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Humphries Has Record of 18
Knockouts, .30, Decisions
, Behind Him
The Pacific coast featherweight
titl will be at stake. In Wednes
day's main event at the armory,
Matchmaker Harry Plant pointed
out Saturday. Xd Mackie claims
the title by virtue of a victory pver
Babe Herman, and Art, Humphries
of Everett, Wash., is the boywho
gets this chance 'to dethrone him.
v About .Humphries' ability there
is no question,,, but t wtU , be ., a
novelty to. ate.ligiiLJtaa.. in
watch his work In the ring and to
realize that if there should be any
occasion' for him to' say anything,
it would be ' pronounced with a
typical English accent. Humphries
came by it . honestly., so , the fans
won't hold it against him. He has
lived most of his life in Canada.
Although only 20 years of age,
Humphries has engaged, in. about
70 f(ghts. He can. look back on a
string of 1,5, knocjcouts, 30 deci
sions, and one "victory on a. foul.
Ife, has. fought 14 draws and lost
seven fights, the whole making a
remarkable, record .considering
that-be has met the best men at
his weight.
Benny Pelx, waa offered r,the
match, but named a figure that
the attendance here, will not war
rant.' Plant is of the opinion that
Pelzs wasn't any, too anxious to
meet Mackie anyway. ,
A9Cording to the belief of Harry
Hansen,, Alapkie's . m a n a.,g e r,
Humphries will be the toughest
opponent that Mackie has been
called upon to meet since his re
turn, to ring, activity. 1.
.Mackie has an easy time. with
the slijggerg,. but., JJuiophctes is
not only a hard hitter, but a smart
flghjLer as well. Just, when p.n op
ponent has solved his style, he
chaoses it. ,
Bt Mackie is going to do. his
best, to retain the title and take it
with him when, he goes to Cali
fornia this summer.
.The fans, are ; looking, lor some
thrills in the special six .rpupd
events,- especially the one in which
HalSharp ,ot Salem and . Jack
Davis .of: Oregon, 4City. .will meet.
Both of them, have clinched their
reputations as battlers with the
local; tans. Mention of either of
them is a guarantee of real action
Bones teele Motor Co. 454 S.
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f ' ' " "
,.. ;";. '?,t
Edvin Wide Breaks Two
World's Records In Race
( A Ppi Edvin Widet Swedish con-,
queror of Paavo Nurmi, broke two
world's records during the 3,000
meter race at the Meadowbrook
track meet .here tonight. ,
, The flying Swede clipped off a
mile and three quarters in 7:53
1- 5 land the 3.000 meters in 8:22
2- 5.4iThe former records, held by
Nurmi. were 7:55 2-5 and 8:26
2-5, respectively.
Wide was not timed at , the mile
and seven-eights due to the fact
that, ' the timers stopped their
watches a lap 'too sooar
. ..i:.....;,: ..; .,
Pittsburgh Crushes.
Mission Team 14 to 1
Cuyler ;K1khht iSfan Jncito I'hus
How.Thottc Home Runs Look .
. SAK FRANCISCO, March 19.
(A) Pittsburgh unleashed a
terrific batting cannonade today
to crush the San Francisco Mis
sions under a 14 to 1 score ia the
opening gane of their exhibition
series here. ' .
Left iand .right "han3ers looked
Lift QffrNo Pin!
(Doesn't hurt one bitj Drop a
lit tie "Freetone on an aching
corn, instantly that corn stops
hurling, then shortly you lift it
right off -with fingers.
.- Yonr druggist sells a tlnyjottle
ot Freexone'V tor,' 'tZm
sufficient to ve'tov -vory hril
corp, soft cbrn,,Wcitt " 1.73,
the tees, and the foot caUoses,
.rithoul soreneas ct" Irritation.
