The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, March 26, 1927, Page 5, Image 5

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Special Services Tonight
Rev. K.' L Harrington will
preach in the Market Street Free
Methodist church this evening at
7:30. He will also conduct the
services on Sanday. Everyone Is
cordially invited to attend.
Six-Room Modem House
V. For rent. See Mr. Giese at Giese
' Towers furniture store. m25
Smith & Barnes Piano, $75
As is, walnut case, late model.
$5 down, 15 a month. The Port
land Music Co., 355 North High
street. m2T
Hotel Marion
Dollar dinner, served 5:45 to 8
every evening. n26tf
Dr. Tully Addresses Conference
Dr. Norman Kendall Tully, pas
tor of the First Presbyterian
church. Jias gone to Eugene where
he will give two addresses at the
Lane County Christian Endeavor
Know How Your Furniture
Is built. Birchfield overstuffed
furniture built in our window to
day. Giese-Powers Furniture Co.
Short Talks by Thoughtful
Mothers. A Louisiana (New Or
leans) mother speaks: "Our child
had a cough that almost strangled
her. A kind neighbor brought in
a bottle of Foley's Honey and Tar
and in a very short time it eased
the dreadful paroxysms of cough
ing and made her comfortable. I
recommend it as a valuable medi
cine, one that is free from opi
ates." Foley's Honey and Tar
Compound checks croups, Is inval
uable for whooping cough, meas
les cough, and the heavy wheezy
breathing that accompanies many
children's diseases. Your druggist
sells and recommends it. Sold at
Capital drug store. m26
Ice Cream Khcrijet
Salem Mid. Ask for it at the
Sanitary Confectionery, 1857 State
Palm Confectionery, ,4 6 7 N Church
Robbins & Co. Piano
$126, $5 down and J 5 a month.
This is the best buy in Oregon in
a good used piano. The Portland
Music Co,, 355 North High St. m27
Lions flub Music
Special music at the Friday
luncheon of Lions was furnished
by Miss Claudine Gerth, Violinist,
who gave two numbers, "Gondol
ier" and "Good Night," both by
Nevin. She was accompanied at
the piano by Miss Betty Bedford,
club pianist.
'jLart.Day of Demonstration
my See Birchfield overstuffed furnl
pture built ia our window today.
liiese-Powers Furniture Co. m25
Choice Corner Lot
Cash, by owner. Bargain. Call
2088J. . m27
Oliver Piano, S225
Beautiful walnut case. $8 down
and $8 a month. The Portland
Music Co.. 355 North High St m27
Plays With Dynamite Cap
Lighting a match to a dynamite
cap was dangerous business for a
visitor at the city dump yard yes
terday morning, who became curi
ous over his find. He is now re
covering under the care of a doc
tor. Furniture Upholstery
And repairing. Giese-Powers
Furniture Co. fStf
Court Appoints Exec nt or
The county court yesterday ap
pointed Arnold J. Zimmerman ex
ecutor of the will of Anna Zim
merman. Good Practice Piano, f OO
$5 down and $5 'a month. A
dandy good piano. The Portland
Music Co., 355 North High St. m27
Old Time Dance, Derby Hall
Sat, night. Dad Speers' orches
tra. m26
Scotty's Market, !th and Hlnes
Special Saturday .-only. Sirloin
steak and round steak, 15c; roast
leef. 12 c; Hamburger, 10c;
boiling beef, 8c. m26
Another Divorce Granted
Edythe L. White was granted
divorce from Francis A. White in
ch'mit court yesterday on a charge
of desertion. The Whites were
married in 1920 and have one
daughter six years old. "No prop
erty rights were under considera
tion in the case and the child was
granted to the mother.
l-at Dav of Demonstration
See Birchfield overstuffed furni
ture built in our; window today.
Giese-Powers Furniture Co. m25
f 175 Kdison and Records, $75 -Just
used a few months and
couldn't be told from new, $5
down and 8,5 a month. The Port
land Music Co., 355 North High
street. xn27
, Birchfield Overstuffed Furniture
Built in our window. Giese-
Fowers Furniture store. m25
Knw How Your Furniture
Is built. Birchfield overstuffed
I'inuturc built in our window to
day. Giese-Powers Furniture Co.
