (At) Wheat.
max: nttti. Irani wmte May, Jan, an ji
HW. US, Haart May, June 1.4t; td-1
corner of said lot; thence westerly, ; XA, ane fi.4i'4; hard winter TAf
transmission of electric power to a distance of 1,000 miles.
The present limit is 100 miles. ' No one can estimate the value
of that discovery, or its effect among many industries, espe
cially steel. . .
"'With power from a waterfall carried economically to raw
material a thousand miles away, beds of iron ore can be made
into steel by the new electric process, anywhere , within a
thousand miles of cheap water power.
"The Pacific coast may sro ahead of Pennsylvania and
Indiana in steel manufacture."
Marion and Polk counties are about $300 behind iniRed
Cross flood relief funds, considering that the entire cotntry
has raised half of the $10,000,000 now set as the total needed.
Polk and Marion have about the $300 to go to be 100 per cent
up to date. But our district will catch up, and come out with
the whole $3600 called for as its quota. Any other result is
Bits For Breakfast
The above quoted paragraphs are from the editorial page
of .this week's issue of the Dearborn Independent, Henry
Ford's newspaper, now one of the most widely read and influ
ential journals in the country ,
And every friend of good government and honest law en
forcement will 'breathe the hope that the words concerning
Mr. Haynes will prove true '
.... t As the outspoken words concerning the administration of
; General Lincoln CV Andrews are certainly to the point. He
r f should never have been appointed, nor have accepted the
' place ; nof been held in the place when he proved a washout.
; - V,Na law can be properly enforced by officials ,who do not
- 1 believe in its soundness , and justice. -
"-'.; Says Arthur Brisbane, the highest salaried editor in the
United States (on the Hearst. newspapers) in.a recent editor-1
: ial article:!?': vv-i- ..Vt-c
" "A more important rush fox wealth, never ceasing, always
I productive, is the steady march of science.'5 German and
French scientists plan to produce electrical power by" the use
of tropical sea water, at one-tenth the present cost, i That dis-
covcry nay be worth a thousand times as much as all the
. diamond fields in the world. - .-; ; : " "
"Equally important is the discovery that makes possible !. sea scouts:
Great Bfiusleweek
Salem is a music center
And becoming more so, to her
pleasure and profit. This Idea
cannot be stressed too much. It
is good business; capable of help
ing materially in making Salem a
city of 50.00ft, and then 100.000.
snd on up.
Britisp Columbia took the op
portunity to grow sugar beets that
the Salem district turned down
last fall.' and gets the factory that
would have been Salem's. Never
was anything more short sighted.
It was a mistake that mast not be
repeated when opportunity, again
comes knocking at oar doors.;
Marion and Polk -must come
through 100 per-cent with their
$3600 quota of flood. relief funds; ,
and will. And then we must add
our help to the end that the thing'
shall ; never happen again. f The
nation must, by reforestation and'
engineering, make the great rirer
safe for; all time, s It will be a
stupendous undertaking, bat it can
W done, and is worth doing. 'Any
thing short' of this . will be sloth
fulness and a national disgrace.
i . .:
'Th old city refuse damps now
almost completely surrounded by
modern homes and Industrial
plants Is a relic of the old by-gone
days and. should be removed, ob
literated and replaced with a mod'
era incinerator." says a friend at
the writer's elbow.? The building
of a modern plant for the treat
ment of both refuse and sewage
would be better. Snch a plant
could be made to pay for Itself.
. -
T. J. Keane. director National
"The growing; boy.oJ
today is beset by problems and
perplexities that our forefathers
never knew at his age. Flapper
dress, petting parties, movie love
scenes and the like serve to bring
the sex question before him in a
wrong way and at a wrong time."
"No. madam. I'm sorry. They
all come one width at the top.
"Well, isn't there anything that
you could suggest to improve their
"Only that you eat" more pota-
Notice is hereby given that the
undersigned have been duly ap
pointed by the county court of the
Sjate of Oregon for the County of
Marion, as executors of the last
will and testament and estate of
Elizabeth J. Ratcliff, deceased,
and. that they have duly qualified
as such executors' all persons hav
ing claims against the estate are
hereby notified to present the
same, duly verified as required by
law, to us at the office of Ronald
C. Glover, 203 Oregon buUding,
in Salem, Marion county, Oregon,
within six months from the date
of this notice.
Dated at .Salem, Oregon, this
20th day of April, 1927.
Executors of the Last Will and
Testament and Estate of Eliza
1 ) beth J. Ratcliff, Deceased.
Ronald C. Glover, '
Attorney for Executors,
Salem, Oregon.- '
a 20-72 m 4-11-18
A Liftfe Muddled
Mother to Bobby): "Surely
you did something else but eat at
the school treat?' '
Bobby: "Yes, mama. After tea
we sang a hymn called 'We can
sing, full though we be."'
Mother learned later that, the
hymn selected had been, "Weak
and sinful though we be."