VB - 'i:'f v. i ... i - i
1 1 i i i .i i I i. i i , ,,
alike to trie Pirates and the 1925
world's cl tampions cfickeid out 18
hits from.; the offerings of , four
twirlefs. All 'of : the Pittsburgh
reVulars hit safely at least 'once
With Grantham, first base; Culler,
centerfieldr Trayiior; third "base,
and Rbyne; ! shortstop, registering
three each. ? '
In Vthe third inning jCuyler
leaned: on one for 'a home m with
one on base while Rose, .Mission
left fielder, followed suit in the
fourth' with another over the right
field fence
, - Lee 'Meadows, pitchin g the first
fotfr Ihnings for the Pirates, al
lowed 'four hits and one; run while
John Morrison who replaced him.
held the Missions scoreless and
dished, out two sate lilows.
, The. pixie Bakery ieafls on high
class breads, pies, cookies and
fancy baked, supp'Ae, of every
kind, Best by test j Ask old cus
tomep.;.l39 CprJt'st.i ; '()
LPS .AN'JIJLES. March .19
(APj- Jacy Dempsey will go into
a moontaij training camp next
Monday morning to see if he is in
physical 'ahape tp attempt to , re
gan the world's premier pugilistic
titfe. .
And ifv'so, he is ready to fight
any man that may be selected as
hisi opponent - If the purse is
riglt, ,.
Tih.e big fellow,. .-whose defeat M
theUiand of Gene Tunney last, year
upsek the sports ope wherever
ojrcl es are s squared, will leave for
WheVlef Hot, Srtnga, 75 miles
north! of here, With Gus , Wilson,
his to ainer. and.' rniieh it in , thn
hills flor several "weks, After that
he will gather; sparring partners
about him and '-whin his somewhat
overweighted, frame into condition.
for a oomeback-
Ah tjo his present physical con
dition, Jack declared that with
one srnall exception there., was
iootbijit wtofig with, him. , ,A lower
intestiiUl troublp, , for which ..he
underwent , an operation in New
York, Never al years ago, bad re
turned to some degree but is mot
bothering- him to any great extent,
He admit bed that his physician had
recommenided an operation but
said there was np present necessity
for it. Ie denied unqualifiedly
reports tat a fall in a match sev
eral yearis ago had injured two
vertebrae . "I never was hurt by
a falLin-any bout," he said.
j"It won't take me long to find
out whether I'm the man. I used to
be," Dempsey said. ,'I intend to
do a lot of hiking, chopping down
trees, and other hard work out in
the open "before I take on any box
ing. If I'vfind I can't get back Into
shape agjain. I'll hang up the
gloves forever.
-i But ix J, can come back and I
think X dan I'm ready to fight
any mars ; ihey ; want, to,, put ;up if
the purse.Ua. right. .. While. 1 can cVassed as financially in
. A '
aepenaeni, v u never ngnt as a
ham and eg?er. m At present I am
not tied up with any promoter and
don't intend to sign any contracts
until I know, bow I am hitting, i
have no boute under consideration
( CoDtinud from page 1.)
covered by the new line. .
"Although, new large operations
in the lumber industry are smaller
in number ihian during the past
several years, a number of logging
operations whgch were, closed for
sometime, hare resumed, opera
tions.,. The. .outlook .generally,
based on. information received at
the offices-of. tire commission, in
dicates a normal year's operation.
"In the field 4t road construc
tion and street pa ving, in addition
to the program1 of the various
counties, and cities:, the strife high
way commission contemplates con
siderable -new wok-k during the
present year. It will equal or ex
ceed the past year's, operations of
the highway department. ,
"While the .plans for, -new state
buildings, failed to materialise on
the scale desired by IJie , legisla
ture, nevertheless, a new state of
fice building at ; Salem, tubercu
losis, hospital at" The. Dalles and
normal school at LaGrande will be
under way before the end of the
year..., . ,,ff ... , .. T,. .... ,
"Another factqr In the present
is the payroll of .industrial plant
which, have recently started actual
manufacturing operations. These
Include the new. paper mill at St.
