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-1 WEDNESDAY MORNING, MAY .4, 1927- :" ' "-
I Li-
y audrzd sure J
Social Calendar
AlYPucue Moore announces
Enljtxgement to Gardner
Knapp of Grants Pass
A host of Salem friends will be
much interested in the news of
the engagement of Miss Lucile
Moore, oldest daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. W. W. Moore, to Mr. Gardner
Knapp of Grants Pass. Both are
Btudents at Oregon Agricultural
The betrothal was announced
at the Alpha Chi Omega and Sig
ma Gamma houses orer the week
end. Miss Moore is past presi
dent of Alpha Chi Omega, and a
member of Omrican Nu. national
honorary In home economics. Mr.
Knapp is a member of Sigma
Gamma fraternity, manager of the
, Today
Benefit bridge tea. - Woman's
Club house, auspices Salem Wom
an's club. Benefit Doernbeeker
hospital. '
Auxiliary to Veterans of For
eign Wars. Mrs. George E. Lewis,
1,180 North Winter street, at 2
, IT If.. T t i a t
Stiff, uo mwia wr gat. Uocy. Mra. B. W. Vlck, hostess
air. ana mro. u. u. i isucr, ur, si
Garden "at-homes." Auspices
of Salem Garden club.' Homes on
Fatrmount Hill.
First Methodist Woman's Home
Missionary society. Church par-
Mrs. Fred Ellis, Mr. and ?Ijs.V.
E. Kuhn. Dr. and Mrs. W. A
Johnson. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Wil
lett. Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Sample.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Wiedmer. Mr. '
and Mrs. E. L. Kapphahn, Mr. I f rww?.
and Mrs. Charles Wiper Mr.. nd MIa " ty
iu rs. vj i clla i iaj, . buu airs. nvH
Goodman, Mr. and Mrs. Claire
Vibbert, Mr. and Mrs. Laurence
Simon, Mr. and Mrs. F. G. Bower-
First Christian Woman's Home
Church par
lors. 2:30 o'clock.
Business and Professional Wom
an's club. Gray Belle, 6:30 o'clock
sox, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Cloyer, VIncent de Paul parlsn house.
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Brophy, Mr.
Young Married People's club of
uu mu. y.v-uu. -.. Flm Presbyterian church. 6:30
Airs. e. a. ivui nil. Bau jars
o'clock dinner and social hour.
Dakota club. . First Methodist
church, 6:30 o'clock.
Maccabees social meeting, Mc-
Van Seller Wiedef. Mr, and Mrs.
Willis Roughton, Mr. and Mrs. P.
iqs Bearer and corresDondentl E. Fullerton, Mr. and Mrs.3eorge
for the Portland Telegram on the King, Mr. and Mrs. O. L Martin, Coraack haUf 8 o'clock.
campus. He is aUo a member ot y. "7 , U,B- ,",U,,"UIU' Royal Neighbors of , America.
Sigma Delta CHI, national Journal-1 " " "". Ist. Paul's parish house. 8 o'clock.
tn fralorn fv A nh, Kannt Pi . uu mis. u. . ivcuucuj , . auu
Violin, Pizzacato Polka
! Joan 'Evans.
Violin, Cello, Piano trio, march
. Wellesly
Dwight Armstrong, Wm. E, 1
Moses, Joy Turner Moses
Violin (a) Traumerei-Schumann
(b) Aera Heesche
Piano duet, Triumphal March
Peggy Sadler, Elizabeth ....
Piano, Country Gardens..Grainger
Ralph Savage.
Violin, Adoration Borowski
Margaret Eddy.
Vocal, Little Mother of Mine
... . (Requested)
Piano duet. Polonaise Militaine
in A Major Chopin
Alice Claxton, Margaret
iolinAir Varie No. 1 .Danda
Dwight Armstrong.
Piano, My Old Kentucky Home
(paraphrase de concert). .Gimbel
Feme Tweedie Davenport.
Violin quartet, The Dancing
Master Severn
Wunder, Glenna Hilti
Margaret Eddy, Marjorie
brand, Irene Bush.