Admitii(rat,P Appointed
Jacob f. Fox of Silrerton was
appointed yesterday to serve as
administrator for the estate of his
mother. Agnes Fox. -
t'sod Piano Left With Us
For sale. Looks and Is like
new; will sacrifice for 8176. A
real bargain. See at Tallman's
County Officers Toi
County Judge J. T. Hunt and
Commissioner J. A. Smith inspect
ed roads and streams in the vicin
ity of Scotts Mills. Monitor, SU
verton and ML Angel yesterday.
f 125 Vlctrola
With all kinds of red seal rec
ords, 845. 85 down and 85 month.
The Portland Music Co.. 355 North
High street. m2Y
Small Roof Fire
The fire department extinguish
ed a roof fire at the Hoover resi
dence, 17th and Mill streets, yes
terday. Only slight damage was
Birchfield Overstuffed Furniture
Built in our window. Giese
Powers Furniture store. m25
One Marriage. License
Joseph E. Lee of Eugene and
Echo E. Thatcher of Springfield
were issued a marriage license
yesterday by the county clerk.'
They were married immediately
afterward by Rev. A. F. Helmer
at the Center Street Methodist par
sonage. 973 Phonograph
Table model, like new. S20: 13
down and 83 a month. The Port
land Music Co.. 355 North High
street. . m27
Two Permitted to Repair
Permits were granted for dwell
ing house repairs to- Fred Corrodl,
1500 Chemeketa. 8225. and to
Beulah Wilson. 150 S. 17th street,
81,000. The latter will also build
a dwelling house at 1704 Ferry
street to cost 82,000.
Six-Room Modern House
For rent. See Mr. Giese at Giese
Powers furniture store. m25
Permit for Private Garage
C. P. Bishop took out a permit
to build a private garage at 765
Court street, to cost 8500.
$485 Wellington Piano
8325. This piano is nearly new
810 down and 810 a month. The
Portland Music Co., 355 North
High street. m27
New Concrete Building
F. N. Derby will build a con
crete One story building at 531
Trade street, costing 82500.
I Will Not Be Responsible
For any bills accumulated af
ter March 25, 1927. Merion Jack
son. m25
Accident Reported
A. B. McKilloy. 670 Union street
reported to the police that his car
was struck Friday afternoon by
a machine driven by R. G. Proppe
of Portland, while turning into
the driveway of the Valley Pack
ing company. Proppe claims that
McKilloy turned in too abruptly,
failing to signal in time to avoid
the crash. Fenders and bumpers
were smashed.
Installed a New Lawn Mower
Sharpening machine. Makes old
mowers cut as good as new 1849 V
State. Tel. 1926. m.27
One Lone Parking Fine
W. P. Dunsmoor paid a fine of
81 in police court for overtime
$275 Vlctrola, S63 -
Like new. 85 down, 85 a month.
The Portland Music Co., 355 N.
High St. m27
Will Build House
Ruth E. Fuson was issued a
permit to construct a one-story
dwelling at 1780 Fairgrounds
road, to cost 82500. J. W. Goode
was named as builder.
Nelson Held at Jail
' : S. P. Nelson of Independence
was arrested last night by city
officers and: lodged in the city jaii
on a charge of drunkenness. Nel
son was picked up with a half pint
of alleged denatured alcohol and
canned heat in his possession.
William F. Kirk, Poet
and Columnist, Dies
25. (AP) In his boyhood home
to which he returned in 1918 after
many years in the newspaper work
in Milwaukee and New York, Wil
liam F. Kirk, poet and columnist
died today after a long illness
from cancer. He was 50 years
Mr. Kirk is survived by his
mother, Mrs. David Kfrk, and two
brothers, David and Robert of
Spokane, Wash. .His brother
David arrived just : before his
Commercial Secretaries
Conclude Eugene Meeting
EUGENEj March 25 (AP)
The state commercial secretaries
concluded their seventh annual
session at the University of Ore
gon today and elected Earl C.
Reynolds of La Grande president,
C. T. Baker of Med ford, vice presi
dent; and ILi E. Cully of Roseburg,
secretary treasurer.
i- L. P. .Sabin, retiring.; president,
Klamath TallsrJohn Eckman. Mc
Mirinrille; J.. H. Fuller. Ashland;
W. A. Reid. Corvallis, and L. N.
Tallinger, Portland, were appoint
ed, as members of the executive
board. ' , , i .
