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,ERIDAVrOUNING, .MARCH 4819271 '-: -
K,, i(f Hhir Club
'i;,ititiiix Brush College
l,'j,t i tit Kuyel Homct-
1:. K;iri Hugel was a deliRht
. on Wednesday after-
members of the Sweet
i': :ir ' 1 1 and their special guests
ii:.. jti ush VHege Helpers.
in jihlition to, members of the
urbanizations,. Mrs. jAlice H.
l,l ;iM'l Mrs. S. P.Kimball were
invi -'. for the afternoon.
An (i.urtaining program was
i.-!!, opening with, a piano solo,
il.-e Arabeque," by Theodore
j,.-,, k. played by Mrs. C. L. Blodg
second number was "A
T;ik',fn' on Husbands." given, by
Vlrs. V. I- Mercer. Mrs. ,Alfce H.
contributed, a .paper of spe
nit Tt-st on "Problems of Girls
Tml.iy." Mrs. Blodgt'tt closed the
i,r.;r; with two piano "solos,
S.riuiui." by Hess, and "Alpine
Sung." by Petrie.
i;. irt shiiu'iits were served .late
th' aft-rnoon from, a beautiful
ly :irii"ii','J tpa table.'! A lovely
l ;. kt of green carnations, sweet
ic;m and primroses was used as
tie centerpiece. , Green lighted
t.,i)- rs were used on " the table.
.n. Ffid Allen presided at the
11 r ti . - -
In thf group of,, Brush College
Helpers Mrs. Charles Smith,
Mrs. John Schlndler. , Mrs.' Fred
Olson. .Mrs. George Meyers, Mrs.
I a nl Wallace, Mrs. A. R. Ewing,
Mrs. Fred Ewing. Mrs. J. L. Oli
ver. Mrs. William Gorsline, Miss
Luis Gorsline, Mrs. V.'L.. Gibson,
Mrs. Hatch, Mrs. Roland Lewis,
Mrs. diaries McCarter, Mrs. Bar-
Lara Focht, Mrs. Arthur Ctley,
Mrs. W. F. McCall and Mrs. C. L.
P!n!gett. ' '
U Mis. II'. A. Marshall Honors
1 Mrs. ilcorge Nelson ori
I Wednesday at Gray Belle
pi An exceedingly delightful affair
W. A. Marshall, who entertained
on Wednesday. in the Chinese room
at the Gray Belle with a bridge
tea honoring Mrs. George Nelson.
A pastel color scheme, featuring
shades of pink, orchid and green,
vas used throughout the tea room.
Lighted tapers in the pastel-ints
p learned in crystal holders, while
lases of wild currant and daffodils
e ntered each table.
Mrs. Lawrence lnlaXwn the
first prize of the afternoon, with
the second high, score going to
Mis. William Gosser.
Those who were Mrs. Marshall's
guests, from 2 tov 5 .o'clock, weje;
Mrs. George "N'elson, : "tFie " honor
sest. Mrs. Carl Armstrong, Mrs.
xdwin Armstrong, Mrs. Lawrence
Imlah, Mrs. Earl Paulsen, Mrs.
Reed Rowland, Mrs. James Teed.
Mrs. Oral Lemmpn, Mrs. Carl
Chapler. Mrs. Jesse George, Mrs.
James X. Smith, Mrs. Carl Charl
ton. Mrs. William Gosser, Mrs.
Karl Hinges, Mrrf2 Mort Pilkenton,
Mrs. Kdwin Viesko and the hostess
V Mrs. v. A. Marshall,
L Oregon Poet Is
Shltoiiored in England
' The following item is quoted
from the "Poetry CReview," pub-
i shed in J.ondon:T "Tlie Poets'
Fellowship regular,- premium is
riivided eqnally between Mme. Hel-in.-
Dorerinska, Saint Raphael,
Van. France, and Verne Bright of
Heavrrton. Or. There is also a
"i.ort biographical note which say3
tiiat Mr. Verne Bright is a mem
ber ,,f what is known in America
a-, the Portland group of poets.
For two years he lias been vice
I'le-hit-nt of the Northwest Poetry
ie'y of America.- . ,
"sim-e the beginning vjpf "this
': r he has placed, more than 200
riiiis with various magazines ia
thi (ountry and Esgland, includ
es the Poetry IteYtew of London,
i; i Tludes of Baltimore? Overtures
New York, Lyric West oC-Loa
Ans'.Us. and Will-o-the-Wlsp of
lvi hni(,::d, Va."