Joy Turner Moses, piano accotnp.
national honorary in commerce; Mrs. Phil Eiker, Mr. and Mrs. Bert Laihis of the GAR. Business
Kappa Kappa Psi, national band Flack. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Hauser. meeting. Armory, 2 o'clock.
Hammer and Coffin. 1 Mr. aaa Mrs. . is. uiueue, mr
rational" humor honorary. ad Mrs. Walter L. Spamlding,
- . - I . . ... . ... r
liar, ana airs. AiDen siuuu, ear.
Mrs. Canfield and Mrs. and Mrs. James Goodman, Mr,
Olson Entertain With and Mrs. Reed Rowland, Dr. and
Two Elaborate Affairs IMrs. H. a. Gueffroy, Mr. and Mrs.
It has been many months since I Lewis Nicholson, Mr. and Mrs,
Salem matrons have been invited William Cravatt of IVrUand. and ?,Zm"
. I , , it I - U Jf w ttnit Mr T.AA Cn 1 "& ."
to I wo iBairs m urge ana euw iiwoia,
ate as the bridge tea on Monday field and Dr. and Mrs. O; A. Ol
afternoon and the bridge party! son.
of Monday evening at which Mrs. v v r A TimnnP
Lee Canfield and Mrs. O. A. Ol- -,Ui C' A. Rummage
un unrp hnnlniuiM it th Wnm. wOtC IS tt OUCCCSS
.n', rh.h house on North Cottaee A total Of 11J6.Z was ciearea
I . . -,lrnn,o.l COlW tiuu.
street. Seventy-two tables of ' l ST . wliiimr htw,
. . . . , . , . . . I cilia innnaAren nv inn iwua ill l "
triage were in pjay aunng me hi- " " - - i FWdav
. . . I tha (ntorsit of a MmmnBitT hoUSfi I iMAltxy
ternoon ana evening on eaca I v .
.cinn lac me viin neserve wmysiuuiiu
The club room was exceedingly I at Menima-
festive with hundreds of gorgeous .i...... rT.,h
tulips, ferneries, hydrangeas and! Mr, fi3 E Terwilllger will en
Lanka of purple and white lilacs tfirtain thft Westwav. club tomor
in many floor baskets. sba will be as
The guests were greeted at the ,tpd hv Mrs. lrentt gt Helens.
door by Phyllis Fisher and Vera
Leechler, who presented the score Deleaates in Pendleton
curds. I Mrs. Avis Martin and Mrs. Jen-
Mrs. Olson and Mrs. Canfield l nie Miller are attending the Wom-
were assisted during the afternoon I an's Benefit association conven-
by Mrs. U. S. Page, Mrs. Earl I tion in Pendleton this week.
Piuha ILf wa 17r1 win 1 vm atPAn0 I
Mrs. Carl Armstrong, Mrs. Charles Mrs. Griffith WUL
Pratt. Mra. N. H. Jones and Mrs. nnieriain iensingwn
EaHPaue, . Mr.8- ?e P! Griffl.thwill !
f. ii,in. tenam me memnws toe
fre'shmets were served at small rfngton club tomorrow afternoon per cent of all the iomes have
Town and Gown club. Laus-
i anne Hall.
Ladies of the G. A. R. Business
meeting. Armory. 2 o'clock
Town and Gown club. 1
Edward Adams Cantrell. "The
." Wo
man's club house, 8 o'clock.
Raphe terian club. One o'clock
luncheon. Mrs. Frederick Hill
Thompson, hostess.
Kensington club. Mrs. George
P. Griffith, hostess
Westway club. Mrs. G. E. Ter
Woman's Alliance of First Uni
tarian church, 1 o'clock luncheon.
Executive committee meeting of
American Legion auxiliary. YWCA
at 3 O'clock.
Hal Hibbard auxiliary. Armory,
2 p'clock.
OAC club. Woman's club house,
8 o'clock.
kitchen over a kitebjen sink. In
10 out of every 100 it is pumped
by hand.