Helens, enlargement of the paper
mill at Salem, .linen mills and
other plants: of considerable size
and Importance."
, .PHILADELPHIA, March 19 r
(HPX -tJartniouth.came . .from
behind tonight 'and " defeated
Princeton 28 to .24, in a play off
game- tor the intercollegiate bas
ketball, championship of the east
ern division. Tied with the Tiger
at the close of the regular season,
Dartmouth proved unbeatable to
M and for'.tbft first tlm.ln,. Its
fiistof'- .-i-r'"" 'tbV league ll.lo-
ion to be built on Indian . Boach,
Tpper Late,; .mv
....-.,. - f
i . a f J- ."'.. , . . , .
t ,, i i i . i
Cleveland Indians .Only Ex
ception Exhibition
Games Prevail
ATLANTA, Ga.. March 19.
(AP) The fourth week of the
spring training grind of major
league baseball clubs closed today
and found moat of the stars, and
lesser, lights in fine fettle. With
the opening of, the National and
American leagues less than a
month away, the work cut. for the
next fortnight is of a finishing
nature and will find managers ex
pecting veterans and youngsters
alike ko show "under fire" qual
ities, . .lt(, , , . ...
Jack McAllister, pilot, of the
Cleveland Indians, seems to be the
only , really tdisatisfied leader ,.in
the south. The tribe is condition
ing slowly at Lakeland, as evi
denced by the consistent losses in
exhibition games of the last 10
days. . The lineup has been shifted
considerably in an effort to ,find
a more.. successful, combination. ..
In- two, other, camps,,. those , of
the. New .York Yankees nd Phila
delphia Athletics, the. men . have
not reached desired form. Several
of Miller Hugging" stars are not
yet able to travel the route,. Thee
include Bob .Meusel and, Combs.
Both were excused from today's
exhibition -clash with the Boston
Braves. at St. Petersburg,, , f ,
.AsJor. the White Elephants, at
Fort, Myers, Connie Mack; has no
ticed the underpins pf Eddie Col
ling have been wobbly of late. The
veteran seepod, sacker,. .again a
"rookie," 4n the A'c camp is , notice
ably apprehensive about,; his legs
as ii goes through the daily drill.
, Exhibition, gate es today engaged
practically all . of .tba 14 :, clubs
quartered, rin the south,, Ot the
11 . aggregations, in florid .all
were in action save the St. Louis
Cardinals. They went through a
stiff workout at Avon Park, in an
ticipation of. a heavy . schedule.
week. ... .
Tommy Thevenow, signed this
week -following a three weeks'
holdout, is due to join the team
tonight. O'Firrell ha4 been both
ered about the., shortstop gap sev
eral days. Jack Flowers, who was
filling in . th, position in handy
fashion for some time, has an in
jured foot and .Tommy is looked to
as the necessary cog to close the
infield leak.
t -
French Start Attack
on U. S.. Tennis Title
Borotra and Brngnon Win Indoor
Doubles Match at New York
NEW YORK. March 19. .AP)
France fired the deciding shots of
her first 1927 tennis conquest on
American courts. "Jumping. Jean"
Borotra and his Davis cup partner.
Jacques Brugnon accounted for
the -victory in the Franco-American
indoor team match when they
pulled ..out, of, a five, set struggle
with the New York veterans, Dean
Mathey and tWatson M. Wash
burn, by scores of 3-6. 6-3 5-7
9:7. 6-3. . . ,
' Coupled with two singles vic
tories scored yesterday, this gave
fi Flayer Piano Bargain
iateat style $76 model. Slight
?y used, now priced $345. $10
H month. ,
i State Salem
Established 4 S Yeat
rLL 1 J L
i x
J-f . - . ..
m i .ii i . i .
the invaders .the third and decid
ing triumph la the series between
teams,. which officially represented
the sporting club of Paris, and the
Heights Casino of Brooklyn. -:
Play will be concluded tomor
row with singles contents which
bracket Frank Hunter with Brug
non and Manuel Alonzo, Spanish
staf. with Borotra.
in Handball Doubles
Detroit t Pair Win rChampionship
From San Francisco Team
DETROIT. March 19. (AP)
Handball's highest honors were
lifted from Pacific coast holders in
the. finals of the national tourna
ment here today.