Kftrri-ations for Professor
Homes Lecture Close Today
'"day is the last day reserva
! , !is may be made for the lecture
!i-h i rof. willard Wattles of
Jres;.,n Agricultural college -will
1 iv" ; t the luncheon" meefing to
inionow of the American Associa-
"i l niversity Women. .The
n:n. neon will be given at 12:30
" :kW at the Gray Belle. Reser
v 'ions may be made with MrsJ
I'ann at li80TJ. .
Pvth Ch-cle Enjoys
Liiiirheon Meeting at
H. I.!. White Home ;
-Nineteen members of, the, South
-entral circle of the First Metho
' hurch. and five especially in-1
v ;d gnosis were honored with ah
rjoyablo 1:30 o'clock luncheon
Wednesday at the, home of Mrs.
51 ': White. .;
H"w Is of daffodils' and fera were
Usd throughout the house and
Motored oacn of the WQ iunch
in tables where covers were
I Pyf (l lnr Early violets were.
Jj used in the decorating.
j f Hot, sos with Mro Whlta i-arc
'I"; William Yarnell and Mrs. Ed
(1 guests for the luncheon
It's Tim to Think of
ve Sell Martin Senour 100 Per'
cent Pur. Paint
FGIITOX a BiiiiMi'iii
Commercial TeL 639
and afternoon meetins w-ere Dr.
Frd ('..Taylor. Mrs. Iter Kirk.
Mis. John Cause. Mrs-J. B. Hew
itt and Miss Marparet K. Suther
land. Dr. and Mrs. Avitton
Are Visitors
Dr. and Mrs. Richard X. Avison,
fornif rly of Salem where Dr. Avi
son was pastor of the First Meth
odist church, were visitors here
Eighteen Tables of Cards
Are in Play at Large
Benefit Affair
The home of Mr. and Mrs. T.
W. Davies was the scene of a large
benefit card .party on Wednesday
evening, given, under the sponsor
ship of the .Neighbors of -Wood-ciaft.
Seventy-five guests were
piesent for the pvening:, with 18
tables of cards in play. Mrs. C.
B. !haw was general chairman for
the event.
High scores of the evening were
won by Mrs. Messes and John
Hawk, and the low. by Mrs. Royal
and John Spoug.
.Captains of the tables wre Mjs.
C. tB. Shaw, Mrs. T. W. Davies.
Mrs. John Spong, Mrs. S. ('. Kigut
linger, Mrs. Royal, Mrs. White,
Mrs. Claude Town wnd, Mrs. Clark.
Mrs. D. D. Olmstead, Mrs. Winch
comb, Mrs. Hall, Mrs. Hill. Mrs.
Lul2, Mrs. Dennjs, Mrs. C. E.
Crawford and. Mrs. F. E. Turner.
. The next benefit affair in the
series will take place at the home
of Mrs. Irene Scott.
Woman's U it ion
Will Sew Today
Members of the Woman's union
cf the First Congregational church
will meet today at the church to
sew for the Marion County Child
Health demonstration. A. pot-luck
luncheon will be served at noon.
Miss Mary Leona Peed
Becomes Bride of Herman
A.-Hahn at Ceremony
Sunday Afternoon
Thp hnmp n f Air nnrl ATr5 Cl&c i
Peed, 1078 Chemeketa street, waa
the scene of a beautiful wedding
Sunday afternoon at 3 o'clock,
when their oldest daughter, Mary
Leona, became the bride of 'Her
man A. Hahn of Quinaby. The
ceremony was read by Rev. J. J.
Gillespie, the pastor of the groom,
and Rev. R.tL. Putnam, the bride's
pastor. .
The young .couple, who were
unattended, - stood in the living
room.under big .wedding bell -of
white,' covered with smilax. The
rooms were decked with baskets
of fern, Oregon, grape and pussy
willows, a green and white color
schenfe being used throughout.
The bride wore white silk com
bined with lace and a full length
veil of. embroidered chiffon, fast
ened to a wreath of silver. She
Social Calendar
' o
American Home department of
Federated Woman's clubs. Port
land. St. Patrick's party. First Meth
odist church. .Auspices Epworth
. Woman's union of First Congre
gational church. All-day meeting
with pot-luck luncheon. Sewing
for health demonstration.