The old fashioned wick lamp
is used in more than, one-half of
the farm homes. Although1 32 per
cent of the homes oif West Vir
ginia are piped with gas, only 3
every 100 homes have electric il
Mrs. G. L. Newton won the first rr- dusst at Roval HomeU,' ,
t fjprize of the afternoon. The second Mr. -nd Mrs. Cecil Royal of I 4 "
So r uunsmair, aw. rare nouse jqbbis methoo nf heating in
delightfur feature .oi: the. af Lt the Jloinee ofr.'Beyal'. p- 5 whose ,
I ti rnoon was the group of aongs ent8 Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Royal llftrv tem 'ture rfta
T-iicn mts. vv. canton &mttniat 2475 Maple avenue,
bang, accompanied at the piano by I , ,? :
Mr3. Frank Zinn. One number, New Series of Card
i.ilacs," was in special keeping I Parties Opens
with the gorgeous decorations. I a new series-of card parties at
The afternoon guest group In-1 the St. Vincent de Paul parrish
eluded Mrs. W. Carlton Smith, I hall will cpea at! 8 o'clock tonight
Mrs. William McGilchrist Jr.,'Mrs. I Five hundred will be in play, with
i;-orge Dunsf ord, Mrs. Ray Hart- J prizes for the highest scores.
fcmith. Mrs. W. I. Needham, Mrs. the following 1 committee : Miss Tjr 'Z T"
J. if. Garnjobst, Mrs. D. X. Beech-1 Jessie Miller. Mrs. Grace Kleeman.
I.r. Mrs. U. S. Page.' Mrs. R. C. Mrs. Mamret Kirsch, Mr. Norma , " C;; "J VI 'v"; VSl
Iluuter. Mrs Harry Belt. Mrs R. Maler M? Margaret Pallette and J Q T
IV ffJ'SSS: Mrs- Ltt.0""- mont d Minnesota having the
Weia. Mrs. Frank Myers. Mrs. Carl J Practical Nurses Will Meet
Webb. Mrs. Louis Lunsford. Mrs, The Practical Nurses associa-
tion will meet ai o oc iuum
Iflav afternoon at the home of Mrs.
Fred Jackson.. 1010 North Cottage I meni are Deing seni 10 leaaers oi
street. ' - heme demonstration in each state
to serve as a guiae in iormuiaung
plans for the active campaign for
better equipped homes.
Aemirdin to a deliehtful CUS- Musicale WW. Be GlVCn Oil
N. II. Jones. Mrs. G. S. Newton. I. rin..,m .t..h i.m th fViinw ti Til. CL A 'in.
Mrs. Carrie Fpwle. Mrs. O. Sv I . dant of the season at the Observance of Music Week
iion. airs, wauer uueaner. J jufhee : Country club. The final An Interesting program planned
Ida Nilea. Mrs. C. S. Blodgett. Mrs.H , v avent of last for the observance of Music week
I at the TMCA will be given on Fri
day by a group of violin and piano
pupils! of Joy Turner' Moses.
'The program, which will open
I at 8 o'clock. Will be given us fol
Walter J. Kirk, Mrs. Roy Burton,
Mrs. Frederick Brock. Mrs. D. W.
Laflar. Mrs. Earl Fisher, Mrs.
Frederick Lamport, Mrs. Eric But-
lr. Mrs. H. A. Gueffroy, Mrs.
Wood stoves are the prevailing
farm homes
average Jan
uary temperature reaches or goes
below the freezing point.
In 42 states the majority of
women start a fire three times
daily in wood or coal ranges for
meal preparation. Seventeen per
cent of the women on California
farms cook with electricity,
About four-fifths of the farm
families have automobiles; in 34
states more than Ihre
the families had them
Fifty-seven in every 100 fam
largest proportion,
In more than one-fifth of the
farm homes there are radio sets
Detailed summaries of equip-
TiUicuin Club Closes
KageU Mrs. Jesse.Campbell, J "Wi& Daw at
l I M. f IMIia uuum;, iUlO, V I
Knowland, Mrs. W. I. Staley, Mrs.