Willis Kammon, and Herman
Dworman. of Detroit captured the
doubles title held by Lane McMil
lan and Jack Donovan of San
Francisco bjr winning, the finals
match from Al Spiegel and Pete
Reyelt,, a. local team.
. Donqvan and- McMillan vacated
their, title Monday in order to
compete, in the singles. .
The singles championshp for
merly held by Maynard Laswell of
Los Angeles, went to George Nel
son of Baltimore, who defeated
Frank Burke of San Francisco in
the final match.
L. A. Athletic Club Winf
From U. of C. on Track
BERKELEY. March 19 (Ap)
Behind the. flashing heels of
Charley Paddock, sprinter extra
ordinary, and Bob Maxwell of
former Pomona college hurdling
fame, the Los Angeles Athletic
club romped home to an easy 85
to 46 victory over the University
of California in their dual meet
here today.
It was a stunning upset.
Paddock, holder of the Ameri
can recbrd for the 100, captured
that event easily, breaking the
tape three yards ahead of his
team mate, Tinney. lie was
clocked in the fast time of 9 8-10
seconds, but a fraction slower
than his best mark. .
. The blonde- speedster came back
to run the 220 in 21 4-5 seconds
for another first place and a total
of 10 points a figure that Max
well equalled with victories in
both of the hurdle events. .The
latter crossed the finish, line ot
the 120 yard high barriers in 15
seconds and straddled the low
sticks in 24 2-5 seconds.
Salem Volleyball Team
to Enter N. W. Tourney
, The local YMCA will send a vol
ley ball team to Tacoma next Sat
urday to participate in the play for
the northwest championship.
Other teams represented in the
title series are TacQma. Seattle,
Spokane, Portland and Vanconver,
B. C. , ..........
Men who will leave for Tacoma
Friday to play are: Dr. L. E.
Barrick. Nile Hilborn. Rev. EA L.
Ward. Lloyd Gregg, Paul Acton.
O. J. Hill, E, Ritchie, Byron
Wright, William Hertzog, and
Gleasen. ,
, Three teams of volley ball play
ers also w,lll be sent to Corvallis
April 2 to contest with teams
chosen from the OAC faculty, and
Corvalllis business men.
LOS ANGELES, March 19.
(AP) Sammy Mandel, light
weight boxing champion, was
signed here today to meet Jackie
Fields, local lightweight, in a 12
round, no decision bout at Wrig
iey field here April 4. They will
fight at 135 pounds.
h-r. - f " '
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farming, manufacturing, mercantile, pirofessional or
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National Bank
J.... . - - ;
. .
. m i ii i i i r hi
Senators Have Practice To
day; Mav Admit Eighth
Club Monday
While Manager .Leo,- "Frisco"
Edwards of the Salem Senators is
trying out his candidates in a
"regulars" vs. "yannigans" game
at the Twelfth street park this
afternoon, at 2 o'clocK. all of the
six other clubs in the, Portland
City league will, be practicing in
Portland. According to word re
ceived from that city, most of the
clubs have a full roster signed up,
and their relative strength is such
as to forecast a close race.
Salem will play only one game
out of town up to July 17, which
is as far as the, schedule has been
made out. That game will be
with St. Johns at the Vaughn
street park in Portland, June 19.
The schedule as announced Sat
urday is arranged for the seven
teams now members in the league,
but there is a possibility, that the
Remington Casft Register company
of Portland will enter a team at
Monday night's meeting, with
George Larison as manager.
The schedule follows:
April 3 Nicolai at Montavilla;
St. Johns vs. Woodstock at Wall
street; Mt. Scott vs. Woodmen at
Kendall; Salem, bye.