Manager C. E. Wilson' of the
Salem chamber of commerce returned-Friday
after attending this
Special Meetings to Be Held
in New Structure During
Entire Week
The new Evangelistic Full Gos
pel Assembly tabernacle, with a
seating capacity for 1.000, erected
on Thirteenth and Ferry streets,
will be dedicated Sunday afternoon
at 3 o'clock. - Rev. Charles Orville
Benham, a former assistant to
Aimee Semple McPherson, Angelus
Temple, Los Angeles, will conduct
the initial revival campaign of the
-The visiting evangelist hs just
arrived from Eugene where he
has been speaking at the 3,000
capacity Lighthouse Temple. Mr.
Benham is well known in religious
broadcasting circles as a gospel
soloist and is a cornet and banjo
artist. He has conducted success
ful campaigns in Winnipeg, Van
couver, B. C, and has recently
come .from large efforts in Bakers
field and Fresno, Cal. He is the
composer of a number of gospel
songs nd singe numbers of his
own composition in his meetings
Rev. Frank Gray of Tacoma,
chairman of the northwest district
general council of the Assemblies
of God, will speak in the after
noon at 3 o'clock. Evangelist
Benham announces for his Sunday
evening topic, "The Aimee Semple
McPherson Case Was She Really
The meetings will continue
throughout the week every night
at 7:30 o'clock.
CORVALLIS, March 25 (AP)
Communism, bolshevism, social
ism, "liberalism" and ultra-pacifism
were all lumped together as
radicalism to receive the frowns
of the delegates to the annual
state conference of the Daugnters
of the American . Revolution who
listened to an address on this sub
ject .by Miss Anna M. Lang of The
Dalles, Ore., national vice presi
dent general.
A thorough campaign of educa
tion by every chapter was decided
upon as necessary to acquaint the
public with the seriousness of the
situation as seen by the confer
ence. Following Miss Lang's address
the conference adopted a sories of
resolutions previously adopted by
the Woman's Patriotic Conference
on National Defense, a national
organization composed of 33 pa
triotic societies, of which the
Daughters ofthe American Revo
lution is one. Miss Lang is Oregon
These resolutions indorse the
general policy of preparedness, in
cluding that of the chemical war
fare division, deplore the cam
paign against the reserve officers'
training . corps and citizens' mili
tary training camps, denounce the
attempts to. "delete our school
histories of the heroism of battles
and honor rolls of our valiant
fighters" and indorse laws requir
ing all teachers of public or priv
ate schools to take the oath of
allegiance to the United States.
Richard Barthelmess
Barely Escapes Injury
TACOMA, March 25- (AP.)
Richard Barthelmess, star in "The
Patent Leather Kid," the war
scenes of which are being filmed
at Camp Lewis, narrowly escaped
being seriously injured late this
afternoon when an armored tank
almost ran him down, according
to a report by an official in charge
of production work at the post. .
The last, "shot" of the day was
being taken and the wind machine,
used to blow away smoke after
powder charges have been explod
ed, had been turned off. A pall 6f
pmoke was hanging over the "set"
where Barthelmess and his film
associate. Arthur Slone, were at
work before a camera. ' ,
A tank suddenly loomed up be
fore the camera, missing Barthel
mess by less than a foot, and
plunged into a trench, persons
near the scene reported.
K. M ilmev tn Kneak
Rev. A. F. Hilmer, pastor of the
Center Street Methodist church.
will speak at the: Salvation Army
ball tonight, commencing at o
o'clock. The public is cordially
invited. f
Service at RickreaH . U
Rev. G. L. Lovell, presiding el
der of the Salem district of Evan
gelical churches, will I preach in
the Rickreall pulpit Sunday morn
lngat 11 o'clock. . j -
, Check before it starts,
y - Rub on inhale vapors
r I '- JtmrmX'mmt V mm .
We have 1921 Ford truck
with starter, complete
overhaul 'job, good rub
ber, and ready to go to
work," for $150
That Service Built
Was Student and Teacher
in Salem and Had Many
Friends in City
PORTLAND, March 25. (AP)
Mrs. Fred Lockley, 53, wife of
Fred Lockley, Portland newspaper
man, died here today. Nervous
shock, following a surgical opera
tion, was given as the cause of
her death.
