The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, March 20, 1927, Page 13, Image 13

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Models Sf&p -Out and.; Join The -Parade, of Welh Dressed
with two large, bright button and
a skirt whose fullness, is held
lightly in place in front with
small handmade tucks.
black evening dresses seen recent
ly at dro'a was worn by an Amer
ican woman who married a titled
Frenchman. It Is a Doeuillet
model of black cire,' or enameled
satin, worked in an all-over design
of jet beads. A deep, irregular
hem of pink worked in paillettes
makes the dress youthful.
jacket of calf-skin, with a cloth
skirt and little down-turning felt
hat, will remain Paris' most popu
lar morning promenade costume.
In the Bois, and along the
Champs Elysses, the calf-skin
is much on view these bright
Amy Linke'r has an outfit with
a calf-skin jacket, typical of the
mode. A short cloth skirt, com
fortably full for walking, is worn
with it. The skin is marked with
white and has a snug collar of fox.
Jabots Reappearing
As Spring Fashions
Jabots are making one of their
periodic reappearances in Paris
this spring.
The soft frills which fall from
high collars or spill out of V
shaped necklines are usually of
chiffon or georgette simply trim
med with hand-made tucks or
Several dressmakers make use
of soft silk stocks for wear-with
tailored suits. - Other show nar
row scarf 3-'which .are worn5 like
One bouse creates colored gloves
with brilliantly 'colored fjawera
and geometrical designs stamped
or painted on the wrist. 5 Pale
green, lavender blue and tie rose
tints are favorites' for the novelty
let And Rose Are
Popular Combination
PAIUS, Any combination , of
black , and rose -pink is sure of
popularity in Paris this season.
These two favorites are seen in al
most endless combinations and va
riety of presentations.
One of the prettiest pink and
(By Hazel Reavls)
Birds and BMts T
Shown In Jewels ,
Colored Gloves Make
Appearance at Riviera
The mania for matching - has
spread to gloves and nianr pastel,
or brighter colored gloves, are
seen on the promenades Qfthe
Riviera. . : ,
Pew of them are more attractive
than the rainbow colored chiffon
coat-blouses ;or jackets which
some of the leading Paris dress
makers show.'
Lonlse Boulanger shows a
striped , chiffon jacket, fastened
Marsbfield Medical -Society of
Coos and Curry Counties olans
isolation hospital here.
PALiM BEACH, Fla., Jewelry
shops in the resort branches of
New York establishments display
Calf-Skin Jackets
Seen On Promenades
PARIS, Until the sun's rays
make it unbearable, the short
uall diamond pins, fashioned in
" Eugene's city budget is 1209,-
914; - --
t!? shapes of horses birds, butter
flies, cats, , dogs, and even ele
phants. They may be worn either
as brooches or. hat decorations.
- ;
DA D A of
Newest Itedlajrote
Has Own Personality
PARIS, Nearly every import
ant dressmaker in Paris shows a
redlnROte dress this spring, but
Paul Poiret's, first shown at the
Cannes races, Js most unique. Not
content with ery long sleeves
and "a longervsklrt . than , otFers
show. Poiret adds a self-material
vest which fits close to the neck,
and a long tight scarf which tucks
into the fronCof the dress..
Sport Clothes I-nd
For Day-time Wear
PARI3. Despite extensive 'talk
that Paris wilt be more feminine
in spring styles,- sport' clothes and
tailored costumes "still top the
popularity list. Those frivolous
clothes women used to call "dres
sy" seem to have passed forever
for day-time wear. "
One of the new ensembles from
Worth accentuates the tailored
style. A dainty blouse andtrouser
skirt are covered by a straight, tai
lored coat of the same material as
the skirt. The coat has long cutis
which can be -worn to cover the
hands completely, or turned back
for greater convenience
Diagonal stripe silk lines i the
stone marten collar - of the coat
giving the effect of a small scarf
worn loosely. This collar has been
copied extensively , In Paris.
Tucked Crepe Forms
Many Spring Dresses
PARIS, Tueks -are the most
important trimming sponsored by
Paris. In little groups, in wide
bands, by the dozens and even by
the -hundreds, tucks characterize
the dresses of pastel crepe which
make up a large part of the day
time wardrobe.
Drecoll showsj a mauve crepe-de-chine
dress with bands of hand
made tucks broken toy a zig-zag
pattern of bias bands of the crepe.
.New Kashas Make
One' Pound Dresses
PARIS, Women are no proud
er of tfieir decreasing weights
than. are the newest kashas which
Parla nses for spring costumes, A
yara ot the new musilkasna
eighs les than , half a pound,
oasts Its creator. Some of the
ery lightest kashas can be maffe
into . dresses weighing only a
pound; when, finished, ,.
Th airiest of .all the new ma
terials is-raouslicrepella. A dress
of it weighs less than half a pound.
Scarf-Cape Still . . 4
Inspire Bt lists
PARIS, A new version of the
scarf-cape appears in Paris this
spring. .Designers seem unable to
resist playing with the scarf-cape
idea periodically, , v::f
Cheruifs model of black light
weight woolen material .made, on
princess lines has a distinguished
closing of diagonally placed white
pearl buttons. The scarf develops
from a narrow turnover collar into
a commodious . drapery which
hangs- longer than the skirt "when
not wrapped about the throat for
additional warmth.
Half, And Half Wrap
Created For Evening
PARIS An evening wrap that
is neither cape nor coat but a fifty
fifty combination has captured the
interest of Parisians who adore
interesting novelties in clothes.
The half and half wrap by Dou
cet has only one sleeve. The right
side folds over like a cape while
the left. is draped into a loose coat
effect. The back of the wrap is
lavishly embroidered with strass.
Paris Sends Dress - -
failed Brown Derby
PA R IS, American printed silk
is used for the dress which Yvon
ne Davidson, Paris designer,; calls
' Brown Derby" after the; .hat
vhlcn forms the motif of the de
sign. A straight skirt, with a nar
row band of brown, and a little
fclouse with a straight tie make
the dress J Nothing could be- simp
ler or smarter. The designer ex
pect an American success for the
model, which several buyer took
tack to New Yorkwlth them this
spring. .
"Salem's &fjoto J3iaceof jfastjion"
Open House" from 7 to 10
Monday and Tuesday Nights
Two evenings devoted to the appreciation
of our classic Salons, colorfully f
. recreating the atmosphere
of old Spain- "
Followed by a weeks presentation
of distinctive modes
for our clientele
Valentino Wrap for :
Tea And Evening
PARIS. A .straight Uilored
"oat which Jeanne Lanvin of Paris
calls her "Valentino? wran has
lapels, caffs and pockets of scin-H
imant paillettes. As yet the coat
has made its appearance on the
stage only, but a few fashion ex
jerta predict It adoption for; tea
7?ar and evening use. The coat
fleets the faahlnn Af tnrlnr 'fn
d lines tor evening wraps nd the-
employment of sequins as trim-
ming. ' - -
Jackets Of Chiffon
tor Spring Dresses
PARIS, The two piece aport
cress which la the daytime unl
iorm of the, smartly, dresaedl.wo
an this sprlnrtakea many forms.
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