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... -Oregon Theater
JWliat a riot!
Laughs by the score.
' clrls galore and thrills
Make your hair gland directly on
end Tare seen in Wallace Beery's
nex comedy vehicle, "Casey at
, the, Bat," which shows at the Ore
gtonv theater today.
"Beery : Is once more the same
lovable fcap ne was in "Behind the
1 Front", and "We're in Ihe Navy
Nowl" but this time he wears the
uniform of a 'baseball batter. The
action 'starts in 3 small town near
New York. Ford Sterling deline
ates a scout for the Giants; ZaSu
Pitts. the village milliner; and
Sterling Holloway, a newcomer on
. the. screen, Jne .villainous village
; barber. ,
JlBoth' men love the same girl,
with r Beery holding the inside
tirack, until the scout discovers
that Wallie's a whole team in him
self and signs him to a Giant con
tract.7 He' becomes one of the fa
mous figures of Gotham and is
idolized by an entire nation but
at tire pinnacle of his colorful
s career the frivolous life he leads
proves his undoing. Casey achieves
a dramatic. failure as great as was
his -success luntll Fate steps in.
Elsinore Theater
, Proving itself one of the finest
romantic comedies seen this sea
son. Rod Ia'Iiocque's latest star
vehicle, "The Cruise of the Jasper
11," demonstrated its popularity in
no uncertain terms on ita presen
tation at, the 'Elsinore theater
yesterday. This is a picture pro
duction iir. which amazing thrills
and hilarious laughter are finely
blended. One moment you will be
holding your breath, notably dur
ing the pirate - fight, aboard the
Jasper B, and the next you will
Young Peoples' Group of
" Church Makes Pledge to
Giv$ Every Assistance
. ,1
SILVERTON,. Ore., March 29.
4-(Special.) The Roald Amund
i$on lecture which will be given
April 20th will be heartily sup-
. ported by the Emanuel Young
People's society accprdjng to a de
cision taken . at its regular busi
ness meeting Sunday. ' ; The lec
tures here are being sponsored by
the Rev. S. J. Lfridseth, pastor of
Emmanuel church. The Y. P. S.
appointed', a. committee to assist
f te Rev. Mr. Llndseth in making
', 1e lectures successful. The com
mittee is composed of Alt O. Nel
' foni Silverton attorney; Edwin
Tinglestad, Principal of "the Sil-
vefton high school; Hannah Olsen,
principal of the Eugene Field
building; John (jjaplereud, presi
dent of the Silverton Food Pro
ducts company; and Casper To we,
who. Is employed at the Patty Mo-,
tor Car company.
' The Amundsen lecture and pic-
ture, will be given twice on the
20 th of April. . The first time at
3:15 in the-afternoon, in order to
enable the school children to at-
tend. ' TJbe other lecture will be
given at 815 at the Palace thea-
' tor. ; ' " ' : . "' '
At th program preceding the
business inee'ting of the T. P. S.,
Mrs.. R. B. Bogstad of Eugene and
Mrs.i Carl lxe Silverton - both , ad
dressed 'the -assembly.': 'Edwin
'Tinglestad anfi Alec .Borrevick
' gave Instrumental solos, and the
Rev. Mr. Lfndseth" gave a talk.
. Acclimated ornamental nursery
stock, evergreens, rose bushes,
fruit and shade trees at Pearcy
Bros. In season. We have our own
nurseries. 178 S. Com'l. (
Mr. Used Car imyer: Have you
seen the real buys at the Capitol
Motors Incorporated? See Biddy
Bishop. 350 N. High St. Tele
phones 2125 and 21i .
2005 JfCitpttol St.- irhone 820
Last TSMeTToBljil-rT-9 P, M.