, - Judaism . " "
Ikey was very slow, in learning
to subtract and the teacher was
having a trying time with him.
Now, see here. Ikey," said
she;ptiently. "if Ikey had eight
pennies and he lost three, ,bo
manv nenriies would Ikey have
"Veil." - was the 1 quick , reply.
"for vy should I key j lose three penr
- Just a Suggestion
The woman, after many years
devotion to old-fashioned rubber
overshoes, had finally succumbed
to modish. If by no means aes
thetic galoshes.
At the salesman tried on a, pair
of the newest tippers the woman
noted with distaste the great bulge
at the top of them.
"Haven't yon a pair that fit me
mora sn.ujely?" ahe aaked.
Notice of Proposed Vacation of
Waverly Street
Notice is hereby given that the block
Oregon State Board of Control,
acting on behalf of the State of
Oregon, has filed with the Common
Council of the City of Salem, Ore
gon, a petition' for the vacation of
Waverly street, running north and
south, from the north line of State
street to the south line of Court
street, within the corporate lim
its of -said City of Salem, said
street being required for the use
of the state . In connection : with
the modern fireproof office build
ing to .be constrpcted . lor - said
State . of Oregon, as provided in
Chapter 322, Laws of Oregon,
1927. . - . ' 1 .
Said petition will be heard on
the 20th day of May. 1927, at the
hoar of 7:30 o'clock p. m. at the
council chamber in the city hall of
said City of Salem, Oregon. -Dated
this 49th day -of April.
1927. . ...
:' By order of the Common Coun
cil of the City of Salem, State of
Oregon. .-. c, '
City Recorder.
L L. Patterson. Governor.
SAM A. Kozer, Secretary of State.
Constituting .a majority of . the
Oregon State Board of Control,
Petitioner. - " " - .
. a 20-27; m 4-1 1-1
To whom it may concern :
Notice is hereby given that by an
order of the County Court for
Marion County, Oregon, duly en
tered sof record this day, the
undersigned has been duly and
legally appointed executrix of the
last will and testament of Thomas
J. Cronise, deceased, and has duly
qualified as such executrix. All
persons having claims against said
estate are respectfully requested
to present the name, with proper
vouchers of verification attached
thereto, to the undersigned at
Salem. Oregon, within six months
from the date of this notice.
Dated Salem, Oregon, this 2nd
day of May, 1927.
Executrix of the last will and testa
ment of Thomas J. Cronise, de
ceased. ,
Carey F. Martin,
Attorney for estate,
413 Masonic Temple Building,
Salem,' Oregon.
m-4-11-18-25 J-l
No. 18721
In the Circuit Court of the State
of Oregon for the County Of Mar
ion. Department two.
Carl H. Mason and Anna Mason.
vs. .
Joseph Todes, Karl Todes, the
unknown heirs of Peter Todes, de
ceased, and also all other persons
or parties unknown claiming any
right, title, estate, lien or interest
in or to the real property described
in the complaint herein.
To Joseph Todes, Karl Todes, the
unknown heirs of Peter Todes. de
ceased, and also all other persons
or parties unknown claiming any
right, title, estate. Hen or interest
in or to the real property described
in the complaint herein:
In the name of the State of Ore
gon: You, and each of you, are
hereby required to appear and
answer the complaint filed against
you in the above-entitled court
and cause on or before six ( 6 )
weeks rrom the date of the first
publication of this summons, and
if you fail so to answer, for want
thereof plaintiffs will apply to said
court, for the relief prayed for in
their said . complaint, namely:
that you. and each of you. be re
quired to set forth the nature and
extent of yonr respective claims,
interests or estates In or to the
following-described premises, to
wit: - . . .
"Reeinnlne at the northwesterly
I corner of lot numbered six () is
numbered eight (8) of
Pleasant Home Addition to tha
City of Salem, County of Marion,
along the northerly line of said
lot, one hundred and five (105)
feet to the place of beginning."
That it he adjudged and decreed
that you. and each of you. have no
claim, right, title, estate, lien or
interest whatsoever in or to said
real property, or any part thereof;
that plaintiffs are the owners in
fee simple thereof; that you, and
each of you. be forever enjoined
and barred from asserting 'any
claim whatsoever in or to said
premises, or any part thereof, ad
verse to plaintiffs, or either of
them, and that plaintiffs have
such other and further relief and
remedy as to said court may seem
meet and equitable.- .
This summons is served upon
you by publication thereof in the
Oregon Statesman, a newspaper of
general circulation published in
the county aforesaid, for six (6)
successive weeks, commencing
with the issno thereof of the twen
ty-third day of March, 1927. andi
ending with the issue thereof oft
tha fntirth v of Mav. 1927. Tin r- S
suant to an order of the honorable
L. H. McMiihan, judge of said
urt, dated the twenty-first day
of March, 1927.
attorneys for plaintiffs, resi
dence and post office address:
Salem. Oregon.