April 10 Montavilla at Salem;
Nicolai vs. St. Johns at Columbia;
Mt. Scott, bye; Woodmen at Wood
stock. April. 17 Woodmen at Monta
villa; Nicolai at Salem; St. Johns,
bye; Mt. Scott vs. Woodstock at
April 24- Woodstock at Monta
vtlla; Nicolai vs. Mt. Scott at Co
lumbia: St. Johns at Salem, Wood
men, bye.
May 1 Montavilla vs. Mt. Scott
at Kendall; Nicolai, bye; St. Johns
vs. Woodmen at Wall street;
Woodstock at Salem.
May 8 Montavilla vs. St. Johns
at Vaughn street; Nicolai vs.
Woodmen at Columbia; Mt. Scott
at Salem ; Woodstock, bye.
May 15 Montavilla, bye; Nic
olai vs. Woodstock at Columbia;
St. Johns vs. Mt. Scott at Kendall;
Woodmen at Salem.
May 22 Montavilla vs. Nicolai
at Vaughn street; St. Johns vs.
Woodstock at Wall street; Mt.
Scott vs. Woodmen at Kendall;
Salem, bye.
June 5 Montavilla at Salemj
Nicolai vs. . St. Johns at Wall
street; Mt Scott, bye; Woodmen
at Woodstock.
June 12 Woodmen at Monta
villa; Nicolai at Salem; St. Johns,
bye; Mt. Scott vs. Woodstock at
Kendall. , .
June 19 Woodmen at Wood
stock; Nicolai vs. Mt. Scott at
Kendall; St. Johns vs. .Salem at
Vaughn street; Woodmen, bye.
June 26 Mt. Scott at Monta
villa; Nicolai. bye; St. Johns vs.
Woodmen at Wall street; Wood
stock at Salem.
July 10 Montavilla vs. St.
Johns a j, Vaughn. jBtreetl Nicolai
rsn Wx.od6watVqow.'MJ
mk,. I;
.-J F i i EmIocri-ninih tin Mini
I I V'Jd. I in Hit h Blood Prcuura,
I I PliwiiiiMiw. Laf Vteatoy.
V 1 - . , AV- miarfcU Iiouiubi t- t
J 1"" M MMBUWBtt MMStlt, If
,W N......J - M hlth mad-maker. Sanrl rarity J
fioc t.w hH Um lijxw hoofr;.
. - t ' ...
i i i ii mi 'i V . ,
Kcott at Salem: Woodstock, bye
fluly lMoptavUla. bye; NIc
blai at Woodftock; ML Scott vs.
St, Johns . atv Wall street; Wood
men at Salem. ' v
March 19 (AP) The Stanford
university track team over
whelmed the Olympic club track
team here this afternoon with a
score of 103 to 28.
Stanford took eleven first places
and Olympic but four.
MIAMI BEACH, Fla., March 19
(AP) Gar Wood, opening his
Miss America V to limit speed, to
day shattered his own salt water
world's record set up yesterday
when he traveled the two mile
course at 68.05 miles an hour.
The mark was approximately two
miles faster than yesterday's.
SOUTH BEND, Ind., March 19.
(AP) The University of Notre
Dame, placing men in all events
with no spectacular individual
performances, , won the first an
nual indoor track and field meet
of the central Intercollegiate asso
ciation here today. Michigan
State college was second and Mar
quette third.
(Al) L. H, Ruark, of Washing
ton, won the national amateur
three cushion billiard champion
ship tonight, defeating B. R.
Hughes, also of Washington,. 50
to 43 in a 93 inning final match
of the tournament, .
ter carriers here are clamoring for
the return of the old bell shaped
helmets formerly used for cool
ness in summer.
The Dalles City votes $15,000
bonds for free site for state tuber
culosis hospital.
Heart Trouble-
If you are a sufferer of chronic
heart disease, don't give up in
despair: Chiropractic wijl reju
venate the nerves leading to
your heart, causing the heart to
work as of youth.