: : ' VIpLA DANA in
Don't ftlisa''K -A Real Circus
Remember the Hollywood did it
. , 25c 10c :'
be choking with merriment. The
story, which is based on Don Mar
quis celebrated novel of the same
title, is at once dramatic, hair-
Lrafsing, thrilling and the comedy
wholesome . and refreshing. The
various portrayals are highly art
istic, notably those by Mildred
Harris, who plays opposite Mr. La
Rocque, Jack Ackroyd, Snitz Ed
wards, Otto Lederer and James
Mack- The picture is one hund
red per cent pure entertainment
and it will delight the most, blase
fan. This picture will show at
the Elsinore today, March 30.
Capitol Theater
A thrilling story of the old time
prize ring, replete with punches,
dramatic and physical, has been
brought to the screen by the Met-ro-Goldwyn-Mayer
picture, "Blar
ney," which shows at the Capitol
today, March CO.
Do you like color? This picture
has plenty. The background is the
New York Bowery and sporting
life of the metropolis of 50 years
ago. It has been reproduced with
a careful eye as to authenticity of
Love story? This picture has
one of the most gripping ever
Two women love James Cara
bine. tOne of the seductive, mys
terious Marcolina, a strange blend
of ice, and fire, a type -new to the
Irish immigrant Carabine, and as
.the champion of America he con
fers on her his name, unaware
that she cares only for the glamor
of his achievement. The othr is
the winsome Peggy 'Nolan, a
sweety "simple-Irish lass who sees
Carabine'" as a demigod, who wor
ships him, but to whose devotion
Carabine remains blind for a long
St. Paul Girls Win
from Mt. Angel Five
Loral Quintet Never Defeated
IHiring: Entii-e Season
ST. PAUL, March 29. (Spec
ial) The St. Paul, High School
girls basketball team on the local
floor, Sunday afternoon handed a
defeat to the Mt. Angel Normal
girls team, the score was 19 to 13.
At the close of the first half the
score was tied at 9-all 'but in the
final half the local girls showed
superior technique and endurance.
The local girls team has not
been defeated by any high school
team this season. They have
played, Newberg, Silverton, Gerv
ais, Dayton and-Canby. Miss Alice
Davidson of St. Paul coached the
St. P.qI
Davidson R. Faber
Kirsch ..
Toe. Mt. Aneel
... C
Sfwroraer C-
Gooding G
L. Faber G Burns
lira. Hofrhes was referee and Bill
Bowlpy of Gervais, umpire.
Cross Meat MarKet. Biggest
busiest and best in Salem. Choic
est steaks, bacon, hams, sausage,
lard, eggs, milk. Absolutely sani
tary. 370 State SU ()
Chas. K. Spaulding Logging Co.,
lumber and -building materials.
The best costs no more than In
ferior grades. Go to the big Sa
lem factory and save money. ()
"Pie Social" Arranged
for Salvation Army Hall
To assist them In their annual
Stflf-Denial missionary program,
whjch is now in progress the Sal
vation Army is . planning a "pie
social" to be held at their local
hall. 241 State ' street, Saturday
night. A program will be given in
connection with the same, com-
Last Times Today
(Star of "Big Parade"
News . Comedy
It's town t alk, the Big 'Bar
gain Week. See first run
pictures at 25c.
Gaines .
"The Little,
juries BsE'Cay
mencing at 8 o'clock, following
which the pies will, be auctioned
off to the highest bidder. Coffee
will be served to those wishing to
partake of their pie on the spot.
The local army unit has been asked
to raise $500, as Safem's quota
toward world-wide missionary ser
vice, and those who have not as
yet helped out, in a financial way
are asked, to kindly' contribute a
pie to the Saturday night affair.
A. H. Moore, 233 N. High St.,
apartments and store where you
can get high quality furniture and
furnishings for every room ii
your house. (J
The Marion Automobile Co. The
Studebaker, the world's greatest
at tomobile value. Operating cost
small. Will last a lifetime, with
care. Standard coach 11510. ()
Bank Assigns Assets;
Deposits Guaranteed
Northwestern National Closes Fol
lowing Unfounded Run
PORTLAND, March 29. (AP)
The Northwestern National bank
of this city closed its banking
career today when it assigned its
assets to the United States Nation
al and First National banks . of
Portland in consideration of their
assuming the deposit obligations
of the Northwestern.