Mrs. Lockley (Hope Gans) was
born in Faribault, Minn., and
came west with her folks when sb6
was 18 years old, the family lo
cating in Salem. Mrs. Lockley at
tended school in Salem and taught
for a time in the East Salem
school. She married Mr. Lockley
June 16, 1897.
Lawrence Campbell Lockley, an
instructor in English literature at
the southern branch of the Uni
versity of California, in Los
Angeles, is the only one of three
children who survive Mrs. Lock
ley. Funeral services will be held
Monday afternoon. Rev. John W.
Beard, of Mount Tabor Presbyter
ian church, will officiate. '
Had Many Friends Here
The above telegraphed news of
the "death of Mrs. Lockley will
give genuine sorrow to a host of
friends in this part of the state,
where she was esteemed as a
woman of fine attainments and
splendid character; kind, sympa
thetic, blessed with the graces of
true womanhood.
She was an inseparable comparr
ion of her gifted husband, going
with him on his manifold errands
in the service of the Portland
Journal, on which he has been a
staff writer for so long; one of
the best known men In the news
paper ranks in the Pacific north
west. The Lockleys were often in Sa
lem. They were here together
last week, when Mrs. Lockley
seemed in perfect health and the
most buoyant spirits; speaking of
the pleasure she had in meeting
so many old friend's here.
Judge Dearth Absolved
v by Jury Commissioner
(AP) Jacob Cavanaugh, to
whom Judge Clarence W. Dearth
deeded a twenty foot lot for $1,
so that he might qualify as a Jury
commissioner for the Deleware
circuit court today told the Indi
ana senate hearing impeachment
charges against the jurist that his
friend was not guilty of illegal
actions in connection with the
drawing of talesman.
The 63 year old witness assum
ed the blame for impanelling nu
merous men and women who were
not free holders. He Insisted
Judge Dearth never asked him to
violate the law.
MONTREAL, March 25 (AP)
Despite assertions that the ty
phoid epidemic, raging here . since
March 4, was on the wane, health
officials said tonight 102 new
cases have been reported, bringing
the total number of cases, since
the epidemic began, to 1110. On
the advice of the health authori
ties many residents are being in
oculated. Physicians throughout
the city were busy tonight admin
istering anti-typhoid serum. .. .
All Sixes Films, Kodaks, Devel
oping Our Specialty
Prompt Service
157 South Commercial
"The" Home of" bras Store
Two room plastered house
and woodshed ,
On a lot 40x120 ' -
V' Yon pay for the lot only at "
S700 if you act at once S
' 123 North Commercial ; '
Teacher of Piano
Errna L. Boughey
' Studio 1784 State
M It
The Houae
- 7 " - -
Big Free Dance Scheduled
for Tonight;. Construction
Work Excellent
The Barrett Brothers new gar
age, located at 2045- N. Capitol
street, just north Of the Holly
wood theater, will be opened to
night with a bi free dance. The
floor s being especially prepared
for the evening's entertainment
and a fine orchestra has been
The new garage building has
been constructed out of re-enforced
"concrete and is 50 by 121 feet
in size. It has a balcony an 3
several small rooms. The front
has been artistically finished and
is graced with, a large electric sign.
Every effort has been made to
make the building modern in
every respect.
The proprietors will conduct in
this splendid new structure an up-to-date
garage. Modern conven
iences have been installed and
preparations made to give the very
best of service possible.
Bert Townsend of 1853 N. Capi
tol street was the architect and
contractor for" the Barrett Broth
ers garage. He reports that just
60 days from the time the work
started everything was completed.
He believes this stands as a rec
ord in the community.
Mike J. Carter of 656 Center
street was the. plasterer in charge
and an excellent class of work was
done In the new structure. This
part of the work was also done
in record breaking time, which
attests to the efficiency of the
workmen employed.
President Calles Declares
Country Working Out Own.
Salvation at Present
The conflict of Secretary Kel
logg's interpretation of interna
tional law and the cause of Mexi
can humanity places a real prob
lem in the hands of American cit
izens, according to Dr. Frank E.