. , m23-30-a6-13-20-27-m4
o- : . i . : o
General Markets I
O -O
: PORTLAND.1 May 3. (AP) Bids to
farroertt: Milk ateady; raw milk 4 n-
at) $2:30 ewt. f. o. b. Portland. But -
terfat 40e t. O. O. roriiano.
Poultry steady; heavy hens 25tc;
light ' 20 afe; springs nominal; broiler
30(T 31c;- pekin white .dueka 2 Or; colored
nominal; turkera lira nominal; dressed
37e -.-
Onion stead) r local 3.75& 7.
Potatoes. l-H)ft..S3 ack.
- " DAIKY - '
PORTLAND, May v S. ( AP) -Dairy
Kxchanye, . net prices:- Butter, extras
39 Vic; standard 39c; prime first 3HV
firsts 38c. .
Eyg. extras "2Sr firsts 2lci -pullet
20- qtirreut receipts 19c. ' "
The hotter and egg markets were un
changed today, batter receipts were 16,
950 pounds and oiitpat 29.U33 pounds.
Egif receipt Were SiiS casea and 809 eases
were stored.
Poultry was fteetlY, hens selling it 22
fie 'Jfie and springs at '20f.t i-.2c. ltresKed
meats dragged, veal at 1 f I I c at;d
pnrk af 14&flti. . .
PORTLAND. May 3. tAP) Trading
was moderate and price practically un
changed in the local market today. The
June $1.39; northern spring May, Junn
western re May, June f 1.37.
Oat. No. 2. 3i teiind while fred and
gray. May. June $37-'
O o
I Salem Llarketa ' I
o- o
No. I. wneat, white : $ 10
Ked. wheat, sacked . 1.2.1'
Oats, per ba. milling .53
Top hog ; ; r .10--
8wo .oM
Top steer . ! .oc
Cow . . ! .o
, Ba . ,
js.i lamtis. under oft !!. ' .12 K
(Top Vt .
lressed veal
traae4 pig
! .17
Light hens
. Heaey hens
it rollers .....
Kooatera . .....
Standards . jg
Pound : . , j u
Butterfat 4l
Cream butter .43Q.44
Vegetablea. beets, sacked
On ion a, ds. bunches
New Cabbage
California lettuce, erst
Local onione
There Are Only Two Places
i in Salem to
Home and Here
Black Cat Restaurant
South r
One .
promised Coacsella onions arrived too
'W -i , S ava aj - urn m Mrs
1 arl . A.s
. ct--H, snuu
'it I
!' !. tn . - - - fc
I i s. -!. ,ms er
tat t .-rt.
X- LSr ssvX a a.-a-t.
. : " - - V
MAV 2Zth
and good all summer
St. Paul $77.G3
New York $153.75
Other pIta tm prwartlo
Choice of Fine Trains
NORTH COAST LTD., 9:30 a. m. from Port
land via S., P. & S., N. P., C, B. & Q., and
ORIENTAL LTD., out at 8:00 p. rti. via S., P.
& S...G. N C, B. & Q.; both followinjr the
famous Columbia River 'scenic water level
route through the Cascades, , and" with co
ordinated service east of Chicago..;-
Let Us Help You Plan Yoitr Trip
; Phone 727 "
If -Mrhdl
U Li.
Is Viewed by Hundreds
Ad Copy is Seen by
y , Thousands
Directors of.
; ProfitaUe robUdtr
323 Oregon Elij.
, ;;Pho8 795 i :
ii mm i ii M is c T
The STATESMAN.has purch at
considerable expense a wonderful beau
tifully bound cook bopkl
- This book Is not only fall of snrprise dishes, bat also
helps yon in choosing, caring, storing and laundering yonr
table linens.." ' - v . ... - .
r H helps prepare your meals with a Tffal interest,
ING DELIGHTFUL FOODS," is by Ida Bailey Allen,
international authority; t S
Xame -. . r- . i . . . . ...I.. . "; , "J :. 1.; . . . , . .
AdOres ' . J.V. .V. ; ....LaieCv.. 1.. .........
" . - - - -., ; ----- ; i : - m-
Town .... . . . . . . . . , r State .... .. . ......
Vets Ii
' The
Wited i
I membc
; accord
llteal 1
1 Ton:
Cloee i
, some
Thia 1:
See th
IN. ni;
Her. t
was o
has e
Highway Workers Vnable to Got
A way Before lilast
--Carl Webber, 28, was killed,
and Frank "Welghill was Injured ,
here today when ia dynamite
charge exploded before they could
run to- safety." The accident oc
curred on the Roosevelt highway
four miles from Coqnille. The
men were working with short
fuses. f
.Webber' is survived by. his wid- ;
ow and one child.
New 1
To Ol
In th
In th
cial i
; Tc
I ciait:
I In F
at 1
yon '
i Fon
- F
i Hoc
I Tw
' vabo
I foil
i chi
I ' e!
1 flee