Charles Millard. Mrs. Charles
Millard Brant. Mrs. Louis Olson.
Mr, w. J. Uliequfst, MrsChas. f Svecial Executive
rratt. Mrs. J. A .Bernard!, Mrs. i Meetina Is Uallea
V. K. Sharer, Mrs, C. E. Cashatt, I An important meeting of the
Mr. v, I ' xA,v Hf T .r i, Clmit" avointlwii immHte nf th Atner-
Mrs. II, T. Lbve, Mrs. James Im-1 ican Legion auxiliary has been J
August lluckestein, Mrs. C." P.l noon at the YWCA.
i ,,i 4.m.rn Mr. u-rnnir ilavhtteruin Club
Will Meet Tomorrow
x-au uuusuu.,1 ... . . ,. . . vl,rtt t v - W.
win enuruiB neuoeri uit.iuv viunu. iauuuuwi..- "ofeuvi
Rapheterian club tomorrow after- Delbert JepBon
i noon with a 1 o'clock luncheon I Vocal, In tbe Garden ot My
Heart Caro Roma
truth lage. Mrs
Mrs, Walter PeoQisgtoo. Mrs. A
U. Ilankin. Mrs. Grace Gillon. Mrs.
f'laiiiln Mnriio Mra Walter Smith.
Mrs. George W.. Cleveland, Mrs. 3fer n,e
Lter schlosberg, Mrs. J fWeri'sHh a Statistics
leUogK. Mrs. Earie Dane., Mrs. i
i M. noughton, Mrs, AU: WaM Swrvev of Farm Homes
law. Mrs. T. A. Raff ety Mra. liar-1 , General Federation of Women's
old Brown, Mrs. I. W Follls, Mra. I (uoa Headquarters, Washington.
Koy Romaine, Mrs. Carl cnapier.i Dtt April JO.- The recent sur-
Mrs. Roy Mills. Mrs. eea-ive- of arm ome eaninment con
ham. Mrs. E. A. Paulson, Mrs. fancied br the General Federation
riolin quartet. Rondo .
Margaret Eddy. Marjorie Wua
der. Glenaa Hiltibrand,
Irene Bush.
Piano, 'Dream Memories Benson
Margaret Burns. i
Joan Evans
Piano, To the Summer Virgi
Alice Claxton.
Violin duet, Dream of the Shep
herdess r - Lebltsky
Margaret Eddy, Marjorie
- Wunder. -
Piano, Polonaise Mazurka..-
Ilia Huter.
Larae Tea at Club
House Will Benefit
Doernbeeker Hospital
fraciicauy every lub woman
in Salem is Interested in the suc
cess of the benefit ; bridge tea
which will take place this after
noon under the. auspices of the
Salem Woman's club at the club
house. Playing will start at 2
o'clock. A special tea . hour will
following the awarding of prizes.
An interesting program will de
light the guests at this time.
A number of out of town guests
are expected to come .to Salean
for the event.
Mrs. Charles K. Spaulding is
general chairman of the affair.
House Guests. From Portland
Mr. and Mrs. Lester Soden and
daughter Jane, of Portland, were
visitors at Labish Meadows on
Guests at Labish Meadows
Guests over the week-end at
Labish Meadows farar-were .- Mrs.
Sarah Hovenden and her friend,
Mrs. Clara Gilbert of Alameda
Park. Portland.
Missionary Societu
Plans Meeting
The Woman's Missionary society
of the First Christian church will
meet . this afternoon at 2:30
o'clock in the church parlors. Mrs.
E. DenHhm will be in chargej
of the lesson on "The' Philippines
of Today." Mrs. D. B. Simpson
will have the program. The re
freshments will be in charge of
Mrs. Clifford Elgin.
Mrs. J. C. Perry will greet the
guests at the door.
Business and Professional
Women to Meet at Gray Belle
Members of the Salem Business
ard Professional Women's club
will meet tonight at the Gray Belle
for a 6:30 o'clock dinner.