West Side circle of Jason Lee
Aid society. Mrs. T. J. Clark,vJ
1214 North Commercial street; t
hostess, 2 o'clock.
"Hal Hrhbard- auxiliary. Mrs.
Percy Pugh, 404 'North Church
street, hostess.
Woman's Alliance. Unitarian
church. Kmerson room, 2? 30 p. m.
Jqnior high school party. First
Presbyterian church, 7 o'clock.
; Saturday
American Association .of -Ui;
versi.ty Women. Gray Belle, 12:30
o'clock. - Reservations Vith Mrs.
Robert Dann. 14807J.
Woman's Relief corps. Silver
tea, McCornack . hall.
Salem Nature Study club; meet
ing, 2:30 p. m. Mission street,
side of Bush's pastnre.
; Sunday
"Johnny Ring and Captain's
Sword." Film at , First Congre
gational church, 7;30 o'clock.
Benefit bridge ta. Social ,Af
ternoo5n club of Chadwick chapter
of the Eastern Star. Masonic Tem
ple. ice: t
Re wonnd and Repaired ;
New or Used Motors ?
Things Electrical
: 191' Sotilli iligh St. . ..
carried a shower bouquet of roses,
i'iccsiasiaBd fern.
A reception t followed the cere
mony with Miss Ella Hmith. Miss
Ella Hahn. Miss Irene .Lane and
Miss Esther, Hahn assisting in, the
Cuests of the wedding aod-th
reception included Mr., and Mrs. J.
J. , Gfilaspie, Mr. and Mrs. R. L.
FiMnam, Mr. and Mrs. Frank lnc
orMooraouth. Mr., and Mrs. Har
old. Lane. Mr. ami Mrs. Walter
Barkus. Mr. and Mrs. Charles H.
'i:tsinger of Cervais. Mr. and Mrs.
J: W. Leasfc, Mrs. Nellie Currie
and baby. Jean, Mrs. M. Barton,
Mrs. Minnie .Baker. Miss Alvina
l!a,hn. Miss Frankie May Lane.
Minnie, Elmer and Clarence Cut
singer, Lenory. Theona and Minna
Fntnam. Miss Ella Smith, Miss
Ella Hahn, Miss Irene Lane and
Miss Esther Hahn.
After a short wedding trip Mr.
and Mrs. Hahn will make their
home at Quinaby, where Mr. Hahn
owns a farm.
Woman's Alliance Will Meet j
The Woman's alliance of the
First Unitarian church will meet
at 2:30 o'clock this afternoon in
the Emerson room of the church.
Saiem Folk Will Spend j
it eelc in Junction City
-Mrs Otto .Hoppes and sons,
Keith and Emerson, and Mrs.
Hoppps' mother, Mrs. J. F. Mollen
cop. left yesterday for Junction
City where they will be guests for
a week. - Mr. Hoppes and Mr. Mol
lencop will motor to Junction City
for the week-end.
Willamette Students Will
No m inn te Ma u Queen
The nomination of three candi
dates for the office of Willamette
university May Queen will take
place today. Election will take
place later in the season.
LONDON, Mar. 17. (AP)
Fears of a 'possible leakage of
secrets connected with Great Brit-
ian's biggest' submarine are be
lieved to have prompted the ad
miralty to request the arrest of
Lieutenant Commander Colin
Mayers, on the retired list of the
navy. He was remanded in the
Bow street police court today,
charged under the official secrets
act of having in his possession'
plans and documents dealing with
thesubmarine service. The case
Notice of Intention to Improve
North Fourth Street From the
North Line of Belmont street to
the South line of Market Street.
Notice is hereby given that the
Common Council of the Cityl5t"Sa
lem, Oregon, deems it necessary
and expedient, and hereby declares
its purpose and intention to im
prove JNbrth Fourth street from
the north line of Belmont, street to
the south line of Market street, in
the City of Salem, Oregon, at the
expense of the abutting and ad
jacent property, excepting the
street and alley intersections, the
expense of which will be assumed
by the City of Salem, Oregon, by
bringing said portion of said street
to the established grade, construct
ing Portland ,.cement concrete
curbs, and paving said portion of
said street with a six-inch Port
land cement concrete pavement,
twenty-four feet wide, in accord
ance with the plans, specifications
and estimates therefor, which were
adopted by the Common Council
March 7, 1927, now on file in the
office of the city recorder and
which said plans, specifications
and estimates are hereby, referred
to and made, a part of this notice.