Carlson, pastor of W a v e r 1 y
Heights Congregational church,
Portland, speaker at the Lions
club luncheon Friday. Dr. Carl
son has just returned from a com
prehensive tour of Mexico, where
he interviewed every possible of
ficer of prominence.
"President Calles aims to give
Mexico to Mextcans and to accom
plish this his government is suc
cessfully tearing down the old
autocracy build up by the dicta
tor, Diaz, during his long rule.
In lfllO practically the entirety
of Mexico was owned by 33 fami
lies. One of these haciendas cov
ered more than six million acres,
taking nearly eight hours to cross
it by train," said Dr. Carlson.
Dr. Carlson described Calles ef
forts as not bolshevistic but only
a move towards remedying an an
cient evil of debt slavery. As to
the Mexican stand on the Nicara
gua question, the speaker said it
was Just like a gamble. Both Ca
saca and Diaz had the same right
to the presidency, except that
Diaz has been at one time a clerk
for a prominent American oil in
terest and thus receives the sup
port of the Melion-Doheny inter
ests. Casaca is a liberal and
would naturally receive Mexican
Call, phone or writs
179 H Commercial Salem
Yick So Herb Co.
Est'dclS Years in Salem
J H. LEONG, Mgr.
If other treatments have failed
ra nnr ChnM rnmAdlpl for
asthma, bronchitis,- croup and
cough. We hate given relief, to
many suffering with throat
trouble. Never neglect a cold.
We also treat all disorders of
men, women and children.
Consultation Free
Call or writs 4 2 0-4 2 Stats St,
Salem, Oregon, Phons lit
' -Is l ! ,
li , ' )... : -. 4 Ti
Free Dance Tonight
. ' - - . . -
- We Are Opening Our New Garage .
2045 : North Capilbl Street1 ,
: Come Oijt and Bring Your -Friends ; '
- - -.' . . ' ;-" -
V ' ' ' '' - ., : ..: ; .. .- . . -
, ; : BARRETT BROS. . ?
'Telephone 2301 . .: Nht tone 2591 ;
support, Each country is placing
bets on its favorite. : .
When , Interviewed concerning
the suppose affiliation .with Rus
sia, President CaUes told his vis
itors .hat Mexico was working out
Its own destines, and that the
country was merely on friendly
terms with the Soviet leaders, ac
cording to Dr. Carlson.
Boy Scout Folder Soon
to Be Published Here
Impetus to spring Boy Scout
activities was given yesterday with
the announcement- by Harold D.
Ware, scout executive, that the
Boy Scout folder giving details in
regard to the Cascadia camp will
be published soon. This folder
will contain a schedule for use of
the camp by the different units.
Two troops have been organized
at Chemawa Indian school. Mr.
Ware also ' announced. George
Bent, disciplinarian for the In
dian service, will serve as one
scout master. , Another will be se
lected later.
Order Barring Senator From
Country Discussed Ifr State
ment on Return
NEW YORK, March 25. (AP.)
Senator William H. King, dem
ocrat of Utah, declared tonight
that the refusal of the state de
partment to have the order of
President Borno barring him from
Haiti withdrawn, was "an effort
to keep alive the fiction of Haitian
independence" and had only served
"to focus the attention of Ameri
cans upon the domination of this
government la Haitian affairs."
In an interview at the Hotet
Pennsylvania, after he had dis
embarked from the United States
transport St. Mihiel, on which he
came from Santo Domingo, Sena
tor King said that, if the state de
partment had so desired, it could
have compelled the Haitian presi
dent to withdraw his order.
Senator King exhibited copies
of the order and subsequent cor
respondence between Brigadier
General John Russel, high corns
missioner in Haiti, and General J.
S. Burrill, American army officer
In charge of the .Haitian gend
armes, to prove that the final de
cision on the order rested with the
American high tommissioner.
When he reached Santo Domin
go he said his attention was called
to the order of the Haitian presi
dent barring him.
The senator Bald he then wroto
to the state department protesting
the order ind intimating strongly
that if the state department saw
fit, it could, through General Rus
sell, have the order rescinded.
The state department's reply.
Senator King said, was that it had
advised President Borno, through
the Haitian minister, that refusal
to permit the senator to visit Haiti
would result in "unpleasant con
sequences to all concerned.