Dr. Carl Gregg Doney, presi
dent of Willamette university, will
give the address of the evening,
speaking on "Education for the
Business Woman."
In keeping with Music week,
special numbers of interest have
been arranged. Miss Lena Belle
Tartar, accompanied by Miss Lois
Plummer, will give vocal solos;
Miss Edith Findley will give xylo
phone numbers, and the group will
sing club songs.
The Tegular business meeting
will take place tonight. The sing
ing of club songs will constitute
practice for the state convention.
Young Married People
Plan Club Dinner
The Young Married People's
club of the First Presbyterian
church will meet at 6:30 o'clock
tonight at the church for the regu
lar monthly club dinner and social
hour. Each family Is asked to
bring a covered dish and buttered
rolls. Mr. and Mrs. G. F. Cham
bers head the committee on ar
Benefit Five-Hundred
Party Is Planned
The executive committee of the
Woman's Relief corps will sponsor
a benefit five-hundred party Fri
day afternoon, from 2 to 5 o'clock
at the home of - Mrs. Vr. W. Davies,
541 North Cottage street on the
Summer street bus line.
Royal Neighbors Will Meet
The regular meeting of the Ray-
al Neighbors of America will be
held at 8 o'clock this evening at
St. Paul's parish house. Social
hour will fpllow the program.
which is in charge of Mrs. Laura
O. A. C. Club Will
Meet on Friday
Members of the Salem OAC club
are anticipating an interesting
meeting on Friday evening. May
at the Woman's club house at
461 North Cottage street. E. F.
Underwood is chairman of the
committee in charge of the enter
tainment. The meeting is called
for 8 o'clock.
Birthday Anniversary
Is Celebrated at
Mundinger Home
The fifth birthday anniversary
of Lester Neil Bones, nephew of
Mrs. Clarence Mundinger, was
delightfully celebrated yesterday
citernoon when Mrs. Mundinger
was hostess at her home at 1340
Eerry street.
Mrs. Mundinger was assisted by
Mrs. E. Standifer, Mrs. John Biwer
and Mrs. J. E. Scott.
The rooms were decorated with
tulips and lilacs. At the refresh
ment hour pink and white refresh
ments were 6erved.
In the group' were Betty Jean
Allison of Seattle, La Verne Scott
Herbert Nunn, Barbara Rund,
Robert Rund, Paul Vermillion,
Roy Vermillion, Jean Hazelton
Byron Hazelton Jr., Edith Hazel
ton and the honor guest, Lester
Neil Bones.
Louis Frohmader. Mrs. George Jof women's clubs has resulted m violin Fantasie No. 3.. Denela
H..LI. we wn J A tMfltVn1t CP 1 . . - . . . . ' . .
Mrs. W. Grier, MreMerrffl D. tl8tlc8 relative to present day rural piano ln a Whirl Bachs
Ohling, Mrs. W. ?P.Babok andlTOftdttion9, Forty thousand farm .
g, Mrs. w. ir. l budcovk i conditions.' Forty thousand farm
the hostesses. Mrs.' Canneia ana fwolnen in c 42 counties of 46
Mrs. Olson. . I xtates contributed to the report.
In the evening the club house! i eTenr 100 homes in which these
Mas once more1 av festive setting I farm women live, the report states
but 27 i have water piped into the
Bernice Winegar.
Reading. At the Fray
Norma Sutherland.
For Your
By a special refining
process, we offer an
excellent product from
fresh Norwegian . cod
livers. . .xr .v
Used -wisely to , prevent
rickets - in infants and
children. Rich in vita
mine "A." ;
, Perry Drag Store
115 S. Commercial
Woman's Relief Corps
EnttrUiiU Patriotic
Orders at Open Meeting
The Woman's Relief corps was
hostess erganization to all patri
otic orders of the city on Satur
day evening lit the YMCA build
ing. Mrs Mary Ackerman, presi
dent of the Woman's Relief corps,
was in charge of the program, i
The program opened with the
singing of "America" by the group,
with Mrs. LaMoine Clark leading
and Mrs. Mary Entress at the pi
ano, i '
Dr. Norman Kendall Tully,
pastor of the First Presbyterian
church. the address of the
The Sons of Union Veterans
quartet gave a number, with Mrs.