Straight Palmer
80C First National Bank Bldg.
Buying f or
: f I
- '
-f i ... ..
Wniamette YMCA Class,
Spends Day in Portland
PORTLAND. March 19. (AP)
The advanced class of Young
Men's Christian Association sci
ence of Willamette university
spent, today in Portland on the
first leg of a tour of associations
in the northwest,- being made
under the direction of C. A. Kells.
instructor of the class and general
secretary, of the . YMCA at Salejn.
The cia'?s is, one of the most
unique-in collegiate circles, being
the oonly organized group granted
college credit": in an independent
university of tle country not un
der the direct management of the
YMCA. Kells st id:
Members of f tlie class who are
making the. five day are Walter
Welbon, Louis Oberson, John
Russell, Johii Givens, Thomas
Maynard.. Kenneth . La wson,. Wel
bon Swafford, pharles Hageman
and Floyd EmmOns, B. C Miles
and E. T. Barnes, Salem business
men are accompanying the group.
Their visit here included, a .com
plete inspection of th association
plants, "the Northwest, YMCA, and
the Central "Y", and ; conferences
with department heads and with
H. W. Stone, general secretary.
M&r Worst IWdri Ended
.jm-'v-' Ai. ' .... ''-iMj-M-j rfip .! ft m i i fi i y
for a pitiiei
A Body Sweetness that Even
Perspiration Can't Spoil
All the trick laxatives in the. world cxn
tempt people who understand the prop
erties of cascara.
A hundred different drugs will purge
the bowels, bit a little natural cascara
purifies the system clear through.
Cleanses even the pores of your skin
Renders persp ration as inoffensive as
so much dew! -
Your grandparents took "salts," and
slowly washed away the mucous mem-
bsane with the waste! Mineral oilsaxe
better, but they leave the coating that
your blood roust then carry off through
the pores. But when you cascarize the
system, you get rid of all the poisons by
normal muscular action of the bovoels.
Don't get inthe habit of taking medi
cine tor constipation or even for auto-.
intoxication. If yuuhavehehabiJ,stopit.
A candy cascaret is a delightfi'l form in
which to take cascara;chiklren 1 ove them
and the taste ten pts most grown-ups to
take"more." Andf-jhat a comfort to know
you are in that clfcin. wholesome ?6ndi
tion that does away with any need of deo
dorants, even in warmest weather! Try a
cascaret tonight! Al Ldiiggi&ts,10cCif23c.
J AD MACKIE Portland vs.
ART HUMPHRIES, Everett, Wash.
10 Rounds
4 Round Special Events
V UDDlt; UKUliAW Salem, vs.
AL SHARP, Salem, vs.
, JACK DAVIS, Oregon City, 138
Yoiirs an Enjoyable
.t- i ; , . V
See Our Display of
Pianos 'Banjos
I 1 Mandolins
Brambach and Cable-Nelson
Many Stores in Oregon, Washington and
California makes our prices lower
sherMan ciAir w.
130 South High Street New Bligh Bldg.
Otheri points which arp tn kTT-
ited aj-e Chehalis, Everett. Brea,
erton, Tacoma, Olympiad ta"
tralia aid Longview.
The" Dormant. Lime Sj
Qnrau Ic tho flno Thnf
Needed Right Now
Editor Statesman :
Now ia the proper time 0 ;,v
ply "the dormant limo-sulphur
spray. to trees and shrubs to (!paa
them of scle and fungus po5ts
Wre are endeavoring to secure re
liable men to do this work here
in Salem,
Mr. M. B. Sanderson.
North Cottage street is now doing
this work and is prepared to do it
in a thorough manner. I would
recommend him to any one need
ing work done in his section of ths
S. H. Van Trump
County Fruit Inspector
"WHAT A JOY it was to find such
an -lid to utter cleanliness! My system
is so purified, perspiration doesn't stain
my garments and I just forget self now,
after I've taken one or two
Oregon City, 149
z0 s