Depositors are receiving 100
cents on the dollar on their de
posits, and are subjected to no
delays in getting their money.
Those whose accounts are In the
savings department of the bank
are not being required to give the
stipulated 3 0 to 90 days-notice
in order to withdraw their ac
counts. This was the policy decided
upon bv the board of directors fori
the Northwestern Monday when
the run on the bank began.
After weathering the withdraw
al of more than $2,000,000 dur
ing the first day of the run, the
directors of the bank entered into
an agreement with the Portland
Clearing House association, the
United States National and the
First National banks, who are
both in turn backed by the federal
reserve, for the payment of all
deposits on demand.
. The circulation pi rumors, char
acterized by heads of the First
National and United States Na
tional as "malicious and unfound
ed," led to the run on the North
western, it was .declared.
J. C. Ainsworth, president of
the United States National said
"After an investigation cover
ing all of Monday night and Tues
day we have every confidence that
the securities held by the North
western National will pay out in
full and we are most regretful
that this unholy attack on their
business made the liquidation of
the Northwestern advisable."
iOrtceridl . . gshrdluetaoinsrhdlu
The Man's Shop saves you a ten
dollar bill cn every Quality suit.
Shirts, hats, ties, collars. High
grade clothing, perfect fitting,
long wearing. 416 State. ()
The newest creations in Sprint
Hats at the Vanity Hat" Shoppe.
Each hat possesses a charm all its
own. Beautiful designs ind col
ors. 389 Court St. ()
1 " . (
View or tne nteamer "City of Detroit III" passenger litr ar
riving at Cleveland from Detroit in a stiff blonv, officially opening
the Great Lakes' navigation season of 1927 two weeks ahead of the
average time, due to less ice than usual. Wflh numerous heavy
tonnage freighters added to the fleet this season, traffic on the Great
Lakes is expected to be heavy. (Ceintral Pres3 Photo-J
1 M S
Fight for Annulment Over;
Appeal Now Impossible but
Wife May Sue
29. (AP.) Leonard Kip Rhine
lander, wealthy member of an old
New York family, is through with
his fight to obtain an annulment
of his marriage to his wife of
negro blood, Mrs. Alice Jones
This became known today after
the court of appeals refused to
overturn the decision of Supreme
Court Justice Joseph Morschaus
er, who said that no appeal would
be taken as the high court's de
cision precluded further action.
Mrs. Rhinelander, on the other
band, will probably take up the
battle that has been waged by her
husband for more than two years
and will attempt to obtain a sep
aration in her own behalf, her
counsel said.
Offsetting the charg'e of falsely
modem age
knows ' that
' ' 1 ' 1 '
waa jot
, - -.
concealing her negro color from
him, upon which, the scion of old
Knickerbocker aristocracy based
his suit for annulment, the for
mer New Rochelle .housemaid will
seek her separation on grounds of
cruelty and abandonment, it was
In the meantime the $300 grant
ed monthly as alimony at the time
of the original suit, will continue.
This is the third legal defeat
in a row suffered by the son of
Philip Rhinelander since his mar
riage to Alice Beatrice Jones on
October 14, 1924.
Receipts of Insurance
Department $129,323.83
Cash receipts of the state insur
ance department yesterday aggre
gated $129,323.83, according to
Clare E. Lee, state insurance com
missioner. The receipts represent
ed taxes and fees received from
insurance corporations operating
in the state. It was said that yes
terday's receipts exceeded those
of any previous single day in the
history of the department.