Fessenden at the piano. Mrs. En
tress played the new state song,
after which the assembly sang the
"Battle Hymn of the Republic,"
with Mrs. Entress at the piano.
William Zeak of Bandon, who is
divisional commander of the Sons
of Union Veterans, gave an address.
.The song. "America, the Beau-
UtNiV was sung by all.
Refreshments were served with
Mrs. Myrtle Collins, Mrs. Anna
Simmons and Mrs. Sarah Peterson
in charge:
Fatrmount Gardens Will
BeiOptn to the Public
A' group of the most attractive
gardens in Salem will be open to
the public tnl8 afternoon under
the auspices of the Salem Garden
club. Those which will be viewed
are all on Tairmount Hill and in
clude the gardens of Clifford Far
mer,1 T. A.' Livesley, Curtis Cross.
George Putnam, Charles Weller.
U. G. Shipley, Miss Minnie
Downing and Mrs. J. H. Cradle
baugh. .
Dakota Club Will Meet at
First Methodist Church
Members of the "Dakota club
will meet at 6:30 o'clock this eve
ning at the First Methodist church
for a pot-lnck dinner and, social
ireeting. Each family is 'asked
to bring a well filled basket and
dishes for own service.
California Visitor Returns
Ercel Mundinger has returned
home after a two weeks' vacation
in California. Mr. Mundinger was
the guest of relatives and friends
in San Francisco, San Jose, Ala
meda and Lodi.
Nancy Gabrielle Clark is on
Interesting Tour of World
The -many friends of Miss Nancy
Gabrielle Clark of 322 North 14th
street will be interested to know
that she is now making a tour
of the world, and reports a splen
did voyage as far as Honolulu.
In New Location
Watches, Clocks and Jewelery
Carefully Repaired and
Guaranteed at
291 N. Commercial St., Salem
Special Mother's Day Stationery
Candle sets, Raycroft ware, fountain pens, desk
sets gifts which are so inexpensive yet are
so appreciated
A Complete Line of Mothers' Day
Cards, Mottos, Etc.
Commercial Book Store
A. A. Gueffroy
169 North Commercial
for an outstanding event fwhen Dr
nnii Mra ft a nimn and Mr. and
Mrs. Lee Canfield invited second
group of friends for bridge
The hostesses were assisted dur
ing the evening by Mrs. Earl Tish
er, Mrs. Elmer Dane.. Mrs. , C.
Perry. .Mrs.. Leon , Gleason, ,.Mrs
Harlev White and Mrs. Fred De
lano. , - ' ' ; 4
The high score among the ladies
was won by Mrs. Ic w. Oleason.
while- Ross Goodman placod high
est1 among ifee. men,.-. , , .. .
In' the evening group the guests
. were Mr.'-hnd Mrs." Elmer Dane,
Ur; and-Mrs. JJ&JPerry(JHr, ana
Mrs. Harlev White. Mr. and Mrs.
nalnh CoolerrMf.lald BlrsrEarl
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f f Dresses
' ilias Clark is an alumni of W.I
lamette nniveVsity- where she stud
ied lait atd -vms later admitted "to
the bar. She has served in various
offices as a stenographer and short
hand reporter!
Maccabees Plan Social Hour '
The regular meeting of the
Maccabees will take: place at J 8
o'clock this evening in McCornack
hall. The state commander will
be a special guest. A social hour
will follow the meeting. '
Hal Hibbard Auxiliary ;
Hal Hibbard 'auxiliary of the
United Spanish War Veterans will
meet at the armory Friday after
noon. May 6. at 2 o'clock. - A
number of new members will be-icitiated.
Crane Barnes sawmill to be
(built in Bear Valley- when Herrictc
railroad is completed.
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