The Common Council hereby de
clares its purpose and intention to
make the above described Improve
ment by and through the treet Im
provement department of the City
of Salem, Oregon. '
Written remonstrances may be
filed with the city recorder of said
city against the above proposed
improvement within ten. days from
the date of final publication here
of. By order of the Common Coun
cil, March 7, 1927.
M. POULSEN, City Recorder.
Date of first publication hereof
is March 12, 127.
' Date of fini publication hereof
will be March 24 1927. m24
A Saleipf
ijole ProQf Rejects
A Big. Bargain Come!
is so serious that .the magistrate
refuses hail.
Although no evidence was tend
ered at the preliminary .hearing
today it s understood that May
ers, who had a brilliant career in
the submarine service, was charg
ed with being in possession, con
trary to his duty, of .plans relating
to the submarines O-l and X-l.
The latter is described as the big
gest submarine in .the world. It
was launched in June, 1923, and
will cost 1,000,000 pounds. Alt is
350 feet long and carries four big
guns in armored turrets, but the
size of the guns, the number of
torpedo tubes, and other details
have been kept a close admiralty
Mayers is 36 years old. He was
born in Guinea and served for 19
years in the British navy, five of
them in the submarine service. He
retired at .his own request a few
months. ago to join the submarine
department of Vickers, Ltd.,
builders of warships and ordinance.
Mrs. J. J, Nunn Presides at
-Program Given Before Bi
Monthly Meet
By Edna Garfield
At its bi-monthly meeting this
week, the WCTU celebrated Fnion
Signal day by an appropriate pro
gram of music, readings, etc. Mrs.
J. J. Nunn presided, Mrs. A. O.
Condit acted as secretary, and
Mrs. Fessenden played the piano
accompaniments. Members re
sponded to roll call by reading
brief reports of work being done
in the various states.
The "Union Signal," official or
gan of the WCtV, contains sound
logic, recital of . benefits, rehears
als of fasts, plans for workers;
stresses constructive, methods and
indisputable benefits of prohibi
tion; in short is a splendid periodi
cal, educationally, with highest
ideals of journalism.
From the current issue were
read exerps from an article by the
federal prohibition commissioner,
citing the mere infancy of nation
al prohibition (but seven years
old) in comparison with a genera
tion of time taken for other great
world-movements for public up
lift and betterment to get into
operation; that in spite of diffi
culties disclosed, remarkable ad
vances have been made, conspicu
ously in improved conditions of
prosperity increased, health im
proved, child welfare promoted,
and commitments to penal insti
tutions for drunkenness and Its
attendant-evils "diminished:
Attention was also called to the
gigantic campaign of misleading
propaganda on by the "wets" to
deceive the people; in spite of
which, the commissioner showed,
the splendid results . gb steadily
on; as attested by the business,
professional, fraternal, religious
and educational rorganizations of
the country.
An interesting sketch was given
of. Gen. Neal Dow. and his monu
mental contribution to national
On Tuesday, March 29, a silver
tea will be given at the WCTU
room, to which the public is In
vited. The proceeds will be ap
plied "nipon the piano fund. Mrs.
Carruthers and Mts. Fessenden
were appointed to arrange a pro
gram, to which a contribution by
guests will be welcomed.
Casey's , Guaranteed
Money refunded If It does not
cure your case
, Cor, Court and liberty Tel. 7
: Watches, Clock, and
Carefully Repaired and
Guaranteed at
S2S 'Korth "'Commercial Street
A Y !
...... .
":1";7:0 KiV ( l!H ) . Setting up x
:" 1 1 ;:!0 KliW. Woincp'r health PJ-
erri-ss. II'MnelioM hclfiif and music.
IO:00 H::: KM. la-MO. Jtusi.- and
;nnunr wut-tit,
1 1 :ii-l-j :tm -KOIN". !omcf.tu- M-icm.1)
t.iTL" :i n (I mi i i-.
11 :')'! 1 -j :(K KKX t447). Mor;iin? rn-
t.-rt.iiiiiiii'Tit. Timi' visuals ' !-
I'J :im KI'Kc ' -"'i. vf!itlifr reports.
1-J : .12 20 KK. fopular muslr.
1 ::!0-2
2:1.0-.! .00 KXL.