Bonesteele Motor Co. 454 S:
Com'L, has the Dodge automobile
for you. All steel body. Lasts a
lifetime. Ask Dodge owners. They
will tell you. ()
Less is
Nanking Quiet but Renewed
Trouble Feared at Wuhu;
Discuss Action
(AP) -Despite ad apparent lull
in the storm of Chinese anti-for-eignism
which burst at Nanking
last week, official word was re
ceived here today that the situa
tion at "Wuhu, farther up the
Yangtse river, was worse and
trouble might be expected there
at any moment.
At the same time a message,
forwarded to the state department
by Minister MacMurray, at Pek
ing, suggested immediate with
drawal of all Americans in na
tionalist territory and in view of
the outbreak at Nanking "the un
dertaking of some action suffi
ciently strong to deter the per
petration of similar Incidents else
where." The message was unsigned, and
department officials were: of the
opinion that It probably came
from Consul John K. Davis, who
is aboard an American warship at
Coincident with the receipt of
these advices, actual movement
across tire continent of the 1500
Additional marines ordered to
China, got under way on the At
lantic seaboard, with indications
that it would be a month before
the transport Henderson, Which
will take them aeross the Pacific,
reaches Shanghai.
At the White House it was said
on President Coolidges behalf
that he was opposed to any merg
ing, of American forces in China
with those of other powers, al- j
though he expected the utmost co
operation. The official reports from Nank- 1
ing re-emphasized the belief of
American investigators there that
"the campaign of terrorism and
insult to foreigners was not only
officially, countenanced and direct
ed (by nationalist leaders) but
evpji prearranged."
"The Incident at Nanking could 1
THIS modern age is the hardest to
please ever known, and it delights in
Camel. The smokers of today find
tobacco enjoyment in Camels, for
their goodness always is so dependable.
The choicest tobaccos, and the most
superb blending known to the smok
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In Camel you will find out what
modern smokers demand a smooth
ness, mildness and mellowness that
youVe never known before. That's
why. Camels never fail to meet the
strict, - exacting . demands of present
day smokers. This modern age knows
the sure call to smoke enjoyment:
"Hare a Camcll" " " .
hardly hare been more outrage
ous," a message relayed by Mr,
MacMurray said, adding that there
had been two attempts at criminal
assault on American women dur
ing the rioting.
"Suggestion is made of the im
mediate withdrawal of all Ameri
cans in nationalist territory and
the undertaking of some action
sufficiently strong . to deter the
perpetration of similar incidents
On the heels of this grave pic
ture of .what might, have under
lain the Nanking rioting, came a
report from Hear Admiral Hough,
still at that port, that the situa
tion at Wuhu, farther up the
Yangtse river, was worse and
trouble might be expected at any
moment. 'No details were given.
State department records do not
show how many Americans are at
Wuhu. There were ,58 American
nationals registered there last
year. Some are known to have
left but others may have come in
from surrounding mission sta
tions. MacMurray already has taken
steps to urge Americans to with
draw from nationalist controlled
territory, even at Canton.
Spread of the danger area into
Shantung province. heretofore
solidly held by the northern allies,
was disclosed in a message from
Consul A. G- Swaney, at Tsinanfu.
Evacuation of the Americans from
the southern section of Shantung
was proceeding satisfactorily, he
said, and Tsinanfu itself remained
on the but within pronounced
anti-foreign feeling, "evident pre
cautions for protection of foreign
ers in this territory has been
Straight or
SIO per mo.
per f lOOO
406-407 Oregon Bldjr.
In New Location
Watches, Clocks and Jeweiery
i avv ----- Jf
DENVER, Colo , March 29.
(AP) Tiny Herman, Portland
and Chuck Wiggins, Indianapolis,
fought a four round, draw here to
night. Packy. - Moran, Chicago,
and Leonard Boskovitch, Denver,
also fought an even four round affair.
Beach Resort
Tillamook county: GO
acres adjoining beautiful
resort, suitable for camp
grounds, cottages, store,
hotel or platting for sale
by acre.
Resort, Care Statesman
Is Your
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cent to consult with
325 Oregon Bldg.
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EimtMaiw. N,