Exchange a lovely suburban
home, strictly modern, for city
property or stock ranch.
841 State Street
It' Time to Think of
We Sell Martin Senour 100 Per
Cent Pure Paint
2841 N. Commercial TeL 039
The Winchester Store
Phone 172 120 N. Ooml. St.
Fniitland Nursery
Office and Sales Room
174 South Liberty Street
Fruit and Nut Trees
Shrobbery and Roses
Please all,and see my stock
ind get prices before buying.
Office Phone 877
A. J. MATHIS, Prop.
Representative of Shipping
Board Head Starts Cam
paign With Survey ;
r AP l The nratnine wed ere for
the creation of a merchant marine
on the Pacific coast was driven
here today 'with the arrival from
New York of Frank A. Lord, di
rect representative of T. B. O'Con
nor, chairman of the United States
shipping board.
In a complete and exhaustive
survey of American foreign ship
ping fields and important harbor
points on the Pacific coast. Lord
will pave the way for the arrival
of O'Connor the latter part of next
month. Reports and recommenda
tions are then expected to follow.
Commenting on the object of his
visit here, Lord declared:
"Mr. O'Connor believes the fu
ture of the American merchant
marine belongs to a great extent
on the Pacific coast; that legisla
tion is not enough to promote the
American flag on the ocean; that
cargoes and passengers alone are
able to solfe the problem.
"He believes also that within
the last year or two there has beon
stimulated an increasing interest
in an American merchant marina
and that this is due in part to
utterances of American citizens
and to foreign events over which
the country has no control.
"The merchant marine is neces
sary as an adjunct to the United
States navy.
On the question of government
and private ownership, the United
States shipping board Is unani
mously in favor of private owner
ship when possible, but when im
possible to sell a line to private
operators, it is the plain duty of
the government to operate lines
until they so become an attractive
purchase for private operators, or
until shown such a line cannot bo
operated publicly or privately at
a profit."
BERLIN; March 25. (AP)
Airship service between Spain and
South America starting within 18
months is predicted by Dr. Hugo
Eckener, Zeppelin expert, provid-
I wish to '-'
Barrett Bros, on the Opening of Their
New and Up to Date Garage
I am pleased to have done the plaster work on
this up to date building
Telephone 2339-W
We have a complete line of Brooders including; Coal
Brooders, Oil Brooders and 'Electric Brooders. All
sizes for the various kinds. Including the Buckeye.
Queen and Lyons Brooders.
Special Catalogues Free or Call and See Them -
A complete line of Baby Chick Mash, Chick Scratch,
Developing Scratch, Growing Mash, Scratch Feed
and Laying Mashes. . -
We are now manuf acturnig our own feeds as well as
have in stock Fisher's of Seattle and the Ilodgen
Brewster feeds.
D. A. White & Sons
Phone 160 261 State Street
' 340 Court Street
ed that the German government
furnishes the remaining 2,000,000
marks necessary, tor the comple
tion of the . airship ; to be used,
which is being built In Germany.
,V :"Wilson' .- .
X w! E. Wilson, 64, passed away
in this city on March 25. . He J
survived by his widow, Mrs. Jessie
Wilson of Salem; three children,
Mrs. P. E. Neer of Salem, Mrs. J.
a Leedy of Roseburg, and Ensign
Ralph E. Wilson of New London,
.Conn.; also three sisters and one
hrother in Iowa. Funeral an
nouncements will be . made later ,
by the Webb undertaking parlors.
Donigan "
Died In this city March 23,
Lorene Dunigan, daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. Henry W. Dunigan of
Howell Prairie; -sister of William
Edward Dunigan. June 'Daphne
Dunigan and Orville Layton Duni
gan. Funeral services Saturday,
March 26, at 2 p. m. 4 from the Rig
don mortuary. Interment in the
Murphy cemetery.
Turner ,
John L. Turner, 18, late of Val- -
nouncement of funeral later from
the Rigdonmortuary.
Perfect Funeral Service
For Less
Licensed Lady Mortician
770 Chemeketa Street
- Telephone 724
We Sell and Recommend
A Superior Washer
Halik & Eof f Electric
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- H -
18 Inches High.'