2 :tlti-:; r(lr- -K(i v.
:t:0(K4 ;IM KOI V
4 :00-5 :0it KFK.V.
4 :ii-i:u KKWV
:iO--, :30KTliK.
: I 5-6:00 KOIX.
j ::i0-i :OU- K KX.
Wnmcn's matinre.
News. i)init'.
SI usic.
C-'l-Ji. TwiJite liour.
C"hi!rtren's Tiror.-im.
Topy Turvv Times. 1
l USl III d II X I II .
6:00 -7:0 Ki ( in 1 . Umntr proirram.
6:ki-7:imi KOIN i :U H I . . I hsan re-iidl.
(:OO-7:0o KKWV cJl-ji. Twilito hour.
6 :0-r ;::o KTHii cj;.')j. Tourist guide
iao-7:3i KXI. Odftj. Slusif.
7 i :00 KKWV. Amusement guide.
7:00-7:30 KTUK. Jtoad reports.
7:00-7:20 KOIX. Amusement sueges-
t ions.
7 :0O-7 :30
7 :O0-8 :U0
1'tilitj- service.
(447;. Iinner concert
7 :3O K:fi0 KCfU'
rt:'0-U:0o KOIN"
Poultry talk.
Sfudiil lirn?rim
:O0-! :0i
:00- :00
8 MiO-9 :0o
-KTliR. S'tiuiift program.
-KXI.. Sruiliii program.
-K'iiW. ('nn-frt orrhpstrn m
oprano and t.-nor soiorsiN
:O0-9:0U Ke. 6rche-tra
si-rnaN at r.
:'i-H .;!( KKWV.
8 :.0-!i :H) KKWV.
! :Ou- io :;io KO
:" 10:OO KOIV
9:0ii-I0:0( KKWV
H.iw,iii:in pn gram.
AVhislline pror.iin.
lance orehxxlrii.
I'onifTt onlii'vtr;i.
l.nlu Hoffman and
ot hi-rs.
10 :(ki- ii ;r;o -KKWV. Studio program.
10::iO -l-j:Oo KGVV. TTovt -Owi. Simul-lam-ou-,
wiili K'FO.V. K.MO mid KJIQ
12 :00 1 :(K- KK.IK ia:i. Midnisht stu
dio program.
K;0 Oakland i:f(ili. ii. ii:.-.". s.
hhM, l,fi Ancvls cZl.i). 7:30
1I.X Oakland (309i. 7, x, 9 : I.V
KKI .o Aiil&s (407). 5:3(1
0:.!'i. 7, Afoiian orian recital
KXKf Santa MAni.-a cj:j
io, U.
KKS! Snn Iiic;n (J4). 0,
KI'O S,m F'ran. i-c . i4-J-i
0 7 :''0. H. 1 .
Kill) Spokaue Tt9l. c, fJ
KTAB Oakland CiO l). 'r,',
Tklnnd lioat-.
6. 7. 8.
!. in.
(i : 15.
10. 10 :.'!0.
, 9, (ioat
i. 7. f.
KKWI San Francisco
('250 i
KM I'l; Tlollyn-ood (TiTin
7. 7 :SO. h. M. in.
fi. 6:15,
TTi Kdmontou (5!7). 0:1
(i:3o. 7.
KKWO Avalon 121! 1. fi. (i :30.
An especially fortunate
quantity purchase makes
it possible for us to offer
you these tires at re
markably low prices
Drive in and get service!
30x3 yz Oversize.... $6.95
30x312 Giant $7.95
32x4 Vi
34x4 y2
Buy Tires Now!
Commercial and Court
Tells How To Opn Closed
Nostrils and End Head-Colds.
Vou feel fine 'ma " few mometfts.
Yoifr cold in head or eatarrh will be
pone. Your clogged nostrSIs will open.
in air passage M .your, bead will
clear and you can. breathe freely. Ifo
more dullness, headache; bo hawking,
anuflfflnjr," mucous diieharges or dry
ness ; no struggling for breath at night.
Tell your druggist you want a small
bottle of Ely's Cream Balm. Apply a
little of k this T fragrant, antlseptio
'cream in your nostrils, let it penetrate
through every air passage of the head p
oothj and heal the swollen.' inflamed
mucous membrane, and relief come
instantry, .t - s--'. v.-r-"?-
It a is , iuat what wr mM
cabj-rh , sufferer needs.. , Doat "tUf,
u otr
30x32 $c.95 I
Regular U
1 1 --' - - 1111111
6lU Is AncoVt (40.-. 6. fit.-iO, 7:30.
- Ad,". O. - - .
KOXIAV--Walla Mll 2S.-.). 7. S. .
K.M Tarntna C--1"'. 7. !-3fl. 10:31'.
KOAtO S. 3lllt ( 5i;. .' :M: 1:4".. f.
:. 7:"i. . X.-i :!". H:'U. !l, !l::t(i,
KYA Sn rauri-cn (KnO i:.'ii .x. In
KKyZ--H.iHv... (i'(il. i; 7 s.
KKOV t.n l!(3-h ( 2::-J ) . ii. fi.l".. 7.
7;:iO. 7:4". . s. (. .
KOAC 'rvHU I i . 7. 7:1". 7 :lfi
7: -11, k. :l,.
KVI Tacoina tr!4:ll. fi::Vo. 7 :ti. t:ni.
C.VItV Vam-ouvi-r ( "."!) I ! . 7 ::n s O
KW"S() Pullman (34fi). 7:"io. 7:".".. :(?,
":1.. s::(i, :4.
Kr U lt r-Holiywoo.l fj.2). r, : 0 7 7 -.-(
. !. P;50. M, 11.
KOA Denver (."' 2). .". :.:i, f, C "0, 7
rKCT Victoria (3291. 7 :"( S ('1
KTHI r.o, Ansels ( .94 ) . 7. s.
KKOA Seaitlo (Ijli. (i-4." 7 J O
KXX Ho!lvn-ood f.T".7. fi (" !() 7
7 ::(. 8. 8. K. U. ' '
KJR .-f-at(le (:ijlf.. (!, (i : 1 ".. S::!0,
!:::. .lrt.
K(i V Spokane (341). .", :4., S.
Growing Girls
should be safeguarded against
iodine deficiency by the addi
tion of Iodized Tru-Bake to
the diet. Blue carton with
orange letters.
Baked by the TRU
Originators of Tru-BIu
On the
We Oner a Large Rack Full of d
Values to $39.75
Embodying all
and distinctiveness, this.showirig .will impress.all wjio are
seeking a good, smart looking dress.1. ; Y oil ,wil Wind ;inany?-:;
types "of various modes. Such shades as Monkteyskini Bois ; -de
Rose, Landron Green. Queen Blue. Grotto BIuev'fTame -nii;
Pictorial Review; r
Fashion Book '
Quarterly ;
.,-.. - v.
Now on sale 2c
. .
local soviet has RcltHtt-d a wofker
named IVtroff from ri0 content
ahls as the lialdest man in the
' $5GUnANTD--$5
t fi "r- -a r ir aTriir m tit r m
rKr.K'IVi MTw.l.rU l W MvV J H
Full head,-long or short hair,
eyerybody. The same method and system In use as In ourjothr -v
locitions. As we are here only a limited tlme'Vake yonr;ap-
poiitmehts early. ... .
IxH-ated at 1 17 New Rligli Bldg, -Telephone 2549 " "
Also operating Los Angeles, Oakland, San Francisco,
Portland and Seattle .
Xv ,
Every operation in the baking ofJTRU-BAKE
Crackers is safeguarded religiously.' Eternal vig
ilance is the price of quality.
Sponge, doughy and oven j temperatures w are
maintained to. the dot. Extreme. care' is. used in
baking and packing.
So rigid is the inspection, that an imperfectly
baked Tru-Bake Cracker, can ; not get :1y.' The
taste tells.
For Crackers Par Excellence
Ask for TRtf-DAKES
Honey - Sweetened Grahams and
Your Credit at Kafoury Bros.
Threshold of Spring
the features that make
Green, ihd rnahy:6tKersittclu3i
Everyres Hte ler
. , .aleia. .Store :: "
proTinfA. ;iretroff hart a fw BtrsK
gUnK .halra on tA iAcrof-?hls
j The. rompot itfon tra,"t Hrely; and
took place before 700 spectators.
The prize was- a "gallon! of J.to4k"a.
. 1
any color. At last In reach of -J
Spokane, Portland, Seattle
"Cup. Custard" Cookie, Cakes
for individuality
.ijprtland SiijStcrel
"i .
if 5
. - V